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Devoted almost entirely to the sale of the finest writing- papers. 
The Engraving is executed by the best engraver in this City, ana 
his work is ours exclusively. 

Wedding Invitations, Address Dies, Crests and Book-plates can 
be promised at definite dates. Coats-of-arms are receiving special 
attention at our hands, and we are ready to give estimates on reproduc- 
ing them with absolute fidelity to heraldic requirement^ 

Our prices for all kinds of engraving are as rM,^nai}4Qfe/iilflBl 
possible to make them, consistent with the unexecelle^-WTra^itvi af.the 
work delivered. "^^'^ nALL, 


(The Eichelberger Book Co.) 



Fine Rugs & Carpets carefully cleaned & stored. 


Mt. Vernon 








•l.v I. F. 









Mountings 9^ Platinvini 
Oridinal — Exclusive 

Bro o c he s Finger. Rings 


Bracelets Earrinfc-s 

"Diamond Jcwelrr - a handsomely 
illustrated book-newest productions 
sent ipon request. 

"The Babx Book*- illustrating 
three hundred Gi/ts/br Bab^, 
mailed npon request. 


Diamond Merchants, Jewelers 
Silversmiths, Heraldists. Siatioii^i^ 



Miss Remington requests 
that the postals for names 
and addresses be filled 
out and returned early in 
October for next edition, 
especially not leaving out 
Addresses, which is often 
done. When no changes of 
either have taken place, 
please repeat and mail as the 
postals should be returned. 
Miss Remmgton does not 
hold herself responsible for 
errors or omissions when she 
is not notified of them. 

Society Visiting List 



For the Season of 1916. 









Compiled by Caroline P. Remington, 



Copyright. J— 

Caroline P. Remington. 4 Q C^ 

PRICE, $3.50. 

published by 

Lucas Brothers 



Capital $2(X).000.00 
Undivided Profits 5lll.0CO.(i0 


N .l''°''w TRUST CO. 

North Avenue, W^est 







ggiji- "" a ■ ■ 


«bluiriU ..J] 

B^J»^J^ Receives savings accounts and active accounts 

subject to check. 

COURTS Attends to Orphans Court and Circuit Court 

-■ business as Executor, Administrator, Guardian, 
Trustee, etc. Prepares last wills. 

g'PQJ^^Q.g Stores hou.sehold effects in its "Warehouse of 

^==^=^ Fire-Proof construction, built expressly for 
that purpose. 

AVni. A. Maiburj? 
Henry C. Matthews 
Matthew C. Fenton 

Jacob \V. Shigle 

HENRY S, KING. President 
J. \Vm. Middendorf 
P. Bryson MiUikin 
John W. Lowe 
Edgar G. Miller. Jr. 

Charles J. Taylor 
Harry R. Jones 
S. I-Vank Bennett 
Henry S. King. 


104,25t50<fc, S:$lop Bottles. 





308 \A/- MADISON Street Baltimore, M d. 




Promotes Good Cheer 

24 Bottles $1.00 


John P. Steinbach 
AND Sons 



330 NORTH 









W.M. C. Page - Presidevt W. H. Dashiell - Cashier 

Jas. H. Preston, / '.—/';ri. «Jr'Ct;««. Edward J. Luckk, A.^sl. Cas/ne*- 

Richard Gwinn - 2nd I'ice-Ptrs. Hilary W. Lucke, Asst. CaJiier 

Joiix S. Town SEND. AssL Cashier 

Lawful Depository for any Trustee, Receiver, Guardian, Executor 
or Administrator, Agent, Public Officer or Fiduciary 


.-.•<s>;s>$>5^-5^. -f^i 

Commercial Department— Larjje and small accounts received subject 

to check. 
Savings 1~)epartment— Deposits received from 25 cents up ; 3^ per cent. 

interest paid. 
Safe Deposit Boxes $3.00 and iip7uard. 

Foreign Exchange and Letters of Credit to all parts of the World. 
Departmkxt for LaDIKS' EXCIX'SIVK T7se. 


Names and Addresses Too Late to Classify 19 

Index to Advertisers 21 

Debutantes 25 

^larriage List 29 

Maiden Names of Brides on the ]\Iarriage List 33 


Alphabetical List 37-^77 

Educational 278-280 

Street Directory 2S1-322 

Roland Park, Roland Avenue, Lake Roland and Vicinity 323-335 


Principal Churches 336-337 

Hotels, Flats and Apartments 337-339 

Clubs, Societies, Theatre Plats, Etc. 

Johns Hopkins University 340-346 

Johns Hopkins Club 348 

Maryland Club 349-357 

Baltimore Club 358-366 

University Club 3(^7-37^ 

Bachelors' Cotillon 373-381 

The Elkridge Hunt Club 382-387 

Catonsville Country Club • 388 

Baltimore Country Club 389 

Sudbrook Park Golf Club 390 

Junior Cotillon 391 

The Friday Club 391 

Paint and Powder Club 392 

The Cotillon of Fifty 392 

The Woman's Literary Club 393 

United Daughters of the Confederacy 394 

Daughters of the Confederacy in the State of Alaryland 395 


The Maryland Society of the Colonial Dames of America 396 

Daug^hters of the American Revolution 397 

^^laryland Line Chapter of the Daughters of the American Rexolu- 

tion 398 

Baltimore Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 399 

Thomas Johnson Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. . 400 
John Eager Howard Chapter Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion 401 

General Smallwood Chapter Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion 402 

Society of Colonial War in the Slate of Maryland 403 

Society of the Ark and Dove 404 

Woman's Club of Roland Park 405 

Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the L^nion 406 

The Junior League 406 

The Bishop's Guild of ]\Liryland 407 - 

Peabody Institute '. 408 

Charcoal Club 409 

Baltimore ^Museum of Art 410 

The Dramatic Art Club 410 

The Christmas Club of Baltimore City 411 

Florestan Club 4^2 

The LLarford County Boat Club 4^3 

Samuel Kirk & Son Co, 





ST. PAUL 5775, 5776 

5777, 5778, 5779 

W. W. Lanahan & Co 








221-223 East Baltimore Street 



''ILL continue through the season of 1915 and 
1916 its standard policy of presenting to 
its patrons high-class and reputable attractions 
only; special care will be exercised in their 

The Spring Season of Comic Opera will be 
given with the same degree of Excellence. 



—one of the strongest in the world— built as a 
battleship of Harveyized Nickel Steel Armor 

Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent 
Storage For Silver 


Ground Floor, Continental Building 


In the Heart of the City 


Thoroughly equipped to handle all business pertaining to bank- 
ing, and invites accounts of corporations firms and individuals. 




Secretary and Treasurer 




Ass't Sec'y and Treasurer 



Hattr^l Srnnk i>qitabs 

PRODUCED especially to meet the requirements 
of the Connoisseur; being unsurpassed in Flavor; 
Plump, Juicy and of Large Size, coming as they do 
direct from our FARM to YOU. 

place in those homes where exclusiveness and 
nicety are essential. A Suggestion to the Hostess 
wishing a Menu Feature; something "Different." 

We suggest early booking since the demand 
far exceeds the supply each season ; disappointment 
will not then ensue. We positively cannot guaran- 
tee to supply short notice or irregular orders, tho 
we will endeavor to do so in each instance. 

Shipped, dressed, in Sanitary Fibre Boxes made 
for our use especially. Express or Special Delivery. 

This Bandsm- 

en each Squab. 

Catering to — 
Dinners Hotels 

Luncheons Cafes 

Banquets Residences 

An exclusive feature of the Menu at the 






SEASON 1915-16 




'&55jiiiaii -^^iiK^ 



Beautiful Rugs woven from your old 
worn-out carpets, plain or designed. 
Colors to match your wall paper. 
Superior in wear to any of its kind. 
Catalogue with price list upon request. 


G. KRAFT, Manager. 

Phone Mt. Vernon 4636. 

Linden Ave., at Preston St. 

Century Gas Ranges 


Non-Explosive Ovens, Safety First, 
No Spring Leak Porclein Cocks. 

Special to Listed Members of the 
Blue Book. 


We cordially invite you to visit our 
Show Rooms and open an account. 







Hot Water Heating Systems $3.00 Per Week and up. 
Special Attention to Repairs and Sick Heating Systems. 







Established 1832 







*^ ^ ^J ^ and DOMESTIC 



lUrHOWFl I 1^ CO Inr 217 north charles street 

illK^UKJ TY Iwl^iw i\. VV/., illC. (NEXT TO MASONIC TEMPLE) 






Enterprise Heating Co. 

Oeo. R. Bullen, Proprietor 

600 IV. Ho>VARD Street 








Acts as Trustee of Corporation Mortgages. Fiscal Agent for Corporations and Indi- 
viduals, Transfer Agent and Registrar. Depository under plans of reorganization. 

Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guardian, Trustee, Receiver. Attorney and Agent, 
being especially organized for careful management and settlement of estates of every 

Fireproof building with latest and best equipment for safety of contents. 

Safes for rent in its large fire and burglar proof vaults, with spacious and vv^ell lighted 
coupon rooms for use of patrons. 

Securities held on deposit for Out of To-wn Corporations and Persons, 

H. WALTERS, Chairman of Board 
JOHN J. NELLIGAM, President 
JOHN W, MARSHALL, Vice-Pres't 

ANDREW P. SPAMER, Treasurer 




H. H. M. LEE, Secretary 



219-221-223 E. Baltimore St. 



Water, Bowley, Lombard Sts 
and Cheapside 


Office Outfitters 


Depository of the United States, State of Maryland, City of Baltimore 

T. RowLAXD Thomas. President 
J. MoxROE Holland, Vice-President William J. Delcher, Cashier 
SxowDEX HoFF. Ass't Cushier Theodore X. Ai'sxix, Asst Cashier 

St|f 5^attnnal lank nf lalttmnr? 













405 N. Charles Street 




- iBank^rH - 




Opticians |M| Jjiamonds 

and ^ V^ Watckes 

Je^velers w yk Je^velry 

Dresden, Mintons Wedgwood and Coalport 
Ckina and Rich Cut Glass. 

Also a large line of Silverware 
Suitable for Wedding Gifts 


HARDY & CO., Shirt M akers. 

Ask Baltimore's best dressers and they'll tell you that 

Hardy & Co. make the best fitting and most 

satisfactory shirts to be liad. 




Franklin, Mr. Walter S.. Jr., 
Hayward, Air. and Mrs. E. Bartlett, 
Hillen, Mr. and Mrs. T. O'Donnell. 
James, Mrs. Nathaniel W., 
James, Aliss Beverly. 

24 E. Mt. Vernon Place 

913 St. Paul St. ( for the Winter) 

1 1 10 X.Charles St. (for the Winter) 

1112 X.Charles St. (for the Winter) 

1 1 12 X.Charles St. (for the Winter) 

Mcintosh. Mr. and Airs. David G.. Jr.. 606 Cathedral St. (for the Winter) 

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Sumner A.. (of 913 St. Paul St.) 

19 W. Chase St. for the Winter. 

Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A., Ji 

The Washington Apts. (for the Winter) 

Pleasants, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hall ( nee Wilmer). 

201 Longwood Road. Roland Park 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Harry. 
White. Miss Prisc'lla Ridgely 

Hotel Stafford (for the Winter) 
Hotel Stafford ( for the Winter) 




Jorttgn mxh inm^sttr 2Janki^rH, 

RECEIVE ACCOUNTS of Banks, Bankers, Corporations, Firms, and 

Individuals on the most favorable terms. 

Paying Coupons, Dividends, S:c. 
INTEREST ALLOWED on Current Balances and at special rates for 

time deposits as agreed upon. 

MEMBERS OF STOCK EXCHANGE. (Private Wire to Brown 

Brothers & Co., New York, Philadelphia and Boston.) Execute 

orders for Purchase and Sale of Stocks and Bonds in this and 

other markets. 
INVESTMENT SECURITIES always on hand. • 
RAILROAD, MUNICIPAL and other Bonds purchased, and Loans 


IN DOLLARS, for use in this Country, Canada, Mexico and the 

West Indies, and in STERLING, available in any part of the 

AVorld. Credits are issued against deposits of cash, securities or 

satisfactory guarantee of repayment. 
INTERNATIONAL CHEQUES also issued in various denominations. 
ACCEPT CUSTODY OF BONDS, STOCKS and other Securities, and 

Collect Coupons and Dividends for Credit customers while abroad. 
BILLS OF EXCHANGE bought and sold, and Drafts drawn on 

principal cities of Great Britain and the Continent. 
REMITTANCES OF MONEY made to and Collections made in all 

parts of the world. 


New York, Philadelphia, Boston. London. 

Corresj)ondence Invited 


A Page 

A.lains, J. M 20y 

AnniiiXT, The James R 2S 


liailev, Banks & Biddle Co 1 

Baltimore School of Art Needlework. 192 

Barnes, M. Nelson 82 

Belvedere Hotel 42 

Bowen & King IT 

Brehm & Son, (ieo 5 

Bromo Seltzer 5 

Brown & Sons, Alexander 20 


Calvert Bank 8 

City Dairy Co 156 

Continental Trust Co., The 12 


Daly & Co., Owen 18 

Decorative Art Societ v 138 

Dreka 24 

Dulan v-Vernav Co.. The .35 

Dunn's 140 


Emerson Drug Co 5 

Enterprise Heating Co 15 

European Conservatory of Music 140 


Eord's Opera House 11 

Euller, Albert E 348 


Gandjrill Mfg. Co 7 

Gaede 96 


Hardy & Co., Geo. E. \V IS 

Hotel Belvedere 42 

Hotel Sherwood 24 

Ilynson, Westcott & Co 1.38 

Hutzler Bros. Co.— Insert 120-121 


Jenkins & Sons Co., Henry W 195 


Kirk & Son ('(»., Samuel 10 

Kirkpatrick, Dr. Aloha M 148 

Knipp & Sons. John C 210 

Kornerstone Kindergarten 36 

L Page 

Lanahan & Co.. W. W 11 

Loudon Park Cemetery— Insert 64-65 

Lucas Bros.. Inc 16 

Lycett 96 


Mas(m, R. B 5 

McDowell & Co 15 

Merchants & Miners' Transporfn Co. 95 

-Metropolitan Savings Bank 168 

MillardV 2S 

Monumental Storage & Carpet Co. 

Inside Eront Cover. 
Moore & Preston 13 


National Bank (jf Baltimore 17 

National Exchange Bank, 

Outside Back Cover. 
Norman, Remington Co., The, 

Inside Eront Cover^ 


Oriental Rug Co 1-t 

Owen Daly & Co IS- 


Patapsco Superlative Elour 7 

Poehlman Automobile Co 23 

Potthast Brothers SE' 

"Queen of Sea Routes" 95 


Reeves. Chas II. (I. Co. of N. A.).... 22 
Royal Insurance Co. ( Ilenrv M. War- 
field, Res. Mgr.) '. ISS 


Sadtler & Sons, (i. T IS 

Safe Deposit & Trust C(. 16 

Scott & Son, Townsend 15 

Seaboard Bank, The 42 

Security St«>rage & Trust Co 4 

Sherwood Hotel 24 

Springer Sanitarium, 

Top Inside Back Cover. 

Stal)ler Coal Co.. E.. Jr 35 

Steinbach & Sons, John P & 



Taylor & Co., Howard R 252 

Taylor & Co.. R. Q 66 

Taylor, E. B.— Insert 244-245 

Thomas & Thompson Co 82 

Timanus Arch Market 253 

Townsend Scott & Son 15 

United States Engraving Co. 
Union Trust Co 


Wanner Steam & II<.t-Watcr Heat- 
ing Co 14 

Warfield, Henry .M. (Res. Mgr. Royal 
Ins. Co.) 188 


Calvert School 

P.ard Avon School 

r.ryn Mawr School. The 

•Jefferson School for Boys, The., 

Girls' Latin School, The 

Hannah More Academy. The 


^m, Marxm an& JulanJi Jnsuranr? 


Office, Insurance Company of North America, of Philadelphia 

Baltimore. Md. 

CASH CAPITAL. $4,000,000.00 

ASSETS. $17,938,783.51 

To the Traveling Public: 

This Company also issues Tourist certificates insuring wearing apparel and other persona 1 
effects wherever they may be, either in the United States or foreign countries, including the risk 
of Ocean and Inland Transportation. 

The certificates are made payable in London, Paris and Antwerp, as well as Philadelphia. 
New York, and Baltimore. 

CHAS. H. REEVES. Manager 

fl The Home of the Chevrolet Car is 
the Home of Every Chevrolet Owne 

fl Occupied exclusively by this Com- 
pany, its corps of efficient represent- 
atives is at your service. 

Q Its large assortment of automobile 
parts and accessories is carried in 
stock to fill any need you may require. 

^ You are invited to make yourselr 
at home with us 

Poehlmann Automobile Company 

















Hfotel Sl)erwoo6, 



J. H. Price, Prop. BALTIMORE, M D. 

Convenient to Theatres, Shopping Di.stricts. situated in the best residential 

section of City. Rooms single and en suite, with or without baths. 

$3.00 per day and upwards. Special rates for permanent guests. 

Take Maiylarid Ave. Car from Union and Alt. 'K"yal Stations; 

"Park Ave. Car from Camden to Monument St. 




Armstrong, ]\Jiss Doroth}' Francis Corbin, 1200 Eutaw Place. 

Daughter of Col. and J\[rs. John S. Armstrong. 

Brown. ^Nliss Etta Carrington, 15^8 Bolton St. 

Daughter of Mr. and ]Mrs. James Carrington Brown. 

Brown. :\Iiss Florence Lofland, 1127 X.Calvert St. 

Daughter of Mr. and ]\Irs. John Wilson Brown. 

Bevan. :\liss ]\iargaret Holmes. 807 Cathedral St. 

Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Bevan. 

Berkley, Miss Margaret H. S., 1305 Park Av. 

Daughter of Dr. and ]Mrs. Henry J. Berkley. 

Baker. ^liss Eva Graff. "Avon," Waverly, Balto. 

Daughter of Mr. and ]\Irs. J. Paul Baker. 

Bond, ^liss Julia A'alentine. 221 W. ^Madison St. 

Daughter of ]\lrs. Summerfield B. Bond. 

Bonsai. ^liss ^lary Camilla. 18 E. ]\It. Vernon Place. 

Daughter of Mr. and 'Sirs. Leigh Bonsai. 

Buckler. ]\liss ^Marion. "Evergreen," North Av. W. 

Daughter of Dr. and }»Irs. Thomas K. Buckler. 

Batchelor, Miss Mary Carye, 1021 Cathedral St. 

Daughter of ]\lrs. J. Kemp Batchelor. 

Brown, ]\liss Dorothy ]^Iadison, of Centreville, ^Id. 

Daughter of Mr. and ]\Irs. Madison Brown. 

(With ]\Ir. and Mrs. Hammond Cromwell for the winter, 
"Wilton," Ellicott City, ^Id.) 


Cator. Miss Agnes Bacon. 511 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Whitfield Cator. 

Dawson. ^Nliss Priscilla R.. Stevenson, ]\ld. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hill Dawson. 

Dorsey, Miss Susan Whitelock. 26 E. Mt. Vernon Place. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Dorsey. 

Dalcour, Miss Lolita G.. Ellicott City, Md. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gustav '1. Dalcour. 

Dunham, Miss Dorothy Hurd, 7 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A.Dunham. 



Kmoi}-. Miss Margaret Vernon. 2006 Maryland Av. 

Daughter of Mrs. Wilmer Emory. 


Fisher, Miss Louise Este, 1301 Park Av. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Este Fisher. 

Fischer, Miss Sara EHzabeth, 1041 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mrs. Alexander Gordon, Jr. 


Greenway, Miss Katharine, P. O. Rodger's Forge. Md. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Greenway. 

Goodridge, Miss Katherine Poullain, 1040 N. Calvert St. 

Daughter of Mrs. E. Read Goodridge. 

Gale, ]\Iiss Henrietta Buchanan, 13 E. Eager St. 

Daughter of Mrs. G. Lyttleton Gale. 

George, Miss Agnes Dugan, 204 E. Chase St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Airs. Charles H. Carter George. 

Gilchrist, Miss Doris Margaret, 107 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T. Casper Gilchrist. 

Harrison, Miss Alice Cunningham, 31 E. North Av. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald C. Harrison. 


Jencks, ]\Iiss Eleanor M., i W. Mt. Vernon Place. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Jencks. 


Lloyd, Miss Elizabeth Key, T120 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard Lloyd. 

Lloyd, ]\Iiss Mary Eager, Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Daughter of Mr. and ]\lrs. John Eager Lloyd. 

Mackall, Miss Christine Bowie, 1214 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mackall. 

Offutt, Miss Nancy Jenkins, 1206 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Worthington Offutt. 


Payne, Miss Helen Scott, 2843 St. Paul St. 

Daughter of ]^Irs. Louis N. Wilson. 
Pennington, Aliss Dorothea, 1419 John St. 

Daughter of Airs. Caroline De Wolf T. Pennington. 

Pierce, }iliss Helen Bancroft, 924 Cathedral St. (for the winter). 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Winslow S. Pierce of Bayville, L. T. 


Ransom, Miss Irene Barroll, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Daughter of Mrs. Joel Rathbone Ransom. 

Rohinson, }^Iiss Amy R., loio N. Charles St. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Robinson. 

Ranson, ]\Iiss Virginia Cooper, 11 E.Chase St. 

Daughter of the late Air. and Airs. Henry Warfield Ranson. 

Shreve, Miss Rosalie Tilghman. 25 W. Chase St. 

Daughter of Mrs. Arthur L. Shreve. 

Strother, Aliss Emily Nelson, 

(of "Chetolah," Ruxton, Aid. ) 1222 St. Paul St. 
Daughter of Air. and Mrs. T. Nelson Strother. 

Shreve, Aliss Anne Buchanan, 211 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Daughter of Air. and Airs. Oswald T. Shreve. 
Steuart, Aliss Lydia E., Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 

Daughter of A[rs. Arthur Steuart 
Steele. Aliss Gertrude W., "Whitehaven," Garrison. Aid. 

Daughter of Aledical Inspector and Airs. John Alurray Steele. 
Smith, Aliss Sophie Gaither, 15 W.Chase St. 

Sister of Mrs. Frederick W. AlcComas. 

Ulman, Aliss Nanine H., 10 W. Read St. 

Daughter of Air. and Airs. Jacob A. 


White, Aliss Priscilla Ridgely, (of Brookline, Alass.) 606 Cathedral St. 

Daughter of Air. and Airs. Harry White. 
Wallis, Aliss Alary Virginia. 211 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Daughter of Mr. and Airs. James Wallis (nee Alary Alayer) 
of Altoona, Pa. 
Waters, The Alisses Lindsay T. and Elizabeth W., 225 W. Lanvale St. 

Daughters of Air. and Airs. J. Seymour Taliaferro Waters. 
White. Aliss Rebecca, "The Knoll." Garrison. Aid. 

Daughter of Air. and Airs. Horace White. 



! This Stock Embraces : | 





W^e Devote One Whole Room to These Goods and. Any Want Can 
Be Gratified 




'tS'rIeS ^'^ 








Adt31r. and Mrs. John Bertram (nee Dorothy De Witt), Roland Park. 


Barton, ^[r. and Mrs. Carlyle (nee Isabel Rienian Thun), 1316 Bolton St. 

Baetier, ?\Ir. and ]\lrs. Harry Norman (nee Kntherine Baily Brnce). 

1 115 N. Calvert St. 

Beacham. ]\lr. and ]\Irs. Frederick B., Jr. (nee Rena A. Sawyer), The Avon. 

Brown, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. J. ]\Iarechal, Jr. (nee JNIary Page Crozer), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Barnes, ]\Ir. and IN f rs. Wm. Ferguson ( nee ^lariqiiita Reed-Lewis), 

Carpenter. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Garrison, Jr. (nee IMay ]\I. Hemsley), 

Greenville, S. C. 

Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Shirley (nee Louise Hope Thacher), 

Cambridge. Mass. 

Creager, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Gray Hamilton (nee ]\Iarie Adele Price), 

3207 Pacific Av., Chelsea, N. J. 

Coale, ]\lr. and Mrs. Griffith Bailv (nee Margaret Gordon ^IcCulloch), 

241 W. Biddle St. 


Dennis, ^Ir. and ]Mrs. J. ]\[urdoch (nee Louise T. FTaskins), 

The Washington Apts. 

Forsyth, ]\Ir. and "Mrs. Robert Wright, Jr. (nee Mary Dorsey Watts) 

Calvert Court Apts., 31st and Calvert Sts. 

Felton, ^Ir. and !Mrs. Wm. Hamilton, Jr. (nee Luisa Macgill Gibson), 

Macon, Ga. 

Forsyth, ]\Ir. and I\Irs. Thomas JNL'irshall (nee Evelyn Randolph 

]\Ieade, Cor. North and Guilford Avs. 

Fisher, Mr. and ]\Irs. INIarion Poor (ncc Charlotte Emily Pennington), 

Ru.Kton, Md. 



Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Stuart (nee Elsie Wright Levering), 

232 W. Lafayette Av. 

Gildersleeve, Mr. and ]\lrs. Raleigh C. (nee Elena de Apezteguia 

Middleton, Cedarhurst, L. L 

Grange, Baron and Baroness de la (nee Emily Eleanor Sloane), 

Goddard, Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Hooker (nee Eliza Cunningham 

Harrison), The Walbert. 

Goodenow, Mr. and ^Irs. Rufus King (nee Eleanor House), 

The Anneslie Apts. 

Gary, Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley, Jr. (nee Eleanor Cole Bosley), 

The Latrobe Apts. 


Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles English, Jr. (nee Margaret 

Murray Hardcastle), iioi N.Calvert St. 

Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (nee Frances Cross Slingluff), 

L'niontown, Pa. 

Hundley, i\lr. and Mrs. J. Winslow (nee Emily Symington Riggs), 

The Latrobe Apts. 

James, Dr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr. (nee Rosalie O'Brien), New York. 

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. John Herbert (nee Alice Hulme), 

IIOI N. Calvert St. 

James, Mr. and !Mrs. Norman (nee Isabel Hagner), Catonsville, Md. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Carolyn Brown Moore), 

The Burford, Charles and 33d Sts. 


Kingsford, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Bowdoin (nee Eliza Lawrence 

Hoffman), 520 Park Av., New York. 


Lynde, Mr. and Airs. George Pleasants (nee Sara T.Gibson), 

41 W. gth St., New York. 

Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lutrelle (nee Sara Bell Williams), 

(Business address, 21 W.Fayette St.) 

Longcope, Dr. and Mrs. Warfield Theobald (nee Janet Percy Dana), 

680 Madison Av.. New York. 



McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Roberdeau A. (nee Virginia Rose Duer), 

Timonium, Md. 

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shoemaker (nee Anne Cleland Read), 

Elkridge, Md. 

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Archibald (nee Emma W. Eareckson), 

Montell, ]Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Singleton (nee Dorothy Price Myers), 

817 Hamilton Terrace. 


Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Jefferson Randolph (nee Maud B. 

Lamphere), Little Rock, Ark. 

North, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McAllister (nee Elizabeth Stuart 

Cottman), Columbia, Pa. 


Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Perry (nee Anne Maynadier 

Steele), Care of 870 Madison Av., New York City. 

Pagon, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Cator (nee Margaret Pue Dorsey), 

2 Merryman Court, University Parkway. 

Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. (nee Eugenia M. Barnitz), 

1527 Linden Av. 


Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ames, Jr. (nee Cora Carter). 

222 Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 

Roode, Lieut, and Mrs. Louis Remsen de (nee Katherine E.Posey), 

U. S. N., Portsmouth, Va. 

Rous, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Peyton (nee Marian E. De Kay), New York. 

Russill, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Beddoe (nee Elizabeth Mae Hall). 

Toronto, Canada. 

Reddington, Mr. and Mrs. George O. (nee Allison Janney Miller). 

Iroquois Hotel, 44th St., New York. 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Julian White (nee Marguerite Callendar 

Hunt), Riderwood, Md. 


Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Ward (nee Ellen West Page), 

The Plaza, New York. 

Stabler, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Herbert (nee Elizabeth H.Wells), 

London. England. 


Sturgill, Lieut, and ]\ Irs. Walter S. (nee Mav Poultney Kllicotl), 

Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

Starkenborgh-Stachouwer, Jonkheer and ]\Iadamc Alidius 

Warmoldus Lambertns Tjarda van (nee Christine ^larburg), 

(Of the Netherlands Legation), Washington. D. C 

Schaefer. ?\lr. and ]\lrs. Charles ]Martin (nee Mary Anita Hurtt). 

3016 N. Calvert St. 

Schcnck, Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll (nee Louisa Hollingsworth 

Wliyte). Address 700 Cathedral St. 

Thelin. ]\lr. and ]\Irs. I-^lias Griswold (nee ^Marian Gouveneur 

Heiskell), i Harvest Road. Roland Park. 

Theobald, Mr. and ]\Irs. Samuel. Jr. (nee Elizabeth Sturtevant), 

45 Chicago Av., Anocher, Staten Island. X. Y. 

Tinges, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. ^^lurray Waters (nee ^lay ^Marguerite 

Johnson), 228 W.Lafayette Av. 


Wagner. ]Mr. and [Mrs. Basil (nee Caroline Pattison Webb), 

Garrison P. O., ^Id. 

Wevmouth. Air. and }^Irs. Harrison (nee Sara English Snowden), 

220 E. Biddle St. 

Williams, Mr. and ]Mrs. Samuel Chew, Jr. (nee Elvira Daniel 

]^Ioore), Ogdensburg, X. Y. 

Wliedbee, ]Mr. and Airs. Charles Alaurice (nee Mary Patterson 

Nicholas), The Gilman Apts. 

Wilson. Mr. and Airs. Philip Danfourth (nee Virginia Greenway 

Albert), Warren, Arizona. 

Woolford, Dr. and Airs. John S. B. (nee Eliza Leiper Winslow), 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

W^ing, Air. and Airs. S. Bryce (nee Alarie Tailer), 

399 Park Av., Xew York. 

Worthington, Air. and Airs. Ellicott H. (nee Katharine G. Frick), 

1531 Bolton St. 



Albert. Virginia Greenwav, 


]\Irs. Philip Dan fourth Wilson. 

Barnitz, Eugenia M., 
Bosle}', Eleanor Cole, 
Bruce, Katherine Baily, 


]\Irs. Frank H. Phelps. 
Airs. E. Stanley Gary, Jr. 
]\Irs. Harry Xorman Baetjer. 

Carter, Cora. 

Cottman, Elizabeth Stuart, 

Mrs. Ernest Ames Robbins, Jr. 
:\lrs. Hugh ^McAllister North. 


Dana, Janet Percy, 
De Kay, ]^larian E., 
Dorsey, Alargaret Pue, 
Duer, Virginia Rose, 
De Witt, Dorothy, 

]\Irs. Wartield Theobald Longcope. 
]\Irs. Francis Peyton Rous. 
Airs. Robinson Cator Pagon. 
Airs. Roberdeau A. AlcCormick. 
Airs. John Bertram Adt. 

Eareckson, Emma W., 
Ellicott, Alay Poultney 

Airs. Gerald Archibald Alurrav. 
Airs. Walter S. Sturgill. 

Frick, Kathc 

Airs. Ellicott H. Worthington. 

Gibson, Luisa Alacgill, 
Gibson, Sara T., 

Airs. Wm. Hamilton Felton, Jr. 
Airs. George Pleasants Lynde. 


Hagner, Isabel, 

Hardcastle, Alargaret Alurray, 
Harrison, Eliza Cunningham, 
Haskins, Louise T., 
Hall. Elizabeth Alae, 
Heiskell, Alarian Gouveneur, 
Flemsley. Alay Al.. 
Hoffman, Eliza Lawrence. 


Norman James. 
Chas. English Henderson, Jr. 
Calvin Hooker Goddard. 
J. Alurdoch Dennis. 
Frank J. Beddoe Russill. 
EHas Griswold Thelin. 
Eredk. Garrison Carpenter, Jr. 
Irving Bowdoin Kingsford. 



House, Eleanor. 

Hulme, Alice, 

Hunt, Marguerite Callendar, 

I lurtt. ?\lar3^ Anita, 

Airs. Rufus King Goodenow. 
Mrs. John Herljert Johnston. 
Mrs. Julian White Ridgely. 
Airs. Charles Alartin Schaefer. 

Johnson, Mary Alarguerite, 

Mrs. Alurray Waters Tinges. 

Lamphere, ]\Iaud B., 
Levering, Elsie Wright, 

Marburg, Christine, 

McCulloch, Margaret Gordon, 
jNIeade, Evelyn Randolph, 
Middleton, Elena de Apezteguia, 
Aloore, Carolyn Brown, 
Miller, Allison Janney, 
Moore, Elvira Daniel, 
Afvers. Dorothv Price. 

Nicholas, Alarv Patterson, 

Mrs. Thos. Jefferson Randolph Nicho- 
Mrs. A. Stuart Gibson. [las. 


Aladame A. W. L. T. van Starken- 

borgh Stachouwer. 
Mrs. Griffith Baily Coale. 
Mrs. Thos. Marshall Forsyth. 
Mrs. Raleigh C. Gildersleeve. 
Mrs. George Jenkins. 
Mrs. George O. Reddington. 
Mrs. Samuel Chew Williams, Jr. 
Airs. Egbert Singleton Montell. 


Mrs. Chas. Maurice Whedbee. 

O'Brien. Rosalie. 


Mrs. Henry James, Jr. 

Page, Ellen West. 
Pennington, Charlotte Emily, 
Posey, Katherine E., 
Price, Marie Adele, 

Read, Anne Cleland, 
Reed-Lewis, Mariquita, 
Riggs, Emily Symington, 

Mrs. William Ward Smith. 
Airs. A'larion Poor Fisher. 
Mrs. Louis Remsen de Roode. 
Airs. Gray Hamilton Creager. 


Airs. Samuel Shoemaker Alurray. 
Mrs. Wm. Ferguson Barnes. 
Airs. J. Winslow Hundley. 

Sawyer, Rena A., 
Slingluff, Frances Cross, 
Sloane, Emily Eleanor, 
Snowden, Sara English, 
Steele, Anne Alaynadier, 
Sturtevant, Elizabeth, 

Airs. Frederick B. Beacham, Jr. 
Airs. Alfred Howell. 
Baroness de la Grange. 
Mrs. Harrison Weymouth. 
Airs. Alexander Perry Osborn. 
Airs. Samuel Theobald, Jr. 



Tailer, Marie. 
Thacher, Louise Hope, 
Thom. Isabel Rieman, 

Watts, ]^Iary Dorsey, 
Webb, Caroline Pattison, 
Wells, Elizabeth H., 
Williams. Sara Bell, 
Winslow. Eliza Leiper, 
Whytc. Louisa Hollingsworth, 

Mrs. S. Bryce Wing. 

Mrs. Bernard Shirley Carter. 

Mrs. Carlyle Barton. 


Mrs. Robert Wright Forsyth. Jr. 
Mrs. Basil Wagner. 
Mrs. Jordan Herbert Stabler. 
]\[rs. Gilbert Lutrelle Lucas. 
Mrs. John S. B. Woolford. 
]\Irs. James Carroll Schenck. 


339-341 N. Charles St 



MarK Cross Leather Goods and Gloves 

ttjWARD STABLER, JR , President 

SAML. F. ZIEGLER, Secretary 

JOSEPH J. JANNEY, Treasures 






Li % lid Itca 1 1 1 j '' ^In a ta^^c ti^ 

(.l'iitint| ,pup«tA mi .tnc .pountl, Catiou.*! utaJcA, iici\! Jc^ian; 

tlnit^cl^ ^tat^d ^nata^uuo La. 

— "So it is^ that the 
educated^ trained en- 
lightened conscience 
of society.'' 



Lafayette Ave. and Bolton St. 





Society Visiting List, 


Abel, Dr. and Mrs. John J., Windsor ^lill Road. 

Abel), Mrs. Edwin F., i6 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Abell, j\Ir. and Mrs. Walter W. (nee Forbes), 609 Washington PI. 

Abell, Mrs. Charles, "Marble Hall," Govans, Md. 

Abell, Mrs. Walter R., 703 Cathedral St. 

Abell. :\Ir. and Mrs. Walter R. (nee Lydia Aliller). 

653 University Parkway. 

Abell, j\[rs. Arunah Shepherdson. 120 Roland Av.. Roland Park. 

Abell, Miss ^Jargaret Anna, 120 Roland Av., Roland F:\rk. 

Abell, Mr. A. S. 3d, 120 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Abell, Mr. E. F. 2d, 120 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Abell, Mr. W. W. 2d, 120 Roland Av.! Roland Park. 

("Woodbonrne," Govans, Wd.) 

.Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (nee Tiffany), Boston. 

Abercrombie, Dr. and Mrs. Ronald T. (nee Jennie Scott Waters). 

Homewood Apartments, Charles and 31st Sts. 

Acheson, Lord and Lady (nee Mildred Carter), London, Eng. 

Adams, Mr. John Morrow, 102 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

-Adams, Mr. Wm. Stewart, 102 Roland Av.. Roland Park. 

Adams, Lieut, and Mrs. John Quincy (nee Vivian Helen Wittall), 

U. S. M. C. 

Adams, Mr. T. Irving, 1214 N. Charles St. 

Adams, Miss Daisy, 1214 N. Charles St. 

Adams, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Adams, Mr. Frank Blackford, 2124 St. Paul St. 

Adams, Miss Marv Beirne, 2124 St. Paul St. 

38 A 

Adams. Dr. and Mrs. James Fred, (nee Nellie B. Appold), 

1314 N. Charles St. 
( "Glenwild." Catonsville, Md.) 

Adams, Miss Ada E., 506 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Adams, Miss Luella B., 506 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Howard. 114 Overhill Road, Guilford. 

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W.. 2720 N. Calvert St. 

Adsit. Dr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Peachy P.Brown), 

340 Elmwood Av.. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Adt :\ir. and Mrs. John B. (nee Dorothy De Witt), Roland Park. 

Agnus, Gen. and Mrs. Felix, "Nacirema," Stevenson, Md. 

Agnus, Miss Elise Carroll, "Nacirema." Stevenson, ]Md. 

Ahrens, Mrs. George Adolf (nee Hall), 

Pension Prager Platz, Berlin-Wilmersdorf. 

Ahrens, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Theo. George (nee Ebers), 

Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Landauerstrasse 4. 

Ahrens, Miss R. Elizabeth, 1703 Bolton St. 

Aiken, The- Misses Edith M. and S. Bernadette, 2215 N.Calvert St. 

Aiken, The IMisses Virginia J. and Emily E., 2215 N. Calvert St. 

Aiken, Mr. Matthew K., Jr., 2215 N.Calvert St. 

Aiken, Mr. Harry Lee, 2215 N. Calvert St. 

Albers. Mr. and Mrs. .undrew Nicholson. The Preston Apts. 

Albers. Miss Anne Elise, 4215 Belvieu Av. 

Albers, Miss Helen Louise, 4215 Belvieu Av. 

Albers, Mr. John Davidge, 4215 Belvieu Av. 

Albert, jNIr. and Mrs. A. James, 13 W.Chase St. 

Albert, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tavlor (nee Buchanan), 1028 N Calvert St. 

Albert, Mr. J. Hollis B., 1028 N. Calvert St. 

Albert, Mrs. Jacob "Stonyhurst,' Merry man Av. 

Albert, Mr. Henry Greenway, Warren, Arizona. 

Albert, Mr. Jacob, "Cedar Lawn," Govans, Md. 

Albert, Miss Anna R., The Mt. Royal Apts. (for the Winter). 

(Stevenson, Md.) 

Albert, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot J. (nee MacGill), Hotel Stafford. 

Albert, Miss Mary C. C, Hotel Stafford. 

Albert, Mr. Talbot J., Jr., Munich, Germany. 

Albert. Mr. Frank, I9 W. Biddle St. 

Albert, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus J. 3d. 

513 E. Boulder St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Albert, Mrs. Charlotte R., 2201 N. Charles St. 

Albert, Miss Virginia, 2201 N. Charles St. 

Aldrich, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Wyman (nee Imogen Gaither), New York. 

Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W., The Latrobe. 

Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. William Fontaine (nee Emily Read Potter), 

The ^^lontebello, 2327 N. Charles St. 
Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. (nee Lenore E. Hemsley), 

3 Dean St., Annapolis, Md. 

\llen. Miss Susan W., 24 W. Biddle St. 

Allen. Mr. and Mrs. William ]^Iiller, The Plaza, Park PI. and Wilson St. 

.Mien, Mr. and Mrs. Yorke (nee Mary Van Lear Findlay\ 

41 Ridgewood Road, South Orange, N. J. 

Allen, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Mines (nee Dorothy Gilpin), 

■•Clifton," Gaylord, Va. 

Allison, Rev. and Mrs. D. Prescott (nee Thode), 2211 N.Charles St. 

Alnutt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodwin (nee Louise W.Rich), 

Allmond, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus B. (nee Lucile Helen Paine), Louisville, Ky. 

Allnutt, Mr. and Mrs. Severn Robert (nee Phoebe Sinclair Crosby), 

Beaumont Av., Catonsville, 'Sid. 

Ambler, Mr. James Murray, 8 E. Preston St. 

Ambler, Miss Sallie H., 8 E. Preston St. 

Ambler, Miss Virginia, 8 E. Preston St. 

Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sweetman, Charlcote PI., Guilford. 

Ames, Mr. C. Delano, Palazzo ]\Ioroni, Rome, Italy. 

Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Montfort (nee Eleanor M.Matthews), 

115 Wendell Av., Pittsfield, Mass. 
.\mmidon, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. (nee Estelle Josephine Hoyt), 

4014 Greenway Av., Guilford. 
Ammidon, Mrs. John P., 707 Reservoir St. 

Amos, Miss Josephine P., :\It. Royal Apts. 

.\msden, Lieut, and Mrs. Wm. Faulkner (nee ]\Iarjorie Cary Dunham), 

Training Station, Newport, R. L 

Ancker, Mrs. Walter W., The Buckler Apts., 529 N. Charles St. 

Ancker, Miss Marion, The Buckler Apts., 529 N. Charles St 

Ancker, Miss Margaret Elizabeth, The Buckler Apts., 529 N. Charles St. 

Alexandria, Va. 

The Preston. 
The Preston. 
The Preston. 

107 W. North Av. 

821 St. Paul St. 

849 Park Av. 

1316 Bolton St. 

1316 Bolton St. 

1026 N. Charles St 

3503 N. Charles St. 
3503 N. Charles St. 
3503 X. Charles St. 

1042 Belvidere Terrace. 
1042 Belvidere Terrace. 

1S34 St. Paul St. 
1834 St. Paul St. 
1834 St. Paul St. 

Anderson, Air. and ?^lr?. Herbert W., 

Anderson, Mrs. Albanis Logan, 
Anderson, Miss Anna Edwina, 
Anderson, Miss Leona M., 

Andrews, Mrs. R. Snowden, 

Andrews, Mr. and ]Mrs. Ethan Allen (nee Faulke) 

Andrews. Mr. Matthew Page, 

Applegarth, Mr. Rufus W., 

Applegarth, Mr. and Mrs. Gault, 

\ppold. Miss Alice Taney, 

Appold. Miss Emily V. R.. 
Appold, Miss Bertha \\. 
Appold, Mr. Lemuel 'J\, 

Archer. Mr. and Mrs. C. Graham (nee Poullain), 
Archer, Mr. Henry Philip, 

Archer. Aliss Mary A., 
Archer, Mr. Robert, 
Archer, Mr. James J., 

("Shamrock," Bel Air. Md.) 

Archer, Dr. Wm. S., ''Shamrock," Bel Air, Md. 

.A.rcher, Mrs. Henry W., Jr. (nee Lee), 

.A-rcher, Mr. George, 

Archer, ]Miss Hannah Lee, 

Archibald, Mrs. E. Brenton, 

Arens, ]\Iiss R. E., 

Armistead. Miss Elizabeth Allen, 

Armistead, Mr. George, 

Armistead, Mrs. S. Gordon (nee Howell), 

402 W. Willow Grove Av., Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Armistead, Mrs. John L (nee I\Iarian Poor), The Cleveland, Lindon Av. 
Armistead, Miss Fanny Carter, Washington. D. C. 

Armour, Mr. and j\lrs. Geo. W. (nee Sara H.Stanley), 

"Tarry-a- While," Coburg, Ontario, Can. 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., Roland Park. 

Armstrong, Miss Mary Hughes 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio G. (nee Mullikin), 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 1200 Eutaw PI. 

Armstrong, Miss Beulah Ellis, 1200 Eutaw PI. 

Armstrong, Aliss Dorothy Francis Corbin, 1200 Eutaw PI. 

Armstrong, Miss Marjorie Aylesford, 1200 Eutaw PI. 

The Albany. 


The Stafford 

1702 St. Paul St. 

1025 Cathedral St. 

Armstrong, Mr. John S., Jr., (American Consul to Bristol, England). 

.-\rmstrong, i\Ir. and Mrs. Addison C. (nee Alice S. Whiteley). 

(Ruxton, Md.) 928 N. Charles St. 

Armstrong, ]Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (nee :\Iary Rebekah Woods), 

Hagerstown, Md. 
Arrington, Miss, . 726 Reservoir St. 

Ashbridge, Mr. Sydney, N. E. Cor. Walbrook Ay. ^nd loth St., Walbrook. 
Ashby, Dr. and Mrs. T. A., 1125 Madison Av. 

Assheton, Mrs. W. Herbert, Warrenton, Va. 

Athey, Dr. and ]\lrs. Caleb N. (nee Helen Wilmer). 

100 S. Patterson Park Av. 

.Atkinson, Rev. Thos., The Walbert. 

Atkinson, Dr. and Mrs. A. Duval (nee Taylor), 921 N.Charles St 

Atkinson. Mrs. Robert. 2105 Oak St. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Matthew S., Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Mr. Matthew S., Jr., Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Mr. Allmond B., Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, !^Iiss Lisa Blow, Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co. 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Waters, 10 Bishops Rd., Guilford. 

Atkinson, Miss Margaret N., 1303 John St 

Atkinson, Miss Louisa D., The Arundel. 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gibson, 

Atkinson, Miss Emily N., 

Atkinson, i\Iiss Ellen, 

(Stevenson P. O., Md.) 
Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. (nee Brown), Lake Av., Govans, Md. 
.Atkinson, Miss Blanche, 621 St. Paul St 

Atkinson, :\Ir. Robert J., 621 St Paul St. 

Atwater, ]\Irs. Adaline P., 141 1 Linden Av. 

Atwater, ]\Iiss Emily Paret 141 1 Linden Av. 

Austen, Aliss Lucilla Colgate, care jMrs. John Stokes, Cockeysville, Md. 

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. (nee Edna G. Shertzer), 

N. W. corner 22d and Locust Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Austin, Mrs. Wm. Lucien, 1904 Warwick Av., Walbrook. 

Austin, Miss Martha Moore, 1904 Warwick Av., Walbrook. 

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Bertrand (nee Ethelyn Phipps), 

Sudbrook Park. 
Avery, ]Mr. and Mrs. Coleman (nee Nellie Baer), 

3740 Clifton Av., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Ayres, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Henry Fairfax (nee Elise Bevan Miller), 





Fireproof, Elegant, Refined, 

Cuisine and Service Francais 

Pure Artesian Water throughout 
from our well 1000 feet deep. 

Direct Car Lines and Taxicabs to 
and from all Railway and vSteamship 

Catering at all times and always to 
the comfort of Guests, 




\'ice President 






Commercial and Savings Accounts. 3}4 % allowed on Savings. 

Safe Depo.sit Boxes $3.00 and up. 

Service and Courtesy. 




Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. (nee Taylor), Boston. 

Badart, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Mary C. Sneeringer), 

1317 N. Charles St. 

Baer, Mrs. E. Ridgely, 3 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Baer, Dr. and Mrs. William Stevenson. 4 E. Madison St. 

Baer, Mr. John Robert, 

Baer, Mrs. George H., Care of The Glenwood, College Hill, Cincinnati, O. 

Baer, Capt. and Mrs. Jos. A., U. S. A, (nee LeHa Skipvvith Lee), 

Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont. 

Baer, Mr. and Mrs. John P., 16 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Baetjer, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Henry (nee Carey), 

312 Ingleside Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Baetjer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norman (nee Katharine Baily Bruce), 

[lis N.Calvert St. 

Bagby, Mr. and Mrs. George Poindexter, 301 Club Rd., Roland Park. 

Bagge, Miss Hedvig, 611 Park Av. 

("Eyrie," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Bagley, Dr. Charles, Jr., 5 W. Chase St. 

Bagot, Lady (nee Lily May), Hove Brighton, Eng. 

Baily, Miss Emily B., The Severn Apts. 

Baily, Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank (nee Nancy Carey), 1025 St. Paul St. 

Baily, Mr. T. Carey, 1025 St. Paul St. 

Baily, Mr. James, 1025 St. Paul St. 

Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. John L., 14 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 
Bailliere, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence, "Peggy Stewart House," Annapolis, Md. 

Bailliere, Mr. Thomas H. Gaither, "Peggy Stewart House," Annapolis, Md. 

Bainbridge, Miss E. N., 1320 Bolton St. 

Bainbridge, Miss Mary C, 1320 Bolton St. 

Baker, Miss Alice Hayden, 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Mr. Henry J., Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Mrs. Chas. J., Jr., Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Mr. Wm., Jr., Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Mrs. Charles J., "Tremont," Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Miss Mildred, "Tremont," Catonsville, Md. 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. (nee Florence E. Clark), 33 W. Preston St. 

Baker, j\lr. Bernard Nadal 

("Ingleside," Catonsville, Md.) 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E., 
Baker, iMiss 

Baker, Miss Edith Mildred, 
Ijaker. Miss Emma R., 

Baker, Mr. Benj. Whiteley, 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul (nee Norris), 
Baker, Miss Betty K.. 
Baker, Aliss Sophia Howard, 
Baker, Miss Eva Graff, 

Baker, Mr. Somerville N., 

1405 Eutaw PI 

1405 Entaw PI. 

1405 Entaw PI. 

1405 Eutaw PI. 

Raleigh, N. C 

"Avon." Waverly. 
"Avon," Waverly. 
"Avon," Waverly. 
"Avon," Waverly. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Baker, Mr. J. Paul, Jr., 

Baker. Mr. Wm. S. G.. 
Baker. Miss Eva Graff. 

Baker, Mrs. Geo. B., 
Baker, Miss Mary Jordan, 

Baker, Mrs. John Goldsmith, 

Rectory of the Church of the Redeemer, Charles-St. and Melrose Avs, 

Eaker, Mrs. Cornelia S., 

Address— 834 Park Av. 
Address— 834 Park Av. 

New York. 
New York. 

rhe Tome School, Port Deposit, Md. 
fhe Tome School, Port Deposit, Md. 

"Tanglewood," Catonsville, Md. 
"Tanglewood," Catonsville, Md. 

2008 Park Av. 

Baker, Dr. Thomas Stockham, 

Baker, ]\ir. and Mrs. Wm. Whiteley, 
Baker, Mr. William Whiteley, Jr., 

Baker, Air. and ]\Irs. J. Henry, 
Baldwin, Mrs. Robert (nee Bascom), 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Summerfield, 
Baldwin, Mr. Summerfield, Jr., 

("Hillside Farm," Warren, Md.) 

Baldwin, Mr. and j\Irs. Willard A. (nee Margaret E.Stirling), 

5 Norwood PI., Guilford, Baltimore 

Baldwin, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Chas. Gambrill (nee Moss), 

8 Hillside Road, Roland Park 

30 W. Biddle St. 

1006 N. Charles St. 
1006 N. Charles St. 

Baldwin, Mrs. William H. 
Baldwin, Miss Sarah R., 

717 Park Av. 
717 Park Av. 

Baldwin, Mrs. Elizabeth jNlanlv, 

(Warw'ick, Ellicott City, Md.) 

Baldwin, Mr. Carroll, Union Club, New York. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. (nee Bartlett), 

204 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. E. Francis, 
Baldwin, Miss Mary E., 
Baldwin, Mr. Frank J., 

(Address Baltimore Club.) 

522 Park Av. 

Mt. Washington, Md. 
Mt. Washington, Md. 
Mt. Washington, Md. 

B 45 

Baldwin, Mr. Thomas Abbott, Mt. Washington, Md. 

(Harrisburg, Pa.) 
Baldwin, ]Mr. Laurence A., Mt. Washington, Md. 

(University of Pennsylvania.) 
Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Douglas (nee Eleanor G.Lawrence), 

Elkins, W. Va. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Rignal Woodward (nee Hopkins), io6 E. Preston St. 
Baldwin, Mrs. Frank G., Garrison P. O., Md. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. F. (nee Elizabeth D. Boykin), Norfolk. Va. 

Baldwin, Prof, and Mrs. James Mark, 

Baldwin, Miss Helen Green, 

Baldwin, Miss Elizabeth F., Bryn Mawr College, Pa 

Ball, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas R., 3102 Walbrook Av., Walbrook. 

Ball, .Miss Alice W., 

Ballagh, Dr. and ]\Irs. J. Curtis (nee Jackson), 

508 S. -uth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ballard, I\Ir. and ^Irs. Harold Henry, The Woodrow, 300 E. 30th St. 

Baltzell ^Ir. and ^Irs. Henry E., "Fairleigh," Wyncote P. O.., Pa. 

Baltzell, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Digbv (nee Lena A. Duhring), 

"Fairleigh," Wyncote P. O., Pa. 
Baltzell; Mr. Henry E., Jr., "Fairleigh," Wyncote P. O.. Pa. 

Baltzell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hewson 3d (nee O'Connor), 

South Manchester, Conn. 

Baltzell Dr. and Mrs. William Hewson (nee Ahce S.Cheney), 

\\'ellesley, ^L'lss. 

Bangs, Mr. and Airs. Henry McComb (nee Nellie Tabb"). 

160 W. 59th St., New York City. 

Banks, Airs. Andrew. 2119 Bolton St. 

Banks, The Misses Emma G. and Elizabeth, 21 19 Bolton Sc 

Banks, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Jr., 1617 St. Paul St. 

Banks, Miss Anne Mason, 1617 St. Paul St. 

Banks, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. (nee Garey Tiernan Walton), 

1301 Maryland Av. 
Banks, Mr. Daniel B., Jr., 1301 Alaryland Av. 

Banks, Mrs. Henrietta Gaither, 1218 N. Calvert St. 

Banscmer, Mrs. Wm. G., Albion Hotel. 

Bansemer, Miss Caroline S., Albion Hotel. 

Banscmer, Air. Wm. Sherman, 

Barclay, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cochran (nee Anita Caldwell 

Goldsborough), "Rockingham Farm," The Plains, Va. 

Barclay, Mrs. De Lancey H., 14 E. Franklin St. 

Barclay, Aliss Louise De Lancey, 14 E. Franklin St. 

46 B 

Barclay, Miss Grace Douglas, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Barker, Mrs. Geo., 130 E. 67th St., New York. 

Barker, Miss Adele, 130 E. 67th St., New York. 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. (nee Higbie), 

257 Mt. Prospect Av., Newark, N. J. 

Barker, Mrs. John A., 8 Norwood PI., Guilford, Baltimore. 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. John A., Jr. (nee Mary Dulany), Atlantic City. 

(The Bungalow, Charmian P. O., Pa.) 

Barker, Dr. and Mrs. Lewellys (nee Halsey), 1035 N.Calvert St. 

Barker, Mr. James F., 1035 N. Calvert St. 

Barker, Miss Grace S. T., 1035 N. Calvert St. 

Barnard, Mrs. William T., 2019 N. Charles St. 

Barnard, Dr. and Mrs. Jas. S., 

Barnes, Miss Elizabeth Mason, The Arundel Apts. 

Barnes, Miss, "Louise Home," Washington, D. C. 

Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. John Sellers (nee Gretchen Banks), Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ferguson (nee ^larrquita Reed-Lewis), 

Barnett, Maj.-Gen. and Mrs. George Sellers (nee Lelia Montague), 

Marine Barracks, Washington, D. C. 

Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., 

Tudor Hall Apartments, University Parkway. 

Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Eccleston (nee Martha Phelps), 

Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. James (nee Anna Lee Hemsley), 2104 N.Calvert St. 

Barnwell, Miss Charlotte, 227 W. Biddle St. 

Barret, Air. and Mrs. Cecil (nee Gladys Hermione Gittings), 

823 Park Av., New York. 

Barrett, Mr. Henry C, The Severn. 

Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Coe (nee Josephine Merrifield Cox), 

80 Monroe PI., Bloomfield, N. J. 

Barroll, Miss May, 11 14 Madison Av. 

Barron, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. (nee Mary C.Butler). 

"The Manse," Elkins, W. Va. 

Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKean (nee Matthews), 3003 Abell Av. 

Barry, Mr. and Mrs. James Herbert (nee Mary Rosalie Corner), 

6100 Berlin Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

Barry, Miss Anna M., Rider P. O., Sherwood, Md. 

Bartlett, Mrs. David L., 16 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 


Bartlett, J\lr. and Mrs. Edward L.. 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. B.. 

Bartlett, Miss Alice Ri.args, 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. George B. (nee Riggs), 

Bartlett, Miss Vashti R., 

329 Roland Av. 

Gaithersburg, Md. 
Gaithersburg, Md. 
Gaithersburg, Md. 
Gaithersburg, Md. 

Bartlett, Lieut, and Mrs. Harry G. (nee Denmead), 

U. S. M. C. Naval Station, Guam, Marianna Island. 

Bartlett, Mrs. J. Kemp, 
Bartlett, Miss Helen Conkling, 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. J. Kemp, 
Bartlett, Miss Mary Garrett, 
Bartlett, Miss Virginia, 
Bartlett. Mr. Robt. Dixon, 
Bartlett, Mr. J. Kemp, Jr., 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Wilham K., 
Bartlett, Miss Elisabeth Hallowell, 

Bartlett, Mr. Edward L., 

Bartol, ]\Ir. James, 

604 Reservoir St. 
604 Reservoir St. 

2100 Mt. Royal Terrace. 
2100 Mt. Royal Terrace. 
2100 Mt. Royal Terrace. 
2100 Mt. Royal Terrace. 
2100 Mt. Royal Terrace. 

1922 Mt. Royal A v. 
T922 Mt. Royal Av. 

100 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

1025 Cathedral St. 

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph, 
Barton, Miss Katherine K., 
Barton. Mr. David W., 

"Vaucluse," Roslyn P. O., Md. 
"Vaucluse," Roslyn P. O., Md. 
"Vaucluse." Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Barton. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Carlyle (nee Isabel Reiman Thom, 1316 Bolton St. 

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Boiling W., Jr. (nee Elsie Seeger). 

"Annandale," Roslvn P. O., Md. 

Barton, Dr. Boiling W., 
Barton, Mr. Alex. K.. 
Barton, Mr. Robt. Kirkland, 

Middleburg, Va. 

P. E. Sem.. Cambridge, Mass. 

care Wilson & Force, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph, Jr. (nee Eleanor Addison Morison), 

"Airslie." Roslyn P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Barton. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Marshall (nee Margaretta Ferriday), 

1310 W. 13th St., Wilmington. Del. 

Basinger. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G. (nee Evelyn Byrd Buckner), 

Bassett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley. 

("Cranford," Newcomb, Md.) 

Basshor, Miss, 
Basshor, Miss Florence, 

Batchelor. Mrs. Kemp Battle, 
Batchelor. Miss Mary Carye, 
Batchelor, Mr. Kemp Battle, Jr., 

Bates, Mrs. James Odbert, 

2947 St. Paul St. 

1329 Linden Av. 
1329 Linden Av. 

1021 Cathedral St. 
1021 Cathedral St. 
1021 Cathedral St. 

3020 St. Paul St. 

Batcson, Mr. and ]\lrs. Nicholas ^Nlaine, Of 2524 ^vlaryland Av. 

Bateson, Miss Olga, Of 2524 Maryland Av. 

(Virginia Beach for the Winter.) 

Battaile, Miss Katherine W., Bowling Green, Va. 

Battaile, Miss Nellie J., Bowling Green, Va. 

Battelle, ]Mr. and ]\lrs. Thomas Parkman (nee Mary Gittings Gillett), 

New York. 

Baugh, ?\lr. and ]\Irs. Edwin P. (nee Grace H. Munnikhuysen), 

Bellevue-Stratford, Philadelphia, Pa. 
("Uchllyn-on-Severn," Revell, I\Id.) 

Baugh, Mrs. Chas., 2806 Evergreen Terrace. 

Bangh, Miss Olga, 2806 Evergreen Terrace. 

Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. (nee Annesley Bond). 

143 W. Lanvale St. 

Baiigher, IMiss Florence V., Maple Terrace, Govans, Md. 

Baugher, ]\Iiss J. Bertha, Maple Terrace, Govans, Md. 

Baugher, Mr. F. Reginald, i\Iaple Terrace, Govans, Md. 

Baugher, 'Sir. and Mrs. E. Chauncey, 16 Rangely, Winchester. Mass. 

Baugher, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Wilson (nee Hollyday), 

The Governor, Charles and Read Sts. 

Baugher, ]\Ir. and ^trs. J. Winchester, 

3 Everglade Apts., Ghent, Norfolk, Va. 

Baugluuan. Mrs. L. Victor (nee Abell), Poplar Terrace, Frederick, Md. 

Baughman, Mr. E. Austen, ^oplar Terrace, Frederick, Md. 

Bayard, Miss Ellen Howard, 907 Cathedral St. 

Bayard, Mr. Richard H., 907 Cathedral St. 

Bayless, JNIr. and Mrs. William S. (nee Lelia S. Blakistone, 

Juneau, Alaska. 

Bayless, Mr. and }^Irs. John Z. (nee Natalie Nimnio Hynson), 

Thane, Alaska. 

Baylies, Mrs. John H., 1701 N. Calvert St. 

Baylies, Miss, 1701 N. Calvert St. 

Baylies, Miss Jennie Howard, 1701 N. Calvert St. 

Bayly, Mr. and ]\Irs. N. Rogers, 21 19 Aldrich Av. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Beale, Mr. and 'Sirs. Geo. Blow (nee Lijrman), 

334 Delaware Av., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Bcall. Mrs. E. S., 221 W^ Lanvalo St. 

Beacham, ]\lr. and .Mrs. F. Broughton (nee Rena Sawyer), 

The Boulevard Apts., St. Paul and 32(1 Sts. 

Beacham, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., 505 Cathedral St. 

Beacham, Mrs. Francis S., 505 Cathedral St. 

Beacham, Miss Priscilla, 505 Cathedral St. 


Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M., 
Beard, Mr, Elmer Read, 

("Old Orchard" on Severn.) 

Beasley, ^Irs. Wm. A. S., 

The Latrobe Apts. 
The Latrobe Apts. 

Beatty, Miss Laura ]\L, 
Beatty, ]\Iiss Mary, 

Beirne, ^Ir. Richard Foulke, 

823 Hamilton Terrace.. 

Glenarm, Balto. Co., Md. 
Glenarm, Balto. Co., Md.. 

Bell, Mr. and ]\Irs. Harman Brown (nee Bella Smith), 

Ruxton, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Bell, ]\tr. and Mrs. G. AIli?on W. (nee Stevens). 

1 7 16 Fourteenth Av. S.. Birmingham. Ala. 

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Marshall (nee Lord), 

Q29 Ridge Av.. Allegheny, Pa. 

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lawrence (nee Lisa Howard Ridgely), 

Bavside, L. L 

Bell, ^Ir. and ^Irs. Wm. P. Blackstone, 

Belt, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 
Belt, Mr. Harry Dulany, 

Belt, Dr. Alfred ^IcGill, 
Belt, Mrs. Alfred McGill, 
Belt, :\Iiss Ariana ^NL, 

Accomac Court House, Va. 

107 W. Lanvale St. 
107 W. Lanvale St 

744 Roland Av., L'niversity Parkway. 
7_l_j. Roland Av., University Parkway.. 
744 Roland Av.. L'niversity Parkway 

"Thurland," Owings Mills, Baltimore Co. 
"Thurland," Owings Mills. Baltimore Co. 
"Thurland," Owings Mills. Baltimore Co. 
Belt, ]Mr. and Mrs. Randle ]Moale (nee Grace Parker Wales), 

"Thurland,'' Owings ]\Iills. Baltimore Co. 

Belt, Mrs. S. Sprigg, 

Belt, Miss Elizabeth Ellin, 

Belt, Miss Susan North, 

Belt, :\lr. and ^Irs. Thomas G. P., 

Bender, Mrs. G. William, 

Bennett, Miss Ellen Lowndes, 
Bennett, Miss Harriet Gibson, 
Bennett. Mr. Chas. Lowndes, 
Bennett, Mr. Pennington Tilton, 
Bennett, Mr. Beverly Bladen, 
Bennett, Mr. Francis Lloyd, 

Bennett, Mr. and ]\Irs. Wesley Bond, 
Bennett, Miss E. A., 

Benson, Mrs. Charles J., 

Benson, ]\Irs. ]\Iinnie Smith, 

Dixon Park, Mt. Washington, Md. 

T305 Bolton St. 

"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, ]\Id. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 
"The Heights," Sykesville, Md. 

Ellicott City, Md. 
Ellicott City, Md. 

108 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

611 St. Paul St. 

Bent. Mr. and Mr>. Quincy (nee Deborah M. Brock^. Sparrows Point, I\Id. 


Bentle}', ]\lr. .-nid ]\Jrs. Robert Longdon, 

"Rokeby," Roslyn P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Bentley, Miss Katharine D., "Rokeby," Roslyn P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Bentley, Miss M. Dorothy, "Rokeby," Roslyn P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

2725 St. Paul St. 

1 1 16 N. Charles St. 
1 1 16 N. Charles St. 

Benton, Dr. Luther B., 

Bergland, Maj. and Mrs. Eric (nee McFarland), 
Bergland, Miss Mary Brita, 

Bergland. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Scott (nee Eloise Beale Bond). 

Wilmington, Del. 

Bergland, Dr. and Mrs. John McFarland (nee Alice Lloyd Pitts). 

4 W. Biddle St. 

Bergland, Mr. Eric Leonard, 
Berkley. Dr. and Mrs. Henry J., 
Berkle}', Miss Margaret H. S., 

Berry, Miss Christina D., 
Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L., 
Berry, Miss Grace C. N., 
Berry, Miss Ehzabeth H., 
Berry, Mrs. Benjamin, 

Berry, Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexis, 
Berry, Miss Margaret Atkinson, 

Berry, Mr. John B. N., 

Bevan, Dr. and Mrs. Chas. F., 
Bevan, Miss ^largaret Holmes, 

Bevan, Mrs. Charles F., 
Bevan, Miss, 

Bevan. Mr. H. Cromwell, 
Bevan, Mr. Lyttleton Morgan, 

Bevan, \h. Wm. F.. Jr.. 
Bevan, Miss Eleanor L., 

Bevan, Mr. Thomas H., 

Bevan. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A., 

Wilmington, Del 
1305 Park Av 
1305 Park Av. 

322 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
322 Hawthorn Road. Roland Park 
322 Hawthorn Road. Roland Park. 

50 Glenwood Av.. East Orange, N. J. 

1513 Bolton St. 

1303 John St. 
1303 John St. 

Sudbrook. 'Sid. 

807 Cathedral St. 
807 Cathedral St. 

1301 Linden Av. 
1301 Linden Av. 
1301 Linden Av. 
1301 Linden Av. 

Baltimore Athletic Club. 

1301 Linden Av. 

Arlington, Md. 
Arlington. Md. 

Bevan, Lieut. Wm. Francis (U. S. Marine Corps, Annapolis, Md.). 

1022 St. Paul St. 

Bevan, Miss Annie M., 
Beverly, Miss Rebecca Dulany, 
Bew, Mrs. J. J., 
Bew, Miss L. G., 

The New Willard, Washington 

107 W. Lanvale St. 

14 E. Chase St. 

1771 N St., Washington, D. C. 

Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs. O. Bird, Jr. (nee Leslie Tilden), 

311 Oakdale Road, Roland Park 

B 51 

Birch, :\Irs. :\lai-y F., 1806 St. Paul St. 

Birckhead, ]\Ir. and Mrs. P. ]\Iacaulay, 509 Park Av. 

Birckhead, ]\irs. Lennox, The AnnesHe (Rodgers Forge. ATd. ) 

Birckhead, jMr. and Mrs. Lennox (nee Mary Buchanan Albert), 

The Anneslie (Rodgers Forgo. Md. ) 

Birckhead, Rev. and Mrs. Hugh, D.D. (nee Caroline Minturn Hall). 

18 W. Read St. 

Bird, Rev. and ]\Irs. Andrew Reid (nee Lizette F.Moore). 

The Sheridan, Washington. D. C. 

Bird, Mr. Fielding Lewis, 

Bird, Mr. Brooke G., The Homewood Apts. 

Bird, Miss M. L., 21 19 Maryland Av. 

Birkmaier, Mr. and Mrs. George L., The Albion. 

Birkmaier, Miss Ethel Randolph, The Albion. 

Bissell. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jacques (nee Clara jNLLittig), Preston Apts. 

Bispham, ]\Iaj. and Mrs. William N. (nee Gray), Fort Sheridan, Illinois. 

Bispham, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. (nee OJivia Gill), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Betta, Chevalier and Madame Enrico G. della (nee Mary Stanley), 

19 Passeggiata di Ripetta, Rome, Italy. 

Black, ]\Ir. and Mrs. H. Crawford, 113 W. Monument St. 

Black. Mr. and ]\Irs. Harrj' C. (nee Constance Helen Hoffmeister), 

Poplar Hill, Roland Park. 
Black, Mr. and Mrs. James Alex., 1417 Linden Av. 

Black, Miss Maud Easter, 1417 Linden Av. 

Black, Mr. Alexander Wallis, 1417 Linden Av. 

Black, Mr. and Mrs. Van Lear (nee Gary), 1205 Eutaw PI. 

Black, Mr. John Merryman, "Willow Brook," Cockeysville, Md. 

Blackford, Mrs. Wm. H., 1310 Eutaw PI. 

Blackford, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. (nee Whitridge), 1203 Cathedral St. 

Blackford, ]Mr. Eugene, Sudbrook, Md. 

Blackwell, ]\Ir. and I\Irs. Josiah Low. Ol 923 N.Charles St. 

(New York for the Winter.) 

Blackwell, ]\Ir. and J\Irs. Henry Clayton (nee Katharine L. Middendorf), 

210 W. State St., Trenton, N. J. 
Blaker, Mr. and Z^Irs. Richard N. R. (nee Mary K. Godby), 

":\Iaryland." Court Road. Eltham, Kent, Eng. 

Blakiston, ^Irs. George (nee Price), Brooklandville, Md. 

Blakiston, ^Ir. George, Jr., Brooklandville, Md. 

Blakiston, :\lr. T. Buchanan. Brooklandville, Md. 

(Of "Thornton I'arm," Ridcrwood, ~Sh\.) 

Blakistone, Mrs. Walter, 21 13 N.Calvert St. 

Blakistone, Miss Nannie Thomas, 2113 N.Calvert St. 

Blanchard, :\Ir. and Mrs. Peter P. (nee Margaret Lindsay), 

500 Wilmslow Av., Roland Park. 

Blanchard. ?^Jiss Sidney Hall, 14 E. 24th St. 

Bland. Mr. and :^Irs. John Randolph, The Stafford Hotel. 

("•Bellevue," Catonsville, Md.) 

Bland. Mr. and :\Irs. Richard Howard (nee Mary Paul), 

Paradise Lane, Catonsville. 

Blandf'-rd. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas IMcLean (nee Emily Yellott). 

Silver Spring, Montgomery Co., Md. 

Blankenship, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Blick, Mr. and Airs. Carroll Bates, The Emerson. 

Blick, Miss Emily Bates, The Emerson. 

Blick. IMiss Mariana M., The Emerson. 

Blick, Miss Adelaide C, The Emerson. 
C'Rosemere,'' Ruxton P. O., Aid.) 

Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. A. (nee West), 1017 St. Paul St. 

Blodgctt. Rev. and Mrs. Chauncey H. (nee Tempe A.Hamilton), 

6 Ruthven St., Boston, Mass. 

Bloodgood, Miss Mary C, 2202 Maryland Av. 

Bloodgood, Miss Sallie, 2202 Maryland Av. 

Bloodgood. 'Dr. and Airs. Joseph C. (nee Edith Holt). 

18 Alidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Bloomfield, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice, 861 Park Av. 

Bloomfield, Dr. Arthur Leonard, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Blossom, Air. and Airs. Frederick Augustus (nee Alice Alorrison), 

112 W. North Av. 

Blumner, Airs. Henry Geo. (nee Sidney Wetherall), 1202 Aladison Av. 

Blunt, Aliss Alice Key, 

Boarman, Mr. and Mrs. R. R., Towson, Md. 

Boatncr, Airs. John Stirling, 222 Oakdalc Road. Roland Park. 

Boehm. Air. and Mrs. Arthur, 

"Tower Bank," Severn River, Robinson P. O., Aid. 

Boehm, Air. and Airs. G. Herbert (nee Kimball), Roland Park P.O. 

Boehm, Aliss Alargaret Donaldson, Roland Park P. O. 

Boehm. Air. Charles H., Roland Park P.O. 

Boggs. Mrs. William, 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs, Aliss Agnes. 815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Boggs. Aliss Minnie J., * 815 Hamilton Terrace. 


Boggs, Mr. Wm. A.. 
Boggs, ]\Ir. Walter J., 
Boggs, Miss Grace E., 
Boggs, ]\liss Elisabeth V., 

Boggs, Miss, 

Boggs, Mrs. F. Henry, 
Boggs, IMiss Edith R, 
Boggs, Mr. Fenton, 

Boggs, Mrs. Thomas Graves, 
Boggs, Miss Evaline Clapp, 

Bogue, The Misses, 

Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Alice F. Wylie), 
Bogue, Miss Alice M., 
Bogue, Miss Ellen T., 

Boise, Mrs. Otis Bardwell. 
Boise, Miss Kathryn Du Chatel, 
Boise, Miss Margaret Gait, 

Boiling, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Melville, 

Boiling, Mrs. Robert, 

Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., 

Bolton, Mr. F. Nelson, 

815 Hamilton Terrace. 
815 Hamilton Terrace. 
815 Hamilton Terrace. 
815 Hamilton Terrace. 

Catonsville, Md. 

1408 Bolton St. 
1408 Bolton St. 
1408 Bolton St. 

The Preston. 
The Preston. 

703 Cathedral St. 

843 Park Av. 
843 Park Av. 
843 Park Av. 

810 Park Av. 
810 Park Av. 
810 Park Av 

Bombaugh, Mrs. Chas. Carroll, 
Bombaugh. Miss, 
I^ombaugh, Miss Mira Lloyd, 

Bonaparte, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. (nee Day). 

Bond, ]\Ir. Geo. I\Iorris, 

Annapolis, Md. 

Ruxton, Md. 

Princeton Univ., N. T. 

836 Park Av. 
836 Park Av. 
836 Park Av. 

601 Park Av. 
-Bella Vista," Glenarm R. D., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Ridervvood, Md. 

Bond, Miss, 
Bond, Miss Christiana, 
Bond. Miss Isabel Morris, 
Bond, Miss Elizabeth Morris. 

1402 Bolton St 

1402 Bolton St. 

1402 Bolton St. 

1402 Bolton St. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E., 726 Reservoir St. 

Bond, Dr. and Mrs. Allen Kerr (nee Louise Gambrall), 3104 Walbrook Av. 

Bond, Mrs. Nicholas P. (nee Murdoch), (Of 8 W. Read St.) California. 
Bond, Miss Elsie Murdoch, (Of 8 W. Read St.) California. 

Bond, Miss Marian Campbell, (Of 8 W. Read St.) California. 

Bond, Mr. Hugh Lennox, 3d, 6 W. Read St. 

Bond, Mrs. Summerfield B. (nee Valentine), 
Bond, Miss Julia Valentine, 

221 W. Madison St. 
221 W. Madison St. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lennox, Jr., "Mount Royal," 2001 Park Av. 

Bond, Miss Anna Penniman, "Mount Royal," 2001 Park Av. 

Bond, Miss Catharine W., "Mount Royal." 2001 Park Av. 

Bond, Miss Jessie Van Rensselaer, "Mount Royal," 2001 Park Av. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grason, 1805 St. Paul St. 

Bond, Miss Laurel Grason, 1805 St. Paul St. 

(Draydcn P. O., St. Mary's Co., Md.) 

Bond, ^Ir. Henry :\Iarvin, Pikesville, Md. 

Bond, Miss N. Virginia, Pikesville, Md. 

Bond, Rev. and Mrs. Beverly W., D.D., 4400 Pimlico Road. 

Bond, Miss Helen Elizabeth, 144 W. Lanvale St. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely B. (nee Miriam Poe), Jessups, Md. 

Bond, Mr. William L., Ilion, New York. 

Bond, Mr. Francis M., Ilion, New York. 

Bond, Dr. Beverly W., Jr., Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank (nee Mary G. Levering), 

Bond, Mr. Duke, 5 W. Chase St. 

Bond, ]\Ir. and Mrs. James, 1125 N. Calvert St. 

Bond, ^Ir. Carroll T., 1125 N. Calvert St. 

Bond, ]^lr. and Mrs. James Stuart (nee Sarah C. Caler), 1704 Guilford Av. 

Bond, Dr. and Mrs. James A., Elkridge P. O., Howard Co., Z\ld. 

Eonsack, Mr. and Mrs. F.dwin (nee Eleanor Goldsborough Manning), 

Phila., Pa. 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh (nee Pleasants), 18 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bonsai, Miss Margaretta Pleasants, 18 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Bonsai, Mr. Leigh, Jr., 18 E. Mt. Vernon PL 

("E]tham,"Ruxton, Md.) 

Bonsai, ^Ir. and Mrs. John Purviance (nee Margaret C. Tuck), 

Hotel Belvedere. 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. W. Roscoe (nee Potter), "Deepdene," Lenox, Mass. 

Bonsai, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adair (nee Ellinor Donnell Stewart), 

"Willoughby," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Booker, Dr. and Mrs. W. D. (nee Manning), 208 W. Monument St. 

Booker, Mr. John Manning, 208 W. Monument St. 

Boor^. Miss Mary Kennedy, 10 E. Chase St. 

Boone, Mr. Charles H., New York. 

Boone, Miss Elizabeth M., 937 St. Paul St. 

Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy, "Oak Hill," Lake Roland P. O., Md. 

B 55 

Boone, Mrs. Daniel A. (nee Carroll), Riixton, ^Id. 

Boone, ^Ir. Edward D., Ruxton, Md. 

Boone, Mr. and Mrs. R. Sanchez (nee Ada O'Donnell), 210 E.Chase St. 

Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. (nee Isabel B.Harris), 

Devon, Chester Co., Pa. 

Booze, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F., 3017 St. Paul St. 

Bordley, Dr. and Mrs. James, Jr., 11 16 N.Calvert St. 

Borum, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Seth (nee Hodges), 

Bosler, Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. (nee Carolyn Dickey Dulany), 

1033 St. Paul St. 

Boslev, Mr. and ^Irs. Arthur Lee, T406 Mt. Royal Av. 

Bosley, :^Iiss Beatrice Randolph, 1406 Mt. Royal Av. 

Boslev, :\Iiss Marguerite Mason, 1406 :\It. Royal Av. 

(Arundel-on-the-Bay, Md.) 

Boslev, ^Ir. John Wise, 12 E. Read St. 

Bosley, Mr. W. Pearce, 12 E. Read St. 

Boslev, Ur. Charles B., 12 E. Read St. 

Bosley, Mr. J. ^larcus, 12 E. Read St. 

Bosley, Mr. and Mrs. John Cole, 1813 N. Calvert St. 

Bosley, Mrs. James, 2035 Park PI. (Rockdale, Balto. Co., Md.) 

Boslev, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Brooks (nee Alice C. Helm), 

Asheville, N. C. 

Boswell, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Steptoe (nee Carrie Lee Whitehead), 

909 Cathedral St. 

Boulden, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton, The Homewood Apts. 

Bouldin, Miss Mary Virginia, 1712 N. Charles St. 

Bouldin, Miss Grace Evelyn. 1712 N.Charles St. 

Bourne, Mr. and ^Irs. Thomas H., 813 Hamilton Terrace. 

Bouton, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Edward H., 

Club and Goodv.ood Roads, Roland Park. 

Bouton, ]\Ir. and i\Irs. Charles Leonard (nee Mary G.Spencer), 

9 Avon St.. Cambridge, ]\Iass. 

Bowdoin, ^rr. and Mrs. Henry J. (nee :\Iurray), 613 St. Paul St. 

Bowdoin, Miss Frances Kev Murrav, 613 St. Paul St. 

("Rockburn,"Elk Ridge P. 0.,Md.) 

Bowdoin, Mrs. Wm. Graham (nee Price), 1106 N. Charles St. 

Bowdoin, Mr. and ?ilrs. William Graham, Jr. (nee Elinor McLane), 

219 North way, Guilford. 

Bowdoin, Miss x\lice G., 865 Park Av. 

Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Almon Farrel (nee Nina Beall Armistead), 

College Park P. O., Lynchburg, Va. 


Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nicholas (nee Lula H. Bevan), 

3021 N. Calvert St. 

Bowen, ]\Ir. and r^Irs. Harry Beach (nee Angela King), Catonsville, ]Md. 

Bowie, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. William D., 

Bowie, Mrs. Howard S., 
Bowie, Miss Virginia Berkley, 
Bowie, ]\Ir. E. Berkley, 
Bowie, ]\lr. Allen S., 
Bowie, Miss Eleanor Howard, 

Bowie, Mr. Carter Lee, 
Bowie, yivs. Florence E., 
Bowie, Miss I\Iinnie W., 
Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H., 

Bowling, Mrs. Fannie Patterson, 
Bowling, Miss j\Iary A., 
Bowling, Miss Florence L., 
Bowling, Miss Isabel H., 
Bowling, Mr. John Patterson, 

Bowling, Mr. and Mrs. Augustine M.. 

Washington Apartments, ]\It. Vernon PI. 

122 W. Franklin St. 

1021 N. Charles St. 

811 Hamilton Ter. 

811 Hamilton Ter. 

811 Hamilton Ter. 

811 Hamilton Ter. 

811 Flamilton Ter. 

The Albany, Centre St. 

209 E. Lafayette A v. 

1301 Bolton St. 

"Westburn," Eccleston, ]\Id. 

1806 St. Paul St. 
1806 St. Paul St. 
1806 St. Paul St. 
1806 St. Paul St. 
1806 St. Paul St. 

122 W. Franklin St. 

20 W. 25th St. 

217 E. Preston St. 

II E. Chase St. 

217 E. Preston St. 

Bowling, Miss, 
Bowling, Mr. Thomas, 

Bowling, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F., 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. G., 

Boyce, Air. and ]^Irs. Fredk. G., Jr. (nee ^Meredith), 

Boyce, Mr. C. Prevost, 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham (nee Elsie Simmons Gillet), 

215 E. Biddle St. 
("Bacon Hall Farm," Glencoe, Md.) 

Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. Heyward E. (nee Amabel Lee George), 

223 E. Biddle St. 

Boyd, Mr. A. Hunter, Jr., The Winona. 

Boyden, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. (nee Hayward), California. 

Boy den, Mrs. E. C, California. 

Boykin, I*klr. and iNIrs. Henry V. (nee Margaret B. Alfriend), 

Boykin, Mr. and ]\Irs. Thos. Wentworth (nee Maria Pinckney Norris), 

"Oaken Brow," Owings Mills, Md. 

Boykin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. (nee Irwin), ("Elsing Green") Ruxton, Md. 
Boykin, ]\Iiss Mary Irwin, ("Elsing Green") Ruxton, Md. 

Boykin, Mr. Wm. A., Jr. 
Bovkin, Mr. Robert Hii: 

1422 N. Charles St. 
The Latrobe Apts. 

Boykin, ^Ir. and ^Irs. Hamilton G. (nee ]\Jary Hickok), 

216 Shaffer St., Richmond. Va. 

Boylan, Dr. and ]\Irs. George Halstead (nee JNIary L. Key), 

36 W. Biddle St. 

Boyle, ]Mrs. James W., St. Paul Apis. 

Boynton, Mr. and ]Mrs. Jesse L. (nee Louise W.Wilkin), 

7 Northfield PL, near University Parkway. 

Brackett, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Jeffrey R., 41 jMarlborough St., Boston, iMass. 

Bradford, Mr. A. W., 116 E.Franklin St. 

Bradford, Mr. Smith N., Belair, Md. 

Bradford, !^Iiss Elizabeth Kell, Belair, ^Id. 

Bradford, ^^Ir. Samuel, Belair, ^Id. 

Bradley, Lieut, and Mrs. Willis W., Jr. (U.S.N.) (nee Sue Worth- 

ington Cox), Care of Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Brady, Mr. and j\lrs. James H., 
Brady, JNlr. James H., Jr., 
Brady, IMr. George M., 
Brady, Miss Katherine, 
Brady, Mr. John Faunce, 
Brady, Mr. Leo, 

Brady, Mr. Arunali S. A., 

Brady, Mr. and Mrs. S. Proctor (nee Emory), 

Brandt, Miss Minnie, 
Brandt, Miss Letitia, 

(Buena Vista Spring, Pa.) 

Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, 
Brandt, Aliss Ethel Heath, 
Brandt, Mr. Jackson, Jr., 

Branham, Dr. and Mrs. J. H.. 
Branhami, Miss Grace B., 

804 St. Paul St. 
804 St. Paul St. 
804 St. Paul St. 
804 St. Paul St. 
804 St. Paul St. 
804 St. Paul St. 

702 Cathedral St. 

1 122 N. Calvert St. 

II E. Read St. 
II E. Read St. 

The Albion Hotel. 
The Albion Hotel. 
The Albion Hotel. 

2200 Eutaw PI. 
2200 Eutaw PI. 

Branham, Midshipman Hugh ?iIcCulloh (U. S. N.), 

U. S. S. "North Carolina. 

Brantly, Mrs. Mattie W., 

Brauner, Mrs. Henry O., 

Brenan, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. 
Brenan, Miss ]\lary Therese, 

Breese, Mr. and ]\Irs. James L., 
Breese, Miss Catharine W., 

Roland Park. 

4 Club Road, Roland Park. 

905 St. Paul St. 
905 St. Paul St. 

Havre de Grace, Md. 
Havre de Grace, Md. 

Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. (nee Adelaide Lanahan), New York. 

5S B 

Brent, :\Iiss Ida S., 1125 Bolton St. 

Brent, ^Ir. and Mrs. Robert F. (nee Alice Harris), St. Paul Apts. 

Brent, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan K. Cnee Brown), Ruxton, Md. 

Brent, Mrs. Joseph Lancaster, New Orleans, La. 

Brent, ]\lr. and Mrs. Harrison, 200 E. 31st St. 

Brent, ])r. and Mrs. Hugh A\'arren (nee Helen A'ogeler), 

2124 ^Maryland Av. 

Brent, ]^Ir. and ^Irs. Raleigh C. (nee Eleanor A. Turnbull), 

:\It. Royal Apts. 

Bresee, j\lrs. A. A., 1121 N. Calvert St. 

Bresee, ]\Irs. Minnie D., The Walbert. 

Brewster. AI.D., Flora A., 

Brewster, Airs. Alice D., 

Brewster, Miss Nancic. 1617 Madison Av. 

Brewster, Cora Belle, M.D., 1617 Aladison Av. 

Brewster, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Harris,' Jr.. 

"Scrooby Manor,'' Rogers Station, Green Spring Valley, Md. 
Brewster, Aliss Nancy W. B., 

"Scrooby Manor," Rogers Station, Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Brewster. Air. Daniel B., Princeton, N. J. 

Brevitt, Airs. Alackenzie, 206 W. Franklin St. 

Bright, Aliss, 814 Cathedral St. 

Bright, Air. James Wilson, 718 N.Howard St. 

Brinton, Dr. and Airs. Wilnier, 1232 N. Calvert St. 

Brinton, Air. Wilmer, Jr., 1232 N. Calvert St. 

Brinton, Mr. Jefferies, 1232 N. Calvert St. 

Briscoe, Airs. David Stone. 1424 Park Av. 

Briscoe, Air. J. Straith, The Stafford. 

Briscoe, Aliss Rosa S., The Stafford. 

Brogden, Airs. James AlcCulloh. to E.Lafayette Av. 

Brogden, The Alisses, 10 E.Lafayette Av. 

Brogden, Air. James Charles, to E. Lafayette Av. 

("Inglewood," Gittings P. O., Aid.) 

Brogden, Air. and Airs. John Gittings (nee Katharine AlacSherry), 

T Alerryman Court, nr. University Parkv^ay. 

Brogden, Air. and Airs. H. C. (nee Helen Iglehart), 2003 Alaryland Av. 

Brogden, Air. and Airs. William (nee Louise Gittings), 

The Avon Apts.. 6 E. Read St. 

Brogden, Airs. Arthur (nee Findlay), Walbert Apts. 

(Green Spring Valley.) 

B 59 

Brome, Miss Janette, 1007 Cathedral St. 

Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greville (nee Eleanor Hodges), 

1726 Bolton St. 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord, ii W. Chase St. 

Brooks, Miss Isabel, 11 W. Chase St. 

Brooks, Mr. Gaylord, Jr., 11 W.Chase St. 

Brooks, Miss Marilla P., 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Miss Katharine G., 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Miss Eleanor M., 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Mr. H. Phelps, 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Mr. Chauncey, 2501 Madison Av. 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. (nee Fanny Bonsai), 

of 28 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 
Brooks, Miss Frances Leigh, of 28 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

("Brookfield," Stevenson, Md.) 
Brooks, Mr. Stephen Bonsai, 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B., Jr. (nee Louise Cromwell), 

Fort Garrison Farm, Stevenson, ]\Id. 

Brooks, Prof, and Mrs. Charles Edward (nee Troy Jackson), 

1421 Hawthorne Ter., Berkele}', Cal. 

Brooks, ]\Irs. George Roberts, 

2233 Fourteenth Av., S. Highlands, Birmingham, Ala. 

Brooks, ]\Ir. and Mrs. G. Frederick, S. Ladywork Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Brosius, ]Mr. and Mrs. John W., 

Apt. I, The Guilford, North and Guilford Av. 

Brosius, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., Barnesville, Md. 

Brosius, ]\Iiss E. E., Barnesville. Md. 

Brosius, Miss Mary L., Barnesville, Md. 

Brosius, jMessrs., Barnesville, Md. 

Brosius, I\lr. C. T., Jr., Silver Springs, Md. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Alex, (nee Montague). 712 Cathedral St. 


Brown, Miss Mary Leigh, "Stoneleigh," Rodgers Forge, Md. 

Brown, General Stewart, 24 W. Biddle St. 

Brown, Mr. and ]Mrs. George Stewart (nee Susan Morton), 

764 Bloomfield Av., ]\Iontclair, N. J. 
641 Washington St., New York City. 

Brown, Mrs. George, Brooklandville P. O., Md. 

Brown Mr. and Mrs. George, Jr. (nee Elizabeth Leiper Martin). 

'The Mill Farm." Brooklandville P. O., Md. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin M. (nee Katharine Murrav Spencer). 

' Garrison P. O., Md 

60 B 

Brown, !Mr. and ]\Irs. Geo. i\Iiltenberger (nee Chatard), 

4 ]\Ierryman Court, University Parkway. 

Brov;n, Ex-Gov. Frank, The Governor Apartment?. 

Brcwn, Mrs. George William. 14 E.Chase St. 

Brown, Miss, (Of 14 E.Chase St.) Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Arthur George (nee Alricks), 867 Park Av. 

Brown, Mr. Horatio Francis, University Club, Denver, Col. 

Brown, Mrs. Thomas R., 1033 Cathedral St. 

Brown, Miss Mary Carrington, 1033 Cathedral St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. James Carrington, 1033 Cathedral St. 

("Chestnut Ridge," Upper Falls P. O., Balto. Co.,\\ld.) 

Ph-Qwn. Miss Etta Carrington, 1528 P)oUon St. 

Brown, Dr. and ;\Irs. Thomas R. (nee Jean ]\IcC. Albert), 19 W. Biddle St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Brown, ;Mrs. J. Willcox, 340 Elmwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Brown, Miss Fannie Willcox, 136 E. 19th St., New York. 

Brown, Miss Eleanor Plunkett, 136 E. 19th St., New York. 

Brown, i\Ir. F. Donaldson, 611 W. loth St., Wilmington, Del. 

Brown, Mr. and ]\Irs. John Thompson, 2100 Grant Av., Wilmington, Del. 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. William Paul, 214 E. Chase St. 

Brown, Miss Edna, 214 E. Chase St. 

Brown, Miss Esther Allison, "The Lawn," Elkridge P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 
Brown, Miss Rebecca P., "The Lawn," Elkridge P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

Brown, ]\Ir. George Dobbin, University Library, Princton, N. J. 

Brown, Mr. and ?^lrs. Arthur Leon (nee Helen Thomsen), 

Chestertown, Md. 
Brown. Mr. and Mrs. William H., 126 W. Lanvale St. 

Brown, Mr. Thos. B. Hynson, Address 126 W. Lanvale St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. (nee Sarah L Strong), 2104 N.Charles St. 

Brown, Miss Elizabeth Adele, 2104 N. Charles St. 

Brown, Mr. Charles Francis, 2104 N. Charles St. 

Brown, Mr. Horace, 2104 N. Charles St. 

Brown, Mr. John Wilson, The Cecil. 

Brown, Miss Rosa, The Cecil. 

Brown, Mr, and Mrs. John Wilson, Jr., 1127 N.Calvert St. 

Brown, Mr. John Wilson 3d, 1127 N.Calvert St. 

Brown, Miss Florence Lotland, 1127 N.Calvert St. 

Brown, Mr. and j\'Irs. Shellman B. (nee Handy), 

8052 P"rankfort Av., Holmesburg, Pa. 

Brown, Mr. and ]\lrs. John B., Jr., 6 E. 20th St. 

Brown, ]\Iiss M. C, 1426 Park Av. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. (nee L, Charlessa Lathrop), 

15 W.55th St., New York. 
(Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N. Y.) 

Brown, ]\IJss Dorothy ]\ladison. Of Centerville, Md. 

("Wilton," nr. Ellicott City, 'Md., for the Winter.) 

Brown, ]\Irs. J. Badger, 190S Park Av. 

Brown, J\lr. and jNlrs. J. Bnrkloe (nee Heflebower), 1212 John St. 

Brown, ]\Ir. Emmett Carroll, Seattle, Wash, 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. (nee Eleanor D. Hunter), 

478 Cadillac Av., Detroit, Mich. 

Brown, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Maurice (nee Angela Clark), Dubuque, Iowa. 

Brown, Mrs. Sarah E., The Severn Apts. 

Brown, Mr. Kensett, The Severn Apts. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. (nee Margaretta Levering), 

"Cherry Cottage," "The Oak Road," School tlouse Lane, 

Germantown, Pa. 

Brown, Mrs. Robert, 910 N. Calvert St. 

Brown, Miss Elizabeth Gilkison, 910 N. Calvert St. 

Brown, Mr. Juan ^l., 910 N. Calvert St. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marechal, Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

Brown, ]\Ir. and j\Irs. J. INIarechal, Jr., (nee Mary Crozer Page), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll (nee Sallie Geo. Cromwell), 

Ruxton, Md. 

Brown, Miss Susan T., 10 W. Hamilton St. 

Brown, Mr. W. McCuIloh, 10 W. Hamilton St. 

Brown, Mr. Reginald Stewart, 

Brown, Mrs. Sarah Tyler, 1416 Harlem Av. 

Browne, Miss Elizabeth Josephine (of "Hazeldene," Ellicott City), 

939 St. Paul St. 
Browne, Dr. B. Bernard, 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Jennie Nicholson, M. D., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Mary Nicholson, M. D., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Miss Ethel Nicholson, 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Dr. Bennet B., Jr., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Mr. De Courcy B., 510 Park Av. 

Browne, Miss Lucy Eland, 1439 Mt. Royal Av. 

Browne, Dr. Arthur Lee, • 1439 Mt. Royal Av. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hand (nee Latrobe), Short Hills, N. J. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. (nee Whitaker), Raleigh, N. C. 

Browne, Mrs. Samuel Tracy, Warrenton, Va. 

Browne, Miss Margaret Wentworth, Warrenton, Va. 

62 B 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Willing (nee Macgill), 

"Maleaqua," Catonsville, Md. 

Browne. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bowyer, The Preston Apartments. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Horace Arrell. 1631 N.Calvert St. 

Browne, Mr. T. Parkin Scott, Mt. Royal Apts. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus D. (nee Hodson) , 

Bruce, ]Mrs. Edward Blake, 1112 N.Calvert St. 

Bruce, Miss Rosalind. 1112.N. Calvert St. 

Bruce, Mr. Edward Skipwith, 11 12 N.Calvert St. 

Bruce, Mr. J. Marshall Hills, 1112 N.Calvert St. 

(''Prest would,'' ]\It. Washington. 'Md.) 

Bruce, ^Ir. and :\Irs. Wm. Cabell (nee Fisher), 8 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Bruce, Mr. James, Winthrop Hall, Cambridge, ]*klass. 

Bruce, Mr. and ]\Irs. Howard (nee ]\Iary Graham Bowdoin), 

The Washington Apartments. 
Bruce, ]\Ir. Albert C, The Washington Apartments. 

Brundige, j\Ir. Thomas W., 2739 St. Paul St. 

Brundige, Miss Meta Brogden, 2739 St. Paul St. 

Brundige, Mr. and Mrs. T. Worthington, Jr., 2739 St. Paul St. 

Bruen, Mr. and ]\Irs. Wm. Livingston (nee Elizabeth Archer), 

New York City. 

Bruen, ^Mr. and ]\Irs. Henry H. (nee E. D. Keech), 

119 E. 31st St., Savannah, Ga. 

Brune, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. (nee Fisher), 518 Park Av. 

Brune, Miss Nancy Fisher, 518 Park Av. 

("Oaklawn," Ruxton P. O., Md.) 

Brune, j\Iiss Augusta E., 1033 N. Calvert St. 

Brune, Mr. Frederick W., 1033 N. Calvert St. 

Brune, i\Irs. T. Barton (nee Agnes Wirt Randall), 2208 Maryland Av. 

Brune, JNIiss Elizabeth, The Brexton. 

Brune. I\lr. and I\Irs. Wm. Henry, S26 Hamilton Ter. 

Bruns, Mrs. M. P., 1603 Park PI. 

Bruns. Mr. J. Peirce, 1603 Park PI. 

Bruns, Dr. R. jMartin, 1603 Park PI. 

Brush, Mr and Mrs. Murray Peabody, 1019 N. Calvert St. 

Brush, Dr. and j\Irs. Edward Nathaniel (nee Marie Tregoe Hartman). 

"Windy Brae," Sheppard Hospital, Sta. A, Towson, Md. 

Brush, Dr. Nathaniel Hawley, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Brj'an, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Carryl PTarper (nee Boykin), 

216 Shaffer St., Richmond, Va. 

Bryan, Mrs. ^^I. Thompson, (Of 1109 St. Paul St.) Haverford, Pa. 

Br3-an, Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. Herndon, ""Court Road/' Pikcsvilie, ]\Id. 

Bryan, Mr. Lay, 

Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy P., 521 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bryan, Mr. James Wallace, 521 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Bryan, Dr. and ]\lrs. Robert C. (nee Grace Hamilton), 

301 Grace St. W., Richmond, Va. 

Bryant, Dr. Arthur Alexis, 216 W. IMadison St. 

Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel F. (nee Hanway), 

84 Walker St., Newtonville, Mass. 
Buchanan, ^Irs. James Hollis, 13 E. Eager St. 

Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Gittings (nee Ellen Gilmor), 

Rogers, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Buchanan, Mrs. William McMechen, 930 N. Charles St. 

Buchanan, ^Ir. Charles McC, 930 N. Charles St. 

Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Gray (nee Kirk), 122 W.Franklin St. 

Buck, Mrs. Richard B., 1228 St. Paul St. 

Buck, ^liss ^lary R., 1228 St. Paul St. 

Buck, Mr. George G., 1228 St. Paul St. 

Buck, Mr. and ]\Irs. Laurance Montjoy (nee ]Marv E. Dorsey Pue). 

1228 St. Paul St. 
(Rogers, Green Spring Valley.) 

Buck, Mr. and 3ilrs. Walter H. (nee Helen Elise Vogeler), 

Brooklandville, Md. 

Buck, ]Mr. and ]Mrs. Albert H. (nee Sallie Warfield), The Homewood Apts. 

Buck, ■Mr. and 3.1rs. Charles E. (nee Helen Sparks), 

37 Stimson PI., Detroit, Mich. 

Buck, Dr. and ]\Irs. Jefferies (nee Augusta I.Cook), 2844 St. Paul St. 

Buck, Mr. and JNIrs. James Ellsworth (nee Anna Stewart Hooper), 

215 W. Lanvale St. 
Buckler, Mrs. Riggin (nee Alice S. Riggs), 

"'Woodmere,'" Long Island, N. Y. 
Buckler, Miss Anne Hepburn, "Woodmere,"' Long Island, N. Y. 

Buckler, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Riggin, Jr. (nee Edith Duer), 

The Buckler Apts., 529 N. Charles St. 

Buckler, Dr. and Mrs. H. Warren (nee Herbert), 806 Cathedral St. 

Buckler, Dr. Thomas H., ""Evergreen," W. North Av. 

Buckler, Miss ]\Iarion, ""Evergreen," W. North Av. 

Buckler, Mrs. Thomas H., Address loi E. Biddle St. 

Buckler, Miss Mattie, Hotel Marlton, W. 8th St., New York. 

Buckler, Miss Nellie, Hotel Marlton, W. 8th St., New York. 

64 B 

Buckler. Miss Bessie, The Severn. 

Buckler, Mr. and ^Irs. William H., 

Address care of Mess. Drummond, 49 Charing Cross, London, Eng. 
(Of "Evergreen," W. North Av.) 
Buckler, Miss Lucy, 

Aotiress care of Mess. Drummond. 49 Charing Cross, London, Eng. 
(Of "Evergreen," W. North Av.) 

Buckley, ^.Ir. Clinton S., 

Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C, Hotel Belvedere. 

Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M., 1816 N. Charles St. 

Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 105 Beechdale Road, Roland Park. 

Buckner. ]\Irs. Charles S., The Essex, 1324 Eutaw PI. 

Buckner, Dr. Charles Teackle Carter, 13.37 E. North Av. 

Buddecke, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Douglas (nee Jane Hooper Martin), 

12 E. Read St. 

Buddecke. The Misses, 712 N. Broadway, Seattle, Wash. 

Buddecke, Miss A., The Louise Home, W^ashington, D. C. 

Bulkley, Mrs. H. D., The Homewood, Charles and 31st Sts. 

Bullard, Lieut, and Mrs. W. H. G. (nee Saunders), Shanghai, China. 

Bullet, Mr. John C. de. Baltimore Club. 

Bullet, Mr. W. Julian de, Baltimore Club. 

Bullet, Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. de (nee Laura E. Whiteley), 

"Markland," Catonsville, Md. 

Bullet, Mr. and ]\Irs. Eugene G. de (nee Buchanan), 1030 Belvidere Ter. 

Bullitt, Mrs. William C, 222 W. Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bullitt, Mr. John C. 3d, 222 W. Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bullitt, Mr. Wm. C, Jr., 222 W. Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bullitt, Mr. Orville H., 222 W. Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bullock, Mrs. Waller R., 1137 Murray Hill Av., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Bullock, Miss Waller Irene, 1137 Murray Hill Av., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Bullock, Mrs. Francis S.. 2104 N. Charles St. 

Bullock, Mr. and Mrs. Horace (nee J. M. C. Ridgely), Ardmore, Pa, 

Bump, Mrs. Charles Weathers (nee Milholland), 

"Woodlaun Hall," Forest Park. 

Burgess, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Edwin, 6 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Burgess, Mr. Thomas B.. 6 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Burgess, Mr. E. Armistead, 6 K Mt. Royal Av. 

Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Millard F., 2233 Eutaw PI. 

Burgess, Miss Katharine A., 2233 Eutaw PI. 

Is the largest, one of the oldest and at 

the same time most modern and 

naturally beautiful Cemeteries 

in the South 

MEMBERS of the older families 
of Baltimore have, for years 
past, selected Loudon Park as the 
resting place for their dead. 

^ The Management respectfully so- 
licits the patronage of all those who 
subscribe to the Blue Book. 

^ All Lots sold under Perpetual 
Care, at moderate prices and on 
convenient terms. 


Representative will call on request. 

Embodies the most recent ideas 
in Cemetery Establishments 

THIS beautiful Cemetery is now 
controlled and managed by in- 
terests identical with those which 
own and manage Loudon Park — 
thereby assuring the proper admin- 
istration of its affairs in the future. 

^ Druid Ridge Cemetery is espe- 
cially desirable as a place of burial 
for residents of the northern part of 
the City and Suburbs. 

^ All Lots sold under Perpetual 
Care, at moderate prices and on 
convenient terms. 


Representative will call on request. 

Burke, Ml*- and ]\Irs. Edward Frederic (nee Forrest). 

Ballydugan. Stevenson, Md. 

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. F. Highlands (nee Slingluff), Stevenson. Md. 

Burns, Mrs. George, Albion Hotel. 

Burns, Mrs. Findlev H., 1426 Park Av. 

Burns, Mr. Findley, 1426 Park Av. 

(Forest Department, Washington, D. C.) 

Burns, Miss E. Grace, The Albion. 
Burrough, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, Jr., 222 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Burrow, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Trigant (nee Emily S.Bryan). 

"Lifwynn," Ruxton, ]\Td. 

Burrows, IMrs. John, 9 E. Biddle St. 

Burrows, Miss Lucie E., 9 E. Biddle St. 

Burrows, Mr. and Mrs. John Shober (nee Elizabeth D. Corner). 

708 Manteo St., Norfolk, Va. 

Busey, Mrs. J. Clarence (nee Waters), "Dumbarton," Pikesville, ]\Id. 

Bush, Mr. William E., Latrobe Apts. 

Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Roger (nee Alice Vail Snowden), 

Lawrence Park, Bronxville, New York. 

Burwell, Dr. and jNIrs. Robert Lemmon, The Westover. 

Burwcll, Miss Marjorie, The Westover. 

Burwell, Mr. Paul Verdier. The Westover. 

Burwell, I\Ir. Robert Stanard, The Westover. 
("Oakleigh Farm," West River. :\Id.) 

Burwell. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. L. 2d. ti8 W. Lafayette Av. 

Burwell, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Hall (nee Elizabeth Wirt Randall), 

Annapolis, ■Md. 

Burton, Mrs. H. C, 1726 N. Charles St. 

Burton, Miss. 1726 N. Charles St. 

Burton, Mr. Robert, 1726 N. Charles St. 

Butler, Mrs. O. N., 834 Park Av. for the Winter. 

Buzby, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stockton (nee Hutton), 1214 St. Paul St. 

Buzby, Miss Margarita Van Ness, 1214 St. Paul St. 

Buzby, Mr. and Mrs. Stockton (nee Louisa Wright Orrick), 

Club Drive, Woodmere, Long Island. 
Byrd, Mrs. Clara Semmes, 10 W. 20th St. 

Byrd, Miss Julia E., 10 W. 20th St. 

Byrd, Mr. Robt. D. Semmes, 10 W. 20th St. 

P.yrd, Mr. Harvey Semmes, 10 W. 20th St. 





R. Q. TAYLOR & CO., * 
Ifatters { 

\ Sole Agents for Baltimore of 



f JS^E^w i^ocATio>r, IS EA.ST balthviore: sa\ f 



Cadwalader, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Thos. Francis (nee Elizabeth jNI. Read), 

12 E. Preston St. 
(Maxwell's Point, Edgewood P. O., :\Id.) 

Cairnes, IMr. and Mrs. James Duncanson, 1813 Bolton St. 

Calwell, Mr. and Mrs. James S., 1817 N.Charles St. 

Cahvell, Miss Aimee, 1817 N. Charles St. 

Camak, Aliss Annie, The Albion. 

(Athens, Ga.) 
Cameron. ]\]r. and Mrs. George. Jr. (nee Elizabeth S. Boiling). 

"Ravenscroft," Petersburg. \'a. 
Cameron. Aliss Helen, "Ravenscroft," Petersburg, Va. 

Cameron, Dr. Frank Kenneth, The Columbia, Washington, D. C. 

Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. R. Granville (nee Ellin North Moale), 

31 South Jefferson St., Lexington, Va. 
Campbell, Mrs. Alexander D., 31 South Jetferson St., Lexington, Va. 

Campbell, ]Miss ^lartha B., 31 South Jefferson St., Lexington, Va. 

Campbell, ]\Irs. John Pearce (nee "\Jary Bowie Johnson), Winchester, Va. 

Campbell, Miss Anna, ^22^ St. Paul St. 

Campbell, Mrs. George Stuart (nee Grace H. Appold), 1026 N.Charles St. 

Campbell, Miss Mary, 1120 N.Calvert St. 

Campbell, J\Irs. Robert Hamilton, 

Campbell, Dr. and JNIrs. Robert Hamilton, 

3218 St. Charles Av., New Orleans. La. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (nee Augusta Eccleston Boylston), 

New York City. 

Campbell, ]\Ir. and ]vlrs. Wm. L. (nee Dawson), 1716 N.Charles St. 

Campion, Mr. and ]\lrs. John Lee (nee ^larie Louise Hooper). 

Homer Apts., Seattle, Wash. 

Canby, ^Nliss Laura, 1002 Cathedral St. 

Canfield, Miss Isabel, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Canfield, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, 1.304 John St. 

Cannon, Mr. Clayton P., 1304 John St. 

Cannon, Miss Lucy A., 923 Cathedral St. 

Cannon, Miss Maretta, 923 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Morris (nee Thomas), 1004 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Mr. G. Cheston, 1004 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Mr. James 3d, 1004 Cathedral St. 


6S C 

Carey, ]\Tr. and Mrs. Francis King (nee Hall), 509 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Mr. Francis James, 509 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Miss Eleanor Irwin, 509 Cathedral St. 

Carey, Mr. John E., Walbrook. 

Carev, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. James, Jr. (nee Caroline E. Maccoun), 838 Park Av. 
(Poplar Hill, Roland Av.) 

Carey, ]\Irs. Thomas K. (nee King), 827 Park Av. 

Carey, Mrs. James, 46 Mansfield St., New Haven, Conn. 

Carey, ]\Irs. George G., 1228 Madison Av. 

Carey, Miss Margaret Cheston, 1228 Madison Av. 

Carey, Rev. Neilson Poe, Beverly Farms, Mass. 

Carey, Uv. George G., Jr., Rider P. O., Md. 

Carey, IMrs. Geo. Leiper, 

Carey, Mr. Henry G., Care of ]\[rs. Van Hulsteyn, Roland Park. 

Carey, Miss Mary Thomas, 2220 N. Charles St. 

Carey, Miss Martha Leiper, 2220 N. Charles St. 

Carey, Miss Helen Hamilton, 2220 N. Charles St. 

Carey, Mr. Charles H., 2220 N. Charles St. 

Carey, Mr. James, 2220 N. Charles St. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G., 2127 Maryland Av. 

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. William Lee, The St. Paul. 

Carey, Lieut. Lee Cummins, LT. S. Navy. 
Carpenter, Dr. and ^Mrs. F. G.. Jr. (nee '\hiry ]\I. Hcmsley), Greenville, S. C. 

Carr, Mrs. Wilson, 828 N. Eutaw St. 

Carr, Miss Catherine L., 2302 Garrison Av., Walbrook. 

Carr, Miss Lillie B., 2302 Garrison Av., Walbrook. 

Carr, ^Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J., 2226 Garrison Av. 

Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Y., 

Carr, Mr. and Mrs. W. Murray, 126 W. Lanvalc St. for the Winter. 

Carrington, Col. and Mrs. Edw. Codrington, Jr. (nee Coyle), 

"Loreley," Balto. Co., Md. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Winchester (nee Rosalie Randolph Turn- 
bull), 524 Westminster Av., Elizabeth. N. J. 

Carroll, Mrs. Wm. Sterrett, 220 E. Eager St. 

Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Anna Buchanan Merryman). 

("Duddington," Phoenix. Md.) 220 E. Eager St. 

Carroll, Mrs. Thomas G., 1003 St. Paul St. 

Carroll. Miss Bessie Lee, 1003 St. Paul St. 

Carroll. Mr. T. George, 1003 St. Paul St. 

Carroll, :\Ir. and ]\lrs. Charles J. (nee Saunders), 12 W.Preston St. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. (nee Preston), Ruxton, Md. 

Carroll, ]\-[rs. J. Howell (nee JNIary Rogers), New York City. 

Carroll, Miss Sallie W., 1722 N. Charles St. 

Carroll, Mrs. Mary R. Thomas. 41 W. Bid^lle St- 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gordon (nee Swan), z^4 W. Biddle St. 

Carroll, Mr. J. Marshall, 44 W. Biddle St. 

Carroll, Mr. and ]\Irs. Douglas Gordan (nee Amelie L. Hack), 

The Washington. 

Carroll. ]\Ir. John N., Jr., 902 N. Charles St. 

Carroll, Mrs. Albert (nee Perkins), Durham, Ct. 

Carroll, Mr. W. S., 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, of Carrollton (nee Suzanne Bancroft), 

Doughoregan Manor, Ellicott City, Md. 

Carroll, Mr. and I\Irs. Charles Bancroft (nee Anita Hack), 

Doughoregan Manor, Ellicott City, Md. 
(Paris address, 18 rue Vaneau.) 

Carroll, Mr. and ]\Irs. Charles (nee Mary C. Randol). 

"Homewood," Elioak P. O., Howard Co., Md. 

Carroll, Miss Elizabeth Maxwell, 212 E. Eager St. 

Carroll, Miss Mary Sterett, 212 E. Eager St. 

Carroll, Mrs. Mary P., "Evergreen," Hampden. 

Carroll, Miss Mary Grace, "Evergreen," Hampden. 

Carroll. Mr. Albert H., "Evergreen,*' Hampden. 

Carroll, Air. and ]\Irs. Walter Cockrill, 720 Shady Av., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fuller (nee Jane P. Winslow), 

Carroll, ]\Irs. St. John, Homewood Apts. 

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 24 W. 25th St. 

Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (nee Osborn), 123 East 55th St., New York. 

Carstens, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. (nee Greacen), 

Pimlico Road, Edgecombe Park. 
Carstens, Miss Elsie Greacen, Pimlico Road, Edgecombe Park. 

Carter, Miss Sally Carter, South for the Winter. 

Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Stuart (nee Alice Bowdoin Rush), 

1519 Bolton St. 

Carter, Mr. and ]\Irs. Shirley (nee Murchison), 8 E. Biddle St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Carter, Rev. and Mrs. George C, Washington, D. C. 

Carter, Mrs. Thomas Lane, 222 Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 

Carter, rvlr. and ]\Irs. Charles H. (nee Dangerfield), 8ii St. Paul St. 

Carter, 'Mv. and ]\Irs. John Ridgely, 

Address ]\Iorgan, Harjes & Co., Paris, France. 

Carter, .Mr. and ?^lrs. Bernard Shirley (nee Louise Plope Thacher), 

Cambridge, ]Mass. 

Carter, Mr. and ^Nlrs. Spencer L. (nee Atkinson), 33 W.Preston St. 

Carter, ]\Iiss Sara R., 22 ^Maryland Av., Annapolis, ?\ Id. 

Cary, Aliss, 223 W. Preston St. 

(Marigold Cottage, Bar Harbor, Maine.) 
Cary, Mr. John Brune, Riderwood, ^Id. 

Cary, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Miles, Jr. (nee Helen Lanahan), 18 E. Eager St. 
Cary, Dr. and ^Irs. French Strother, 1625 ]\Iond:i\vniin Av. 

Caskie, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 2233 N. Calvert St. 

Caskie, Miss Alice, 2233 N. Calvert St. 

Casey, Mr. and ]Mrs. Alfred M., Jr. (nee E.Louise Garrett), 

1305 Bolton St. 

Casler, Dr. and Mrs. De Witt Bellinger (nee Carolyn Brooks Johnston), 

9 W. Chase St. 

Casler, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 2739 N. Calvert St. 

Casler, Miss Gladys Mackinzie, 2739 N. Calvert St. 

Casler, Miss Irene Ridgely, 2739 N. Calvert St. 

Cassard, Mrs. Jesse Lippincott, 12 E. Biddle St. 

Cassard, Mr. Reese, 12 E. Biddle St. 

Cassard, Mr. Jesse Lippincott, Jr., 12 E. Biddle St. 

Cassard, ]\Iiss Jeanne, 183 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cassard, Mr. Hamilton, Garrison Av., Arlington, Md. 

Cassard, Mr. Raymond, 

Case, Mr. and Mrs. ^Maxwell (nee Julia Ross Potter), 

Cassell, Mr. Charles E., 1407 Park Av. 

Cassilly, Mr. and Mrs. T. A., "The Hawthorns," Belcamp, Harford Co., Md. 
Cassilly, Mr. Robert R.. "The Hawthorns," Belcamp, Harford Co., Md. 

Cassilly, Mr. Thomas A., Jr., "The Flawthorns," Belcamp, Harford Co., Md. 

Cathcart, Miss Blanche, 1429 Linden Av. 

Cathcart, Mr. Maxwell, 1429 Linden Av. 

Catlin, Mrs. Sara McCord, Oakland, Roland Park. 

Cator, Miss Grace Louise, 803 St. Paul St. 

Cator, Mr. B. F., 803 St. Paul St. 

Cator. Mr. George, 803 St. Paul St. 

Cator, Mr. Charles R., The Sherwood. 

C 71 

Calor, :\Ir. and ^Irs. William Whitfield ('nee ^label V.Bent), 

511 Roland Av., Roland Park. 
Cator, Miss Agnes B., 511 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Cator, :\lr. Wm. W., Jr., 511 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Cator, Mr. Horace T., 511 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Cator. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P., 12 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Cator. Mrs. James H., 934 N. Calvert St 

Caughy, The ]\Iisses, 1623 Linden Av. 

Caughy, "Sir. John H., 1623 Linden Av. 

Caugh}', Miss Mamie Virginia, 1623 Linden Av. 

Caugh}-, "Sir, J. Marshall. Annapolis, Md. 

Caughy, Mr. and Mrs. Michael P., 141 W. Lafayette Av. 

Caughy, Miss May G. Prendergast, 141 W. Lafayette Av. 

Caulk, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., Jr. (nee Sarah Louise Applegarth), 

Washington, D. C. 

Causin, Miss Nannie D., 1534 Mt. Royal Av. 

Chamberlaine, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. Robert Lloyd (nee Medairy), 1519 Park Av. 

Chamberlaine, Mr. and ^Irs. Rich. Henry, 

Ruxton Road and Locust Av., Ruxton, ]\Id. 

Chamberlaine, Mr. and ]Mrs. Lloyd (nee Kloman), 161 1 Bolton St. 

Chamberlaine, ]Mr. and ]\lrs. Samuel R. (nee Barbara Frick White). 

"Shelberne," Royal Oak, Talbot Co.. ^Id. 

Chancellor. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bernard (nee Opie), 

131 W. Lafayette Av. 

Chandler, Mr. Walter G., 15 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chandler, Mrs. Walter G., 15 Midvale Road. Roland Park. 

Chandler, IMiss Alice, 15 Midvale Road. Roland Park. 

Chandler, ]\Ir. Douglas, 15 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chandler, ]\Iiss Emma, Rodger's Forge, ^Id. 

Chapin, ]vlr. and ^Irs. Edward LeRoy (nee Roberta S.Jenkins). 

Altadena. Cal. 

Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. John Adams (nee Eleanor Sticknev). 

1315 Ritchie 'Pl.. Chicago. 111. 
(Lake Forest, 111.) 

Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.. 2306 Eutaw PI. 

Chapman. Mr. R. Bayly, 2306 Eutaw PI. 

Chapman. Mr. J. Lee, 2306 Eutaw^ PI. 

Chapman, ^Ir. Edwin N., 2306 Eutaw PI. 

Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Everett (nee Turnbull). 

Chatard, Mr. and J\Irs. Thos. Marean (nee Eleanor Addison Williams). 

1716 Rhode Island Av., Washington, D. C 

Chatard, Mrs. Ferdinand E. (nee Josephine Miles), 1225 Maryland Av. 

Chatard, Mr. William Miles, 1225 Maryland Av. 

Chatard, Dr. and Mrs. J. Albert (nee Alice Whclan), 40 W. Biddle St. 

Chears, ]\Ir. Henry Randolph, Baltimore. 

Cheny, j\Irs. ]\Iarie Helene, Oakdale and Pimlico Roads, Roland Park. 

Cherbonnier, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Caleb D., "Dumaine," Timonium, Md. 

Cherbonnier, Mr. Lonis, "Dumaine," Timonium. Md. 

Chesnut, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Calvin, iii Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Chew, ]\Irs. Samuel C. (nee Agnes ^Marshall), 

3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 
Chew, Dr. Samuel C.Jr., 3 IMidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chew, I^lr. Henry D., 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chew, Miss Anna, 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park, 

Chew, Miss Henrietta S., 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Chew, Mr. Thomas J., 2741 Maryland Av. 

Chew, Miss Jane B., 2741 Maryland Av. 

Chiffelle, Miss Henrietta C, 517 Cathedral St. 

Chilton, ^Ir. Orrick M., Hotel Rennert. 

Chipchase, :\Ir. W. Edwin. 225 E. Biddle St. 

Chipchase, Miss M. Ethel, 225 E. Biddle St. 

Chipchase, Miss Fannie L., 225 E. Biddle St. 

("Winston," Blue Ridge Summit.) 

Chism, Mrs. Edward J., 21 13 Chelsea Av. 

Chism, ]vlr. and I\Irs. Henry Thornley (nee SlinglufT), 3813 Clifton Av. 

Chisolm, Miss E. Z., 417 N. Charles St. 

Chisolm, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Miles (nee Baugher), Washington, D. C. 

Chisolm, Mrs. William E. (nee Helen Garnett), 925 Cathedral St. 

Chisolm, Mr. William Garnett, 925 Cathedral St. 

Chisolm, Dr. and Mrs. Julian F. (nee Nannie E. Levering), 

201 E. Gaston St., Savannah, Ga. 

Christian, IMiss Edmonia ]\Iadison, Ruxton, Md. 

Chubb, Mr. Herman B., The Lenox Apts., Washington, D. C. 

Chunn, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Pawson, 1023 Madison Av. 

Clabaugh, Mrs. Harry Morris, 127 Rhode Island Av., Washington, D. C. 

Clabaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Albert T., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Clabaugh, Miss Carolyn L., Mt, Washington, Md. 

Clagett, IMiss Elizateth A., 

Clagett, Mr. Charles, Address Maryland Trust Bldg. 

Clagett, ]\Ir. Thomas Jefferson, 2424 N. Calvert St. 

Clagett, I\Ir. and ^Irs. Henry Coulter Bowie, Washington, D. C. 

(Upper ]\Iarlboro, ]\Id.) 

Claggett, Mrs. Samuel (nee Jeannette B. Chew), 

1817 N. Calvert St. 

Claggett, Mrs. Samuel, Sr., 
Claggett, Miss S. G., 

Claggett, Mr. and Mrs. T. West, 

Claggett, Mr. L. B. Keene, 

Clapp, Mrs. L. Wheaton, 
Clapp, Miss Lucy Mari, 
Clapp, Mr. Frank W., 

Clapp, Mr. and JNIrs. H. Rowland 

Clark, Mr. Duncan C, 

Qark, Mrs. Frank Peyton, 
Clark, Mr, W. Lawrence, 

(Chester, Nova Scotia.) 

Clark, Miss Martha R., 
Clark, Miss Laura D., 

Clark, Miss Elisabeth L., 
Clark, Miss Louise M., 

Clark, Dr. and Mrs. Jos. Clement 

'Oakland," Petersville, Frederick Co., Md. 
'Oakland," Petersville, Frederick Co., Md. 

Homewood Apts. 

Baltimore Club. 

Port Deposit, Md. 
Port Deposit, Md. 
Port Deposit, Md. 

4401 Greenway, Guilford, Balto. 

803 Park Av. 

II E. Chase St. 
II E. Chase St. 

The Montreal. 
The Montreal. 

1025 Belvidere Ten 
1025 Belvidere Ter. 

Springfield," Sykesville, Md. 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. John Peyton (nee H.Frances Marshall), 

9 Rockledge Road, Saranac Lake, N. Y. 

Clark, :Mr. and :\Irs. Wm. Bullock, 

Clark, Miss Helen, 

Clark, Mr. Edward Strong, 

Clark, Mrs. L. Lester, 
Clark, Miss M. R., 

Clark, Aliss Jane Rankin, 

Clark, Miss Anna E. Blackwell, 
Clark, Mr. Walter L., 

Charles-St. Av. and Oak Place. 

Charles-St. Av. and Oak Place. 

Harvard LTniversit}^ 

The Albion. 
The Albion. 

9 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

14 E. Mt. Royal Av. 
14 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Clark, Mr. and ]\Irs. Frank I\I. (nee Bertha JNI. Hamilton), 

385 IMarlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. James, 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J., 
Clark, Miss Helen V., 

Cumberland, Md. 
Cumberland, Md. 
Cumberland, Md. 

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Judson (nee ]Marie B. de La Tour), 

1 1 19 N. Calvert St. 

Clark, ]\Ir. and ■Mrs. Thos. S., tq E. Madison St. 

Clark. Mr>. Henry, The Severn. 

Clark. -Mr. Henry Cahvcll, The Severn. 

Clark. ]\Ir>. William H., The Severn. 

Clarke, Mr. William, Stevenson P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Clarke, Mrs. Albina, Stevenson P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Clarke, Mrs. Joseph W., 1429 Mt. Royal Av. 

Clarke. Mr. William Bowie, 1624 P St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Clarke. ^Ir. and Mrs. William F. (nee Irma DeWitt), Norfolk, Va. 

Clarke, ^liss Adaline Pratt, The Brexton. 

Clarke. Lieut, and J\Irs. Thos. Stanlev (nee Marianna Reifsnider), 

(U. S. ^LC), " Norfolk, Va. 

Clarke. Mrs. William E., 3901 Brookline Av. 

Clarke. Mr. William E., Jr., 3901 Brookline Av. 

Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. A. Downing (nee Jean Pendleton), 1637 N. Calvert St. 

Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Love (nee Frances Halsey Taylor). 

3972 Lake Park Av., Chicago, 111. 

Clarkson. ]\rr. and ]Mrs. Thomas B. (nee Marie B. Thelin), 

Chilham Road. Hill Top Park. ^It. Washington, :\I(1. 

Clcnient-. ^Ii>s Molie, 41 Putnam Av., Brooklyn. N. ^'. 

Clendineu, :\liss Alice S., 42 W\ Biddle St. 

Clcndinen, Miss Violet, 42 W. Biddle St. 

Clews, Mrs. Morris, Hotel Regina, Biarritz. B. P., France. 

Clot worthy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank AL, Ferryman. ^Id. 

Clotw(»rthy. ]\Irs. Charles Baker (nee Ella T.Reeves), 

104 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Cloud, Miss Virginia Woodward, ^20 Park Av. 

Cloud. Miss Rebekah May, 520 Park A v. 

Cloud, Mr. Daniel, Jr., The Cathedral A;)ts. 

Cloud, Mr. and j\Irs. Wm. Woodward, The Homewood, Charles & 31st St. 

Coale, Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis (nee Colston), 

Overhill Road and Kittery Lane. Roland Park. 

Coale, Mr. Thomas E., The Walbert. 

Coale, ?^Ir. and Mrs. Isaac, Jr. (nee Harriet C.Jackson). 

The Holland, 1305 Linden Av. 

Coale, Mr. and Mrs. Skipwith Peyton (nee ^T. Louise Bartlett), 

Takoma Park, D. C. 

Collie, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Alex. Richardson Duncan (nee Lillian B. Greiner), 

361 1 Lemon Av., Dallas, Texas. 

Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 1305 Linden Av. 

Collis, Mr. Lloyd, Columbia Universit}^ Club, N. Y. 

Colston. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick AL, 1016 St. Paul St 

Colston. ]\Ir. Frederick C, 1016 St. Paul St. 

Colston. Dr. John A. Campbell, 1016 St. Paul St. 

Colston, Mr. and ^Irs. George Anderson (nee Eleanor Patterson), 

II Northfield PI., Roland Park. 

Colvin, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. (nee Tarleton), 

Davern Av., St. Paul, ]\Iinn. 

Comb?, Mr. and ]Mrs. Daniel (nee Elizabeth Donnell Tilghman), 

Douglaston, Long Lsland, N. Y. 

Compton, Mr. and ^Irs. R. Keith, 1404 Park Av. 

Compton, Mr. R. Keith. Jr.. 1404 Park Av. 

Compton, Mr. J. H. Sothoron, Baltimore Club. 

Cone, Dr. Claribel, The Marlborough Apartments. 

Cone, Dr. and ^Irs. Sydney M., 2326 Eutaw PI. 

Congdon, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, Scranton, Pa. 

Congdon, Mrs. Henrietta C, 1312 Park Av. 

Congdon, Mr. Samuel H.. 1312 Park Av. 

Congdon, Miss Elizabeth C, 1312 Park Av. 

Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E., Hotel Belvedere. 

Conley, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. (nee Helen Abell Baughman), 

Guilford, Frederick, Md. 

Conlyn. r^Ir. Thomas .V., no W. ^Madison St. 

Conlyn, Mr. T. Bryce, no W.Madison St. 

Conner, Mr. and ]\Irs. James Alfred (nee Torrance), 910 St. Paul St. 

Conquest. Mr. and ^Mrs. Pleasanton Laws, Jr. (nee Eiise Gamble Lowndes) 

Box 513, Richmond, \'a. 
Conrad, ^Ir. and ]^Irs. Robert Young (nee Helen Wylie), Winchester, Va. 
Conradi, Mr. and Mrs. Luther, 2032 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Conway, Miss Sarah W., 918 St. Paul St. 

("Traymore," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Conway. Mi<- Ella Blakistone. Address 918 St. Paul St. 

(Washington, D. C.) 

Cooch, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webb (nee Eleanor Bedford Wilkins), 

Newark, Del. 
Cook. Dr. and Mrs. Henry Wireman, 

N. Western Nat. Life Bldg.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Coale, Miss Carrie P. 

ii8 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Coalc, J\Ir. and INIrs. Griffith Baily (nee ]\Jargaret Gordon McCnlloch), 

241 W. Biddle St. 

Coates, Dr. Charles E., Jr., 

Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Francis (nee Nina Gill), 

Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. George Franklin, 

("Seven Acres," Bluehill, jNIaine.) 

Cocke, Rev. and Airs. Henry Teller (nee Maria L. Snowden), 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Baton Rouge, La. 

Woodbrook, Md. 

2000 Park A.v. 

Cocke, Miss Catherine Harrison, 

Cocke, Mrs. Charles Pollard, 

Cockey, Mrs. Edward Randolph, 

Cocke}^, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward (nee Scarff), 

Cockins, Mr. James M., 

Cockrell, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. (nee Hazel H. Hogan), 

loii Belvidere Terrace. 

217 W. Lanvale St. 

146 Wilson St. 

1423 Linden Av. 

817 Hamilton Ter, 

Coe, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Baldwin (nee Marguerite Almy Hall), 

Riderwood, Md. 

Cogswell, Mrs. Andrew K., 
Cogswell, Mr. Latrobe, 

Cohen, Mr. Jacob L, 

Cohen, Mrs. Israel (nee Cecilia E. Levy), 
Cohen, Miss Eleanor S., 

Cohen, Mrs. Benj., 

Cohen, Mrs. Mendes, 

Cohen, Miss, 

Cole, Miss Bertha, 

Cole, Mrs. Alan (nee Ada White), 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 
Cole, Mr. Wm. R., Jr., 
Cole, Mr. Howard M., 

Cole, Mrs. Edward H., 

Cole, Mrs. George Byron, 
Cole, Miss Edith, 

Cole, Miss Natalie, 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Neff, 

Cole, Mrs. Robert C, 

Coleman, Mrs. William C, 

31 W. Mt. Royal Av. 
31 W.Mt. Royal Av. 

1727 Guilford Av. 

810 St. Paul St. 
810 St. Paul St. 

Portland, Ore. 

825 N.Charles St. 

415 N. Charles St. 

115 W. Monument St. 

1207 N. Calvert St. 

1208 N. Charles St. 
1208 N. Charles St. 
1208 N. Charles St. 

200 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

2326 N. Charles St. 
2326 N. Charles St. 

The Homewood. 
Detroit, Mich. 
Canton, Ohio. 

107 Ridgcwood Road, Roland Park. 

1201 St. Paul St. 

Cook, ]\Irs. George Hamilton, 
Cook, Miss Jane James, 
Cook, ]\Iiss Frances Swayne, 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G., 
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. 
Cook, Mr. and T^Irs. Wm. L., 
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Graffiin, 
Cook. Mrs. Isabel E., 
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J., 

Cook, I\Ir. J. Glenn, 
Cook, Mr. J. Glenn, Jr., 
Cook, Mr. and 

looi St. Paul St. 

looi St. Paul St. 

looi St. Paul St. 

140 E. 65th St., New York City. 

2844 St. Paul St. 

Hotel Sherwood. 

3301 N. Charles St. 

814 Park Av. 

Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 

4601 Garrison Av. 
4601 Garrison Av. 

10 S. Calvert St. 

928 N. Calvert St. 

3915 Belvieu Av. 

150 W. Lanvale St 

150 W. Lanvale St 

150 W. Lanvale St. 

Mrs. Walter H. (nee Genevieve O.Fletcher), 

4601 Garrison Av. 
Cook, Mr. J. Henry, 
Cook, JMr. and I\Irs. Parker, 

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Walton (nee Fletcher), 
Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. J. Addison (nee Sams), 
Cooke, Miss Chloe Tyler, 
Cooke, Mr. Conway Whittle, 
Cooke, Miss Molly E., Waterbury, A. A. Co., Md. 

Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. F. Irving (nee Irene PI. Kemp), Ruxton, Md. 

Coolej^ Lieut. Hollis M., United States Navy. 

Cooley, Mrs. Hollis M., The Plaza Apts. 

Cooper, Mr, and ]Mrs. J. Crossan (nee Jenkins), 

721 St. Paul St. for the Winter. 
(Roland Park P. 0.,Md.) 

Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Clive Foster (nee Rosalie Tunstall Smith), 

"The End House," Fulbrooke Road, Cambridge, England. 

Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. H. Guy (nee Nannie B. Brown), "Elsham," Afton, Va. 
Cordell, Mrs. Eugene Fauntleroy, 257 W. Hoffman St. 

Cordell, Mr. Littleton Tazewell. 257 W. Hoffman St. 

Corkran, Mr, and Mrs. Benjamin W., Jr., 

200 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 
Corkran, Mr, B. Warren, 200 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Corkran, Mr. D. Clarke, 200 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Corkran, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Griffith, 

Somerset and Kenwood Roads, Roland Park. 
Corkran, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 1432 McCulIoh St. 

Corner, Mrs. W^illiam H,, 20 Merrymount Road, Roland Park. 

Corner, Miss Helen C, 20 Merrymount Road, Roland Park. 

Corner, Miss Mary C, 20 Merrymount Road, Roland Park. 

Comer, Miss Camilla H., 20 Merrymount Road, Roland Park. 

Corner, Mr. Thomas C, 20 Merrymount Road, Roland Park, 

(Studio, 260 W. Biddle St.) 


Corner, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Benjamin Cator (nee Conrad), 

6100 Berlin Av., St. Louis, Mo. 
Corner. ]\Irs. Solomon F., 6100 Berlin Av.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Corner. ]\lr. and ]N Irs. Douglas Calvert (nee May Walker), Platteville, Wis. 

Corner, I^Ir. and ]\Irs. James J., 206 E. Biddlc St. 

Corner, Mr. James J., Jr., 206 E. Biddle St. 

Cortes, ]\lr. and ]\Irs. Scipion F. (nee ]\L H. Bryan), 

(Of Pikesville, Isld. 
Cortland, Mr. J. Wakefield, 1506 Park Av. 

Cortland, i\Iiss, 1506 Park Av. 

Costell. ]Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence (nee Xannie Brooks), 

"]\Iorton 2\Ian()r." Kent Co., ^Nld. 
Coster, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. (nee Stewart), Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Cotten, ]\Jr. and I\Irs. Bruce (nee Edith Johns), 

"Cylburn," Station L, Baltimore Co. 

Cottman, :\Ir. J. Hough, Chattolanee, Garrison P. O., ]\Id. 

Cottman, Mr. Thomas E., Chattolanee, Garrison P. O., Md. 

Cottman, Mr. and Mrs. L. Warrington (nee Mary C. C. Howard), 

"Gray House," Charles-St. Av., Roland Park P. O., Md. 

Cottman, Airs. Clarence, 5 W. Biddle St. 

Cottman, Mr. Stewart, 5 W. Biddle St. 

Cotton, Mrs. Henry Evan, D.D., Damariscotta, Alaine. 
Cotton, Mr. Evan Bruce, Mass. Institute of Technology. 

Coulbourne, Mr. and JNIrs. Robert M., The Royalton. 

Coulbourne, Miss, The Rovalton. 

Coulbourne, Mr. R. M., Jr., The Royalton. 

Coulter, Mrs. James Mifflin, 1331 Bolton St. 

Coulter, Mr. and Mrs. William ^^lerrick, 1331 Bolton St. 

Coulter, Mrs. James Mifflin, Jr. (nee Helen ]\I. Cowman), 1327 Bolton St. 
Coulter, Mr. and Mrs. Carleton (nee Nancy Dugan;, 120 W. Lanvale St. 
Coulter, Mr. Carleton, Jr., West Point Military Academy. 

Coulter, Mr. Archibald Barklie, Mount St. ^^lary's College. 

Coulter, Mrs. Robert Ogilvie, Sandy Spring. Md. 

Coulter, Mr. Roger Brooke, Williamstown, Mass. 

Coulter, Mr. and Mrs. George Archibald (nee Mary Louise Pavne). 

1415 McCulloh St. 
Coulter, Mrs. Florence Ridgely, 2518 Maryland Av. 

Coulter, Miss Helen S. R., 2518 Maryland Av. 

Cover, yir. and Mrs. Loring A., Winchester, Va. 

Covington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. (nee Priscilla Upshur), 

34 Edgehill St., Princeton, N. J. 
Cowardin, ;Mr. Flenry Moale, 2034 X. Calvert St. 

Town's End, Carlisle, Pa. 
Town's End. Carlisle, Pa. 
Town's End, Carlisle, Pa. 

Cowdrey, ]Mrs. Stevens G., 
Cowdrey, JNliss Mary Hall, 
Cowdrey, Miss Ruth, 

Cox, IMr. and ]\Irs. Daniel Hargate (nee Frances L. Buckler), 

"Woodmere," Long Island 

Cox, ]\Irs. Henry, 1020 Cathedral St. 

Cox. r\Ir. Douglas Janney, 

Coyle, ^Ir. and Mrs. John W., 

Cradock, Mrs. Thomas, 
Cradock, Miss Katherine, 
Cradock, Miss Julia S.. 
Cradock, Miss Agnes Carroll, 
Cradock, Mr. Thomas, Jr., 
Cradock, Mr. Arthur, 

Craig, I\Irs. Thomas, 
Craig, Miss Ethel, 

Craig, Mrs. John A., 

Craig, Mr. and J\Irs. William Pinkney, 

Craighead, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Frank W., 

Craighead, :Mr. and ^Mrs. Magruder (nee Cicely Wayland), 

Scarsdale, Westchester Co., Xew York. 

"The Walbert," 1800 N. Charles St. 
"The Walbert," 1800 N. Charles St. 

2725 St. Paul St. 

Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

Trentham," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

Pikesville P. O.. Md. 

Pikesville P. O., Md. 

Pikesville P. O., Md. 

1822 St. Paul St. 
1822 St. Paul St. 

"Ravens wood," Go vans, Md. 
"Ravenswood," Govans, Md. 

2226 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Craighill Dr. and ]Vlrs. Jas. M., 
Craighill, ^liss Annie Price, 

Grain, ]^Ir. and Mrs. Robert (nee Margaret Bennett), 

Crampton, Mrs. Savington W., 
Crampton, The Misses, 

Crampton, ^Ir. and ?^Irs. Warren H., 

Crane, Miss Lydia, 

Crane, Miss Josephine Stone, 

Crane, Miss Florence H., 

Crane, ]\liss Alice L.. 

Crane, Miss Henrietta Osborne, 

Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C, Waterbury R. F. D., Anne Arundel Co., Md. 
("Osborne Lodge-on-Severn.") 

Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas (nee Gertrude Jackson), 

Hotel Belvedere. 

Crane, Dr. and ^Mrs. Robert Treat (nee ^Maria L. Riggs), 

1417 South University, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Crane, Lieut, and Mrs. John Alden (nee ]\Iary Sterett McKim), 

Fort Riley, Kansas. 

2412 Eutaw PI. 

1022 Cathedral St. 
1022 Cathedral St. 

222 W. Lanvale St. 

313 Dolphin St. 
313 Dolphin St. 

237 W. Lanvale St. 
237 W. Lanvale St. 
237 W. Lanvale St. 

so c 

Crane, Mr. Louis Burton, Easton, Pa, 

Crane, Miss Helen Bond, Foo Chow, China, 

Crane, Miss Claris Isabel, "Robin Wood," Timonium, Iv'Id. 

Cranston, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill (nee Ethel P, Slocum), 

201 Waterman St., Providence, R, I. 

Craven, Lieut.-Comdr. and Mrs. Thomas T. (U.S.N.), 

1706 P St, N. W., Washington, D. C, 

Crawford, [Mrs. \\'m. Chauncey (nee Elizabeth Dixon), The St. Paul. 

(Bloomfield, Easton, Md.) 
Crawford, ]\Ir. Wm. Chauncey, Jr., The St. Paul. 

Crawford, Mrs. Fred B. (nee Campbell), 1120 N.Calvert St. 

Crawford, IMiss Bessie, 1120 N.Calvert St. 

Crawford, Mr. Frederick C, • 1120 N.Calvert St. 

Crawford. Miss iMary, 1 120 N. Calvert St, 

Crawford, Miss Helen, "Hambledune," Lutherville, Md. 

Creager, rilr. and ^Irs. Gray Hamilton (nee ]\Iarie Adcle Price), 

3207 Pacific Av., Chelsea, N. J, 

Crenshaw, Mrs. Nathaniel Bacon, The Latrobe Apts., Charles & Read Sts, 
Crenshaw, Miss Fanny Gilmor, The Latrobe Apts., Charles & Read Sts. 

Crenshaw, The Misses, 103 W. ]\'Ionument St. 

Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hammond (nee Brown), 

"Wilton," Ellicott City P. O., :\Id. 

Cromwell, Mrs. Richard, Timonium P. O., Md. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Philip George (nee Mary Cator Webb), 

936 N. Calvert St. 

Cromwell, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. Jas. Herbert (nee ^Mildred Lee), 

2614 N. Calvert St. 
(Occohannock Farm, Davis Wharf, Accomac Co., Va.) 

Cromwell, Mrs. Richard C, Jr. (nee Michie), 

"Foxhall," Cor. Ingleside and Edmondson Avs., Catonsville, 
Cromwell, Miss Charlotte Carter, 

"Foxhall," Cor. Ingleside and Edmondson Avs., Catonsville, 
Cromwell, Miss Mary Evelyn, 

"Foxhall," Cor. Ingleside and Edmondson Avs., Catonsville. 
Cromwell, Miss Elizabeth Hammond, 

"Foxhall," Cor. Ingleside and Edmondson Avs., Catonsville. 

Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy (nee Franklin), 

206 W. Monument St. 
(Lake Roland P. O., Md.) 

Cromwell, Dr. and Mrs. Martin John (nee Jenkins), 

Lake Roland P. O., Md. 


Crosby, INIiss Ethel Harrison, Beaumont Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Cross, Miss Virginia C. Breckenridge, 1520 Park Av. 

Cross, Miss Elizabeth Breckenridge, 1520 Park Av. 

Cross, Mr. W. Irvine, "Nordley Farm," Stevenson P. O., Md. 

Cross, Mrs. Eben J. D., 114 E. Eager St. 

Cross, Mr. Francis R., 114 E. Eager St. 

Cross, Mr. Eben J. D., Jr., Harvard Law School. Cambridge, Mass. 

Cross, Mrs. Andrew B., 906 N. Calvert St. 

Crouch. Dr. and ]\Irs. J. Frank, 1125 N.Charles St. 

Crown, Mrs. J. Randolph, 825 St. Paul St. 

Crown, Miss Laura Tegmeyer, 825 St. Paul St. 

Crozer, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Edward (nee Robinson), Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Thomasville, Ga.) 

Cruzen, Dr. Elmer E., 504 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Cugle, Mr. and Airs. Edwin (nee Eleanor Davidson), 1707 Park Av. 

Cugle, Miss, 216 W. Madison St. 

Culbreth, Miss Ella, The Albion. 

Culbreth. Dr. and Mrs. David M. R., 1307 N. Calvert St. 

Cullen, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. (nee Beckwith), 20 E. Eager St. 

Culver, Mr. Francis Barnum. 125 W. 22d St. 

Cumming, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Gordon, 

"The Locusts," Freedom, Carroll Co., Md. 
Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. L. (nee Bogue), 15 W. Mulberry St. 

Cummings, The Misses, 1024 Cathedral St. 

Cummings, Mrs. John, 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Cunningham, Mr. William. The St. Paul. 

Cunningham, Miss Julia Janes, The St. Paul. 

Cunningham, Mr. J. Earl, Boston, Mass. 

Gushing, Mrs. Wiley E.. "Graceleigh," Woodbrook, Md. 

Gushing, Mr. Joseph W., "Graceleigh," Woodbrook, Md. 

Gushing, r\lr. T. Morris, "Graceleigh," Woodbrook, Md. 

Gushing, Miss Annie, 708 Park Av. 

Gushing, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Whelan (nee Fendall), 

Hamilton City, Ontario, Can. 

Gushing, Mrs. W. A., 2713 St. Paul St. 

Gushing, Dr. and iNIrs. Harvc}-, Boston, Mass. 

Custis, Mrs. William Parke, 2109 N. Charles St. 

Custis, Miss, 2109 N. Charles St. 

Custis, Miss Sarah Horsey, 210Q N. Charles St. 

Custis, Miss E. Marion, 2109 N. Charles St. 

Gutter, Mrs. L. T., Washington, D. G. 

Guyler, Mr. and ]\[rs. John Potter (nee Baker), Princeton, N. J. 


Dining Room Furniture a specialty 

salksr(k>ms } 702 N. Howard Street 

Factory: 1438 WICOMICO ST. 





!19-221.223 E. BALTIMORE ST. 

C. *i, p. PHONK C •<►>.• NEC "IK JNS 



SOT N'oiiTii HOW.VKO Stuket 

IJ.VI/ri.MOKE. Ml). 


A dainty, deliglitful dentifrice that keeps the teeth and mouth in perfect 
condition. Hardens the gums and perfumes the hreath. A trial sample for 

THOMAS & THOMPSON GO. ^o^s'^^v ^..^'.^^L^^s' 


Dabney, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Minor (nee Rosalie B. Diffenderffer), 

Ruxton, Md. 
Daingerfield, Mrs. Henry, The Marlborough Apartments, Washington, D. C. 
Daingerfield, Mr. Henry, The Marlborough Apartments, Washington, D. C. 
Daingerfield, Mr. P. B. Key, The Colonial. 

Daingerheld, Mr. and Mrs. Barbour (nee Alice Rasin), 

"Poplar Hill," Upper Marlboro, Md. 
Daingerfield, j\Ir. and Mrs. Reverdy Johnson (nee Mary McK. Wilde), 

225 Chancery. 
Dalcour, Mr. and ]\lrs. Gustav T., Ellicott City, Md. 

Dalcour, Miss Clarita C, Ellicott City, Md. 

Dalcour, Miss Lolita Guillernino, Ellicott City, Md. 

Dalcour, Mrs. A. J. (nee de Bullet), Ellicott Citv, Md. 

Dalcour, Mrs. G. C. de B., Ellicott Cify, Md. 

Dall, Miss Henrietta Austin, 1418 Bolton St. 

Dallam, Miss Frances S., 522 Summit Av., Hagerstown, Md. 

Dallam, Miss Elizabeth, 522 Summit Av., Hagerstown, Md. 

Dallam, Mrs. Henry Clay, 1216 Bolton St. 

Dallam, Mr. and Mrs. C. Braxton (nee Fisher), 708 St. Paul St. 

Daly, Mr. and Mrs. Owen, 1006 Cathedral St. 

Daly, Miss Adele E., 1006 Cathedral St 

Daly, Miss Irene A., 1006 Cathedral St. 

Daly, Mr. Lee E., 1006 Cathedral St. 

Daly, Miss Louise, 1006 Cathedral St. 

Daly, Mr. O. Gordon, Flarvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass, 

Dame, Rev. and Mrs. William Meade, D. D., 1409 Bolton St. 

Dame, Mr. Randolph Nelson, 1409 Bolton St. 

Dame, Mr. George W., 1409 Bolton St. 

Dame, Rev. and ]\Irs. William Page (nee Josephine Putney), 

209 jMosher St. 

Dame, Rev. Dr. Geo. Wm., All Saints' Rectory, Reistertown, Md. 

Dammann, Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis (nee Aileen B. Cowardin), 

"Upton," 811 W. Lanvale St. 
Dammann, Miss ]\Iary E., "Upton," 811 W. Lanvale St. 

Dammann, Mr. F. William, Jr., "Upton," 811 W. Lanvale St. 

Dammann, Miss, "Upton," 811 W. Lanvale St. 

Dammann, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. J. Francis, Jr. (nee ]\Iabel A. Lynde), 

Winnetka, 111. 

Dancy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Battle, 922 St. Paul St. 

Dancy, Miss Eliza Battle, 922 St. Paul St. 

Dancy, Mr. Wm. Grimes, 922 St Paul St. 

Dancy, :\Ir. Frank Battle, Jr., St. Elmo Hall, University of Va. 


84 D 

Dancy, Mr. Bryan Grimes, Cottage Club, Princeton University. 

Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank (nee Menetta W.Brooks). 

1421 Hawthorne Ter., Berkeley, Cal. 

Darrell, Mr. Charles, 21 12 Oak St. 

Darrell, Miss Sallie, 2112 Oak St. 

Darrell, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cavendish (nee Anne L. Beck). 

iiOQ N. Eutaw St 
Darrell, Miss Marie Josephine, 1109 N. Eutaw St 

Dashiell, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas L., 2927 St. Paul St. 

Dashiell, Mrs. Charles W., 181 1 Guilford A^ 

Dashiell, The Misses, 181 1 Guilford Av. 

Dashiell, Ensign and Mrs. Geo. W. Davison (nee Margaret Rohe), 

U. S. Navy. 

Dashiell, Mrs. Louisa Turpin, 2340 Madison Av. 

Dashiell, Miss Mary L., 2340 Madison Av. 

Dashiell, The Misses, 2514 Madison Av. 

Daugherty, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 1607 Park Av. 

Daugherty, Miss Emma D., 1607 Park Av. 

Daves, Mrs. Edward Graham, 1528 Bolton St. 

Daves, Miss, 1528 Bolton St. 

Daves, Mr. and Mrs. John C. (nee Pitt), 136 W. Lanvale St. 

Davidson, Air. and Mrs. William T., 

Davidson, Miss Harriet N., 

Davidson, Miss Louise, Garrison P. O., Md. 

Davidson, Mrs. Jos. E., 205 W. 78th St., New York. 

Davidson, The Misses, 205 W. 78th St., New York. 

Davidson, Mr. Joseph Hamilton, La Paz, Bolivia. 

Davidson, Col. and Mrs. J. Hull (nee Elizabeth McCann), New York City. 

Davies, Mrs. John F., 1206 John St. 

Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Seabury, 1505 Park Av. 

Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Landon (nee Alice Pendergast), 

1532 Park A v. 
Davies, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (nee Annette Levering). 

"Aldcroft," Catonsville, Aid. 

Davis, Aliss Mary Winter, Greece. 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. George Gibson, York Road, above Rodgers Forge. 

Davis, Air. Howard G., York Road, above Rodgers Forge. 

Davis, The Misses, 1301 Bolton St. 

Davis, Air. and Airs. Chas. Howard, 412 E. Twenty-second St. 


Davis, Mrs. Augustus Gansevoort, 1706 iMadison Av. 

Davis, S. Griffith, M.D., Baltimore Club. 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Marion B., Elkridge, Md. 

Davis, The IMisses, Relay P. O., Md. 

Davis, The Messrs. Relay P. O., Md. 

Davis, ]\Ir. and Airs. Jesse A. (nee Lucy C. Klonian), 

Charles- St. Av., near Overhill Road. 

Davis, Dr. and Airs. John Staige (nee Kathleen Bovvdoin), 

1200 Cathedral St. 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Aldrich (nee Martha Clark Manning), 

"Melrose," P. O. Station H, Charles-St. Av. 

Davis, Lieut, and Airs. Leslie C. (U. S. N.) (nee Eleanor B. Hunting), 

2SS Prince George St., Annapolis, Aid. 

Davison, Air. and Airs. George Wilson, 
Davison, Aliss Carolina V., 
Davison, Aliss Elizabeth T., 

Dawkins, Mr, Walter I., 

Dawkins, Aliss Frances Alethea, 

Dawson, Aliss, 
Dawson, Air. Edgar R., 

Dawson, Air. and Airs. J. Hill (nee White), 
Dawson, Aliss Priscilla Ridgely, 
Dawson, Aliss Lucy Terrell, 

Dawson, Airs. Roger T., 

Dawson, Alessrs. A. Alaurice and E. Rowland, 

Dawson, Air. Edward Rowland, 

Dawson, Airs. W. Symington, 

Dawson, Airs. Olivia Coulter, 

Dawson, Air. and Airs. Thomas Alatthews, 

Deale, Aliss Nannie P., 
Deale, Aliss Sara B., 

Dean, Air. and Airs. Grove Parker, 

The Beethoven, Park Av. and AIcAIcchen St. 

906 Cathedral St. 
906 Cathedral St. 
906 Cathedral St. 

The Latrobe Apts. 

1220 W. Lafayette Av. 

8 E. Madison St. 
8 E. Madison St. 

Stevenson, Md. 
Stevenson, Aid. 
Stevenson, Aid. 

1716 N. Charles St. 
1716 N. Charles St. 

Lennox Apts., E. Orange, N. J. 

102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

1331 Bolton St. 

Wiltondale Road, Towson, Aid. 

2101 N. Calvert St. (2d apt.) 
2101 N. Colvert St. (2d apt.) 

Dean, Dr. Alary Alcad, 

DeFord, Airs. William, 
DeFord, Aliss Lydia Howard. 
DeFord, Miss Nancy Howard, 

Deford, Air. and Airs. Thomas, Jr. (nee Smith). 

(Oakdenc, Brooklandville, Aid.) 

901 N. Calvert St. 

401 N. Charles St. 
401 N. Charles St. 
401 N. Charles St. 

Luray, Va. 

Deford, Mr. and jNIrs. B. Frank (nee Drewry), 24 E. Eager St. 

("Elenola," Riderwood, Md.) 

Deford, Mr. and Mrs. John Edward (nee Agnes Drewry), Ruxton, Md. 

Deford, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell (nee Mary Dorothea Hoffman), 

30 E. Preston St. for the Winter. 
("Folly Farm,"Towson P. O., Md.) 

Delano, Mr. and Mrs. James (nee Edith Sinclair Barnard), 

Delia Torre, Miss. 1629 N. Calvert St. 

Delia Torre, Mr. Frank, 1629 N. Calvert St. 

Deming, Mr. and Mrs. John B.. 215 Mosher St. 

Deming, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, 1713 Park PI. 

Deming, Mrs. J. C, Jr., 1713 Park PI. 

Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry (nee Kensett), 931 St. Paul St. 

Denig, Lieut, and Mrs. Robert Livingston, U. S. Naval Station, 

Olongapo, Philippine Islands. 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (nee Elizabeth Cromwell), 

"Hill House Farm," Timonium P. O., Md. 
Denison, Mr. Robert M., "Hill House Farm," Timonium P. O., Md. 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. H. Marcus, 10 E. Read St. 

Denison, Miss Charlotte, 10 E. Read St. 

Denison, Mr. John Marcus, Princeton University. 

Denison, Mrs. John M., Washington Apts. 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. John M. (nee Evelyn M.Ellison), Rosemont, Pa. 

Denmead, Mr. and Mrs. Talbott, 2830 St. Paul St. 

Denmead, Mrs. Carrie, The Albion. 

Denmead, Mr. and Mrs. Garner W. (nee Leonie von Knobloch), 

3027 St. Paul St. 

Dennis, Ex-Judge and Mrs. J. Upshur, 605 Park Av. 

Dennis, Miss Dora L., 605 Park Av. 

Dennis, Mr. and ^Irs. J. ^Murdoch (nee Louise T. Haskins). 

The Washington Apts. 

Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. George R., Jr. (nee ]\Iary Worthington IMcGill). 

Church St., Frederick, Md. 
("Flampton," Frederick Co., Md., from May to October.) 

Dennis, Mr. and ]\Irs. John McPherson (nee Chiles). 

"Essex Farm," Riderwood, Md. 

Dennis, Mr. and ]Mrs. James Teackle, 

"Tyrconnell," Woodbrook, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Dennis, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Archibald Russell, The Latrobe Apts. 

Dennis, ;Mr. and Mrs. James Upshur (nee Louise Irene Craig), 

Denny, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Littrell (nee Elizabeth C Hollingsworth), 

1240 X. Xew Jersey St., IndianapoHs, Tnd. 

Denny, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M., 

Denny, Mr. and Mrs. WilHam R., (Of Boston) 1024 N. Calvert St. 

Denny, ISlr. James W., 1900 Linden Av. 

Dent, Miss Margaret K., 916 St. Paul St. 

(Brookland, Pa.) 

De Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene, 118 W.Lafayette Av. 

Deringer, Mrs. B. McLean, "The Terraces," Philipsburg, Centre Co., Pa. 

Despard, Mrs. Burton. 1806 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Despard, Dr. Duncan L.. 1806 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Monterey, Blue Ridge Summit P. O., Pa.) 

Detrick, Miss Lillie, 104 E. Biddle St. 

Detrick, ^Miss Katharine Louise, 104 E. Biddle St. 

Detrick, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Ruxton, Md. 

Detrick, ]Mr. and ]Mrs. Louis F. (nee Jennie Stockton ]\Iitchell), 

Ruxton, Md. 

Detrick, Mr. and Mrs. J. S., 205 E. Preston St. 

Detrick, Miss Mabel, 205 E. Preston St. 

Devennev. ]^Ir. and ]\Irs. Herman (nee Gulielma Penn ]\IcCann), 

319 Hazel Road. Sewickley, Pa. 

Devereux, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Alfred P. (nee Grace Devries Tuck), 

2220 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
DeVries. Mrs. William. R., 

3515 Woodley Road N. W., Mt. St. Alban. Washington, D. C. 
DeVries, Rev. William Levering, Ph.D., (Canon of Washington Cathedral). 

3515 Woodley Road N. W., :\It. St. Alban, Washington, D. C. 

Devries, Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver, 118 W.Franklin St. 

Devries, Mr. J. Roland, 118 W. Franklin St. 

Devries, Mrs. Christian. Towson, Md. 

Devries, Miss Viola M., Towson, Md. 

Devries, Mr. Harry A., Rose Hill, Pikesville, Md. 

Dewing, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Edwin (nee Susan Latimer Franklin), 

39 W. 55th St., New York. 

De Witt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 5 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

De Witt, Miss Beatrice, 5 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

De Witt, Mr. and J\Irs. Charles, Jr., Rogers Ave., Pimlico. 

De Witt, Dr. and Mrs. Alex. Sanders (nee Elinor Marie Bloomfield), 

1016 Third Av., Detroit, Mich. 

Dick, ^liss Eliza M., 
Dickey, Miss Jeanette M., 
Dickey, Miss Henrietta S., 
Dickey, ]\Ir. and J\Irs. Charles H. 
Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. Philip S., 

312 Inglcside Av., Catonsville, Md. 

114 E. Eager St. 

2I2Q N. Charles St. 

25 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

1829 N. Calvert St. 

Dickinson, Mr. and ]\Irs. Philemon (nee Mildred Sterett Dulany), 

"The Hermitage," Villa Nova, Pa. 

Dickinson, ]\Iiss Laura D., 

Dickson, Miss Henrietta, 

Didier. ]\Iiss Helen. 

Didier, Mr. H.D'Arcy. 

Didier, Miss Angela de Bcrnabeu, 
Didier, Miss Edith Northrop, 
Didier, Miss Claudia Bellinger, 

Dieter, Miss Eleanor M., 
Dieter, Mr. R. Rennert, 

Dieterich, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. (nee May Brown), 

963 Eifth Av., New York. 

Diffenderffer, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., 

Allendale Road & Beach Av., Walbrook. 
Diffenderffer, Mr. J. K. E., Allendale Road & Beach Av., Walbrook. 

Diffenderffer, Mr. C. R., Allendale Road & Beach Av, Walbrook. 

Diffenderffer, ^Irs. \Vm. Stewart, 

1 125 St. Paul St. 

315 W. Monument St. 

t.. New York. 

Roanoke, Va. 

1721 N.Calvert St. 
1721 N. Calvert St. 
1 72 1 N. Calvert St. 

T125 N. Charles St. 
1 125 N. Charles St. 

"Oaklands," Garrison P. O., ?\Id. 

The Montreal. 
1'he Montreal. 

Diffenderffer, Miss Salome L., 
Diffenderffer, Mr. Henry Michael, 

Diffenderffer, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Agustus (nee Susan C. Diffenderffer). 

"Woodbrook Farms." Woodbrook. ?Jd. 

Dil worth, Mrs. Emma B., 
Dilworth, Mr. Edward F., 

Dimmock, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 
Dimmock, Miss Natalie, 

Dimmock, Mr. and Mrs. James C, 

Dimpfel. !\liss Alaria JVimblc, 

Dinneen, Mrs. John EI.. 
Dinncen, Mr. John H., Jr.. 

1520 Eutaw PI. 
1529 Eutaw PI. 

600 W. 169th St., New York. 
600 W. 169th St., New York. 

1640 }^Iacombs Road, New York. 

"Walton," Easton, Md. 

"Mt. Erin," Walbrook. 
"Alt. Erin," Walbrook. 

Dinneen, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hale (nee Laura Virginia Jenkins), 

The Druid Apartments. 

Dimicen. Air. AI. Archibald, "Alt. Erin." Walbrook. 

Dinneen, Mr. and j\Irs. Henry Houston (nee Eleanor F. Hayward), 

"Mar/awan,"' Roslyn, I\Id. 

Dinning, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Ernest Lawrence (nee Nora Kathleen Lemon), 

"Birdwood," Ruxton, Md. 

Distler, 'Mv. and ^Nlrs. John Cyrus, 2905 N. Calvert St. 

Distler, Mr. Carl ^L, 2905 N. Calvert St. 

Distler, :\Ir. Walter G.. 2905 N. Calvert St. 

Distler, Mr. John Cyrus, 2905 N. Calvert St. 

Ditman, Air. and Mrs. Wm. Clinton, 859 Park Av. 

Ditman, Miss Grace Barrow, 859 Park Av. 

Dixon, Mrs. M. J., "Noxid," Columbia, Conn. 

Dixon, Mrs. William T., St. Paul Apts. 

Dixon. .Miss Marv Bartlett, St. Paul Apts. 

("Bloomfield," Easton, Md.) 

Dixon, Mrs. Isaac H. (nee White), 823 Park Av. 

Dixon, Mr. Wm. T., . 823 Park Av. 

Dixon, Miss Mary Allen, 823 Park Av. 

Dixon, jMiss Elizabeth White, 823 Park Av. 

Dixon, Miss Katharine, 823 Park Av. 

Dixon, ]\Ir. and Mrs. George Dallas, 709 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dixon, Mr. and ]\Irs. Geo. Dallas, Jr., (nee Agnes R. Groome), 

Syracuse, N, Y. 

Dixon, Mr. Robert B., "North Bend," Easton, Md. 

Dixon, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs, James (nee Elizabeth Wright), 

"North Bend," Easton, Md. 

Dixon, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. Wm. Amoss (nee Needles), 

207 Wendover Road, Guilford. 

Dobbin, ]\Irs. Thomas ^M., 1308 Bolton St. 

Dobbin, IMiss, 1308 Bolton St. 

Dobbin, j\Iiss Rebecca, 1308 Bolton St. 

Dobbin, INIiss Anne Bathurst, 1308 Bolton St. 

Dobbin, Mr. and i\Irs. Robert A., Jr. (nee Maria Tilton Hemsley), 

Lawyer's Hill, Relay, Md. 

Dobbin, Dr. and Mrs. George W. (nee Dunderdale), 56 W. Biddle St. 

Dobbin, Mrs. Isabel L., 1522 Bolton St. 

Dodd, Mr. J. H., Gilman Country School, Roland Park. 

Donald, Miss J. O., 1331 Bolton St. 

Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (nee Shoemaker), 1033 N.Calvert St. 
Donaldson, Miss Miriam S.. 1033 N. Calvert St. 

Donaldson, Miss Elizabeth W., 

(Brown, Shipley & Co., 123 Pall Mall, London.) 


Donaldson, Mrs. Wm. W. (nee Iloogewerff), Elkridge, Md. 

Donaldson, Miss Elise, 1337 Mt. Royal A v. 

Donaldson, Miss Rosalie, Reisterstown, ]\Id. 

Donaldson, Miss Mary, 1518 Connecticut Av.. Washington, D. C 

Donaldson, Miss Lucy, Elkridge, Howard Co., Md. 

Donaldson, Miss Harriet F., West River, Md. 

Donaldson, Mrs. Frederick B., 

(Of Lawyer's Hill. Relay P. O., Md.) 1808 St. Paul St. 
Donaldson, Mr. Thomas, 

(Of Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., ^Id.) 1808 St. Paul St. 
Donaldson, i\Ir. Arthur B., 

(Of Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Md.) 1808 St. Paul St. 

l^onaldson, ]Mrs. Nannie Beirne, 129 East loth St., New York. 

Donaldson, Mr. John Wilcox, Delta Phi Club, 612 W. ii6th St., New York. 

Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (nee Annie Harvey Talbot), 

Colonial Heights, Tuckahoe. N. Y. 

Donaldson, j\lr. and Mrs. Roderick Douglas (nee Lydia H. Kirk), 

New York. 

Doniphan, Mrs. Edward Stiles, 34 Jefferson Av.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Donn, Mrs. John W., 135 W. Lafayette Av. 

Donnelly, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. William J., 

Charles- St. A v. and Bishop's Road, Guilford. 

Dorsey, Mr. and ^Irs. Daniel B., 26 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Dorsey, Miss Susan Whitelock, 26 E. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (of T.), 207 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Dorsey, Mr. Charles H., 102 State St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Dorsey, ]\Irs. John W., 102 State St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Dorsey, Mr. John W., Uni. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Can. 

Dorsey, Mrs. Robert, Newport, Ark. 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. (nee Hattie Bowie), Rockville. ]Md. 

Dorsey, Miss Sallie Webster, 2127 N. Charles St. 

Dorse}', Mr. and ]\Irs. John R., 1107 St. Paul St. 

Dorsey, Mr. James Hooper, 1107 St. Paul St. 

Dorsey, Mr. John Lanahan, 1107 St. Paul St. 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R., 1432 John St. 

Dorsey, Mr. Frank G., The Albion. 

Dorsey, Miss Nannie E., The Albion. 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard, 1432 John St. 

Dorsey, Mr. George Edwin, 1432 John St. 

Dcsh, Mrs. Catherine B., 1525 Linden Av. 

Dosh, Miss A. Katherine, 1525 Linden Av. 

Dosh, Miss Mary K., 1525 Linden Av. 

Dosh, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Govanstown, Md. 

Dot}', Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas (nee Nannie T. Whiteley), Catonsville, Md. 

Dougherty. Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., 1813 N. Charles St. 

Dougherty, Mr. Harry R.. 1813 N. Charles St. 

Dovle. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson. 

The Boulevard, St. Paul and 32d Sts. 

Doyle, Mr. and ]\Irs. James Clarence, 4405 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa, 
Doyle, ^Ir. Romulus G., 4405 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Doyle, Mr. James C, Jr., 4405 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Doyle, Mr. and I\Irs. Arthur R. (nee Aiken) , 

Drewry, Dr. and Mrs. Cooper R. (nee Mary Tasker James), 

"Tower Hill," Catonsville, Md. 

Drexel, Mrs. Anthony J. (nee Rita Armstrong), 

59 Portland PL, London, Eng. 
Drexel, Mr. Armstrong, 59 Portland PI., London, Eng. 

Drexel, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Jr. (nee Marjorie Gould), New York City. 

Duane, Mr. and ^Irs. Franklin, 1029 St. Paul St. 

Du Barry, }\Ir. and Mrs. F. Duane (nee Alice Maud Rich). 

701 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Dudley, Dr. and ]Mrs. Benjamin William (nee Ethel Croxall Slinduff), 

Short Hills, N. J. 

Duer, Miss Isabel, 211 E. Biddle St. 

Duer, Miss Edith, 211 E. Biddle St. 

Duer, Mrs. A. Adgate (nee Marshall), "Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer, Miss Henrietta Adgate, "Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer, j\Ir. and Mrs. John, Jr. (nee Agnes Barton), 

"Weyanoke," Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Duer, Mr. and ]\Irs. Thomas IMarshall, 605 N. Charles St. 

Duer, Mrs. Douglas H. (nee Blodgett), 1020 N.Calvert St. 

Duer, Mr. Henry Townsend, 1020 N. Calvert St. 

("Allstone," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Duer, Mr. and ^Irs. Andrew Adgate (nee Ellen Gowen Robinson), 

Read Apts., 13 E. Read St. 

Duer, Mr. and JNIrs. Leland Blodgett (nee Dorothy Dean Tate), 

loi East 75th St., New York. 

Duer. Dr. and Mrs. S. Naudain, 1916 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Duer, Mr. Edward L. 2d, Princeton, N. J. 

Duen.Ali". Edward Page, rnS N. Charles St. 

Ducr, Col. Henry La.v, ii E. Chase St. 

Duer, Mr. Bruce White, Superintendent B. & O. R. R., Chicago. III. 

Duff, Dr. and Mrs. David Edward (nee Roberts), 

Ken Oak and Green Spring Avs., Mt. Washington, Md. 

Duff, Miss Alary G.. The Cecil Ai)ts. 

Duffy, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (nee Sams), 138 W. Lanvale St. 

Dugan, Miss, "The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

Dugan, Miss Harriet Buchanan, "The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

Dugan, Mr. Cumberland, Jr., "The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

Dugan, Mr. Joseph M., "The Wilderness," Ilchester, Md. 

Dugan, Aliss Alary Coale, 225 W. Preston St. 

Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand C. (nee Boone), Catonsville, Md. 

Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nelson (nee Ridout), 1740 Park PI. 

Dugan, Air. and Airs. Hammond J. (nee Markoe), 907 St. Paul St. 

Duke, Air. and Airs. Wm. Bernard, 

"Wilbermar Fields," Riderwood P. O., Aid. 

Dukehart, Air. and Airs. Alorton McI. (nee Alabel Woodland Comegys), 

2744 N. Calvert St. 

Dulany, Airs. Weaker (nee Nellie Simmons), Address 7 W.Preston St. 

Dulany, Aliss Eleanor Grafton, Address 7 W. Preston St. 

Dulany, Air. Grafton Lloyd, - Address 7 W. Preston St. 

Dulany, Air. and Airs. H. Rozier, Washington, D. C. 

Dulany, Airs. John AI. (nee Mary R. Weedon), 1516 Linden Av. 

Dulany, Air. and Airs. James Clarke (nee Jose])hine Lanahan). 

Washington Apts. 

Dulany, Aliss Edith Claire, Hotel St. Louis, 34 E. 32d St., New York. 

Dulany, Air. and Airs. Randolph Gordon (nee Rcid), 

7 Norwood Place, Guilford. 

Dulany, Mr. Walter Guy, Victoria Apts. 

Dulin, Aliss, 107 W. Monument St. 

Duncan, Prof, and Airs. Lewis, New York. 

Duncan, Airs. Rich. McKim, 411 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Duncan, Aliss Emily W., 411 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Dunham, Air. and Mrs. James A., 7 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Dunham, Miss Dorothy Hurd, 7 Alidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Dunham, Air. and Airs. Francis H. (nee Kathcrine F.Davis), 

Wilmington. Del. 

D 93 

Dunn, iMiss Louisa K., 851 Park Av. 

Dunn, ]\Irs. C. Irwin. (Of 30 E, Preston St.) California for the Winter. 

Dunn, Miss Margaret Oliver, 

(Of 30 E. Preston St.) California for the Winter. 

Dunn. Mr. C. Irwin, Care of ]\Ir. Edmund Michael. Perryman. Aid. 

Dunn, Com. Herhert O. (U. S. N.), New York. 

Dunott. Dr. and ]\Irs. Daniel Z., 3 Upland Road, Roland Park. 

Dunott, Mrs. Thomas J., 712 St. Paul St. 

Dunott, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Justus (nee Mary Harrison Ritchie), 

2424 Guilford Av. 

Dushane, Aliss Alexanda, 1435 Bolton St. 

Dushane, Miss Nanna Duke, 1435 Bolton St. 

Duvall, Mr. and Mrs. G. Howard, Sudbrook Park, :\Id. 

Duvall. ]\Iiss Sophia Howard, Sudbrook Park, ~\Id. 

Duvall, Mr. and IMrs. William E. Post, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Duvall, ]Mr. and I\Irs. Richard Mareen (nee Goldsboroughj, 

20C9 N. Charles St. 

Duvall, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Walter Post (nee ]\Iarion A. Osborn), 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Duvall, Mr. Herman von Kapff, Fuller-Golden Apts., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Duvall, Aliss ^Margaret R., 

Duvall. :\[rs. Hobart, iioi N. Calvert St. 

Duvall. Mr. Walter, iioi N. Calvert St. 

Duvall, ]\Ir. Severn Parker Costin, 

"Solitude," Marhipongo P. O., Northampton, Co., Va. 

Duvall. Mrs. IMarius, Norfolk, Va. 

Duvall, Miss Ellen, Norfolk, Va. 

Duvall, }vlr. H. Rieman, 41 East 15th St., New York. 

Duvall, Miss Nannie G., 41 East 15th St., New York. 

Duvall, Mr. and ]\Irs. Hanson Rawlings (nee Elizabeth Curzon 

Hoffman), Islip, L. I. 

Duvall, Miss M. R., ' 704 N. Howard St. 

Duval, Mr. L. Kemp, Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C. 

Duval, :\Ir. Edwin P. R., 

Du Val, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel (nee Katharine Giese), 1226 N.Calvert St. 
Du Val, Miss Marie Hamilton, 1226 N. Calvert St. 

Du Val, r\Ir. Edmund Bryce, ' Corcoran, Cal. 

94 D 

Du Val, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Bryce (nee Jay), 2225 N.Charles St. 

Du Val, Miss Elisabeth Lansdale, 2225 N. Charles St. 

Du Val, Miss Augusta McCausland, 2225 N. Charles St. 

(Camp Parole, Anne Arundel Co., Md.) 

Du Val, Mr. Gabriel, Jr., 221 Fifth Av., San Francisco, Cal. 

Du Vivier, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Elder), New York. 

Dwyer, Mr. Daniel W., Beaumont Av., Govans. 

'* Queen of Sea Routes'' 

Merchants and Miners Trans. Co. 





(via Newport News and Norfolk) 


Through tickets on sale to principal points. 

Fine Steamers. Best Service, Low Fares. Staterooms De Luxe, Baths, Wireless. 
Send for Booklet. 

W. p. TURNER. Passenger Traffic Manager 

General Offices : S. E. Cor. Light and German Sts. 






: : BALTIMORE : : 


An unusual stock of Sheffield Plate, China and 
Glassware, Pictures, Mirrors and Trays, Artistic 
Jewelry, Leather and Brass Things, Electroliers, 
Art Pieces, Books and Stationery. 

Wedding Invitations, Visiting Cards and all 
Social Forms Correctly Engraved, Coat of Arms, 
Crest, Monogram and Address Dies well 
executed and Stamped on Fine Papers. 

^^^^"^ """^--^1 A Beautiful Store with Odd and Unique things 







Eager, Rev. and Mrs. John H., New York. 

Eager, Air. Geo. Taylor. New York. 

Eager, :\Iiss Harriet Ida. New York. 

Eager, Miss Elizabeth G., 1014 Cathedral St. 

Eager, Mr. C. Aiiville, 1014 Cathedral St. 

Eager, Mr. John Howard. 1014 Cathedral St. 

Eareckson, Dr. and Mrs. William R., Elkridge, Md. 

Eareckson, Miss Elizabeth. Elkridge, Md. 

Eareckson, Miss Augusta Thompson, Elkridge, Md. 

Earle, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel T., ' 143 1 Linden Av. 

Earle, Miss Mary Isabelle, 1431 Linden Av. 

Earle, Miss Rosetta U., 1431 Linden Av. 

Early, Miss ^Iveline Rieman, 711 Park Av. 

Early, Mrs. Alexander Rieman, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Early, Mr. John D., Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Early, Ensign Alex. R. (U. S. N.), Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Earp, Mrs. George, 22 W. Biddle St. 

Earp, Miss, 22 W. Biddle St. 

("Earpdene," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Easby, Mr. and Mrs. Francis H., Philadelphia. 

Easter, Mrs. Hamilton, 1313 Park Av. 
Easter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. (nee Jacqueline Metivier), 1313 Park Av. 

Eaton, The Misses, 119 W.Franklin St. 

Ebert, Dr. and Mrs. J. Wm. (nee Louise Bowly), Winchester, Va. 

Edie, Capt. and Mrs. John R. (U.S.N.) (nee Caroline Boyd Hilles), 

Edelcn. Mr. and Mrs. J. Wall)ach (nee Frances de C. Boggs), 

114 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., 323 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Edmonds, Miss Mary E., 323 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Edmondson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Singleton (nee Rushton), 

2517 Bryn Mawr Av., Bala, Pa. 

Edmondson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Winder, 904 St. Paul St. 

Edmondson, Mr. Joseph Airey, 904 St. Paul St. 

Edmondson, Mr. J. Hooper, 904 St. Paul St. 

("Blythevvood," Charles-Street Av.) 

Edmondson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gordon (nee Katherine M. Waters), 

Eversham Av., Govans, Md. 

Edmondson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Winder, Jr.. 

Belk'vieu-Manchester, Cor. Bloom St. and Madison Av. 


Edwards, Rev, Evan Alexander, The Rectory, Laurence, Kansa-. 

Edwards, Mrs. R. W., The Rectory, Laurence, Kansas. 

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. (nee Marie Louise Abell), 

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. William Seymour, 614 Park Av. 

Egerton, J\Ir. and Mrs. Bayard Calvert, 604 W. North Av. 

Egerton, Miss Mary E. S., 604 W. North Av. 

Egerton, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E., Jr., 

Egerton, Dr. and ]Mrs. Kcnnon W., The Homeuood Apt?. 

Egerton, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart (nee White), i E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Ehlen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, "The Rest," Towson, Md. 

Ehlen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snowden (nee Marie Randall Parker), 

"The Rest," Towson, Md. 

Eichelberger, ]^Irs. Byrd Gambrill (nee Lorelle Faunt Le Roy). 

The Brexton. 

Eisenbrey, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Philip, Jr., Haverford, Pa. 

Eisenbrey, Mrs. Irene C, Haverford, Pa. 

Eisenbrey, ^liss Ella D., Haverford, Pa. 

Elder, Mrs. Robert North, "Robinswood," Garrison, Balto. Co., Md. 

Elder, Miss Elizabeth H., "Robinswood," Garrison, Balto. Co., Md. 

Elder, Mr. Franklin Voss, Chicago, 111. 

Elder, Mr. and Mrs. William Voss (nee Poe), Garrison P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

Eldridge, Pay Director and Mrs. C. FI., Wasliington, D. C. 

PVllard, 'My. and Mrs. John W., Tudor Plall, University Parkvcay. 

Ellett, Mrs. Francis M., 1430 Linden Av. 

Ellett, Miss, 143D Linden Av. 

Ellett, Miss Mary Garland, T430 Linden Av. 

Ellicott, Miss, The Albion. 

Ellicott, Miss Nannie Poultney, 147 W. Lafayette Av. 

Ellicott, Miss Nancy Poultney, 

Rockefeller Hospital, 66th St. and Av. A, New York City. 

Ellicott, Mr. and ^Mrs. Charles Ellis, Melvale, Md. 

Ellicott, Mr. C. Ellis. Jr., Melvale, Md. 

Ellicott, Mr. Valcoulon L., Melvale, Md. 

Ellicott, :Mr. David B., "Rockland," Darlington, "xld. 

(University Club.) 

Ellicott, Mrs. C. Lewis, "Rockland," Darlington, Md. 

Ellicott, Mr. David B., Jr., "Rockland," Darlington, Md. 

Ellicott, Miss Sarah Poultney, "Rockland," Darlington, Md. 


Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Tyson (nee Eugenia Deyden), 

212 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Ellicott, Mr. William AL, 

Ellicott, Mr. and i\Irs. Francis, 
Ellicctt. Mr. Thomas A., 
Ellicott, Mr. William H., 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. John ]\Iorris, 

Elliott, ]\Irs. Lily Tyson, 

Elliott, Miss JNIargaret Blow, 

Elliott, Mr. Charles. 

Address 1102 Union Trtist Bldg. 

Lake Station, Rnxton P. O. 
Lake Station, Ruxton P. O. 
Lake Station, Ruxton P. O. 

United States Navy. 

Warwick. Ellicott City, Md. 

Church Home and Infirmary. 

1818 Q St. X. W.. Washington. D. C. 

Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rhett (nee Marion L.Patterson), 

207 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Elliott, Judge and i\Irs. Thos. Ireland (nee Corinne B. Vickers), 

2026 Mt. Royal Av. 

Ellis, Dr. and Mrs. R. H. P., 22 N. Carey St. 

Ellison, Mr. and ]\Irs. H. Howard, Jr. (nee Elsie Blakistone Foard), 

1953 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
(Rosemont, Pa.j 

Ells, Mrs. N. Briggs, 

Ells, Miss Ravida Harding, 

Elsroad, Mr. and Mrs. J. Towson, 

Elsroad, Miss Frances S., 

Ely, Prof, and Mrs. Richard T., 
Elv, Mr. and Mrs. Richard S., 
Ely, Mr. John T. A., 
Ely, Miss Anna M.. 

Emerson, Dr. and Mrs. Isaac, 

Emer}^ Mr. and Mrs. John Ralph, 

Emery, Mrs. Ella Porter, 

Emery, Mrs. Ella W., 

Emory, Mrs. William Hooper, 

Emory, Miss Laura Hunt, 

St. Paul Apts. 
St. Paul Apts. 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 

108 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

205 Prospect Av., Madison, Wis. 

205 Prospect Av., Madison, Wis. 

205 Prospect Av., Madison, Wis. 

205 Prospect Av., Madison, Wis. 

Hotel Emerson. 

211 E. Preston St. 

943 N. Calvert St. 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

"Grey Rock,"' Pikesville P. O., Md. 

"Grey Rock," Pikesville P. O., Md. 

Emory, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Jr. (nee Brady), Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Emory, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks (nee Catherine F. Linthicum), 

205 Woodlawn Poad, Roland Park. 

Emory, Mrs. Mary Davidson, 

Emorj', Mr. and Mrs. German H. H. (nee Lucy S. Stump), 

213 E. Biddle St. 

100 E 

Emory, Mrs. Wilmer, 2006 Maryland Av. 

Emory, Miss Margaret Vernon, 2006 Maryland Av. 

England, Mrs. Rhctt INIilier, 1017 Cathedral St. 

England, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1507 Park Av. 

England, Mr. Joseph Townsend, 121 1 N.Calvert St. 

England, Miss Mary K., 121 1 N.Calvert St. 

Englar, IMiss jMargaret T., 1219 Madison Av. 

Estep, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. (nee Sudler), 

"Tudor," Lothian P. O., Anne Arundel Co., Md. 

Evans, Mrs. Henry C, 605 St. Paul St. 

Evans, Miss Ethlyn Garrettson, 605 St. Paul St. 

Evans, Miss May Garrettson, 615 St. Paul St. 

Evans, Miss Marion Dorsey, 615 St. Paul St. 

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garrettson (nee Ella Warfield), 

Calvert Court Apts., Cor. Calvert and 31st. Sts. 
Evans, Mr. Henry C. Calvert Court Apts., Cor. Calvert and 31st Sts. 

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gill, 818 University Parkway. 

Evans, Miss Helen Ludington, 818 University Parkway. 

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Cortlandt dc Lacy, Lake Sta., Baltimore Co., ?^Id. 

("Sandanona," Rye Beach, N. H.) 

Evans, Dr. and Mrs. Philip S., Jr. (nee Mary Grace Levering). 

Yang Chow, China. 

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. James (nee Lucy Powell), Florence, S. C. 

Everton, Mr. Wallace R., 816 N. Eutaw St. 

Ewing, Maj. and Mrs. Charles Beverly (LT. S. A.), (nee Leila 

W.Johnson), Montebello Apts., 24th & N.Charles St. 

Ewing, Mr. John C. Febriger, ]\Iontebello Apts., 24th & N.Charles St. 

Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson, 100 Edgevale Road. Roland Park. 
Ewing, Mr. H. Gordon, 100 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Ewing, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Nathaniel, (nee Kathcrinc Cherbonnier). 

1706 ?^Iadison Av. 

Evrc. Mr. Wilson Lear, 151^1 Mt. Royal Av. 

Fabyan, Dr. and ^vlrs. Marshal (nee Eleanor McCormick), 

379 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 

Fahnestock, Mr. and ]\Irs. Harry (nee Bessie Wetherill), 2503 Madison Av. 

Fahnestock, Mr. Albert, 2503 Madison Av. 

("Halten P'arms," Sparks, Baltimore Co.) 

Fairfax, Mrs. Donald MacNeill, "The Anchorage,'" Westminster, Md. 

Fairfax, ^Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Percy, 24 E. Madison St. 

P^airfax, Miss Caroline Snowden, llie Albion. 

Fairfax, Mr. William Redwood, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Fairfax, Mrs. I. C, ,162 East 46th St., New York. 

Fant, Miss Josephine, 12 W. Madison St 

Farber, Mrs. A. E., 1012 N. Charles St. 

Farber, Miss Augustine H., 1012 N. Charles St. 

Farber, Mrs. Henry J., 1012 N. Charles St. 

Farber, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. (nee Mercer), 925 N.Calvert St. 

Farber, Mr. and Airs. Brent Harrison (nee Henrietta M.Brooks), 

Roland Park. 

Farber, Mr. and ]\Irs. G. Adolph (nee Katharine Goldsborough), 

Kensington Court PI. W., London, England. 

Farber, Mrs. Robert S., 1625 McCulloh St. 

Farnandis, Miss Elizabeth D., Stockdale, Belair, Harford Co., Md. 

Farnandis, Mr. Walter, in Waverly Ten 

Farquharson, Mrs. Ray G., 9 E. Read St. 

Fassig, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lanard, The Woodrow Apts., E. 30th St. 

Faunt Le Roy, ]\Ir. and Mrs. William Reid (nee Frances Garrett Robinson), 

4101 Bateman Av., Windsor Hills. 

Faunt Le Roy, ]\lr. and Mrs. Harry Wright (nee Fannie Cox Wilds), 

606 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Fearn, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Washington. 

Fehsenfeld, Mr. and Mrs. Louis (nee Estella Davis), 

102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Fclton, Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton, Jr. (nee Luisa Macgill Gibson), 

Macon, Ga. 

Fcnhagen, Mr. and Mrs. James Corner, 107 Charlcote Road, Guilford. 

Fenton,Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman, 1421 Bolton St. 

Fenton, Miss 1421 Bolton St. 

Fenton, Miss Lucile, 1421 Bolton St. 


102 F 

Fenwick, Mrs. Henry A., ii8 W. Lanvale St. 

Fenwick, Mr. Charles G., ii8 W. Lanvale St. 

Fenwick, j\Ir. and Mrs. G. Bernard (nee 3*Jargaret ^lary Griffiss), 

Marberne Manor, Glyndon. Md. 

Ferguson, Major J. Du Gue, S73 Park Av. 

Ferguson, Mr. and ]\lrs. James F. (nee ■Mary Trenholm), 873 Park Av. 

Ferguson, Mrs. J. Henry, The Albion. 

Ferguson, !\'Ir. J. Harry, Maryland Club. 

Field, }^Ir. and ]\Irs. Chas. Wm. (nee Von Lingen), 601 Cathedral St. 

Findlay. Mrs. John \^an Lear, (of 927 St. Paul St.) 

care Mrs. Yorkc Allen, S. Orange, N. J. 

Findlay, Mrs. Courtenaye O'Donnell, Roland Park. 

Findlay, Miss Ellen Boyd, 1016 Cathedral St. 

Findlay, Miss Mary P. Boyd, 1016 Cathedral St. 

Finlay, ]Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stevenson, Jr. (nee Jean F.Perkins), 

261 Highbrook Av., Pelham Heights, N. Y. 

Finney, Dr. and Mrs. John M. T., 1300 Eutaw PI. 

Finney, Mr. John ]\L T., Jr., Princeton. 

Finney, Mr. Eben D.. Princeton. 

Fischer, Miss Caroline, 204 E. Read St. 

Fischer, ]\Iiss Sara Elizabeth, 1041 St. Paul St. 

Fischer, Dr. and Mrs. John S. (nee Maude McShane), 

JIG Belvidere Av., Arlington. 
Fischer, Mrs. P. L. C. (nee Brown), 

"Stoneleigh," Rodgers Forge P. O., Md. 

Fishburn, Mrs. Randolph E., 1004 N. Charles St. 

Fisher, Mrs. Charles D., 814 N. Charles St. 


Fisher, Dr. and ^Irs. William A., Jr. (nee Anne C.Baylor), 715 Park Av. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Fisher, Mr. and Airs. Janon (nee Lemoyne), 

"The Caves," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Este (nee Sallie McLanc), 1301 Park Av. 

Fisher, Miss Louise Este, 1301 Park Av. 

Fisher, Mr. D. K. Este. Jr.. 1079 Ik^acon St., Boston. Mass. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harmanus, 10 Beechdale Road, Roland Park. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harmanus, Jr., Bradshaw. Baltimore Co., Md. 

Fisher, Miss Grace Mactier, 42 W. Biddle St. 

Fisher, ;Mr. and ^Irs. Frank (nee Sara Patterson Barker), 

6ii Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Fisher, Mr. and ^Nlrs. Edward ^IcC. (nee Lee), 

ID Beechdale Road, Roland Park. 

Fisher, ^Jv. William H., 2518 Maryland Av. 

Fisher, :\Ir. Wm. H., Jr., 2518 Maryland Av. 

Fisher, :Mr. R. Ridgely, 16 E. Lafayette Av. 

Fisher, 'Sir. Parks, Baltimore. 

Fisher, Mr. and ]vlrs. Frank S. (nee Elizabeth Coleman Clarke), 

2101 Alaryland Av. 

Fisher, Mrs. Parks, Alorgantown, W. Va. 

Fisher, Dr. Robert W., Morgantown, W. Va. 

Fisher, Mr. Parks, Jr., Morgantown, W. Va. 

Fisher, Mr. and ^^Irs. C. McClure, Relay, ]^Id. 

Fisher, Miss Grace Winchester, 1420 Park Av. 

Fisher, Mr. Robert A., 1420 Park Av. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fairbank (nee Mary Leslie Robinson), 

South Orange, N. J. 

Fisher, ?ilr. and ^Irs. Frank, Jr. (nee Lucille Wilson), 

Allston Apts.. Charles and 32d Sts. 

Fisher, ]Mrs. Frank, 1416 Bolton St. 

Fisher, Mr. Charles, 1416 Bolton St. 

Fisher, ]\Ir. Clarence, 1416 Bolton St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (nee Ellen Carroll Boone), Ruxton, Md. 

Fisher, Mr. and }klrs. Marion P. (nee Charlotte E.Pennington), 

Ruxton, ^id. 

Fisher, Mrs. Ellicott (nee Tyler), 

The Belgravia, i8th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fisher, Miss Mary B., 122 W. Franklin St. 

Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (nee M. C. Post), 3737 Park Heights Av. 

Fisk, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Lyman (n^e Carter). 

41 W. 50th St., New York City. 

Fiske. John Dwinelle, M.D.. St. James Apartments. 

Fiske, Mr. Herman Linthicum, St. James Apartments. 

Fitzgerald, 'Sir. and Mrs. Charles Gait, "Esperanza," Garrison P. O., Md. 

Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. John Morton, 214 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Fitzhugh, Mrs. H. M., Sr.. "Sunset Hill,"' Westminster, Carroll Co., Md. 

Fitzhugh, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Maynadier, Jr., 

"Sunset Hill," Westminster. Carroll Co., Md. 


Flanigan, Ensign and .Mrs. Howard A. (U.S.N.) (nee Lucy I'.. 

I'lcming, Miss Kate R., 
Fleming, Miss Elizabeth B., 

Fleming, j\Ir. and Mrs. John Perkins, 

Fleming, Dr. and Mrs. George A., 
Fleming, Miss Marjorie, 
Fleming, i\Iiss Katharine R.. 
Fleming, Miss Elizabeth Smith, 

Fletcher, Rev. William A., D.D., 

Fletcher, Mr. Thad N., Jr., 

B(;ston, Mass. 

Lake Station ( Ruxton P. (). ) 
Lake Station (Ruxton P.O.) 

224 Church Road, Ardmore. Pa. 

1018 Madison Av. 
1018 Madison Av. 
1018 Madison Av. 
1018 Madison Av. 

Rector of the Cathedral. 

Warrenton, Va. 

Flick, :\lrs.R. Jay (nee Henrietta Ridgelv). 

48 S. River St.. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Flournoy, Mr. and T^Irs. Parke P., Jr. (nee Josephine H. Teackle), 

1417 John St. 

Foard, Mrs. Joseph Rasin (nee Virginia L. Mc^Nlaster ), Garrison. :\Id. 

Focke, ]Mr. and Mrs. Walter D., 321 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Foley, Miss Lillie, 
Foley, Miss Nannie M., 

Foley, The Misses, 
Foley, Mr. L. R., 

Follis, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Holden (nee Riggs), 

Fontaine, i\Ir. and Mrs. Berkeley Minor, 

Forbes, Miss Jane Dawson, 

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. (nee Chew). 

706 Park Av. 
706 Park Av. 

14 E. Lafayette A v. 
14 E. Lafayette Av. 

3 E. Read St. 

Old Pimlico Road. 

1216 N. Calvert St. 
]2i6 N. Calvert St. 

Forbes, Mrs. Alfred T., 

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Harris Lightfoot, 

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. George, 

Ford, The Messrs, 

2225 St. Paul St. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

200 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

1536 N. Gilmor St. 

Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. (nee Martenet) , 

Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hyland (nee Frances N.Hall). 

4004 Hawthorne .\\. 

Ford, Dr. and Mrs. William W. (nee Loulie Neilson), 1027 Cathedral St. 

Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (nee Anna A. Hardcastle). 

"Carlford Manor," Park Heights Av. & Fords Lane. 

Foreshaw, Miss Betty Ratcliffe, 9 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Foreshaw, Mr. Stephen H., 9 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

F 105 

Fornian, Mrs. Frederick Watts, The Preston, Preston and Guilford Av. 
Forman, ]\Ir. Frederick Watts, Jr., The Preston, Preston and Guilford Av. 

Forman, Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Hemsley, 

Forman, Miss Emily Pledges, 1418 Bolton St. 

Forney, Mr. and Mrs. G. Hoke, 1623 St. Paul St. 

Forsyth, Mrs. Robert W., Care of ]\Irs. R. W. Forsyth, Jr. 

Forsyth, Miss Charlotte E., Verxielles, Ky. 

Forsyth, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.. Jr. (nee Mary Dorsey Watts), 

Calvert Court Apts., 31st and Calvert Sts. 

F'orsyth, Air. and Mrs. Thos. ^Marshall (nee Evelyn R. Aleade), 

Apts., North and Guilford Avs. 

Forsyth, Mr. Warner Lewis, Univ. of the South, Suwanee. Tcnn. 

Forsyth, Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. (nee Mary List Gittings), 

5614 Northumberland Av., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Forsythe, Judge and Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. (nee Osborne), 7 W. Biddle St. 

Fort, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Edwards (nee Adele Brooks), 

2233 Fourteenth Av., South Highlands, Birmingham, Ala. 

Foster, Mrs. M. Whilldin, Earl Court. 

Foster, Miss Isabel, Earl Court. 

Foster, Dr. William G., Earl Court. 

Foster, Airs. Reuben, 2301 N. Charles St. 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D., 1008 University Parkway. 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. E. Edmunds, 23 E. 22d St. 

Foster, Air. Reuben, ' 23 E. 22d St. 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dulany (nee Nell Alartin), 

Allston Apts. 

Fouilhoux, Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Andre (nee Jean Butler Clark), 

688 Marshall St., Portland, Ore. 

Foutz, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton R. (nee Lawson), 1416 Harlem Av. 

Fowler, Mrs. John H. (nee Morris), Hotel Belvedere. 

Fowler, Miss Louisa McEndree, Catonsville, Md. 

Fowler, Miss Susan, 420 W. ii8th St., New York City. 

Fowler, Miss Amelia de Pau, 1200 N. Charles St. 

Fowler, Miss Meta Oliver, 1200 N. Charles St. 

Fowler, Miss Alice Silvie, 1200 N. Charles St. 

("Monterey," Blue Ridge Srmmit, Pa.) 

Fowler, Mrs. David, 1021 Cathedral St. 

Fowler, Mr. Laurence Hall, 1021 Cathedral St. 

lOG F 

Fowler, ]\Irs. Albert, 170 Washington St., Cumberland. Md. 

Foxwell, Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert i\I. (nee Marian B. Strong). 

Gethscmane Church Rectory, 1418 Park Av., Minneapolis. i\Iinn. 

Foye, Miss M. Frances, Europe, Care of Brown, Shipley & Co.. London. 

Frame, r^Ir. and ^ilrs. Paul (nee Gretchen Howard Rieman). 

1107 15th St. South, Birmingham, Ala. 

France, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. Joseph Chalmers, 219 W. Lanvale St. 

France, ^Ir. Joseph, 18 Drayton Hall, Cambridge, ]\Ias5. 

France, Dr. and ]Mrs. Joseph Irwin, 15 W. Mt. Vernon Place. 

Frank, Mr. Edwin S., . 1407 Eutaw PI. 

Franklin, 'Mr. and Mrs. F'abian. 527 Cathedral Parkway, New York. 

Franklin, Miss Margaret L., 527 Cathedral Parkway, New York. 

Franklin, ^ylrs. Walter S. (nee Small), 24 E. ^Nlt. Vernon PI. 

Franklin, Mr. Walter Simonds. Jr., 709 "J'hird Nat. Bank Bldg.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Franklin. ]\Ir. and Mrs. George Small (nee Elizabeth Jennings), 

33 E. 38th St., New York. 

Franklin, Miss Florence D., 2418 Maryland Av. 

Franklin, ]Mrs. Benjamin (nee Shiff), 39th St., near University Parkway. 


Franklin, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mayer (Mrs. Anne B. O'Ferrall), 

The Felix-Portland. 132 W. 47th St., New York. 

Frary, Mrs. Julia L., Q22 McCulloh St. 

Eraser, ^Ir. and Mrs. Gilbert (British Consul General), 609 Cathedral St. 

Freeland, JMiss Eleanor W., 825 Park Av. 

Freeman, The Misses, Lake Station, Balto. Co. 

Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard, 3^21 St. Paul St. 

Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. (nee Lily :McCall), 3021 St. Paul St. 

Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas (nee Eleanor Ferine), 

Orkney Road, Govans, ]\Id. 

Freeman, Miss Helen, The Cecil Apartments. 

French, Mrs. George Ross, 43 W. Preston St. 

French, Mr. H. Findlay, 43 W. Preston St. 

French, ]\Irs. George F., 2233 14th Av., South Highlands, Birmingham. Ala. 

F>ick, ]\lr. and Mrs. J. Swan (nee Elsie W.Dana), 

"Charlccote House," Guilford. 

Frick, Miss Nannie T.. 1523 Bolton St. 

Frick, Miss Elizabeth P., 1523 Bolton St. 

Frick, Mrs. Charles (nee Denison), 
Frick, ■Miss Susan Carroll Poultney, 
Frick, Miss JXIary Carroll, 
Frick, Miss Dorothy Blake, 
F^rick, Mr. Robert Denison, 

1503 Bolton St. 

1503 Bolton St. 

1503 Bolton St. 

1503 Bolton St. 

1503 Bolton St. 

The St. James Apts. 

The Stafford. 
The Stafford. 

Frick, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. George Arnold, 

Frick, Mrs. William. 
Frick, Miss Mary C, 

(North Hatley, Can.) 

Frick. Mr. and ?^Irs. F^rank J. (nee Devries), 

Frick, Mr. and ]\Irs. H. Edgeworth (nee Katherine Andrews), 

771 Hancock St., \Vollaston, Mass. 

University Parkwa\'. 

1227 Linden Av 

Frick, Mr. and ^Mrs. John W 


Frick, Mr. and Mrs. Childs (nee Frances Shoemaker Dixon), 

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Fuller, Mrs. A. L. Moale. 

F'uller, Miss Jean Livingston Moale 

Fullerton, Mrs. E. A., 

Fulton, Miss Mary E., 

Fulton, Mr. William W., 

Fulton, Miss D. G., 

Fulton, Miss Laura K.. 

Funk, Mr. Harry Hughes, 

1516 Park Av. 
1516 Park Av, 

Denver, Col. 


702 Linwood Av., Tuxedo Park, Balto. Co. 

2 E. Preston St. 

The Stafford Hotel. 

Glyndon, Md. 

1625 :McCulloh St. 

Furber. ]\Irs. Robert S. (nee Jenkms), 

Futcher, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. (nee G Marjorie Howard), 

23 W. Franklin St. 


Gaddess, ]\Irs. Charles Wesley, York Road, Above Rodgers Forge, Aid. 

Gail, Mrs. George William, Greenway and Stratford Road, Guilford. 

Gail, Miss Helen. Greenway and Stratford Road, Guilford. 

Gail, Mr. Geo. William, Jr., Greenway and Stratford Road, Guilford. 

Gail, Miss Elise, Greenway and Stratford Road, Guilford. 

Gail, Miss Nannie, Greenway and Stratford Road, Guilford. 

Gaithcr, Mr. Ridgely, 34i Dolphin St. 

Gaither, Judge and Mrs. Harry C., The Preston. 

(Sudbrook Park, Md.) 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., New York. 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., 218 E. Biddle St. 

Gaither, Dr. and Mrs. A. Bradley, The Preston Apartments. 

Gaither, Mrs. Alice Stockton, 227 W. Preston St. 

Gaither, Miss Nina Williams, 227 W. Preston St. 

("Grey Lodge," Pikesville, Md.) 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. George R. (nee Granger), 602 Cathedral St. 

Gaither, jMr. and ]\Irs. H. Granger (nee Edith Louise Riley), 

602 Cathedral St. 
("Oakgrange," Catonsville, Md.) 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R., Jr. (nee Ethel Lemmon), 

Kentfields, Middleburg, Va. 

Gaither, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (nee Mayo), 508 Cathedral St. 

Gaither, Mr. T. H., Jr., 508 Cathedral St. 

(Ellicott City, Howard Co.) 

Gaither, Mrs. George, 1716 N. Calvert St. 

Gaither, Miss Fanny C, 1716 N. Calvert St 

Galarneau, Rev. George M., 816 N. Eutaw St. 

Galbreath, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wiley, New York. 

Gale, Dr. Henry E., 260 W. Hofifman St. 

Gale, Mrs. George Lyttlcton (nee Buchanan), 

13 E. Eager St. (for the Winter). 
Gale, Miss Henrietta Buchanan, 13 E. Eager St. for the Winter. 

Gale, Mrs. Wm. Adams, 1503 Park Av. 

Gale, Mrs. Hamilton Adams (nee Loomis), Murray Hill, Annapolis, Md. 

Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. Austin (nee Helen M. Pierce), 1017 N. Calvert St. 

G?llagher. Mr. Winslow Pierce. 1017 N. Calvert St. 

("Carroll Orchards," Westminster, Md.) 

Gallagher, Miss Caroline Harris, The Walbert Apts. 



Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus J, P. (nee Mary Peter), 

Gamliie. Dr. Gary B., Lawyer's Hill. Howard Go., ]\ld. 

Gamble, Dr. and Mrs. Gary B., Jr. (nee Jenness), 26 W. Biddle St. 

Gambrall, ^Ir. Theodore G., Jersey Gity, N. J. 

Gambrill, Miss Louise. Hotel Hemenway, Boston, Mass. 

Gambrill, Mrs. Albert (nee Goulter), 515 Gathedral St. 

Gambrill, J\lr. and Mrs. Ghauncey, 702 University Parkway. 

Gambrill. ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. George T., 38 Maryland Av., Annapolis, Md. 

Gambrill, ]\Iiss Florence M., 38 Maryland Av., Annapolis, Md. 

Gambrill, ]Mr. and Mrs. George T., Jr.. Grantwood. X. J. 

Gambrill, ]\Irs. Gharles Alexander, La Rochelle. 57 \V. 75th St.. New York. 

Gannett, Miss Anna Jeannette, 821 N. Gharles St. 

Gans, Mrs. Edgar H., "Beaumont," Govans, ^Id. 

Gans, Miss L. Dolores, "Beaumont." Govans, Md. 

Gans, ]\Ir. J. Edgar, "Beaumont," Govans, Md. 

Gans, Miss Margaret M., "Beaumont," Govans, Md. 

Gans, Miss Elizabeth V., "Beaumont," Govans, Md. 

Gantz, Rev. and Mrs. Albert Dale, New York City. 

Gantz, Mr. Geo. Glement, New York City. 

Gantz, ^Ir. and Mrs. Gharles Raymond (nee Birney), 2736 Maryland Av. 

Gantz, ~Slvs. George G.. Govans, Md. 

Gantz, Miss Lucy Catharine, Govans, Md. 

Gantz, Air. George G., Govans, Md. 

Garber, Mrs. Henry S., 1908 Park Av. 

Garber, Miss, 1908 Park Av. 

Garcelon, Lieut, and Mrs. A. Alton, Jr. (U. S. N.), Bremerton, Washington. 

Gardiner, j\Ir. and Mrs. Winthrop (nee Isabel Tasker Lemmon). 

Hicksville, Long Island. 

Gardiner, ]Mr. and ]Mrs. Asa Bird, Jr. (nee Mary N.Campbell). 

Cockeysville, ]Md. 

Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Philip (nee Atkinson), 

74 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 

Gardner, Miss, 202 E. Chase St. 

Garland, Air. and Mrs. Walter, St. James Apts. 

Garland, Air. Robert Rice, St. James Apts. 

Garmendia, Mrs. Corinne B. de, 

Garnetl, Mr. and Mrs. James ]Mcrcer, 1310 Bolion St. 

Garnett, Mr. J. Mercer, Jr., 1310 Bolton St. 

Garnett, Mrs. Edgar M., 925 Cathedral St. 

Ciarnett, Dr. and Mrs. A. Y. P. (nee 3.1ildred Poor). 

St. Regis, Washington. D. C. 

Garretson, ]\Ir. and Mrs. James (nee Dorothy Sewell Baldwin), New York. 

Garrett, Mrs. T. Harrison, "Evergreen-on-Ave." 

Garrett, Mr. and ^Nlrs. John W. (nee Alice Warder), Evergreen-on-Ave. 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (nee Katharine B. Johnson), 

Charles-St. Av., Roland Park P.O. 

Garrett, Mr. and ?^Irs. Robert Y.. 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Canby. 2121 ■Maryland Av. 

Garrett, Miss Charlotte G., 2121 ;Maryland Av. 

Garson, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton G. (nee Muriel S. Powers), Towson, Md. 

Gary, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 1200 Linden Av. 

Gary, Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley (nee Macgill), 857 Park Av. 

Gary, Miss Louisa Macgill, 857 Park Av. 

Gary, Miss Mary Ragan, 857 Park Av. 

Gary, Mr. James A., Jr., 857 Park Av. 
("Upsandowns," Catonsville, Md.) 

Gary, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. E. Stanley, Jr. (nee Eleanor Cole Bosley), 

The Latrobe Apts. 

Gatchell, Mr. and Mrs. William Tyler (nee Gertrude B. Rasin), 

The St. Paul. 

Gatchell, Mr. and ^Mrs. Skipwith Gordon, i W. 24th St. 

Gatchell, Miss Helen Buchanan, i W. 24th St. 

Gault, Mrs. Matthew (nee j\Iary \'. Ruddach). 1422 Park Av. 

Gault, Mr. Matthew, Jr., 1422 Park Av. 

Gault, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.. The Pla/.a, Park Av. and Wilson St. 

Gegan, Miss Loulie, 520 N. Charles St. 

Gegan, Miss Emily, 847 Park Av. 

Geib, Mr. and ]\Irs. Wm. V. (nee Ammidon), 

305 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. fnee Davis), Woodbrook, Md. 

George, Miss Molly, ' The Arundell Apts. 

George, Mr. Samuel Knox, no W. North Av. 

George, Miss Eleanor B., no W. North Av. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. E. Lee (nee Caroline Borden Doran). 

Ruxton. Md. 

C 111 

George, Mr. and ]Mrs. Josias Jenkins, 208 E. Chase St 

George, ^Mr. Ellicott, 208 E. Chase St. 

("Ellendale," Long Green Valley, Md.) 

George, Miss Sarah Fenner, 181 5 N. Charles St. 

George, Mr. and ]\Irs. Franklin S., 

"Acorn Grove," 3915 Liberty Heights Av., Forest Park. 
George, i\Ir. Thomas Stevens, 

"Acorn Grove,"' 3915 Liberty Heights Av., Forest Park. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Carter, 204 E. Chase St. 

George, Miss Agnes Dugan, 204 E. Chase St. 

George, Mr. A. E., Hydes P. O., Long Green Valley, Aid. 

George, ]Mr. and 'Mr?,. I. Stewart (nee Katharine J. Baker), 

2201 Eutaw Place. 
George, !Miss Elizabeth K., 2201 Eutaw Place. 

Gerhard, The Rev. and Airs. E. Ashley, 1503 N.Broadway. 

Gephart, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Starr, Dixon Park, Alt. Washington, Md. 

Gephart, Mr. George Frederick, Dixon Park, Alt. Washington, Aid. 

Gerry, A'lr, and Airs. Herbert N., 2302 Garrison Av., Walbrook. 

Gibbons, His Eminence James Cardinal, Archbishop of Baltimore. 

Gibbons, Aliss Eliza H., Ellicott City, Aid. 

Gibbons, Mr. and Airs. John F., 

Gibbs, Air. and Airs. Rufns Alacqiieen, 1209 St. Paul St. 

Gibbs, Air. John Sears, 1209 St. Paul St. 

Gibbs, Air. and Airs. John S., Jr. (nee Ethel F.Dixon), 1026 N.Calvert St. 

Gibbs, Air, and Airs. E. Everett (nee Anne Crossan Cooper Ranson), 

"Eleven East Chase St." 

Gibson, Air. and Airs. George T. AI. (nee Alacgill), 514 Park Av. 

Gibson, Airs. George S., 514 Park Av. 

Gibson, Aliss Nannie, 515 Cathedral St. 

Gibson, Air. and Airs. A. Stuart (nee Elsie Wright Levering), 

2^2 W. Lafayette Av. 

Gibson, Airs. Frederick, llotel Sherwood, W. Alonument St. 

Gibson, Mr. and Airs. Edward Guest (nee Eleanor Johnston), 

Clover Dale Road (Winter). 
(Summer, "Wordleigh," Rider P. O., Aid.) 

Gibson, Aliss Angelica R., 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Gibson, Aliss Alarie F., The Albion. 

Giddings, Air. and Airs. Harry Downley (nee Helen Ashby). 

216 W. Madison St. 

112 G 

Giese. Miss Florence ^I., 1705 St. Paul St. 

Gieske, Mrs. William, Groningen, Holland. 

Gieske, Miss C. Dora, Groningen, Holland. 

Gieske. ^Ir. and Mrs. Hardy C. (nee Evelyn Trenholm), 

ChesmoRt Lodge, Beaumont Av., Catonsville. 

Giffen, Mrs. James Fortesque (nee Louise E. Wallis), 1004 N.Charles St. 
Giffen, Miss Lilian, 1004 N. Charles St, 

Giffen, Mr. Wallis, 1004 N. Charles St. 

Gilchrist, Dr. and Mrs. T. Caspar, 

"The Grange,'' 107 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 
Gilchrist, Miss Doris Margaret, 

"The Grange," 107 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Gildersleeve, Mr. and Mrs. Basil L., 1002 N. Calvert St. 

Gildersleeve, Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh (nee Elena de Apezteguia 

Middleton), Cedarhurst. L. L 

Gill, Mrs. John, 929 N. Charles St. 

Gill, Miss Agnes Wallace, 929 N. Charles St. 

Gill. Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr. (nee Kremelberg), 1007 N.Charles St. 

Gill, Mrs. Ernest, The Emerson. 

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lanning, The Emerson. 

Gill, ^Ir. and Mrs. Ernest A., Jr. (nee Rosalie Emory Price), 

1801 Bolton St. 

Gill, Mrs. William Dorman, Jr.. 104 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 

Gill, Mrs. I\L Gillet, Sr., Homewood Apts. 

Gill, Mr. Royal Warfield, Homewood Apts. 

Gill. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gillet (nee ^label Easter), 

17 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Burke (nee Street), 

212 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Gill, ]\Ir. and }klrs. Robert Lee (nee Jane Henderson). 

303 Goodwood Road, Roland Park. 

Gillet, Miss Emma J., T411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, :\Irs. Edgar, 1411 iMcCulloh St. 

Gillet, Miss Hilda, 1411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, Mr. Jas.McClure, 1411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, Mr. Martin, 1411 McCulloh St. 

Gillet, Mr. and Mrs. George Martin (nee Koons), 219 W. Monument St. 

Gillet, Mr. Geo. M., Jr., 219 W. Monument St. 

Gillet, Mr. Chas. B., 219 W. Monument St. 

Gillet, Mr. F. Warrington, 219 W. Monument St. 

Gillet, Mr. Edward M., "Bacon Hall Farm," Glencoe, Balto. Co., Md. 

Gillet, Miss Hally Middleton, 215 E. Biddle St 

Gillet, Miss Catharine Winter, 855 Park Av. 

(Blue Alt. Lake, N.Y.) 

Gillies, Mrs. M. J., 211 E. Mt Royal Av. 

Gillies, Miss Eugenie J., 211 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Gilman, Miss Elisabeth, 513 Park Av. 

Gilman, Mrs. John S., "Woodlands," Gorsuch Av., Balto. 

Gilman, Dr. and Airs. Philip K. (nee Ellen B. Gary), Alanila, P. I. 

Gilmor, Mr. Francis Key, 500 Park Av. 

Gilmor, Mr. John, 500 Park Av. 

(Summerfield, Balto. Co.) 

Gilmor, Miss Alice B., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gilmor, J\Iiss Bertha, 'The Rookery," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Gilmor, Miss Frances Taylor, The Mt. Royal Apts (for the winter). 

Gilmor, Miss Jean Howard, The Alt. Royal Apts (for the winter). 

(Stevenson, Aid.) 

Gilmor, Lieut, and Airs. Albert (U. S. A.), 

Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Gilmor, Air. and Airs. Robert (nee Alary O. Alaxwell), 

124 E. 74th St., New York City. 

Gilpin, Air. and Airs. Henry Brooke, "Scaleby," Boyce, Clarke Co., Va. 

Gilpin, Air. Kenneth Newcomer, "Scaleby," Boyce, Clarke Co., Va. 

Gilpin, Air. and Airs. Donald Newcomer (nee Aladelaine Dixon), 

Towson, Aid. 

Gilpin, Air. and Airs. Joseph Elliott (nee Olive Russell), 

Stony Run Lane, near 39th St. 

Gingrich, Dr. and Airs. Cyrus AT, 608 St. Paul St. 

Girvin, Aliss Anna H., 11 17 McCulloh St. 

Gittings, Air. and Airs. John Sterett (nee Rosalie Alay), 

Ashburton, Baltimore. 
Gittings, Air. Henry Alay, Ashburton, Baltimore. 

Gittings, Aliss Dorothy Rosalie, Ashburton, Baltimore. 

Gittings, Air. Frederick Alay, Ashburton, Baltimore. 

Gittings, Air. John Sterett, Jr., Ashburton, Baltimore. 

Gittings, Aliss Leila. 605 St. Paul St. 

Gittings, Air. D. Sterett, 231 W. Preston St. 

Gittings, Aliss Anna S., 231 W. Preston St. 

Gittings, Aliss Alary Sterett, 231 W. Preston St. 

Gittings, Aliss V. Elisabeth. 231 W. Preston St. 

("Roslin Farm," Upper Falls, Aid.) 

114 G 

Gittiiigs. Mr. James C. 613 St. Paul St. 

Gittings, j\liss Elizabeth, 613 St. Paul St. 

Gittings, :Miss Charlotte C. 613 St. Paul St. 

{ -Clover Hill," Finksburg, Md.) 

Gittings, :\[r. ]3aniel C, '-Williams College.'' 

Gittings, Mr. James C, Jr., Los Angeles. Cal. 

Gittings, j\lr. Ernest, Maryland Club. 

Glenn. Mr. John, Jr., 1103 N. Eutaw St. 

Glenn, Mr. and ^Mrs. John J\I. (nee Mary Wilcox Brown), 

136 E. 19th St.. Xew York. 

Glenn, Rev. William L.. Emmorton, Harford Co., Md. 

Glidden, Mr. and ]\Irs. Edward Hughes, Homcwood Apts. 

Glover, Mr. and Mrs. G. Horton, New York. 

Glover, Mr. and Mrs. G. Horton, Jr. (nee Harriet P.Porter), Xew York. 

Godby, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J., 

'AVensley House," Court Road, Eltham, Kent, England. 

Godby, Mr. Sydney. "Wensley House," Court Road, Eltham, Kent, England. 

Godby, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. John Gill (nee Winifred A.H.Green), 

London, England. 

Godey, Mr. and I\Irs. Thomas A., 1704 N. Calvert St. 

Godey, Mr. Thomas R., 1704 N. Calvert St. 

Goddard, Capt. and ^Irs. Henry P., The Walbert. 

Goddard, Dr. and Mrs. Calvin H. (nee Eliza C.Harrison). The Walbert. 

Godfrey, Mrs. Henry Alex., "Ingleside," Berlin, 'Sid. 

Godfrey, M.D., Isabella K, 1431 Park Av. 

Godshalk, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Clarence Allison (nee Jane Lee Bond). 

139 Valley Road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Godwin, Dr. W^m. Francis, 91 Chestnut St., Engiewood, X. J 

Godwin, Miss Anna 91 Chestnut St., Engiewood. X. J 

Godwin, Miss Margaret, 91 Chestnut St., Engiewood, X. J 

Godwin, ]\Iiss Alice, 91 Chestnut St., Engiewood, X'. J 

Goldsborough, Mrs. Charles (nee Gait), 924 St. Paul St 

Goldsborough, Miss Ellen Lloyd, 924 St. Paul St 

Goldsborough, i\ir. Charles, Jr., 924 St. Paul St 

Goldsborough, Mr. Lilburn T., 924 St. Paul St 

Goldsborough, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Colquhoun (nee Mollie P.Cooke). 

459 Franklin St., Buffalo, X". Y. 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gait (nee Helena Barton Small). 

821 X. Front St., Harrisburg. Pa. 

G n5 

Goldsborough, ]\Ir. and Mrs. William F. (nee Bessie Thomson), 

1 103 Delaware Av., Wilmington. Del 

Goldsborough, JNIrs. Fitzhugh (nee Stump), 

Locksley Hall, 304 W. Monument St. 
Goldsborough, Mr. ^Murray Lloyd, Locksley Hall, 304 W. Monument St. 

Goldsborough, Miss Mary, Laurel, Md. 

Goldsborough, Miss Margaret K., Laurel, Md. 

Goldsborough, Mr. William T., California. 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Fehx V., Oakdale Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Goldsborough, Mrs. Henry Hollyday, 

Goldsborough, Miss Margaret Lloyd, 

Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Louis P., 35 W. Preston St. 

Goldsborough, Mr. M. Worthington, Md. University Hospital. 

Goldsborough, Miss Mary Campbell, 219 E. Biddle St. 

Goldsborough, Miss E. M., 12 E. Lafayette Av. 

Goldsborough, Miss Bena T., 12 E. Lafayette Av. 

Goldsborough, Mr. and ]\Irs. Harry Paul, "The Pines," Catonsville, Md. 

Goldsborough, The Messrs. Harry, Paul Jr., William Y., Geo. Joseph, 

C. Rubel, Leroy, "The Pines," Catonsville, Md. 

Goldsborough, Miss Anita, "The Pines," Catonsville, Md. 

Goll, Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. A. de (nee Archer), 29 W.Preston St. 

(Van Bibber P. O., Md.) 

Gombel, Dr. and ]\Irs. William E., 1704 Madison Av.- 

Gombel, Miss Minna M., 1704 Madison Av. 

Goode, Mrs. Lelia Symington, 805 University Parkway. 

Goode, Miss Clare Randolph, 805 University Parkway. 

Goodenow, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus King (nee Wade), 813 St. Paul St. 

Goodenow, Miss Isabel F,, 813 St. Paul St. 

Goodenow, i\Ir. and ]\Irs. Rufus King, Jr. (nee Eleanor House), 

The Anneslie Apts. 
Goodenow, Miss Virginia A., 923 St. Paul St. 

Goodenow, Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. (President of J. H. U.), 

6 W. ^Ladison St. 
Goodrich, :\Ir. and i\Irs. G. Clem., ":\lelcada," Catonsville, Md. 

Goodridge, Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm (nee Perry), 

260 W. 76th St., New York City. 

Goodridge, j\Irs. E. Read (nee Pouillain), 1040 N.Calvert St. 

Goodridge, Miss Katharine Poullain, 1040 N. Calvert St. 

Goodwillie, JNIr. and i\Irs. Thomas, Guilford. 

Goodwillie, Mi.^s Mary C, Guilford. 

116 G 

Goodwin, Mrs. Charles Ridgely, "Rose Plill," Pikesville, Md. 

Goodwin, Mr. William Devries, "Rose Hill," Pikesville, Md. 

Goodwin, ?^Ir. and IMrs. W. H. Baldwin (nee Edna Bresee). 

I Norwood Place. Guilford, Baltimore. 

Goodwin. Mrs. Charles, Jr. (nee Eleanor M. Wycth), The Brexton. 

Goodwin, Mrs. Charles (nee Sara E.Lawrence), 1124 N.Calvert St. 

Goodwin, Mr. F. Lawrence, 1124 N.Calvert St. 

Gordon, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. PL Skipwith, Easton, :Md. 

Gordon, ]\rr. and Mrs. Douglas Huntlv (nee Clarke). loog N. Charles St. 
CThe Orchards," Roland Park Branch P- O.) 

Gordon. Mr. Basil, ^Marine Barracks, Washington, D. C. 

Gordon, Air. and Mrs. Alexander, 1216 St. Paul St. 

Gordon, Miss Margaret McKim, 1216 St. Paul St. 

Gordon, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Alexander, Jr. (nee Elizabeth Ringo), 

1041 St. Paul St. 

Gordon, Mr. and ]\Irs. iMalcolm Kenneth (nee Amy R. Balch), 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

Gordon, Miss Alargaret 9 E. Biddle St. 

Gordon, Mr. Henningham, 9 E. Biddle St. 

Gordon, !Miss Helen, 

Gordon, Airs. Graham, 2846 N. Calvert St. 

Gore, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence S. (nee Marie Louise Rouse), 

(Office. 1006 Aladison Av.) 2926 N. Calvert St. 

Gore, Dr. and Airs. A. P., The Cecil Apts. 

Gore, Airs. Joshua Walker, Uni. of N. C, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Gorman, Airs. William H., T126 N.Calvert St. 

Gorman, Air. Allx-rt. T126 N.Calvert St. 

( Catonsville, Aid.) 

Gorman. Mr. and Airs. Douglas (nee Shirley G.Nash). <^j2'/ St. Paul St. 

Gorter, Dr. and Airs. Nathan R. (nee Norris), i W. Biddle St. 

Gortcr, Aliss. 1226 N. Charles St. 

Gorter, Aliss Alarie Alida, 1226 N. Charles St. 

Gorter, Air. and Airs. James P. (nee Nannie W. Poultney), 32 E. Preston St. 

Gorter, Airs. Albert L. (nee Thompson), 16 E.Chase St. 

Gosnell, Air. and Airs. Frank, t2i2 N. Calvert St. 

Gosnell, Air. Harper Allen. 1212 N. Calvert St. 

Gosnell, Air. and Airs. Frank, Jr. (nee Laura Hall Woods), 

The Preston Apts. 


Goucher, Dr. John Franklin, 
Goucher, Miss Eleanor, 

("Alto Dale," Pikes ville, Md.) 

Gough, Mrs. I. P.. 

2313 St. Paul St. 
2313 St. Paul St. 

1700 St. Paul St. 

713 Park Av. 

57 W. 52nd St., New York. 

Gould, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. Clarendon I. T., 

Gould, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. L., 

Gournay, IMademoiselle de, 

Gowen, Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. (nee Robinson), 2006 De Lancey PI., Phila. 

Gowen, Miss, 2006 De Lancey PL, Phila. 

Gowen, Mr. James E., 2006 De Lancey PL, Phila. 

("Deepdene," Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.) 

The Cecil. 

Washington, D. C. 
Washington, D. C. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Grady, Mrs. Frank T., 

Grady, Mrs. C. Powell, 
Grady, Miss Jenny P., 

Grady, Mr. Armistead, 

Grafflin, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. (nee H. M. Needles), 

"Filston Manor," Glencoe, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Graham, Mr. and Mrs. John T., The Easton, 305 E. North Av. 

Graham, Miss Margaret E., The Easton, 305 E. North Av. 

(5 Roxbury PL, Mt. Washington.) 

Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson (nee Dorsey), 

102 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park, 
Graham, Miss ]\Iargaret D., 102 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Randolph, (nee Mary C. Ashby), 

Grahame, i\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas J. (nee xA.nna M.Wight), 

Alger Court, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Grammer, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Carl E., 1024 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Grammer, Mr. and Mrs. F. Louis, Richmond, Va. 

(irange. Baron and Baroness de la (nee Emily Eleanor Sloane), 

Grason, Mr. and Mrs. William, 
Grason, Miss Elizabeth Ridgely, 
Grason, Mr. Samuel Chew, 
Grason, Mr. Jackson Piper, 
Grason, Mr. Andrew S. R., 

Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 
Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 
Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 
Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 
Towson, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Grason, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sterett (nee Ellicott), 

Grasty, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 

14 Hanover Square, London, England (Temporary). 

Graves, Miss Anna M., "Rosewell," Pikesville, Md. 

118 G 

Graves, :\Iiss Emily E.. 304 W. Monument St. 

Graves, Miss Alargaret C, 304 W. :\Ionnment St. 

Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Rosewell W. (nee Wyatt). Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Graves, Miss Sophia Anne. Sudbrook Park, Aid. 

Graves, Miss Evelyn Wyatt, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Gray, Miss Elise Fanny, Care of Townsend Scott & Son. 

Gray, Mr. Edward H., Care of Townsend Scott & Son. 

Gray, Mr. Andrew Caldwell, 1208 Madison Av. 

Gray, Miss Ethel Rodgers, 1208 Madison Av. 

Gray, Mr. and Airs. Bowman (nee Lyons), 

630 W. Fifth St., Winston-Saleni. X. C. 

Gray, Mr. Arthur Rodefer, 

Greacen, Mrs. Thomas F., Pimlico Road, Edgecombe Park. 

Green, Mr. J. Milton, Towson. 

Green, Miss Bessie Chew, Towson. 

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Chew (nee Clara Ewing), Towson. 

Green, Mr. Samuel Alex., Towson. 

Green, Mr. Henry Banning Chew, Towson. 

Green, Mr. Herbert, 5474 East End Av., Chicago, 111. 

Green, Miss Ella, 921 N. Calvert St. 

Green, Airs. Edna Hook, 1625 Park PI. 

Green, Miss Emma G., Easton, Md. 

Green, Dr. and Mrs. J. Royston (nee Mary Chew Grason), Towson, Md. 

Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eveleth, 1019 St. Paul St. 

Greene, Mr. Harold Chase, 149 Aladison Av., New York. 

Greene, Air. and Airs. William Chase, 

Harvard University, Cambridge, Alass. 

Greenway, Aliss Elizabeth W., 2322 N. Charles St. 

Greenway, Mr. William H., 2322 N. Charles St. 

Greenwa3^ Air. and Airs. Eugene (nee Frances Davis), 4100 Greenway 

C'Hokeland," Havre de Grace P. O.^Md.) 

Greenway, Air. and Mrs. Wilton (nee Hilles), P. O. Rodgers Forge, Aid. 
Greenw^ay, Aliss, P. O. Rodgers Forge, Aid. 

Gregg, Air. Alaurice, 7I9 Washington PI. 

Gregg, Airs. Andrew, 7I9 Washington PL 

Greiner, Air. and Airs. John Edwin, Guilford. 

Greiner, Aliss Gladys Houston, Guilford. 

Gresham, Air. and Airs. Thomas Baxter, 815 Park Av. 

Gresham. Rev. and Airs. Le Roy (nee Mary Jessie Rhett), Salem, Va. 

G 119 

Grier, Rev. William A., 8i6 N. Eutaw St. 

Griffin, Mr. Edward H., 1027 N. Calvert St. 

Griffin, Miss Mary W., 1027 N. Calvert St. 

Griffin, Mr. Nathaniel E., Princeton, N. J. 

Griffin, ]\Ir. and Mrs. John Wheeler (nee Emily Barton Brune), 

25 Claremont Av., New York City. 

Griffiss, ]\Irs. John Irving, 702 Cathedral St. 

Griffith, :\lr. Louis Phillippe, 2503 :^Iaryland Av. 

Griffith, Dr. and Mrs. Monte (nee Milnor), The Farragut, Washington, D. C. 

Griffith, Miss Birdie W., "Herndon," Catonsville, Md. 

Griffiths, Rev. Geo. Alexander, 816 N. Eutaw St. 

Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. B. Howell, I433 Park Av. 

Griswold, Mr. Robertson, I433 Park Av. 

Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Howell, Jr. (nee Bessie Brown), 

218 Ridge wood Road, Roland Park. 

Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Baylies, 11 19 N.Charles St. 

Grogan, ^Ir. Charles Edward (of H.), 815 St. Paul St. 

Groome, Mr. Alex. Cox, The Walbert. 

Grosvenor, :\Irs. Robert. 217 W. Lanvale St. 

Grotjan, Mrs. S. F., 825 St. Paul St. 

Groverman, Miss Sue R., The Mt. Royal. 

Groverman, ^Ir. and ]^Irs. Richard H., 1819 Guilford Av. 

Groverman, Miss :\Iary S., 1819 Guilford Av. 

Guest, Mrs. Charles W., 2437 N. Calvert St. 

Guffey, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arthur, 919 N. Calvert St. 

Guggenheimer, Mrs. Isaac, 34 Talbot Road, Windsor Hills. 

Guggenheimer, The Misses, 34 Talbot Road, Windsor Hills. 

Gundry, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis H., Relay, Md. 

Gwinn, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (nee Elizabeth Tack), The St. Paul. 

Gwynn, Dr. and Mrs. William C. (nee Louise Harrison Beall), 

1514 30th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Hack, :\Irs. iM-edei-ick Home (nee Mal)el Butler). 1211 St. Paul St. 

Hack, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Albert, The Washington Apts. 

Hack, Miss Eleanor, The Washington Apts. 

tiaggin, Mr. and ]\Irs. Louis Lee (nee Emma Jackson), 

"Elmendorf," Lexington, Ky. 

Haigh, AFr. and Mrs. William (nee Cox), 1005 Cathedral St. 

(Garrison P. O., :\Id.) 

Haile, Mr. Plenry C, 28 Edwards St., Springfield, ALass. 

Haines, Mrs. Nathan, " 20C0 Mt. Ruyal Ter. 

Hall, Mrs. George W. S., The Winona. 

Hall. Miss Elizabeth W^. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Colman (nee IMorris), 1124 Cathedral St. 

Hall. Mr. C. .Alorris, 1124 Cathedral St. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 

Hall, Mr. and ^Irs. Harrv P (nee Ranson). 'J'he St. Paul Apts. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

Hall, Mr. and 3.1rs. J. Bannister, Jr. (nee Lavely), 1136 Cathedral St. 

Hall, Mrs. John W., 1707 Madison Av. 

Hall, Miss Elizabeth, 1014 IMadison Av. 

Hall, Mr. N. Ingraham, Charleston, S. C. 

Hall, J\lr. and ]\Irs. Grayson j\Iason (nee Caro Rosa Bayard), 

The Plains, Fauquier Co., Va. 

Hall, Miss Henrietta H., The Preston Apts. 

Hall, Miss Isabella B., The Preston Apts. 

Hall, Mrs. William Harrison, Homewood Apts. 

Hall, Mr. Richard Brown, Homewood Apts. 

Hall, Air. and AJrs. Edward W., 

Hall, J\lrs. Charles Linden (nee Woods), Riderwood, Md. 

Hall, Miss Helen M., Riderwood, Md. 

Hall, Rev. and Airs. Percy Foster, 

The Brunswick, 1330 I St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hall, Air. Frederick P., 824 Park Av. (Johns Hopkins Univ.). 

Hall, Air. Percy A., 306 Warwick Av., S. Orange, N. J. 

Hall, Air. Reginald Foster, Catonsville, Aid. 

Hall, Mrs. Mary Lyon (nee Lyon), "Ben Ogil," McDonough, Md. 

Hall, Mr. and Airs. Arthur H., "Ben Ogil." McDonough, Aid. 


PERFECT fashion reflected 
^ in all the new garments and 
accessories that the woman of 
refinement prefers. 

Service and prices that invite 
the test of comparison. 






HUTZLER m\vm € 


Miss Remington requests 
that the postals for names 
and addresses be filled 
out and returned early m 
October for next edition, 
especially not leaving out 
Addresses, which is often 
done. When no changes of 
either have taken place, 
please repeat and mail as the 
postals should be returned. 
Miss Remmgton does not 
hold herself responsible for 
errors or omissions when she 
is not notified of them. 

H 121 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Haines (nee Lazarus), 

The McMechen, III ]\IcMeohen St. 

Hall, Mr. and J\Irs. Sidney (nee Crampton), 1319 Park Av. 

Hall, Miss Anne Isabella, 1319 Park Av. 

Halliday, Mr. and ]\Irs. John Dick (nee Sadtlcr ), "Idylnook," Glencoe, ]^Id. 

Halsey, Mrs. V. H., 5 W. Franklin St. 

Halsey, Mr. Cabell, 5 W. Franklin St. 

Halsted, Dr. and Mrs. William Stewart, 1201 Eutaw PI. 

Haman, Mr. and Mrs. B. Howard, 1511 Park Av. 

Haman, Miss Coralie Howard, 15TI Park Av. 

Hambleton, ]Mrs. Frank Sherwood, "Hambledune," Lutherville, ^Id. 

Hambleton, Mr. and ]\Irs. T. Edward ".3rd" (nee Adelaide R. McAlpin), 

Lutherville, Aid. 

Hambleton, Mrs. T. Edward, Georgetown Heights, Washington, D. C. 

Hambleton, Mrs. M. H., 1213 Bolton St. 

Hambleton, Mrs. Hayward, 1213 Bolton St. 

Hamill, Mr. and Mrs. G. Semmes, Jr. (nee Emilie Gushing), Oakland, Md. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Matthew Allen, 148 W. Lanvale St. 

Hamilton, ]\Iiss Sally Alexander, 148 W. Lanvale St, 

Hamilton, J\Ir. W. Howard, 148 W. Lanvale St. 

Hamilton, i\Ir. and Mrs. Edward W. (nee Florence T.Warner), 

411 Norwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hamilton, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Peter (nee Emilie F.Dougherty), New York. 

Hamilton, j\Irs. S. Marland, 1214 N. Charles St. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Lewis j\Iayer, 50 Commonwealth Av., Boston, ]\Iass. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Montgomery, 1312 Park Av. 

Hamilton, Miss Edith, 1312 Park Av. 

Hamilton, Miss Margaret, 1312 Park Av. 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H., Jr. (nee Frances Barton Duer), 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Hammond, Mrs. Charles Howes, Cambridge, Mass. 

Hammond, Miss Caroline Goldsborough, 1225 ]\Iadison Av. 

Hammond, Miss Maria Johns, 1037 N. Eutaw St. 

Hammond, ~Mr. J. Lempriere, 60S W. Sixth St., Wilmington, Del. 

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Saunders (nee Hall), 

205 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Hammond, iVIr. and Mrs. Wm. S., 605 St. Paul St. 

Hammond, Mrs. Richard Craigh, "Burleigh," Ellicott City, Md. 

Hammond, ]\Ir. and ]\lrs. lulward ( nee Agnes Cuyler). 140 \V. Lanxalc St. 

Hammond. Mr. and ]\lrs. Llovd T. (nee Agnes Thomas), 

The Avon Apts., 6-8 East Read St. 

Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodson, 2006 R St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gywn, 207 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Hancock, :\Iiss Jeannie Gw yn, 207 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Hance, i\Ir. and Mrs. Anthony M. (nee Robinson), 

2217 De Lancy PI, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Handy, Mrs. Thomas P., Lake Station, Ruxton P. O., Md. 

Handy, Mr. and Mrs. William Winder Cnee Rietta A.Stewart Preston), 

S. Orange, N. J. 

Handy, Mr. and Mrs. William Littleton (nee Helen Hartley Marshall), 

Ellicott City, Md. 

Handy, Miss Louise W., 1317 N. Calvert St. 

Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S., 2201 N. Charles St. 

Hanna, j\Ir. Charles Fleetwood, 2201 N. Charles St. 

Hann, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. (nee Florence Leigh Baker), 

108 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Hanson, Mr. Murray, 207 St. Paul St. 

Hanson, Mr. John W., 7 E. Franklin St. 

(St. Denis P. O., Md.) 

Hanson, Miss, Elkridge, ]\Id. 

Hanson, Miss Florence, Elkridge, Md. 

Hanson, Mr. Grosvenor, Elkridge, Md. 

Hanson, Mr. Murray, Elkridge, :Md. 

Hanson, Mrs. Aquilla B. (nee Anne E. :\liddleton). Lake Roland P. O., Md. 

Hanson, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Aquilla B., Jr. (nee Eleanor Gittings Williams), 

Ruxton, ]\Id. 

Hanson, Mr. and Airs. Benedicl Henrv (nee Rebecca Jannev Cox), 

1706 N. Charles St. 

Hanson, Miss, 1421 Park Av. 

Hanson, The Messrs. Pere Wilmer and Eugene Douglas, 1421 Park Av. 

Hanway, Aliss Anna, The Sherwood, 38th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hanway, ]\Ir. and I\Irs. John (nee King), 

"Stoneleigh," The Esplanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 

Hardcastle, Aliss Nannie Young, 

Hardcastle, :\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas H.. Lutherville, Md. 

Flardesty, Mrs. S. V., Haverford Court Apts., Haverford, Pa. 

H 123 

Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Wallington (nee Carrie Symington), Norfolk, Va. 

Harlan, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert (nee Cator), 516 Cathedral St. 

Harlan, Miss Margaret, 516 Cathedral St. 

Harlan, Miss Sara, 516 Cathedral St. 

Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. (nee Altenius), 9 W. Biddle St. 

Harlan, Miss Helen, 9 W. Biddle St. 

^ (Sudbrook Park.) 

Harrington, Mr. and IMrs. William Watson (nee Sarah Godwin), 

King's Highway, Dover, Kent Co., Del. 

Harrington, IMiss Nora, 1331 Park Av. 

Harris, Mrs. Spencer, 1430 John St. 

Harris, J\Ir. R. Spencer, 1430 John St 

Harris, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. W. Hall (nee Alice Patterson), 511 Park Av. 

Harris, Mr. and ]\Irs. J. IMorrison (nee Louise Triplett Haxall), 

I Englewood Road, Roland Park. 

Harris, >\Ir. and ^Irs. H. Patterson (nee ]\Iary Poole), 

I Englewood Road, Roland Park. 

Harris, IMr. and ]\Irs. W. Hall, Jr. (nee Lavinia Brush), 

31 E.Mt. Vernon PI. 

Harris, Miss Helen Nicholson, 214 E. Eager St. 

Harris, Mr. J. Nicholson, 214 E. Eager St. 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. William Barney (nee Carroll), 

Chapelgate Lane, Ten Hills, Station ''D,'' Baltimore. 

Harris, Col. and ]\Irs. A. P. D. (nee Mary Mactier Latrobe), India. 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. William Hugh (nee Carrie Warfield), 

12 19 Linden Av. 

Harris, Dr. and Mrs. James, 857 Hamilton Ter. 

Harris, Dr. and ]\Irs. Charles C, 925 Cathedral St. 

Harris, The Misses, 1813 N. Charles St. 

Harrison, Mr. Charles Kuhn, Jr., 34 W. Biddle St. 

Harrison, 'Mr. Evelyn Arnold, 34 W. Biddle St. 

Harrison, Mr. Hall, 34 W. Biddle St. 

(Garrison, ]\Id.) 

Harrison, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Hartman K. (nee Katharine Barton Jones), 

"Glendale Cottage," :^It. Washington, P. O., :\[d. 

Harrison, ]\Irs. Philip Haxall (nee Gladys Perin), St. Paul and 39th Sts. 

Harrison, ]\Ir. Philip Haxall, Address Baltimore Club. 

Harrison, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. John Triplett (nee Gertrude R. Leverich), 

Geranium Ave., Flushing, L. I. 

124 H 

Harrison, :\[r. Rolling Haxall, 

Harrison. Dr. and ]\Irs. Archibald C. (nee Warfield), 31 E. North Av. 

Harrison, Miss Mary Randolph, 31 E. North Av. 

Harrison, Miss Jnlia Leigh, 31 E. North Av. 

Harrison, Miss Alice Cunningham, 31 E. North A v. 

Harrison, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Svdney ]\rartin (nee Emilie Packard), 

219 \V. Mt. Airy Av., Chestnut Hill. Pa. 

Harrison. The ]Misses, 216 W. ^Monument St. 

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barker (nee Virginia E.White), 

225 W.Preston St. (Garrison P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. ) 

Harrison, ^Nlrs. Frank Tudor (nee Taylor), 

"Woodside," Woodlawn Station P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 

Harrison, The ]\Iisses, The Arundel. 

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T., "Temora," near Ellicott City, Md. 

Harrison, Miss Katharine, "Temora," near Ellicott City, Md. 

Harrison, Miss Eleanor R., "Temora," near Ellicott City, Md. 

Harrison, ]\Irs. Thomas BulHtt (nee Baker), 921 N.Charles St. 

Harrison, ]\Irs. George L. (nee Mordecai), Walbert Apts. 

Harrison, Miss Rebekah, 508 Cathedral St. 

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Burr Powell (nee Louise Goldsborough), 

219 E. Biddle St. 

Harrold, Dr. and a\Irs. Charles Cotton (nee Helen S. Shaw), 

550 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Harryman, Air. and ]\Irs. George (nee Brooks), Mt. Washington, Md. 

Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maybin (nee Fanny Simons Bayly), 

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Phila., Pa. 

Hart, :\Ir. and Airs. Wm. Courtland (nee Eliza W. Waters), St. Paul Apts. 

Hartman, Dr. Jacob H., 5 W. Franklin St. 

Hartzog, Mrs. Clara Vickers, 21 18 N. Charles St. 

Harvey, Mr. Francis B., 715 Washington PL 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua G. (nee Bessie M. Norris), 

"Kenwood," Owings Mills, Md. 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. William P., 932 N. Charles St. 

Harvey, Mr. William Ewing, 932 N. Charles St. 

Harvey, Mr. Roland B., Secretary U. S. Legation, Santiago, Chili. 

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace P. (nee Josephine Gilmor), 

"Broadview," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

H 125 

Harvey, Airs. Alexander, "Chesmont," Catonsville, Md. 

Harvey, Mr. Ciirran Whitthorne, "Chesmont," Catonsville, Md. 

Harvey, Mr. F. Barton, "Chesmont," Catonsville, Md. 

Harvey, Mr. Alexander, Jr., Spokane, Washington. 

Harwood, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Paul (nee Charlotte Sibley), 

"Hagbourne," Catonsville, Md. 

Haskell, The ]\lisses Hilary A. and Bettie T., 803 Park Av. 

Haughton, Mrs. Henry Osburne, 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Miss Louisa C. O., 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Miss Maud M., 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Mr. Alan, 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Mr. Hugh Latimer, 1004 N. Calvert St. 

Haughton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. (nee Steuart), 

"Brook Hill," High Bridge, N. J. 

Haughwout, Miss Laura ]\Iay, 2222 N. Charles St. 

Haupt, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (nee Giede), Longwood Circle, Roland Park. 

Haupt, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Clark (nee ]\Iorgan), 

161 E. 79th St., New York, N. Y. 

Haupt, 'Mr. Erik G., Longwood Circle, Roland Park. 

Haupt, :\Ir. H. Harold, 1614 Eleventh St., Altoona, Pa. 

Haupt, Miss Istar Alida, 

Pembroke West, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn ALiwr, Pa. 

Hawkins, Mr. David S., 

Haxall, Mr. and Mrs. J. Triplett (nee Gordon), 1037 St. Paul St. 

Haxall, Miss Rose, 1037 St. Paul St. 

Haxall, Miss Anne Gordon, 1037 St. Paul St. 

("Wilton," Garrison P. O., Md.) 

Hayden, J\Ir. and Mrs. William Mozart (nee Parkhurst), 1418 Park Av. 

Haydock, Miss Sarah G, 601 Park Av. 

Hayes, Aliss Susan, 214 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, Miss Mary McB., 214 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, J\lr. Wm. McKim, 214 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, ]\Ir. A. Gordon, 214 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, Mr. Harold K., 214 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, Miss Margaret McK., 2r4 W. Madison St. 

Hayes, Miss Jane P., 

Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Williams (nee Elizabeth Bowen Batchelor), 

61 Washington Av., Northampton, Mass. 

Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. E. Bartlett (nee Helen G.Mason), 

Hotel Belvedere. 
(Arnold P. O., Anne Arundel Co., Md.) 

126 H 

Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Bertram (nee Maria Davis Tyler), 

Brocton Orchards, Harmony Grove, Frederick Co., Md. 

Hayward, Mr. and jNIrs. Wm. Henry (nee Amy Hyatt Bond), 

Riderwood, Md. 

Hazzard, IMiss, The Lenox, 1523 L St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hazlehurst, Mrs. Francis, 1208 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hazlehurst, Mr. and I\lrs. Geo. Blagden (nee Charlotte Morris Gill), 

Eden Terrace, Catonsville, ]\Id. 
Hazlehurst, ]\Ir. George Blagden, Jr., Eden Terrace, Catonsville, Md. 

Hazlehurst. ^liss Louisa Wallace, Eden Terrace, Catonsville, ]Md. 

Hazlitt, ^liss, 814 St. Paul St. 

Heald, ^Ir. Edward C. 

Healy, Mrs. Thomas M., Hagerstown, Md. 

Healy, Miss, Hagerstown, Md. 

Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chapin, 1813 Bolton St. 

Heaton, Mr. and ]\Irs. S. Wilson (nee Mary Parker Winder), ]\Ierion, Pa. 

Heaton, Mr. and ]\Irs. John Harry (nee ]\IolIy Jenness), 

Lakewood, Seattle, Wash. 

Heaver, Mr. and ]\Irs. J. Frederick, Jr. (nee Alice H. Selden), 1312 John St. 

Hedian, ^Irs. Thomas, The Preston Apts. 

Heflebower, Mrs. John Nunn, 2117 Maryland Av. 

Heflebower, Miss Anina Le Doux, 21 17 Maryland Av. 

Heighe, IMiss, 706 St. Paul St. 

Heighe, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 605 N .Charles St. 

Heighe, :\Ir. and Mrs. Robert H. (nee Annie ^^IcEldcrry), Belair, ]\rd. 

Helfrich, ]Mrs. Julia Goldsborough, "The Pines," Catonsville, Md. 

Helfrich, Mr. and Mrs. John S., "Poplars," Catonsville. 

Heimendahl, Mrs. W. Edward, 21 19 Maryland Av. 

Heineken, Mr. Gustav, Balto. Country Club, Roland Park. 

Heineken, Mr. William Price, Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Heiner, Maj. and Mrs. Gordon G. (nee Kent), 

112 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Helm, Mr. Wilbur Taylor, Jr., California. 

Hemphill, Mr. and ~\Irs. James Ixlitchell (nee Charlotte M.Donaldson), 

Lawyers' Hill, Elkridge P. O., Md. 

Hemsley, Miss Eileen A., The Guilford. 

H 127 

Hemsley, Mrs. R. Tilghman, 1213 Bolton St. 

Hemsley, Air. Richard Tilghman, 1213 Bolton St. 

Hemsley, Aliss Ethel Hayward, 1213 Bolton St. 

Hemsley, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hambleton (nee Corinne Mathiot), 

1503 John St. 

Hemsley, Airs. Tilton, 1609 John St. 

Hemsley, Aliss Elizabeth Tilghman, 1609 John St. 

Henderson, Air. and Airs. Charles English (nee Alargaret Aliirray 

Hardcastle), iioi N.Calvert St. 

Hendrick, Air. and Airs. Calvin W. (nee Herring), The Albion. 

Henderson, Air. John Steele, Jr., 

Henderson, Aliss Helen H. H., 

Hendrick, Air. and Airs. Calvin W., Brooklandville, Aid. 

Hener, Dr. George J., 16 E. Biddle St. 

Henning, Air. and Airs. Ro., Jr. (nee Alay Agnes Wickham), 

"Poplarcroft," Waverly. 

Henry, Air. and Airs. J. Winfield (nee Dulin), 107 W. Monument St. 

Henry, Capt. and Mrs. Morton J. (nee Rebecca Angelica Morison), 

Henr}^ Air. and Airs. Robert Goldsborough (nee BolHng), 

Henry, Air. Daniel Al., The Baltimore Club. 

Hensel. Rev. and Airs. Charles A. (nee Baker), 

(The Rectory, Church of the Redeemer. ") 

Charles and Melrose Avs., Roland Park, Aid. 

Hepburn, Lieut. -Com. Arthur, U. S. S. South Carolina. 

Hepburn, Airs. Arthur (nee Roman), 

1826 Wyoming Av., Washington, D. C. 

Hepburn, Aliss Florence Wilmer, 'Z}^^ W. Hoffman St. 

Hepburn, Aliss Janet Small, 236 W. Hoffman St. 

Herbert, Aliss Elizabeth Alexander, "Oak Lands," Laurel, Aid. 

Hergenroeder, The Alisses, 918 St. Paul St. (for the winter) 
Herrick, Air. and Mrs. John Howard (nee de La Tour), The Rochambeau. 

Heslop, Air. and Airs. Edwin U., Charlotte, N. C. 

Hewes, Mr. and Airs. James, The Rochambeau. 

Hewes, Air. and Airs. James Ellicott, Alanning Boulevard, Albany, N. Y. 

Heyward, Air. and Airs. Wilson P. (nee Wilson), 1510 Bolton St. 

Heyward, Miss Decima Shubrick, 1510 Bolton St. 

Heyward, Aliss Mary Wilson, 1510 Bolton St. 

Heyward, Air. and Airs. Shubrick (nee Jean Sinclair Venable), 

Rocky Alount, N. C. 

12S H 

Heyward, ]\Ir. and Airs. James F. (nee Perot), 41 W.Preston St. 

Hiatt, Dr. and ]\Irs. Tlouston Boyd (nee Sadtler), 

Asheboro. Randolph Co., N. C. 

Hickok, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (nee Isabella Hambleton), 

821 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 

Hickok, IVIiss Rebecca, 38 W. Biddle St. 

Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. R. Randolph (nee Kerr), 

707 Westover Av., Ghent, Norfolk, Va. 

Hildt.Mr. and ]\[rs. Thomas (nee Dorothy Ford), 

Chester Place, Englewood, N. J. 

Hilken, Mr. Henry G., 4 Bishops Road, Guilford. 

Hilken, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. L., 512 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S., Jr. (nee Berry), 

50 Glenwood Av., E. Orange, N. J. 
Hill, Aliss Isabelle Bcrrj^, 50 Glenwood Av., E. Orange, N. J. 

Hill, Mrs. Thomas, 1302 McCulloh St. 

Hill, Air. and Mrs. Norman Alan (nee FTcflebower). 1302 McCulloh St. 

Hill, Air. and Airs. Alalcolm Westcott, Ho\vard\il]e, Baltimore Co. 

Hill, Mrs. Will. B., The Severn. 

Hill, Airs. Louis Bryant (nee Rittler), 132 W. Lanvale St. 

Hill, Dr. Alexander Scott, Ash-Lyn, Frederick Road. 

Hill. Mrs. Agnes, Ash-Lyn, Frederick Road. 

Hill, Air. Charles E., Temple, N. H. 

Hill, Air. and Airs. John Phiiip (nee Suzanne Carroll). 3 W.Franklin St. 

Hill, Air. Bancroft, Alaryland Club. 

Hill, Capt. and Airs. Eben Clayton (nee Lucy L. Atvvater), U. S. A., 

Poughkeepsie. N. Y. 

Hill, Air. and Airs. Chas. Phillips (nee Katherine AI. Montague), 

1715 de Sales St., Washington, D. C. 

Hill, Air. Joseph Adna, 1325 N St., Washington, D. C. 

Hill, Air. and Mrs. Edward P., 9 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Hill, Aliss Alildred Turner, 9 St. John's Road. Roland Park. 

Hill, Air. and Mrs. Norman Francis,Jr. (nee Clara D. Custis), 

2109 N. Charles St. 

Hill. Mr. and Airs. Richard S. (nee Anna C. Grason) 

Hill, Air. and Airs. Frank, Upper Alarlboro, Md. 

Hill, Aliss Christobel, Upper Alarlboro, Aid. 

Hillen, Mr. and Airs. T. O'Donnell (nee Eleanor Addison Aloale), 

"Carlisle," Eccleston. Aid. 



Hilles, Mr. and Mrs. William S. (nee Bessie Beale Wilson), 

Nenilly, Paris, France. 

Hilles, Mrs. William Smedley (nee Louise Estelle Robertson). 

I0I2 Cathedral St. 

Hillyer, Mr. V. ^I., 

Hinckley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 

Hinkley, Miss Harriet, 
Hinkley, Miss Mary K., 
Hinkley, Mr. John, 

Hinkley, Miss Grace, 

Hiss. Mrs. George R. A. (nee Kirby), 

Hiss, Mr. P. Hanson, 
Hiss, Miss i\Iary M.. 
Hiss, Miss Caroline V., 
Hiss. Miss Susan. 

Hiss, ]\Irs. Philip Hanson, Jr., 

Hiss, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S., 

Hiss, Mr. H. Willard, 

Hiss, 3\Ir. and ]\Irs. J. Howard, 

Baltimore Club. 


54 W. Biddle St. 
54 W. Biddle St. 
54 W. Biddle St. 

17 Lowell St.. Cambridge, Mass. 

17 W. Chase St. 

211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
211 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

205 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

New York. 

New York. 

220 Prospect Av.. Roland Park. 

Lloblitzell, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver O'D., Tr. (nee Priscilla Paca). 

24 E. Madison St. 

Lloblitzell, Mr. Alan Penniman Smith. 24 E. Madison St. 

Hoblitzell, Miss EHza Woodside, 24 E. Madison S^ 

Hoblitzell, ^Ir. Oliver, 
Hoblitzell, Miss Mary E., 

Hoblitzell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Woodside, 
Lloblitzell, Mr. Wm. Woodside, Jr., 
Hoblitzell, Mr. Peter Arrell Browne, 

Hoblitzell, Mrs. Helen G., 
Hoblitzell. Mr. Chas. Lowndes, 
Hoblitzell, AL-. Richard G., 

Hobson, AL'ss Florence, 

The Albion. 
The Albion 

The Royalton Apts. 
The Royalton Apts. 
The Royalton Apts. 

1623 St. Paul St. 
1623 St. Paul St. 
1623 St. Paul St. 

Hotel StafYord. 

Hodder, Mrs. Alfred (nee ]\Limic Gwinn), (of t;t, E. ]\It. Vernon PI.), 

Princeton, N. J. 

Hodgdon. Dr. and Mrs. Alexander L., Pearson, St. Mary's Co., Md. 

Hodgdon, Mr. Anderson Dana, 

Johns Hopkins Club, Monument and Howard Sts. 
("Dana-on-the-Patuxent," Pearson, St. jMary's Co., Md.) 

Hodges, Mrs. William E., Ocean View, Va. 

I lodges, Miss Roberta, Walnut Hill. Riderwood, ^Id. 

130 H 

Hodges, Mrs. John, 1418 Bolton St. 

Hodges, Miss Georgiana Williams, 1418 Bolton St. 

Hodges, Mr. John, Jr., 1418 Bolton St. 

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. George Harwood (nee Agnes Winslow W.Russell), 

New York City. 

Hodges, 'Mr. and Mrs. William Lemmon (nee Elizabeth J. Hodges), 

Savannah, Ga. 

Hodges, i\Ir. John ^I. G., 

Hodges, Miss, The Cecil Apt?. 

Hodges, Mr. Rowland W., Relay Station, Md. 

Hodges, Captain and Mrs. John Neal (nee Claudia Coleman), 

Huntington, W. Va. 

Hodges, ]\Ir. and Mrs. J. Shaler ( nee Phoebe Wilmcr), 1726 St. Paul St. 
Hodges, yiiss Margaret Whittingham, 1726 St. Paul St. 

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. George, Chicago, 111. 

Hodges, Miss Cora, 

Hodges, Mrs. Geo. B., Europe. 

Hodson, Col. and Mrs. Thos. S., Crisfield, Md. 

Hoff, The Misses, Riderwood, Md. 

Hoff, Mr. Worthington R., Riderwood, Md. 

Hoff, Mrs. Chas. W\. 1439 Mt. Royal Av. 

Hoff, Miss Violet Worthington. 1439 Mt. Royal Av. 

Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. George, Jr. (nee Anne Caroline Coleman), 

Riderwood, Md. 

Hoff, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. Francis H. (nee Presstman), Riderwood, ]\Id. 

Hoff, Miss Anita Frances Renshaw, Riderwood, jMd. 

Hoff, Mr. John F., Raleigh, N. C. 

Hoff, Mr. and ?^Irs. Wm. R. (nee Sarah Pouillain), Riderwood. Md. 

Hoff, Mr. and ]\Irs. Charles Goldsborough (nee Fanny Winchester 

Smith), Brooklandville, ]\Id. 

Hoff, Air. and Mrs. Snowden (nee Florence Lee Davis), 

2433 Edmondson Av. 

Hoft'man, Air. J. Latimer, 20 W. Preston St. 

Hoffman, Air. William Gilmor, 20 W. Preston St. 

Hoffman, Air. and Mrs. Richard Curzon (nee Eliza L.Dallam), 

1203 St. Paul St. 
Hoffman, Air. Wilmer, 1203 St. Paul St. 

("Kedleston," Ruxton, Md.) 

Hoffman, Air. and Airs. Richard Curzon, Jr. (nee Ethel AIcLane Lee), 

Stevenson. Aid. 

H 131 

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. William Gilmor, Jr., 

320 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Hoffman, 'Sir. Robert Gilmor, 320 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Hoffman, ^ir. Johns Janney, 320 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Hoffman. Miss Frances H., 204 E. Biddle St. 

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. (nee Reiche), 4401 Garrison Av. 

Hogan, yir. and Mrs. Robert G., 

342 S. Sixteenth St., Philadelphia, Pa. (for the winter). 

Hogan, Miss Gladys G., 342 S. Sixteenth St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Hogan, Mr. G. Vernon, 342 S. Sixteenth St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Hogan. Mr. R. Cecil, 817 Hamilton Ter. 

Hogan. ^Ir. and ^Irs. Reginald R.. Pittsl)nrgh. Pa. 

Holden, ]\Ir. and j\Irs. Joshua B., Jr. (nee Bonsai). Billerica, ]\Iass. 

Holland, Dr. and jMrs. Joseph W. (nee Pearl H.Robins), 1624 Linden Av. 

Holland, Mrs. James E. L., 1308 Linden Av. 

Holland, Mr. James E. L., 1308 Linden Av. 

Holland, !*>Irs. Jackson (nee Mueller), 1305 Linden Av. 

Holliday, Mrs. Daniel, (Absent.) 

Holliday, The blisses, (Absent.) 

Holliday, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Campbell, 6 W. Read St. 

Holliday, j\lr. and Mrs. J. ]\Iaynard (nee Mary W. Brundige), 

"The Normandie," Cor. 27th and St. Paul Sts. 

Hollingsworth, Mr. Richard J., Jr., 

106 ^lorningside Drive, New York City. 

Holloway, Miss, 1402 Madison Av. 

Hollyday, Mrs. Richard, 1430 Linden Av. 

Hollyday, Miss Elizabeth Tilghman, 1430 Linden Av. 

Hollyday, Miss Clara Goldsborough, 1430 Linden Av. 

Hollyday, Mr. Richard Frisby, 1430 Linden Av. 

Holmes, Mr. and ^^Irs. E. Burton (nee ]\largaret Oliver), 

200 Central Park South, X. Y. City. 

Holmes, Mrs. Annie Levering, 1308 Linden Av. 

Holmes, Mr. J. E. L., 1308 Linden Av. 

Holmes, Mrs. William Pinkney, 2846 W. North Av., Walbrook. 

Holmes, Dr. and Mrs. James B. (nee Rosalie Seddon Rutherfoord), 

13 E. Read St. 
Holt, Miss, 911 N.Charles St. 

Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton (nee A. C. Smith), 

130 Fulton St., New York City. 
(Woodstock, Conn.) 

132 H 

Homer, ]Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. (nee Jennie Abell), 

"The Ridge," Sherwood, Rider P. O., Md. 

Hood, Airs. J. M., 123 1 N. Calvert St. 

Hood, Miss Florence M., 1231 N.Calvert St. 

Hood, Miss Alice W., 1231 N. Calvert St. 

Hood, Mr. and Mrs. John Mifflin, Jr. (nee Ethel G. Painter). 

102 W. Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 

Hooff, Rev. and Mrs. Douglas, All Saints' Rectory, Frederick, Md. 

Hooff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., Jr. (nee Herbert), "Oaklands," Laurel, Md. 
Hooff, Airs. Lewis, "Oaklands." Laurel, Md. 

Hooff, Aliss Mary Janney, "Oaklands," Laurel, Md. 

Hoogewerff, Miss Francis E., "The Cottage," Relay P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 
Hoogewerff, Capt. and Mrs. John A. (U. S. N.), 

"Ty-Gwyn," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 

Hoogewerff. Ensign and Airs. Hiester (U. S. N.) (nee Wardlaw), 

Hook. Col. Jacob W., 1625 Park PI. 

Hooker. Dr. and Airs. Donald Russell, "Upland," Roland Park. 

Hooper, Air. and Airs. Hcnr}^ Yerbury, 215 W. Lanvale St. 

Hooper, Aliss Lillian Le C, 215 W. Lanvale St. 

Hooper, Air. Henry Yerbury, Jr., 215 W. Lanvale St. 

(Cambridge, Aid.) 

Hooper, Aliss Alinnie E.. 2202 N. Charles St. 

Hooper, The Alisses, The Stafford. 

Hooper, Airs. Theodore, 923 St. Paul St. 

Hooper, Airs. John Walter, "Eglesmere." Catonsville, Aid. 

Hooper, Air. and Mrs. Herbert (nee Parr), 1626 Bolton St. 

Hooper, The Misses Alary B. and Alargaret, 1626 Bolton St. 

Hooper, Air. Parr, 1626 Bolton St. 

Hooper, Miss Mary PL, 1121 N.Calvert St. 

Hooper, Air. and Airs. Jas. P. (nee Alathildc H. Bevan), Ruxton, Aid. 

Hoopes, Dr. Fannie E., 1307 N. Charles St. 

Hoopes, Miss M. Ella, 1307 N. Charles St. 

Hoopes, Aliss Florence L., 2000 Alt. Royal Terrace. 

Hopkins. Aliss Elisabeth J., "Bagatelle Cottage," Woodbrook, Aid. 

Hopkins, Air. and Airs. Roger Brooke (nee Josefa Alatilde Noel Crosby), 

"Bagatelle," Woodbrook P. O., Aid. 

Hopkins, Air. Joseph S., Garrison P. O., Aid. 

Hopkins, Aliss Marion H., Garrison P. O., Md. 

Hopkins, Airs. Lewis N., 1216 Bolton St. 

Hopkins, Aliss Elizabeth C, 1216 Bolton St. 

H 133 

Hopkins, Miss Virginia L., 613 St. Paul St. 

Hopkins, Mrs. J. Seth, 19 E. Eager St, 

Hopkins, Miss, 19 E. Eager St. 

Hopkins, Miss Sarah S., 19 E. Eager St. 

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Patterson, 

Washington College, Washington, D. C. 
Hopkins, Dr. and ]\Irs. Walton (nee Lila Holmes Trenholm), 

15 Maryland Av., Annapolis, Md. 
Hopkinson, Dr. and ]\Irs. B. IMerrill, 216 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W., 1516 Bolton St. 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Minshall, 

46 Hillside Av., Englewood, N. J. 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C, 117 W.Lafayette Av. 

Hopper, Miss Anna P., 117 W.Lafayette Av. 

Hopper, Miss Mary Johns, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W., 122 W. Franklin St. 

Hopper, Mrs. Sallie Cator. The St. Paul. 

Hopper, Mr. Stuart Cator, The St. Paul. 

Horner, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. C, New York City. 

Horner, I\Irs. G. P., 3029 St. Paul St. 

Horner, Miss Marie D., 3029 St. Paul St. 

Horner, Mr. H. Duncan, 3029 St. Paul St. 

Horner, Mr. Douglas Sloane, 3029 St. Paul St. 

Horsey, Mr. and Mrs. Outerbridge (nee Louisa Carroll Lee), 

Horvvitz, Mr. S. Gross, University Club. 

Horwitz, Miss Carolyn Norris, 830 Hamilton Tor. 

Hoskins, Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. (nee Bessie D.Miller), Mathews. Va- 

Hough, Mrs. Samuel J., 1015 St. Paul St. 

Hough, The Misses, 1015 St. Paul St. 

Hough, Mrs. Robert (nee Tilghman), 3 Upland Road, Roland Park. 

Hough, Miss Fannie Tilghman, 204 E. Lafayette Av. 

Hough, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Tilghman, 

"Bretton Court," 310 W. looth St., New York. 

House, Mr. and Mrs. William A., "Bellemoore," Lake and Roland Avs. 

House, ]Miss Louise Helene, "Bellemoore," Lake and Roland Avs. 

Houston, Mrs. K. B., Kenoway House, Rogers Forge P. O., Md. 

Houstoun, Mrs. James P. S., 1534 Bolton St. 

Houstoun, Mr. Jas. P., Houston, Texas. 

134 H 

Houstoiin, Mr. Claude E., 55 W. North Av., Atlanta, Ga. 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bowie, "Mulberry Hill, Chesterfield, Md. 

Howard, Mrs. William, The Cecil Apartments. 

Howard, Miss Ida R., The Cecil Apartments. 

Howard, Mr. G. Beauregard, The Cecil Apartments. 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. John Duvall (nee Smith), 157 W. Lanvale St. 

Howard, Mr. and ]\Irs. Benj. Chew (nee Elizabeth White), 

918 N. Charles St. 

Howard, Mrs. Mary H., I45 W. Lafayette Av. 

Howard, Mrs. Frank Key, 401 N. Charles St. 

Howard, Miss Nancy H., , 401 N. Charles St 

Howard, Mr. Frank Key, * 401 N. Charles St. 

Howard, Mr. Charles Morris, 401 N. Charles St. 

Howard, Mr. McHenry, 901 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Miss Elizabeth Gray, 901 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McHenry (nee Carter), 901 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Miss May, 901 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Miss Julia McHenry, 901 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Mrs. Edward Lloyd, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Howard, Mr. D. Ridgely, 939 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Miss Nannie H., 939 St. Paul St. 

Howard, Miss Rosa C, 939 St. Paul St, 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ross (nee Louise Thomson), Sudbrook Park. 

Howard, Mrs. William Travis (nee Rebecca Williams), 14 E.Madison St. 

Howard, Dr. and Mrs. William Lee, 

Howard, Mr. William Lee, Jr., Country School, Baltimore, Md. 

Howard. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Travis, Jr. (nee Williams), 1213 N.Calvert St. 

(Westerley, R. L) 

Howe. ]\Irs. William Wirt, 217 W. Lanvale St. 

Howell, Mrs. Darius C, 

Howell, Mr. Alfred Brazier, 

Howell, Dr. and Mrs. W. H., 232 W. Lanvale St 

Howell, Miss Janet Tucker, 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Howell, Mr. Roger, 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Howell, Miss Charlotte 'J^resa, 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Howell, Air. and Mrs. Alfred (nee Frances Cross Slinglufif). 

Uniontown, Pa. 

Howland, Dr. and Mrs. John, 

Howland, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hoppin (nee Dobbin), 

411 S.Carlisle St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

H 135 

Howland, a\Ir. and ]\Irs. Stanley (nee Frances Theobald), Asheville, N. C. 

Hoyt. Mr. and Mrs. William Dana ( nee ^Margaret Howard Yeaton), 

26 Washington St., Lexington, Va. 

Hoxton, Mr. L. G., University of Virginia. 

Howison, Mrs. John Worden. 23 Scott St., Chicago. 111. 

Hubbard, :\Ir. and Mrs. Wilbur W., Hotel Belvedere. 

Hubbard, Miss Miriam Warren, Hotel Belvedere. 

Hubbard, ]Mr. W^ilbur Ross, Pawling School, Pawling, N. Y. 

(Chestertown, Md.) 

Hubbell, Mr. and ]\Irs. George Anchor (nee Browne), Sherwood, Md. 

Hubner, Mr. and Mrs. William Randle (nee Schermerhorn), 

"The Burford," Charles St. Av. 

Huckel, Rev. and :Mrs. Oliver, D.D., 1526 Bolton St. 

Huffer, ]^Ir. Herman C. Jr., (New York) Address Maryland Club. 

Hughes, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Thos. (nee Roberta Thorburn), 1018 Cathedral St. 
Hughes, Mr. Neill, 1018 Cathedral St. 

Hughes, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Thos., Jr. (nee Isabel Brown Graham), 

I. X. L. Ranch. Dayton, Wyo. 

Hughes, ]\Ir. and IMrs. Adrian, 4104 Maine Av., West Forest Park. 

Hughes, Mr. Thomas, 4104 Maine Av., West Forest Park. 

Hughes, i\Ir. and ]\Irs. Adrian, Jr. (nee Mary Elizabeth Burke). 

Alleghan}' Av., Towson, Md. 

Hughes. Air. and Mrs. Thomas (nee Anna F.Wheeler), 

Penn. Av.. Towson, Md. 

Hughes. ]\Ir. and ]^Irs. James Albert (nee Jenkins). The Anneslie Apts. 

Hughes, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas (nee Josephine Reeder), 12 E.Chase St. 

Hughlett, Mr. and ]\Irs. Edward Waters, Earl Court. 

Hull, Mr. William Janney, "Mt. Vernon Apartments," 610 Cathedral St. 
Hull, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry, "Mt. Vernon Apartments," 610 Cathedral St. 

Hull, i\Ir. and IMrs. Thomas B., 3510 Duvall Av. 

Hull, iVIrs. John Baker Thompson (nee Ranstead), Washington Apts. 

Hull, Miss Amy Eleanor, The Arundel Apts. 

Hull, Mrs. Robert C, 6701 Cresham Av., Germantown, Pa. 

Hull, Mrs. Anna A. D., 916 St. Paul St. 

Hull, Miss Katharine Dent, 916 St. Paul St 

Hull, Miss Anne Adlum, 916 St. Paul St. 

(Brookland, Pa.) 

Hull, Mr. Andrew W., Newport News, Va. 


Hull, Ensign and ^Ir 

Carl 'i\)wnsencl U. S. X., 

The Plaza, 

Park PI. and Wilson St. 

Hiillihen. Dr. Walter, Staunton, Va. 

Hullihen, The Misses, Staunton, Va. 

Hulme, Mrs. Thomas A.. 2201 St. Paul Sl 

Hulme, IMiss Charlotte C, 2201 St. Paul St. 

Hulme, Miss L. Zaidee, 2201 St. Paul St. 

Hulme, ^Ir. T. Albert, Jr., 2201 St. Paul St. 

Hulsteyn, J\Ir. and Mrs. J. C. van (nee Carey), Riderwood, ^Id. 

Hulsteyn, Mr. Maximilian van, Riderwood, 'Sid. 

Humphries, Rev. and Mrs. Romilly R, 709 Park Av. 

Humphries, Mr. Romilly F., Jr., 709 Park Av. 

Humrichouse, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Levis Minford (nee Jean Stockton Huse). 

"Wayside," Woodland Road, Strafford, Pa. 

Hundley, Dr. and ]\Irs. J. Mason, 1009 Cathedral St. 

Hundley, Mr. Jack Mason, 1009 Cathedral St. 

Hundlev. :\Iiss Ethel Faxon, 1009 Cathedral St. 

Hundley, :\Ir. and ]^Irs. J. Winslow (nee Emily Symington Riggs). 

"The Latrobe." 

Hunner, Dr. and ]\Irs. Guy 

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar, 
Hunt, Miss Anita Dunbar, 

Hunt, Miss Fannie B., 

Hunt, Miss Elizabeth, 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 

Hunter, Lieut. Thomas M., 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Abell, 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. R. Page, 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald J., 

Hunter, Mrs. H. W., 

Hunting, Mr. Eben B., 
Hunting, Miss Stella B., 

Huntley, Miss Emilie D., 

Hurd, Dr. Henry M., 

Hurd, Miss Eleanor Hammond, 

Hurd, Miss Anna G., 

Hurlbutt, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W 
Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rosco, 
Hurst. Mr. and Mrs. William B., 

(nee Isabella Stevens), 2305 St. Paul St. 

68 E. 77th St., New York. 
68 E. 77th St., New York. 

100 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

2igy2 E. North A v. 

1517 Bolton St. 

Manila, P. L 

Belair, Harford Co., Md. 

2221 Elsinore Av., Walbrook. 

2202 Roslyn Av., Walbrook. 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

4309 St. Paul St., Guilford. 
4309 St. Paul St., Guilford. 

122 W. Franklin St. 

1023 St. Paul St. 
1023 St. Paul St. 
1023 St. Paul St. 

Ventnor, N. J. 
3 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 


Hurst, Mr. John E. (of W.), 

Hurst, The ]Misses, 

Hurst, Mrs. M. A., 

Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (nee Louise Banks), 

Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. (nee Ida C.Emory), 

Hurst, ]Mrs. C. W. (nee Bates), 

Huse, Capt. Henry Pinckney, 

I2I2 St. Paul St. 

Rennert Hotel. 

II W. Preston St. 

1218 N. Calvert St. 

24 E. Preston St. 

10 Essex Road, Summit, New Jersey. 

U. S. S. Wyoming, N. Atlantic Fleet. 

Huse, Mrs. Henry Pinckney, 

Hussev, Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Rodman, 

Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Fred., 
Plutchinson, The Misses, 

Hutton, Mr. and Airs. Gaun AI., 
Hutton, Miss Elsie Celeste, 
Hutton, Miss Una Louise, 

Wayside, Strafford, Pa. 

1314 Bolton St. 

Bradshaw, Md. 
Bradshaw, Md. 

Alexandroffsk}-, 838 Hollins St. 
Alexandroffsky, 838 Hollins St. 
Alexandroff sky, 838 Hollins St. 

6 Claverly Hall, Cambridge, [Mass. 

Hutton, Air. Reginald Winans, 

Hyatt, Miss N. T., 

Hyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Randolph, 112 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

223 W. Monument St. 
223 W. Monument St. 

Hyde, Mrs. Arnold S., 

Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pratt, 

(Chocorna, N. H.) 

Hynson, Air. and Airs. W. George (nee Lucy Erskine Bains), Ruxton, Aid. 

Hynson, Dr. Henry Parr, The Latrobe, Charles and Read Sts.. 

Hynson, Air. W. Rodney, Los Angeles, Cal, 

Hynson, Mr. and Airs. Henry P., Jr. (nee Alary Charlton Merrick), 

504 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

^ In Justice to yourself ^ 

And Your Intelligence 















i T ^ I ^^„■^,.^K,.. ^CHARLES AND FRANKLIN STS. A 

f Two Locations 5 lI N D E N A N D N O RT H A V EN U ES f 





All Kinds of Household Decorations and Novelties 
Suitable for Wedding Gifts and Prizes 

Miss ANNA LYMAN. S\aperir\tendent 

lams, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Harvey (nee Elizabeth S. Rouse), 

Waynesburg, Pa. 

Iglehart, Dr. and Mrs. James Davidson, 211 W. Lanvale St. 

Iglehart, Mrs. Iredell (nee Robinson), The Arundel Apartments. 

Iglehart, Mr. Iredell W., The Arundel Apartments. 

Iglehart, Mr. and Mrs. Francis N. (nee Lucy James Cook), 1226 St. Paul St. 

Iglehart, Dr. and INIrs. N. E. Berry (nee Carr), 1008 Cathedral St. 

Iglehart, Mrs. Paul. 1405 Park Av. 

Iglehart, Mr. Joseph A. W., 1405 Park Av. 

Inglis, Mrs. Harvey, 932 N.Charles St. 

Ijams, Mr. James Edgar, "Lockslex- Hall," 304 W. ^Monument St. 

I jams, Miss Elizabeth, 49 W. 39th St., New York City. 

Ingle, Mrs. J. Lowrie, 11 14 N. Eutaw St. 

Ingle, ]Miss ]\Iary Pechin, 1413 Park Av. (The Woman's Hospital). 

Ingle, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. J. Lowrie, Jr., Jamaica, Long Island. N. Y. 

Ingle, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, The Cecil. 

Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 201 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Mary Adelaide Gould), 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. James E., Jr., 1028 Judson Av., Evanston, 111. 

Ingram, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence B., Jr. (nee Aileen B. C. Dammann), 

1344 Humbolt St., Denver Col. 

Ingram. ]\Iiss Lela, 208 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Inloes, The Misses, 1219 N. Charles St. 

Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman, 

"Cherry Tree Lodge," Hawthorn and Oakdale Roads, Roland Park. 

Isaac, Mrs. Wm. M., 233 W. Lanvale St. 

Isaac, Miss Amy P., 233 W. Lanvale St. 

Isaac, Miss Mary W., 2^3 W. Lanvale St. 

("The Beeches," Towson, Md.) 







The experienced Traveler buys at DUNN'S because 
experience bas taugbt bim tbe wisdom of it 

27 W. BALTIMORE STREET, Near Hanover 

307 N. CALVERT STREET, Near Saratoga 


iEuroppan dnnsprwatorg of iHustr 

811 NortL Calvert Street Baltimore, Maryland 




Graduate under Hugo 
and Director Since 1904 

PROFESSORS: Henri Weinreicb, Piano; Edgar Paul, pupil of 
Vannini, Isidore Luckstone, David Bispbam, etc., is bead of Voice 
Department and Instructor in Harmony ; Julius Zecb, distinguisbed 
violinist, has charge of Violin Department 

Catalogue Mailed 

Telcpbone. Mt. Vernon 2898 


Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. (nee IMurrav), 919 St. Paul St. 

("Murray Hill," Charles-St. Av.) 

Jackson, Miss Annie Rea, 912 St. Paul St. 

Jackson, Mrs. John J., 1132 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Miss Bella Caton, 1132 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Somerville (nee Harrison), 34 W. Biddle St. 

(Garrison, Md.) 

Jackson, J\Ir. and jNIrs. John J., Jr. (nee Heyl), 

114 S. 19th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jackson, j\Ir. and j\Irs. Lloyd L., 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, ]\Iiss Annie L., 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, Miss Elsie, 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, Mr. Lloyd Lowndes, Jr., 1210 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, Mrs. Wilbur F., 218 W. Monument St. 

Jackson, Mr. John J., 218 W. Monument St. 

Jackson, Mrs. Edward T., 126 Victoria Av., Hampton, Va. 

Jackson, Mr. Ellis L., 126 Victoria Av., Hampton, Va. 

Jackson, Miss Elizabeth P., 126 Victoria Av., Hampton, Va. 

Jackson, Rev. and Mrs. John L. (nee Eleanor Crawford), 

9 Travis Av., Charlotte, N. C. 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T., Jr. (nee Mellinee G.Rhodes), 

1732 N. Calvert St. 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., 3219 N. Ames St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Jackson, Miss Frances H., Elizabeth College, Charlotte, N. C 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. William Congreve (nee Virginia Hardy Kemp), 

109 W. Lanvale St. 

Jackson, Mrs. Elihu E.. 816 Cathedral St. 

Jackson, Mr. Richard N., 816 Cathedral St. 

("The Oaks," Salisbury, Md.) 

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. (nee Anna Dudley Hart), 

924 N. Charles St. 

Jackson, I\Ir. and Mrs. Everett E., Jr., 105 Elmhurst Road, Is.oland Park. 

Jacobs, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Barton (nee Mary Frick), 

II West Mt. Vernon PI. 
("Uplands," Baltimore Co.) 
(Newport, R. L) 

Jacobs, INIrs. Barton Richmond, Hotel Sherwood. 

Jacobs, Mrs. J. Elliott, 1429 Park Av. 


Jacobsen, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W., 800 Pen Lucy Av., Waverly, Baltimore. 
Jacobsen, Mr. A. Wilm^t, (Soo Pen Lucy Av., Waverly, Baltimore. 

Jacobsen, Mrs. J. Gill (nee Katharine ^I. Du Val), Lake Av., Govans, Md. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Norman (nee Isabel Hagner). Catonsville. Md. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L, "Tower Hill," Catonsville, Md. 

James, ^Mrs. Nathaniel W., Catonsville, Md. 

James, ]\Iiss F. Beverly, Catonsville, Md. 

James, Dr. and ]Mrs. Henry. Jr. (nee Rosalie O'Brien), New York. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Willis (nee Beatrice May Howland), 

Canterbury Hall, University Parkway. 

James, Mrs. William L., The Stafford 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bacon (nee Miriam Gilman Loud), 

The Highlands, Washington, D. C. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. (nee Ingraham), 1018 St. Paul St. 

James, Rev. and Mrs. Fleming (nee Rebecca Godwin). 

St. Paul's Rectory, Englewood, N. J. 

Jamieson, Mrs. Andrew, in McMechen St. 

Jamieson, Miss Charlotte Murdoch, in McMechen St. 

Jamieson, Miss Helen Alurdoch, in ]\IcMechen St. 

Janes, Mrs. Henry, 1303 N. Calvert St. 

Janes, Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. (nee Gary), 1303 N.Calvert St. 

Janes, Miss Lavinia, 1303 N. Calvert St. 

Janewa}', Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Caldwell, 714 St. Paul St. 

Janney, Mr. Thomas, Jr., "Margaret Meadows," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Janney, Mr. and Mrs. G. Mason, New York. 

Janney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. (nee Lucy L.Walton), 

III Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Janney, Mr. and Mrs. Steuart Symington (nee Frances Moale Spencer), 

Garrison P. O., Md. 

Janney, ]Miss Ada P., 2nd Branch Y. W. C. A., Highlandtown, ^Nld. 

January, Mr. and Mrs. H. Churchill (nee Poe), St. Louis. 

Janvier, Mr. Meredith, 14 W. Hamilton St. 

Jay, Dr. and ]\Irs. John G., Albion Hotel. 

(South Road, :\It. Washington.) 

Jeffers, Lieut, and Mrs. Wm. N. (nee Nannie Cooke Sigourney), 

1530 Twenty-second St., Washington, D. C. 

Jeffers, Dr. and Mrs. John G. (nee Martha T. Cordell), 

242 W. Hoffman St. 

Jencks, Mr. and Mrs. Francis M., i West Mt. Vernon PI. 

Jencks, Miss Elizaljeth C. i West Mt. Vernon PI. 

Jencks, Miss Eleanor ]\I., i West Mt. Vernon PI. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. E. Anstin (nee Lowe), 1300 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Miss Mary Adelaide, 1300 St. Paul St, 

Jenkins, Mr. Austin Lowe, 1300 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Mr. Louis Lowe, 1300 St. Paul St. 

(Hunting Ridge.) 

Jenkins, Mr. and ]\Irs. Spalding Lowe (nee Sara K.Boone). 

Belvedere Llotel. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W., Jr., "Windy Gates," Roland Park, P. O. 
Jenkins, Mr. M. Ernest, "Windy Gates," Roland Park, P. O. 

Jenkins, Miss Henrietta. 3038 W. North Av. 

Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth Hazlehurst, 3038 W. North Av. 

Jenkins, Miss Marcella T., 3038 W. North Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor (nee Dimmock), 1625 McCulloh St. 
Jenkins, Mr. Chas. Dimmock, 1625 McCulloh St. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. George C, N. W. Cor. Chase and Calvert 5ts, 

("Seven Oaks," Green Spring Valley, Md.) 

Jenkins, Mrs. Edmund P., Care of Mrs. Edward Carter, Warrenton, Va. 

Jenkins, Mr. Harry Seckel, "Fairview," Riderwood, Md. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. (nee Effie ElHott Johnson), 

1521 Bolton St 
Jenkins, Mr. David Wheeler, 1521 Bolton St. 

Jenkins, ]\Ir. Harry Worthington, 1215 Linden Av. 

Jenkins, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. T. Robert (nee Jenkins), 1516 iMalster Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Xavier, 1913 Park Av. 

Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth S., 1913 Park Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Wilson Talbott, Maryland Country Club. 

Jenkins, Mr. Louis W., 

Jenkins, Air. and Mrs. Theodore, 

Jenkins, Mr. Benjamin W., 217 S.Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Jenkins, Mrs. J. Strieker, 1224 N. Charles St. 

Jenkins, Miss. 721 St. Paul St. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. William Armour, 1315 Mt. Royal Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. William Armour, Jr., 1315 Mt. Royal Av, 

Jenkins, Mr. Mark Wilcox, 1315 Mt, Royal Av. 

("Homestead Farm," Long Green, Md.) 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot W., "The Cedars," Irvington, Md. 

Jenkins. ^Ir. and ^Mrs. Jolni Hillen (nee Smith). 

Garrison, Baltimore Co., Md. 
Jenkins. ]\Ir. Henry Hillen, Garrison. Baltimore Co., Md. 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hillen, 1327 Mt. Royal Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Raymond D., 1327 Mt. Royal Av. 

Jenkins, INTiss Lydia ]\Toore, 1327 Mt. Royal Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Richard H511en, Jr., 1327 Mt. Royal Av. 

("Ingleside," Long Green Valley, Md.) 

Jenkins. Mr. and ]\Irs. George (nee Carolyn Brown Moore). 

The Bnrford, N. Charles and 33d Sts. 

Jenkins, ]\Iiss Elizabeth. ''Hillendale," Long Green Valley, Hydcs P. O., ]\Id. 

Jenkins, Mrs. Thomas E., Homewood Apts. 

Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth, 607 Park Av. 

Jenkins, Mr. Robert H., 607 Park Av. 

Tewett, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Judge (nee Ann Ingraham), 

"Lansdowne," Darlington, Md. 
Jewett, ]\Irs. George ^l., "Lansdowne," Darlington, Md. 

Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Dyke. San Francisco, Cal. 

Johns, Mrs. Jos., Jr., 1427 Park Av. 

Johns, Mr. W. E. W., 1427 Park Av. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hemsley (nee James), 225 W. Monument St. 

Johnson, Prof, and Airs. Wm. Wooisey (nee Susannah L. Batcheller), 

909 St. Paul St. 
Johnson. Dr. Charles W. L., 909 St. Paul St. 

Johnson, Prof, and Mrs. Theodore Woolsey (nee Mary C.Craven), 

Franklin St., Annapohs, Md. 

Johnson, Miss, 809 Hamilton Ter. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. J., 809 Hamilton Ter. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley T., Jr., 317 E.Franklin St., Richmond, \'a. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. (nee Grace B.Booker), 

"Tuckahoe," Vinita P. O., (Goochland Co., Va. 

Johnson, ]\lr. and ]\lr,s. Wentw orth Paul. 707 St. Paul St. 

Johnson, Miss Shelby, 707 St. Paul St. 

Johnson, Mr. Wentworth Paul. Jr., Yale Uni., New Haven. Conn. 

Johnson, Mr. William Fell, Rockland. Brooklandville P. O.. Md. 

Johnson, Mrs. Edward Contee, 141 W. Water St., Winchester, Va. 

Johnson, Miss Anne Moore, 141 W. Water St., Winchester, Va. 

Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. (nee Julia Brock), loi W.Franklin St. 
Johnson, Mr. William Fell, Jr., loi W. Franklin St. 

Johnson, Mr. Robert W., Jr., loi W. Franklin St. 

J 145 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reid (nee Elizabeth P. Oakford), 

"Roslyn," Garrison Av. 

Johnson, ^Ir. and ^Irs. Oscar Wm. (nee Emily Louise Dickey), 

179 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, 111. 

Johnson. ?^Ir5. Arnold B (nee Corinne Jackson). 

50 Commonwealth Av., Boston, ]\Iass. 

Johnson, I\Ir. and Mrs. Howard C. (nee Lamb), 

W. Mermaid Lane, St. IMartin's, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Johnston, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Bartlett S., Clover Dale Road, Eutaw PI. Ext. 

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett F. (nee Ellen W. Shoemaker), 

Eccleston, ^Id. 

Johnston, ]\Ir. and ^Nlrs. Henry ]\Iorris (nee Lillie Johnson Poor). 

The Holland, 1305 Linden Av. 

Johnston, 3tlrs. Christopher (nee ^ladeline T. Tilghman), 

819 N.Charles St. 

Johnston, ]\Irs. Josiah Lee, 1202 Eutaw PI. 

Johnston, Capt. and Mrs. Gordon (nee Anna Julia Johnson), (U. S. A.), 

Governor's Island, N. Y. 

Johnston, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. John Herbert (nee Alice Hulme), 

iioi N.Calvert St. 

Johnston, Dr. Samuel, 204 W. Monument St, 

Johnston, ^Nlr. and 3.1 rs. Richard Holland, 

141 1 Kennedy St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Johnston. ]^Ir. and Mrs. Herbert French (nee Anne Gordon Thom), 

3 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Johnstone, ]\Iiss Emma Elliott, 855 Park Av. 

(Blue Mt. Lake, N. Y.) 

Johonnot, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. (nee Salome Lavinia Hopper), 

Pacific Grove, Cal. 

Jones, yUss Beatrice L. Pinkney, 155 Washington Av., Albany, N. Y. 

Jones, ]Mr. and ]Mrs. Campbell Pinkney (nee Eva Marguerite ]Millar). 

186 San .Nlartin, Buenos Aires, Argentine, S. A. 

Jones, yir. E. Bradley, 415 Guilford Av. 

Jones, Mrs. Kennon, 1431 Park Av. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. T. Barton (nee Dushane), 

"Glendale Cottage.'' Mt. Washington, Aid. 

Jones, Miss Eleanor Howard, Radcliffe College, Cambridge, ]\Iass. 

Jones, ]\Iiss Marion Dushane, ]\It. Washington P. O., Aid. 

i4f; J 

Jones, Mr. and I\Irs. Julian Stuart (nee Zadie Ethel Pope). 

Cor. 40th and Oak Sts. 

Jones, Rev. Joseph Courtney, 8 Bompart Av., Webster Groves, AIo. 

Jones, Miss Edith C, 8 Bompart Av., Webster Groves, Mo. 

Jones, ]\Ir. J. Courtney. Jr., 8 Bompart Av., Webster Groves, Mo. 

Jones, ]\Ir. Harvey Wilmcr, 8 Bompart Av., Webster Groves, Mo. 

Jones, Mrs. George Frederick, 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L., 1702 St. Paul St. 

Jones, Miss Mildred Katharine, 1702 St. Paul St. 

Jones, Miss Dorothy ]\Iorris, 1702 St. Paul St. 

Jones, ]\Iiss Emily R., Princess Anne, Md. 

Tones, Mrs. Isabel (nee ]\IcCoy), 1616 19th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Jones, Miss Anna, The Cecil Apartments. 

Jones, Mrs. F. W., 935 St. Paul St. 

Jones, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. Wm. Downey (nee E.R.Brooke), Hotel Sherwood. 

Jones, Dr. John Wesley, Central V. M. C. A. 

Jones, Prof, and Mrs. Harry Clary (nee Harriet Brooks), 

Cor. Madison Av. and Brooks Lane. 

Jordan, Mrs. George Marshall, 605 N. Charles St. 

Jordan, Miss Mary jNliles, 605 N. Charles St. 

Josephs, Mr. and ]\Irs. Lyman Colt. 908 St. Paul St. 

Josephs, Miss Mary Lvman. 908 St. Paul St. 

Josephs, Air. Hugh W."! 908 St. Paul St. 

Josephs, Mr. Devereux C, 9aS St. Paul St. 

(Newport, R. I.) 

Josephtha], Air. and Airs. Sidney L. (nee Alarie Louise Cherbonnier), 

\\''averly, Warrenton, \'a. 

Jubb, Aliss Florence, Birmingham, Pa. 

Judik, Airs. J. Henry, 1428 Aladison Av. 

Judik, Aliss Florine J., 1428 Aladison Av. 

Judik, Aliss Lillie A., 1428 Aladison Av. 

Judik, Aliss Clara C, 1428 Aladison Av. 

Judik, Air. and Airs. John Ordronaux, "Eglesmere," Catons\ille, Aid. 


A Miss Remington appre- 

f ciates the hearty and quick 

^ response accorded her 

po^al of inquiry, and 
every effort has been ^ 

made to publish a com- ^ 

plete and corred; list; ^ 

therefore, if any errors or ^ 

omissions are found, the ^ 

compiler feels that all ^ 

blame mu^ be attached 
to those who have been 
tardy or careless in filling 
out the cards. f 




C. & P. 'Phone St. Paul 2662 




1 Dr. Aloha M. Kirkpatrickl 


319 North Charles Street 

Baltimore, Maryland 

III I ■!«■ I i m I i m I H H 



Kane, Miss Julia Bnddecke, 712 N. Broadway, Seattle, Wash. 

Kapff, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick von, '"Stoneleigh," Rodgers Forge, Md. 

Kearney, ]\rr. and Airs. Stuart (nee Arnieiiia Brooks), Baltimore, Md. 

Kearney, Mr. J. Kearsley, Baltimore, Md. 

Keating, Mr. Henry Webster, St. James School, Hagerstown, Md. 

Keating, Frank Webster, M.D., "Rosewood," Owings Mills. Md. 

Keating, Mrs. Arthur Barnes (nee Louisa Ogle Beall), 221 W\ Lanvale St. 

Keech, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Warren, 2425 N. Calvert St. 

Keech, Miss Grace A. Guest, 2425 N. Calvert St. 

Keech, Miss Elizabeth Guest, 24:25 N, Calvert St. 

Keech, Miss Lutie Marguerite, 2425 N. Calvert St. 

Keech, Mr. ^Malcolm G., 2425 N. Calvert St. 

Keech, Mr. and ]\Irs. William S., W. Joppa Road, Towson 

Keech, Dr., 5 W. Chase St. 

Keech, Mrs. E. P., The Berkeley, Apt. 4. 

Keech, Mr. and Airs. Edward Parkin, Jr. (nee Pagon), 

203 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Keene, Miss Laura E., 8 W. Hamilton St. 

Keene, Miss Alary Hollings worth, 8 W.Hamilton ::.„ 

Keene, Airs. R. Goldsborough, Norwood PI.. Guilford. 

Keidel, Mr. and Airs. Charles, 914 St. Paul St. 

Keidel, Air. Ernest H., 914 St. Paul St. 

Keidel, Air. and Airs. Henry, "Homewood," Catonsville, Md 

Keidel, Aliss Adela Louise, '"Homewood," Catonsville, Aid. 

Keidel, Air. F. William, "Homewood," Catonsville, Aid. 

Keidel, Dr. and Airs. Albert (nee Janet Van Smith), 2 W. Biddle St. 

Keidel, Dr. and Airs. George C. (nee Eugenia Garber), 

720 E. Capitol St., Washington, D. C. 

Keighler, Airs. Samuel Ames (nee Alary W.White). 

Decatur Apts., Decatur PL, Washington, D. C. 

Keim, Airs. Charles W., Ty-Gwyn, Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 

Keith, Aliss Alay, 1212 John St. 

Keith, Aliss Susie H., 

Keith, Mr. and Airs. Walter W. (nee Brown). 

The Burford. X. Charles St. and 33rd St. 

Keller. Airs. J. G.. 222 W. Alonument St. 

Keller. Airs. Charles J., 222 W. Alonument St. 

Keller, Dr. Charles J.. 222 W. Alonument St. 


Kelly, Dr. and :\ Irs. Howard A., 
Kelly, Mis.s Olga E. P. . 
Kelly, Mr. Howard A., Jr.. 

Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Henry K.. Jr., 

Kelly, Mr. Fritz H., 

Kelso, Mrs. John R., 

Kemp, Miss Mary Gibson, 

Kemp, Mr. and j\Irs. Charles T., 
Kemp, ^liss Agnes Howard, 
Kemp, Mr. Charles T., Jr., 

Kemp. Miss Helen de C, 

Kenly, Mr. and Mrs. AlL-rt C, 

Kennard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, 

Kcnnard, Dr. Henry W., 

Kennard, Mr. and Mrs. William Hanson 

Kennard, Miss Adelaide G., 
Kennard, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 
Kennard, Miss ]\Iary M., 
Kennard, Miss Genevieve T., 

Kennard, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alfred, 

Kenny, Mrs. Cornelius D., 
Kenny, Miss Emily Fitzgerald, 
Kenny, J\:Iiss M. Frances, 

("Farry Knowl 

Kensett, Mrs. John R., 

Kensett, Mr. and Mrs. John R., Jr. (nee Passano) 

Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B., 
Kent, Miss Elizabeth C, 

Kent, Mr. and ]\Irs. Frank R. (nee Whitman). 

1406 Eutaw PI. 
i-IOv'S EiUaw PI. 
1406 Eutaw PI. 

Pasadena, Cal. 

Chestcrtown, Md. 

404 McMechen St. 

Gloucester C. H., Va. 

Prospect Hill, Catonsville, Md. 
Prospect Hill. Catonsville, ]\Id. 
Prospect Hill, Catonsville, Md. 

Elkridge, Md.) 

Westminster, Md. 

Philippine Islands. 

New York City. 

2322 N. Calvert St. 
2322 N. Calvert St. 
2322 N. Calvert St. 
2322 N. Calvert St. 

Pasadena, Cal. 

12 W. Madison St. 
12 W. Madison St 
12 W. Madison St. 

931 St. Par.'i St. 

14 Melvin A v.. Arlington. 

2735 N. Calvert St. 
2735 N. Calvert St. 

Kerchner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. 
Kerchner, Miss Isabel Forman, 

Ellamont Av., Walbrook. 

Mt. Royal Apts. 
Mt. Royal Apts. 

Kerner, Miss Virginia A., 1208 Linden Av. 

Kerr, Mrs. Charles G., 1513 Park Av. 

Kerr, Mr. Reverdy Johnson, (of 1513 Park Av.) Los Angeles, Cal. 

Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goldsborough (nee Harriet Houstoun). 

1534 Bolton St. 

Kerr, Dr. Eugene, Timonium, Md 

Kerr, Miss May Heberton, Timonium, Md. 

K ir)i 

Kerr, Rev. and ^Irs. Robt. P., 1821 St. Paul St. 

Kerr, Mrs. Frank, 1211 Eutaw PI. 
Key, Mrs. Edward. Address care of Morgan. Harges & Co.. Paris, Erance. 

Key, Dr. Henry J., The Altamont. 

Keys, Mrs. Harriet Barton, 1410 Bolton St. 

Keys, Miss Rebecca Norris, "Bannaire," Elkridge, PToward Co., Md. 

Keys, The Misses, 208 E. Lanvale St. 

Keys, Mrs. Hugh, 202 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Keys, Miss Josephine V., 2324 N. Calvert St. 

Keyser, Mr. and Mrs. PI. Irvine (nee Washington), 104 W. Monument St. 
(Eccleston P. O., Md.) 

Keyser, Mr. and Mrs. Washington Irvine (nee Ethel Howard 

Whitridge), 'Glencroft," Stevenson P. O.. Md. 

Keyser, Mrs. Henry B. (nee Fischer), 1121 N.Charles St. 

Keyser, Miss Ann Franklin, 1121 N.Charles St. 

Keyser, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Jean Hancy), looi N.Calvert St. 

("Karnak," Eccleston, Md.) 

Keyser, Mr. and Mrs. R. Brent (nee McHenry), 1201 N. Calvert St. 

Keyser, Miss Juliana Brent, 1201 N. Calvert St. 

Keyser, Miss Ellen McHenry, 1201 N. Calvert St. 

("Dunlora," Eccleston, Md.) 

Keyser, Mr. Samuel S., Care of T^Iaryland Club. 

Kidder, Mr. and JNIrs. Herrick Faber (nee Evelyn Bayly Tyson), 

180 Evanson St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

Kilpatrick, Mrs. R. IL, 1027 St. Paul St. 

Kilpatrick, Miss, 1027 St. Paul St. 

Kilpatrick, Miss Mary G., 1027 St. Paul St. 

Kilpatrick, Mr. John Douglas, . New York. 

Kimball, Mrs. Richard Fuller, 3 Midvale Road. Roland Park. 

Kimball, Miss Charlotte Stuart, 3 ^lidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norris (nee Margery I.Pennington), 

1419 John St. 

Kimball, Mr. and j\Irs. Henry Swift (nee Corner), 

23 Windermere PL, St. Louis, Mo. 

Kinear, Mrs. James C, 2702 Maryland Av. 

Kinear, Miss Mary Eudora, 2702 Maryland Av. 

Kinear, Mr. IT. Sehvyn, 2702 Maryland Av. 

152 K 

King, Mrs. Joseph, 9^3 Cathedral St. 

King, ;Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Jr., New York. 

King. :\Ir. and Mrs. Henry S., . 1243 ^Mt. Royal Av. 

King. Mr. Henry Wynn, 1243 !Mt. Royal Av. 

King. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glenn, 1243 ;\lt. Royal Av. 

King, Airs. Charles Alfred Eh', 

King, Lieut. Charles A. E., Jr., U. S. Marine Corps. Annapolis, Aid. 

King, Airs. Adam E., 22 E. 31st St., New York. 

King, Aliss Katherine. 22 E. 31st St., New York. 

King, Aliss Frances H., 22 E. 31st St., New York. 

King, Air. and Airs. Hugh Purviance (nee Virginia H. Aliller), 

Elewlett, Long Island, N. Y. 

King. Air. and Airs. Aubrev Edmunds (nee Alma Phelps), 

29 Wickford Road. Roland Park. 

King, Airs. Stephen H., Care Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

King, Air. John H., Care Brown, Shipley & Co., London. 

King, Lieut, and Airs. E. J. (nee Egerton), 

King, Dr. and Airs. John Theodore, 1425 Eutaw PI. 

King, Miss Hester Livingston, 142=; Eutaw PI. 

King, Dr. John T., Jr., Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Kingsbury, Air. and Airs. Ross Selden (nee Josephine Ellicott), 

United States Navy. 

Kingsford, Air. and Airs. Irving Bowdoin (nee Eliza Lawrence 

Hoffman), S20 Park Av.. New York. 

(Short Hills, N.J.) 

Kinsey. Air. and Mrs. Josiah A., 1215 N.Calvert St. 

Kinsey. Aliss Louise Richardson. 1215 N.Calvert St. 

Kinsolving. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Barksdale (nee Bruce). 

St. Paul's Rectory, 24 W. Saratoga St. 
Kinsolving. Aliss Alary Bruce, St. Paul's Rectory, 24 W.Saratoga St. 

Kintzing, Dr. and Airs. Pearce (nee Jacobsen), 1321 N.Charles St. 

Kirby, Airs. George A., 17 W. Chase St. 

Kirk, Rev. and Airs. Harris E., D.D., 502 Cathedral St. 

Kirk, Air. and Airs. Henry C, Jr., 207 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Kirk, Aliss Alary H., 207 Longwood Road. Roland Park. 

Kirk, Aliss E. Buckner, 

207 Longwood Road, Roland Park, and Bryn Alawr College. 

Kirk, Airs. Charles Douglas, 212 Drummond PI, Ghent, Norfolk, Va. 

Kirk, Aliss Laura Devries, 212 Drummond PI., Ghent, Norfolk, Va. 

Kirk, Aliss Alary Trippe, 212 Drummond PI., Ghent. Norfolk, Va. 

Kirkland, Mr. and Uvs. O. A., 15 W. Mulberry St. 

Kirkland, The Misses, 15 W. Mulberry St. 

Kirkland, Mrs. Bayly K, 

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Tollen Francis, The Rochambeau Apts. 

Kirwan, Mr. George W., Eleven East Chase St. 

Klein, The Misses, 851 Park Av. 

Klots, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Partridge (nee Agnes Boone), 

14 E.Mt. Vernon PI. (for the Winter). 

Knabe, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Ernest J., Jr. (nee Schlens), Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Payson, 10 Club Road, Roland Park, Md. 
Knapp, Mrs. E. Payson, 10 Club Road. Roland Park, Md. 

Knapp, Mr. Alex. Payson, Jr., 10 Club Road, Roland Park, Md. 

Knapp, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. George W., Jr. (nee Sara Gilfey), 1113 N.Calvert St. 

Knapp, Mr. and I\Irs. George W. (nee Boone), 920 N.Charles St. 

Knapp, Miss Katharine E., 920 N. Charles St. 

Knapp, Mr. William G., 920 N. Charles St. 

Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. (nee Florence Primrose), 

920 N. Charles St. 
("Belmont,'' Catonsville, Md.) 

Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. (nee Elizabeth N. Gushing). 

28 E. Preston St. 
(Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Knight, i\Iiss Elizabeth B., 2131 Maryland Av. 

Knight, ]\liss Ethel 2131 Maryland Av. 

Knight, IMiss Rebecca Ringgold, 2131 Maryland Av. 

Knight, ]\Ir. Jas. Groome. 2131 Maryland Av. 

Knight, Miss Helen, 1124 N.Charles St. 

Knothe, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. (nee Katharine F. Robertson), The Albany. 

Knott, i\Ir. A. Leo, Hotel Stafford (for the Winter). 

Knobloch, Mr. and Mrs. Erhard von, 3027 St. Paul St. 

Knower, Mrs. Edward C, The Brexton. 

Knower, Dr. and Mrs. Henry McElderry, 

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Knox, ]\Irs. Lydia E., 1705 Guilford Av. 

Knox, Mrs. Jas. H. Mason, The Severn Apts. 

Knox, Dr. and 3>lrs. James H. Mason, Jr. (nee Marion G. Bowdoin), 

211 Wendover Road, Guilford. 

154 K 

Knox, Mrs. William F., 1410 Bolton St. 

Knox, Miss Adele Kilburn. 1410 Bolton St. 

Knox, Miss Catharine Phillips, 1410 Bolton St. 

Knox, Mr. John Colvin, 1410 Bolton St. 

Knox, Mr. Donald R., 1410 Bolton St. 


Koppelman, I\Ir. and Mrs. Walter (nee Grace L. Dunderdale). 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway, Roland Park. 

Krebs, Mr. George W. C., 1724 McCulloh St. 

Krebs, Mr. Roland Sewell, 

Kremelberg, The Misses, 1007 N. Charles St. 

Krieger, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. C. (nee Agnes C. Keighler), 

1009 S. Salem St., Chico, Cal. 

Kroh, Mr. and Mrs. Howard S., 508 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Kuhns, Mr. James Hyland, "The Druid," Mt. Royal Ter. 

Kuhns, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Charles F., The Home wood Apts. 

Kummer, Mrs. Alary M., S07 N. Eutaw St. 

Kummer, Miss Helen Talbot, 807 N. Eutaw St. 

Kummer, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Henry, Catonsville, Md. 

Kummer. Miss Margaret S., Catonsville, Md. 

Klinkowstroem, ]Mrs. F. G. von (nee Buckler), 145 \\\ Lafayette Av. 


Miss Remington requests 
that the postals for names 
and addresses be filled 
out and returned early in 
October for next edition, 
especially not leaving out 
Addresses, which is often 
done. When no changes of 
either have taken place, 
please repeat and mail as the 
postals should be returned. 
Miss Remington does not 
hold herself responsible for 
errors or omissions when she 
is not notified of them. 


City Dairy Milk 

is a pure and economical food 

CITY Dairy Milk and Cream complies with the highest 
ideals of the dairy business. The methods of pro- 
duction — of pasteurization — and of milk handling — 
are appreciated in Baltimore and known throughout the 
United States. VJe most Certainly welcome the opportunity 
to serve you. 

Ask your neighbor to have our wagon serve you 


"Mt. Vernon 860" 

"Madison 2222" "Homewood 193" 



LaBarrer, ^Mr. and 'Sirs. Oliver SI., 

Lackey, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. (nee ]\Iary F. ]\Iyer), 

Lacy, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 
Lacy, Mr. Robert, 
Lacy, Miss Helen, 

1709 N. Charles St. 

2904 N. Calvert St. 

1630 Linden Av. 
1630 Linden Av. 
1630 Linden Av. 

Lake, ^Irs. James, 

Lamb, Mrs. Anna W., 
Lamb, Miss Margaretta W., 

Lamb, Mrs. John Emerson, 
Lamb, Miss Emerson, 

("Cedarcroft," Station H.) 

Lamb, Mrs. George M., 
Lamb, Mr. George M.. Jr., 
Lamb, Mr. Philip E., 

631 Maryland Av., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1432 McCulloh St. 
1432 McCulloh St. 

232 Laurens St. 
232 Laurens Si. 

"Cedarcroft," Station H. 
"Cedarcroft," Station H. 
"Cedarcroft." Station H. 

Lamb, Sir. James G., 

Lamdin, Sirs. William F., 
Lamdin, Mr. and Sirs. N. Gist, 

Lamping, Sirs. Helen, 
Lamping, The ^Misses, 

Lanahan, Mr. Charles M., 
Lanahan, Mrs. Charles SI., 

Lanahan, Sirs. William, 

Lanahan, Airs. Fannie R., 
Lanahan, Mr. Wm. Wallace, 

Landstreet, Mr. and Sirs. Fairfax S., 

Landstreet, Sir. Stuart. 

("^Nlayfair Farm,"' Timonium, Sid.) 

Landers, The blisses, Charles-St. Av. and Bishop's Road, Guilford. 

Landers, Sir. Charles Joseph, Charles-St. Av. and Bishop's Road, Guilford. 

Lane, I\Irs. Gardiner Martin (nee Gildersleeve), 

53 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

Langdon, Sirs. Thomas P., 

Langford, Sir. and Sirs. Harr\-, 

1029 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

'Lynhurst," cor. 19th and Edmondson Av. 
'Lynhurst, "cor. 19th and Edmondson Av. 

1800 St. Paul St. 
1800 St. Paul St. 

The Washington Apts. 
The Washington Apts. 

"Blenheim," Woodbrook P. O., Balto. Co. 

205 Gk)odwood Gardens, Roland Park. 
205 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

The Cecil, Eutaw St., near Dolphin. 

Lanham, Sir. and Sirs. Samuel Tucker (nee Edith C. Crane), 

135 Hampton Drive, Spartanburg, S. C. 

Lanier, The ■Misses, 

Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. Herder M., 

27 W. Chase St. 

1703 N. Calvert St. 


Lanman, -Mrs. David T., Brooklandville, ]\Id. 

Lansdale. Mr. and ]\Irs. Robert Vinton, Jr., 4107 ]\Iaine Av., W. Forest Park. 

Lansdale, Mr. Herbert Parker, 

Lansdale, Rev. Jos. Tucker, 

Lansdale. Mr. Philip M., 

Lansdowne, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. S., 

Lansdowne, J\Iiss, 

Lansdowne, Miss Florence Starr, 

Troy, N. Y. 

New York City. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

425 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
425 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
425 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Lansdowne, ]\Ir. and Mrs. George Edward, Jr., 

Mt. Washington Heights Station E, Arlington, Md. 

Earned, Mrs. Helen Murray, 1327 Park Av. 

Earned, Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. (nee Cornelia Lee Pattison), 

1327 Park Av. 

Earned, Mr. and jNIrs. Frank H. 

Earned, ]\Ir. J. IMurray, 

Earned, Mr. Alexander S., 

Earus, Mrs. John Ruse, 
Earus, Mr. John Ruse, Jr., 

Eatane, Mrs. James A., 
Eatane, The Misses, 

2614 Garfi(?ld St., Washington, D. C. 
Meadville, Pa. 
814 Park Av. 

1412 Park Av. 
1412 Park Av. 

Eatane, Mr. and Mrs. James A., Jr. (nee Mary Douglass Dabney), 

14 1 2 Park Av. 

1016 N. Calvert St. 

Eatane, Dr. and ]\Irs. John Holladay, 

Latham, Mrs. Lester H., 
Latham, Miss Mabel, 

Latimer, Miss Caroline, 

Latimer, Mr. Ralph Randolph, 

Latimer, Mr. James B., 

Latimer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Randolph, 

Eatrobe, Mrs. Ferd. C, 
Eatrobe, Miss Ellen Virginia, 

Eatrobe, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand C, Jr. (nee Ford), 

Eatrobe, Mrs. Charles H., 

Eatrobe, Mr. and Mrs. Gamble, 

"El Retiro," Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 
Eatrobe, Mr. Charles H., "El Retiro," Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 

Eatrobe, Mr. Gamble, Jr.. "El Retiro," Normandy Heights, Roland Park. 

Eatrobe, Capt. and Mrs. Osmun, 

Eighth U. S. Cavalrv, Fort Robinson, Neb. 

602 W. North Av. 
602 W. North Av. 

The Sherwood. 

Palazzo Barbaro, Venice, Italy. 


2223 N. Charles St. 

906 N. Charles St. 
906 N. Charles St. 

Baltimore Co., Md. 

The Albion. 


Law, ]\Iiss Margaretta, 

407 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park, Md. 

Lawrence. ]Mr. and Mrs. William LTamilton (nee Frances Daniel Gary), 

South for the winter. 

Lawson, Miss Rosa, 

Lay, i\Ir. and Mrs. Beirne, 

Lay, ]\Iiss Catherine, 

Lazarus, ^liss ^l. Rachel, 
Lazarus, ^liss Isabel, 

Lazarus, Mr. Edgar ]\L. 
Lazarus, Miss Phebe Yates, 

Lazenby, Mr. and ]\Irs. Francis Allen, 

Leacock, ]\Iiss Carrie. 

417 N. Charles St. 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

214 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Ill iMcMechen St. 
Ill McMechen St. 

The Wickersham, Portland, Ore. 
The Wickersham, Portland, Ore. 

21 17 Callow Av. 

211 2 Oak St. 

Leake, Dr. and ]\lrs. James Pe3'ton (nee ■Mary Chase King), 

1410 Girard St., Washington, D. C. 

Leakin, Miss Margaret Dobbin, 

Leakin, Mr. and ]\Irs. William Ridgely, 
Leakin, Miss Ruth Stewart, 
Leakin, Mr. Stewart, 

Leakin, Mr. J. Wilson, 
Leakin, Miss Susan Dobbin, 

"Laconia," Lake Roland, Md. 

14 E. 37th St., Savannah. Ga. 
14 E. 37th St., Savannah, Ga. 
14 E. 37th St., Savannah, Ga. 

103 W. Monument St. 
103 W. Monument St. 

The iNIarlborough, Eutaw PI. 

Leary, ]\Irs. Peter, Jr., 

Ledochowski, Count and Countess Vladimir (nee Louise Warfield), 

1223 Linden Av. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus O'D. (nee Hannah Tyson), Melvale, Md. 

Lee, Miss Josephine, . A'lelvale, Md. 

Lee, Mr. O'Donnell. Melvale, Md. 

Lee, Mr. Frederic Collins, Melvale, Md. 

Lee, Mr. and ]\Irs. Edward Jackson (nee Katharine L^McDonald). 

1812 N. Charles St. 

Lee, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Jesse Tyson (nee Charlotte F.Sinclair), 

Chesmont, N. C. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. 'M. L. Dawson (nee Letitia N. Buck). 

Montjoy Farm, Ellicott City, Md. 

Lee, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Philip Francis, 

Calvert Court Apts.. Calvert and 31st Sts. 
(of "Tyrone," Araby P. O., Frederick Co..]\Id.) 

The Stafford. 

Lee, Mrs. John Boykin, 

Lee, ]\Irs. Julian Henry (nee Elizabeth Tyson), 
Lee. ^Ir. Stephen States, 
Lee, ^Ir. Hillyard C, 

919 N. Calvert St. 
919 N. Calvert St. 
919 N. Calvert St. 

im L 

Lcc. Mr. T. Collins. 

Care of Hartford Accident &• Indemnity Co.. Hartford, Conn. 

Lee, Miss Elizabeth Collins, 1524 Park Av. 

Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., 7S(^ Hartford Av.. Providence, R. I. 

Lee, Miss Mary, 203 E. Preston St. 

Lee. Mrs. Lily ^L. 1018 X. Charles St. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Donnell (nee Jenkins), 

"Needwood Forest," Knoxville, i\Id. 
Lee, ^liss Gertrude, "Needwood Forest." Knoxville, jMd. 

Lee, Miss Dorothy C, ''Needwood Forest," Knoxville, Md. 

Lee, Mr. Adrian Iselin, ]\Ielvale, Md. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jenkins (nee Mary Kuhn Harris), 

"Needwood Lodge," Knoxville P. O.. ]\Id. 

Lee, Mr. and ]^Irs. Charles 0"D., Jr. (nee Annie McCauley), 

'"Rockland." Wayne, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Lee, Mr. Adrian L., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lee, Miss Katharine Lawrence, 903 Cathedral St. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. T. S., Washington, D. C. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart (nee O'Donovan), 

Kennett Pike, Wilmington. Del. 

Lee. Dr. Mann Randolph Page, 

Lee, Mrs. Francis Dupont, Washington, D. C. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. John Levpold Griffith (nee Caroline Webster 

Hmiter). ' The Stafford Hotel. 

(Bel Air, Md.) 

Lee, The blisses Helen 'M. and Elizabeth D., Bel Air. Md. 

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Morris (nee Tabb), 

Garrison Station, Green Spring Valley, 'Sid. 

Lee, Rev. and Mrs. Henry B., Jr., Weston, W. Va. 

Lee, Mrs. G. Allen, "Oaklands." Garrison. Md. 

Lefebvre, Mrs. H. P., care of IVIrs. J. Skelton Williams, 

R. F. D. "2," Richmond, Va. 

Leftwich, Mr. and Mrs. Vivian C. (nee Edith Whelan), 

Norwood Place, Guilford. 

Leftwich, Mr. and ]Mrs. Alexander T., Jr. (nee Florence D. Tiers), 

Legg, Mr. and Mrs. John Carter. Tr. (nee Mav Applegarth), 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

L 161 

Legg, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Edgar K.. Jr., 

S St. -New Hampshire Av., Washington, D. C. 
("Graydon," Leesburg, Va.) 

Legg, Mrs. Edgar K., 212 E. Preston St. 

Legg, Miss, 212 E. Preston St. 

Legg, Mr. Frederic W.. 212 E. Preston St. 

Lehr, Mrs. Robert, 16 E. Madison St. 

Lehr, Miss Frances, 16 E. Madison St. 

Lehr, Mr. Robert Oliver, 16 E. Madison St. 

Lehr, Dr. and iNIrs. Louis Charles (nee Marie Worthington Conrad), 

1627 New Hampshire Av., Washington, D. C. 
(Glyndon, Md.) 

Lehr, ^Ir. and ]Mrs. Harry Symes (nee Elizabeth Drexel), 

3 Rue de Lisle, Paris, France. 

Lehmayer, 'Sir. and Mrs. ]\L'irtin, 1808 Eutaw PI. 

Leidy, Dr. and Mrs. C. Fontaine Maury (nee Margaret Ridgely). 

310 b. i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Leland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Warren (nee Mary S. Lanahan), 

56 E. Division St., Chicago, 111. 

Lemmon, Mrs. J. Southgate (nee Dulany), Virginia. 

Lcmmon, Miss Neville, Virginia. 

Lemmon, Miss Elizabeth Herbert, Middleburg, Va. 

LeMoyne, Mr. J. V., Melvale, Balto. Co., Md. 

Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wirt (nee Nellie McBride Jackson), 

119 Beechdale Road, Roland Park. 

Lcser, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar (nee Agnus), 926 St. Paul St. 

Lesley, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Parker (nee Lillian G.Vincent), 

Palo Alto, Cal. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. (nee Webb), 2110 Oak St. 

Levering, Miss Georgianna, 2 no Oak St. 

Levering, Mr. Webb, 2110 Oak St 

Levering, j\liss Martha Keyser, 21 10 Oak St. 

Levering, ]\Iiss Elizabeth W. J\L, 2110 Oak St. 

(Sudbrook P. O., ^Id. ) 
Levering, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Frederick A., Jr. (nee Florence A.Dixon), 

113 W. Lanvale St. 

Levering, ]\Ir. and ]^Irs. Joshua (ncc Woods), Ruxton, Md. 

Levering, Mr. and ^Irs. Ernest Douglas (nee Grace Bennett Wade), 

Ruxton, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Keyser (nee Matthews), Ruxton, ]\Id. 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, 1308 Eutaw fU 

162 L 

Levering, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, Jr. (nee Gary), 1217 Linden Av. 

Levering, Mrs. Robert, The St. Paul, Mt. Royal Av. 

Levering, Miss, The St. Paul. JNIt. Royal Av. 

Levering, :^liss Nellie, The St. Paul. ^It. Royal Av. 

Levering, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Leonidas (nee Keys), 14 E. Read St. 

Levering, Aliss Anne Eugenia, 14 E. Read St. 

Levering, Air. Leonidas, Jr.. 14 E. Read St. 

Levering, Miss Dorothy Holmes, 14 E. Read St. 
("Blendon," Catonsville. Aid. ) 

Levering, Air. and Mrs. H. Brooke, "Ellenbrooke," Catonsville, Aid. 

Levering, Air. and Airs. Franklin Wilson, 906 St. Paul St. 

Levering, Air. and Airs. Harold Wilson (nee Kathlyn J. Aloose), 

Chicago, 111. 

Levering, Air. F. J., 222 Laurens St. 

Levering, Air. and Airs. Edwin W., 1210 Eutaw PI. 

Levering, Air. Arthur C, 1210 Eutaw PI. 

(Riderwood, Aid.) 

Levering, Air. and Airs. Leonard Alatthews, Jr. (nee Alary Donnell 

Tilghman), Ruxton, Aid. 

Levering, Air. and Airs. Edwin W., Jr. (nee Louise Wallace Symington), 

Ruxton. B'alto. Co., Aid. 

Levering, Air. and Airs. J. A. Gould (nee Anne Levering), Riderwood, Aid. 

Levering, Mrs. Pauline AL, The Cecil. 

Levering, Aliss P. Dorothy, The Cecil. 

Levering. Air. Paul J., 210S St. Paul St. 

Levering, Mr. and Airs. Leonard Al, 38 W. Biddle St 

Le Viness, Air. and Airs. Charles T., Jr. (nee Alice J. Dorman), 

S. W. cor. Roland Av. and Kenwood Road, Roland Park. 

Lewis, Air. and Airs. Jefferson Al., 1214 Eutaw PI. 

Lewis, Air. Alortimer J., 1214 Eutaw PI. 

Lewis, Air. and Airs. Henry Howell, 1608 Alt. Ro.val Av. 

Lewis, Air. and Airs. Lawrence Tayloe, 3305 Abell Av. 

Lewis, Airs. Edwin S. (nee Jessie Norris), 34 E. 32nd St., New York. 

Lewis, Mrs. F. AL, i Fair Oak Av., Wavcrly. 

'^.ewis, Air. and Airs. William Penn, The Cleveland Apts,, 1415 Linden Av. 
Lewis, Air. Wm. Penn, Jr., The Cleveland Apts., 1415 Linden Av. 

Lewis, Air. and Airs. Langhorne Dabney ^nee Helen A. Armistead), 

240 Norfolk Av., Lynchburg, V? 

Lewis. Airs. Mary Fisher, 1813 St. Paul St. 

Lewis, Miss Ella Beasten, 1813 St. Paul St. 

Lewis, Miss Rebecca Renshaw, 1813 St. Paul St. 

Lewis, Airs. Edwin Ashley (nee Williamson), Washington, D. C. 

Lightfoot, Aliss, Xew York. 

Ligon, Mr. and Airs. Charles W. D. (nee Harriet Ridout). 

-White Hall," Ellicott Citv. Md. 

Ligon, Aliss Ellen AIcElrov, "White Hall." Ellicott Citv, Aid. 

Ligon, Aliss Alary l^olley, "White Hall," Ellicott City, Aid. 

Ligon, Air. Thomas W.. St. John's College, Annapolis. 

Ligget, Air. and Airs. Howard B., Jr. (nee Emily Albert), 

400 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lilly, Air. and Airs. Alonzo, 19 W. Preston St. 

Lilly, Air. Alonzo, Jr., 

Lilly, Air. and Airs. Channing P., 664 Corona St.. Denver, Col. 

Lilly, Air. and Airs. William Dixon, 100 Park Lane, Roland Park. 

Lilly, Air. and Airs. Austin Jenkins (nee Helen Scott Browne). 

216 E.jcth St. 

Limerick, Air. and Airs. J. Arthur (nee Boullemet), 

102 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 
Limerick, Aliss Caroline Beaumont, 102 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Lind, Air. and Airs. Arthur Alackenzie. 2009 Alaryland Av. 

Lindley, Air. and Airs. Jacob (nee Fannie Tyson), The Walbert Apts. 

Lindsay, Mrs. James E., The Albion. 

Lindsey, Air. and Airs. Wallace (nee Lisa D.Anderson), Alexandria, Va. 

Lingen, Mrs. George A. von. 10 E. Alt. Vernon PI. 

Linthicum, Representative and Airs. J. Chas.. 705 St. Paul St. 

Linthicum, Airs. Charles W., Sudbrook Park, Aid. 

Linthicum, Air. Charles M., Sudbrook Park, Aid. 

Linthicum, Air. George S., Sudbrook Park, Aid. 

Linthicum, Air. and Airs. Charles AI. (nee Louise Alexander 

Levering), Akron, Ohio. 

Linthicum, Dr. and Airs. G. Alilton (nee Howland), 817 Park Av, 

("," Lintliicum Heights, Aid.) 

Lippmcott, Air. Samuel W., Ruxton, Baito, Co., Aid. 

Littig, Mr. C. Bosley, 227 W. Lafayette Av. 

Littig, Airs. C. Bosley, 227 W. Lafayette Av. 

Littig, Air. J. Worthington, 227 W. Lafayette Av. 

Littig, Aliss Pamela E., 227 W. Lafayette Av. 

164 L 

Littig, Mr. and Mrs. John M.. loio Cathedral St. 

Littig, ^Ir. Chas. Ross, lOio Cathedral St. 

Littlejohn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Malcolm (nee Rebecca Lee Boiling), 

215 Jamaica Av., Flushing, L. I. 

Livezey, Miss, "Elton Park," Catonsville. 

Lloyd, Mr. and ^Irs. McP)lair ( nee Causey). 

"Windermere," Charlottesville, Va. 

Llovd, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard (nee Donnell), 1120 St. Paul St. 

Llovd, Miss Joanna Leigh, 1120 St. Paul St. 

Lloyd, Aliss Elizabeth Key, 1120 St. Paul St. 

Lloyd, Mrs. Edward. 1120 St. Paul St. 

Llovd, Miss Mary Howard, 1120 St. Paul St. 

("Wye House," Easton, Talbot Co., Md.) 

Lloyd. Mr. and Mrs. John Eager (nee Theobald), Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Llovd, Miss Marguerite T., Hubbard Woods. 111. 

Lloyd, Mr. DeCourcy, Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Lloyd, Miss Mary Eager, Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Upshur (nee Hortense B. Castleman), 895 Park Av. 
Lloyd, Mr. and INIrs. A. Parlett, 

N. E. cor. Windsor Av. and 12th St., Walbrook. 
Lloyd, Mr. Henry Loane, N. E. cor. Windsor Av. and 12th St., Walbrook. 
Lloyd. Mr. Eugene MacD., N. E. cor. Windsor Av. and 12th St., Walbrook, 

Lloyd, Commodore and Mrs. Edward (nee Robinson), 

Lloyd, ]\Ir. Edward, Jr., Cottage Club, Princeton Universit}^ 

Lloyd, Miss Fannie O., 200 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Locke, Mrs. Leonard E., Church Home and Infirmary. 

Lockwood, The Misses. S E. Eager St. 

Lockwood, Dr. William F., 8 E. Eager St 

Lockwood, Mr., 8 E. Eager St. 

Lockwood. Mrs. llenrv Benedict (nee ?^lcCav), 

' (The Villa, Easton, Md.), 49 W. 57th St., New York. 

Logic, Rev. John II.. Bar Harbor, Maine. 

Loney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poindexter (nee Grace H.Richardson), 

The Preston. 

Loney, Mr. John. The Walbert. 

Long, Mrs. John Ricards, The Albion. 

(Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.") 

Long, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis B., Esopus, N. Y. 

Long, Mrs. Jos. Lewis. 5 E. Biddle St. 

Long, Miss Elizabeth W., S E. Biddle St. 

L 165 

Long, Mr. and Mrs. D. Grigsby (nee May C. Jackson), 

"Hill Top Farm,'- Liberty Mills, Va. 

Longcope, ]\irs. George, Arundel Apts., Mt. Royal Av. and Cliarles St. 

Longcope, Miss Frances T., Arundel Apts., Mt. Royal Av. and Charles St. 

Longcope, Mr. George T., Arundel Apts., ]Mt. Royal Av. and Charles St. 

Longcope, Mr. Alan, Arundel Apts., Mt. Royal Av. and Charles St. 

Longcope, Dr. and Mrs. Warfield Theobald (nee Janet Percy Dana), 

680 Madison Av., New York. 

Longnecker, Mrs. John Barr, Towson, Md. 

Lord, Mrs. Charles King, Hotel Stafford. 

Lord, Mr. and }^ Irs. John Walter (nee Henrietta Hofifman). 

303 Club Road. Roland Park. 

Lord, Mrs. Charles W., The Beethoven. 

(Mt. Washington, Md.) 

Lord, Mr. and ]\Irs. Henry M., *Tona," Cockeysville, ]\Td. 

Lord, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Charles Robbins, 1700 N. Calvert St. 

Lord, Miss Laura Griselda, 1700 N. Calvert St. 

Lord. Dr. and Mrs. Jere Williams (nee Pope), loii N.Charles St. 

Loud, Mrs. Granville, The Albion. 

Loud, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Granville (nee Katharine John Brown), 

1908 Park Av. 

Lough. Mr. and I\Irs. Ernest St. George (nee Eloise L.Roman), 

L'Hermitage, Trois Rivieres, Guadeloupe, West Indies. 

Love, Miss Louisa, Ridervvood, Md. 

Love, Miss Dorothy T., Riderwood, Md. 

Love, Mr. A. Gallatin, Riderwood, Md. 

Love, Mr. Pinkney W., Riderwood, Md. 

Love, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton J. (nee Sara H.George), 859 Park Av. 
Love, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas (nee Ellen Jenkins George), 

(Hyde P. O., Md.) 208 E. Chase St. 

Lovejoy, Mrs. Carrie E., 1208 Eutaw PI. 

Lovejoy, Miss Alarguerite, 1208 Eutaw PI. 

Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Quitman (nee Nannie Gordon), 

Garrison P. O., Aid. 
Lovel], Air. Douglas Gordon, Garrison P. O., Aid. 

Low, Aliss Louise S., 1586 E. 115th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lowndes, Airs. Charles D. (nee Nannie Gamble), 

Lawyer's Hill, Howard Co., Aid. 

Lowndes, Aliss, Lawyer's Hill, Howard Co., Aid. 

Lowndes, Air. Gary Gamble, Lawyer's Hill. Howard Co., Aid. 

Lowndes, Air. Edward Breckinridge, Lawyer's Hill, Howard Co., Aid. 

Lowndes, Air. Charles H. G., Lawyer's Hill, Howard Co., Aid. 

Lowndes, Air. R()l)t. Glynn, Lawyer's Hill, Howard Co., Aid. 


Lowndes, Mrs. Lloyd, 
Lowndes, Miss, 
Lowndes, Mr. Tasker G., 

Lowndes. ^Ir. and ]\Irs. Lloyd. Jr., 

Cumberland, Md. 
Cumberland, ]\Id. 
Cumberland, Md. 



Lowndes, ?klaj. and Mrs. Charles S. (nee Beasley). 

22 W. Buena Ventura St., Colorado Springs, Col. 

Lowndes, Mrs. Richard Tasker. Jr.. 
Lowndes, Mr. Richard Tasker 3r(l. 

Lowndes, ]\Ir. and JNIrs. Wm. Bladen, 
Lucas. Miss Bertha E., 
Lucas, Mr. William F., Jr., 
Lucas, Mr. J. Carrell, 

Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 

Lucas, ]\Ir. Edw. Bristol, 

Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. ( nee 

' Hassalldowne." Danville. Ky. 
"Tiassalldowne." Danville, Ky. 

201 Longwood Rd., Roland Park. 
941 N. Calvert St. 
941 N. Calvert St. 
941 N. Calvert St. 

146 Wilson St. 

Lucke. Mr. and Mrs. Hilarv W 

Sara Bell Williams). 

Business address, 21 W.Fayette St. 

(nee Eleanor G. Dinneen), 

Mt. Erin. Walbrook. 

Lurman, Air. and Mrs. Gustav W., 
Lurman, Miss Frances Donnell, 
Lurman, Miss Katharine, 

Lurman, Mr. and Mrs. Theodor G 
Lurman, Mr. Gustav W., Jr., 
Lurman, ]\Iiss Agnes Tilghman, 
Lurman. Air. Theodor G., Jr., 
Lurman, Air. R. L. Tilghman, 
Lurman, Air. John S., 

Lurman, Miss Alinna. 

Lusb}', Aliss Louisa, 

Lynah, Airs. James, 

Lynde, Air. and Airs. Geo. 

Lyon, Airs. James W., 
Lyon, Air. Samuel H., Jr., 


Pleasants ( nee 

"F? rmlands," Catonsville, Aid. 
"Farmlands." Catonsville, Aid. 
"Farmlands," Catonsville, Aid. 

808 St. Paul St. 
808 St. Paul St. 
808 St. Paul St. 
80S St. Paul St. 
808 St. Paul St. 
808 St. Paul St. 

1 5 14 Park Av. 

Berkeley Apts., 104 W. Eager St. 

1040 N. Calvert St. 

Sara 'Thornl)urgh Cjibson). 

41 West Ninth St.. New York. 

Wester Ogle, AIcDonogh, Md. 
Wester Ogle, AIcDonogh, Aid. 

Lyon, Air. and Airs. Aloncure Nelson (nee Alarie Constance Bentley), 

Hamilton, Loudoun Co., \ i 

Lyon, Air. James W., Jr., 
Lyon, Air. Samuel H., 

Lyon. Air. and Airs. Chas. Edward (nee Gill), 

loi E. Preston St. 
loi E. Preston St. 

21 King St., Worcester, Alass. 


Miss Remington appre- 
ciates the hearty and quick 
response accorded her 
poftal of inquiry, and J 

every effort has been ^ 

made to publish a com- ^ 

plete and corred list; ^ 

therefore, if any errors or J 

omissions are found, the 

compiler feels that all J 

blame mu^ be attached ^ 

to those who have been ^ 

tardy or careless in filling i 

out the cards. J 




ASSETS, $5,011,227.68 = = SURPLUS, $644,832.95 



C. C. SHRIVER. President. MICHAEL S. HAAS, Treasurer. 








MacCalium, Dr. W. G., 981 Madison Av., New York City. 

Maccoun, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Andrew Ellicott (nee Adrian Hughes), 

I Kirkpatrick Av., N. Braddock, Pa. 

MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart, Hotel Sherwood. 

Macgill. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (nee Robinson), 1202 N.Charles St. 

Macgill, ]\Iiss Sarah Robinson, 1202 N. Charles St. 

Macgill, Mrs. Charles G. W., Catonsville, Md. 

Macgill, Dr. and Airs. J. Charles (nee Annie Campbell Thomas), 

Catonsville, Md. 

Macgill, ]\Irs. Richard G., Sr., Westchester Av., Ellicott City, Md. 

Macgill, Miss M. Annette, Westchester Av., Ellicott City, Md. 

Macgill, Mr. and ]\Irs. Richard G., Jr. (nee Rachel C.Clarke), 

"Athol Farm," Atholton P. O., Howard Co., Md. 

]^Iacgill, ]\Irs. E. R., 513 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Macgill, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Lloyd T. (nee Hinrichs), 

513 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Machen, j\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur W. (nee Gresham), 217 W. Monument St. 
Machen, Mr. Arthur W., Jr., 217 W. Monument St. 

Machen, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gresham (nee Cornelia Paine Burton). 

1219 John St. 

Mackall, Rev. Francis P., Notre Dame, Charles-St. Av. 

Mackall, Mrs. Leonard C. (nee Lawton), 

420 Riverside Drive, New York City. 

Mackall, ?vlr. and Mrs. Alexander Lawton (nee Virginia Woods). 

620 W. i22d St., New Y'ork. 

^Mackall, ^Nlr. Leonard L., Jena, Germany. 

Mackall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee ^Mackenzie), 1214 ]\It. Roval Av. 

Mackall, Mr. Charles O'Donnell, 1214 Ut. Royal Av. 

Mackall, Mr. R. McGill, 1214 Mt. Royal Av. 

]\lackall. Miss Christine Bowie, 1214 ]\lt. Royal Av. 

Mackall, Mr. Colin Mackenzie, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Alackall, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 216 W. Madison St. 

Mackay, Mrs. Mary L Gambrill, 38 Maryland Av., Annapolis, Md. 

Mackenzie, Dr. and Mrs. John N. (nee Clarke), 879 Park Av. 

Mackenzie, Miss Sallie P., The Montreal Apts. 

Mackenzie, Mrs. John P., 1208 John St. 

Mackenzie, Miss Mary, 1208 John St. 

Alackenzie, Dr. and Mrs. Edward E., 4006 Belle Av.. Forest Park. 

no M 

3>rackcn/je, Mr. Thomas A., 206 W. Franklin St. 

Mackenzie, The Misses, 206 W. Frankhn St. 

Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Norbury (nee Marv Elizabeth Forwood), 

1808 Park Av. 
Mackenzie, ]\liss Anna Vernon, 1808 Park Av. 

(Cedarcroft Road, Govans, Md.) 

^Mackenzie, Mr. Harry Downing. 612 Lennox St. 

Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Norbury 3d (nee Sara Roberta Maynadier), 

E. Evesham Av., Govans, Md. 

Macklin. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., ".Mt. Nebo," llchester, Md. 

Macklin. Midshipman \\'!n. A. Stenart. 

U. S. Xa\al Academy, Annapolis, Md. 

Mackubin, i^Irs. James, "Mac Alpine," Ellicott City, Md. 

Mackubin, The Misses, "Mac Alpine," Ellicott City, Md. 

Mackiil)in. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Carroll, Glenhayes. W. Va. 

Mackubin. Miss Kate, The Brexton. 

Mackubin. Miss Florence M., The Brexton. 

Mackubin. Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Perrin), 14 E. Eager St. 

MacSherry. Mr. and Mrs. Allan (nee Hillen), 

104 Charlcote Road, Guilford. 
MacSherry, ]\Ir. S. Hillen, 104 Charlcote Road, Guilford. 

MacSherry, I\lr. Clinton K., 104 Charlcote Road, Guilford. 

MacShcrr\-. Mr. and Mrs. Richard (nee Wilbur). 

10 Norwood PI., Guilford. 

MacSherr}-. Dr. and Mrs. llcnry Clinton. 

"Springhurst." Elk Ridge, Howard G)., Md. 

y\:icy. Mr. Lloyd Richardson, Pasadena, Cal. 

Macy, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah (nee Elizabeth W.Wise). 

13 James St., Morristown, N. J. 

Maderia, }klr. and Mrs. Percy C, Jr. (nee Margaret T. Carey), 

Brookwood, Ogonlz, Pa. 

Magotfin. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph \Tin Deman (nee Eliza R. Buckler), 

1305 Linden A v. 

Magruder. Dr. and Mrs. W. Edward, Cecil Apts. 

Magruder, Miss Elizabeth F., 5 \\\ Chase St. 

Magruder, Mr. John B., 1104 Brevard St. 

Magruder, Lieut, and Mrs. Gary W. (nee Charlotte 15. England), 

(U.S. N.), Paris, France. 

Mahool. Mrs. (ieorge W., '•Meadow.-ile,'" Lutherville. 

M 171 

Mahool, Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry, 2437 Maryland Av. 

Mahool, Mr. George Frame, 2437 Maryland Av. 

Maidstone, Viscount and Viscountess (nee Margaretta Drexel). 

London, Eng. 

Malcolm, Dr. and Mrs. Douglas, 1401 Linden A\. 

]\L'dcolm, Mrs. Crichton, 501 Lincoln Drive, Germantown, Pa. 

Malcolm, Miss Grace, 501 Lincoln Drive. Germantown, Pa. 

Malone, Dr. Edward F., Shepard and Pratt Hospital, Towson. 

Mall, Dr. and Mrs. Franklin P., 1514 Bolton St. 

.Alallinckrodt, Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. (nee Mildred Gill), 

304 Wendover Road, Guilford. Baltimore. Md. 

Mallory. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight F. (nee Bartlett), 

4 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

^lalster, Mrs. W. T., Earl Court. 

]\Lalster, Miss Florence N., Earl Court. 

.Malster, Miss Sara R., Earl Court. 

Mandelbaum, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour, Hotel B-^lvedere. 

Mankin. The Misses, 37 E. 21st St. 

Manly, Mrs. William Maurice (nee Mathilde L. Keyser), 

1 109 N. Calvert St. 
Manly, Mr. Christopher Hughes, 1109 N.Calvert St. 

("Ellerslie," Ellicott City, Md.) 

^Nlanly, Miss Sarah Simpson, Calvert Court. 

Alanle}', Lieut, and Mrs. Frederick Willis (nee Lucia Bayne Grady), 

U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. 

Manly, Miss Maria M., 

Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Jr. (nee Frances W. L. Ranson), 

2306 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Manning, Mr. Sydney T., The Arundel. 

^Manning, Mr. Wm. Thurston, Cedarcroft Road, Govans, Md. 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Powell T., Washington, D. C 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Thurston, 21 11 De Lancy PL, Philadelphia. 
Manning, Mr. and ]\lrs. J. Thurston, Jr. (nee Ruth Stevens Turner), 

21 1 1 De Lancy PL, Philadelphia. 

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Pratt, 918 N. Calvert St. 

Manning, Mr. James Russell, 918 N. Calvert St. 

Manning, Miss Amy Russell, 918 N. Calvert St. 

Manning, Mr. George Otis, "Melrose," Charles-St. Av., Station H P. O. 

Manning, Dr. John C, "Melrose," Charles-St. Av., Station H P. O. 

Manning, Mr. Gordon Alnutt, "Melrose," Charles-St. Av., Station H P. O. 

172 M 

Manor, Mrs. William F. (nee Lewis), San Francisco, Cal. 

Marburg, Mr. and Mr.'^. Albert, Hotel Belvedere. 

Marburg, Mr. and Mrs. William A. of "A.," ( nee ^^irginia Hack). 

The Washington Apts. 

Marburg-. ^Ir. and Mrs. Theodore, 14 W. :\It. Vernon PL 

Marburg, Mr. Theodore, Jr., (Of 14 W. ?^It. Vernon PI.) Oxford, Eng. 

Marburg, ^^liss Emma, 6 E. Eager St. 

Marburg, ^liss. 6 E. Eager St. 

Marburg, Mr. Wm. A., 6 E. Eager St. 

Marburv, Mr. and Mrs. William L. (nee Slingluff), 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Marbury, :\Iiss Valerie von D., I59 W. Lanvale St. 

^Larbury, :Mr. Fendall, Princeton. 

^larie, ]\Ir. and ,\Irs. Leon (nee Emily ]\lercer Peter), 

Babylon, Long Island, N. Y. 

Mark, Dr. Nellie V., 823 Hamilton Terrace. 

Markland, :\Irs. Wrenshall, 1037 N. Calvert St. 

Markoe, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. (nee Mullikin), 131 W.Lafayette Av. 

Markoe, Mr. and Mrs. John Sutherland, (nee Emory). 

"Belmour," Monkton, Md. 

Marriott, Mrs. J. H. Wilson, Uni. of N. C, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

^Larriott, Dr. and :\Irs. Williams :\[cKim, 2433 Guilford Av. 

Marriott, Uis. Charlotte E., 637 W. North Av. 

Marriott. Mr. and Mrs. Telfair W. (nee Lucy Brady). 

The Burford, Charles and 33d Sts. 

Marriott, ^L-s. William Haddon (nee Aline T. Bracco), 24 E.Madison St. 

Marshall, Miss Lucy P., 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Marshall, Mrs. Charles, The Preston Apts. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. (nee Lillie H.Cunningham), 

Woodmere, L. L 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. James ]>ilarkham (nee Helen Denison), 

Woodmere, Long Island. 

Marshall. Dr. and ]\Irs. Harry Taylor (nee Nancy Lea), 

I'niversity P. O., Va. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. H. Snowden, 640 Madison Av., New York. 

Marshall, ^Ir. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee (nee Brown), Garrison, Md. 


Marshall, ]\Ir. and ]\lrs. Edw. Athelstan (nee Tyson), 

Roslyn House, Roslyn P. O., Md. 
Marshall, INIr. Julian Howard, Roslyn House, Roslyn P. O., Md. 

Marshall, Miss Jean Gilmor, Roslyn House, Roslyn P. O., Md. 

^Marshall, ^Ir. and Airs. Thomas A.. 4 Englewood Road, Roland Park. 

Marshall, Mrs. D. Barton, The Berkeley Apts., 104 \V. Eager St. 

Marshall, Mr. and ]\Irs. T. Hartley (nee INIargaretta Taylor). 

"The Glebe Farm,"' Aberdeen, ]\Id. 

Marshall, Mr. and IMrs. John W. (nee Edith Gushing) 

Marston, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 
Marston, Mr. Wm. Woodruff, 
Marston, Mr. Peirce, 

32 W. Biddle St. 

1901 N. Charles St. 
1901 N. Charles St. 
190T N. Charles St. 

Alartin, Mrs. David B., 
Martin, Miss Jessamine A., 

Martin, IMrs. Guillermo H., 

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. A. Warfield, 
Martin, Miss Ruth L., 
Martin, Miss Anne Warfield, 

Martin, Mr. Lay, 

Martin, Miss Katharine A., 

Martin, Mr. Joseph Osborn, 

Martin. Mrs. Charles A., 

Martin, Dr. Erank, 

Martin, Mrs. A., 
Martin, Miss, 

Martin, Mrs. William R., 
Martin, Miss Maria E., 
jNIartin, Mr. Edward Duffield. 

(•'Halcyon,'" Royal Oak, Md.) 

Martin, Miss Mildred Iglehart, 

Martin, ]\Iiss Henrietta. 
Martin, Mr. Howard R., 

Martin, Mrs. John B., 

Martin, Miss Isabel N., 
Martin, Mr. Clarence H., 

Martin, Mrs. Erances Evans, 
Martin, Mr. John Curlett. 
Martin, Miss Evelvn Holte, 

3502 "Berwyn Air," Eorest Park. 
3502 "Berw3'n Air," Eorest Park. 

103 W. Monument St. 

214 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 
214 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 
214 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 

Princeton University. 

"Dorsey Hall," Ellicott City, Md. 

5 W. Chase St. 

5428 Greene St.. Germantown, Pa. 

1000 Cathedral St. 

Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 
Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 

900 St. Paul St. 
900 St. Paul St. 
900 St. Paul St. 

211 W. Lanvale St. 

Marye, Mrs. Robert (nee Canby), 
Marye, Mr. Robert Turner, 

2523 N. Calvert St. 

14 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 
14 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

222;^ N. Charles St. 
222s N. Charles St. 
222s N. Charles St. 

1002 Cathedral St. 
1002 Catliedral St. 

174 M 

Marye, Mr. and Mrs. William Xelson ( nee (iiltings). J07 E.Preston St. 
Marye. Mr. William l)Ose. 207 E.Preston St. 

Marve, ]Mr. and Mrs. William Canbv ( nee ]\Iarv B. Whitelev). 

928 N. Charles St. 
(Ruxton, Md.) 

Maslin, Mrs. James AI., 1304 St. Paul St. 

Maslin, Mr. Frank N., 1304 St. Paul St. 

Maslin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (nee Ethel Bruce Wright), 

2800 St. Paul St. 

Alason, Mrs. John Thomson, 

Mason, J\Iiss Gertrude Franchot, 

Mason, Mr. Stevens Thomson, 

Mason, Mr. Alonzo C. J., 

:\[ason, Mr. and Airs. John Amhler, The Homewood Apts. 

Mason, Mrs. James Dickinson. 5 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

Mason, Air. and Airs. Jerome Dudley (nee P'^lorence C. Aleyer), 

5 Somerset Road. Roland Park. 

Alason. Air. and Airs. S. Blount. Bogota, N. J. 

Alason, Air. and Airs. S. F. Blount, Jr. (nee Alary WSdie), 

The Alontreal Apts. 

Alassew Air. and Airs. George Gordon (nee Adelaide Colt Williams), 

'ATilgoran." Aliddleburg, Xi\. 

Alather, Airs. George Herbert' (nee Poe), 132 W. Lanvale St. 

Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett, 1410 Linden Av. 

Alathews, Airs. Alarv E.. 928 X. Charles St. 

(Ruxton, Aid.) 
Mathias, Aliss Louise S., 828 N. Eutaw St. 

Matthai, Air. and Airs. William H., 1403 Eutaw PI. 

Alatthai, Air. Joseph E., 1403 Eutaw PI. 

("Lexington," Pikesville, Md.) 

Alatthai. Air. and Airs. W. Howard, "Grey Rock."' Pikesville, Md. 

Alatthai, Air. and Airs. J. Clarke (nee- Adelaide K. Coates), 

Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

Alatthai, Air. and Airs. Albert Dilworth (nee Theo. Fehsenfeld), 

II E. Chase St. 

Matthews, Airs. D. AL, 5 W. Preston St. 

Matthews, Dr. Clyde \ ., 5 W.Preston St. 

Alatthews, Air. and Airs. J. Alarsh (nee Aiarv Hester Waters), 

938 N. Calvert St. 
("Alarshmont,"' Dulanys Valley, Aid.) 



Matthews, Air. and Mrs. James P., 
Matthews, Mr. Noel Hall, 

Matthews, Mr. and ]\Irs. Harry Joseph. 

Matthews, Mr. and ]\lrs. Henry C, 

Maund, Miss Margaret E., 

IMaupin, ]Mrs. Chapman, 
Manpin, Miss Sally Washington, 
Maupin, Aliss ^Margaret Lewis, 

iioi ^Madison Av. 
iioi Madison Av. 

1219 N. Calvert St. 

1302 St. Paul St. 

1609 Park Av. 

2013 Maryland Av. 
2013 Maryland Av. 
2013 Alaryland Av. 

Alaxwell. Mrs. Samuel X.. 
Alaxwell, Air. Geoffrey Carson. 
Alay, Airs. Henrietta DeCourcy. 
Alay, Air. George, 
Alaver. Aliss Alarv. 

2001 Aiaryland Av. 

211 1 Eighteenth St.. Washington, D. C. 

Hove Brighton, England. 

The Severn. 

^417 AIcDowell St., The Hill, Augusta, Ga. 

307 W. Lanvale St. 
307 W. Lanvale St. 
307 W. Lanvale St. 

Mayo, Rev. and Airs. Robert A., West River, Aid. 

Alayo, Aliss Agnes, West River, Aid. 

Mayo. Air. and Airs. Wyndam R., Jr. (nee Louise W. Bonsai), Norfolk, Va. 

Maynard, Air. and Airs. Richard D. 
Maynard, Aliss Alary Hope, 
Maynard, Air. Julien Hillery, 

AlcCann, Air. Charles Andrew, 
AlcCann. Air. Henry Eugene, 

AlcCarter, Air. and Airs. Thos. N. (nee Barker), 

(Seabright, N. J.) 

Cathedral Apts. 

New York City. 

410 Park Av.. X. Y. 

AlcCarty, Aliss Alary Garnett, 

AlcCay, Aliss Alarie J., 
McCay, Air. A. Harvey, 

AlcCay, Airs. \\\ T. Walters, 

AlcCay, Aliss Alildred Buchner. 

McCay, Mr. and Mrs. H. Kent, 
AlcCay, Aliss Carolyn H., 

McCoy, Airs. Harry, 
AlcCoy, Aliss, 

McClellan, Aliss Alary De C, 
AlcClellan, Air. William J., 

McClenthen, Rev. William A., 

925 Cathedral St. 

930 N. Charles St. 
930 N. Charles St. 

Haverford Court, Haverford. Pa. 

Denbigh Hall, Bryn Alawr, Pa. 

23 W. Mt. Royal Av. 
23 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

1616 19th St. X. W., Washington, D. C. 
1616 19th St. X'. W., Washington, D. C. 

1208 Aladison Av. 
1208 Aladison Av. 

816 N. Eutaw St. 

AlcClure. Air. and Airs. James Russel.Jr. (nee Agnes L. Selden). 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

r.r, M 

McComas. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clay, 1019 N. Charles St. 

McComas, :\lr. Oliver Parker, Jr.. 1019 N. Charles St. 

McComas, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Parker, 313 Suffolk St., Guilford. 

McComas. Mr. Donald, 313 Suffolk St., Guilford. 

McComas, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. William (nee Matilda Smith), 

15 W. Chase St. 

McConachie, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Douglas, 805 N. Charles St. 

McCormick, ^Nlr. and :\Irs. William G.. 504 Cathedral St. 

McCormick, Miss Ruby, 504 Cathedral St. 

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Brooks (nee ]\Iarion Deering), 

713 Rust St., Chicago, 111. 

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brooks (nee Louise Freeman). 

Tuller, Kan. 

]\IcCormick. Mr. and ^Irs. Roberdeau A. (nee Virginia Rose Duer), 

Timonium, Md. 

McCulloch, Miss M. G. B., Cecil Apts. 

McCulloch, Rev. and Mrs. Duncan, Glencoe, Baltimore Co., Md. 

McCulloch, Miss Mary W. Carroll, Glencoe, Baltimore Co.. Md. 

McCurlev, ^Ir. and 2^Irs. W. Stran (nee Ella T. ]\Iever), 

Dixon Hill, Mt. Washington, jNId. 

McCrae, Dr. and iNIrs. Thomas (nee Gwinn), 1627 Spruce St., Phila. Pa. 

McDannel, \lr. and Mrs. T. Humes, 

Hotel Colonial, 8ist St. and .Manhattan Square, N. Y. 

McDonald, IMr. and Mrs. John B., New York, 

McDonald, Dr. and I^Irs. Wm. B., " 1309 Linden Av. 

^IcDonnell, Mrs. Eugene, 6 Norwood Place, Guilford. 

McDonnell, Lieut. John Chilton, U. S. A., Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 

McDonnell. Air. Francis Regis, New York. 

McDonnell, Lieut. Austin McC. V. S. A., Canal Zone, Panama. 

McDonnell, Lieut. Edward Orrick, U. S. N.. Pensacola, Florida. 

McDowell, Mrs. Edward G., The Albion. 

McDowell, Mr. Edward, Jr., Carnegie Studios, New York City. 

McDowell, Miss Alithea M., 6 W. Read St. 

McDowell, Miss Annie, Boston, Mass. 

McElderr}', Miss Sarah H., Belair, Md. 

McElderry, ^Mr. Henry. Riggs Bldg.. Washington, D. C. 

McElderry, :^Ir. A. Bradford. 12 E. Biddle St. 

McElderry, Air. Horace C, 20 E. Lanvale St. 

M 177 

McEvoy. Mr=:. James. 105 Wendover Road. Guilford. 

^IcEvcy, 3ilr. and Mrs. James. Jr. (nee Anna G. Lippincott ), 

105 Wendover Road. Guilford. 

McGaw, Mr. and ^Irs. George K., 1012 St, Paul St. 

McGaw, Miss Mary Bartol, 1012 St. Paul St. 

^McHenry, ]\Ir. W. Gary, Eleven East Chase St. 

^McHenry. Mr. J. Howard, Eleven East Chase St. 

McHenry, :\Iiss Edith D.. Che>tnut Hill. Mass. 

McHenrv. Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Priscilla Stewart), 

"Clovellv," Owings Mills P. O.. R. F. D.. ^^Id. 
McHenry. Mr. John. Jr., "Clovelly," Owings ^lills P. O.. R. F. D., Md. 

Mcllvain, Miss E. G., 512 Park Av. 

Mcllvain, IMrs. Jas. William (nee Toadvine), The Cecil. 

Mclntire. ^Irs. William Watson (nee Hortense ^I.Hardesty). 

4046 Park Heights A v. 

Mclntire, ]\Ir. Norman C, 24 E. Madison St, 

Mcintosh, Col. and Mrs. David G. (nee Pegram), Towson, Md. 

Mcintosh, INIr. and ]\Irs. David Gregg, Jr. (nee Charlotte L. Rieman), 

"Dumbarton Farm," Rodgers Forge P. O.. Md. 

McKaig, ^Ir. Merwin, Cumberland, Md. 

McKaig, Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace (nee Lalitte Papin Chouteau 

Xash), 231 Washington St.. Cumberland, Md. 

McKean, Miss, 341 Dolphin St. 

McKean, ]\Iiss Adrianna, Liberty Road, Balto. 

McKellip, I\Ir. and IMrs, Joseph A., 1321 Park Av. 

McKellip, Mr. Spencer Waring. 1321 Park Av. 

McKenna. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. (nee Raisin), Philadelphia, Pa, 

McKeon, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. (nee Elise IMcVitty), 12 E. Eager St. 
("Willoughby," Eccleston, Md.) 

McKim, ^Miss Margaret Telfair, loii Belvidere Ter. 

McKim, ]\lr?. Hollins (nee Lydia Morris), The Severn. 

McKim, ]\Iiss Mary Camilla, The Severn. 

McKim, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sterett (nee Mary Tucker), The Albion. 

McLanahan, Mr. and Mrs. Austin (nee Romaine LeMoyne), 

"Cold Spring Hill." Melvale, Station L, Baltimore, 

McLanahan. Mr. J. Craig, 28 E. Mt. \'ernon PI, 

McLane, Mr. James L., 903 Cathedral St 

McLane, Miss Fanny King, 903 Cathedral St 

178 M 

McLanc. Mr. and Mrs. Allan (ncc James ). (jarri.son P. O.. Md. 

]\IcLane. !Mr. Allan, Jr., Yale College, New Haven, Conn. 

McLane, Miss, 211 W. Monument St. 

McLane, ]\Iiss Sophie H., 211 W. Monument St. 

McLane, Miss P^lizabeth C, 211 W. jMonument St. 

]\IcLanc, Mr. and ]Mrs. Charles E. (nee (Jrace Parker), 

Urooklandville, Md. 
McLaran, ]\Ir. Percy B., 1002 Cathedral St. 

]\IcLaurin. Lieut, and Mrs. William Burrus ( nee Leila Brevard 

Evving), Port Yellowstone, Wyo. 

McLean. Mr. Robert, 103 W. Lanvale St. 

McLean. Miss Banny S., 103 W. Lanvale St. 

McLean. Mr. Pinknev, 103 W. Lanvale St. 

( Pikesville P. O.. .Aid. ) 

McLean. Rear Admiral and Mrs. Thomas Chalmers, 

Care of Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

McLean, Miss Elizabeth Harrison, Sherwood Hotel. 

McLean, ]\Iiss Emily Gordon, Sherwood Hotel. 

McLean, Miss Anne, 9 E. Biddle St. 

McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. J. William (nee Elizabeth Gorman), 

Oak Forest Park, Catonsville. 
McNair, Lieut, and Mrs. Frederick V. (nee Agnes Barton Duer), U.S.N. 

McNally, Miss, 621 St. Paul St. 

McNall}', Miss Louise D., 621 St. Paul St. 

McNeal. Mr. J. V.. 729 N. Calvert St. 

McNeal, Miss, 729 N. Calvert St. 

McShane, Mrs. E. Price, 72 E. 77th St., New York Cit.v. 

McShane, The Messrs., 72 E. 77th St., New York City. 

McShane, Mrs. Julian J., 121S Mt. Royal Av. 

McSherry, Mrs. C. R., 2610 N. Calvert St. 

McSherry, Miss Catherine G., 2610 N. Calvert St. 

McSherry, Miss Anna Davis, 2610 N. Calvert St. 

Mead, Mrs. F. Evans, New York. 

Meeker, Mrs. C. J., 141 1 Bolton St. 

Meeker, Miss Elizabeth, 141 1 Bolton St. 

Meeker, Miss, Maine. 
Meeker, Mr. and Mrs. Richards Carson, 112 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Meekins, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Roby, 2418 N. Chailes St. 

Meekins, Mr. Lynn Webster, 2418 N. Charles St 

Megraw, Mr. William Adams, 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Mehl, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Howard (nee Lucile Warfield), 

X'allev Road, Ardmore, Pa. 

M 179 

Meiere, Mrs. Nannie Buchanan, 1724 N. Calvert St. 

Meiere, Mr. Thomas McKean, 1724 N. Calvert St. 

Meiere. Miss Ellen Buchanan, 1724 N. Calvert St. 

]\[e]chers, ]\Ir. and iNlrs. Gari (nee Corinne Lawton Mackall), 

35 Cranash Str., Weimar, Germany. 

Melius, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lindon, 12 Fuller St., Brookline, JNIass. 

]\lellus, ]\Iiss Mav Thacher, 12 Fuller St., Brookline, Mass. 

("Beech Hill," Dublin, N.H.) 

Melius, Dr. and Mrs. Edv^^ard (nee Marion Heath), West Newton, Mass. 

]\Iendell, Mr. and J\Irs. Clarence Whittlesey (nee Katharine Deford 

Webb), 99 East Rock Road, New Haven, Conn. 

^lerceret. The ]\Iisses, 20 E. Lanvale St. 

Merceret, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J., 1509 Bolton St. 

Merceret, -Miss Nathalie, 1509 Bolton St. 

]\Ieredith, i\Ir. and Mrs. William F. (nee Julia Bartlett Dixon), 

New York. 

]\Ierrefield, Mr. Jos. Janney, 224 W, iMonument St. 

Merrick, Dr. Samuel Kemp, 824 Park Av. 

]\'Ierrick, Messrs. S. Seymour, Wm. S. and Robt. G., 824 Park Av. 

Merritt, Mrs. James Alfred, 

Merritt, Dr. S. Wickes, 

Merritt, J\Ir. Robert Gwathmey, 

]\Ierritt, William Alfred, Paymaster U. S. Navy, 

Care of Navy Department, W^ashington, D. C. 

^Merritt, Lieut, and INIrs. James Alfred (nee Eloise D.Ringgold), 

14th Infantry, U. S. Army, Columbia Military Academy, Columbia. Tenn. 

Merryman, ]\Irs. D. Buchanan, Absent. 

Merryman, Mr. and IN'Irs. James Mc.K., R. F. D., Lutherville, Md. 

Merryman, Mrs. E. Gittings (nee McLane), "Gerar," Cockeysville, Md. 

Merryman, Mr. Louis McLane, "Gerar," Cockeysville, Md. 

Merryman, Miss Ann Louisa Gittings, "Gerar," Cockeysville, Md. 

Merryman, Miss Emily, "Gerar," Cockeysville, Md. 
Merryman, Miss, "Willow Brook," Cockeysville. Balto. Co., Md. 

Merryman, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bosley, "Hayfields," Cockeysville, Md. 

Merryman, JNIr. W. Bosley, Jr., "Hayfields," Cockeysville, Md. 

Merryman, Mr. and i\Irs. John (nee Sallie H.Love), Cockeysville, j\Id. 

}*Ierryman, ]\Iiss Rachel H., "Robin Wood," Timonium. Md. 

Meyer, Mr. Charles J., 119 W. Lanvale St. 

Meyer, Miss Isabel Conway, 119 W. Lanvale St. 

Mever, Mr. and i\Irs. Carl Frederick (nee Anna Gertrude Poe), 

10 Mt. Airy Av., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Meyer, Mr. and ;Mrs. Richard Conway (nee J. Moselle Johnson), 

4520 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

180 M 

Micks, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rathbone, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

]\Iicks, Mr. Philip Rathbone, Chicago, 111. 

Micks, Mr. Jay Ramsey, New York City. 

Micks, Mr. and ]\Irs. Ransom R., Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

Middleton, Miss Helen, 1329 Mt. Royal Av. 

Middleton, Miss Maria M., 1329 Mt. Royal Av. 

Middleton, Miss Sally, 1329 Mt. Royal Av. 

^Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, Thurmont. :\ld. 

Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Centreville, Md. 

Miles, Mis. Francis Turquand (nee Wardlaw), Princeton, N. J. 

Miles, Dr. and Mrs. Louis Wardlaw (nee Katharine Wistar Stockton), 

Princeton, N. J. 

Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Herndon (nee Elizabeth Lee Dame), 

Richmond, Va. 
Miles, Air. and Airs. Robert M. (nee Serena C.Williams), 

955 Lexington Av., New York City. 

Millard, Airs. Frances H., 2222 N. Charles St. 

Aliller, Air. and Airs. Decatur H., 11 E.Chase St. 

Aliller, Air. Alfred J., 11 E.Chase St. 

Miller, Mr. L. A^ernon, 11 E.Chase St. 

Aliller, Air. Lloyd O., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Miller, Miss Nannie, 2437 N. Calvert St. 

Miller, Air. Shepard G., Mathews, Va. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V., 809 Cathedral St. 

Miller, Aliss Jane Hamilton, 809 Cathedral St. 

Miller, Aliss Ethel M., 

"Romaine," Charles-St. Av. and Lake Av., Roland Park P. O. 
Miller, Air. Edgar G., Jr., 

"Romaine," Charles-St. Av. and Lake Av., Roland Park P. O. 

Aliller, Air. and Airs. Paul H. (nee Bertha Lee Jenkins), 

1224 N. Charles St. 

Aliller, Airs. Daniel, 1520 Bolton St. 

Aliller, Aliss Hazel, 1520 Bolton St. 

Aliller, Air. Daniel, Bandon, Oregon. 

Aliller, Air. and Airs. Henry C. (nee Janet Goucher), 1423 Bolton St. 

Aliller, Mr. and Airs. E. Kirkbride (nee Elizabeth Turner), 

419 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Miller, Mrs. Llewellvn, 149 W. Lanvale St. 

Miller, Aliss Alice Wolff, 149 W. Lanvale St. 

Aliller, Aliss Amy Phillips. 149 W. Lanvale St. 

M 181 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Mortimer (nee Randolph). 

" South v,ood," Roslyn P. O., Balto. Co., :Md. 

Miller. Mr. S. Bevan, The Severn 

:\Iiller, Dr. and ^^Irs. T. Grier. 247 S. 38th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hodges (nee Allnutt), 

119 Harrison Av., Montclair, N. J. 
Miller, ]\Iiss Anna Barklie, 11.9 Harrison Av., Montclair, N. J. 

:\Iiller, Mr. Severn Allnutt, 119 Harrison Av., Montclair, N. J. 

Miller, Mr. Walter Theodore, 119 Harrison Av., Montclair, N. J. 

Miller, Mrs. John M., 1404 Bolton St. 

Miller, Mr. George Hollins, 1404 Bolton St. 

:\Iiller, Mrs. Emma Thomas, 1929 St. Paul St. 

Miller, Mrs. Alfred B., 1117 St. Paul St. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Norvell Elliott (nee McGaw), 835 Park Av. 

:\Iiller, Mrs. ^lar}^ Rhett. 1017 Cathedral St. 

:\Iiller, :\Iiss Esther Lewis. 1017 Cathedral St. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. (nee Hurst), New York City. 

Miller, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. C. Wilbur (nee Edith Davison), 

Charles-St. Av. and Cold Spring Lane. 

Miller, Mr. Raymond D., Johns Hopkins University. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Emery H., 706 Summit Av., Hagerstown, Md.. 

Miller, Mrs. T. K., Sr. (nee Grace ]\IacKenzie), 

Miller. Miss M. Stanley, The Washington. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Klein (nee ]\Iargaret Taylor), 

39th St. and University Parkway. 

Milligan, Mr. John J., 603 N. Charles St. 

Millikin, :\Iiss, 1429 Mt. Royal Av. 

Millikin, j\Ir. and Mrs. P. Bryson, 1212 Madison Av. 

Millikin, ^Ir. and Mrs. B. Carter, 135 Sixth Av.. West, Roselle, N. J. 

Millikin, Mrs. William H., 1308 John St. 

Millikin, Miss Emily V., 1308 John St. 

Millikin, Miss Jane, 1308 John St. 

Millikin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard, 3020 St. Paul St. 

Millikin, Mr. and Mrs. James, 2428 N. Calvert St. 

]\Iills, Miss Jean, Absent. 

Mills, Dr. and Mrs. James J. (nee Hill), 853 Park Av. 

Mills, Dr. and Mrs. William A.. 342 Dolphin St. 
Milne, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baxter (nee Mary Clare Brown), 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

1S2 M 

Minetti, Chevalier Pietro. 208 E. Eager St. 

Minnigerode. Mr. Charles, 7 W. Preston St. 

?\Iinnigerode, Miss Juha, 7 W. Preston St. 

-Minnigerode, Miss ^lary, 7 W. Preston St. 

Minis, Mr. J. Livingston. The Cecil. 
]\Iinor, Miss Mar}- Willis, Immanuel Rectory, Glencoc, ]\Id. 

.^'inor, Miss Mary F., Charlottesville, Va. 

Mirriclces, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (nee Mary C. Pangborn), 

53 Portchester Ter., Hyde Park, London, Eng. 
(Surrey, England.) 

,Mistcr. Mr. and Mrs. Beverly W., "Blakeford," Fallston, Harford Co., ^Id. 

Mister, Mr. and Mrs. George Turnbnll, Earl Court. 

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Risteau (nee Elizabeth Farnandis 

Mitchell), 863 Park Av. 

Mitchell, Dr. and Airs. Jas. Fernandis (nee Eliza H. Webb), 

1344 19th St., Washington, D. C. 

Mitchell, Aliss Ella, 8 Bompart Av., Webster Groves, Mo. 

.Alitchell, Miss R. Mildred, 8 Bompart Av., Webster Groves, Mo. 

Mitchell, Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Wellman (nee Crowe), 9 E.Chase St. 

Moale, ]Mrs. Charles H., 1512 Linden Av. 

Mualc, Mr. and }^Irs. Francis V. (nee Cora B. Wootton). 1512 Linden Av. 

?^[oale, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L., 715 St. Paul St. 

}^[oalc. Mr. and Mrs. John, 3016 Allendale Road, Mt. Alto. 

Monmonier, Miss M., 824 N. Calvert St. 

Monmonier, Miss D., 824 N. Calvert St. 

Montague, Airs. W. R.. 

Afontague, Air. and Airs. Walter P. (nee Virginia Tyson), 

412 Bretton PI., Guilford. 

Alontell, Air. and Airs. James Egbert, 833 Evergreen Ter. 

Alontell, A'liss Katharine Singleton, 833 Hamilton Ter. 

Alontell, Dr. and Airs. William A., 833 Hamilton Ter. 

Alontell, Aliss Katharine Woodrop, 833 Hamilton Ter. 

Alontell, Air. Charles Singleton, 

Montell, Mr. and Airs. Egbert Singleton (ncc Dorothy P. Alyers). 

Ht,^ Hamilton Ter. 

Alontell, Airs. Henry Keech, Irvington. 

Alontell, Air. and Airs. Alexander AlcKim. Upton Apts. 

Alontell, Air. and Airs. Arthur Cleveland, Tellmont. Catonsville, Aid. 

Alontell, Air. Edgar W.. Tellmont. Catonsville, Aid. 

Alontell, Air. Harrison (iill, Tellmont, Catons\ille, Aid. 

M 183 

Montell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C, Jr. (nee Lillian Dorsey Farnandis), 

"Dorland,'' Fredrick Av. and Nunnery Lane, Catonsville. 'Md. 

Moore, Air. and Airs. Louis de Bebian, (nee Allison Douglass Pierce), 

840 Park Av., New York City. 

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. T. Leverett, (nee Nancy Clarke Williams), 

117 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Moore, Miss Nancy C, 117 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Moore, Mrs. J. Wilson, Fallston, Md. 

Moore, Mrs. Henry, The Brexton. 

Aloore, Air. Ryland Capps, 216 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Moore, Mr. and Airs. Alalcolm (nee Emma Tiffany Gillett), 

Moore, Mrs. George W., 1806 Eutaw PI. 

Moore, Air. J. Carson, 1806 Eutaw PI. 

Moore, Aliss Catherine, 1806 Eutaw PI. 

Aloore, Air. and Airs. Thomas R. (nee Laura G. Applegarth), 

3006 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Moore, Mr. and Airs. Charles E., 4 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

Moore, Air. and Airs. John P. (nee Rosamond Passano), 

Alordecai, Aliss Alary B., The Walbert. 

Alordecai, Air. and Airs. Lewis S. (nee Iva Alay Smith), Sacramento, Cal. 

Alordecai, Air. and Airs. Geo. P. (nee Champe Robinson), 

"Sunnybrook," Stevenson, Aid. 

Alordecai, Air. D. Henry, The Walbert. 

Alordecai, Aliss Isabel, The Walbert. 

Alordecai, The Alisses, 1922 Rittenhouse St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Alorfit, A'lajor and Airs. Alason, I434 John St. 

Morfit, Mr. and Airs. Alason Pitner (nee Mary L.Harris), 1434 John St. 

Alorfit, Air. and Airs. James Clark (nee Elizabeth AIcE. Donn), 

21 South Rock Hill Road, Webster Groves, AIo. 

Morgan. Dr. Wilbur P.. 315 W. Alonument St. 

Alorgan, Airs. Wilbur P., 315 W. Alonument St. 

Morgan, Air. William T., 

Alorgan, Air. W. Archer, 

Alorgan, Air. Goldsborough, 

Morgan, Airs. De Witt C, The Albion Hotel. 

Alorgan, Air. and Airs. Clinton Gerard, The Shirley. 

Alorgan, Air. C. Gerard, Jr., The Shirley. 

(Wardour-on-Sevcrn, Aid.) 

1S4 M 

Morgan, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Philip S., 

\\'ar(I()ur-(in-Sc\crn. Anne Arundel Co., Md. 

Morgan, Mrs. Chas. S., 6io Cathedral St. 

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. John Hurst, 1708 Bolton St. 

Morgan. Mr. Tilghman V., 1708 Bolton St. 

Morgan, Dr. William L., 202 W. Franklin St. 

Morgan, j\lrs. Morris H. (nee Gibson), Hotel Sherwood, W. Monument St. 
Morgan, ~Slr. and !Mrs. Rowland, Ridge Road, ]\It. Washington, Md. 

Morgan, Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Dallam (nee Sallie Chesley Sprigg), 

St. John's Rectory, 3001 Old York Road. 

Morgan, Mr. Shirley C, Baltimore Club. 

Morison, Mr. and ^Irs. Ernest N. (nee Priscilla White), Ilchester, Md. 

Morison, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., Ilchester, Md. 

Alorison, Mr. P. A., ilchester, Md. 

]\Iorison, Mr. William G., Philippine Islands. 

iMorison, ist Lieut, and iMrs. C. R. W., 

U. S. A., Sixteenth Infantry, Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. 
Morison, 'Sir. and ^Irs. N. H. (nee Lemmon). 

98 Mercer Av., Plainfield, N. J. 

Mori.son, Mrs. Robert B. (nee Elizabeth Williams), 827 St. Paul St. 

Morison, Miss Sidney B.. 827 St. Paul St. 

Moritz, Dr. and Mrs. J. Diedrich (nee Martha W.Jennings), 

"Piedmont Lodge," Cismont. Va. 

?^Iorlcy, Dr. and iMrs. Frank, 2026 Park Av. 

!Morley, j\Ir. Christopher D., New College, Oxford, England. 

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank, 2017 Eutaw PI. 

Morrison, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Harry (nee Marv L. Watters), 

(Woodbrook P. O., Charles-St. Av.) 

Morrison, iMr. and Mrs. M. Lloyd (nee Aida Hill Robins), 

1714 Madison Av. 

]\Iorrison, Mrs. Geo. C. 1501 Mondawmin Av. 

Morris, Mrs. John B., 207 W. Franklin St. 

:^Iorris, Mrs. John B., Jr. (nee Willing), Old Westbury, Long Island, X. Y. 

Morris, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis (U. S. N.), New York City. 

Morris, ]^liss C.Rosalie, ii E. Eager St. 

Morris, Dr. and Mrs. John Norfolk (nee Corinne DeL. Morris), 

"Delmor," Sykesville, Carroll Co., Md. 

ATorris, Mrs. Thomas J., 708 Park Av. 

Morris, Miss Josephine C, 708 Park Av. 

IVI 185 

Morris, ]\Iiss Elizabeth C, The Albion. 

Morris, Dr. and Mrs. Caspar, 2050 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Caspar Wistar (nee Helen Scott Cuyler), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Morris, ]\Irs. Tamar. 3102 Aiichentoroly Terrace. 

Morris, ]\Iiss Beatrice, 3102 Aiichentoroly Terrace. 

Morris, Mr. Frank, 3102 Aiichentoroly Terrace. 

Morris, Mr. Ernest F., 3102 Auchentoroly Terrace. 

Morse, Prof, and ^Irs. H. X., Homewood Apartments. 

Morse, 2nd Lieut. Edward Harris (U. S. M. C), The Cecil. 

IXIorse, Mrs. Alarian Thompson, 1124 X.Charles St. 

Mosenthal. Dr. and Mrs. Herman O., 401 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
Mortimer, Mrs. Campbell, 911 N.Charles St. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart (nee Laura Virginia Gambrill), 

Earl Court. 
:\Iorton, Mr. Frederick May, Eleven East Chase St. 

Morton, Mr. Samuel P., Jr., Eleven East Chase St. 

]Morton, ]\Ir. and Mrs. F. MacDonald, "Hilltop," Water View, Va. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Copeland (nee Frances Comstock), 10 E. Preston St. 

]\Iorton, ]\Ir. and ]^Irs. Charles (nee Farnandis), 134 W. Lanvale St. 

]\Iorton, Miss Mary C, 143 1 Park A v. 

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. William E. (nee Appleton), Westminster, ]Md. 

:\Iorton, The Misses, 4745 Park Heights Av. 

Morton, Miss IMary Green, 908 N. Calvert St. 

Morton, Mr. William Robert, 908 N. Calvert St. 

^Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G., 

IMorton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (nee Robinson), 

"Severn," Severnside, A. A. Co., Md. (Annapolis P. O.) 

Morton, ^Mr. and j\Irs. William W., Richmond, Va. 

Morton, Mrs. Ethel Pitt, The Arundel Apts. 

IMotley, Mr. and ]Mrs. James M. (nee Ethel Levering), 

123 Waterman St., Providence, R. I. 

Mottu, Mr. and ^Irs. Rodolphe Henri (nee Celeste W. Crown). 

I E. Preston St. 

Mudge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, ""* 17:52 Park Av. 

Mudge, Miss Priscilla P., ' '<; .i ^j^o Park Av. 

]\Iudge, Mr. E. Tileston 2d, 1752 Park Av. 

Mudge, Mrs. A. P., "Willowbrook," Pikesville, Md. 

Mulford, Rev. and ;Mrs. Roland Jessup (nee Margaret Guest Blackwell), 

Ridgefield School, Ridgefield, Conn. 


Mulford, Mr. and ]\Irs. Spencer K., Jr. (nee ]\Jary Gittings Bayly), 

Wyncote. Pa. 
Mullen, Mr. Jas. Morfit, 136 Richmond St. 

Miiller, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, Athol Av., Station D, Baltimore. 

Mullikin, Miss Sophia M., 307 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Mullikin, Mv. Alfred, 702 E. Buffalo St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Mullin, Mr. and Mrs. Michael A., 937 N. Calvert St. 

Mullin, ]\iiss Elizabeth Lester, 937 N. Calvert St. 

Mullin, Mr. Joseph C, 937 N. Calvert St. 

Alumford, Capt. T. S., Hotel Stafford. 

Mumford, Miss Jane Jarvis, Hotel Stafford. 
Munnikhuysen, Mrs. Howard (nee Bessie Pancoast), 1018 N.Charles St. 

Munnikhuysen, Miss Bessie P., 1018 N. Charles St 

^Munnikhuysen, The iNIisses, Bel Air, Harford Co. 

Munnikhuysen, Miss Hannah T., Stockdale, Belair, Md. 

Munroe, Mr. and ]\Irs. George S., 125 Riverside Drive, New York. 

Munoz, Dr. and Airs. Edmund A. (nee Lena Custis), j8oi Guilford Av. 

Murdoch, Mr. Alexander F., 30 W. Biddle St. 

Murdoch, Miss Susan Turnbull, The Arundel Apartments. 

Murdoch, Miss Mary N., 215 W. Mosher St. 

Murdoch, J\liss Carohne T., 215 W. Mosher St. 

Murdoch, J\Ir. Charles N., 215 W. Mosher St. 

Murdoch, Mrs. McKim, The Latrobe Apts. 

Alurdoch, Miss Louise AIcKim, Switzerland. 

Murdoch, Mr. and Airs. Turnbull (nee Neilson), 

"Barking," Rodgers Forge, Aid. 

Murdoch, Aliss Dora L., 245 W. Biddle St. 

Murdoch, Air. and Airs. John, 893 Park Av. 

Alurdoch, A'liss Alison Lawrence, 893 Park Av. 

Alurdoch, Aliss Alildred Law , 893 Park Av. 

Murdoch, The Alisses, (Of China) 710 St. Paul St. 

Murkland, Aliss EUzabeth Austen, Chicago, III. 

Murkland, Air. and Mrs. Philip Austen (nee Alice Patterson), Chicago, 111. 

Murkland, Mr. William Urwick, Panama. 

Murphy, Air. and Airs. J. Edwin (nee Austin), 

36 Washington Square W^, New York. 

Alurphy, Air. Frank K., 3 Club Road, Roland Park, 

Alurphy, The Alisses, 

M 187 

Murray, Mrs. Anthony Shorb, 21 E. Eager St. 

Murray, Mr. James Ratcliffe, 21 E. Eager St. 

Murray, Miss Charlotte R., 21 E. Eager St. 

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. (nee Amelia Norris Keys), 

Elkridge, Howard Co., Md. 

Murray, Mr. Clapham, 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Murray, Mr. WilHam H., 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Murray, Mr. Clapham, Jr., 13 E. Lafayette Av. 

Murray, Mrs. Edward (nee Shoemaker), Elkridge, Md. 

Murray, Mr. Francis Key, Elkridge, Md. 

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. (nee Anne Cleland Read), Elkridge, Md. 

Murray, Dr. and Mrs. T. Morris (nee Clark), 

2107 Massachusetts Av., Washington, D. C. 

Murray, Rt. Rev. and Mrs. John Gardner, D.D., 
Murray, Miss Clara H., 
Murray, Miss Ann Kirkwood, 

Cathedral Grounds, Charles-St. Av. and University Parkway. 

^Murray, Dr. John Gardner, Jr., Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Murray, Rev. and Mrs. G. Mosle}^, 

St. Bartholomew's Rectory, 1 125 W. North Av. 
Murray, Miss Mabel, St. Bartholomew's Rectory, 1 125 W. North Av. 

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Archibald (nee Emma W. Eareckson), 

Murray, Mr. Charles, New York. 

Murray, Mr. Fielding, Charlotte, N. C. 

IMurray, j\Ir. Oscar G.^ New York. 

Murray, Mr. Nicholas, Address University Club. 

Musgrave, Mr. Thomas H., 921 N. Calvert St. 

Musgrave, Mr. William, 921 N. Calvert St. 

Musgrave, Mr. Walter, 921 N. Calvert St. 

Musgrave, Miss Mary, 921 N. Calvert St. 

Musgrave, Mrs. A. V., Hotel Altamont. 

Musgrave, The Messrs., Hotel Altamont. 

Mustin, Lieut, and Mrs. (nee Corinne Montague), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Myer, Miss, "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Miss Elizabeth, "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Miss Anna T., "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Mr. Albert T., "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Mr. Robert J., "Rosland," Roslyn, Baltimore Co. 

Myer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ringold, St. James Apts. 

Myer, Mr. Thomas J., St. James Apts. 

Myer, Mr. F. B. Laurenson, Greenville, Texas. 

1S8 M 

Myers, Mr. and j\Irs. J. Ross, 900 University Parkway, Roland Park. 

Myers, Miss M. Christine, 900 University Parkway, Roland Park. 

Myers, Miss Dorothy Slagle. 900 University Parkway, Roland Park. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin, Orkney Road, Govans, Md. 

Myers, Miss Mary Calvert, Orkney Road, Govans, Md. 

Myers, The Misses, 811 N.Charles St. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. William Starr (nee Margaret Barr), 

15 Alexander St., Princeton, N. J. 
Myers, Mr. A. J., 922 McCulloh St. 

Myers, Mrs. W. Govane Howard, Orkney Road, Govans, Md. 

Myers, Miss Rebecca, Orkney Road, Govans, Md. 

Myers, Mr. A. Murry, Orkney Road. Govans, Md. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. E. Rogers, Orkney Lane, Govans, Md. 

Myers, Mrs. Howard (nee Rebecca Gaithcr Smith), 

The Homewood Apts. 

M}ers, !Mr. and ?\lrs. John Xorris (nt-e Ruth Penn Alexander), 

434 W. I20th St., New York. 

Myers, Mr. and ]\Irs. John B. (nee Katherine E. Buck), 2713 St. Paul St. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guerineau (nee Florence B. Ranstead), 

"The Peabody," 102 Waverly PL, New York City. 

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Nabb, Miss V. E., Ellicott City, Howard Co., Md. 

Narns, Col. and Mrs. A. P. D. (nee May Latrobe), Indian Army, India. 

Xan, Mrs. Mabel Ford du, 

"Carlford Manor," Park Heights and Ford's Lane. 

Xash, Rev. E. Briggs, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City. 

Xash, Mrs. Charles Griswold, 400 W. ii8th St., New York City. 

Xash, Mrs. L. C, "Blenheim," Woodbrook P. O.. Md. 

Xash, Miss Kate Carrall, "Blenheim," Woodbrook P. O., Md. 

Xaylor, INIr. and Mrs. Laurence A. (nee West), 1622 Park Av. 

Xeale, Dr. and Mrs. L. Ernest (nee Littig), 822 Park Av. 

Xeale, Mr. and Mrs. A. M., Abingdon, Harford Co., Md. 

Neale, Miss Isabel Power, Abingdon, Harford Co., Md. 

Xeale, Miss Ethel, Abingdon, Harford Co., Md. 

Xeale, Mr. and Mrs. ]Mahlon K. (nee Eugenia Fowler), Upper Lehigh, Pa. 

Neavitt, I\Irs. Elizabeth B., Centreville, Md. 

Xeavitt, Miss Elizabeth B., Centreville, Md. 

Neavitt, Mr. G. Davis, Centreville, Md. 

Needles, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur Chase, Roanoke, Va. 

Xelson, ]\Ir. John AL. 

X'elson. Mi^s Mary Cleland, 

C'Belvoir," Rider P. O., Md.) 

Xelson, Mr. and Mrs. John M., Jr. (nee Mcllvaine), Pottsville, Pa. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. William Marbury (nee Elsie Coates), 

W. Chesapeake Av., Towson, Balto. Co., Md. 

Xelson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kinloch (nee MacDonald), 

II Blackburn Road. Summit, N. J. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. (nee Thomson), Arundel. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Charlton (nee Fisher), 814 N.Charles St. 


Nelson, Mrs. Thomas M. (nee Atkinson), 

Calvert Court, Calvert and 31st Sts. 
Xelson, Miss ]\Iary Page, Calvert Court, Calvert and 31st Sts. 

Xelson, Miss Adelaide, 24 Lewis St., Hartford, Conn. 

Nelson, Rev. and INIrs. Robert Burwell (nee Sallie Bruce Seddon), 

' Blacksburg, Va. 

Nelson, Mr. Robert William. 513 Park Av. 

Xelson, Mr. Page, 513 Park Av. 


190 N 

Nesbitt, Rev. and Mrs. John Allison (nee Elizabeth Whiteley), 

Wyncrest Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Newcomer, 'Mv. and Mrs. Waldo, 105 W. Monument St. 

Xcwbold. Mr. and Mrs. David i\I., Jr., The Latrobe Apts. 

("Loreley," Balto. Co., ^Id.) 

Newby, Mrs. Sallie, 3915 Belvieu Av. 

Newhall. Mr. and :Mrs. Thomas Uiec Blackwell), The Old Place, Ithan, Pa. 

Newton, Mr. and IMrs. Francis (nee Amy James), 

130 W. 57th St., New York City. 

Newton, Mrs. Virginia, 2 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

Nichols, ]\Ir. Chester Warren, 1605 St. Paul St. 

Nichols, Miss Virginia P., The Brexton, Park Av. 

Nichols, Miss Minelle, The Brexton, Park Av. 

Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Oilman (nee Emily Alan Smith), 

17 Berkeley St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Nichols, Dr. and Airs. Jos. Longworth (nee Mary Morgan), 

127 Park Av. (Saranac Lake), New York. 

Nicholas, Mr. Daniel M., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nicholas, Mrs. Wilson Cary, "Atamaseo," Owings Alills, J\Id. 

Nicholas, The Misses, "Atamaseo," Owings Mills, Md. 

Nicholas, The Messrs., "Atamaseo," Owings Mills, Md. 

Nicholas, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Thos. Jefferson Randolph (nee ]*klaud B, 

Lamphere), Little Rock, Ark. 

Nicholas, Miss Elizabeth Cary, 417 N. Charles St. 

Nicholas, Mr. Samuel M., Belgrave Apartment, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nicholson, Mrs. Johns H. R. (nee Pitts), Box 21, Mendham, N. J. 

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pitts (nee Ethel Kennedy), 

2100 Elsinore Av., Walbrook. 

Nicholson, Air. and Airs. Joseph Reynolds, Alendham, N. J. 

Nicholson, Mr. Isaac F., 1018 St. Paul St. 

Nicholson, Mrs. Edwin C. 301 W. Lanvale St. 

Nicholson, Miss Camilla D., 301 W. Lanvale St. 

Nicholson, Aliss E. Lee, 301 W. Lanvale St. 

Nicholson, Miss E. Carolyn, 301 W. Lanvale St. 

Nicholson, Miss Rosa E., 301 W. Lanvale St. 

Nicholson, Mr. Dudley Field, 301 W. Lanvale St. 

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Alan S., 2121 Maryland Av. 

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lee (nee Ella Pue), 

124 W. Lafayette Av. 



Nicholson, JMr. Charles A., 
Xicholson, Mr. Johns J., 

124 W. Lafayette Av. 
124 W. Lafayette A v. 

Nickerson, ]\Ii". and ]\'Irs. Albert (nee Christine Atkinson), Boston, Mass. 
Nicodemus, Miss Carrie, 1223 Linden Av. 

Xicodemiis, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, 1500 Eutaw PL 

Xicodemus, IMr. and Mrs. Frank Coiirtne}^ 2004 Linden Av. 

Xicodemiis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Courtney, Jr. (nee Dorothy H. 

Xicodemus, Mr, Gordon K., 
Xicols, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wright, 
Xicols, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. R. Wilson, 
Xiles, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Salem, 
Xiles, Miss Josephine, 
Xiles, Mr. Alfred S.. Jr., 
Xiles, Mr. Emory H., 
Ximmb, Mr. and Mrs. Walden Carev 
X'immo, Miss Lucv Harrison, 

114 East 84th St., New York, N. Y. 

Wilderness Farm," Woodbine P. O., Md. 

28 Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

4201 W. Maine Av.. Forest Park. 

2010 Edgewood St., Walbrook. 

2010 Edgewood St., Walbrook. 

Boxton, Mass. 

Oxford, England. 

1734 Bolton St. 

2030 P. St. N. W., Washington D. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Nininger, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ramsey, 

Nininger, Mr. Charles Mackubin, Atlanta, Ga. 

X'ininger, Mr. Sigourny Fay, Atlanta, Ga. 

Xitze, Prof, and ]\Irs. William A. (nee Hilken), 

1220 East 56th St., Chicago, 111. 

Xiver. Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Barnes (nee Post), 1014 St. Paul St. 

Xoble, Mr. Horace, 

X'oble, Mrs. Horace, 

Xoland, Mrs. Cuthbert Powell, 
Xoland, Miss Katherine Powell, 

Xolting, ]\Tr. nnd Mrs. William G., 
Xolting, Mr. William Wyatt, 

X'orris, IMiss Sue Voss. 

Xorris, Mrs. Edward T. (nee Mary ^Murdoch), The Anneslie Apts. 

Xorris, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Murdoch (nee Mary B. Hoge), 

3 Norwood Place, Guilford. 

Norris, Miss Henrietta, 1224 Madison Av. 

Norris, Mr. Lsaac T., 1224 Madison Av. 

Xorris, Mrs. William Wyatt, 50 W. Biddle St. 

Commonwealth Club, Charles St. 

Easton, Md. 

1209 John St. 
1209 John St. 

I Somerset Road. Roland Park. 
I Somerset Road, Roland Park. 

S Club Road, Roland Park. 

192 N 

Norris, Miss Sarita M.. Address 12S W. Lanvalc St. 

Norris, Miss Susan F.. Address 128 W. Laiivalc St. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson D. (nee M.Cabell Perkins), 

128 W. Lanvale St. 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mark (nee Katherine Kirby Hughes), 

33 Cleveland Lane, Princeton, N. J. 

Norris, Miss Sanford jNlacDonald, 2003 N. Calvert St. 

Norris, Miss Laura, 2029 ^Maryland Aw 

Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parker (nee Mary R.Brady), 

2122 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Norris, Miss Elizabeth Kilty, 1124 N.Charles St. 

Norris, Miss Mary Mansfield, 11 E. Eager St. 

Norris, Mr. and J\Irs. N. Dorsey, "Kenwood," Owings Mills, Md. 

Norris, Miss Sue G., S. Ladywork Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Norris, Aliss Sophia B., 340 Dolphin St. 

Norris, Mr. and i\Irs. Bennet Briscoe, 340 Dolphin St. 

North, Miss, 851 Park Av. 

North, Mr. and Airs. Hugh AIcAllister, Jr. (nee Elizabeth Stuart 

Cottman), Columbia, Pa. 

Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willcox (nee Evelyn Rutherfoord), 

"Red Arches," corner Lake and Roland Avs., Balto. Co. 

Norwood, Mrs. Randolph, 1136 Cathedral St. (for the Winter). 

Norwood, Miss Mary, 1136 Cathedral St. (for the Winter). 

Norwood, Mr. Summerfield, California. 

(Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Nussear, Mr. and Mrs. James S., Jr. (nee Louisa Gittings Merr3man), 

"Sunning Hill," Timonium, Md. 
Nydegger, Dr. James A., University Club. 



Embroideries and Fancy Articles 

Table Covers, Luncheon Sets, Bureau 
Covers, Quilts, Venetian and Filet WorK 
Lamp and Candle Shiades :: :: ;: 

Orders Attended to Miss A. M. McDOWElLI- 

Promptly President 


Ober, Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus 
Ober, Miss Rebekah, 
Ober, Miss Elizabeth, 
Ober, Mr. Beverly, 
Ober, Mr. Douglas, 
Ober, Mr. J. Hambleton, 
Ober, Mr. Leonard, 
Ober, Mr. Robert, 

Ober, Mrs. Robert, 
Ober, Mr. Gustavus, Jr., 
Ober, Mrs. John K., 
Ober, Miss Mary R., 
Ober, Mr. Eugene H., 
Ober, Mrs. Charles K. 
Ober, Miss, 
Ober, Mr. Albert Graham, Jr 

I TOT SL Paul St. 
iioi St. Paul St. 
iioi St. Paul St. 
IIOI St. Paul St. 
IIOI St. Paul St. 
IIOI St. Paul St. 
IIOI St. Paul St. 
Winnipeg, Canada. 

1217 N. Charles St. 
1217 N. Charles St. 

1735 Linden Av. 

1735 Linden Av. 

1735 Linden Av. 

I Elmhurst Road and Long Lane, Roland Park. 

38 W. Biddle St. 

914 N.Charles St. (for the Winter). 
Ober, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benedict (nee Margaret De L.Rochester), 

914 N. Charles St. 
("Tens-Kwan Ta Waw," Lutherville P. O., Md.) 

O'Brien, Mrs. E. W., 

O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J., Jr., 1214 N. Calvert St. 

O'Brien, Miss Mary Claire, The Latrobe Apts. 

Odend'hal, Mr. Lucien C, Oakdale and Pimlico Roads, Arlington, Md. 

Odend'hal, Miss Roberta Claire, Oakdale and Pimlico Roads, Arlington, Md. 

Odenheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilliams, 

"The Gainesboro." Washington, D. C, Nov. to April. 

("Odenwald," Jessups, Md.,xA.pril to Nov.) 

Odenheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G., Jr. (nee Egerton), 

"The Gainesboro," Washington, D. C, Nov. to April. 

("Odenwald," Jessups, Md., April to Nov.) 
O'Donnell, Mr. E. Henry, 1313 N. Calvert St. 

O'Donnell, Mrs. George W., 210 E. Chase St. 

O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. Louis (nee Agnes Kennedy Jackson). 

Ruxton, Md. 

O'Donnell, Mr. Louis, Jr., Govans, Md. 

O'Donnell, Mr and Mrs. John, 

O'Donovan, Mrs. Charles, 915 St. Paul St. 

O'Donovan, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (nee Anna M. Shriver), 

The Washington Apartments. 

O'Donovan, Dr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Shriver), 5 E. Read St 

O'Donovan, Mr. John H., St. Paul Apts. 



O'Dunne, ^Ir. and ^^Irs. Eugene (nee Elsie M. Reardon). 513 Cathedral St. 
Offutt, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Worthington (nee Emil}^ Jenkins), 

1206 St. Paul St. 
Offutt, :\Iiss Nancy Jenkins, 1206 St. Paul St. 

("Highlands." Towson, Md.) 
Ogdcn, ]\Ir. Philip, 2'^-] Senat<M- PI.. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

(New London, N. H.) 
Ogle, Mrs. Benjamin (nee Elizabeth Dammann). 

"Upton," 811 W. Lanvale St. 
O'Leary, Mr. Roger F., 939 N. Calvert St. 

Olcott, Dr. and ]\Irs. George Potts. Jr. (nee Clarion B. Wyatt), 

'/'/2 Park Av., New York City. 
Oler, Mr. William H., Catonsville. 

Oliver, ^Irs. Charles Kemble. 157 W. 72n(l St., N. Y. City. 

Oliver, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Sewall Kemble (nee Lucy Hardy), 

2512 First Av., Columbia. S. C. 
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. (nee Lloyd), Ivy Depat, Albemarle Co., Va. 

Olivet, Mr. and ^Mrs. W. E., 92 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis. 3ild. 

Onderdonk, Mrs. Henry, St. James School, Washington Co., Md. 

Ondcrdonk, Mr. and ]\Irs. Adrian Holmes (nee Evelynne Richardson), 

St. James School, W^ashington Co.. ]\Id. 
Onderdonk, ]\lrs. Andrew (nee Gale), The Brexton. 

O'Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey (nee Louise Potter), Pittsburg, Pa. 

Orendorf, Miss Maria L., 939 N. Calvert St. 

Orendorf, Mrs. Joseph C, "The Evanston," 605 St. Paul St. 

Orrick, Miss Mary, 142 W. Lanvale St. 

Orrick, Miss Sophia A,, 142 W. Lanvale St. 

Orrick, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abert (nee Levering), T018 N.Calvert St. 

Orrick, Air. Johnson, toiS N. Calvert St. 

Orrick, Air. and Airs. Henry Abert. Jr. (nee Alontgomery). Ruxton. Aid. 
Orrick. Air. De Courcy Wright. Princeton, N. J. 

Orrick, Air. and Airs. J. Smith. 918 St. Paul St. (for the Winter) 

(Glyndon, Aid.) 
Orrick, Air. Frank Cromwell, Glyndon. Aid. 

Orrick, Rev. and Airs. S. Hilton (nee Ellen Waring Powell), 

Hagerstown, Aid. 
Osborn, Air. and Airs. Alexander Perry (nee Anne Alaynadier Steele), 

Care of 870 Aladison Av., New York City. 
Osburn, Miss Frances N., 1621 Alassachusetts Av.. Washington, D. C. 

Osburn, Mr. and Airs. Carter Gibson, 205 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
Osier. Sir William and Lady, 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford. England. 

Oudesluys, Air. and Airs. Henry Thompson, 1409 Eutaw PI. 

O 195 

Oudesluys, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian, 1219 McCulloh St. 

Oudesluys, Mrs. Florence K., 404 McMechen St. 

Overholt, J\Iiss Ethel Douglas, 

Overholt, Miss Marjorie Douglas, 

Overholt, Miss Henrietta, 

Owen, Mrs. Mary B., The Walbert Apts. 

Owen, Miss Nannie Buchanan, The Walbert Apts. 

Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy R., 114 S. 29th St., Flushing, Long Island. 
Owen, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. F. Buchanan Tnee ]\lillicent Clark). 

1889 E. 84th St.. Cleveland. Ohio. 
Owens, Mrs. B. Ratcliffe, 9 St. John's Road, Roland Park. 

Owings, Mrs. Thomas, 1215 John St. 

Owings, "Sir. Thomas Bond. 1215 John St. 

Owings, Miss Anne Morris, 1215 John St. 

Owings, Miss Emily Bond, 1215 John St. 

Owings, Mrs. Samuel S., 

"Woodlawn Farm," Ellicott City, Howard Co., ^Id. 
Owings, ]\Iiss Mary Levin. 

"Woodlawn Farm," Ellicott Cit}-, Howard Co., ^Nld. 
Owings, ^Ir. Owen P. W., 1428 Linden Av. 

Owst, Mr. Wilberfoss G.. Central Y. M C. A.. Franklin and Cathedral Sts. 

Henry W, Jenkins & Sons Co. 







THOMAS W. JENKINS, President. 

Paca, Mrs. Florence Murray, 
Paca, Miss Adela Kerr, 
Paca, Miss Florence Marie, 
Paca, Mr. Francis Albert 

Paca, Mr. and Mrs. John Philemon, 
Paca, Mr. John Philemon, Jr., 

Packard, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 
Packard, Miss Elise Prioleau, 
Packard, Miss IMargaret, 
Packard, Miss Josephine, 

Packard, Mr. Charles Lee, 

Packard, Mrs. Thos. J., 

Page, Mr. and Mrs. William Carter, 
Page, Miss Rosalie Braxton, 
Page, Miss Virginia Dandridge, 

Page, Dr. I. Randolph, 
Page, The Misses, 

Page, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stevens, 

Page, Mr. and Mrs. George West. 

Page, Mrs. John W., 

Page, Mr. and Mrs. Washington Crais 

Pagon, Mrs. William H., 
Pagon, Mr. Wm. Watters, 

2219 Oak St. 
2219 Oak St. 
2219 Oak St. 
2219 Oak St. 

1625 St. Paul St. 
1625 St. Paul St. 

806 St. Paul St 
806 St. Paul St 
806 St. Paul St. 
806 St. Paul St. 


202 E. Chase St. 

917 N. Calvert St. 
917 N. Calvert St. 
917 N. Calvert St. 

1327 Bolton St. 
1327 Bolton St. 

Bel Air, Md. 

Mt Royal Apis. 

2223 N. Charles St. 

2034 N. Calvert St. 

Earl Court. 
Earl Court. 

Pagon, Mr. and [Mrs. Robinson Cator (nee Margaret Pusey Dorsey), 

2 Merryman Court. University Parkway. 

Paine, Mrs. Clinton Paxton (nee Alice McCrcary), The Washington. 

Paine, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. Gordon P. (nee Thompson), 

4406 Greenvvay. Guilford, Baltimore. 

Paine, Mr. and Mrs. John Chapin, 1911 Linden Av. 

Painter, Airs. William, 1129 N. Calvert St. 

(204 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park.) 

Painter, Air. and Airs. Pennell Churchman (nee Suzanne Bandel), 

605 St. Paul' St. 
Palmer, Air. and Airs. Honore (nee Grace Greenway Brown), 

849 Lincoln Parkway, Chicago, 111. 

Palmer, Air. and Airs. A. Mitchell (nee Dixon), 

712 Thomas St., Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. 

Palmer, Airs. Benjamin Duvall, 

The Cecil for the Winter. 

("Woodlawn Farm," Sandy Spring P.O., Aid.) 
Palmer, Air. and Mrs. William Pennell, 907 N. Fulton Av. 


P 197 

Palmer, Miss Cleora, "Woodlawn." Sandy Spring P. O., Md. 

Palmer, Air. and Airs. J. Howard (nee Barbara Chandler), 

204 Longwood Rrtad. 
Palmer, Mr. and Airs. Robert AIcGill (nee Alary Le Clair Bosley), 

2035 Park Av. 
(Rockdale, Baltimore Co., Aid.) 
Palmer, Air. and Airs. Charles Harvey (nee Grace Hambleton Ober), 

Alilwaukee, Wis, 
Pancoast, Dr. and Airs. Omar B, (nee Ross), mi N.Charles St. 

Pancoast, Airs. Joseph Talkot, 807 Hamilton Terrace. 

Pangborn, Airs. J. G., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Pangborn, Air. Robert Garrett, 

Pangborn, Aliss Josephine Gladding, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Pannill, Air. and Airs. Samuel Weisiger (nee Kirk), 

Algonquin Park, Norfolk, Va. 
Parker, Aliss Alary L., The Stafford. 

Parker, Airs. Adelia B., 

Parker, Aliss Alary Donaldson, The Farragut, Washington, D. C. 

Parker, Aliss Sara Jay, The Farragut, Washington, D. C. 

Parker, Dr. and Airs. Henry P. (nee Eleanor Ridgely), 

1728 Connecticut Av., Washington, D. C. 

Parker, Air. and Airs. Sumner A., 913 St. Paul St. 

Parker, Aliss AI. Spalding. Ruxton, Aid. 

Parkhill, Airs. John H., 417 N. Charles St. 

Parkhurst, Air. Andrew R., Sr., 1418 Park Av. 

Parkhurst, Air. and Airs. Andrew R., Jr., Plainfield, N. J. 
Parr, Air. and Airs. G. Howell (nee AlcCreary), The Latrobe Apartments. 

Parr, Air. and Airs. Henry A., 7 E. Alt. Royal Av. 
Parr, Air. and Airs, Henry A., Jr. (nee Sigourney), Green Spring Valley, Aid, 

Parr, Air. and Airs, Ral (nee Jenkins), Belvedere Hotel. 

(Rogers Station, Green Spring Valley.) 

Parr, Air. and Airs. Charles E., 18 E. Lafayette Av. 

Parr, Aliss Alary, 18 E. Lafayette Av, 

Parr, Aliss Katharine B., 18 E. Lafayette Av. 

Parr, Air. G. Aliltenberger, 18 E. Lafayette Av. 

Parr, Air. C. AIcKew, Hartford, Conn, 
Parr. Air. and Airs. John Henry (nee Kathleen Johnstone), Curryville, Ga. 

Parran. Air, and Airs, James B,, 1643 N, Calvert St, 

Parran, Aliss Jeannette Briscoe, 1643 N, Calvert St, 

Parran, Aliss Elizabeth, 1708 N, Calvert St. 

Parran, Air. Wm. J., 1708 N, Calvert St. 

Parran, Air, Dalrymple, 1708 N. Calvert St, 

Parran, j\Ir. and Mrs. Francis J. (nee Norris), 144 W. Lanvale St. 

Parrish, ]\rr. and iNlrs. Edward ]M. (nee Waters), "Dumbarton," Pikesville. 

Pascaiilt, Miss Emily, The Avon, E. Read St. 

Pascault. Miss Etta, 1123 Madison Av. 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. (nee Mary L.Campbell), 231 W. Lafayette Av. 

Passano, ]\lr. and Mrs. Louis, 1613 Park PI. 

Passano, Mrs. Leonard, Elmwood Road. Roland Park. 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard. Jr. (nee Ward), Catonsville. Md. 

Passano, Mr. Leonard Ward. Catonsville, Md. 

Passano, Miss Gladys ]\fay, Catonsville, Md. 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. (nee Mary E. von Kapff), Relay, Md. 

Passano, Miss Virginia D'Arcy, 

Passano, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. (nee Eleanor P.Isaac), Towson, Md. 

Passano, Mr. and ]Mrs. Louis, Jr., 

Passano, j\Ir. and Mrs. William R., ^823 Linden Av. 

Passano, JMiss Parthenia, 

Paton, Dr. and Mrs. Stewart, Princeton, N. J. 

Paton, Miss F. Evelyn, Princeton, N. J. 

Patterson, Mrs. Wilson (nee Sherwood), C. D. A., 

Of 14 E. Mt. Vernon PI. and Delhi, N. Y. 
(Address Women Writers' Club, London.) 
Patterson, Miss Marjorie, C. D. A., 

Of 14 E. Mt. Vernon PI. and Delhi, N. Y. 
(Women Writers' Club, London.) 

Patterson, JMadame la Comtesse Clair da Conturbia, 

Provincio di ]\Iilano, Italia. 

Patterson, Miss Laura, 1200 St. Paul St. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1039 St. Paul St. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (nee Margaret Tyson Willson), 

Calvert Court Apts. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forsyth (nee Elizabeth Loomis Lord), 

1 127 Western Av., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins (nee Mary Katherine Keys), 

202 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Patterson, Miss Anna Beck, 

Patterson, Miss Ella B., 1637 N. Calvert St. 

Patterson, Mrs. Louise Hillard. Penn Dennis, Barcroft, Va. 

Patterson. Miss Louise Hillard, Penn Dennis, Barcroft, Va. 

P 19S 

Pattison, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Everard K., 109 Elmhiirst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, ]\Iiss Mary Stuart. 109 Elmhiirst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, Miss ^Marguerite Turberville, 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, Mr. Everard Le Compte, 109 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Pattison, Mr. and :\Irs. \\'m. Moffitt, Raleigh, N. C. 

Patton, Miss Agusta E., "Burnside," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Patton, Mr. and ^^Irs. Henry B. (nee iMargaret E. Hazlehurst), 

324 S. 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Patton, ]\Ir. and ]^Irs. James Hull, 2510 N.Charles St. 

Patton, Miss EHzabeth Cole, 2510 N. Charles St. 

Paul, Mrs. D'Arcy, ''Woodlands," Gorsuch Av., Baltimore. 

Paul, ]\Ir. J. Oilman D'Arcy, U. S. Embassy, Bordeaux, France. 

Payne, Air. and Airs. George Houson, 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Miss Katharine E., 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Mr. George Houson, Jr., 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Mr. John Massie, 1415 McCulloh St. 

Payne, Miss America S., 1319 N. Calvert St. 

Payne, Air. and Mrs. Raphael Semmes, "Alecca," Pikesville, Md. 

Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. (nee Grace B. Goldsborough). 

Evanston, 111. 

Payne, Aliss Helen Scott, 2843 St. Paul St. 

Paynter, Miss Helen M., 1702 N. Calvert St. 

Peard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Furnival (nee Price), 

1229 N. Calvert St. for the Winter. 

Peard, Air. and Airs. Leslie H. (nee Ramsay), 

105 Deepdene Road, Roland Park. 

Pearre, Col. and Airs. George Alexander (nee Elizabeth G. Shoup), 

198 Washington St., Cumberland, Aid. 
Pearre, Air. William, 155 Washington St., Cumberland, Aid. 

Pearre, Aliss, Hotel Roche Alont, Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Pearre, Air. and Airs. Aubrey, Jr. (nee Fannie Aloncure Lyon), 

Pikesville, Aid. 

Pearre, Airs. Aubrey, 1601 Bolton St. 

Pearre, Mr. Sifford, 1601 Bolton St. 

Pearson, Dr. Frank W., University Club. 

Pegram, Air. and Airs. William Al., 15 W. Preston St. 

Pegram, Air. and Airs. Francis Edward (nee Gary), 1312 Bolton St. 

Peirce, Aliss Florence E., 1629 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

200 P 

Pendleton, Mr. N. S. D.. Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 

Pendleton, Mr. Talbot I'aylor, Princeton University. 

Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith (nee Patterson), 

Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Pendleton, Mr. Nathan Smith, Jr., Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Pendleton, Mr. A. Patterson, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Pendleton, Miss M. L., 210 W. Madison St. 

Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. John C. B. (nee Mildred Morris), 

207 W. Franklin St. 

Pcnclleton, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Dudley Diggcs (nee ^larguerite B.Lake), 

631 Maryland Av.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pendleton, r^Iiss Elizabeth W., The Cecil Apts. 

Penniman, Mrs. N. G., 922 Cathedral St. 

Penniman. Miss. 922 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Mr. Henry G., 922 Cathedral St, 

Penniman, Dr. Thomas D., 922 Cathedral St. 

("Wyndhurst," Relay P. O., Md.) 

Penniman, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Griffith (nee Helen Alison Fraser), 

609 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. D. (nee Stirling), 1122 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Mr. and Mrs. George Dobbin (nee Dushane), 924 Cathedral St. 
Penniman, Mr. George Dobbin, Jr., 924 Cathedral St. 

Penniman, Miss Harriet Wilson Dushane. 924 Cathedral St. 

Pennimann, Mr. John Alex. Dushane, 

Harvard Law School. Cambridge, Mass. 

Penning, Dr. O. Parker, 1711 St. Paul St. 

Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Josias, 1119 St. Paul St. 

Pennington, Mr. and INIrs. Hall Pleasants (nee Alice Blaine Damrosch), 

140 E. 56th St., New York. 

Pennington, Miss Sophie C, Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Pennington, Mr. and ]\Irs. Harry (nee Hanson), P. O., Lake Roland. 

Pennington, Mrs. Genevieve Thompson, 

The Haliburton Apts., 1301 N. Charles St. 

Pennington, Mr. Clapham, 

Pennington, Mr. and INIrs. James A. Gregg (nee Katherine C. Groner), 

927 West Redgate Av., Norfolk, Va. 

Pennington, Miss IMargaretta, Abroad. 

Pennington, Mrs. C. De W. Theobald, 1419 John St. 

Pennington, Miss Caroline, 1419 Jolin St. 

Pennington, Miss Dorothea, 14^9 John St. 

P 201 

Pennington, Miss Elizabeth Lloyd, 212 E. Biddle St. 

Penrose, Mrs. Charles B., Sr., 21 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Penrose, Dr. and Mrs. Clement A. (nee Helen Stowe), 21 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Penrose, ]\Ir. and ]\lrs. Charles Bingham (nee Adeline Gibbs), 

1309 N. Calvert St. 

Perce, Mr. Le Grand W., 910 Belden Av., Chicago, 111. 

Perin, Mrs. Nelson, St. Paul and 39th Sts. 

Perin, Miss, St. Paul and 39th Sts. 

Perin, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence (nee Eliza Washington Perine), 

(From Dec. to April) Aiken, S. C. 

Perin, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. (nee Anderson), Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 

Perin, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver (nee Winona King), Ridgefield, Conn. 

Perine, Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn, 512 Cathedral St. 

Perine, Miss Mildred Washington, 512 Cathedral St. 

("Homeland," Govans P. O., Md.) 

Perine, Mr. and ]Mrs. George Corbin (nee Tyler Cooke), 1 105 Cathedral St. 

Perine, Mr. David M., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Perine, Mr. Washington, 607 Cathedral St. 

Perine, Miss, 607 Cathedral St. 

Perkins, Miss Anne Armour, "The Channing," 1416 Park Av. 

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Elisha H. (nee Falconer), 710 St. Paul St. 

Perkins, Miss, 710 St. Paul St. 

Perkins, Dr. Edgar Shirley, Rochambeau. 

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., Jr., 1325 Eutaw PI. 

Perkins, :Miss Laura P., 1325 Eutaw PI. 

Perkins, Mr. and i\Irs. Thomas Peirce, Hotel Rennert. 

Perkins, Mr. and JNIrs. Elmer Case (nee Hopkinson), 

216 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Mrs. William H., 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Miss, 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Miss Ellen H., 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot. The Messrs.. 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perot, Miss Gladys M., 410 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Perrin, Mrs. John Tayloe, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin, Miss Anne Lee, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin, Miss Eleanor Wormeley, The Brandon, 877 Park Av. 

Perrin. Mrs. E. McCay, 

Perrin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennon, Salisbury, Md. 

Perry, Mrs. M. N., 1224 Madison Av. 

Peter, Miss, 1311 N.Charles St. 

Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Winfield, 1117 McCulloh St. 

Peters, j\lr. and Mrs. J. Girvin ( ncc Harriet White), Bethesda, Md. 

Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, 152 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Peters, Miss Bett}', 152 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Peters,]\Iiss Emily Ruth, 152 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Petre, ]Mr. and ^Irs. Reginald W. (nee Preston), 

829 University Parkway, Baltimore. 

Petre, Aliss Constance, 829 University Parkway, Baltimore. 

Petre, Mr. Alex. Preston, 829 University Parkway, Baltimore. 

Petre, ]\liss Achsah Ridgely, 829 University Parkway, Baltimore. 

Peyton, Mr. and ^^Irs. Cabell Y., Bradshaw, Md. 

Phelps, Mrs. Charles E., St. Paul Apts. 

Phelps, Mr. and [Mrs. l^^rank H. (nee Eugenia M. I'arnitz). 

1527 Linden .\v. 

Phelps, [Mr. and IMrs. Charles E., Jr. (nee Thclin), iioi N.Calvert St. 

Phelps, Mr. and [Mrs. John (nee Turner), Roland Park. 

Phelps, Com. and [Mrs. Wm. Woodward, 

U. S. S. Reina Mercedes, Naval Academy, Annapolis. [Md. 

Phelps, Mr. and [Mrs. William Wallace (nee Harriet Ridgely Grason), 

Philipsburg, Pa. 

Phillips, Miss Helen McCay, 

Phillips, Mrs. Marshall A., Beaumont Av., Catonsville. 

Phillips, Miss Eloise Levis, Beaumont A\., Catonsville. 

Phillips, Miss Marie Annina, Beaumont Av., Catonsville. 

Phillips, Miss Claire Elizabeth, Beaumont Av., Catonsville. 

Phillips, Mr. Harold Ash, Beaumont Av., Catonsville. 

Phillips, Mr. and [Mrs. Marshall A., Jr. (nee Annette Pell Townsend), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Phipps, Mrs. Joseph B., Sudbrook Park, [Md. 

Picking, [Mrs. Hcnrv F. ( nee Laura Sherwood), 

(North Hatley, P. Q., Can.) 

Picking, Lieui. Sherwood (U. S. N.), 

Address Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

Pierce, Mr. and [Mrs. Winslow S. (nee Grace Douglas Williams), 

"Dunstable," Bayville, L. L 
Pierce, [Miss Grace Douglas, "Dunstable." Bavville. L. 1. 

Pierce, Mr. Winslow S., Jr., "Dunstable," Bayville, L. L 

Pierce, Miss Helen Bancroft. 924 Cathedral St. 

Pierron, [Mrs. Alfred E. de (nee M. L. Judik), 1428 ALadison Av. 

P 203 

Pietsch, }klr. and ]Mrs. Theodore Wells (nee Gertrude Carroll Zell), 

27 Wickford Road, Roland Park. 

Piper, ]\[rs. Jackson, 1022 X.Calvert St. 

Piper, Miss Adaline D., 1022 N. Calvert St. 

Piper, Mr. and Mrs. James (nee Pitts), "The Branches," Eccleston, Md. 

Piper, ]\Iiss Ellen, 322 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Pitcher, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Gould S. (nee Edna F.Vernon), 

91 Glenwood Av., Brockton, ]\Iass. 

Pitt, Mrs. Charles F., Jr., 200 E. Preston St. 

Pitt, ^liss Sophie R., 200 E. Preston St. 

Pitt, ;Mr. C. Gordon, 200 E. Preston St. 

("Hillside," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Pitt, ]\Ir. Paris C, 912 X. Charles St. 

Pitts, Miss Sophia Xorris, The Walbert, N. Charles St. 

Pitts, Miss Jane London. The Walbert, N. Charles St. 

Pitts, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, 1009 St. Paul St. 

Pitts, Mr. Sullivan, Jr., 1009 St. Paul St. 

Pitts, Mr. and ]\Irs. Tilghman Cxoldsborough (nee Dorothy McCreary 

Paine), "Cedar Lawn," Govans, Md. 

Pitts, ]\Iiss ]^Iary Bacot, Riderwood, ]\Id. 

Piatt, Dr. and ]Mrs. Walter Brewster (nee ]\Iary P. Perine), 

802 Cathedral St. 
Piatt, Mr. David P., 802 Cathedral St. 

Piatt, i\Ir. Lucian, 802 Cathedral St. 

Piatt, Mr. Washington, 215 W. 23rd St.. Xew York City. 

Piatt. Mr. and Mrs. James B. (nee Morton), Earl Court. 

Piatt, Mr. Herman S., Earl Court. 

Piatt, I\Irs. William Davenport, 1109 X^. Charles St. 

Piatt, Miss Anna E., 1109 N.Charles St 

Piatt, Mr. Wm. D. 2d, 1109 X. Charles St. 

Playford, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (nee Mary Graham Vickery), 

Stevenson, G. S. V., Md. 

Pleasants, Mrs. J. Hall, 12 W. Mt. Vernon PL 

Pleasants, Mr. John, 11 15 X^. Charles St. 

Pleasants, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. (nee Louisa Carroll). 

"Gretta Hall," Cockeysville, Md. 

Pleasants, Miss Ellin Curzon, The Avon Apts. 

Pleasants, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., Jr. (nee IMarie Reuling), 

Canterbury Hall, University Parkway. 

Pleasants, ]^Ir. and ]\Irs. William A. (nee Frances Albert), Nampa, Idaho. 

204 F» 

Pleasants, Dr. and ]\Irs. J. Hall (nee Delia Tudor Wilmer), 

So6 University Parkway. 

Pleasants, ]Mrs. I. Pemberton (nee Gallagher), 

Address Care of Miss Gallagher, The Walbert. 

Pleasants, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Lawrence Pemberton (nee Baker), 

Care of E. \V. Bliss Co., Sag Harbor, Long Island, N. Y. 

Plummer, jNIr. and ^Irs. James Corner (nee ^larA' H. Torney), 

3919 E. Bclvieu Av. 
Plummer, ^liss Elizabeth, 39i9 E. Belvieu Av. 

Plummer, ]\liss Eleanor. 3919 E. Belvieu Av. 

Plummer, ^Ir. Thomas Corner, 3919 E. Belvieu Av. 

Plummer, Miss Eleanor, 118 W.Franklin St. 

Poe, Mrs. John P., 1204 N. Charles St. 

Poe, Miss ]\Iargaretta, 1204 N. Charles St. 

Poe, Mr. Gresham H., 1204 N. Charles St. 

Poe, Mr. Xeilson, 

(1204 N.Charles St.) The Royalton. 44 \V. 44th St.. Xew York City. 

Poe, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. S. Johnson (nee Cromwell), 

Stony Run Lane W., and 39th St. 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allan (nee McCay), 1604 Park Av. 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (nee Anne King), 

1922 First Av., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Poe, ]\Ir. Xeilson, Jr.. 146 W. Lanvale St. 

Poe, Miss Sarah Livingston, 146 W. Lanvale St. 

Poe, Mr. and ]\Irs. Philip Livingston (nee Grace E.Morris), Ruxton, Md. 

Poe, Mrs. William C. Osborne Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Poe, Mr. and ]\lrs. William C. Jr. (nee Aviary Hodges Ridgely), 

Osborne Av., Catonsville, Md. 

Poe, ]\Ir. Frank Kennedy, 132 W. Lanvale St. 

Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wingate (nee Augusta Eccleston ^lurray), 

"Blythewood," Charles-St. Av. Ext. 

Polk, Mr. and Mrs. William Stewart, 2902 St. Paul St. 

Polk, Mrs. Irene Brainard. 

Polk, :\Ir. and ;\Irs. Anderson, Philadelphia (for the Winter). 

(10 Elmwood Road. Roland Park.) 

Polk, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius C, 1226 X. Charles St. 

Polk, Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark, 236 Laurens St. 

Polk, Miss Carrie C, 236 Laurens St. 

Polk, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Owings (nee Nina Grahame Levering), 

809 Park Av. 

P 205 

Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. (nee McCoy), 

419 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Pollard, I\Ir. and Mrs. Henry D. (nee Mabel M. Carpenter). 

Santa Maria. Brazil, S. A. 

Ponder, ]\Irs. James \V. (nee Georgie May Taylor), 112 E.Preston St. 

du Pont, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Marion Lessesne (nee Elizabeth 

Heyward), Montchanin, Del. 

Poole, Mrs. George (nee ]\Iary Norris), 2029 Maryland Av. 

Poole, Midshipman Robert, U. S. Naval Academy. Annapolis, Md. 

Poor, Miss Nannie E., The Cleveland, 1415 Linden Av. 

Poor, Miss Ida L., The Cleveland, 1415 Linden Av. 

Poor, Miss Kitty, The Cleveland, 1415 Linden Av. 

Poor, Mr. Harry Taylor, The Cleveland, 1415 Linden Av. 

Poor, Mrs. Alfred, Jr., New York City. 

Poor, Miss, New York City. 

Poore, Mrs. M. W. K. ( nee Keighler), Decatur Apts.. Washington. D. C 

Poore, Miss Elizabeth A., Decatur Apts.. Washington, D. C. 

Pope, Mr. George A., 40th and Oak Sts. 

Pope, Miss, 40th and Oak Sts. 

Pope, Mr. George A., Jr., 40th and Oak Sts. 

Pope, Mr. and Airs. Benjamin Franklin, 508 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Pope, Mrs. Mary W., 813 N. Charles St. 

Pope, Mr. Mica j ah W., 813 N. Charles St. 

Pope, Mr. and ]\Irs. Geo. Upshur (nee ALary E.Riley). 1113 Madison Av. 

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reid (nee Dulany), 

Posey, Mr. and ]\Irs. Adrian, "The ^Maples." La Plata, Md. 

Posey, Miss Mary Regina, "The Maples," La Plata, Md. 

Posey, Miss Adrian Inez, "The IMaples," La Plata, \ld. 

Posey, Mr. and ]\Irs. F. Stone (nee Lancaster). La Plata, Md. 

Posey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., 100 St. John's Road. Roland Park. 

Post, Aliss Mary M., Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Post, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. (nee Stump), 10 E. Biddle St. 

Post, Miss Martha G., 10 E. Biddle St. 

Post, Mr. A. H. S., 10 E. Biddle St. 

Potestad. Air. and Airs. Robert E.Lee de (nee George). 

Stoneleigh. p:]licott City, Md. 

Potter, Mrs. William S., 2326 N. Charles St. 

Potter, Miss Marian Legare, 2326 N. Charles St. 

20G P 

Potter, Mr. and Mrs. George L., Cor. Merriman's Lane and Charles-St. Av. 

Pouillain. Mr. T. Noel, 1040 Belvidere Ten 

Poultney, Mr. and Mrs. William D. (nee Ellinor D.Wilson), 505 Park Av. 

Poiiltney, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. (nee Blackford), 

Siidbrook, Balto. Co., IMd. 
Poultney, ]\Iiss Rebecca Gordon, Sudbrook, Balto. Co., Md. 

Poultney, Mr. and Mrs. J. Livingston (nee Elizabeth F. Stovell), 

Havcrford, Pa. 
Poultne}', Mr. E. Curzon, Haverford, Pa. 

Poultney, Mr. Eugene, The Cecil, Eutavv St. 

Poultney, Mr. Walter de C, 3:^^ St. Paul St. 

Poultney, IMr. C. Carroll, Baltimore Club. 

Poultney, i\Ir. Evan, Baltimore Clul). 

Poultne}-, i\Ir. Thomas. Baltimore Club. 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henry, Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

Powell, Mrs. Alfred H., St. Paul Apts. 

Powell, Miss Cora B., St. Paul Apts. 

Powell, Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Chilton, D.D., 

Stony Run Lane, University Parkway. 
Powell, ]\Ir. Chilton Latham, Stony Run Lane, University Parkway. 

Powell, J\lr. Paul Rulison, Stony Run Lane, University Parkway. 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. George Llardy (nee Mary Bonsack), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Harford Willing Hare, Jr. (nee Lydia Valentine 

Bond), 142 East 40th St., New York, N. Y. 

Powell, Miss Sarah Harrison, 918 St. Paul St. 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sothoron, Ellicott City, Md. 

Powell, Mr. Edward Burr, Ellicott City, Md. 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Whiting, 

"Rosewood," Lake Av. and Hird St., Cleveland, O. 

Powell, Mrs. William M., Canterbury Hall, University Parkway. 

Powell, Miss Dorothy E., Canterbury Hall, University Parkway. 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Iredell (nee Dai.'^y Kate Supplee), 

Miami, Florida. 

Power, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. John W. (nee Tormey), 128 W.Lafayette Av. 

Powers, Rev. W. H. H., Towson, Md. 

Powers, Dr. Lelia H., Towson, Md. 

Powers, Miss Marguerite, Towson, Md. 

Powers, Mr. Douglas H.. Towson, Md. 

Presstman, Mrs. Benj. Cattell, 1218 Mt. Royal Av. 

Presstman, Miss ]\Iarie White, 1218 Mt. Rnval Av. 

I2i8 Mt. Roval Av. 
1218 Mt. Roval Av. 
1218 :Mt. Roval Av. 
1218 :\It. Roval Av. 

Presstman, Miss Emily Renshaw, 
Presstman, Miss Eleanor Robins. 
Presstman, ]\Iiss Louise, 
Presstman, ]\liss Frances Anita Renshaw, 

Presstman, ]\Iiss Virginia, , 

803 University Parkway, Baltimore 
803 University Parkway, Baltimore 

Preston, Mr. and ^Irs. Alexander (nee Hannah Gaither Norris), 

50 W. Biddle St 

Preston, Miss, 

Preston, 'Sirs. J. Alexander, 
Preston, Miss Achsah Carroll, 

Preston, i\Irs. John F. (nee Thomas), 
Preston, ]\Iiss Ellen Francis, 
Preston, j\Ir. D. Logan, 

116 E. Preston St. 
116 E. Preston St. 
116 E. Preston St. 

Preston, Com. and ]\Irs. Charles F., U. S. X., Newport. R. L 

Preston, Capt. and ^Nlrs. John F. (U. S. A.), Galveston, Texas. 

Preston, Ma3'or and j\Irs. James Harry, 820 N.Charles St. 

Preston, Miss Alice Wilks, 820 N. Charles St. 

("The Colonies," Pikesville, Md.) 

Preston, Mr. E. Curtis, Fallston, ]Md. 

Preston, Airs. George J., 819 N. Charles St. 

Preston, j\Ir. George H., 819 N. Charles St. 

Preston, ]\liss iSIargaret J., S19 N. Charles St. 

(Belle Grove, Catonsvilie, Md.) 
Price, ]\Irs. Benjamin, 4 W. 50th St., New York. 

Price, Mr. and ■Mrs. H. Brooks (nee Sarah G. Almy), 

55 E. S6th St., New York. 

Price, Miss M. L., 1021 Cathedral St. 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., ]\Iontreal, Canada. 

Price, Mr. T. Buchanan, Brooklandville. Md. 

Price, Miss Hattie A. B., The :\It. Royal. 

Price, Miss Sydney, 1202 Eutaw PI 

(Buena Vista Springs, Pa.) 
Price, Mrs. Marshall Langton (nee Henrietta George). 

"Aigburth Park," Towson, Md. 

Price, ]\Irs. Richard VV., 1229 N. Calvert St. 
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Orne (nee Harrison), 

509 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Price, Mrs. Pauline Hemsley, 2013 N. Calvert St. 

Price, Mrs. Juliet Hammond, Hotel Sherwood. 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. T. Emory, Hotel Sherwood. 

Price, Mr. and ]\Irs. Herbert Lee (nee Amoret Cameron), 

1730 N. Calvert St. 
Price, Air. Richard Cameron, 1730 N. Calvert St. 

Primrose. Mrs. William Davis, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, jMiss Ethel, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Miss Virginia, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Miss Josephine, 1123 N.Charles St. 

Primrose, Mr. and JNIrs. Frank, ''Sulphur Spring Farms," Catonsville, Md. 

Prichard, Rev. and ]\Irs. H. Adye (nee Lucette J\I. Hutton), 

St. :\Iark's Rectory, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Pritchard, Rear-Admiral ar.d Mrs.. Rochambeau Apt<. 

Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fenno ( nee Ilka Slingluff). 

151 W. Lanvale St. 

Protzman, ]^Ir. and ]^Irs. Wm. Clarke, 107 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
Protzman, j\Iiss Rebekah Lansdovvne, 107 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Provoost, Mr. and ^Mrs. John M. (nee Lillie Willett), 

252 Linwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Provoost, Miss Charlotte M., 252 Linwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Provoost, ]\Ir. John C, 252 Linwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Provoost, Mr. William R., 252 Linwood Av., Buft'alo, N. Y. 

Pue, Mrs. ]^Iichacl E.. California (for the Winter). 

Pue, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Morgan, Carroll Co., ]\Id. 

Pue, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H., Morgan, Carroll Co., Md. 

Pue, ]\Ir. and Airs. Richard P.. (nee \^irginia Opie Hall), 1501 Bolton St. 

Purcell, Airs. James Bryan, Abroad. 

Purcell, Mr. T. Noel de Loughmoe. Abroad. 

Purcell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 3100 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Purcell, The Misses Eleanor and ALary, 3100 Clifton Av., Walbrook. 

Purnell, Mrs. L. B., 713 Park Av. 

Purnell, Air. J. Hurst, 713 Park Av. 

("Woodland," S. Walbrook.) 

Purnell, Air. and Airs. Lyttleton B. (nee Mary D.Ingram), 

201 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Purnell, Air. and Airs. Francis Henry (nee Goldsborough), The St. Paul. 


Quale, Airs. Grant W. (nee Hannah Gaither Smith), 18 E. Preston St. 

Quimby, Dr. and Airs. W. C, 7 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

J. M. Adams 

Fine Floors of Hard ^A/^ood 

330 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

Lucas Bros. 



Fountain Pens 

Shops, 2XH-:£20 V.lay Stfc^t 


Is reduced to its simplest form by making selections 
from our stock. The Elegance, distinctiveness and dura= 
bility of our furniture cannot be surpassed. Quality con= 
sidered, our prices are the lowest quoted by any house 
at any time. 



^ Furniture, Wall Papers, Draperies, Interior Woodwork. ^ 



Rabillon, Miss Marguerite, 407 Park Av. 

Rabillon, Mr. Leonce, 407 Park Av. 

Raborg, Mrs. Virginia C, 2201 N. Charles St. 

Raborg, Miss Hettie Sinclair, 2201 N. Charles St. 

Raborg, Miss Florence Seton, 2201 N. Charles St. 

Raborg, j\lr. Edward L., Hotel Rennert. 

Radcliffe, Mr. and Mrs. George L. (nee Mary McKim Marriott), 

1014 N. Calvert St. 

Radcliffe, Mr. Thomas Broome, 109 Ridgewood Av., Roland Park. 

Raddatz, Prof. Charles F., 

Ramsay, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Henry Ashton, The St. Paul Apts. 

Ramsa}', Mr. and Mrs. John Breckinridge (nee Cullen), 1218 St. Paul St. 

Ramsay, Miss Annie R., 701 N. Calvert St. 

Randall, Mr. and ]\Irs. Blanchard (nee Susan Brune), 16 W.Chase St. 

Randal], Miss Emily Brune, 16 W. Chase St. 

Randall, j\lr. Frederick Brune, 16 W. Chase St. 

Randall, Miss Katharine Brune, 16 W. Chase St. 

Randall, Miss Elizabeth Blanchard, 16 W. Chase St. 

Randall, Miss Evelyn Barton, 16 W. Chase St. 

Randall, Mr. Blanchard, Jr., 16 W. Chase St. 
**ClouQ Capped," Catonsville, Md. 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R., 1127 St. Paul St. for the Winter, 

Randall, Miss Rosamond, 1127 St. Paul St. for the Winter. 

Randall, Mr. Richard H., 1127 St. Paul St. for the Winter. 

Randall, Mr, and Mrs. Alex. Burton, 1205 Linden Av. 

Randal], Mr. Burton H. R., 1205 Linden Av. 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt W. (nee Colston), 1016 St. Paul St. 

Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Beale (nee Virginia Marshall Wilson), 

213 W. Lanvale St. 
("Wyndom," Catonsville.) 

Randal], Mr. and Mrs. Irving (nee Elizabeth Lee Dickey), 

207 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, III. 

Randall, Mr. William, 

Randall, Miss Mary E., 

Randall, Miss Emily, 

Randall, Miss Fannie, 

Randol, Mr, and Mrs, William Merwin (nee Mary Diggs Lee), 

Broadmore, Colorado Springs, Col. 

Randolph, Dr. Robt. Lee, 609 Park Av. 

Randolph, Miss Anne Stuart, 609 Park Av. 

Randolph, Miss Phoebe Elliott, 609 Park Av. 

Randolph, Mr. Alfred M., 3d, 


212 R 

Randolph, ^Ir. and Mrs. George F. (nee Dearborn),. 1017 N.Charles Sr. 
Randolph, Miss Katherine F.. T017 N. Charles St. 

Randolph, Mrs. Innes, Homewood Apts. 

Randolph, Miss Maud, Homewood Apts. 

(Cockeysville, ^Id.) 

Randolph, ^Ir. and Mrs. Harold (nee Gary), 

222 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Randolph. ^Ir. and Mrs. Robert Sayre Fitz (nee Vera Camcron_ Price), 

62 Madison Av., ^^lorristown, N. J, 

Ransom, Mrs. Joel Rathbone (nee Maud L. Barroll), 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Miss Virginia Sanford, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Miss Nina Barroll, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Miss Maud Livingston, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Miss Sarah Street, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom. Miss Irene Barroll, 16 E. Biddle St. 

Ransom, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Archibald (nee Ann B. Passano). 

100 N. ]\lunn St., E. Orange, N. J. 

Ranson, Miss Virginia, 11 E.Chase St. 

Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. H., 3 E. Preston St. 

("Hilton," Catonsville. :\Id.) 

Ranson, Air. and :Mrs. A. R. H., Jr., Sharon, :\Id. 

Ranson, Mr. and "Sirs. Robert, Sharon, Harford Co., Md. 

Ranstead, Miss Kate A., 1703 Bolton St. 

Rasin, Dr. and Mrs. Robt. C, 

Rasin, Mrs. John Freeman (nee Alys jMontague), Earl Court. 

Rasin, Air. and Airs. Carroll W. (nee Katharine Daingerfield), 

Washington Apartments. 

Ravenel, Aliss Julia J.. Montreal Apts. 

Ravenel Mr. and Airs. Rol)ert T., Charleston. S. C. 

Ray, Pay Director and Mrs. Charles AL, Washington, D. C. 

Rawlins, Air. and Airs. Louis AL (nee White), 2202 N.Charles St. 

Rawls, Air. and Airs. William Lee (nee Anna Abell Stump), 

48 W. Biddle St. 

Raymond, Air. and Airs. C. A. (nee Bertha L. Thomsen), 

302 Bewley Road. Lauerch, Pa. 

Rayner, Mr. and Airs. Albert W., 1S14 Eutaw PI. 

Rayner, Miss, 1S14 Eutaw PI. 

Rayner, Airs. Isidore, 1320 i8th St., Washington, D. C. 

Ravner, Air. and Airs. William B. (nee Coulter), 

1312 Connecticut Av., Washington, D. C. 

R 213 

Read. ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Beni. Hiiger, Sudhrook Park, Md. 

Read. Miss Mary Middleton. Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Read, Miss Mary B., T310 Eutaw PI. 

Read, I\Ir. and Mrs. Isaac Wood (nee Mary Cummino- Houstoun). 

1015 ]\Iilledge Road. Augusta, Ga. 

Reardon, Mrs. George Evett, 712 St. Paul St. 

Reardon, The Misses, 712 St. Paul St. 

Ream, Mrs. Eleanor Pendleton, 210 W. 59th St., New York City. 

(Long Beach, L. I.) 

Rede. Rev. and ]Mrs. Wyllys (nee Carolyne Potter). 210 W. ]Madison St. 

Reddington, Mr. and ]\Irs. George O. (nee Allison Janney Miller"). 

Iroquois Hotel, 44th St., New York City. 

Redgrave, Commander and ^Irs. Delbitt Clinton (U. S. N.), 

1505 Bolton St. 

Redwood, Mrs. Francis Tazewell (nee i\Iary Coale), qtS Madison Av. 

Redwood, Mr. George Buchanan, 918 Madison Av. 

Redwood, Mr. and ]\Irs. William Morris (nee Nina W. Boykin), 

52 Cumberland Circle. Asheville. N. C 
Redwood. Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Mead), Ruxton P. O., Balto. Co., Md. 
Reed. ]\Irs. \\'illiam (nee Emily ]\IcKim), 512 Park Av. 

Reed. Mr. and Mrs. John L.. 21 13 N.Charles St. 

Reed. Mr. and Mrs. L. Sextus (nee Elizabeth Dulany Ridgely), 

New York City. 

Reed. Mr. and jNIrs. Joseph P. (nee :\Iaude T. Howell) 

Reed. The Misses, 

Reed, Mr. and ]Mrs. Hugh Bertram (nee Reba Thelin ). 

54 High St., Orange, N. J. 

Reeder. ^Irs. Oliver (nee Josephine Lanahan), 12 E.Chase St. 

Reeder, Miss Frances Olive, 12 E. Chase St. 

Reeder, Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard (nee Kensett), Earl Court. 

Reeder. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L., 1625 Edmondson Av. 

Reeder. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Charles Leonard (nee ]\Iary E. Bridges). 

39 W. Preston St. 
Reese. Mr. ard [Mrs. Percy [Meredith. 

The Helene, N. W. cor. Calvert and 24th Sts. 
Reese. Mr. and Mrs. Percy [Meredith, Jr. (nee Boyd), 2329 N.Calvert St. 

Reese. [Mr. and Mrs. Guy Harrison (nee Juliet C.Wilson). 

2335 N. Calvert St. 

Reese. Mrs. Jame^ Stone, 1931 Park Av. 

Reese. [Mr. Edwari B., 1931 Park Av. 

Reese, Miss Frances Gilpin, 1910 Park Av. 

Reese, Miss Catherine Stabler, 1910 Park Av. 

Reese, Mrs. Edith Ford, 

"Carlford Manor," Park Fleights and Ford's Lane. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Harr}^ S., 1812 Linden Av. 

Reese, Mr. Howard H., 1812 Linden Av. 

Reese, Miss Lina F'oote, 24 E. ]\Iadison St. 

(The Anchorage, Westminster, Md.) 

Reese, ]\Iiss Josephine 'M., The Anchorage, Westminster, ^Id. 

Reese, Mrs. Helen Whelan, 1300 N.Calvert St. 

Reeves, Mr. Charles H., 104 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Reeves, Mr. Charles B., 104 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. C. Henry, Jr. (nee Mary Buzby Sloan), Ruxton, Md. 

Reeves, Prof, and ]\Irs. Jesse Siddall (nee Griswold), Ann Arbor, ]\Iich. 

Regester, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frank (nee Thomas), 2715 St. Paul St. 

Regester, Mrs. E. Gillingham, 403 W. Stafford St., Germantown, Pa. 

Regester,Miss Elisabeth G., 403 W. Stafford St., Germantown, Pa. 

Reid, Mrs. Andrew, The Severn. 

Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fielding, 608 Cathedral St. 

Reid, ]\Ir. Francis Fielding, 608 Cathedral St. 

Reid, Miss Doris Fielding, 608 Cathedral St. 

Reid, Mrs. Andrew Melville, 1210 N. Calvert St. 

Reid, Mr. Howell Lewis, 1210 N. Calvert St. 

Reid, Miss Mina Gladys, 1210 N. Calvert St. 

Reid, Mr. Andrew, 1210 N. Calvert St. 

Reid, ]\Ir. and Mrs. William George, "The Cedars," Trvington, Md. 

Reid, Miss Julia Galusha, "The Cedars," Irvington, Md. 

Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Valentine (nee Alice Atwater Carter), 

"Kirklee" Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Reid, Mis? Robina W.. Care of "Murray Hill," Woodbrook P. O., Md. 

Reifsnider, Mr. J. Smith, 

Reifsnider, Miss Bettie, 

Reifsnider, ]\lr. and j\Irs. Charles T. (nee Jane Carew), 1613 St. Paul St. 
Reifsnider, Mr. and Mrs. J. Milton, Westminster, Md. 

Reifsnider, Ensign Lawrence F., Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Reifsnider, Mr. John M., Jr., Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 
Reily, Mr. George Wolf, Jr., 1501 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Reinhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Philip (nee jMarian A.Hughes). 

4104 Maine Av., W. Forest Park. 

R 215 

Reinhardt, ]\^iss Bertha, Europe. 

Remington. Miss Caroline P., 9i8 St. Paul St 

("Traymore," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Remington, Mrs. W. W., The Cecil. 

Remington, Mr. and Mrs. Beekman, "Cloverlea," Morris Plains, N. J. 

Remington, Miss Amelia Fish, "Cloverlea," Morris Plams, N. J. 

Remington, Miss Hattie A., 403 E- 22d St. 

Remington, Mr. J. Arthur, 403 E. 22d St. 

Remington, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G., 609 E.4ist St. 

Remsen, Mr. and Mrs. Ira, 214 W. Monument St 

Remsen, Dr. Charles M., Atlanta, Ga. 

Renouf, Dr. Edward, "Hereford Farm," Monkton, Md. 

Renouf, Mr. and Mrs. Edward D., "Flereford Farm," Monkton, Md. 

Rennert, Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Albert (nee Rasin), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rennert. Mrs. Robert, "^ Hotel Rennert 

Rennert, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Hotel Rennert. 

Renshaw, Mr. and Mrs. A. Howard (nee Hopkins), Noroton, Conn. 

Renshaw, Messrs. Paul and Alfred, Noroton, Conn. 

Renshaw, Miss Elizabeth P., Z1 R"e de Berri, Paris, France. 

Renshaw, Mrs. Joseph, 7I7 Washington PI. 

Renshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henry, Jr. (nee Flenrietta Buchanan 

Albert), 1028 N. Calvert St. 

Reuling, INIrs. George, 103 W. Monument St. 

Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1305 Linden Av. 

Reynolds, Miss Nora Lightfoot. 198 Hamilton St., New Haven, Conn. 

Reynolds, Miss Minna Davis, Hotel Sherwood. 

Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graeme (nee Eleanor A. G. Brogden), 

833 Park Av. 
(Gittings P. 0.,Md.) 

Reynolds, Mrs. Geo. B., 809 N. Charles St. 

Reynolds. Miss Mary E.. 809 N. Charles St 

Reynolds, Miss Julia A. C, 809 N. Charles St. 

Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M., 1615 Irving St., Washington, D. C. 

Reynolds, Lieut. Chas. C, Port Des Moines, Iowa. 

Rhett Mrs. Albert. 119 Montague St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rhett, Mr. Albert Haskell. 119 Montague St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rhett, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lowndes (nee Francis Marvin Fairfax), 

New York City. 

21G R 

Rhoades, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. (nee Nora Ward), 

2302 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rhodes, Mr. Frank V., 1732 N. Calvert St. 

Rhodes, Mrs. James ^^lauran, Jr. (nee Ella Brock Johnson), 

loi W. Franklin St. 

Riach, Miss Alice, Hospital for the Women of Md. 

Riach, Miss Rebecca Frances, 219 W. Lafayette Ave. 

Rice, ]\Ir. and Mrs. John Clark (nee Katharine S.Atkinson), 

Dedham, Mass. 

Rice, J\Irs. John Foster (nee Lucy Letton), 920 Cathedral St. 

Rice, Miss Lucy Adelaide, 920 Cathedral St. 

Rice, Miss Mary Letton, 920 Cathedral St. 

Rice, Miss Elizabeth Letton, 920 Cathedral St. 

Rich, ]\Iiss Emily R., "Richleigh," near Reistcrstonn, Balto. Co., Md. 

Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schroeder, Paradise, Catonsville, Md. 

Rich, Mr. and ]\Irs. Edward N. (nee Baldwin), 925 St. Paul St. 

Rich, Mr. John Baldwin, 925 St. Paul St. (Princeton College). 

Richards, Dr. and Mrs. Theodore (U. S. N.), 

1207 19th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Richards, Air. and ^Nlrs. B. Howard, 

Homewood Apts., Charles-St. Boulevard. 

Richardson, ]\Irs. John, 1215 N. Calvert St. 

Richardson, Mr. John Wesley, Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. George L (nee Mary Hundley), Lutherville, Md. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Levin (nee Hester C. Dorsey), 

2127 N. Charles St. 
Richardson, Mr. Dorsey, 2127 N. Charles St. 

Richardson, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H., Jr. (nee i\nne de Butts Shaw), 

104 Clisby PI., Macon, Ga. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. William jMcLemore (nee Evelyn C. Rouse), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Krewson (nee Annie L. H. Rumbold). 

Wood Hall, Callaghan P. O., Va. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., 70 Morningside Drive, New York. 

Richards, Mrs. Bartlett, Normandy Heights, Roland Av. 

Richelieu, Due and Duchesse de (nee Eleanor Douglas Wise), New York. 

Ricketts, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. (nee Renshaw), 5 Park PL, Troy, N. Y. 

Rider, Mr. William Harrison, Jr.. 

The Rochambeau, Charles and Aluiberry Sts. 

Riddell, Mrs. George L. (nee Elizabeth Tilden), 

311 Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 

Ridgely. Miss Eliza, 825 Park Av. 

Ridgely, Miss Margaretta S., Cape jMount, Liberia, Africa. 

Ridgely, ]Mr. and Mrs. John of II. (nee Stewart), "Hampton," Towson, ]\Id. 
Ridgely, Miss Helen S., "Hampton," Towson, Md, 

Ridgely, Mr. David Stewart, "Hampton," Towson, Md. 

Ridgelv, j\Ir. and ?^Irs. Jniian White (nee Marguerite Callendar Hunt ), 

RidcrwcM.d. ^Id. 

Ridgely, I\lr. and 3>Irs. John, Jr., (nee Louise Humrichouse) , 

"Hampton," Towson, Md. 

Ridgely, Mrs. Howard, The Homew-ood Apartments. 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Otho E. (nee Thomas), 1007 N.Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Miss Ellen Frances, 1007 N. Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Mr. Charles R., 1007 N. Calvert St. 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Otho E., Jr., Cathedral Apts. 

Ridgely, IMiss Elizabeth Dorsey, 16 E. Lafjiyelte Aw 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Warfield, 

"Mooreland," Liberty Road, Baltimore. 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Ruxton Moore (nee Gaither), 510 Cathedral St 

Ridgely, Mrs. Nicholas G., "Woodside," Benson P. O., Md 

Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. Martin E., "Woodside," Benson P. O., Md 

Ridgely, Mrs. T. Graham, 1208 ^Madison A\ 

Ridgely, Mrs. Joseph Graham, 1208 Madison Av 

Ridgely, Miss Margaret Graham, 120S Madison A\ 

Ridgely, Mr. James Hodges, 1208 Madison A\ 

Ridgely, Mr. Joseph Graham, Jr., 1208 Madison A\ 

Ridgely, Mrs. Charles, 1208 Madison An 

Ridley, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Morris, Jr. (nee Mabel Douglas Hood), 

La Grange, Ga. 
Riely, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edgerton (nee Mary Patterson), 

Eleven East Chase St 

Rieman, Mr. C. Alexander, 46 W. 73d St., New York 

Rieman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellet (nee Goodwdn). 

221 W. Monument St. (Winter) 
("Dumbarton Farm Gates," Rodger's Forge P. O., Md.) 

Rieman. Mr. and Mrs. Howard, "Ridge Rest," Towson, Md 

Rieman, Mr. Gilbert, "Ridge Rest," Tow^son, Md 

Riggs, Mrs. Lawrason, 814 Cathedral St, 

Riggs, Mr. Alfred R., 814 Cathedral St 

21.S R 

Riggs, Mr. W. P., 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs, Mr. Lawrason, 814 Cathedral St. 

Rigis, Mr. F. G.. 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs, Mr. H. G.. 814 Cathedral St. 

Riggs, Genl. and ]\Irs. Clinton Levering (nee Cromwell), ^22 Park Av. 

Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. (nee Symirigton), 

"Montrose," Catonsvillc, ]\Id. 

Riggs, Airs. T. Dudley (nee Lanman), 

Lehr and Roland Aves., Roland Park. 

Riggs, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Robert Lee (nee Louise A.Tate), 

2040 N. 63d St., Overbrook, Pa. 

Rinehart. Mrs. E. Thomas, 1739 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Miss Ella Warden, 1739 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Mr. 'J. Warden. 1739 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Miss Alice McBlair, 1739 Park Av. 

Rinehart, Mr. Evan W., 1739 Park Av. 

Ritchie, I\Irs. Albert. 1224 St. Paul St. 

Ritchie, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Albert Cabell (nee Elizabeth C.Baker), 

1224 St. Paul St. 

Rittenhouse, Mr. and ]\Irs. John Edgar, 2122 N. Calvert St. 

Roach. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph (nee Caroline Ferguson), 611 Park Av. 

Roach, Miss Eileen Ferguson, 611 Park Av. 

Roach, ]\Ir. Erwin Richardson, 611 Park Av. 

("Eyrie," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Robb. Aliss Mary C, Hotel Sherwood. 

Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ames, 501 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Robbins. Mr. and I\Irs. Ernest Ames, Jr., 222 Oakdale Road. Roland Park. 

Robbins, ]\Iis& Elizabeth C. All Saints' Rectory, Frederick, Md. 

Robert, \h: Henry ]\L, 1505 Bolton St. 

Roberts, Mr. Daniel S., ' 725 Park Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Roberts, Air. and Mrs. Robert F., 4319 Charles St., Guilford, Baltimore. 

Roberts, Miss Ellen T., 2000 Alt. Royal Ter. 

Roberts, Miss Caroline, 2000 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 11 16 St. Paul St. 

Roberts, Maj. and Mrs. William M. (U.S.A.) (nee Ella Pendergast). 

Care of 1 116 St. Paul St. 
(Fort Yellowstone, Wyoming.) 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 703 St. Paul St. 

Roberts, Mr. J. Sloan, Yale College. 

Roberts, Air. Chas. S., Princeton College. 

Roberts, Airs. Thomas H., 12 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 


Roberts, Mrs. Rosamund, 

Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. H. (nee Fisher), 1012 Cathedral St. 

Robertson, ]\Ir. Alex. H., 1012 Cathedral St. 

Robertson, Miss Katharine R, 1012 Cathedral St. 

Robertson, Mr. and i\Irs. W. Hanson (nee Bessie Hughes), 

Chestnut Hill, Mt. Washington. 

Robertson. :\Ir. and IMrs. William Allmand (nee Ellen M.Foard), 

38 Evergreen PL, East Orange, N. J. 

Robeson, j\Ir. and Mrs. Andrew, Jr. (nee Laura Patterson Swan), 

Boston, IMass. 

Robins, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Harrison, 1714 Madison Av. 

Robins, Miss Mabel H., 

Robins, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, Jr. (nee Ethel L. Rhoades), 

746 Reservoir St. 

Robins, Capt. and jMrs. Thomas Matthews (nee Eleanor Foote Reif- 
Corps, of Engineers, U. S. A., Washington Barracks, Washington, D. C. 

Robinson, Mrs. Edward A. (nee Canby), The Latrobe Apts. 

Robinson, Mr. E. Ayrault, Jr., The Latrobe Apts. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Champlin (nee Bettie Campbell Clark), 

II E. Chase St. 
(Lutherville P. O., Md.) 
Robinson, Dr. and JMrs. G. Canby (nee Marion Boise), 

4914 Forest Park Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 

Robinson, ]Mr. and >\!rs. Francis W. (nee Samuel), Villa Nova, Pa. 

Robinson, Miss Lota, 14 E. 60th St., New York, for the Winter. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. ^Moucure (nee Sallie Abell), Paris, France. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph (nee Metcalf), New York City. 

Robinson, Mrs. Lucy H., 109 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Robinson. Mr. R. Cator, 109 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Robinson, Mr. Andrew Pitt. 109 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Jackson, Springfield Av., Forest Park, Balto. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Conway (nee Jane Stockton Dorsey), 

Care of Richmond Co. Country Club, Dongan Hills, N. Y. 

Robinson, Mr. and }ilrs. Hanson (nee Leftwich), Aberdeen St., Wayne, Pa. 

Robinson, Miss Louisa H., The Arundel Apartments. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (nee Nellie Gowen), loio N.Charles Si. 

Robinson, Miss Mariana Emory, lOio N. Charles St. 

Robinson, Miss Emeline F., lOio N. Charles St. 

Robinson, Miss Amy R., lOio N. Charles St. 

Robinson, Mrs. John Al., 

2217 De Lanccy PI., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. George D. F. (nee Elizabeth Bash Sloan), 

417 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Robinson, P*rof. and Mrs. David Moore (nee Haskell), 

106 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Robinson, Aliss Mary M., 219 W. Lafayette Av. 

Robinson, Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Haswell (nee Mary A. Levering), 

116 Main St., Easthamptun, Mass. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. A. K., 
Robinson, ]\iiss Rosalie G., 
Robinson, ]Miss K. B., 

Robson, Mr. and Airs. Arthur W., 
Robson, Miss Juliet M., 

Roche, Mrs. Henry C., 
Roche, The Misses, 

Roche. Mrs. Fienr\- J. ( ncc Josephine Shi 

The Shirlc}^, 205 W. Madison St. 

The Shirley, 205 W. Madison St. 

The Albion. 

The Marlborough, Eutaw PI. 
The Marlborough, Eutaw PI. 

1407 Madison Av. 
1407 Madison Av. 
The Castle, Enniscorthv, Ireland. 

Roder, Mrs. John William, St. Paul Apts. 

Roder. Miss Ellen Shoemaker, ■ St. Paul Apts. 

Roder, Miss Alarie Callisto, St. Paul Apts. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Raleigh (nee Morison), 

Rogers, Mrs. Henry W., "Essex Farm," Riderwood, Md. 

Rogers, jNliss Julia R., Greenway and St. Paul St. 

Rogers, Miss Maria B., "Lystra Springs," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Rogers, Col. Chas. B., "Lystra Springs," Green Spring Valley, Md. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Dorsey (nee May Martin), 

"Dorsey Hall," Ellicott City, Md. 
Rogers, The Messrs., "Dorsey Hall," Ellicott City, Md. 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. James Lyon (nee Alice Levering), 

"Glen Ogle," McDonogh, Aid. 
Rogers, Mr. and Airs. Charles Lyon, Jr., "Cossius," McDonogh, Md. 

Rogers, Mr. Charles Lyon 3d, "Cossius," McDonogh, Md. 

Rogers, Air. and Airs. Kennedv Grogan (nee Ida L. Gibbons), 

"Forest View." AIcDunogh, AI<1. 
Rogers, Air. and Airs. John G.. Ellicott City, Md. 

Rogers, Aliss Rose Victoria, 

Rogers, Mr. and Airs. iMxdcrick \V. ( ne-e Wilkins), 

Rogers, Air. Joseph, 

Rohe, Airs. George H., 

Rolando, The Alisses. 

Rollins, Airs. Daniel (nee Wyman), "Homewood Villa, 

St. Paul Apt^. 


1309 Park Av. 

Charles-St. Av. 

Rollins, Mr. Thornton, 746 W. Fayette St. 

Roman, Mrs. Eloise (nee Lowndes), 1826 Wyoming Av., Washington. D. C. 

(Cumberland, jNId.) 
Roman, Mr. and ?vlrs. J. Philip (nee i\Jary Clark), Cumberland, Md. 

Roode. Lieut, and ]\[rs. Louis Remsen de (nee Katharine Ellen Posey), 

Portsmouth, Va. 
Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Contee (nee Nina P. Didier). 

1721 N. Calvert St. 

Rosset, Mr. and ]\Irs. Thomas Childs de (nee Ida Evans Randolph), 

12 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 
Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Williams (nee Anna Mae Ehlen). 

549 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Roszel, Mr. S. George, Shenandoah Valley Acad., Winchester, Va. 

Roszel, Dr. and Airs. Brantz ]Mayer, 

Shenandoah Valley Acad., Winchester, Va. 

Roszell, Mr. and Mrs. R. Julien (nee Janet Southgate Lemmon), 

Ruxton, Md. 
Roszel, Aliss Sarah De B., Ruxton, Md. 

Roszel, Mrs. George B., Winchester, Va. 

Roszel, Mr. George B., Winchester, Va. 

Roulston, Mr. Robert Bruce, Ashbiirton Apts. 

Rouse, ]\Ir. and Mrs. William Chapman, 11 18 St. Paul St. 

Rouse, Miss Roberta Hempstone, 11 18 St. Paul St. 

P-ouse, Air. and Airs. John Gould (nee Brownie Elizabeth Baum). 

II Somerset Road, University Parkway. 

Rous, Airs. Charles, 817 Park Av. 

Rous, Aliss Alarion C, 817 Park Av. 

Rous, Aliss Helen Woods, 817 Park Av. 

Rous, Dr. and Airs. Francis Peyton (nee Alarian E. De Kay), New York. 

Rowe, Lieut, and Airs. John T. (nee Daisy H. Chapman), 

Fortress Alonroc, Va. 

Rowland, Airs. Henry A., 915 Cathedral St. 

Rowland, Aliss Harriette PL, 915 Cathedral St. 

Rowland, Air. Henry A., 915 Cathedral St. 

Rowland, Air. and Airs. Samuel C, 15 W. Aladison St. 

Rowland, Air. J. Harvey, 15 W. Aladison St. 

Rowland, Mr. C. Ransom, 15 W. Aladison St. 

Rowland, Dr. and Airs. Jas. AI. H., 1204 Aladison Av. 

Roy, Air. J. Frederick, Walbrook P. O., Aid. 

Ruhrah, Dr. John, ii E.Chase St. 

Ruff, Air. William Henderson, 

222 R 

Rumlwld, ^Irs. Henry E. W., Wood Hall, Callacrhan P. O., Va. 

Rumbold, Miss Ethel L. H.. Wood Hall, Callacrhan P. O., Va. 

Rumbold, T^Ir. Edmund L. H., Wood Hall, Callaghan P. O., Va. 

Rumbold, JNIr. and ]\Irs. C. H. Hollins (nee Emma Wilson). 

"Escatawba," Covington, Va. 

Rumsey, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Leslie, 812 Park Av. 

Rush, Miss Catherine Elizabeth, 

'"Solitude," Marhipongo P. O., Northampton Co.,Va. 
Rushmorc, Dr. and ]Mrs. Stephen (nee Alice Dammann), 

200 The Riverway, Boston, ^lass. 

Russell, Dr. Wm. Wood, 1208 Eutaw PI. 

Russell. Miss, 16 Fusting Road, Catonsville, Md. 

Russell, ]Miss May W.. 16 Fusting Road. Catonsville, Md. 

Russell. Mr. James, Erie, Pa. 

Russill, ^[r. and ^Ir... Frank J. Beddoc (nee Elizabeth Mae Hall), 

Toronto. Canada. 

Ruth. Mr. Walter N., 3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

Ruth, Mr. Thomas De Course}-, 3 ^^lidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Rutherfoord. ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Alexander Hawksley (nee Seddon), 

209 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
Rutherfoord, ^Miss Anne Clark, 209 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 

Rutherfoord, ]\Ir. Alex. H.. Jr. 209 Ridgewood Road. Roland Park. 

(••Oak Hill," Amelia C. H.,Va.) 
Rutherford, Mr. and ?^Irs. Paul (nee Rena Stuart Slingluff), 

Rutherford, .Air. and Airs. Wm. H., 

Ryland, Air. Samuel P.. Jr., Avon Apts. 

Sadtler, ]\Iiss Florence Plilt. 1715 Linden Av. 

Sadtler, [Nlr. and ]\Irs. Howard Plitt, 1026 Cathedral St. 

("Springfield Farm," Timonium, 'Sid.) 

Sadtler, Mr. and Mrs. George Washington, 26 East 25th St. 

Sadtler, j\Irs. Benjamin, The Cecil Apts. 

Sadtler, Miss Clara Virginia, The Cecil Apts. 

Sadtler, ^Nliss Kate, The Cecil Apts. 

Sadtler, Rev. and Mrs. John G. (nee Ellen Bruce Rutherfoord), 

402 Golden Hill St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

1610 Bolton St. 

Sadtler, Mrs. Charles Herbert, 

Safford, ]\Iiss ]^Iaud E., 

Sams, Rev. J. JiiHiis, D.D., 

Sanders, Mr. and ^Irs. Thos. G., 

Sanders, The Misses Eleanor, Sophie M., Edith C. 
Sanders, Mr. Franklin, 

Sanderson, l\Irs. W. C, 

Sands, Mr. and IMrs. Frank N., 

Sanford, Mrs. Samuel King (nee Rieta Williams) 
Sanford, Mr. David C, 

Spring Valle}', N. Y, 

550 W. Lanvale St. 

706 Reservoir St. 

1322 McCuIloh St. 
1322 McCulloh St. 

3017 St. Paul St. 

Woodbrook, Balto. Co., Md. 

1008 N. Calvert St. 
1008 N. Calvert St. 

New York. 

Sanford, Mr. John Williams, 

Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. John L. (nee M.Jennings Carroll), 

2627 N. Charles St 
Sanford, Mr. X. Knight, 

Sappington, Miss Elizabeth C, 

Santos, Miss Carmen H., 
Santos, Miss Anne Harvey, 

Sargeant, Mr. and Mrs. George H. (nee Dubois), 

Sargent, 'Sir. Thomas B., 

Sattler, Mrs. Edmund, 

Sattler, Miss Emma, 
Sattler, Mr. Augustus E., 
Sattler, Mr. G. W., 

Sauerwein, ^Irs. Mary G., 

Sauerwein, ]Mr. E. Allan, Jr., 

2627 N. Charles St. 

905 St. Paul St. 

I E. Preston St. 
I E. Preston St. 

517 Cathedral St. 

1 5 15 Park Av. 

914 St. Paul St. 

2519 N. Charles St. 
2519 N. Charles St. 
2519 N. Charles St. 

Ruxton, Md. 

University Club. 

Sayler, Mr. and ]\Irs. J. Abner, Jr. (nee Helen Primrose), 1606 Eutaw PI. 

Savage, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Adams (nee Hoge), 

300 Goodwood Road, Roland Park. 

224 S 

Scarff. Mrs. J. H.. 1701 N. Charles St 

Scarlett, JNIr. and Mrs. Charles E., 104 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Schaefer, Mrs. Henry, Linden Ter., Towson, Md. 

Schaefer, Miss Eleanora, Linden Ten, Towson, Md. 

Schaefer, Miss Martha E., Linden Ter., Towson, Md. 

Schaefer, Mr. Geo. J\L Gill, Linden Ter., Towson, Md. 

Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr., Waverly Apts., Portsmouth, Va. 

Schaefer, Mrs. Charcilla P.. The Berkeley. 

Schaefer, Mrs. Edmund (nee Eugenia Martin), 

902 Court St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Schaefer, The ]\Iessrs., 902 Court St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Schaefer, j\Ir. and ]\Irs. Charles ]\Iartin (nee Mary Anita Hurtt). 

3016 N. Calvert St. 

Schaefer, Mr. and yivs. Edmund, Jr. (nee Mary A. Harvey), 

902 Court St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Schaeffer, Miss Ellen Morton, 11 1 W. Lanvale St. 

Schaeffer, Mr. and Mrs. ]Morton. 222 W. Lafayette Av. 

Scharff, Mr. and Mrs. John Paul (nee Edith Snowden), 

1635 Hinman Av., Evanston, 111. 

Schee, Mr. William Shaw, The Rochambeau. 

Schenck, ]\Ir. Edwin, 1007 St. Paul St. 

Schenck, Miss Mary Shippen, 1007 St. Paul St. 

Schenck, Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll (nee Louisa Hollingsworth 

Whyte), Address 700 Cathedral St. 

Schenck, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, Jr. (nee Grace Smucker), 

2c8 W. State St.. Trenton. N. J. 

Schenck, Mrs. Elliott P., 144 E. 56th St., New York. 

Schermcrhorn, Mrs. Charles Seymour, The Rochambeau. 

Schermerhorn, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan R., Fusting Av.. Catonsville, Md. 

Schley, Mrs. William C. 23 E. North Av. 

Schlotheim, Baron and Baroness liarimrinn Ernst von (nee [Mabel 

R. Paine), Dresdencr Bank, Berlin, Germany. 

Scholl, Rev. and Mrs. George, D.D., 1005 W. Lanvale St. 

SchoU, Dr. Geo. Parr, 1005 W. Lanvale St. 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. James, 21 12 St. Paul St. 

Scott. Miss Nora Elizabeth, 2112 St. Paul St. 

Scott, Miss Margaret Josephine, 2112 St. Paul St. 

Scott, Miss Edith Stockton, The Brexton, 868 Park Av. 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. T. Parkin (nee Nma Cross), 

Rolling Road, Relay, Md. 

Scott, Air. and Airs. Townsend, "Woodcliffe." Alt. Washington, Aid. 

Scott, Aliss Helen Townsend, "Woodcliffe," Alt. Washington, Aid. 

Scott, Aliss Gwendolyn Garrettson, "Woodcliffe," Alt. Washington, Aid. 

Scott, Air. Townsend. 4th, "Woodcliffe." Alt. Washington, Aid. 

Scott, Air. John White, The Walbert. 

Scott, Aliss Xina Alassey. The Walbert. 

Scott, Air. and Airs. G. Winton. fhe Walbert. 

Scott, Air. W. Alassey, Norfolk, Va. 

Scott, Dr. and Airs. Samnel I., Sandv Spring, Aid. 

Scott, Aliss Esther W., Sandy Spring. Aid. 

Scott, Air. Rossiter Stockton, Raltinioro Clul). 

(Green Spring ^'alley Hunt Clr.b. ) 

Scovell, Air. Robert J., 214 W. Lanvale St. 

Scovell, Aliss Zayda AI.. 241 W. Biddle St. 

Seager, Aliss. 1226 AlcCulloh St. 

Seager, Air. Edward. 1226 AlcCulloh St. 

Sears, Air. and Airs. Frederick Edmund (nee Alary Ellen Balch), 

St. Paul's School, Concord. N. H. 

Seddon, Air. and Airs. \\"illiani C. (nee A. C. F. Judge ), 

119 Hawthorne Road. Roland Park. 

Seddon. Air. and Airs. Arthur AI., New York. 

Seddon, Aliss. New York. 

Seddon. Air. S. Venable, New York. 

Sedwick, Aliss Alargaret, 1.3TI John St. 

Sedwick, Aliss Elizabeth, 131 1 John St. 

Seeger, Air. and Airs. Paul A., "Annandale," Roslyn P. O., Aid. 

Segrave, Air. and Airs. Charles, Belle Isle, Portland Co., Tipperary, Ireland. 
Segrave. Air. Henry on de Hane. 

Belle Isle. Portland Co., Tipperary, Ireland. 

Seeman. Air. and Airs. Arringdale D., 103 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Seevers, Aliss, Albion Hotel. 

(South Road, Alt. Washington. ) 

Selden, Airs. Susan P. (nee Baltzell), 131 W. Lanvale St. 

Selden, Airs. Annie J.. 4346 Alaryland Av.. St. Louis, Alo. 

Selden. Air. William Allen. 4346 Alaryland Av., St. Louis, Alo. 

Selden, Air. Robert D . Roanoke, Va. 

Selden, Air. Arthur Taylor, Baltimore Club. 

Sellman, Dr. W. A. B.. 5 E. Biddle St. 

Sellman, Airs. \X. A. B.. 1307 St. Paul St. 

Sellman, Dr. and Airs. R. O., 


Sellman, The Misses, 

Sellman, Mrs. Lee Wilson, 
Sellman, Mr. Lee Wilson, Jr., 
Sellman, Mr. Pere Hanson, 

Sellman, Mrs. S. Belle, 

Sellman, j\lrs. Richard B., 

Sellman, Miss Margaret T., 

Semmes, Miss Julia Egerton, 

Semmes, Mr. and Mrs. John E. (nee Hayward) 

Semmes, Miss Frances C, 

Semmes, ]\Ir. and i\Irs. John E., J 

1429 John St. 

142 1 Park Av. 

14:21 Park Av. 

1421 Park Av. 

2901 N. Charles St. 

1008 Cathedral St. 
1008 Cathedral St. 

10 E. Eager St. 
10 E. Eager St. 

(nee Alice Canby Robinson), 

105 Charlcote Road, Guilford, ~Md 

"Windsor," Walbrook, jNId 
"Windsor," Walbrook, Md 

Walbrook, .Md. 

1914 Eutaw PL 

1307 Park Av. 
1307 Park Av. 
1307 Park Av. 

204 E. Preston St. 
204 E. Preston St. 
204 E. Preston St. 

920 Gorsuch Av. 

1714 N. Charles St, 
1714 N. Charles St. 
1714 N. Charles St. 

Seth, Mrs. T. Alexander, 
Seth, Miss Frances B., 
Seth, Mr. Alexander L., 

Sexton, Mr. and Mrs. S. B., 

Shackelford, Mr. and Mrs. W. T., 
Shackelford, Mr. W.T., Jr., 
Shackelford, Miss J. O., 

Shackleford, Miss Lsabel, 
Shackleford, Miss Florence R., 
Shackleford, Miss Lyna, 

Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald S., 

Shanklin, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P., 
Shanklin, Mr. Arthur P., Jr., 
Shanklin, Mr. Richard G., 

Sharp, Mr. Alfred F., 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Parkman (nee Jane Mason Stockton), 

31 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. John Knox, Eccleston P. O., Md 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Checkley (nee Stewart), 

168 High St., Macon, Ga 
Shaw, Miss Nona S., 168 High St., Macon, Ga 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart, 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Checkley, Jr., Macon, Ga 

Shaw, Mr. and j\Irs. James Eustace (nee Margaret L. IL Duer), 

2504 Maryland Av 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Forbes, 1809 N. Calvert St 

Shearer, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, 905 N. Charles St 

Shearer, Miss Mary B., 905 N. Charles St 

Shearer, Dr. Thomas L., 905 N. Charles ^t 

ShepherdjAJ^r. and ]\Irs. Byrn (nee Aviary E. Briscoe), 1424 Park Av. 

Sherburne, 3klr. and j\Irs. John Henry (nee Aviary Patterson Harris), 

92 High St., Brcokline, Mass. 
Sheridan, Mrs. John, "Bruce House." Mt. Savage, Md. 

Sheridan, Miss Annie, "Bruce House," Mt. Savage, Md. 

Sherman, Rev. and j\Irs. Arthur Mason (nee Martha Keyser Levering), 

61 Montclair Av., Montclair, N. J, 

Sherwood, ^[r. and ]\Irs. Sydney (nee Agnes T. Smith), 2131 N. Calvert St. 
Sherwood, Miss Georgia D., 2131 N. Calvert St. 

Sherwood, Miss ^Margaret Lewis M., 2131 N. Calvert St. 

Shertzer, ■Mrs. A. Trego. X. W. Cor. 22nd and Locust Sts., Phila.. Pa. 

Shertzer, Mr. and ^Irs. Tyrrell Bradbury, 

Cor. Hamilton PI. and 142nd St., New York. 

Shields, ]\Irs. Raleigh C. de (nee Fanny Hulme), 2201 St. Paul St. 

Shiff, Miss M. C. Eugenie, 39th St., near L'niversity Parkway. 

Shiff, Miss P^lorence A., 39th St., near University Parkway. 

Shipley, ]\Irs. William H., Garrison, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Shipley, IMrs. C. Howard, Rider P. O., Sherwood, Baltimore Co.. Md. 

Shiple}^ Miss Ruth E., Rider P. O., Sherwood, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Shipley, Mr. Howard B., Rider P. O., Sherwood, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Shipley, Air. and Airs. J. Lester, Jr. (nee Byrd), 1205 John St. 

Shipley, Mr. and Mrs. George (nee Dorothy Willson), Hampton Court. 

Shippen, Airs. Edward (nee Nicholson), 

The Cordova Apts., Cor. 20th St. and Florida Av. N. W., Wash., D. C. 
Shippen, Dr. and Airs. Lloyd Parker (nee Florence Hawley Brush), 

The Cordova x\pts.. Cor. 20th St. and Florida Av. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

Shirley, Air. and Airs. Joseph Whitney, P. O. Station E., Baltimore. 

Shoemaker, Air. and Airs. Samuel AL, Jr., "Burnside," Eccleston P. O., Aid. 

Shoemaker, Airs. Edw^ard (nee Turnbull), 1031 N.Calvert St. 

Shreve, Airs. Rosalie Tilghman, 25 W. Chase St. 

Shreve, Airs. Arthur Lee (nee Gale), 25 W.Chase St. 

Shreve, Aliss Rosalie Tilghman, 25 W. Chase St. 

Shreve, Air. Arthur Lee, Jr., 25 W. Chase St, 

Shreve, Air. and Airs. Oswald T. (nee Buchanan), 

211 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 
Shreve, Air. C. A. Buchanan, 211 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Shreve, Aliss Ann L.Buchanan, 211 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Shriver, Air. and Airs. Clarence, 606 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Aliss Olivia B., 606 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Airs. J. Alexis (nee Van Bibber), 

"Olncy Farm," Wilna P. O., Harford Co., Aid. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owings, 607 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Mr. Mark Owings, Jr., 607 St. Paul St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. C. Columbus (nee Payne), 1319 N. Calvert St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F., 230 W. Lanvale St. 

Shriver, Mrs. Henry Courtney. 526 Westview Av., Germantown, Pa. 

Shriver, Miss Carrie Courtney, 526 Westview Av., Germantown, Pa. 

Shriver, i\Ir. Alfred Jenkins, University Club. 

Shriver, Mr. Edward Jenkins, loS W. Mulberry St. 

Shriver, Mr. Robert H., 108 W. Mulberry St. 

Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nicholson (nee ^larv T. Dup-an. 

Willis St., Westminster, Md. 

Shriver, ]Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sargent (nee Hilda Shriver). 

222 E. Biddle St. 
Shriver, Mr. William H., 222 E. Biddle St. 

Shriver, Mr. Robert N., 222 E. Biddle St. 

(Union Mills, Md.) 

Shryock, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J., 1401 Madison Av. 

Shr.vock, Mr. Thomas J., Jr., 140c Madison Av. 

Shryock, ]\Tiss Orpha Belle, 1401 jMadison Av. 

Sibley, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (nee Markoe), New York City. 

Sill, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (nee Du Val), T927 St. Paul St. 

Sill, Miss Mary Udell, 1927 St. Paul St. 

Sill, Miss Caroline Lansdalc, 1927 St. Paul St. 

Sill, Mr. James blather, 1927 St. Paul St. 

(Hollyday's Choice, Glenndale P. O.. Prince George (Jo., Md.) 

Sills, Mr. and Mrs. John W., The Marlborough. 

Sills, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. (nee O'Donnell), 1313 N.Calvert St. 

Simonton, Miss Helen M., in McMechen St. 

Simmonds, Mr. Laurence. 151 W. Lanvale St. 

Simmons, Miss, 807 St. Paul St. 

Simmons, Dr. and Mrs. Horace Melville. 1706 Park PI, 

Simondetti, Mr. and ^Irs. E. J. (nee Katharine Noble), 

15 Broad St., New York. 

Simpson. Capt. and ]\lrs. Edward, i Cottage St., Newport, R. I. 

Simpson, Mr. E. Ridgcly, No. 6 Bromley Court. Cambridge, Mass. 

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P., "Maple Hill," Falls Road and 37th St. 

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Sloan (nee Eleanor L. Myer), Dallas, Texas. 

Sims, Miss Lightfoot Turnbull, The Mt. Royal. 

Sims, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Stanlev (nee Martha Lee Jenkins). 

Albanv, N. Y. 

S 229 

Sinclair, Mr. Arthur. Sr.. Vienna. Fairfax Co., Va. 

Sinclair, Mr. and JMrs. Arthur, Jr. (nee Elizabeth M. Darnall) , 

243 Jamaica Av., Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 

Sinclair. ]\Iiss Lelia Imogen. The Xormand}', St. Paul and 27th Sts. 

Singer, Mr. and j\Irs. John Vincent, 404 S. 22d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sioussat, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, "Stoney Croft." Lake Roland P. O., Md. 

Sioussat, Mr. Wm. Leonard, 68 E. Oak St., Chicago, 111. 

Sioussat, Mr. and Mrs. St. George Leakin. 

712 Eighteenth Av., S. Nashville, Tenn. 

Sioussat, Mr. ^Maurice Jos. Tallyrand, Calvert Court Apts. 

Sioussat, Miss Bertha C, Calvert Court Apts. 

Sippel, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 1728 Linden Av. 

Sippel, Miss Dorothy, 1728 Linden Av. 

Sizer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. (nee Thomsen), 

53 E. 73d St., New York City. 

Sizer, Mr. Theodore, 5.3 E. 73d St., New York City. 

Sizer, Mr. Robert R., Jr., 53 E. 73d St., New York City. 

Sizer, Miss Emmalena, 53 E. 73d St., New York City. 

("Norwood," Port Washington, L. I.) 

Sisters of Notre Dame, Charles-St. Av. 

Skerrett, Mr. and ]\Irs. Robert G. (nee ]\Iary Preston). S. Orange, N. J. 

Skinker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rives (nee Elizabeth B. Selden), 

4346 Maryland Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

Skirven, Mrs. M, A., 2322 N. Calvert St. 

Slade, Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. (nee Caroline ^McCormick), 

18 W. 52d St., New York Citj". 

Slagle, Mrs. Charles W., 103 Ridgevvood Road, Roland Park, 

Slagle, Mr. Carlton M., 103 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Slagle, Mrs. D. Clinton (nee ]\Iallory), 

208 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Park. 

Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Jr., Roland Park. 

Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob W., 

Slaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. K. (nee Sybil Kemp), 

nth and Peachtrce Sts., Atlanta, Ga. 

Slingluff. :Mr. and Mrs. Horace (nee Johns), 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff, Miss :\Iargery Cross, 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee, 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff. ]\Iiss Annette V. D., 1624 Bolton St. 

Slinffluff, ]\Iiss Salome L.. 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff', Miss Charlotte C, 1624 Bolton St. 

Slingluff, The Messrs., 1624 Bolton St. 

230 S 

Slingluff, Mr. and ]\Irs. Horace Jr., St. Lx)nis, Mo. 

Slingluff, Mr. C. Bohn, * 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Slingluff, J\liss Ella, 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Slingluff", Miss Valeric von D.. 159 W. Lanvale St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and ]\Irs. Jesse (nee Kernan), 2925 N.Calvert St. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Fielder Cross (nee Johnson) 1038 N. Calvert St. 

Slingluff, ]Mr. and 3>Irs. I'homas Rowland (nee Gertrude R.Jenkins), 

"Fairview," Riderwood P. O., Md. 

Slingluff, Air. Donald, New Orleans, La. 

Slingluff, Mr. and Mrs. Fielder C, Jr., 

Slingluff', Mrs. Frank, 1605 St. Paul St. 

Slingluff', Miss Lee, 1605 St. Paul St. 

Slingluff, Mr. Hambleton, 1605 St. Paul St. 

Slingluff, Ensign Thos. Cross, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, j\ld. 

Slingluff, Ensign Frank, Jr., U. S. N. 

Slingluff", Mr. Chas. B., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Slingluff, Mrs. Richard Sewell, Frederick, Md. 

Slingluff, Mr. and ]\Irs. Upton (nee Emma E. Wigart), 

549 Riverside Drive, New York. 

Slingluff, Mr. and jNIrs. Isaac, Gloucester C. H., \'a. 

Slingluff, Air. and Airs. Robert Lee (nee Alary Imogen Dorsey), 

Bancroft Park, Balto. Co. 

Sloane, Mr. and Airs. Francis James, 202 W. 79th St., New York City. 

Sloan, Air. Fisher, 23 E. Eager St. 

Sloan. Mr. and Airs. Robert N., 

"Fernwood," Lutherville Rural Free Delivery, Aid. 

Sloan, Air. and Airs. George F., Jr. (nee B. Helena Parker), Ruxton, Aid. 

Sloan, Air. and Airs. Frank B., 417 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Sloan, Miss Alildred Gushing, 417 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Sloan, Mr. and Airs. F. Eugene (nee Josephine Richards), 

408 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Sloan, Aliss Isabel H., 1103 St. Paul St. 

Sloan, Miss Elizabeth B., 1103 St. Paul St. 

Slocum, Air. and Airs. George W., 1208 N. Calvert St. 

Sloo, Air. and Airs. Thomas (nee Nanine AI. Brent), 

2512 Chestnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Small, Aliss Alice H., 18 Merrymount Road, Roland Park. 
Small, Aliss Florence AIcLean, 18 Alerrymount Road, Roland Park. 
Small, Air. and Airs. Henry H., 

Smalhvood, Mrs. Tames B., 1518 Linden Av. 

Smith, Mrs. Alan P., 200 W. Lafayette Av. 

Smith, Mr. and ]\Irs. Alan P., Jr. (nee jMcShane). 16 E.Franklin St. 

Smith, Miss Miriam, 16 E. Franklin St. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Ryno (nee Brown), The Royalton. 

Smith, IMiss Calvert Nisbit, The Royalton. 

(Brooklandville, Md.) 

Smith, i\Irs. Walter Prescott (nee Charlotte Williams), 18 E. IMadison St. 
Smith, ]\Ir. Alan P., 3d, iS E. :\Ladison St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot D. (nee JuHette E. Whitelev). 

311 W. Lanvale St. 

Smith, j\Ir. and IMrs. A. Crawford (nee Albert). 911 St. Paul St. 

Smith, Mr. and !^Irs. A. Crawford, Jr. (nee Mary R.White), 

911 St. Paul St. 
Smith, Mr. and ^Nlrs. ^larshall A. (nee ^larv Armour Jenkins), 

911 St. Paul St. 

Smith, The Rev. and JMrs. Chester ^Mansfield (nee Albert), 

1204 ]\It. Royal Av. 
Smith, Miss Frances Albert Hopkinson, 1204 Mt. Royal Av. 

Smith, Miss Julia Elizabeth, 325 Central Park W., New York. 

Smith, Mr. Shaler Gordon, Care of American Gas Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Smith, Mr. Joh« Donnell, 505 Park Av. 

Smith, Miss Margaret Meredith, 1329 Park Av. 

Smith, Miss Virginia, 1329 Park Av. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. G. ^Marshall, 1009 Madison Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Aston (nee Elizabeth W. Rieman), 

Lake Av., Govans, Md. 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Livingston, 

(Of Woodmere, Long Island) 8 W. Read St. 

Smith. ]\Irs. Thomas Marsh, 311 Roland Av., Roland Park. 

Smith. ?klrs. Frank T., Princess Anne. ]\Id. 

Smith, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Kirby Flower (nee Rogers), 719 Park Av. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Winford H., John Hopkins Hospital. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hopkinson, Jr. (nee Annie Kidder), 

21 10 Rose A v., S. Birmingham, Ala. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. R. :\Ianson (nee Whitridge), 4 E. Biddle St. 

Smith, Miss Olive Gushing, 4 E. Biddle St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. R. Marsden, 616 Reservoir St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. W. (nee Eva F.Churchill). 

3495 Brookline Av., Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Smith, ^Ir. and ^Irs. Robert W. (nee Sallie W. Hurst), 

12 Somerset Road, University Parkway. 
Smith, Mr. and ]^Irs. Thomas Marshall (nee Selina Keighler), 

i6 Somerset Road, University Parkway. 

Smith, Miss ]\Iary ]\Iarshall, 7 Northfield PI., near University Parkway. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Lee (nee Elsie G.Henry), 2701 N.Calvert St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Levering (nee Jennie Wrenn), 

"Kitwells," Green Spring Valley, Md., Stevenson P. O. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Tunstall (nee Fairfax), The Preston. 

Smith, Miss ]\larion Tunstall, The Preston. 

Smith, Miss Josephine Tunstall, The Preston. 

Smith, Miss Louise Tunstall, The Preston. 

Smith, Miss Anita Tunstall, 107 W. North Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Gaither (nee Eugenia Rogers), 

18 E. Preston St. 

Smith, Miss Sophie Gaither, 15 W. Chase St. 

Smith, Mrs. Victor (nee Bird), 22 E. Mt. W-rnon PI. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Edgeworth (nee Velma T. Rav/ls), 

22 E. Mt. \'ernon PI. 

Smith, Mr. and ]Mrs. Raleigh Colston (nee Mary Turnbull Sims">, 

The Mt. Royal Apts. 

Smith, Mrs. Samuel Richardson, 923 Cathedral St. 

Smith, Mr. and ]\Irs. Courtauld Wharton, 

216 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 
Smith, Dr. D. C Wharton 2d, 216 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Smith, Mr. Harold Wharton, 216 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., 1230 N. Calvert St. 

Smith, Miss M.Alice, 1206 John St. 

Smith, Miss Elizabeth W., 1206 John St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nicholls, 2004 Linden Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Beverly W., 1417 Park Av. 

Smith, Miss F. Barbour, Europe. 

Smith, Miss L. Hopkinson, Europe. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T., The Cecil, N. Eutaw St. 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T., Jr., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Smith, Miss Mary Judik, The Preston Apts. 

Smith, Miss Charlotte Elise, The Preston Apts. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. J. (nee Evelyn Sullivan), 

1327 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith, Mr. Oscar W., The Arundel. 

S 233 

Smith, Mr. and ]\Irs. Howard Roberts, Earl Court. 

Smith, The Misses, 1325 Bolton St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Q. H., Jr. (nee Isabel Opie), 1005 N.Calvert St. 

Smith, Mr. Truxton, Mt. Royal Apts. 

Smith, Mrs. B. F., 1311 Park Av. 

Smith, Miss Julia E., 1311 Park Av. 

Smith, Mr. Frank B., 131 1 Park Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. L. (nee Nellie Gerstell), 

Address 131 1 Park Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Granville (nee Rebecca Hurst), 11 W.Preston St. 

Smith, jNIr. and Mrs. Wm. Ward (nee Ellen W^est Page), 

The Plaza, New York Cit\-. 

Smith, ]\lr. and INIrs. G. Tyler (nee Helen Edmundson Gambrill). 

The Homewood Apts. 

Smith, I^Iiss Gene, 821 N. Charles St. 

Smith, ]\Ir. and jNIrs. Arthur Fisher, 108 E. 20th St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Walter, Snow Hill, Worcester Co., Md. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Howard (nee Jane Swindell), The Severn. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Capito, 2025 Maryland Av. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald C., 2025 Maryland Av. 

Smith, Lieut, and Mrs. W. D. (nee Egerton), Culebra, Canal Zone. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore James, Castle Heights, Geneva, N. W 

Smith, Mrs. Robert Ralston (nee Hooper), 2301 St. Paul St. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Sylvester (nee Sara E. Ricou), 

The Westover, 859 Park Av. 

Smoot, Mrs. L. R., 526 Westview Av., Germantown, Pa. 

Smoot, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. D., 

Phil-Ellena and Arbutus Sts., Germantown, Pa. 

Smull, Mrs. Georgiana, 2018 Mt. Royal Terrace. 

Smull, Mr. Miltenberger Neale, 2018 Mt. Royal Terrace. 

Smull, Mr. and Mrs. George Warner (nee Laura Cockey), 701 Lennox St. 
Smull, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (nee Helen May Ferguson), 

927 N. Strieker St. 
Sneeringer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J., Jr. (nee Hettie C Caldwell), 

Orkney Road, Govans, Md. 
Snell, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, 311 W.Hoffman St. 

Snell, Miss Janet S., 311 W.Hoffman St. 

Snow% Mrs. Neil Worthington (nee Florence Ingram), 

313 Seyburn Av., Detroit, Mich. 

Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Basil H. (nee Wilkins), 
Snowden, Miss Mary Bedford, 

Snowden, Mr. Wilton. 
Snowden, Mr. Allan Hanson, 
Snowden, Miss Mary R., 
Snowden, Miss M. Louise, 

Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Wilton, Jr. (nee Elizabeth U.Stirling), 

Riderwood, Baltimore Co. 

216 E. Biddle St. 

216 E. Biddle St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

605 Cathedral St. 

Sellers, Mr. and Mrs. Somerville, 

131 1 John St. 

Soper, Prof. Francis A., 2505 N. Charles St. 

Soper, Mr. Harry B., 2505 N. Charles St. 

Sothoron, Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney LewinUiee Corinne Williams). 

36 E. Preston St. 

Sparrow. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Mason (nee Lettice Latane). 

University of Virginia. 

Spear, Miss Louise D.. 

Spear, Mr. and Mrs. James O., 
Spear, Miss Margaretta L., 

Spear. Mr. James O.. Jr., 

Speer, Air. Charles E., 
Speer, Mr. Talbot Taylor, 
Speer, Mr. J. L. Dawson, Jr., 

Speller, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Newman (nee Roberta Thorburn Hughes), 

2771 Beechwood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pa 

(nee Wade ), 1205 St. Paul St 

Nashville, Tenn. 

1221 Madison Av. 
1221 Madison Av. 

39th St. and University Parkw^ay. 
39th St. and LTniversity Parkwa)'. 
39th St. and University Parkwaj-. 

Spence, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.. Ji 

Spcnce, j\lrs. Charles Reid, 

Spence, Mr. James C, 
Spence, Miss Charlotte C, 

Spencer, Mrs. John, 
Spencer, Miss, 

Spencer, Mrs. Jervis, 
Spencer, Mr. Jervis, Jr.. 
Spencer, Mr. Richard Ragan, 

Spencer, Mr. and jMrs. Richard H. (nee Whiting), 

57 W. 58th St., New York. 

7 E. Biddle St. 
7 E. Biddle St. 

925 Cathedral St. 
925 Cathedral St. 

Garrison, Md. 
Garrison, Md. 
Garrison, Md. 

Spencer, Mr. Lindsay Coleman. 
Spencer, Miss Elizabeth Coleman, 

Earl Court. 

12 13 N. Calvert St. 
1213 N. Calvert St. 

Sperry, Mr. and IMrs. Joseph Evans, 6 Bishop's Road, Guilford. 

Sperry, Mr. Richard Evans. The Washington. 

Speir. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wade (ncc Barker), Valier, Montana. 

Spilman, Mr. and INI rs. John Armistead (nee Lticile IMartin), 

Naval Constructor, U. S. N., Washington, D. C. 

Spiller, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boyd (nee Edith Marion Murrav), 

2209 Mt. Holly St. 

Spooner. Mrs. D. N.. Boston. Mass. 

Spooner. The Misses. Boston, Mass. 

Spragne, Mr. and Mrs. Emile S., 

Sprigg, Mrs. George H., St. John's Rectory, 3001 Old York Road. 

Sprnill. Dr. St. Clair, 9 E. Chase St. 

Sprunt, Mr. and Mrs. James Laurence (nee Amoret Price), 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Stabler. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, 335 Dolphin St. 

Stabler, Miss Florence, 335 Dolphin St, 

Stabler, ]\Ir. and ?^Irs. Jordan Herbert (nee Elizabeth H.Wells), 

London, England. 

Stabler, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Jr., 610 Reservoir St. 

Stabler, Mr. Raymond Pleasants, 610 Reservoir St. 

Stabler, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Alford (nee Corinne F. Marsh), 

1910 Cedar Road, Walbrook. 

Stabler, Mr. Llewellyn M., I49 W. Lanvale St. 

Stabler. Mr. Harry Snowden, The Fairfax, 804 N. Calvert St. 

Stanford. Mr. and Mrs. Farrington, Jr., 824 Gibson St., Scranton, Pa. 

Stanley, Mr. James G., University Club. 

Stanley, Mr. and jMrs. Edward S. (nee Robinson), 218 W. Lanvale St. 

Stansbury, Miss Sophia M., 206 W. Monument St. 

Stapler, Lieut, and ]\Irs. John T. G. (nee Margaret Key Ramsay) 

(U. S. N.), The St. Paul Apt^. 

Staples, Rev. Frank Flay, 827 Hamilton Terrace. 

Staples, Miss, 827 Hamilton Terrace. 

Staples, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Clayton (nee Mary Hartman), 

40 St. Paul's Road, Ardmore. Pa. 

Starkanborgh-Stachouwer, Jonkhecr and ]\Iadame A. W. L. Tiarda von 

(nee Christine Marburg). 1301 T7th St.. Washington, D. C. 

Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. (nee Stickney), Louisiana, Mo. 

Startzman, Mr. and Mrs. W. T., in Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

("Winona Cliffs," Severn River.) 

Starr, Miss, 114 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Starr, Miss Clara Edith, 114 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Starr, Miss Elizabeth Ellen, 114 Woodlawn Road. Roland Park. 

Starr, Mr. and ]^Irs. Charles Sharpless (nee ^larjoric Russell Murdoch), 

Haverford, Pa. 

Staub, Mrs. Richard Parran Plenry, 1714 N. Charles St, 

Staub, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parran Henry, Jr., 1714 N.Charles St. 

Staub, Mr. and Mrs. John Tegmeyer, 2619 X. Calvert St. 

Staub, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry, 809 Hamilton Terrace. 

Steele, ]\liss ]\lary, Care of Brown, Shipley & Co.. London. 

Steele, Miss Rosa, The Arundel. 

Steele, Miss Kate, The Arundel. 

Steele, Mrs. Henry 2\[aynadier ( nee McKim), 

Mt. Vernon Apartments, 610 Cathedral St. 
Steele, 'Sir. Henry ^L, Jr., ^It. Vernon Apartments, 610 Cathedral St. 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. S. Tagart (nee Thompson), 20 W.Madison St. 

Steele, Mr. S. Tagart, Jr., 20 W. ]\Iadison St. 

Steele, Mr. John N., 12 E. 31st St., New York City. 

Steele. ]\Iiss Margaret M., 15 W.Preston St. 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. John N. Steele, Jr. (nee Katharine Lyman), 

Steele, Medical Inspector and Mrs. John Murray (U. S. N.), 

"Whitehaven," Garrison, Md. 
Steele, ]^Iiss Gertrude W., "Whitehaven,"' Garrison, Md. 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. J. Guy W. (nee Rogers), Westminster, Md. 

Steele, Mrs. Ella Harris, 857 Hamilton Ter. 

Steele, Mr. Hampton, 1315 Park Av. 

Steele, Mrs. Hampton, 1315 Park Av. 

Steel, Mr. and ]\Irs. J. Walter (nee ]Mary E. Hazlehurst), 

2226 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Steiner, Miss Gertrude R., 1512 Bolton St. 

Steiner, Miss Bertha R., 1512 Bolton St. 

Steiner, Miss Amy L., 1512 Bolton St. 

Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C, 1038 N. Eutavv St. 

Steiner, Dr. Walter R., 4 Trinity St., Hartford, Conn. 

Stellman, Mrs. George P., 

Stellmann, Mrs. Bradley, The Severn Apis. 

Stellwagen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. (nee M. E. Sadler), 217 E. 25th St 

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. George Wm., Jr. (nee Phyllis Austen Stokes). 

704 Gladstone Av., Roland Park. 

Steuart, Mrs. W. Donaldson, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, Miss Mary Bartow, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, Miss Frances AL, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, Mr. Archibald, 2001 N. Calvert St. 

Steuart, 'Mr. and ^Mrs. W. Donaldson, Jr. (nee Elizabeth H. Matthews), 

50S Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Steuart, ^liss Isabel C, 839 Park Av. 

Steuart, Aliss M. Louisa, 839 Park Av. 

Steuart, :\liss Emily B., 839 Park Av. 

Steuart, ]\Irs. Arthur (nee Ellicott), 

Xormand.v Heights, Roland Park P. O., Aid. 
Steuart, Miss Susan E., Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O., Md. 

Steuart, Miss Caroline E., Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O., ]\Id. 

Steuart, Miss Lydia E., Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O., Md. 

Steuart, Mr. Arthur B., Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O., ]\Id. 

Steuart, Mr. and Mrs. James L., 249 Orange Road, Alontclair, N. J. 

Steuart, Mrs. James H., 1035 St. Paul St. 

Steuart, Miss Henrietta, 1035 St. Paul St. 

Steuart, Mr. James Edmondson, 1035 St. Paul St. 

Steuart, !»ilrs. William A., 

Stevens, Mrs. Francis Putnam, 1221 Madison x\v. 

Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J., 206 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Stevens, Miss Cynthia J., 206 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Stevens, Miss Sarah Eccleston, 206 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stevenson, ]\Ir. Henry Neville, 

Stewart, Mrs. Charles Morton, '"Cliffeholme," Garrison, Md. 

Stewart, ]^Iiss S. de B., '■Clift'eholme," Garrison, Md. 

Stewart, Mr. W. Donnell, "Cliffeholme," Garrison, Md. 

Stewart, Mr, S. Liirman, "Cliffeholme," Garrison, Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Redmond Conyngham( nee Katherine Lattimer Small), 

"Skyfield," Eccleston P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. W. Plunket (nee Elsie F. Cassatt), Haverford, Pa. 

Stewart, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Gustav Lurman (nee Anna Gilmor), 

"The Rooker}'," Eccleston P. O., Md. 
Stewart, ]^Ir. Gustav Lurman. Jr., "The Rookery," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Stewart, Mr. Charles M., 3d, Yale College, New Haven. 

Stewart, Mr. and ]Mrs. C. Morton, Jr. (nee ]\IcHenry), 

"Finlagen," Eccleston P. O., Md. 

Stewart, Mr. and Airs. Charles (nee Elizabeth Poultney Pleasants), 

5 Exeter St., Boston, Mass. 

Stewart, Airs. John, 16S High St., Macon, Ga. 

Stewart, Air. David, The Colonial. 1005 N.Charles St. 

Stewart, Air. and Airs. Charles (nee Roberts), Westminster, Md. 

Stewart, Air. and Airs. Warren Adams (nee Alarguerite V.Thompson), 

The Avon. 

238 S 

Stewart. ]\rr. and ?^Ir>. William A.. Jr.. 205 W. Lanvale St. 

Stewart, Miss Saidy B. C, 205 W. Lanvale St. 

Stewart, Mr. and ]\Irs. Chas. Alexander (nee Bessie Riach). 

Old Pinilico Road near Taney, Mt. Washington, Md. 

Stewart. Mrs. John Henderson. 1205 N.Calvert St. 

Stewart, Miss Virginia, 1205 N. Calvert St. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John Henderson, Jr. (nee ^Nfarjorie P. Weeks), 

Cedarhiirst, Long Island. 

Sticknev, Airs. Franklin Edwards. Coronado, California. 

(Lake Forest, 111.) 

Stickney, Mr. and J\Irs. George H., t6i2 Park Av. 

Stickney, Dr. George Lewis, (Office Avon Apts.) 1612 Park Av. 

Stickney, Mr. Henry, 1612 Park Av. 

Stieff, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P., 1222 St. Paul St. 

Stieff. Miss Florence. 1222 St. Paul St. 

Stieff, Mr. George Waters, 1222 St. Paul St. 

Stieff. Mr. Fred^'P., Jr.. 1222 St. Paul St. 

Stier, Dr. and Mrs. Jay Hugh, "The Cedars," Ferryman, Harford Co.. Md. 

Stier, JMr. Flugh Douglas, Greensburg. Pa. 

Stier, Mr. Ridgely P., 11 16 Bolton St. 

Stiles. Mrs. Edmund S., 211 W. Lanvale St. 

Stiles, Mr. Norman C, 211 W'. Lanvale St. 

Stiles. Miss Sarah AI.. 211 W. Lanvale St. 

Stirling, ]\Ir. and Mrs. O. ]\I. (nee Aliriam Robinson), 

Fallston, Harford Co., 'Sid. 

Stirling. }Jr. Archibald. Jr., Delta, Pa. 

Stirling, ]\Iiss ]\Iarie, 5 Norwood PI., Guilford. 

Stirling, Miss Estelle Mathiot, 1122 Cathedral St. 

Stirling, Mr. Campbell Lloyd, 1609 N. Calvert St. 

Stirling, Miss Virginia U., 160Q N. Calvert St, 

Stirling, Miss Elisabeth, 1609 N. Calvert St. 

Stirling, Mr. J. Edward, 1609 N. Calvert St. 

Stirling, Miss Nancy Lloyd, 1609 N. Calvert St. 

Stirling, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. (nee Sara V. Daingerfield), 

47 E. 58th St., New York City. 

Stirling. Mr. and Mrs. G. Howard (nee Sellers), 2010 Linden Av. 

Stirling, Mr. Philip Sellers, 2010 Linden Av. 

Stirling, Rear-Adm. and Mrs. Yates (U. S. N.), 209 W. Lanvale St. 

Stirling, Miss Ffelen, 209 W. Lanvale St. 

Stirling, Lieut. -Com. and Mrs. Yates, Jr. (U.S.N.) (nee Adelaide 

Egbert), 209 W. Lanvale St. 

Stirling, Lieut. Archibald ( U. S. N.). 209 W. Lanvale St. 

S 239 

Stirling, Miss ^Marjorie Lloyd, Riderwood, Balto. Co., ^Id. 

Stitel}-, Air. and ]\lrs. George William ^klarshall (nee Emma 

Mackenzie), 612 Lennox St. 

Stitt, Air. and Airs. Herbert D. (nee Alarv L.Pendleton"). 

Sudbrook Park, Aid. 

St. John, Air. and Airs. William Henry (nee Eleanor Tarleton Reynolds), 

220 Farmington Av., Hartford, Conn. 
Stockbridge, Judge and Airs. Henry, Jr., 11 N.Calhoun St. 

Stockbridge, Air. and Airs. Enos S., 404 Bretton Place, Guilford. 

Stockbridge, Air. and Airs. Henry 3d (nee Alabel Allen Patten), 

Dyer Drive, Ten Hills, Baltimore. 

Stockdale, Air. and Airs. James T. (nee Anne Poultney Robinson), 

55 Bedford Road, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Stockton, Air. Howard, 31 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Alass. 

Stockton, The Alessrs., 31 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Alass. 

Stockton, Air. and Airs. Richard 3d (nee Alartha King Hughes), 

331 Bellevue Av., Trenton, X. J. 

Sloddert, Airs. Katharine Heveford, 1601 Linden Av. 

Stokes, Air. and Airs. Bradley T., 24 E. Aladison St. 

Stokes, Miss Anna Alden, 24 E. Aladison St. 

Stokes, Aliss Alary Charlton, 24 E. Aladison St. 

Stokes, Dr. and Airs. William Royal (nee Dunderdale), 1639 N. Calvert .St. 

Stokes. Miss Elizabeth H.. 619 St. Paul St. 

Stokes, Aliss Nannie C, 6ig St. Paul St. 

Stokes, Air. and Airs. John, Cockeysville, A'td. 

Stokes, Aliss V^irginia Austen, Cockeysville, Aid. 

Stokes, Air. John Austen. Cockeysville, Aid. 

Stokes, Dr. J, Ernest, Salisbury, N. C. 

Stokes, Aliss Emma Louisa, Cockeysville, Aid. 

Stokes, Air. William B., Alarine Bank Bldg. 

Stone, Rev. and Airs. George Barker, Washington, D. C. 

Stone, Mrs. S. Bainbridge, 223 W. Lanvale St. 

Stone, Miss Alary Bainbridge, 223 W. Lanvale St. 

Stonebraker, Air. and Airs. Harry (nee Edith Dushane Hynson), 

1702 Bolton St. 

Stork, Airs. Wm. Lynch, The Winona. 

Stork, Aliss Belle Warner, The Winona. 

Stork, Air. and Airs. John W. (nee Hortense Alclntire), The Winona. 

Storrs, Air. and Mrs. Gervas, Jr. (nee Mullikin), 214 E.Lafayette Av. 

Storrs, Aliss Rebecca Lewis, 214 E. Lafayette Av. 


Story, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 2324 N. Calvert St. 

Story, Mr. F. W. Marion, 2324 N. Calvert St. 

Stovall, Mr. and Mrs. John Willis (nee Wight), Stovall, Miss. 

Stowe, Mr. Thomas Godwin, 10 E. Mt. Royal Av. 

Stovve, Mr. Thomas G., Jr., 10 E. Mt Royal Av. 

Stowell, Rev. and Mrs. Horace Wood (nee Lydia Presstman Reynolds). 

141 2 Dclafield Place N. W^, Washington, D. C. 

The Mt. Royal. 
The Mt. Royal. 

1812 Eutaw PI. 
1812 Eutaw PI. 
1812 Eutaw PI. 

712 Park Av. 
712 Park Av. 

Stowell, (of Cal.) Mr. and Mrs. 
Straughn, Mr. and Mrs. John, 

Straus, Mr. and Mrs. J. L., 
Straus, Mr. W. R., 
Straus, Mr. Philip, 

Street, Dr. and ]^Irs. David, 
Street, Mr. D. Corbin, 

1025 Cathedral St. 

1222 St. Paul St. 
1222 St. Paul St. 

Strother, Mrs. Richard H., 

Strother, Mr. and ]\Irs. T. Xelson, 
Strother, Miss Emilv. 

(Ruxton. Md.) 

Strunz, J\Ir. and Mrs. Hans (nee Vinton), 

Stryker, Mr. and ]\Irs. Heber Halsey (nee Emily Wilkins), Hartford, Conn. 

Stryker, ]\Ir. Clarence Wilson, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. 

Dresden, Germany. 

1 1 12 McCulloh St. 

New York City. 

129 W. Lafayette. 

804 Cathedral St. 
804 Cathedral St. 

1530 Bolton St. 
1530 Bolton St. 

Stryker, Miss Rosabel C, 

Stryker, I\Irs. P. W., 

Stryker, Miss Mabel F., 

Stuart, Rear-Admiral and Mrs. Daniel D.V. (U. S. N.), 
Stuart, Dr. Daniel D. V., Jr., 

Stuart, Miss Nannie O., 
Stuart, Mr. T. Keating, 

Stuart, Air. and }>Irs. William (nee Sue C.Williams). 

"Burnhouse," Stow, Scotland. 
Stuart, Mr. William, Jr., "Burnhouse," Stow, Scotland. 

Stuart, ]Mr. and ]\Irs. Edward T. (nee ]\Iary Ridgely), 

2225 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lee, 115 E. Eager St. 

Stuart, Mr. Albert Rhett, 2104 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Stuart, Miss Genevieve, The Arundel Apts. 

Stump, Mr. and Mrs. H. Arthur, 1034 N. Calvert St. 

Stump, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram N. (nee Margaret Bell). 

"StaflFord Farm," Emmorton P. O., Harford Co.. Md. 


Stump, Hon. and ^Nlrs. Herman (nee ^larv Fernandez de Velasco), 

"Waverley," Bel-Air, Md. 

Stump, Airs. A. Hamilton, 
Stump, ]\Iiss Marnie W., 
Stump, Aliss Ma}- G., 

Sturgill. Lieut, and !Mrs. \\ 

Sudler, Mrs. John Emory, 
Sudler, ]\Iiss Elsa de T., 
Sudler. ]\Iiss Annette M., 
Sudler, ]\Ir. Ralph Eric, 
Sudler, ]\Ir. Emory, 

Sudler, ]Mr. and Airs. Charles E., 

("Tudor," Lothian, Md.) 

48 W. Biddle St. 
48 W. Biddle St. 
48 W. Biddle St. 

Iter S.. (L'. S. A.), (nee Alay Poultnev 

Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

"Tudor," Lothian, Aid. 
"Tudor," Lothian, Md. 
"Tudor," Lothian, Md. 
"Tudor," Lothian, Aid. 
"Tudor," Lothian, Aid. 

222 E. Lafavette Av. 

1728 N. Calvert St. 
1728 N. Calvert St. 
1728 N. Calvert St. 

Sullivan, Air. and Airs. Felix R. (nee Buchanan), 
Sullivan. Aliss Alary, 
Sullivan. Aliss Nannie Lloyd, 

Sullivan, Air. and Airs. Felix R., Jr. (nee Nancy Willing Alurrav), 

8 W.Preston St. 
("Elibank," Elkridge P. O.. Aid.) 

Sullivan, Air. F. Buchanan. 

The Alargrave, Chestnut and 20th Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sullivan. Air. and Airs. Alark (nee Marie AIcM. Buchanan). 

"Chatham," Fredericksburg, Va. 

Supplee, Col. and Airs. J. Frank, 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Supplee, Air. Cochran, 1625 Eutaw PI. 

Supplee. Air. and Airs. J. Frank. Jr. (nee Alontgomery Arthurs). 

Homewood Apts. 

Supplee, Lieut. Henry Clay Al. (U. S. A.). 

Supplee, Air. and Airs. Albert Cummings. 

Sutton. Air. and Airs. Eben (nee AIcAtee), 

Swan, Aliss Isabel. 

Swan, Airs. Donnell (nee Ella Dallett Wilson), 

Swan. Aliss Laura. 

Swann, Air. and Airs. Sherlock Cnee Deford). 

(Country, "Briarfield," Ruxton. Aid.) 

Swann, Air. Thomas 4th, 908 N. Charles St. 

Swett, Dr. and Airs. Paul Plummer (nee Anna Howard Poole), 

247 Girard Av., Hartford, Conn. 

Swett, Rev. Canon and Airs. Paul F. (nee Louise P.Thompson). 

Garden City, Long Island. N. Y. 

Culebra. Panama. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

515 Park Av. 

1305 N. Calvert St. 

The Arundel Apts. 

1200 St. Paul St. 

908 N. Charles St. 

242 S 

Swindell, ^Ir. and Mrs. Walter B., Jr. (nee Gertrude H. de Velasco), 

107 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Swope, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Harry Forrest (nee Helen Baltzell Selden), 

124 W. Lanvale St. 

Swope, Mr. and }^irs. Harold B. (nee Esther Robinson). 

San Francisco, Cal. 

Symington, ^Mr. and ^Irs. W. Stuart, Jr. (nee Harrison), 

2 Boulder Lane, Roland Park. 

Symington, Mr. and ^Nlrs. Thomas H. (nee Clare Randolph), 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Symington, ^Ir. and ]\lrs. Charles J. (nee Elizabeth B.Lloyd), New York. 

Symington, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. John F. (nee Elizabeth Baker), 

"Kemroway House," Rodgers Forge P. C ]\Id. 

Symington, }i Jr. and [Mrs. Donald Leith (nee Elsie Hillen Jenkins). 

Garrison, ]\ld. 

Symington, Mv. Thos. Alexander (U. S. N.), Naval Academy. 

Symington, Mr. and Mrs. John Fife of S. (nee Arabella Hambleton), 

"Hambledune," Lutherville, Md. 

Symington, ]\lr. and [Mrs. William Wallace (nee Bland), 

"Walnut Lawn,"' Catonsville. 

Sypher, Mr. and [Mrs. Howard H. (nee Boarman) , 


Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. I. Lloyd. West Point. Va. 

Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, West Point. Va. 

Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. John, Gloucester, Va. 

Tabb, Mr. John, Jr., Gloucester, Va. 

Tabb, Mr. Jos. J., Gloucester, Va. 

Tabb, Miss Mary Lee, Gloucester, Va. 

Tabb, Mr. Warner T., Gloucester, Va. 

Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. John Prosser (nee Mackenzie), 1216 Mt. Royal Av. 

Tabb, Mr. John Prosser, Jr., 12 16 xMt. Royal Av. 

Tabb, Mr. Lloyd Noland, 1216 Mt. Royal Av. 
Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. John Mackenzie (nee Nina Dulany Carter), 

Tailer, Mr. and Mrs. T, Suffern (nee Harriet Brown), 

21 W. 51st St., New York. 

Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher, 209 E. Biddle St. 

Taliaferro, Miss Etta Knox, 209 E. Biddle St. 

Taliaferro, Miss Mercer B., 209 E. Biddle St. 

(Upper Falls, Baltimore Co., Md.) 
Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hardy, 

The Portsmouth, 1735 New Hampshire Av., Washington, D. C, 

Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. (nee Agnes Jay Du Val), 

906 St. Paul St, 
Tappan, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1419 Bolton St.. 

Tappan, Mr. Benjamin, 1419 Bolton St. 

Tappan, Miss Elizabeth, 1419 Bolton St.. 

Tappan, Miss Julia Buchanan, 1419 Bolton St. 

Tapscott, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 16 E. Lafayette Av. 

Tarleton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J\L (nee Plympton), 

Tate, Mrs. James E., 2040 N. 63d St., Overbrook, Pa. 

Tate, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Tate, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R., 778 Marshall St., Portland, Ore. 

Tate, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Edith Doudge), New York 

Taveau, Miss Delphine, 2123 N. Calvert St. 

Taveau, Miss Nannie Page, 2123 N. Calvert St. 

Taveau, Mr. A. Louis, 2123 N. Calvert St. 

Taveau, Mr. H. S., 2123 N. Calvert St. 

Taveau, Mr. H. S., Jr., 2123 N. Calvert St 

Taveau, Miss M. Caroline, 219 E. Lafayette Av. 

Tayloe, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gwynn (nee Grace Lemmon), 

Windover, Middleburg, Va. 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. (nee Mary M.Parker), 4 E. Eager St. 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Knox (nee Lucy J. Miller), High Bridge, N. J. 


244 T 

Taylor. Mrs. Lawrence Matthew (nee Maud ^Morton Lucas). 

Aberdeen, Md. 
Taylor. Mrs. Benjamin Jones. 

"The Gle1)e Farm," Aberdeen. Llarford Co.. Md. 
Taylor, Miss Louisa S.. 103 W. IMonument St. 

Taylor, ]\Ir. and Airs. Robertson (nee Mae Templeman), 1204 St. Paul St. 
Taylor, Dr. and Mrs. R. Tunstall (nee Templeman), 2000 ^Maryland Av. 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. A. K., New York City. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee (nee T .ia Symington Goode). 

<So5 Universit\' Parkway. 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Catonsville, Md. 

Taylor, Mr. George Winship, Catonsville, Md. 

Taylor. Mr. and Airs. Robert. Jr. (nee Alildred Leeds Zell). Cardiff. Aid. 

Taylor, Aliss Jennie AlcComl). 

Tavlor, Air. and Airs. Robert Coleman (nee Lillian Gary). 

155 W. 58th St.. New York. 

Taylor, Air. and Airs. Wm. R. K. (nee Hard), 21 E. 80th St., New York. 

Taylor, Air. Anson W. H., 21 E. 80th St., New York. 

Taylor, Miss Katherine A., Cascade P. O., Washington Co., Aid. 

Taylor, Air. Robert A., 130-I. Eutaw PI. 

Taylor, Air. and Airs. Jonathan K., 1615 Park Av. 

Taylor, Aliss Alary Catherine, Trinity lerrace. Towson. Aid. 

Taylor, Miss Irene Alay, Trinity Terrace, Towson, Aid. 

Taylor, Airs. Harry S. (nee Lyda Potter Day). 

Trinity Terrace. Towson. Aid. 

Taylor, Air. and Airs. Frank J. (nee Nannie D. Potter), 

305 Goodwood Road. Roland Park. 

Taylor, Air. and Airs. Howard Richards (nee Hannah Fox Steuart), 

"Ancho Vista," Ruxton, Aid. 

Taylor, The Alisses Virginia and Annie Stevenson, 922 N. Charles St. 

Taylor, Air. James Eugene, 922 N. Charles St. 

Taylor, Airs. Winfield J. (nee Decima Heyward), 112 E.Preston St. 

Taylor, Mr. J. Hey ward, 112 E.Preston St. 

Taylor, Dr. Frederic, 204 E. Read St. 

Taylor, Air. and Airs. Richard Baker (nee Eyre), 

Taylor, Air. and Airs. Robert B., 

"Solitude." Alachipongo P. O., Northampton Co., Va. 
1608 College St., Columbia, S. C. 
Taylor, Air. and Airs. Wickham C. (nee Susan P. Selden), 

910 Claremont St., Norfolk. Va. 

Taylor. Air. and Airs. Charles J.. 1528 Aladison Av. 

Ta\lor. Airs. George A., 2029 Alaryland Av. 




No matter if it is ttc largest or tte smallest, 
my facilities enatle me to QUICKLY arrange 
ray Catering Service for all kinds of Functions. 

886 Linden Avenue 

MT. VERNON 4940-4941 



My catering patrons nave increased 

more tkan 50% 

duringf tke past season. 

Tke cause — polite, efficient and properly 

priced service. 



MT. VERNON 4940-4941 

T 245 

Taylor, Rc-v. and ]^Irs. Elbert Burr (nee Elizabeth Hammond), 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Teackle, Mr-. St. George W., St. George Av., Govans. 

Teackle, Mr. St. George W., Jr., The Rockingham, Broadway, N. Y. 

Tegmeyen Mrs. John H.. 825 St. Paul St. 

Temple, Mr. and ]>*Irs. Thomas Douglas (nee Hodges), 

"River Farm," Scotland Neck, N. C. 

Terhune. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Westervelt (nee Elise Emory), Atlanta, Ga. 

Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. John B., Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thayer, Dr. and Mrs. William S. (nee Read), 406 Cathedral St. 

Thelin, Mr. and IMrs. E. Griswold (nee Marian Gouveneur Heiskell), 

I Harvest Road, Roland Park. 

J'helin, Mi>s Genevieve K., ]\It. Washington, Md. 

Thelin, Mr. Wm. C.. Petersburg, Va. 

Theobald. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel, 968 N. Howard St. 

Theobald. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Jr. (nee Elizabeth Sturtevant), 

45 Chicago Av.. Anocher, Staten Island, X. Y. 

Theobald. Mr. and Mrs. Francis DeWolf (nee Dulany), 

Care of Dr. Samuel Theobald, 968 X. Howard .St. 

Theobald. ]^Iiss Alice, Arundel Apts., ^Nlt. Royal Av. and Charles St. 

Thode, Mr?. Amelia (nee Van Bokkelen), 2211 X". Charles St. 

Thom, Mr. and Mrs. DeCourcy Wright (nee Mary Washington Keyser), 

600 Cathedral St. 
Thom, Miss Marv Gordon, 600 Cathedral St. 

("Blakeford," Centreville P. O., Md.) 

Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Pembroke (nee Margaret Y. Stirling), 

828 Park Av. 
("Manor Vale Farm." Catonsville, Md.) 

Thom, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Mayo (nee Hopkins). 

10 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 
("Rocky Beach Farm," Lake Shore, Anne Arundel Co., Md. ) 

Thom, Mrs. Pembroke Lea, 204 W. Lanvale St. 

Thom, Miss Ella Lea, 204 W. Lanvale St. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. (nee Alice Whitridge), loio St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Miss Alice Lee W., loio St. Paul St. 

Thomas. Mr. John Hanson, lOio St. Paul St. 

(Ruxton, Baltimore Co., Md.) 

Thomas, Mr. J. Marshall, Jr., 28 W. Biddle St. 

Thomas, Mr. John Gregg, 28 W. Biddle St. 

Thomas, Miss Ellen M., 116 E.Preston St. 

246 T 

Thomas. ]Mr. and J\Irs. George P., Jr., 1508 Park Av. 

Thomas, Miss Cora Elder, 1508 Park Av. 

Thomas, Mr. Geo. P. 3d, 1508 Park A v. 

Thomas, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Samuel Dickinson (nee Huyett), 

137 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. Henry B., 1007 Cathedral St. 

Thomas, Mr. Henry B., Jr., 1007 Cathedral St. 

(Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Thomas, Miss Eleanor ]\Iackubin, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Thomas, Mr. George, 1643 N. Calvert St. 

Thomas, i\Ir. and Mrs. G. W. Holmes (nee Annie Carson Perine). 

Evanston, 111, 
Thomas, Dr. Samuel Le Roy, • Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John Baynard, 21 17 N.Charles St. 

Thomas, Miss Nancy Scott, 21 17 N.Charles St. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John B., Charles and 33d Sts. 

Thomas, Mr. John B., Jr., Charles and 33d Sts. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Howell H., 4 Overhill Road, Roland Park. 

Thomas, Miss M. Carey, "The Deanery," Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. (nee Zoe Carey), 1228 iMadison Av. 

Thomas, Mr. H. M., Jr., 1228 Madison Av. 

Thomas, Miss Eliza S., 1102 McCulloh St. 

Thomas, Rev. and Mrs. Upton Beall (nee Emily Johnston Hoffman), 

Troy, Ohio. 
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong (nee Ellerson), 1605 Bolton St. 

Thomas, Mrs. J. William, 1605 Bolton St. 

Thomas, Mrs. John L., 1302 Eutaw PI. 

Thomas, Miss Zaidee T., 1302 Eutaw PI. 

Thomas, Mr. John L., Jr., 1302 Eutaw PI. 

Thomas, Mr. William Strobel, 1302 Eutaw PI. 

Thomas, Judge and Mrs. Wm. H. (nee Catherine A.Roberts), 

Court PL, Westminster, Md. 
Thomas, Mr. Charles Roberts, Court PI., Westminster, Md. 

Thomas, Miss Eleanor Carroll Mackubin, Court PI., Westminster, -Nld. 

Thomas, Miss Catherine A. R., Court PL, Westminster, Md. 

Thomas, Miss Elizabeth S., Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace (nee Lilly S.Buchanan), 

Chicago, 111. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Colston, Cathedral Apts. 

(Ruxton, Md.) 
Thomas, Mr. Reginald C, 

Thomas, Mrs. Morris A., Paris, France. 

Thomas, Miss Genevieve, Paris, France. 

T 247 

Thomas, Mr. Harry T., Charles-St. Av. 

Thomas, IMr. and Mrs. T. Rowland (nee Mary Lewis Thomas), 

1118 N.Calvert St. 

Thomas, ]\Ir. and Mrs. J. Sewell, 2715 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Miss Kate M., 2019 N. Charles St. 

Thomas, Miss Fanny O., 1929 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, ]\Iiss Susie i\Iayer, 1929 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Miss Lina A., 1929 St. Paul St. 

Thomas, Mr. and ]\Irs. Frederic C. (nee Katherine D.Brown), 

''Woodlee Farm," Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, X. Y. 

Thomas, 'Mr. and ^Nlrs. Douglas, 2424 N. Calvert St. 

Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Y., 16 E. Chase St. 
Thompson, Mr. Richard H., Address Baltimore Club. 

Thompson, ^Ir. and Mrs. Eustis (nee Baker), 212 E.Chase St. 

Thompson, Mr. Eustis H., 212 E. Chase St. 

Thompson, Mr. Robeson Lea, 212 E. Chase St. 

Thompson, Dr. Charles B., 212 E. Chase St. 

Thompson. ]\Iiss Charlotte de Macklot, 29 W. Biddle St. 

("The Terraces," Camden, S. C.) 
Thompson, ^Ir. Plenry Oliver, 202 W. ]\Ionument St. 

Thompson, ]\Iiss Mary Harrison, Garrison P. O., Md. 

Thompson, Mrs. Albert Eccleston, 2205 Eutaw PI. 

Thompson, Mrs. James ]Madison, 20 W. Madison St. 

Thompson, Mr. J. M., Jr., 20 W. Madison St. 

Thompson, ^liss Julia H.. Care of Carey & Glenn, 16 St. Paul St. 

Thompson, Mr. and 3*[rs. P. Byrd (nee Helen Parsons), 

206 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Webster, 

308 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 
Thompson, ]\Iiss Alice Louise, The Arundel. 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dalton, The Severn. 

Thompson, Miss Nora Louise, The Severn. 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dalton, Jr., Wilmington, N. C. 

Thompson, Mrs. A. W., 712 St. Paul St. 

Thompson, Miss Nellie, 712 St. Paul St. 
Thompson, Mrs. Deborah Poole, 

"Maple Hill," Falls Road and 37th St., Baltimore. 

Thomsen, Mr. Alonzo L.. Maryland Club, Balto. 

(University Club, New York.) 
Thomsen, Mr. John J., Washington Apts. 

Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ivah, 1928 Mt. Royal Ter. 

JMiomsen, Mr. and Mrs. U'illiam. 

Calvcri Court Apts., Calvert and 31st St<. 
Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. Wni. Edward. 4 Midvale Road. Roland Park. 

riiom.sen, ^[rs. Francis J., " Hall," Windsor Hills, 

rhom.sen, Miss Amy, "Hansl Hall." Windsor Hills. 

Tiffany, Miss Alice T., riie Albion. 

Tiffany. Mr. George Peabody, The x\lbion. 

Tiffany, Mr. and ]\Irs. Herbert T. (nee Harriet F. Poultney). 

132 \V. Lafayette Av. 

831 Park Av. 

Tiffany, Dr. and Mrs. Louis McLane, 

(Mount Custis. Accomack, Va.) 

Tilghman, Miss Mary, 
Tilghman, Miss Henrietta M., 

Tilghman, Mrs. Charles H. (nee Donnell), ' 

J'ilghman, ^liss Agnes Riddell Owen, ' 

Tilghman. Mr. Richard Lloyd, 
Tilghman, Mr. W m. Donnell, 
Tilghman, Mr. C. Herman, 
Timberlake, Dr. and Mrs. Gideon. 

Tinges, Miss Charlotte, 
Tinges, Miss Emma W., 
Tinges, Mr. Charles Howard, 

Tinges, Mrs. H. Murray. 

Tinges. Mr. and Mrs. Murray W. (nee ^lary ^Marguerite Johnson), 

228 W. Lafayette Av 

Tinges, Mr. Charles S.. 
Tinges, Mrs. Charles S., 
Tinges, Miss Anita, 

Tinsley, Miss Harriet Garland, 
Tinsley, Mr. Alex. Lee. 

Tinsle}-, ]\lr. and Mrs. T. Garland. 

Tippett, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B., 

Tippett, Miss Helen ^L, 

Tippett, Mr. and Mrs. J. Royal (nee Dammann"* 

Tippett, Miss Xatalie, 

Tippett, ]\Ir. Richard Edgar, 
Tittoni, Lieut, and Mrs. Robert (nee Marie McNeal), Philadelphia, Pa, 

Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C. Chattolanee, Balto. Co., Md 

Todd, Miss Lydia, Chattolanee, Balto. Co., Md, 

Toler, Miss Aimee Colt, ]\It. Royal Apts, 

Tome. Mr. and Mrs. Peter E., 2437 X. Charles St 

709 St. Paul St. 
709 St. Paul St. 

'Grosses," Easton, Md. 
'Grosses," Easton, ^k\. 

Cardiff", Md. 

7C9 St. Paul St. 

The Winona. 

1221 Bolton St. 
1221 Bolton St. 
1221 Bolton St. 

105 W. Lanvale St. 

233 W. Lafayette A v. 
233 W. Lafayette A v. 
233 W. Lafayette Av. 

2102 St. Paul St. 
2102 St. Paul St. 

1208 St. Paul St. 

"The Pines," Walbrook. 
"The Pines," Walbrook. 
"The Pines."' Walbrook. 
"The Pines," Walbrook. 

University of Virginia. 

T 249 

Tompkins, Col. and Airs. John A., 905 Cathedral St. 

Tompkins. Mr. and Mrs. John A., Jr. (nee Fredericka G. McLane), 

Care of Bureau of Navigation. Xavy Dept.. Washington, D. C. 
Tongue, Mr. T. W.. Maryland Club. 

Tongue, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turner, 116 W. Lanvale St. 

Tongue, Miss Alary Van Arsdale. 116 W. Lanvale St. 

Tongue, Mr. Benjamin S., 116 W. Lanvale St. 

Tormey, Mrs. Ellen M., 118 W.Franklin St. 

Tormey, Air. and AJrs. Alfred Jenkins (nee Florence Z. Oakford), 

"Roslyn," Garrison Av.. Md. 
Tottle. Air. and Airs. Alorton P. (nee Elaine D. Gore), Plaza Apts. 

(Dover Road, Glvndon, Aid.) 
Tottle, Air. and Airs. Wm. A., ' 161 1 Park Av. 

Tough, Airs. Lyttleton Al., i.^oi Linden Av. 

Tower, Airs. George A. (nee Hanway), 

"Stoneleigh," The Esplanade, Pelham Alanor, N. Y. 

Townsend, Lieut. -Commander J. Curtis (U. S. N.), U. S. S. Oklahoma. 

Townsend, Airs. J. Curtis (nee Alartha B. Gaither), 

217 Hanover St., Annapolis, Aid. 

Townsend, Airs. John S., Calvert Court Apts. 

Townsend, Air. John S., Jr., Calvert Court Apts. 

Tracy, Air. and Airs. Lyndon Sanford (nee Alaria Groome Knight), 

Brattle Road, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Treide. Air. and Airs. Henry Ernest (nee Bell Baker), 

3408 Auchentoroly Ter. 

Trench, Air. Stewart A.. University Club.' 

Trenholm, Air. Glover Holmes, ''The Governor,"' Charles and Read Sts. 

Trenholm, Aliss Julia C, 929 St. Paul St. 

Trenholm, Air. and Airs. John Julian Chisolm (nee Augusta Johns 

AlcKellip), 1321 Park Av. 

Trimble, Airs. Isaac Ridgeway (nee Jones), 8 W. Aladison St. 

Trippe, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cross, 1522 Eutaw PI. 

Trippe, Air. and Airs. James AlcConky (nee Kirby), 1522 Eutaw PI. 

Trippe, Air. Andrew Noel, 1522 Eutaw PI. and New Brunswick, N. J. 

Trippe, Miss H. AL, 122 W. Franklin St. 

Trippe, Air. Joseph E., 6 W. Read St. 

Trippe, Air. and Airs. Thomas Hay ward (nee Rosalie Young), 

215 Alosher St. 

Trippe, Air. Richard, 615 St. Paul St. 

Trippe, Air. Edward, 615 St. Paul St. 

Trippe, Air. and Airs. Richard Hayward (nee Dawson), 

Lenox Apts., East Orange, N. J. 

250 T 

Troupe, i\Ir. and Mrs. Calvin Ferris (nee Hattie E.Hull), 2322 Eutaw PI. 
Troupe, Mr. Rinaldo W. B., 2322 Eutaw PI. 

Troupe, Mr. Garland Skipwith, 2322 Eutaw PI. 

Troupe, Mr. Clyde Waldo. 2322 Eutaw PI. 

(Poplar Grove, Relay, Aid.) 
1'roupc, The Messrs., California. 

Troupe, Air. and Mrs. Alerrill Hull S. (nee Florence Marguerite George). 

Cottage Apt., Walbrook. 

Trundle, Airs. W. Burns. 2414 Aladison Av. 

Trower, Dr. and Airs. Edward Flolland (nee Catherine Rush). 

"Cherry Dale." Kendall Grove P. O., Northampton Co., Va. 

Trust, Airs. Edwin H., 1031 St. Paul St. 

Trust, Aliss Rena, 103 1 St. Paul St. 

Tubman, Mr. and Airs. Robert E., 1615 St. Paul St. 

Tubman, Aliss Rosalie B.. 1615 St. Paul St. 

Tuck, Air. and Airs. Philemon H. (nee Dorcas V.Jamison), 

926 Cathedral St. 
Tuck, Aliss M. L. C, 9^6 Cathedral St. 

Tuck, Judge and Mrs. S. P., Sanstasino, Ramlah, Egypt. 

Tuck, Aliss Caroline, Sanstasino, Ramlah, Egypt. 

Tuck, The Messrs., Sanstasino, Ramlah. Eg.vpt. 

Tucker, Air. and Mrs. Robert (nee Mary AlcE. Taylor), 1304 Eutaw PI. 
Tucker, Air. and Airs. John Southgate, The Lennox, Washington. D. C. 

Tucker, Air. and Airs. W. Frank (nee Helen Dulany), 

Tucker, Aliss Florence H., 1813 Park Av. 

Tucker, Air. J. A. O., 1813 Park Av. 

Tunstall, Air. and Airs. W. Brooke, Ruxton. Md. 

Tunstall, Miss Eleanor Turner, Ruxton, Md. 

Tunstall, Air. William Brooke, Jr., Ruxton, Md. 

Tunstall, Air. and Airs. Robertson Taylor (nee Alice AT Bateson), 

Roxabel Apts., Alt. Washington, Aid. 

Turnbull, Aliss Fannie T., 1602 Park Av. 

Turnbull. Airs. Chester B., 

Turnbull, Airs. J. Lisle, 121 1 John St. 

Turnbull, Aliss Janet Graeme, 121 1 John St. 

Turnbull, Air. Graeme, 121 1 John St. 

Turnbull, Air. and Airs. Nisbet, 2133 Alaryland Av. 

Turnbull, Air. and Airs. Lawrence, 1530 Park Av. 

Turnbull, Aliss Eleanor Laurette, 1530 Park Av. 

Turnbull. Air. Edwin Litchfield, 1530 Park Av. 

Turnbull, Aliss Grace Hill, 1530 Park Av. 

("La Paix," Rodger's Forge, Aid.) 


Tiirnbiill, ]\Ii"- and ]\Irs. Bayard (nee Margaret Sparhawk- Jones), 

i6 W. Hamilton St. 

Turnbull, ]\Irs. A. Nisbet, 
Turnbull. Miss Anna Graeme, 
Turnbull, IMiss Olivia Whitridge, 
Turnbull Mr. Laurence C, 
Turnbull, ^Ir. A. Nisbet, Jr., 

Turnbull, Mr. Horatio Whitridge, 
Turnbull, Mr. Henry Rutherford, 
Turnbull, ]\Ir. and Mrs. John, 

Turnbull, Miss Ellen M., 
'I\u-nbull, Mr. Henry C, Jr., 

Turnbull, ^h: and Mrs. Wm. E., 

1629 Park PI. 
1629 Park PI. 
1629 Park PI. 
1629 Park PI. 
1629 Park PI. 

70 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Baltimore Av., Towson, Md. 

Waverly Terrace, Franklin Square. 

Lake Av., Govans, Md. 
Lake Av., Govans, Md. 

Mt. Royal Apartments. 

Cecil Apartments. 

817 N. Charles St. 

Riderwood P. O., :\Id. 

"Wilbermar Fields 

Turner, Mrs. Sidney, 

Turner, Miss Virginia, 

Turner, Miss Eleanor ]\Iay, 

Turner, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. William P., 

Apt. G, Park Circle Apts., Park Av. and Lake Drive 

Turner, Mr. and 'Sirs. George J., Wardour-on-Severn, Annapolis, Md 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. (nee Henrietta P. Bloodgood). 

3 Somerset Road, LTniversity Parkway, Roland Park, 
Turner, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James H., 

3 Somerset Road, University Parkway, Roland Park 

Turner, Mrs. Gladys D., 600 W. 169th St., New York City. 

Turner, Mrs. Horatio Whitridge, The Avon, E. Read St 

Turner, Mr. Horatio Whitridge, The Avon, E. Read St 

Turner, Mrs. Ida L., 3 Upland Road, Roland Park 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. James F. (nee Elizabeth Clarke Thelin), 

Chilham Road, Mt. Washington, Md 

Turner, Mr. Arthur Gordon, South Av., Mt. Washington, Md, 

Turner, Prof. Edward Raymond, University of ]\Iich., Ann Arbor, Mich 

Turner, Miss Orra J., Ruxton, Md 

Turpin, Miss, 305 W. Hoffman St 

Turtle, Capt. and Mrs. Lewis, Artillery Corps (U. S. A.) Cnee Louise 

H.Wheeler), Fort Winfield Scott, California 

Twells, Mrs. Rutherford C. (nee Josephine H. Reardon), 

Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (nee Anne Johnson Poe). 

Ruxton, Balto. Co., Md 

Tyler, Miss Eleanore Murdoch, 7 E. Eager St 


Tyler, Mrs. E. Murray, 

Tyler, Miss Elizabeth dn P., 


Tyler, ]\Iiss Clara V.. 

Tyler, Mr. John Goodenow, 

Tyson, Mrs. Frederic, 

Tyson, Air. Alalcolm van Vechlen, 

Tyson, Mr. Robert, 

Tyson, J\lrs. James W., i8o Ev 

Tyson, Mrs. Mordecai Dawson (nee 

Tyson, ]\Ir. James Wood 3d, 

Tyson, Miss Adelaide P., 

Tyson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Morris (nee 

Tyson, Airs. Matthew S., 

Laurel, Md. 

Orchards," Harmony Grove P. O.. Md. 
The Cecil. 

251 W. Preston St. 

251 W. Preston St. 

Westminster. Md. 

anson St., Winnipeg, }>Ianitoba. Canada. 

Harrison), The Walbert. 

[Minneapolis, Minn. 

The Upton, 329 Dolphin St. 

Laura Lee Packard), 
Chancery St., near Greenway, Guilford. 

The Albion. 

1 yson, 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. (nee 
Miss Elizabeth. 

Esther Buchanan), 

Norwich, Vt. 
Norwich. Vt. 

Howard 1^. Taylor & Co, 




Ufford, j\Ir. and ^Irs. Walter S. (nee Elizabeth Brown), 

The Argyle, Washington, D. C. 
Uhler, Mrs. Philip R.. 254 W. Hoffman St. 

Uhler, Miss Miriam Dutton, 254 W. Hoffman St. 

Ulman, Mrs. Alford J., 2801 N. Charles St. 

Ulman, Mr. and ]\irs. Jacob A. (nee Cary), 

10 W. Read St. (for the Winter). 
Ulman, Miss Nanine H., lo W. Read St. (for the Winter). 

Ulman, ]\Iiss Margaret, 10 W. Read St. (for the Winter). 

("Helmoro," Brooklandville, Md.) 
Ulman, Dr. C. J., 1808 Eutaw PI. 

Ulman, Dr. S. Jay, University Club, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Ulrich, Mr. and J\Irs. John L. (nee Katharine Boggs), 

2235 Q St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Underbill, Mr. and ]\Irs. Morris (nee Helen O'Donovan), 

415 ]\Iadison Av., New York City. 
Unduch, Mr. and ]\Irs. Wm. Lanahan, Aigburth Road, South Towson, Md. 
Unduch, Mr. J. Lloyd, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Upshur, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin (nee Ethelyn W. Wilson), 

Berlin, Worcester Co., Md. 
Upton, Mr. and ]\Irs. Roger (nee Lloyd), Devereux, Marblehead, Mass. 

Urquhart, Mrs. Richard A., The Ellicott, 829 N. Charles Si. 

Urquhart, Mr. and Mrs. Whitnel Hill (nee Dorothy Gordon Tait), 

The Raleigh, Richmond, Va. 



anh all IfltrariPa in ^;fai5nn aluiags on IjanJi 



1309-1311 MARYLAND AVENUE. [Near Prestcn street] 



\\iil, j\Irs. Agnes Doming, 

V'aile, Mrs. Charles Albert. 

V^alentine, The jMisses. 

Valentine, Miss. 

Valiant, Mr. and INIrs. Joseph William, 


1713 Park Av. 

Roland Park- 

res," Wardour, Annapolis, Md. 
1532 Bolton St. 
1532 Bolton St. 

"Hurricane Hill." Belair, Md. 
"Hurricane Hill." Belair, Md. 
"Hurricane Hill," Belair, Md. 

Van Bibber, Miss 

Van Bibber, Miss Alice, 

Van Bibber. Hon. and Mrs. Geo. L., 

Van Bibber, Dr. and Mrs. A. R, 

Van Bibber, Miss Lena Chew, 

Vanderpoel, Mrs. Granger, 

The Winona Apts., Park Av. and ^Monument St. 
\'anderpoel. ^liss Frances Imogen, 

The Winona Apts., Park Av. and ^Monument St. 

\^andeventer, ^Ir. and ?^Irs. Elliott, 2501 :\Iadison Av. 

Van Dusen, Mr. and Mrs. George Cross (nee Blanche S. Brune), 

2127 Pleasant Av., ]\Iinneapolis, Minn. 

Van Ness, Mrs. Eugene, 1515 Park Av. 

Van Ness. Dr. and Mrs. Eugene McE. (nee Smith), 200 W.Lafayette Av. 

Van Ness, J\Ir. and ]\Irs. Carroll (nee Rosalie Porter), Stevenson, Md. 


Vernon-Williams, 'Sir. and ]\Irs. 

Thomas [Miller), 
Vickers, Mr. Wm. von Hartzog, 
Vickery, Mr. and ]\Irs. Edw. IVL, 
Vickery, Miss Mabel R. H., 
Vickery, Mr. Stephen Graham, 

Van Ness, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Bartow (nee Butler), 834 Park Av. 

Van Wyck, Miss ^lary B., Short Hills, N.J. 

Van Wyck, Miss Annie E., Short Hills, N. J. 

Van Wyck, Mr. William, Morgan, Harjes & Co., Paris, France. 

Veazey, ^Ir. and Mrs. Duncan (nte Annie V. Knight), 2907 St. Paul St. 

Veazey, Mr. George Ross, 2907 St. Paul St. 

Venables, Rev. Wm. F., 816 N. Eutaw St. 
Venable, Mrs. Edward C. (nee Helen Skipwith Wilmer), 1531 Park Av. 

Venable, ^liss Helen Wilmer, 1531 Park Av. 

Venable, ]Mr. Samuel Woodson, 1531 Park Av. 

Venable, Air. Edward C, Jr., 1531 Park Av. 

Vernon, Col. George W. F., Cottage Apts 

Vernon, ]^Iiss Anne D., Cottage Apts. 

Vernon, Ensign and Mrs. Walter Newhall(nee Sidney Patterson Saunders), 

Annapolis, Md. 
Frederick Royalle (nee Ida 

102 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 
2108 St. Paul St. 

1223 N. Calvert St. 

1223 N. Calvert St. 

1223 N. Calvert St. 
Vickery, [Nlr. and 3>Irs. Thomas Harold (nee Kathleen McDonnell), 

6 Norwood PI., Guilford. 
Vincent, Mr. and Airs. J. Collin, 
Vincent, Aliss Mabel, 
Vincent, Aliss Eleanor Clark, 
Vincent, Miss Charlotte, 
Vincent, Mr. and Airs. Sidney C, 
Vincent, Air. and Airs. Harold Blanchard, 
Vinton, Aliss Eleanor Latrobe, 
Vinton, Aliss Lillian Hazlehurst, 
Virgin, Air. and Airs. Carl, 
Virgin, Aliss AI. E., 
Virgin, Air. Carl, Jr., 
Virgin, Rev. and Airs. J. Frederick, Grace Church Rectory, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Vivier, Mr. and Airs. Geo. R. du (nee Elder), New York City. 

Voeke, Mr. H. B., 103 E. 25th St. 

Vogeler, Air. Charles A. W., Bronxville, N. Y. 

Vogeler, Dr. William J., Yonkers, N. T. 

Volck, Aliss Annie C, 1601 Linden Av. 

Volck, Aliss Fanny B., 1601 Linden Av. 

Volck, The Alessrs., Texas. 

Volck. Dr. and Mrs. George A., Houston, Texas. 

Voorhees, Air. and Airs. H. Belin, 2 W. Biddle St. 

9 E. 27th St. 

9 E. 27th St. 

9 E. 27th St. 

9 E.27th St. 

Baltimore, Aid. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

14 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

14 Hillside Road, Roland Park. 

436 Cherry St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

436 Cherry St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

436 Cherry St., Elizabeth, N. J. 


Wade, Mrs. Wm. A. 
Wade, Dr. J. Percy, 

Catonsville, Md. 
Catonsville, Md. 

Wade, Mr. and Mrs. John D. (nee Louisa Gilmor Riach), 

Glade Farm, Davie, Florida. 

Wagner, Mrs. Henry C, 2418 St. Paul St. 

Wagner. Miss Marv Small. 2418 St. Paul St. 

Wagner, Miss Etta' C. 2418 St. Paul St. 

Wagner, Mrs. James V., 139 W. Lafayette Av. 

Wagner, Mr. Effingham B., 139 W. Lafayette Av. 

Wagner, Mr. Edgar T., 139 W. Lafayette Av. 

Wagner, Miss Mabel, 1610 Park PI. 

Wagner, Miss Anne M., 1610 Park PL 

Wagner, Mr. James Fisher, 1610 Park PI. 

Wagner. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Basil (nee Caroline Pattison Wel:)b), 

Garrison P. O., Md. 

Wailes, Miss Elizabeth Leonard, 809 Cathedral St. 

Wainwright, ]\Ir. and Mrs. J. Mayhew (nee Laura Buchanan), 

"Boxwood." Rve-on-Sound, New York. 

Wainwright, Miss Fonrose, 

Waldran, Dr. Donna Ann, 

Walker, Miss Emma, 

Walker, Mrs. Edmund Rhett, 
Walker, Mr. Joseph Roger, 

Walker, Mr. and ]\Irs. Elisha H., 


Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunt, 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allan, 

Walker, Mr. Edward A.. 
Walker, Miss Annie T.. 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Norvell R.. 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. John Moseley, 
Walker, Mrs. John M., Sr., 

Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A., 

Wallace, Mrs. Richard M., 

'Boxwood," Rye-on- Sound, New^ York. 

210 E. Preston St. 

1317 W. Lanvale St 

871 Park Av. 
871 Park Av. 

York Road and Walker Av., Govans. 

1533 Bolton St. 

Cedar Croft, Govans, Md. 

103 W. Monument St. 
103 W. Monument St. 

The Gilman Apts. 

"The Meadows," Owings Mills, Md. 
"The Meadows," Owings Mills, Md. 

Grove St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Wallace, Mrs. James, 

Wallace, Miss Katherine AlcComas 

"The Hill," Cambridge. Md. 
"The Hill," Cambridge, Md. 

Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (nee Agnes Grogan), Fredericksburg, Va. 

Waller, Mr. and Mrs. John Handy (nee Williams). 

Gilman Apts.. Calvert and 31st Sts. 

W 257 

Wallis, Mrs. Benjamin. 2911 St. Paul St. 

Wallis. Miss Adelaide P... 2911 St. Paul St. 

Wallis, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, 2911 St. Paul St. 

Wallis, Miss ]\Iary Belle, 2911 St. Paul St. 

Wallis. Mr. Severn Teackle, 1004 N. Charles St 

Wallis, Mr. and Mrs. James (nee Mary ]>k[ayer). 

211 Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 
^^'allis, Miss Mary \'irginia, 211 Edgevale Park. Roland Park. 

Walsh. Mr. and ^Irs. Harold (nee Gilder), 

1209 N.Calvert St. (for the Winter). 
("Bellevue," Upper Falls, Baltimore Co., Md.) 

Walter, :Mrs. Alfred, 929 St. Paul St. 

Walter, Mr. Alfred, Jr., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Moses R., 2801 N. Charles St. 

Walter, Miss, 2801 N.Charles St. 

Walter, Miss Valerie. 2801 N. Charles St. 

Walter, Mr. Raphael. • 280T N. Charles St. 

Walter, ^Ir. Albert U., 2801 N. Charles St. 

Walters, Mr. Henry, 5 W. Mt. Vernon PI. 

Walton, Mrs. T. O., 15 Maryland Av., A.nnapolis, Md. 

Walton, Dr. and Mrs. Henrv Jannev (nee Helen Alford Smith). 

720 W. North Av. 

Walmsley, Mrs. A. B., Schiaalenburgh, N. J. 

Wampole, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Albert K. (nee Carrie F. McComas), 

Eleven East Chase St. 

Wanty, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C (nee Marguerite Primrose), 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ward, ]\Irs. Henrietta P., 22 E. Eager St. 

Ward, Miss Mary Wilson, 22 E. Eager St. 

Ward, Mrs. Henry V., 921 St. Paul St. 

Ward, Mrs. Francis X., 2417 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ward, Mr. Charles Francis, 2417 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ward, Miss Bessie, 225 W. Preston St. 

Ward, Mr. and Mrs. George, "Five Oaks," Owings Mills, Md. 

Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atwater (nee Beata McDowell), 

208 E. Biddle St. 
Warden, Miss Ella L., 129 W. Lafayette Av. 

Warden, IVIr. James B., 129 W. Lafayette Av. 

Warden, Miss Alice McB.. no W. 23d St. 

Warden, Miss Susanna M., no W. 23d St. 

Warden, Miss Lydie B., no W. 2'^ St. 

258 W 

Wardlaw, Miss, Princeton, N. J. 

Ware, J\Ir. and ]\Irs. George Long (nee Charlotte Lindsay), 

117 Revere St., Boston, Mass. 
Wardwell, Mv. and Airs. Clifton R. (nee Margaret Brundige), 

2731) St. Paul St. 
Wartield, Air. and Airs. Richard Emory (nee Davies), 

125 E. 8ist St., New York. 
Warfield, Air. Douglas Robinson, Raquct Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Warfield, Mr. Henry, Jr., 34 E. Preston St. 

Warfield, Airs. Henry U., 34 E. Preston St. 

Warfield, Air. S. Davies, 34 E. Preston St. 

Warfield, Air. and Airs. Henry Alactier (nee Denison), 

''Salona Farms," Timonium P. O., Balto. Co., Aid. 

Warfield, Aliss Anita, "Salona Farms," Timonium P. O., Balto. Co., Aid. 

Warfield, Aliss Bessie Wallis, Earl Court. 

Warfield, Dr. and Airs. Alactier (nee Alary Campbell Alurdoch), 

Aigburth, Towson, Aid. 
Warfield, Miss Alaria, 1534 Mt. Royal Av. 

Warfield, Miss Mary Hutchinson, 1534 Alt. Royal Av. 

Warfield, Air. and Airs. Edwin, 1223 Linden Av. 

Warfield, Air. Edwin, Jr., 1223 Linden Av. 

("Oakdale," Woodbine P. O., Aid.) 
Warfield, Air. and Airs. Joshua N., Jr. (nee Alary Nicodemus), 

"Wilderness Farm," Woodbine, Carroll Co., Aid. 

Warfield, Miss Nina H., ' 122 W. Franklin St. 

Warfield, Air. T. W., New York City. 

Warfield, Air. J. Davidge, Denver, Col. 

Warfield, Dr. Ridgely B., 845 Park Av. 

Warfield, Mrs. Gustavus, The Homewood Apts. 

Warfield, Air. and Airs. Harry Hoffman, 1322 Eutaw PI. 

Warfield, Mrs. Clara S., 313 Alosher St. 

Warfield, Air. and Mrs. F. Howard (nee Warner), 2507 N. Charles St. 

Waring, Airs. Robert K., 11 17 St. Paul St. 

Waring, Air. Benjamin H., 1117 St. Paul St. 

(Sudbrook Park.) 

Waring, Air. and Airs. J. Alowton Saunders (nee Le Compte), 

1815 Asbury Av., Evanston, 111. 
Waring, Aliss, 112 S.California Av., Atlantic City, N. J. 

Waring, Airs. William Emory, The Washington. 

Waring, Mr. William Emory, Jr., The Washington. 

Waring, Aliss Alary Clare, The Washington. 

("Woodleigh," Catonsville.) 

Warner, Mr. and Mrs. C Hopewell (nee Frederica L. Clegett), 

15 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Miss Nettie C, 18 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Mr. Walter B., 18 E. Lanvale St. 

Warner, Mrs. Alexander, 613 St. Paul St. 

Warner, Miss Emma, 613 St. Paul St. 

Warner, Mr. D. List, 613 St. Paul St. 

Warner, Mr. Alexander, Thomasville, Pa. 

Warner, Miss May Godey, 2507 N. Charles St. 

Warner, Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver (nee Judith Moale Jenkins), 

13 1 5 John St. 

Warner, ]\Ir. and j\Irs. Theodore, 843 University Parkway. 

Warner, ]\Iiss Grace, 843 University Parkway. 

Warner, Dr. Theodore B., 843 University Parkway. 

Warren, Prof, and Mrs. F. M. (nee Estelle Carey), 

46 Mansheld St., New Haven, Conn. 

Warren, j\Iiss Martha S., 46 Mansfield St., New Haven, Conn. 

Warren, Mr. James Carey, 46 Mansfield St., New Haven, Conn. 

Washburn, INlr. and Mrs. Wyman F., Jr., 

Washburn, ]\Irs. Charles W., 

Washburn, Mr. and Mrs. Howard L., 1402 Eutaw PI. 
Wasson, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Robert B. (nee Sarah Charlotte Browne), 

Waters, Mr. and ]\Irs. J. Seymour Taliafero, 225 W. Lanvale St. 

Waters, J\Iiss Lindsay T., 22=^ W. Lanvale St. 

W^aters, Miss Elizabeth W., 225 W. Lanvale St. 

Waters, Mr. Horace, 105 W. Lanvale St. 

Waters, Gen. and Mrs. Francis E., 11 E.Chase St. 

Waters, Mr. Richard T., 11 E.Chase St. 

Waters, Aliss Emily R., "Beechwood," Princess Anne, Md. 

Waters, Mr. Arnold Elze}', '"Fairlea," Lutherville, Md. 

Waters, Col. and J\Irs. John, "Dumbarton," Pikesville, Md. 

Waters, Mr. Robert E., Maher Av., Greenwich, Conn. 

Waters, Miss Marguerite E., Maher Av., Greenwich, Conn. 

Waters, Mr. Carlos R., Maher Av., Greenwich, Conn. 

Waters, Mr. and ]\Irs. Henry Jackson (nee Wilson), 

Princess Anne, Somerset Co., Md. 

Watkins, Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur F., Jr., St. John's Rectory, Mt. Washington. 
Watkins, Miss Esther Patterson, St. John's Rectory, Mt. Washington. 

Watkins, Mr. Leonard Robinson, St. John's Rectory, Mt. Washington. 

Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D., The Marlborough. 

260 "W 

Watson, Mrs. Wm. Livingston (nee Swan), The Arundel Apts. 

Watson, Rev. William, Mt. Calvary Clergy House. 8io N. Eutaw St. 

Watson. Lieut, and Mrs. Henry Lee (nee Eleanor Eebriger Ewing). 

Presidio. San Francisco, Cal. 

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W., 51st St. and Fifth Av., New York. 

Watson, Miss Ida M., 51st St. and Fifth Av., New York. 

Watson, Miss Lucy L., 51st St. and Fifth Av., New York. 

Watters, Mr. P.. Courtney, Woodbrook P. O., Md. 

Watters, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney, Monkton, ]\Id. 

Watters, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. H., Jr. (nee Nancy Lee), 

"Brick House Farm," Ellicott City, Md. 

Watters, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson (nee Adelaide A.Thomas), 

Mt. Washington, Md. 

Watts. Miss Elsie H., P.elair, Md. 

Watts, Mr. Hugh Farnandis, Cardiff, Md. 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dorsey (nee Idoline Austell), 

3021 St. Paul St. 

\\'atts, Lieut, and Mrs. Laurence (nee Chapman). 

P>M-t Warren. Boston Harbor. Mass. 

Watts, Mrs. Philip, Lawrence, Kansas. 

Watts, :Mr. and Mrs. Lister T., Pikesville, Md. 

Watts. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sidney (nee Bond). Pikesville. Md. 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hartley (nee Cassard), 21 14 St. Paul St. 

Ways. Mrs. Charles E., Mt. Royal Apts. 

W^ays, Miss Margaret Elizabeth, The Walbert. 

Ways, Mr. and ^Irs. Max, 1819 St. Paul St. 

Weatherly. ]\Irs. Wilson Everett, The Preston Apartments. 

Weatherly, I\Ir. Carroll D., The Preston Apartments. 

Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. (nee Ellen Calvert Egerton). 

604 W. Xcrth Av. 
Webb, Mrs. B. DeFord (nee Chisolm), Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Webb, Mr. and ]Mrs. Francis Lee (nee Jennie Power), St. Paul Apts. 

Webb, Miss Elizabeth Kremelberg, 1000 N. Charles St. 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Everett (nee Cassard). Sudbrook Park, Md. 
Webb, Mr. Albert Lee, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Webb, Mr. Oscar Everett, Sudbrook Park, Md. 

Webb, Rev. and Mrs. William Rollins (nee Oakford). 

"Monticello," Windsor Mill Road, Walbrook. 

Webb, Mr. Armistead Moore, "Monticello.'' Windsor Mill Road, Walbrook. 

W 261 

Webb, Mr. and ]\Irs. Charles A. (nee Cator), 1123 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Elizabeth Pattison, 1123 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Helen Deford, 2120 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Miss Alice Prescott, 2120 St. Paul St. 

Webb, Mr. Walter Howard, 2120 St. Paul St. 

Webb. Miss Ella, 2030 Park Av. 

Webb, Mr. Edmund J., 2030 Park Av. 

Webb, Mr. and ]\Irs. George R., The Homewood Apts. 

Webb, Miss Celeste, The Homewood Apts. 

(Garrison and Belle Avs.) 

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis (nee Natalie Oudesluys), Ruxton, ^Id. 

Webb, Mr. Frank Rush, 263 W. Hofifman St. 

W^ ebb, Mr. and ]\Irs. D. Stuart (nee Hoge). 2210 Roslyn Av., Wal'brook. 

Webster, Mrs. Lee, Cockeysville, Md. 

Webster, Mr. Lynn, 2418 N. Charles St. 

\yeeks, Mr. and ]\Irs. A. Kirkland, 2/24 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Weeks, Miss Louise Kirkland, 2124 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. John Lafayette, Englewood, N. J. 

Weeks, ^Ir. J. Chambers, York, Pa. 

Weerth, Mme. de, Address 131 W'. Lanvale St. 

Weil, Mrs. Albert, 1808 Eutaw PI. 

("^lelona." Govan-. Md. ) 

Welbourn. Mrs. John E., The Plaza Apts. 

Welbourn, Rev. and Mrs. J. Armistead (nee ]\Lirgaret L. Fishburne), 

Tokyo, Japan. 

Welbourn. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hambleton (nee Emma Dawson), 

222 Laurens St. 

Welch, Dr. William H., 807 St. Paul St 

Welch, Mrs. Dixon (nee Fannie A. Dixon), "Noxid," Columbia. Conn. 

Weld. Rev. and Mrs. C. R., LL.D., 119 W. Franklin St. 

Weld, Mr. Albert H., "Hazeldene," Ellicott City P. O., Md. 

Welker, Capt. and Mrs. Philip A. (nee Gertrude Lanahan), 

910 N. Charles St. 

Wells, Miss Grace, 933 N. Calvert St 

Wells, Miss H. L., 933 N. Calvert St. 

W'ells; Mr. and Mrs. E. Edward (nee Eda von Knol)loch), 

Calvert Court. Calvert and 3Kst Sts. 

Wells, Miss Zoe, P.D.H., 1223 Mt. Royal Av. 

West, Miss Katherine E., The Arundel. 

2fi2 W 

West, ]\Ir. Laurance. 1600 Park Av 

West. Mr. William Christopher, 1600 Park Av. 

West, Mr. Geo. Page, 1600 Park A v. 

West, Mrs. Edward R., 

West, Mr. Edward R., Jr., 

West, Dr. and Mrs. INIarshall B. (nee Anne Evans Bresee) , Catonsville, I\Id. 

West, Mr. Rowland C, Baltimore Club. 

West, ]\Iiss Jessie, 2223 N. Charles St. 

West, JMrs. Minnie Sellman, 2901 N. Charles St. 

West, :\Iiss Katharine Lorraine, 2901 N. Charles St. 

West, Mr. and Mrs. William (nee Duer) , 

Weston, Mr. Cornelius. 5 ^^lidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Weston, Mr. and I\lrs. B. Latrobe (nee Virginia W. Rich), 

5 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 
Weston, Mr. Henry Bancroft, 5 jMidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Weston. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur Hazlehurst, 

II Elmwood Road, Roland Park. 

Wetherall, Mrs. M. P., 1202 Madison Av. 

Wetherall, Aliss Frances, 1202 Madison Av. 

Wetherall, Mr. and IMrs. William G. (nee Mary Pinkney Hanan), 

15 E. Eager St. 

Wetmore. Mrs. Russell (nee Wilson), 202 E. Read St. 

Wetmore, Major W. B., 1021 St. Paul St. 

Wevmouth, Mr. and ]\Irs. Harrison (nee Sara English Snowden), 

220 E. Biddle St. 

Whedbec. ^Ir. Thomas ^I., The Gilman Apis. 

Whedbcc, Mr. and Mrs. C. Maurice (nee :\Iary Patterson Nicholas). 

Owings Mills. M(l. 

Whedbee, ^liss Clare U., Calvert Court. 

Whedbee, Mr. M. Manly, m Fifth Av., New York City. 

Wheeler, Mrs. J. Harold (nee Emma Hillard), 1919 Maryland Av. 

Wheeler, Mr. John P., 1919 Maryland Av. 

Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold, Jr. (nee Olivia Dulany), Earl Court. 

Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Everett P. (nee Alice Gilman), 

150 E. 72d St., New York City. 

Wheeler. Mr. and ^Irs. J. D., 1228 N. Calvert St. 
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. J. Columbus, Jr. (nee St. Clair) , 

Wheelwright, Mr. and Mrs. Jere Hungerford, 10 W. Madison St. 

("Twyford," Ellicott City, Md.) 


Whelan. ]\Iiss Mary, 

Whelan, Mrs. Fred. Graf. 
Whelan, ^Ir. and ?^Irs. W 

The Preston, Cor. Preston and Guilford Av. 

1812 N. Calvert St. 
liam Creagh (nee Rachel T. E. Hewes). 

Whelan, Miss ]\Iary C. Mackubin, 
Whelan, ]\Iiss Lola Hammond, 

Whelan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., 

1812 N. Calvert St. 

i8t2 N. Calvert St 
1812 N. Calvert St. 

1300 N. Calvert St. 

Whelan. Mr. and ]\Irs. Thomas A.. Jr. (nee Josephine E. Waring), 

Sndbrook Park. ^Id. 

Whelan, Miss Katharine L.. 122 Mosher St. 

Whelan, IMiss Henrikka L., 122 Mosher St. 

Whelan, Miss Elinor ]\r., 122 Mosher St. 

Whistler, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Delano, Europe. 

Whistler, Mrs. Joseph, Europe. 

Whistler, Mr. and Mrs. Ross W., Lennox, Mass. 

Whistler, Mr. Ross W., Jr., Lennox, Mass. 

White, ]\Irs. Charles R., :\It. Royal Apts. 

White, Miss Louise T., Mt. Royal Apts. 

(Catonsville, Md.) 

White, ]\Ir. and ]Mrs. Wm. Winchester (nee Rebecca Norris Levering), 

Frederick Road, Catonsville, IMd. 

White, }ilr. and ]\Irs. Charles Ridgely (nee Lucy Willis), 

Ingleside Av., Catonsville, Md. 

White. Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Taylor (nee Violet Poe), 132 W. Lanvale St 

White, Mr. J. McKenny, 2202 N. Charles St 

White, Mr. and Mrs. J. McKenny, Jr., New York. 

White, Mrs. Francis. 1114 St. Paul St. 

White, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Richard J. (nee Janet H. MacLaren), 

1114 St. Paul St 
("Bryn Dun," Poplar Heights, Roland Park.) 

White, T^lr. and Mrs. Miles, Jr. (nee Bonsai), 
White, ]\liss Sara E., 
White, Mr. S. Bonsai, 
White, ]\Ir. Francis, 

White, ]\Ir. and Airs. Francis A., 

White, Mr. and Mrs. G. Howard, 
White, Mr. W. Wilson, 

1 130 N. Calvert St 
1 130 N. Calvert St 
1 130 N. Calvert St. 
1 130 N. Calvert St 

Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O. 

Catonsville, Md. 
Catonsville, Md. 

White, Dr. and Airs. Geo. Howard, Jr. (nee Alary Dulany Lemmon), 

1029 Cathedral St 



White, Air. Emmet Wallace. 
White, Mr. and Airs. Luke W 
White, Miss Marie Philoman, 

White. Miss Mary S.. 

White, Mrs. Edward H., 

White, Airs. Gideon, 

White. Mr. Arthur, 

White, Air. Horace W., 
White, Air. Horace W., Jr., 
White, Miss Suzanne Voss, 
White, Miss Rebecca, 

White, Mr. Robert E., 

White, Air. Stevenson. 

Anniston, Edmondson Av. Ext. and 14th St. 
Anniston, Edmondson Av. Ext. and 14th Sl 
Anniston, Edmondson Av. Ext. and 14th St. 

The Albion. 

12 E. Alt. Vernon PI. 

•■Shelberne," Royal Oak. Tall^r.t Co.. Aid. 

Howard Co. 

"The Knoll." Garrison, Aid. 
'The Knoll," Garrison, Aid. 
"The Knoll," Garrison, Aid. 
"The Knoll," Garrison, Aid. 

723 du Pont Bldg., Wilmington, Del. 

"The Knoll," Garrison, Aid. 

White, Air. and Airs. Harry (nee James). 

606 Cathedral St. 
606 Cathedral St. 

White, Air. and Airs. Julian LeRov (nee Beylard), 

Of 2400 W. North Av. (Abroad.) 

White, Airs. Thomas William, Jr., 2122 X.Calvert St. 

White, Air. and Airs. John Campbell (nee Anne Elizabeth Chew 

Williams), 1726 N.Calvert St. 

White, Airs. J. Charles. The Lenox, 1523 L St. N. W., Washington. D. C 

White, Air. and Airs. Alex. Robinson, 

"Glenhurst." Relay P. O., Baltimore Co., Aid. 
White, Air. John Glenn, "Glenhurst," Relay P. O., Baltimore Co., Md. 

Wliite, Aliss Rebecca Waters, "Glenhurst," Relay P. O., Baltimore Co., Aid. 
White, Aliss Alildred Lee Carter. 

"Glenhurst," Relav P. O.. Baltimore Co., Aid. 

Ellicott City, R. No. 4, Aid. 
Riderwood, Aid. 

White, Air. and Airs. Stevenson, 

White, Mrs. Charles Ridgely (nee Gary), 

White. Air. and Airs. George L., 
White, Mr. G. Lawrence, 
White, Mr. E. Emerson, 

White, Air. and Airs. Edward Lucas (nee Gerry), 
White, Airs. Thomas H., 
White, Aliss Ethel, 

White, Miss Ellen Douglas. 

WMiite, Dr. and Airs. Walter W. (nee Leonore G.Doyle), 

iioi N. Broadway. 
Whitfield, Airs. Geo. 11. (nee Laura AI. Crane). 

■■Robin Wood," Timonium, Aid. 

Whitehead, Airs. Jos. Boykin, Q09 Cathedral St. 

Reisterstown, Md. 
Reisterstown. Aid. 
Reisterstown, Aid. 

1223 Alt. Royal Av. 
1223 Alt. Royal A v. 
1223 Alt. Royal A v. 

142 W. Lanvale St. 

W 265 

Whitehead, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. John Bosvvell (nee Mary Ellen Colston), 

19 West Cold Spring Lane, Guilford. 

Whiteley, Mr. Albert, "Vineyard," Gilmor Lane and 29th St. 

Whiteley, Miss Annie Holmes, The Cecil. 

Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Holmes, 1008 N. Charles St. 

Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gustavus (nee Stone), 223 W. Lanvale St. 

Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (nee Lucretia Reid Spence), 

40 Parker Road, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Whiteley, Mr. B. Albert, Paradise, "Tanglewood," Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Mrs. Benjamin, Paradise, "Tanglewood," Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Miss Elizabeth C, "Herndon," Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Miss Emma R., "Herndon," Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Mrs. Rebecca E., "Markland," Catonsville, :\Td. 

Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Stockett Mathews (nee Hester A. Hopkins), 

"Winodee Farm," Longswood P. O., Talbot Co., Md. 

Whiteley, Mr. Henry Baynard, Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Mr. Benjamin, Catonsville, Md. 

Whiteley, Air. James S.. 1221 N. Calvert St. 

Whiteley, ^liss A label Wilson, 1221 N. Calvert St. 

Whiteley, Miss Eleanor Custis, 1221 N. Calvert St. 

("Ventnor," Catonsville, Md.) 

Whitelock, Air. and Airs. George, The Washington Apts. 

Whitelock, Aliss Roberta Clarkson, 813 Hamilton Ter. 

Whitelock, Air. and Airs. Wm. Alarshall Elliott (nee Louise Adams 

Little), 10 Farm Road, Marlboro, Alass. 

Whitelock, Air. and Airs. Wm. Wallace, 758 West End Av., New York City. 

Whiteside, Air. and Airs. Alexander (nee Ethel Stockton), 

S2^ Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Whitham, Dr. and Airs. Lloyd B. (nee Alice Ridgely), 1007 N.Calvert St. 

Whiting, Air. and Airs. Clarence C, Earl Court. 

Whiting, Aliss Dulany, Earl Court. 

(Catonsville, Aid.) 

Whiting, Air. and Airs. G. W. C. (nee Nathalie Contee Thomas), 

20 E. Alt. Vernon PI 
Whiting, Air. and Airs. George Armistead (nee Butler), 

Lawyers' Hill, Elkridge P. O.. Md. 
Whiting, Aliss Julia B., Earl Court. 

Whiting, Aliss Alaud Neville, Earl Court. 

Whiting, Airs. Neville, Virginia. 

266 W 

Whiting, Dr. and l\lrs. llenrv Augustus. 311 Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 
Whiting, Dr. Edith, 311 Oakdale Road, Roland Park. 

Whitman, Mr. Francis S., Chflon Av. and 9th St., Walbrook 

Whitman. :\[r. and INIrs. Horace S. ( nee Ruth Hamilton). 

12 14 N. Charles St. 

Whitman. Mr. and Mrs. h>.ra B. ( nee Glenn). 139 \\\ Lanvale St. 

Whitman. Mr. and Mrs. Khen Esmond (nee Jane W. Harvey). 

Cedarhurst, Long Island. 

Whitney. ^Ir. and Mrs. Joseph Gushing, 58 W. Biddle St. 

(Stevenson, Md.) 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. Morris (nee Mackenzie), 

.4402 Greenway, Guilford. 

Whitridge, Mr. William. 1203 Cathedral St. 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. John (nee Edith Bvrd Jackson), 

Brooklandville P. O.. .Md. 

Whitridge, Mrs. Andrew H. (nee Gary), 840 Park Av. 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 604 Cathedral St. 

Whitridge, Miss, 604 Cathedral St. 

("Glencairn," Stevenson P. O., Md.) 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio L. (nee Matilda B. Emory), 

Stevenson, Md. 

Whitridge. Dr. and ^Irs. Roland B. (nee Whiting). 

1726 T St.. Washington. D. C. 

Whitridge, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (nee Bowie), 14 W.Madison St. 

Whitridge, Mr. Thomas, Jr., 14 W. Madison St. 

Whitridge, Miss Helen E., 14 W. Madison St. 

Whittingham, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, Bancroft Park, Baltimore. 

Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pinkney, Jr. (nee Herbert), 

"The Roost," Ruxton, Balto. Co., Md. 
Whyte, Mr. Charles Gilmor, "The Roost," Ruxton, Balto. Co., Md. 

Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Clymer, T04 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Whyte, Miss Margery Hollingsworth, 104 Elmhurst Road, Roland Park. 

Whyte, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Joseph (nee Miller), 700 Cathedral St. 

Whyte, Miss Eliza C. 700 Cathedral St. 

Wickes, Judge and Mrs. Pere L., Q20 St. Paul St. 

Wickes, Miss Katharine B., 920 St. Paul St. 

Wickes, Miss Henrietta E., ^^ 920 St. Paul St. 
( "Longwood," Jamestown. ) 

Wickes, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. (nee Ethlinde Page). 1419 Park Av. 

Wickes, Dr. and Mrs. WaUer V. (nee Catherine ^'oung). 

Brooklandville P. O.. Md. 

W 267 

Wickes, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. Pere L.. Jr. (nee Anna Clara Boal). Chicago. 111. 

Wickes, Dr. and ]\Irs. Henry W., Detroit. Mich. 

Wickham, Lieut, and ]\Irs. Williams Carter (nee Credilla Miller). 

(U. S. N.), I Oklahoma Terrace. Annapolis. Md. 

Wier, Mrs. Chas. Henr}-, ''Eldon Farm," Cambridge, ^Id. 

Wier, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H., Jr. (nee ^leta L. Miles), 

"Eldon Farm," Cambridge, ]\Jd. 
Wier, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Poe (nee Sallie W. Robertson), 

"Eldon Farm," Cambridge, ^Id. 

Wier, Mr. Robt. Ellicott, 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. John Hyatt (nee Etta Hayes). 1115 St. Paul St. 

Wight, Miss Margaret A.. " 1115 St. Paul St. 

Wight, Mr. Edward Hyatt. 1115 St. Paul St. 

( "Wildwood," Garrison, ^\d. ) 

Wight, Mrs. Charles C, 2519 Madison Av. 

Wight, ]\Iiss Mary C, 2519 ]\Iadison Av. 

Wight, Miss Fauntleroy C, 2519 IMadison Av. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Loney (^nee Gladys M. Watts), Garrison. Md. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. William D., 9 E. Read St. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., "Kinloch," Cockeysville, Md. 

Wight, ]Mr. and ^Irs. Robert Dunlop, "Overlook," Cockeysville, Md. 

Wight, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stone, The Washington Apts. 

Wight, Mr. Orland Neville. Alger Court, Bronxville, X. Y. 

(Sherwood Forest.) 
Wilcox, ^Ir. and Mrs. Henry Buckley (nee Wirt), 52 W. Biddle St. 

Wilcox, Mr. and ]\Irs. Louis B. (nee Sara Bennet Price), 

1229 X. Calvert St. 
Wild, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Michael Bertram (nee Elise Steuart Moritz), 

928 Cathedral St. 

Wilkin, ^[r. J. Hurst, 1212 St. Paul St. 

Wilkens, Mrs. William, 2240 Eutaw PI. 

Wilkins, Mr. and -Mrs. George C, Hamilton Court, West Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wilkins, Mr. and :\Irs. H. Blakistone (nee Emily FJowell), Abroad. 

Wilkins, Mr. and ^Irs. F. G., 

Wilkins, Mrs. Joseph. 2418 St. Paul St. 

Wilkins, Miss Anne C, 1000 N. Charles St. 

Willett, ]\Irs. John C, 1722 N. Charles St. 

Willett, ]\liss Ludlow Carroll, 1722 N. Charles St. 

Willey, Dr. and Mrs. Waitman Thomas (nee Elsie M.Powell), 

Juniper and Wendover Roads, Guilford. 



Willey, Mr. and Mrs. Day Allen, 

Williams, Aliss Maria D.. 
Williams, Miss Emma J. D., 

Williams. Mr. Wm.S.G.. 

Williams. Mrs. Wm.S.G., 

Williams, ]\liss Elizabeth Hawkins. 

Williams. Mrs. A. C. R. F. 1). Xo. 

Williams. Miss Rebecca W.. 

R. F. D. Xo. 
Williams. Miss Betsv Dorsev. 

R. F. D. Xo. 

Williams, Mr. John H., 

Williams, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Benjamin Davis, 
W'illiams, Aliss Georgiana, 
Williams, Miss ]\Iary riaven, 
Williams, Mr. Benj. Davis, Jr., 

Williams. ]\Ir. and ]^Irs. James Cooke. 
Williams. Mr. James C, Jr., 
Williams, Mr. Lee Goldsborough. 
Williams. Mr. Tilghman Gold.sborough. 
Williams, Miss Eleanor Addison. 

Williams, ^Ir. John H., 

Williams, :^[r.N.R.. 
Williams, ^Jr. Dorsev ]vIcC., 

Williams. 'Sirs. James W., 

Williams, Mr. and ]\Irs. Joseph H., 

Williams, Miss Lucy W., 
Williams, Miss Elizabeth H., 

Williams, i\Ir. and Mrs. Ernault H., 

Williams, ]\Iiss Caroline H., 
Williams. ]Mr. Howard T., 

Williams. 'Sir. and Mrs. Henrv, 

Williams, Mr. Mason L. W., 

Williams. j\Iiss Elizabeth Chew, 

Williams, Miss Matilda W., 

Williams. Mr. Henry. Jr.. "Woodcliffe."' 

154 Wilson St. 

1432 Park Av. 
1432 Park Av. 

14 E. Madison St. 

Luray, \'a. 

933 St. Paul St. 

2. South Road. Poughkeepsie, X. V. 

2, South Road. Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

2, South Road. Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

Racquet Club, St. Louis, Mo. 

Riderv/ood, Balto. Co., Aid. 
Riderwood, Balto. Co., Md. 
Riderwood, Balto. Co., Md. 
Riderwood, Balto. Co., Md. 

Ponce de Leon Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 
Ponce de Leon Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 
Ponce de Leon Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 
Ponce de Leon Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 
Ponce de Leon Apts.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Calumet Club, Xew York. 

Xear Folly Quarters. Md. 
Xear Folly Quarters, Md. 

42 W. Biddle St. 
42 W. Biddle St. 

814 St. Paul St. 

1428 Park Av. 
1428 Park Av. 

39th St., near University Parkway, 

39th St., near University Parkwa^i 

39th St., near L'niversity Parkway. 

39th St., near L^niversity Parkway. 

39th St., near L^nivcrsity Parkway. 

W 269 

Williams, Mr. George Weems. 

'"Woodcliffe." 39th St.. near University Parkway. 
Williams, Mr. John H. C, ■"Woodcliffe," 39th St.. near University Parkway. 

Williams, ^liss Cordelia. 24 E. ?>.iadi>on St. 

Williams, Mr. R. Gordon. 1008 N. Calvert St. 

Williams, Mr. Henry Winslow, Address, Maryland Club. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. X. Winslow (nee Anne Foster), 2 E. Biddle St. 
Williams, ;Miss Anne Winslow. 2 E. Biddle St. 

Williams, Mr. Frederick Foster Winslow, Yale College. Xew Haven. 

Williams. Miss Elizabeth Otis. Europe. 

Williams, ]Mr. and [Mrs. Samuel Chew. Jr. (nee Elvira Daniel [Nloore). 

Ogdensburg, X. Y. 

Williams, Mrs. Samuel Otis, The \\'estover Apts. 

Williams, ]\Irs. Xathaniel Felton, The Preston Apts. 

Williams, •Miss Elena Erving, The Preston Apts. 

Williams, [Mr. George. Washington. D. C. 

Williams, Miss Susan. "Haltura."" Biarritz [B. P.], France. 

("The Hermitage,"' Centreville, Md. ) 

Williams, Dr. and Mrs. J. Whitridgc, 1128 Cathedral St. 

Williams, Miss Margaretta Whitridge, 1128 Cathedral St. 

Williams, Miss [Mary Gushing Whitridge. 1128 Cathedral St. 

Williams, Dr. and Mrs. William Whitridge (nee Louise Stevens Dennie), 

Boston. [Mass. 

Williams, [Mrs. Phoebe B., 1207 Commerce St., Roanoke. Va. 

Williams, [Miss Louisa Steuart. I-J9 W. 12th St., Xew York. X. Y. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. C, 1726 N. Calvert St. 

Williams. [Mr. and [Mrs. Richard Claggett. 

■"Chow [NL'igna." Orange Grove. Howard Co.. [Md. 

Williams. Mr. Theodore R.. Bel Air. Md. 

Williams. Mrs. John H . C. 

Williams, [Mr. Henry Howard. 

Williams, Mr. Jesse W.. 

Williams, Mr. John H. C, Jr.. U. S. Military Academy, West Point, X. Y. 

Williams, Mr. and [Mrs. James W.. Lystra Springs, Rogers Station. Md 

Williams, [Mr. W. Berkley. 315 E. Grace St., Richmond. Va. 

Williams, [Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lancaster (nee Rebekah G. Watkins"). 

"Eltonhead," Eccleston, Balto. Co.. [Md. 

Williams, Capt. Richard, U. S. [M. C. [Marine Barrack-. Washington. D. C. 



Williams. Mrs. George Huntington. 

Williams, Mr. Robert W., 

Williams, Mr. George Huntington, Jr., 

Williams, Mr. and ]\lrs. Chas T.. 

Williams, i^Ir. and i\Irs. Lewis J. (nee Anna Stump), 

803 Cathedral St. 
803 Cathedral St. 
803 Cathedral St. 

Latrobc Apts. 

Belair, Md. 

902 St. Paul St. 
902 St. Paul St. 

Williamson, Mrs. L. Tiernan, 
Williamson, Miss Selby, 

Williamson, IMr. and ]\Irs. T. Wilson (nee Elizabeth Pierce), 

23 /th St.. New Bedford. ]\Iass. 

Williar, ^Ir.John A., 
Williar, Mr. John A., Jr., 
Williar, Mr. Lee Gordon, 
Williar, Mr. C. ^L. 

Williar, Miss, 

1004 Alosher St. 

1004 Mosher St. 

1004 Mosher St. 

1004 ^Mosher St. 

The Washington Apts. 

Willis, Mr. and [Mrs. Luther J\L R. (nee Sophie C. \^ogeler), 

13 Overhill Road, Roland Park 

Willoughby, Mrs. Joseph S., Sr., 

Willoughby, Miss Mary Nondas, 

Willoughby, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Joseph S, (nee Galvin). 

1415 Mt. Royal A v. 
141 5 Mt. Royal Av. 
1415 ^h. Royal Av. 

Wilmer, Mr. and Mrs. John Williamson (nee Carrie Wray Gosnell), 

The Montreal. 

Wilmer, Miss ]\Iary Condit, 

Wilmer, Mr. Edwin M., 
Wilmer, The Misses, 

Wilmot, Miss Nellie Marva, 

Wilson, [\Iiss Elizabeth, 

Wilson, Mrs. Samuel A., 
Wilson, Miss Eleanora G., 
Wilson, Miss Grace R., 

1726 St. Paul St. 

236 W. Hoffman St. 
236 W. Hoffman St. 

Calvert and 23d Sts. 

Ellicott City, ?^ld. 

1524 Linden Av. 
1524 Linden Av. 
1524 Linden Av. 

1013 St. Paul St. 
1013 St. Paul St. 
1013 St. Paul St. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Appleton (nee Wade), 
Wilson, Miss Adelaide Stansbury, 
Wilson. Miss Virginia Appleton, 

("Oakley," Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.) 

Wilson, Miss Sarah, 20 E. Lanvale St. 

Wilson, Mr. Joseph, New York City. 

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Robert T., 820 Park Av. 

Wilson, Mrs. John B., 1617 St. Paul St. 

Wilson, Mrs. C. Webster, The Albion. 

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon (nee Elizabeth P. Elliott). 

Whitfield Road, Guilford, Charles-St. A v. 

Wilson, Lieut, and Mrs. Rtissell (U. S. N.) (nee Eunice May 


Wilson. ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Philip Danfnnrth (nee A'irginia Albert), 

Warren. Arizona. 

Wilson, ]\Irs. James W., 505 Park Av. 

Wilson, Mr. James T.. 505 Park Av. 

Wilson. ^Ir. :Melvil]e. '"Glen Alpine," Catonsville. 

Wilson. Mr. Harry R., 

Wilson. ]\lrs. William Thomas. Xeuilly. Paris, France. 

Wilson, Mrs. John Sawyer, New York City. 

Wilson, ]\Ir. and ?^Irs. John Sawyer. Jr. (nee Stella Middleton), 

Stevenson, Md. 

Wilson. ^Irs. Lila B.. Hotel Belvedere. 

Wilson, Mr. and ]\Irs. Henry Merryman (nee Mary Archer Turner), 

Wilson, yir. and ^Irs. Edward Chambers. '"Gaywood," Govans, Md. 

Wilson, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Leroy C. "Gay\\ood Cottage," Govans, ?»Jd. 

Wilson, Mr. and j\Irs. Edward C, 1925 Park Av. 

Wilson, Mr. and ]\Irs. William Hutton, 1023 N. Calvert St. 

Wilson, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Joseph R., Washington Apts. 

\Vilson, ]\Iiss Alice, Washington Apts. 

Wilson, 'Mr. Samuel Burns, Maryland Club. 

Wilson, Mrs. John Glover, "Tree Tops," Stevenson, ]Md. 

Wilson, ^Ir. and ^Nlrs. Samuel Blake (nee Lansdowne), 

The Terrace Apts., 805 Hamilton Ter. 
Wilson, }kliss ]\Iary Lansdowne, The Terrace Apts., 805 Hamilton Ter. 

Wilson, Miss Frances B., Araby P. O.. Frederick Co., Md. 

Wilson, Mrs. Cora Mason, The Albion. 

Wilson, Mrs. Joseph A., 

Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Louis N., 2843 St. Paul St. 

WTlson, Mr. and Mrs. Victor (nee Gertrude Lee Unduch), 

Drury Lane, Ten Hills. 

Wilson. Mr. F. Howard, -Olney Farm," Wilna P. O., Harford Co., Md. 

Wilson, Mrs. Harry Langford, 206 Don Caspar Av., Santa Fe, New Mex. 
Wilson, Miss Glance ^L, 206 Don Caspar A v., Santa Fe, New Mex. 

Willson, Mr. William Buckler, 6 E. Biddle St 

Willson, Mr. Tyson (U. S. A.), Fort Gibbon, Alaska. 

272 W 

W'illion. Dr. and Mr>. Horace Guion(nee Dent), Gallup, New Mexico. 

Wills. Pn.f. Albert Potter. 635 \V. iisrh St.. New York City. 

\\'inant<. Mr. and Mrs. !• rank HilKcr ( n-.'e Dorothy Rowland). 

1 1 K. Chase St. 

Winchester, Mr. William, University Club. 

Winchester, Mrs. J. Marshall, 1421 Linden Av. 

Winchester, Miss Maria. 1421 Linden Av. 

\\"inchester. 'Sir. ]Marshall. 1421 Linden Av. 

Winchester, Mr. Sydney, Wilmington, Del. 

Winchester, Mrs. Maude Tarlton, New York City. 

Winchester, Miss Anne. New York City. 

Winchester, Mr. and Mrs. H. Carroll (nee Fannie A. Hosmer), 

Winchester, Mr. Henry Carroll, Jr.. 

Winder, Dr. and ]\Irs. R. Bayb% 244 W. Lanvale St. 

Winder, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B., 244 W. Lanvale St. 

Winder. ^Irs. Charles S.. 3 W. Biddle St. 

Winder, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lloyd, 3 W. Biddle St. 

Winder, Miss, 3 W. Biddle St. 

Winder, ]\lr. and Mrs. Charles S. (nee Curinne H.Pope). 9 E. Eager St. 

Winn. Miss Alary. 221 W. Lanvale St. 

Wing. Mr. and },lrs. S. Brycc (nee ^^larie Jailer). 

399 Park Av.. New York. 

Winn, Aliss Annah. Address 219^^ E. North Av. 

Winslow, Aliss Julianna R., 514 Woodlawn Road. Roland Park. 

Winslow, Dr. and Mrs. John Randolph. "Wyncote Lodge," Roland Park. 

Winslow, Dr. and Mrs. Randolph, 1900 Mt. Royal Ten 

Winslow, Mr. Caleb. 1900 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Winslow, Mr. Geo. Leiper, 1900 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Winslow, Mr. Oliver Parry, 1900 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Winslow, ]Mr. Richard Randolph Parry. 1000 Mt. Royal Ter. 

Winslow, Mr. and Mrs. John Leiper, 2033 Park Av. 

Winslow, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards Fayssoux, 2420 Callow Av. 

Winslow, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan, 3304 Walbrook Av. 

Winter, Prof, and Mrs. Irvah Lester (nee Rebecca Fenton Clark), 

32 Hubbard Park. Caniliridgc. Mass. 

Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Greenville Bayard. 

Wirgman, Mr. and Mrs. George Hollins (nee Essie Jackson), 

1132 Cathedral St. (for the Winter). 
("Wirgnian's-on-the-Hill." Romnc}-. W. \'a.) 

W 273 

Wiriz. Mr. and Mr>. Bart. Brooklandvillc. Md. 

Wise, Mrs. Frederick May, Berkeley Springs. W. Va. 

Wise, Miss Julia. Guilford. 

Wise. ]\Ir. Henry A.. , University Clul). 

Wise. Dr. Edward M.. 706 N.Howard St. 

Wise. Dr. and Mrs. Walter Dent (nee Agnes Gordon Whiting). 

1800 N. Charles St. 

Witherspoon. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie (nee Eleanore J. Howison), 

23 Scott St.. Chicago. 111. 
Wolff. Mrs. Oscar. "Grecnlea." Garrison P. O.. Md. 

Wolff, Mr. Frederick W., Y. M. C. A. Central Bldg. 

Wolff, Miss Clara. The Westover, 859 Park Av. 

Womble, Mr. and ]^Irs. Pembroke :\litchell, 6 W. :\It. Vernon PI. 

Wood, Mrs. Joseph P.. 1429 Park Av. 

Wood, Miss Margaret Potter. 1429 Park xAv. 

Wood. :\Ir. and :\Irs. William Bell (nee :\Iary Watkins). The :\Iontreal. 

Wood, ]\lr5. Rufus K.. 704 B St.. Sparrows Point. 

Wood. Dr. and Mrs. R. W.. ion St. Paul St. 

Wood, Miss Margaret, ion St. Paul St. 

Wood, ^Ir. R. W.. Jr.. (Harvard) ion St. Paul St. 

Wood, Miss Jane Wilson, Catonsville, Md. 

W^ood, Mrs. P. Bryson, Washington, D. C. 

Wood, ]Miss Rose, Washington, D. C. 

Wood, Mrs. George W., 1512 Park Av. 

Wood, Miss Viola A., 1512 Park Av. 

Wood, ]\Iiss Sarah H., 1512 Park Av. 

Wood, Prof, and Mrs. Henry (nee Clotilde von Kretschman"). 

lOQ W. North Av. 

Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., Key worth Av., Baltimore. 

Wood, Miss Dorothy. Keyworth Av., Baltimore. 

Wood, Miss Elizabeth, Keyworth Av., Baltimore. 

Wood, Miss Helen, Keyworth Av., Baltimore. 

Wood, Mr. Fred. B., Keyworth Av.. Baltimore. 

Wood, Miss Caroline, Keyworth Av., Baltimore. 
Wood, Miss Ida, 2038 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

W^oodall, iMr. and ^Irs. Edward (nee Trimble), "Walton." Easton. ]Md. 

Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. George C. 

Woodruff*, Dr. and Mrs. Charles S.. 211 E. iMt. Royal Av. 

Woods, Mrs. Daniel C, 221 E. Preston St. 

Woods, Dr. and Mrs. Hiram. 842 Park Av. 

Woods, ^liss Helen Chase, 842 Park Av. 

274 W 

\\'oocl.s. Dr. Akin Churchill. University of Pcnn.. Philadelphia. I'a. 

Woods, Mrs. Katharine. 

Woods, Miss Lucy Qiase. 

Woods, Miss Ethel Standish, 

Woods, Mrs. Charles F.. Riderwood, 'M<\. 

Woods, Miss Eliza ^IcCalmont. Riderwood, Md. 

Woods, ^[r. Charles, Jr., Lehigh Uni., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Woods, Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Lyons (nee Grace D. Anderson) 

U. S. Naval Hospital, Washington, D. C. 

Woods, ]\Ir. and Mr.s. Samuel Baker. Arrowhead. Charlottesville, \'a. 

W^oods, ^Ir. and Mrs. Alexander Coulter. Lutherville, M<1. 

Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 2113 St. Paul St. 

Woods, Mr. Laurence H., Santa Clara, Cuba. 

Woodside, Mr. James S., 1020 S. Paul St. 

Woodside, J\Ir. F. P., 117 W. Lanvale St. 

Woodville, jMiss Elizabeth, "Haltura,'' Biarritz [B. P.], France. 

("The Hermitage," Centreville, Md.) 

Woodward, ?\Ir. and j\Irs. Richard Henley (nee Margaret Stewart). 

1307 John St. 
W'oodward. ]\rr. Hiram Woods, . 1.507 John St. 

Woodward, ^ir. Richard Henley, Jr., 1307 John St. 

Woodward. 'Sir?,. ^lary Johnson, 1406 Park Av. 

Woodward, ]\Iiss Daisy, 1406 Park Av. 

Woodward, J\liss Mary, Walbrook Av. and 13th St., Walbrook. 

Woodyear, Mrs. William Edward, 

Woodyear, Miss Elizabeth Yellott, 

Wooldridge, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., 1709 Park Av. 

Wooldridge, Miss Mary Goode, 1709 Park Av. 

Woolford. Dr. and Mrs. John S. B. (nee Eliza L. Winslow), 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Woollen, Mrs. Henry Watson, 217 W. Lafayette Av. 

Woollen, ]\Iiss Virginia, 217 W. Lafayette Aw 

Woollen, ]\liss Agnes Weems, 217 W. Lafayette Av. 

Wootton, Mrs. Elsie D.. 1512 Linden Av. 

Wootton, Miss Mary 'SI., 1512 Linden A\-. 

Worthington, Mrs. William Cooke, 11 13 N.Charles St. 

Worthington, Mr. Richard H., 11 13 N.Charles St. 

Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. (nee Mary T. Yellott). 

Vansan, Korea. 

W 275 

Worthington, Mrs. ]M. G., ii Grosvenor Road, Westminster, S. VV. London. 

Worthington, Dr. and ^Irs. J. Kent (nee ^lary W. Spencer). 

"The Lombard}'." 40th St. and Stony Run Lane. 
Worthington, ^^Irs. J. Kent, Sr., "Cedar Top,"" Roslyn, Long Island, N. Y. 

Worthington, Mr. R. J., Jr., Chicago, 111. 

Worthington, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. George (nee ]^Iarv Parker Foard), 

"Rokeby,"' Lawyer's Hi'll. Relay P. O., Baho. Co., Md. 
Worthington, Miss Marv. 

"Rokeby,"" Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Balto. Co.. Md. 
Wortiiington, Mr. Daniel ^lurrav, 

"Rokeby," Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Balto. Co.. Md. 
Worthington. ]\Ir. Addison Foard, 

"Rokeby,"' Lawyer's Hill, Relay P. O., Baho. Co., Md. 

Worthington. Mr. and Mrs. Ellicott H. (nee Katharine G. Frick), 

1 53 1 Bolton St. 

Worthington, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Hall (nee Dorothy Smull) 

Wrenshall, ]Mr. and ^Irs. John C. (of 1037 X.Calvert St.). Abroad. 

Wrenshall, Mr. and ]\Irs. John C, Jr. (nee Mason). 

228 N. 5th St., Reading, Pa. 

Wright, Mrs. Clinton A., 1602 Park Av. 

Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clinton (nee Sallie Howard Murdoch), 

Haver ford, Pa. 

Wright, Judge D. Giraud, 217 W. Lanvale St. 

("Driftwood," Parole P. O., Md.) 

WTight, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. DeCourcy (nee Eyre), 800 Cathedral St. 

Wright, Mr. and ]\Irs. William Porter, Jr. (nee Aileen C. Loney), 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Wright, Mr. R. Alexander, Elkton, Md. 

Wright, Miss Alma ]\L, . The Severn. 

Wroth, Rev. and Mrs. Peregrine, 215 E. Preston St. 

Wroth, Mr. Lawrence C, 215 E. Preston St. 

Wroth, Dr. Peregrine, Jr., Union Protestant Infirmary. 

Wyatt, Mr. J. B. Noel, 5 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Wyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Handheld (nee ]\Ieta V. N. Hutton), 

Richmond, Va. 

Wyatt, :\Ir. and Mrs. William E., Owings Mills, Md. 

Wyatt, Mr. Arthur Rich. Owings ]\Iills, Md. 

Wyatt, Miss Mary L., 246 Boulevard Raspail, Paris, France. 

Wyeth, Mr. Charles M., 8 W. Hamilton St. 

Wyeth, Mr. Nathaniel J., 8 W. Hamilton St. 

276 W 

Wylie, Mrs. Robert M., 8i8 Park Av. 

Wylie, Mrs. Wm. A., 817 St. Paul St. 

Wylie, Mr. Wm. Bruce, 817 St. Paul St. 

Wylie, Miss Nina Campbell, 817 St. Paul St. 

Wyse, Dr. and Mrs. William P. E. (nee Winifred Beckham) 

Pikcsville, Md. 
Wysham, Mr. and Mrs. George F.. The Albion. 


Yates, Capt. and Mrs. Julian Emmet (nee Janet Wier), .' . 

Yearley, Miss Louisa V., Sudbrook Lane, Pikesville. 

Yearley, JMiss Mary, Sudbrook Lane, Pikesville, 

Yearley, Mr. and Mrs, Thomas B. C, 1319 N. Charles St, 

Yearley, Miss Marie, 1319 N. Charles St, 

Yeaton, Mrs, J. Southgate (nee Ridgely), 2019 Maryland Av. 

Yellott, ]\Ir. and Mrs. George W., 3002 St. Paul St. 

("Ridge View Farm," Gittings P. O.. Md.) 

Young, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bennett (nee Leftwich), 2005 N.Charles St, 
Young, Aliss Annie Shorter, 2005 N. Charles St. 

Young, Mr. Louis F., The Arundel. 

Young, ]Mrs. Alexander, 215 Mosher St, 

Young, Mr, and Mrs. Philip Fendall, 2219 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa, 

Young, ^Irs. David T., 25 W. Phil.-Ellena St., Germantown, Pa, 

Young, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Hampton (nee Colston), 

Cold Spring Lane, Charles-St, Av, 

Young, Capt. and Mrs. Frederic A. (nee Gertrude Orendorf), 

939 N. Calvert St. 

Young. Dr. and Mrs. Andrew (nee Charlotte S.Murdoch), Shensi, China. 

Zell, Mr. Oliver Carroll, Jr., 27 Wickford Road, Roland Park, 

Zell, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., Jr, (nee Mullikin), The Walbert. 

Zell, Lieut, and Mrs. Edward M. (nee Mary Priscilla Williams), U. S. A., 

1726 N. Calvert St, 

Zell, ISIiss Selby Leeds, 609 Washington PI. 

Zoller, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr., 1323 W, Lanvale St. 

Zollinger, ]\Iiss Mary G., 1703 N. Calvert St. 



^^^^^^^^^^ SIX 


FOR ^^^^^^^^^^V GRADES 



V. M. HILLYER, A. B. (harvard), HEAD MASTER 



Our Specialties: To train the speaking voice- 
develop a clear and correct 
enunciation — perfect the technique and art of natural 

CULTURE implies not only to know but to be and to do. 

Systematic training in Speaking, Reading, Recitation, 
Dramatic Art, develops practical culture. 

We have classes in Public Speaking, Story-telling, Lettero, 
English Themes and Conversation. 

Special study of Shakespeare, Browning, Standard and 
Modern Drama. 

Our curriculum includes also Literature, Art History, 
Physical Training and French. 

Class and Private Lessons. 


= 2222 North Charles Street ^ 








n 31st VEAR 


HAMILTON, M. A. Bryn Mawr College, Head Mistress 


RET HAMILTON, B. A. Bryn Mawr College, Head Mistress 




©Itp Jpffprson #rhonl for logB 



A School that Empliasizes the Essentials and 
Aims to give a Sound and Thorough Training. 
Primary and Upper Departments, Providing 
for Boys of all Ages. 


Catalogue and Booklet of Views sent on Request 
C. y p. Telephone. Madison 1419 


if he K^trls i^atln ^c/iool... 


MISS N. M. WILMOT. A. B., Head Mistress 

MISS A. T. BREWER, Head Mistress 



26th year 7277 St ^aiil Street 

Is Hannah More Academy 




Healthful Location in the Country near Baltimore 



Aims to develop the whole Por Catalogue and Information Address 

girl along the highest lines MISS ANNA L. LAWRENCE 

amid surroundings of cul- . Principal 

ture and refinement : : j,_ ^^ REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND 










Mr. and Mrs. N. Winslow Will- 
Miss Anne Winslow Williams. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Manson Smith. 

Miss Olive Smith. 

Dr. W. A. B. Sellman. 

Mrs. Jos. Lewis Long. 

Miss Elizabeth W. Long. 

Miss Anita Presstman. 

Mr. William Buckler Willson. 

Mr. James C. Spence. 

Miss Charlotte C. Spence. 

Mr, and Mrs. Shirley Carter. 

Miss Margaret Gordon. 

IMiss Aune McLean. 

Mr. Honingham Gordon. 

Mrs. Jonn Burrows. 

Miss Lucie L. Barrows. 

.^Ir. and Mrs. Richard B. Tost. 

Miss I'ost. 

Mr. A. H. S. Post. 

Mrs. Jesse Lippincott Cassard. 

The Messrs. Cassard. 

Mr. i:. Bradford McElderry. 

Mrs. Joel Rathbone Ransom. 

Miss \irginia Suntord Ransom. 

■Miss Nina Barroll Ransom. 

Miss Maud Livingston Ransom. 

Miss Sarah Street Ransom. 

Miss Irene Barroll Ransom. 

Dr. George J. lienor. 







Mrs. Thomas Buckler. 

Miss Lillie Detrick. 

Miss Katharine L. Detrick. 

Miss Frances H. Hoffman. 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Corner-. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atwater Ward. 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Taliaferro. 

Miss Etta Knox 'i'aliaferro. 

Miss Mercer B. Taliaferro. 

Miss Isabel Duer. 

Miss Edith Duer. 

Miss Elizabeth Lloyd Pennington. 
Mr. and Mrs. German H. H. Emory. 

Mv. and Mrs. W. Graham Boyce. 
Miss Hally Middleton Gillet. 
Mr. and Mrs. Basil 11. Snowden. 
Miss Mary Bedford Snowden. 

Mr. and Mrs. Burr Powell Har- 
Miss Mary Campbell Goldsborough. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Wey- 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sargent 

The Messrs. Shriver. 
Mr. and Mrs. Heyward E. Boyce. 
Mr. W. EdAvin Chipchase. 
The Misses CJiipchase. 


Dr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Gorter. 
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Kcidel. 

Mrs. Chas. S. Winder. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lloyd Win- 

Miss Winder. 

Dr. and Mrs. John McFarland 

Mrs. Clarence Cottinan. 
Mr. Stewart Cottman. 

Judge and Mrs. W'm. II. For- 

sythe, Jr. 
Judge and Mrs. Henry D. Harlan. 
Miss Helen Harlan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Brooks 

19 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Brown. 
19 Mr. Frank Albert. 

22 Mrs. George Earn. 

22 Miss Earp. 

24 General Stewart Brown. 

24 Miss Susan W. Allen. 

26 Dr. and Mrs. Gary B. Gamble, Jr. 

28 Mr. John Gregg Thomas. 

28 Mr. Marshall Thomas. 

29 Miss Charlotte M. Thompson. 

32 Mr, and Mrs. John W. Marshall, 
34 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Somerville 

34 The Messrs, Harrison. 
36 Dr. and Mrs, George Halstead 




W. Biddle St., Bolton St. 




Mr. and Mrs 

Miss Ober. 
Miss Ilel)ecca M. Iliclvok 


Leonard M. Lever- 

40 Dr. and Mrs. J. Albert Chatard. 

42 Miss Lncy W. Williams. 

42 Miss EiizabPth H. Willisms. 

42 Miss Orace Mactier Fisbor. 

42 Tbo Misses Clendiuen. 

44 Mrs. Mary R. T. Carroll. 

44 Mr. and Mrs. Cbarles Gordon 


48 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kawles. 

45 Mrs. N. W. Stump. 
4S The Misses Stumi). 





Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Preston. 
Mrs. William Wyatt Norris. 

Mrs. Henry Buckley 

Mr. and 

Miss Harriet Hinkley. 

Miss Mary K. Hinkley. 

Mr. John 'Hinkley. 

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Dobbin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Whitney. 

Miss Charlotte C. Barnwell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Griffith Bailey 

Miss Dora L. Murdoch. 

Mr. Thomas C. Corner. 





1 305 
1 :',05 


131 U 



1 320 



Mr. Ilidgely Patterson Stier. 

Miss Ida S. Brent. 

Mrs. K. Tiluhmnn Hemsley. 

Mr. Ivichard Tilghman Hemsley. 

^Uss Edith Hayward Hemsley. 

Mrs. M. H. Hambleton. 

Mr. Hayward Hambleton. 

Mrs. llenrv Clav Dallam. 
:\Irs. Lewis X." Hopkins. 
Miss Elizabeth Corbin Hopkins. 

The Misses Tinges. 

yir. Charles Howard Tinges. 

:Miss ;M!nnie W. Bowie. 
I'lie Misses Davis. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Merriman Casey. 
^Irs. G. William Bender. 
Mrs. Thos. M. Dobbin. 
The Misses DobI)in. 

Mr. and Mrs. James ^Mercer Gar- 

Mr. James :Mercer Garnett, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Edward 

Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Rodman 

Mr. and Mrs. Carjyl.' r.aiton. 
Miss Bainbridge. 
Miss Mary C. Bainbridge. 
The Misses S.-nith. 

Dr. I. Randolph Page. 
The Misses I'age. 

Mr. and :\rrs. William Merrick 

Mrs. Janses M. Coulter. 

1331 Mrs. Olivia Coulter Dawson. 

1331 Miss J. O. Donald. 

1402 The Misses Bond. 

1404 Mrs. John :\r. Miller. 

1404 Mr. George H. Miller. 

1408 Mrs. F. Henrv Boggs. 

1408 Miss Edith F.' Boggs. 

1408 Mr. Fenton Boggs. 

1409 Rev. and Mrs. William M. Dame. 

1409 Mr. Randolph X. Dame. 

1410 Mrs. W. F. Knox. 
1410 The Misses Knox. 

1410 The :Messrs. Knox. 

1411 Mrs. C. J. Meeker. 
1411 Miss Elizabeth Meeker. 
1410 Mrs. Frank Fisher. 
1416 The Messrs. Fisher. 
1418 Mrs. John Hodges. 

1418 Miss Georgiana Williams Hodges. 

141S Vv. Jn'-n Ilodues. 

141s :\Iiss Dall. 

1418 ^liss Emily Hodges Forman. 

1419 Mr. and Mrs. William Tappan. 
1419 Air. Ben.iamin Tappan. 

1419 The Misses Tappan. 

14 21 Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman Fenton. 

1421 Miss '"enlnn. 

1421 -Aliss Mary Lucile Fenton. 

1423 Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Miller. 

1435 The Misses Dushane. 

1501 Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Pvie. 

1503 Mrs. Charles Frlck. 

1503 Miss Dorothy Blake Frick. 

1503 Miss Susan Carroll Poultney 


150."! Miss Marv Carroll Frick. 

15o:; Mr. Robert Denison Frick. 

Bolton St., N. Broadway, N. Calhoun St., Callow Av., N. Calvert St. 283 


l."05 Commauder and Mrs. Delbitt Clin- 
ton Redgrave. 

ir,05 Mr. Henry M. Robert. 

l.")On >rr. a"d Arr'=:. Fvnnk .T. Merceret. 

I.jOO Miss Nathalie Merceret. 

1510 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson P. Ileyward. 

1.510 ^liss Ilevwavd. 

1510 Miss Mary W. Heyward. 

1512 The Misses Steiner. 

1513 Mrs. Beu.i. Berry. 

1514 Dr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Mall. 

1516 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hopper. 

1517 Mr. and Mrs. .Tames W. Hunter. 
1510 Mr. and :Mrs. Julian Stuart Carter. 
1520 Mrs. Daniel Miller. 

1520 :Miss Hazel Miller. 

1520 Mr. Daniel Miller. 

1521 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. .Tenkins. 

1521 Mr. David Wheeler .Jenkins. 

1522 Mrs. Isabel L. Dobbin. 

1523 The ilisses Frlek. 

1520 Rev. and Mrs. Oliver Iluckle. 

1528 Mrs. Edward Graham Daves. 

1528 Miss leaves. 

1528 Miss Etta Carrington Brown. 

1530 Miss Annie O. Stuart. 

1530 Mr. T. Keating Stuart. 

15:U Mr. and Mrs. Ellicott Worthing- 


15."'.2 The Misses Van Bibber. 

1533 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunt 


1534 Mrs. James P. S. Houstoun. 
1534 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Kerr. 
1601 :\Irs. Aubrev I'earre. 

1601 Mr. Sifford Pearre. 

1605 Ml', arid Airs. Armstrong Thomas. 

1605 Mrs. J. William Thomas. 

1610 Mrs. Chas. Herbert Sadtler. 

1611 Mr. and Mrs. R. Lloyd Chamber- 

la iiie. 

1624 :\rr. and Mrs. Horace Slingluff. 

1624 The Misses Slingluff. 

1624 Mr. Montgomery Johns Slingluff. 

1624 Mr. Arthur Fenelon Slingluff. 

1626 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hooper. 

1626 The Misses Hooper. 

1703 Miss Kate A. Ranstead. 

1708 ]Mr. and Mrs. .John Hurst ^lorgan. 

1708 Mr. Tilghman V. Morgan. 

1726 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greville Brooke. 

1734 Mr. and ]\Irs. Walden C. Nimmo. 

1801 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Gill. 

1812 Mr. and jNIrs. Theodore Warner. 

1812 Miss Grace Warner. 

1812 Dr. Theodore Warner, Jr. 

1813 Mr. and iNIrs. James D. Cairns. 
1813 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C. Heath. 
2110 :\[rs. Andrew Banks. 

2110 The :\Iisses Banks. 



Dr. Nathaniel H. Brush. 
Dr. John Gardner Murray. 
Dr. John Theodore King. Jr. 





Dr. Artbur L. Bloomfield. 
Dr. and Mrs. Winford H. Smith. 
Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. White. 
Rev. and Mrs. E. Ashley Gerhard. 

Judge and Mr 
bridge, Jr. 


;. Henry Stock- 

Miss Mary J. Tucker. 

]\Ir. and Mrs. Francis A. Lazenby 



]Mr. and 


Mrs. Edwards F. Wins- 


Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Blick. 
Mrs. Ernest (Jill. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lannin; 

Miss Annie R. Ramsay. 
^Ir. Harry Snowden Stabler. 
Miss :M. Monmonier. 

824 Miss D. Monmonier. 

901 Miss Mary Mead Dean. 

906 Mrs. Andrew B. Cross. 

908 Miss Marv Green Morton. 

908 Mr. Wm. Robert Morton. 

910 Mrs. Robert Brown. 

910 Miss Elizabeth G. Brown. 

910 Mr. Juan M. Brown. 


N. Calvert St. 

917 Mr. and Mrs. Wra. C. Pa^e. 

917 Miss Rosalie Braxton Page. 

917 Miss Virginia Dandridge Page. 

918 Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Pratt 


918 Mr. James Russell Manning, 

918 Miss Amy liusSL-ll Manning. 

919 Mrs. .Julian Henry Lee. 
919 Mr. Stephen S. Lee. 

919 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Artluir Guffy. 

919 Mr. Ilillyard C. Lee. 

921 Miss Ella Green. 

921 Miss Musgrave. 

9i:i Mr. Waller Musgrave. 

921 Mr. William Musgrave. 

921 Mr. Tliomas H. Musgrave. 

925 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Farber. 

928 Mr. and Mrs. I'arker Cook. 

933 Miss Grace Wells. 

933 Miss U. L. Wells. 

934 Mrs. James H. Cater. 

936 Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Cromwell. 

937 Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Muilin. 
937 Miss Elizabetli Lester Muilin. 

937 Mr. Joseph C. Muilin. 

938 Mr. and Mrs. J. Marsh Matthews. 

939 iSliss Orendorf. 

939 Capt. and Mrs. Frederic A. Young. 

939 Mr. Roger F. O'Leary. 

941 Miss Bertha Lucas. 

941 Mr. William F. Lucas, Jr. 

941 Mr. J. Cari-ell Lucas. 


1001 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Keyser. 

1002 Mr. and Mrs. Basil L. Gilder- 


1004 Mrs. Henvv O. Ilnughton. 

1004 Miss Louisa C. O. llaughton. 

1004 Miss Maud M. llaughton. 

1(»U4 Mr. Ilugli I>. llaughton. 

1004 Mr. Alau llaughton. 

1005 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quarles Hew- 

lett Smith, Jr. 

1007 Ml', and Mrs. Otho E. Ridgely. 

1007 Miss Ellen Francis Ridsre.y. 

1007 Dr. and Mrs. Llovd P.. Whitham. 

1007 Mr. Charles R. Ridgely. 

1008 Mrs. Samuel King Sanford. 
lOOS Mr. David C. Sanford. 
1008 Mr. R. Gordon Williams. 
1011 Miss Margaret Telfair McKim. 
1011 Miss Catherine Harrison Cocke. 
1014 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Radcliffe. 

lOlC Dr. and Mrs. John Holladay La- 


101 s 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abert Or- 
1018 Mr. Johnson Orrick. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abert Orrick, 


1019 Mr. and Mrs. Murray P. Brush. 

1020 Mrs. Douglas H. Duer. 
1020 Mr. Henry Townsend Duer. 















Mi-s. Jackson Piper. 
Miss Adaline D. Piper. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hutton Wilson. 
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Denny. 
Miss Elisabeth L. Clark. 
Miss Louise M. Clark. 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gibbs, Jr. 

Mr. Edward II. Griffin. 
Miss Mary W. Griffin. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Albert. 
Mr. J. Hollis B. Albert. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert II. Renshaw, 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. de Bullet. 

Mrs. Edward Shoemaker, 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donaldson. 

Miss Miriam S. Donaldson. 

:Miss Augusta E. Brune. 

Mr. Frederick W. Brune. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Arthur Stump. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lewellys Barker. 

Mr. James F. Barker. 

Miss Grace S. T. Barker. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fielder Cross Sling- 

Mrs. James Lynah. 

Mrs. E. Read Goodridge. 

Miss Katharine Poullain Good- 

Mv. and Mrs. C. Graham Archer. 
Mr. Henry Philip Archer. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Phelps, 

:Mrs. Ilobart Duvall. 

:Mr. Walter Duvall. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Herbert John- 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles English 

Mrs. Wm. M. Manly. 
Mr. C. Hughes Manly. 

Mrs. Edward Blake Bruce. 
Miss liosalind Bruce. 
Mr. Edward Skipwith Bruce. 
Mr. J. Marshall Hills Bruce. 

N. Calvert St. 



1113 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Knapp, 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Hurl- 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Normau 


1116 Dr and Mrs. James Bordley, Jr. 
1118 Mr. and Mrs. T. Rowland Thomas. 
1110 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Judson Clark. 
1120 Mrs. Frederick B. Crawford. 
1120 The Misses Crawford. 

1120 Mr. irederiek C. Crawford. 

1120 Miss Mary Campbell. 

1121 Mrs. A. A. Bresee. 

1121 Miss MoUie 11. Liooper. 

1122 Mr. and Mrs. S. Proctor Brady. 

1124 Mrs. Charles Goodwin. 

1124 Mr. F. Lawrence Goodwin. 

1124 Mrs. Katharine M. Duvall. 

1125 Mr. and Mrs. James Bond. 
1125 Mr. Carroll T. Bond. 

112G Mrs. William H. Gorman. 

1127 Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Brown, 


1127 Mr. John Wilson Brown 3d. 

1127 Miss Florence L. Brown. 

1129 Mrs. William Fainter. 

1129 Mr. Orrin C. Painter. 

1130 Mr. and Mrs. Miles White, Jr. 
3130 Miss Sara E. White. 

1130 Mr. S. Bonsai White. 

1130 Mr. Francis White. 

1201 Mr. and Mrs. R. Brent Kcyser. 

1201 Miss .Jiiiiana Brent Keyser. 

1201 Miss Ellen Mclleniy Keyser. 

1205 Mrs. .lohn Henderson Stewart. 

1205 Miss Virginia Stewart. 

1207 Mrs. Alan Cole. 

1208 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Slocum. 

1209 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walsh. 

1210 Mrs. Andrew M. Beid. 
1210 Mr. Howell Lewis Held. 
1210 Mr. Andrew lleid. 

1210 Miss Mina Ghadys Reid. 

1211 Mr. Joseph Townsend England. 

1211 Miss Mary K. England. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gosnell. 

1212 Mr. H. A. Gosnell. 

1213 Dr. and Mrs. AVilliam Travis 

Howard, Jr. 

1213 Mr. Lindsay Coleman Spencer. 

1214 Mr. and Mrs. Wm J. O'Brien, Jr. 

1215 >rrs. John Ricliardson. 

1215 Mr. and Mrs. Josiah A. Kinsey. 

1215 Miss Louise Richardson KinscV. 

121G Miss Jane Dawson Forbes. 

1218 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hurst. 

1218 Mrs. Henrietta G. Banks. 

1219 Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Matthews. 

1221 Mr. James S. Whiteley. 

1221 The Misses Whiteley. 

1223 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Vickery. 

1223 Miss Mabel R. II. Vickery. 

1223 Mr. Stephen G. Vickery. 

1226 Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Du Val. 

1226 Miss Marie Hamilton Du Val. 

1229 Mrs. Richard W. Price. 

1229 Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Wilcox. 

1230 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith. 

1231 Mrs. J. M. Hood. 

1231 The Misses Hood. 

"•232 Dr. and Mrs. Wilmer Brinton. 

1232 The Messrs. Brinton. 

1300 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Whelan. 

1300 Mrs. Helen Whelan Reese. 

1303 Mrs. Henry Janes. 

1303 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pratt Janes. 

1303 Miss Lavinia Janes. 

1305 Miss Bell Swan. 

1307 Dr. and Mrs. David M. R. Cul- 

1309 Mr. and jMrs. Charles B. Penrose. 
1313 Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Sills. 

1313 Mr. E. II. O'Donnell. 

1310 Mr. and Mrs. C. Columbus Shrlver. 
1319 Miss America S. Payne. 

1609 Miss Virginia U. Stirling. 

1609 Miss Elisabeth Stirling. 

1609 Mr. J. Edward Stirling. 

1600 Miss Anne Llovd Stirling. 

1609 Mr. Campbell Lloyd Stirling. 

1615 Mr. and Mrs. Ward Baldwin Coe. 

1620 Miss Delia Torre. 

1629 Mr. Frank Delia Torre. 

1631 Mr. and Mrs. Horace Arrell 


1637 Mr. and Mrs. A. Downing Clarke. 

1637 Miss Ella B. Patterson. 

1639 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Royal Stolces. 

1643 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Parran. 

1643 Miss Jeannette Briscoe Parran. 

1643 Mr. George Thomas. 

1700 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robbins 

1700 Miss Selda Lord. 

1701 Mrs. John II. Baylies. 

1701 The Misses Baylies. 

1702 Miss Helen Paynter. 

1703 Miss Mary G. Zollinger. 


N. Calvert St. 


1704 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Godey. 

1704 Mr. Thomas II. Godey. 

1708 Miss Elizabeth Farran. 

1708 The Messrs. Parran. 

1710 Mrs. (Jeorire Gaither. 

171(5 Miss Fanny C. Gaither. 

17l.'l Mr. and INIrs. IMcliard T'ontee Rose, 

1721 3Iiss Angela do r.crnalxHi Didior. 

17121 Miss P:dith Northrf.p Didier. 

1721 Miss Claudia P.ollinjier Didior. 

1724 Mrs. N. Buchanan Meiere. 

1724 :Miss Meiere. 

1724 Mr. T. McKean Meiere. 

1720 Mr. and :Mrs. T. J. C. \YiIliams 

1720 :Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Campl)oll White. 

1720 Lieut, and Mrs. Edward M. Zell. 

1725 :Mr. and Mrs. Felix R. Sullivan. 
1728 :\Iiss Sullivan. 

1728 Miss Nannie Lloyd Sullivan. 

1730 Mr. and Mrs. Roltort G. Henry. 

17.'^2 Mr. Pnd Mrs. Fdw. T. .Tackson Jr. 

1732 Mr. F. Y. Rhodes. 

1806 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Adreon. 

1809 Mr. and Mrs. .T. .T. Forbes Shaw. 

1812 Mrs. Fred. Graf Wholau. 

1812 Miss Mary C. M. \yhelan. 

1812 Miss Tvola Hammond Whelan. 

1812 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Creagh Whe- 


1813 Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn C. P.osley. 
1813 Miss Eleanor Cole P.osley. 
1817 Mrs. Samuel Claggott. 

1829 Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Dickey. 

2001 Mrs. W. Donaldson Steuart. 

2001 The Misses Steuart. 

2003 ]Miss Sanford MacDonald Xorris. 

2013 Mrs. Pauline Ilemsloy I'rice. 

2034 Mr. and Mrs. Washington Craig 


2034 Mr. Henry Moalo Cowardin. 

2101 The Misses Deale. 

2104 Mrs. .Tames P.arnott. 

2113 Mrs. Walter Rlakistono. 

2113 Miss Nannie Thomas Blakistonc. 

2122 Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Edgar Ritton- 


2123 Mr. H. S. Taveau. 
2123 Mr. H. S. Taveau. .Tr. 
2123 The Misses Taveau. 

2123 Mr. A. Louis Taveau of IT. 

2131 Mr. and ^Irs. Sydney Sherwood. 

2131 Miss Georgia D. Sherwood. 

2131 Miss Margaret Lewis Marshall 


2201 Miss Helen Lansdale. 




24 2. J 






The Misses Aiken. 
The Messrs. Aiken. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Caskie. 
Miss Alice Caskie. 
23d. Miss Nellie Maroa Wilmot. 
Mrs. ^Tary A. Skirven. 
Miss Adelaide G. Ivennard. 
;Mrs. l^dward .T. Konnard. 
The Misses Iveuuard. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Story. 
Miss .Tosephine V. Kevs. 
Mr. F. W. Marion Story. 
-Ml-, and :Mrs. 1'. :\Iorodith Reese, 

^Ir. and Mrs. Guy Harrison Reese. 


Mr. and Mrs. Percy Meredith 

^Ir. and Mrs. Douglas Thomas. 

Mr. Thomas .Tefferson Clagett. 

Mr. and ^Irs. Cyril Warren Ivcech. 

The Misses Iveecb. 

Mr. ^Malcolm G. Iveech. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Mullikin. 

Mrs. Charles W. Guest. 

Miss Nannie Miller. 

Mrs. John B. Martin. 

Mrs. C. R. McSherry. 

Miss Catherine G. McSherry. 

Miss Anna Davis McSherry. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Crom- 

Mr. and :\Irs. John T. Staub. 

l»r. and Mrs. Henry Lee Smith. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Adams. 
Joseph P.. T\ent. 
C. Ivent. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Miss Elizabetl 

:Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Casler. 

Miss Gladys Mackenzie Casker. 

Miss Irene Rldgely €asler. 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton M. Dukehart 

Mrs. Graham Gordon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. Lackey. 

Mr. anil Mrs. John Cyrus Distler. 

Tile Messrs. Distler. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Slingluff. 

Di-. and Mrs. Clarence S. Gore. 

-Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Schaefer. 

- Mr. and Mrs. Ilonrv I'atterson. 

N. and S. Calvert, N. Carey Sts., N. Carrollton Ave., and Cathedral St. 2S 


Corner 31st. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Handy Waller. 

3021 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nicholas 



Corner olst. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Evans. 

Mr. Henry C. Evans. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Thoinseii. 

Mrs. Thomas M. Nelson. 

Miss Marv Pas^e Nelson. 

:Mr. and Mrs. E. Edward Wells. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright For- 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Francis Eee. 
^liss Sarah S. Manly. 
Miss Claire A. Whedbee. 
Mr. Thomas M. Whedbee. 
Miss Bertha C. Sioussat. 
Mr. Maurice J. T. Sioussat. 


10 Mr. J. Henry Cook. 


22 Dr. and Mrs. R. II. P. Ellis. 107 Mr. Wm. E. Bond. 


25 Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Buckman. 525 Mr. John B. Bnckmaa. 



Dr. and Mrs. William S. Thayer. 
Rev. and Mrs. Harris E. Kirk, D.D. 



Mr. and Mrs. William G. McCor- 

Miss Ruby McCormiek. 


. 604 




Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. 

Miss Priscilla Beacham. 
Mr. Francis S. Beacham. 





Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. Gaither. 
Mr. T. H. Gaither. Jr. 
Miss Rebekah Harrison. 





Mr, and Mrs. Francis King Carey. 
Mr. l-'rancis .lames Carey. 
Miss Eleanor Irwin Carey. 


Mr. and Mrs. Ruxton M. Ridgely. 


Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn Ferine. 
Miss Ferine. 



Mr. and Mrs. Eugene O'Dunne. 



Miss Gibson. 

Mrs. A.bert Gambrill. 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Harlan. 
Miss Margaret H. Harlan. 
Miss Sara Harlan. 




Mr. and Mrs. George H. Sar 

Miss C. Henrietta Chiffelle. 


Mr. and .Mrs. De Courcy W. Thorn. 
Miss Mary Gordon Thorn, 


Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wm. Field. 

Mr. and ^Nlrs. George R. Gaither. 

Mr. and Mrs, H. Granger Gaither. 

Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. H, Whitridge. 

Miss Whitridge. 

Mr. w'ilton Snowden. 

Mr. Allan Hanson Snowden. 

Miss Mary R. Snowden. 

Miss Marie Louise Snowden. 

Mr. Washington Ferine. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fielding 

Miss Doris Fielding Reid. 
Mr. Francis Fielding Reid. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Eraser. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Griffith 



Mrs, Henry Maynadier Steele, 
Mr. Henry M. Steel, Jr. 
Mr. Wm. Janney Hull. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Hull. 
Mrs. Cuarles S. Morgan. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Whyte. 
Miss Eliza C. Whyte. 
Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll 



Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. George May. 
Miss Nora Louise Thompson 


Cathedral St. 


— — Mr. S. Bevan INIiller. 

Miss Emily B. Baily, 

ilrs. James II. Mason Knox. 

— - Mr. and Mrs. ('lias. Howard Smith. 
Mrs. Andrpw Rpid. 

:vrr. and Mrs. Tolfair W. Marriott. 

Mrs. Bradley Stellman. 

Mrs. Sarah E. Brown. 

Mr. Ken sett Brown. 

Mrs. ITollins McKim. 

Miss Mary Camilla McKim. 

Miss Caroline I>ee Whitehead. 

Miss Bessie Buckler. 

IMrs. AVilliam B. Hill. 

Mr. Henry C. Barrett. 

Mrs. Henry Clark. 

Mrs. William II. Clark. 

Mr. Harry C. Clark. 

702 IMrs. John Irvin-; ririflfiss. 

702 Mr. Arunah S. A. Brady. 

703 Mrs. W. R. Abell. 
703 The Misses Bogue. 

712 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Brown. 

SOO Mr. and Mrs. W. II. De Courcy 

802 Dr. and :\Irs. Walter B. Piatt. 

802 Mr. David Ferine Piatt. 

803 Mrs. Georjre Huntington Williams 
SO". Afr. Tfnl.t. W. Willianis. 

803 Mr. G. Huntington Williams, Jr. 

804 Rear-Admiral and Mrs. D. D. V. 

Stuart (U. S. N.). 

804 Dr. Daniel D. V. Stuart, Jr. 

80G Dr. and Mrs. II. Warren Buckler. 

SOT Dr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Bpvan. 

SOT Miss Margaret Holmes Bevan. 

809 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vernon 


800 Miss Jane Hamilton Miller. 

SOO Miss Elizabeth L. Walles. 

S09 Mrs. George B. Reynolds, 

son Miss Mary E. Reynolds. 

809 Miss Julia Ann Carter Reynolds. 
814 ^Irs. Lawrason Riggs. 

814 The Messrs. Riggs. 

814 Miss Brig>ht. 

810 Mrs. E. E. Jackson. 
816 Mr. Richard N. Jackson. 
903 Mr. James L. McLane. 

003 Miss Fanny Kinsr McT.ane. 

903 Miss Katharine Lawrence Lee. 

OO.'i Col. and Mrs. John A. Tompkins. 

906 Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson Davi- 

906 The Misses Davison. 

007 Miss Ellen Howard Bayard. 

907 Mr. Richard FI. Bayard. 

909 Mr. and Mrs. T. Steptoe Boswcll. 

909 Mrs. .Tos. Boykin Whitehead. 

913 Mrs. Joseph King. 

915 Mrs. Henry A. Rowland. 

91,5 Miss Ilarriette Heyer Rowland. 

915 Mr. Henry A. Rowland. 

920 Mrs. John Foster Rice. 

920 The Misses Rice. 

922 Mrs. N. G. Penniraan. 

922 Mr. Henry G. Penniman. 

922 ;Miss Penniman. 

922 Dr. Thomas I). Penniman. 

923 Mrs. Samuel Richardson Smith. 
923 Miss Cannon. 

923 Miss Maretta Cannon. 

924 I\Ir. and Mrs. George Dobbin Pen- 


924 Mr. George Dobbin Penniman, Jr. 

924 Miss Harriet Wilson Dushane 


925 Mrs. Edgar M. Garnett. 

925 ^Miss Mary Garnett McCarty. 

925 Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Harris. 

925 Mrs. John Spencer. 

925 Miss Spencer. 

925 ISIrs. Wm. E. Chisolm. 

925 Mr. Wm. Garnett Chisolm. 

0?a ATr. and Airs. Philemon II. Tuck. 

926 Miss M. L. C. Tuck. 

928 Mr. and Airs. Michael B. Wild. 

1000 Dr. Frank Alartin. 

1002 Mrs. Robert Marve. 

1002 Air, Robert Turner Marve. 

1002 Aliss Laura Canbv. 

1002 :Mr. Percy B. McLaran. 

1004 Air. and Airs. A. Alorris Carey. 

1004 The Messrs. Carey. 

1005 Mr. and Mrs. William Haigh. 

1006 Air. and Mrs. Owen Daly. 
10(t6 Aliss Adele E. Dalv. 

lOOr, Afiss Irene A. r»aly. 

1006 Miss Louise Daly. 

1006 Air. Lee E. Daly. 

1007 Dr. and Mrs. Henrv B. Thomas. 
1007 Mr. Henrv B. Thomas, Jr. 

1007 Miss Janette Brome. 

1008 Dr. and Airs. X. E. Berry Iglehart. 

1009 Dr. and Airs. J. AI. Hundley. 
1009 Aliss Ethel Faxon Ilundlev. 

1009 Air. Jack Alason Hundley'. 

1010 Air. and Airs. John M. Littig. 
1010 Air. Charles Ross Littig. 

1012 Air. and Airs. A. H. Robertson. 

1012 Air. Alexander H. Robertson, Jr. 

1012 Airs. A\'. S. Hillcs. 

1014 Mr. John Howard Eager. 

1014 Air. Auville Eager. 

1014 Miss Harriot Ide. Eager, 

Cathedral St. East Centre St., N. Charles St. 



1016 Miss Ellen Boyd Findlay. 

1016 Miss Mary P. B. Findlay. 

1018 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes. 

1018 Mr. Neill Hughes. 

1020 Mrs. Henry Cox. 

1021 Mrs. David Fowler. 

1021 Mr. Laurence Hall Fowler. 

1021 iNFrs. Kemp B. Batchelor. 

1021 MLss Mary Carey Batchelor. 

1021 Mr. Kemp B. Batchelor, Jr. 

1021 Miss M. L. Price. 

1022 INIrs. Savington W. Crampton. 
1022 Miss Mary Crampton. 

1022 Miss Isahel Crampton, 

1024 The Misses Cummings. 

1025 Mrs. Richard H. Strother. 
1025 INIr. .Tames Bartol. 

1025 Mr. George Armistead. 

1026 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Plitt Sadt- 


1027 Dr. and Mrs. William W. Ford. 
1020 Dr. and Mrs. G. Howard White Jr. 

10.38 Mrs. Thomas R. Brown. 

10.33 Miss JNIary Carrin^ton Brown. 

1033 ]Mr. and ^Irs. James Carrington 


1033 Mr, and Mrs. Turuhull Murdoch. 


Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh C. Thomas. 

Mr. Daniel Cloud. 

■ Mr. Charles Andrew INIcCann. 

• Mr, and Mrs. Otho E. Ridgely, Jr. 

1105 Mr. and Mrs, George Corbin 

1122 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. D. Penniman, 
1122 Miss Estelle Stirling. 
1124 Mr. and Mrs. Clavton C. Hall. 
1124 Mr. C, Morris Hall. 

1128 Dr. and Mrs. J, Whitridge Will- 

1128 Miss Margaretta Whitridge Will- 

1128 Miss Mary Gushing Whitridge 

1132 Mrs. J, J. .Tackson. 

1132 Miss Bella Caton Jackson. 

1132 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hollins Wu-g- 

1136 Mr. and Mrs. Bannister Hall. 

1136 Mrs. Randolph Norwood. 

1136 Miss Mary Norwood. 

1200 Dr. and .Mrs. John Staige Davis. 

1203 Mr, and jNIrs. W, S, Blackford, 

1203 Mr, Wm, Whitridge, 


^Ir, and iNIrs. Arthur S, Knothe. 
Mr. Carter L. Bowie. 

Mr. George Archer. 

Mr. Theo. B. Cunningham. 


401 Mrs. Frank Key Howard. 

401 Mrs. William DeFord. 

401 Miss Lydia Hownrd DeFord. 

401 Miss Nancy Howard DeFord. 

401 Miss Nancy H. Howard. 

401 The jNIessrs. Howard. 

408 Rev, W. A, Fletcher, D. D, 

415 Miss Cohen. 

417 Mrs. S. U. Snead. 

417 Miss ^Margaret Snead. 

417 Miss Elizabeth Gary Nicholas, 

417 Miss Rosa Lawson. 

417 Mrs. John H. Parkhill. 

417 Miss Evelyn Z. Chisolm, 

417 Rear-Admiral and Mrs, A. .1, 
Pritchard, U. S, N. 

517 Mrs. Rutherford C, Twells. 

520 Miss Loulie Gegan. 


Mr. and Mrs. George Arnold Frick, 

Dr, John D. Fisk. 

Mr. Herman L. Fisk, 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R, Myer. 

Mr. Thomas J. Myer. 


INfrs. Walter W. Ancker, 

Miss Margaret Elizabeth Ancker. 

Mr. and Mrs. Riggin Buckler, Jr. 

603 Mr. John .7, Milligan. 

605 Mr. and Mrs. T, Marshall Duer. 
005 Mrs. rJeorge Marshall Jordan. 
605 Miss Mary Miles Jordan, 

600 Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Abell. 
609 Miss Selby Leeds Zell. 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Murdoch Dennis. 

Mrs. William Emory Waring. 

Miss IMary Cla'-e Waring. 

^Ir. William Emory Waring, Jr. 

— — • Mr, and Mrs. Win, A, Marburg 
of A, 

N. Charles St. 












yiv. ciud Mrs. Harry C. Black. 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wight. 
Mr. Orlaud Neville Wight. 
Mr.s. Charles M. Lanahan. 
Mr. Charles :M. Lanahan. 
Mr. and Mrs. .Jolin 11. U'Douovan. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. IJowliug. 
Mr. and Mrs. .Jos. K. Wilson. 
Miss Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruce. 
Mr. Albert C. Bruce. 
Mrs. William Dorman Gill. 
Mr. and 31 rs. George Whitelock. 
Mr. and Mrs. Carrou W. llasin. 
3Irs. .John Baker Thompson Hull. 
Mrs. .John :M. Denison. 
Mrs. Clinton I'axton Paine. 
Mr. .John J. Thonisen. 
Miss Williar. 

Mr. and Mrs. Augustus A. Hack. 
Miss Elranor HacK. 
3Ir. and 31rs. Henry A. Parr, Jr. 

Mr. Francis B. 
ton Place i . 

Harvey (Washing- 

Mrs. Jos. Ilenshaw (Washington 

iSIr. I\Iaurlce Gregg (Washington 

Mrs. Andrew Gregg (Washington 

Dr. and Mrs. Alex. D. McConachie 
Mr. Douglas McConachie. 

Mrs. Geo. B. Reynolds. 
The Misses Iteynolds. 

The Misses Myers. 

Mrs. Mary W. Pope. 
Mr. Micajah Pope. 

Mrs. Charles D. Fisher. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Charlton Nel- 
Mrs. Joseph Turner, 
Miss Virginia Turner. 
3Irs. Christopher Johnston. 
Mr. and .Mrs. James H. Preston. 
Miss Alice Wilks Preston. 
Miss Anna Jeanette Gannett. 
Miss Wilfrida Messenger. 
Miss Gene Smith. 
Miss Alice King Sniythe. 
Mi's. Mendes Cohen. 

Mrs. Richard A. Urquhart. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Wilson Baugher. 



Ml-, and Mrs. G. Howell I'arr. 

-Mr. mid Mrs. John Herbert John- 

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Russell 

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Alexander. 

-Mr. and .Mrs. E. Stanley Gary, 

Dr. IhMirv I'arr llvnsoii. 

.Mr. and Mrs. J. Winslow Hund- 

:Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Wil- 

31rs. Edward Ayrault Robinson. 

Mr. Edward Avrault Robinson, 

Judge W. I. Hawkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Beard. 

:\lr. Elmer Read Beard. 

Mrs. Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 

3Iiss Fanny Gilmor Crenshaw. 

Miss Mary Claire O'Brien. 

Mr. William E. Brush. 

3Ir. (ilover Chisolm Trenholm. 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Newlx.ld, 

Mrs. Mclvim Murdoch. 

Mr. Robert Boykin. 

Mr. John N. Carroll. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shearer. 
Miss Mary B. Shearer. 
Dr. Thomas L. Shearer. 

:Mrs. Ferdinand C. Latrobe. 
ISliss Ellen Virginia Latrobe. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock Swann. 
3ir. Thomas Swann. 

Miss Holt. 

Mrs. Campbell Mortimer. 

912 :\Ir. 1-^aris C Pitt. 

914 Mr. Albert Graham Ober, Jr. 
914 Mr. and Mrs. Fi-ank Benedict 


91 G Mr. Frank S. Thomas. 

918 Mr. and Mrs. Ben.iamin C. Howard, 

92U Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Ivnapp. 

920 Miss Katharine E. Ivnapp. 

".•2M Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Knapp. 

920 Mr. ^^■m. (L Ivnapp. 

921 Mrs. Thomas Bullitt Harrison. 

921 Dr. and Mrs. A. Duvall Atkinson. 

922 The Misses Taylor. 

922 Mr. James Eugene Taylor. 

924 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Jackson. 















N. Charles St. 






3 000 

1 007 






.^Irs. :Maiy E. ^Fatliews 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Canliy Marye. 
Mr. aud ^Irs. Addison C Arm- 

Mrs. John Gill. 

Miss Aynes Wallace Gill. 

Miss Marie .7. :McCay. 

Mr. A. Harvey McCay. 

Mrs. William M. IJuchanan. 

Mr. Cliai'les McC. Buchanan. 

Mr. and Mrs. William 1'. Harvey. 

Mrs. Ilarvey Ins! is. 

Mr. William Ewing Ilarvey. 

INIiss Anne C. Wilkins. 

Miss Elizabeth K. Webb. 

Mr. Wallis; (JiftV-n. 

yivs. James Fortcseuc Giffen. 

]Miss Giffen. 

^Irs. Kandolph E. Fishburn. 


Mr. '1'. W. Ton.une. 

Mr. Havid Stewart. 

Mr. 1'. v.. Key I (ain.^crlidd. 

Mr. and Mrs. Summerlield Bald- 
Ml'. SuniuuMiield Baldwin. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Gill. Jr. 
Tlie ]Misses Kremelberg. 

Mr. and ^Irs. J. Holmes Whiteley. 
Mr. and :Mrs. Douglas H. Gordon. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Robinson. 
Miss Mariana I^moiy Itol)inson. 
Miss En-eline F. RoI)inson. 
Miss Amy R. Robinson. 
Dr. and Mrs. Jere Williams Lord. 
Mrs. Henry J. Farber. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Randolph. 
Miss Katherine F. Randolph. 

Mrs. Howard ^lunnikhuysen. 
Miss Bessie .MunniUhuvsen. 
Mrs. L. M. Lee. 
Mr. and INIrs. H. C. McComas. 
Mr. Oliver Parker Mc(>)mas, Jr. 
Mr. and IVIrs. William I). Bowie. 

Mrs. George Stnart Campbell. 
Miss Alice Taney Appold. 
Mrs. Wm. Graham Bowdoln. 

Mrs. W. I), riatt. 

Miss Anna E. Piatt. 

Mr. Wm. Davenport Piatt 2d. 

r)r. and Mrs. Omar B. Pancoast. 
Mrs. Nathan Ross. 

Mrs. William Cooke Worthlngton. 
Mr. Richard H. Worthington. 

11 1 r, 

11 IG 




1 1 23 
1 1 2:: 



1 202 

1 204 
1 20G 
1 208 


1 307 


Major and Mi- 
Miss .Marv Br; 

I Be 


^Irs. Thomas Graves Boggs. 
iliss Evaline CTapp Boggs. 
:Mr. Edward Page Duer. 
^Ir. and ]Mrs. Francis Baylies G 

Mrs. Henry B. Keyser. 

Miss Ann I'^rnnklin Keyser. 

-Mrs. Wm. Davis Primrose. 

The Misses I'rimrose. 

IMrs. Marian Thompson Morse. 

:\Iiss Elizabeth Kilty Norris. 

Miss Helen Knight." 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Frank Crouch. 

Miss Eleanor Mifclu'll Dieter. 

Mr. R. Rennert Dieter. 

The blisses l''owler. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C. Macgii 

:\Iiss 8ara R. Mac-ill. 


Rufus King Goodc 

( X(.s. 

:\lr. and Mi 
now. .jr. 

-Mr. and Mrs. .1. All)ert Iluglu 

.Airs. John P. Poe. 

Aliss .Alargaretta Poe. 

Mr. Gresham H. Poe. 

Miss Katherine Chase Berry. 

Miss Sally Carter. 

Mr. and Airs. Wm. R. Cole. 

The Messrs. Cole. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd I>. Jacksr 

Aliss Anne L. .Jackson. 

Miss Elsie Jackson. 

Mr. Lloyd L. JackstiU. .Ir. 

Airs. S. Alarland Ilamiltou. 

Air. and Airs. Horace S. Whili 

Air. Irving Adams. 

Aliss Daisy Adams. 

Airs. Robert Ober. 

Mr. Gustavus Ober, Jr. 

The Alisses Inloes. 

Airs. J. Strieker Jeidcins. 

Air. and Airs. I'aul II. Alillei'. 

Air. and Airs. Lucius C. I'olk. 

Aliss Gorter. 

Aliss Alarie Alida Gorter. 

Airs. G. T. Pennington. 
Dr. Fannie VI. lloopes. 
Aliss Al. Ella H()op(«s. 
Aliss I'eter. 

N, Charles St. 


1314 Dr. and Mrs. James Frederick 

1317 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Badart. 
l.'no -Air. and Mrs. Thos. B. C. Yearley. 
i:>10 ^Nliss Marie Yearley. 
1321 Dr. and Mrs. Pearce Kintzing. 

■ Mrs. Donnell Swan. 

Mrs. George Longcope. 

Miss Frances T. Longcope. 

Mr. George Longcope. 

Mr. Alien Longcope. 

• Miss Alice Tlieobald. 

— — Miss Mollie George. 

Mrs. Wni. L. Watson. 

■ Miss Amy E. Hull. 

Miss Alice Louise Thompson. 

Miss Genevieve Stuart. 

■ Mr. Sidney T. Manning. 

jNliss Susan Turnbull Murdoch. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Nelson. 

The jNlisses Harrison. 

■ Mr. .lohn C. White. 

Mr. Oscar W. Smith. 

IMiss Kalherine E. West. 

■ ]\Iiss EIizal)eth INIason Barnes. 

■ jNIrs. Iredell Iglehart. 

Mr. Iredell W. Iglehart. 

INFiss Louisa 11. Robinson. 

Miss Rosa Steele. 

Miss Kate Steele. 

■ jNIr. Louis F. Young. 

jMrs. .Tohn S. Townsend. 

Mr. .Tohn S. Townsend, .Tr. 

Mrs. Ethel Pitt Morton. 

1422 Mr. Nicholas Romanoff Cottman. 

1422 ISIr. W. A. Bovkin. .Jr. 

1422 Mr. Harry Worthingtou Jenkins. 

1701 Mrs. J. il. Scarff. 

170(5 Mr. and Mrs. Benpdict Henry 

1700 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver M. La Bar- 

1712 The Misses Bouldin. 

1714 Ml-, and Mrs. Arthur P. Shanklin. 

1714 The Messrs. Shaklin. 

1714 Mrs. Richard I'arran Henry Staub. 

1714 ]\Ir. and Mrs. R. F. H. Staub, Jr. 

1710 Mrs. lioger T. Dawson. 

1710 The ^Messrs. Dawson. 

1710 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Campbell, 

17 20 I\Irs. 11. C. P.urton. 

1720 Miss Burton. 

1720 Mr. Robert Burton. 


Mm. Mary B. Owen. 

Miss Nannie B. Ow<mi. 

— — - Miss Caroline H. (iallagher. 

Dr. and Mrs. Jas. M. Craighill. 

Miss Annie I'rice Craighill. 

■ ISIr. and Mrs. Jacol) Lindley. 

Mrs. Minnie D. Bresee. 

Miss Mary B. Mordecai. 

— — Mr. D. Henry Mordecai. 
Mrs. George L. Harrison, 

Capt. and Mrs. Henry P, Goddard. 

Dr. and Mrs Calvin Hooker God- 

da rd. 
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Dent Wise. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. :\Iorton Scott. 

Miss Louise Randolph. 

ISIr. Thomas E. Coale. 

Mr, Alexander C. CJroome, 

■ Rev. Tliomas Atk'nson. 

Miss Margaret Elizabeth Ways. 

• Mrs. ;Moid'>cai I). Tyson. 

Mr. John White Scott. 

■ ]\Iiss Nina Alassev Scott. 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Ilarrv S. Zell. Jr. 

Miss Sophia N. Pitts. 

Miss Jane L. Pitts. 

Mr. John Loney. 

1S12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson 

1813 Ui: and Mrs. Henry IL Dough- 

1813 ]\Ir. Harry R. Dougherty. 

1813 The Misses Harris. 

1810 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Buckman. 
1817 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Calwell. 
1817 Miss Aimee Calwell. 
1901 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Marston. 
IDOl :Mr. W. Woodrnft" Marston. 
1001 ]Mr. Poirce :\Iarston. 
2005 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bennett 

200r; :Miss Annie Shorter Y'oung. 

2009 Mv. and Mrs. Richard Mareen Du- 


2019 Mrs. Wm. T. Barnard. 

2019 Miss Kate M. Thomas. 

2104 Mr. and Mrs. Charles IT. Brown. 

2104 Mr. Charles Francis Brown. 

2104 Miss Elizabeth Adele Brown. 

2104 Mr. Horace Brown. 

2107 Mr. William T. Moriran. 

2107 Mr. W. Archer Morgan. 

2107 Mr. Goldsborough Morgan. 

2109 ]Mrs. William I'nrkc Ciistis. 

2109 The :\lis-sps Cnstis. 

2109 jNIr. and Mrs, Norman F. Hill, Jr. 

2113 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Reed. 

2117 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thomas. 

2117 Miss Nancy Scott Thomas. 

2118 Mrs. Clara Vickers Ilartzog. 

N. Charles St. 









2 ''22 

241 S 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Levin Rich- 
I\Ir. Dorsey Richardson. 
Miss Sallie Webster Dorsey. 

Miss Henrietta S. Dicl^ey. 
Mrs. Charlotte R. Albert. 
INIiss Virginia Albert. 
jMr. and :Mrs. Wesley S. Hanna. 
Mrs. Virginia C. Raborg. 

Miss Hottie S. Raborg. 
^liss Raborg. 

ISIiss Hooper. 

Mr. and Mrs. T.onis M. Rawlins. 

Mr. .T. :McKenny White. 

Mr. Edward N. White. 

Rev. and Mrs. D. Prescott Allison 
]Mrs. William Thode. 
The ]\nsses Carey. 
The :\Iessrs. Carey. 
Mrs. Frances H. INIillard. 
Miss Laura May Haugliwout. 
Mrs. .Tohn W. Page. 
Mrs. Frances Evans Martine. 
Mr. .Tohn C. Martine. 
Miss Evelyn H. Martine. 
]\Iiss West. 

]\Ir. and Mrs. H. Randolph Latimer. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Du Val. 
Miss Elizabeth Lansdale Du Val. 
Miss Augusta McCausland Du 

Mrs. Reuben Foster. 
:Miss Elizabeth W. Greenway. 
Mr. William H. Greenway. 
Mrs. William S. Potter. 
Miss :\Iarian Legare Potter. 
Mrs. George Byron Cole. 
Miss Edith Cole. 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Alex- 


]\rr. and Mrs. Lynn Roby ]\Ieelvins 

Mr. Lynn Webster Meekins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Tome. 

The ^lessrs. Soper. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard Warfleld. 

Miss May Godey Warner. 

Mr. and Mrs. .Tames Hull Patton, 

Miss Elizabeth Cole Patton. 

Miss Emma Sattler. 

Mr. .Aiiirnstns E. Sattler. 

Mr. G. W. Sattler. 

Mr. J. T>loyd Unduch. 

IVTr. and Mrs. .Tohn Lowry Sanford. 

Mr. M. Ivuight Sanford. 

2730 Mr. and Mrs. William Thomsen. 

2801 Mrs. A. .T. Ulman. 

2801 Mr. and Mrs. Moses R. Walter. 

2.^ni Miss Walter. 

2801 Mr. Albert M. Walter. 

2801 Miss Valerie H:. Walter. 

2801 Mr. Raphael Walter. 

2001 Mrs. S. Belle Sellman. 
2001 Mrs. :Minnie Sellman West. 
2001 Miss Ivatharine T..orraine West. 


Mrs. St. .Tohn Carroll. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ivennon W. Eger- 


Mr. and Mrs. B. Howard Rich- 


Mrs. Thomas E. Jenkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Tyler Smith. 

Mrs. William H. Flail. 

Mr. Richard B. Hall. 

^liss Natalie Cole. 

Hdr. Brooke G. Bird. 

— ■ — ■ INIr. and INfrs. Albert TT. Buck. 

■ ^Irs. Gustavus Warfleld. 

• T^rof. and ]Mrs. H. N. Morse. 

• Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Woodward 


Mv. and INlrs. .Tohn Ambler Mason. 

iNIrs. M. Gillet Gill. Sr. 

Mr. Royal Warfleld Gill. 

— — ]Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. TCuhns. 

jSfr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Seddon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hughes 


■ ISIrs. Innes Randolph. 

— INIiss island Randolph. 

Air. and Mrs. T. West Claggett. 

— ]\rrs. Henry D. Bnlkley. 

IVIrs. Howard Ridsrely. 

— - Dr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Aber- 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Webb. 

Miss Celeste Webb. 


Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dulaney 


jVIr. and Airs. Frank Fisher, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thomas 

(Cor. 33dK 

Mr. John B. Thomas, Jr. (Cor. 


3301 Mr. and Mrs. Grafl[lin Cook. 

■ ]Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Iveitli. 

Mr. and Mrs. liandle Hulner. 

— — ■ Mr. and Mrs. George Jenkins. 


N. Charles, E. and W. Chase Sts. 


(Charles-Stroot Ave). 
lit. Rov. aiul Mrs. John (iardnor 

Mui-iay, D.I). 
Ml-. Jolin Gardner Mnnav. Jr. 
Miss Clara If. Murray. ' 
Miss Ann Kiri<\vood Murray. 


'ill.' Misses Appold. 
-Mr. L<"ninei ']'. Ai)i)()l(l. 
-Miss V..n Kirs,.ii. 

4:; lit 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilbur Miliar 

(("or. Gold Si)ring I^ane). 
Mrs. T. Harrison (iarrett. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garrett (Gor. 

Wyndburst Avet. 
Mr. aiid Mrs. Williana Bulloek 

Glark (Gbarles-Stre(>t Ave. and 

Gak riace). 
Miss Helen Glark (Gharles-Stre(>t 

Ave. and Gak Place). 
:\rr. and Mrs. Robert I'. R<.l)erls 

iCiiin'ord I. 


!> Dr. and Mrs. Gbarlcs Wellinan 

;> Dr. St. Glair Spruill. 

10 Miss Mary Kennedy Roone. 


11 Gol. Henry Lay Duer. 

11 :Mr. and Mrs. Decatur Howanl 

11 Mr. Alfr.'d J. Miller. 

11 Mr. L. Vernon Miller. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (J. Royce. 

11 :\Ir. (Jeo. W. Kirvvan. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. W. Gbamplin Rob- 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ilillver Wi- 

11 Gen. and Mrs. Francis E. Waters. 

11 Mrs. Frank I'eyton Glark. 

11 Mr. W. Laurence Glark. 

11 Mr. W. Gary McHenrv. 

11 :\rr. J. Howard McHenrv. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Egerton 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Everett Gibbs. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. .Alatthai. 

11 The Messrs. IMorton. 

11 Dr. John Rubriiii. 

11 .Miss \ iiuiuia C,...!,,.!- Raii>oj!. 

11 :\ir. and Mrs. Albert K. Wanii.ele 

12 :\Irs. Oliver Reeder. 

1'2 Miss Frances Olive Rcoder. 

lli Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes. 

14 Mrs. George William Brown. 

14 Mrs. J. J. P.ew. 

14 Miss lirown. 

IG Mrs. Albert L. Gorter. 

IG Miss Elizabeth Y. Thompson. 

lOG Mr. and ^Irs. George C. Jenkins. 

■J(t2 ^Nliss Elisa Gazenove (iardner. 

LM)2 yivH. Thomas J. Packard. 

1'04 Mr. and Mrs. Charles II. Cartel 


21(4 .Miss Agnes Dugau George. 

208 ^Ir. and Mrs. Josias J. George. 

208 Mr. Ellicott (ieorge. 

20s Mr. and Mrs. John T. Love. 

210 Mrs. George W. O'Dounell. 

210 ,Mi". and ^Mrs. R. Sanchez Boone. 

212 Mr. and ]\Irs. Eustis Thompson. 

212 Mr. Robeson Lea Thompson. 

212 Dr. (^'harles B. Thompson. 

214 Mr. and :Mrs. William Paul Brown. 

214 Miss Edna Brown. 


5 ^liss E. F. :Magruder. 

5 Mr. Duke Bond. 

5 Mr. Joseph Osborn Martin. 

5 Dr. Gharles Bagley, Jr. 

9 Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Bellinger 

11 Mr. and Mrs. (Jaylord Brooks. 
11 Miss Isal)el Brooks. 

13 Mr. and Mrs. A. James Albert. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick William 

15 Miss Sophie (iaither Smith. 

1<; Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Rand; 

H; The Misses Randall. 

10 The Messrs. Randall. 

17 Mrs. George A. Kirbv. 

IT Mrs. Geo. R. A. Hiss. 

10 .Mr. an<l Mrs. Sumner A. I'arker 

•27, Mrs. Arthur L. Shreve. 

25 ,Miss Rosalie Tilghman Shreve. 

25 Mr. Arthur L. Shreve. 

25 Mrs. Rosalie T. Shreve. 

27 The Misses Lanier. 

Dolphin, E. and W. Eager Sts., Edmondson Av. 


307-311— II AMrTON COURT. 

Ml", aud Mrs. George Shiplej'. 

313 Miss Lydia Crane. 

313 Miss Josepliine Stone Crane. 

.;•-'!) :Miss Adelaide r. Tyson. 

335 Mr. and Mrs. .Jordan Stabler. 

335 Miss Florence Stabler. 

340 Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Norris. 

341 3Ir. Kidgely Gaitber. 

341 Miss McKean. 

342 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Mills. 


4 Mr. and Mrs. Arcbibald H.Taylor 

^Nliss Marburg. 

G Mr. W. A. Marburg. 

7 Miss Eleanore M. Tyler. 

8 The Misses Lockwood. 

8 Dr. William F. Lockwood. 

8 Mr. Lockwood. 

;Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. S. Winder. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn E. Sommes. 

10 Miss Frances C Semmes. 

1 L Miss C. Rosalie Morris. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. McKeon. 

13 ]\Irs. .Tames II. Bucbanan. 

13 Miss Henrietta Bucbanan Gale. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. George Mackubin. 

15 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Wetherall. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Miles Gary. 


19 Mrs. .T. Setb Hopkins. 

IJ) :\Iiss Cbarlotte L. Hopkins. 

1!) Miss Sarah Hopkins. 

!'.» Mr. and ^Irs. .lames C. Forman. 

20 Dr. and Mis. Thomas Stephen 


21 Mrs. A. S. Murray. 

21 Mr. .James RatclifE Murray. 

21 Miss Charlotte Murray. 

22 Mrs. II. P. Ward. 

22 Miss Mary Wilson Ward. 

23 Mr. Fisher Sloan. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Deford. 

114 Miss .Teanette M. Dickey. 

114 Mrs. E. .1. D. Cross. 

114 Mr. Francis R. Cross. 

115 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lee Stuart. 

208 Chevalier Pletro Minetti. 

212 Miss Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll. 

212 Miss :Mary Sterett Carroll. 

214 ^liss Helen Nicholson Harris. 

214 Mr. .1. Nicholson Harris. 

220 :Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Carroll. 

220 Mrs. Wm. S. Carroll. 



1(»4 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fisher. 

104 Mrs. C. I*. Scbaefer. 

104 Mrs. D. Barton Marshall. 


^liss Louisa I.,usby. 

Mrs. E. P. Keech, Sr. (Apt. 4). 


Mr. Emmet Wallace White (Cor. 

Mrs. Wm. F. Lamdin. Cor. 19th St. 
The Misses Russell, Cor. Walnut. 

:Mr. and Mrs. N. Gist Lamdin, Cor. 

:4;>3 Mr. and Mrs. Snowden Hoff. 


805 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Blake Wil 

805 Miss Mary 
8(»7 Mrs. Marv 

Lansdowne Wilson. 
M. Kummer. 

807 Miss Helen Talbot Kummer. 

807 Mrs. .Joseph Talbot Pancoast. 

800 Miss .Johnson. 

809 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henry Staub. 

N. Eutaw St., Eutaw Place. 


809 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Johnson. 
811 Mrs. Howard S. Bowie. 
811 Miss Virginia Berkley Bowie. 
811 Miss Eleanor Howard Bowie. 
811 Mr. E. Berkley Bowie. 
811 Mr. Allen S. Bowie. 

813 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bourne. 

815 Mrs. William Boggs. 

83 5 The Misses Boggs. • 

815 The Messrs. Boggs. 

816 Rev. William Adams McClenthen. 

81«) Rev. George Alexander Griffiths. 

810 Rev. William Franklin Venables. ■ 

810 Mr. Wallace R. Everton. 

817 Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Brevard ' 


817 Mr. R. Cecil Hogan. 

817 3Ir. and Mrs. Egbert Singleton 

Montell • 

823 Mrs. W'illiam A. S. Beasley. . 

823 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews . 


823 Dr. Nellie V. Mark. 

82G Mr. and Mrs. William Henry 


827 Rev. Frank Hay Staples. 

827 Staples. • 

828 Mis. Wilson Carr. 

828 Miss Louise S. Mathias. . 

830 Miss Carolyn Norris Horwitz. 

833 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Montell. 

833 Miss Katherine Singleton Montell. 

833 Miss Katharine Woodrop Montell. 

857 Mrs. James Harris. 

857 Mrs. Ella Harris Steele. 

1037 Miss Maria Johns Hammond. 

1038 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Steiner. IZII 
1103 Mr. John Glenn. Jr. 

lUf.) Mr. and Mrs. H. Cavendish Dar- 

1109 ^Bss Marie J. Darrell. 

1114 Mrs. J. Bowric Ingle. 


Mrs. W. W. Remington. 

Miss Elizabeth W. Pendleton. 

Miss Mary G. Duff. 

Miss Hodges. 

Mrs. James William Mcllvaiu. 

•Mr. John Wilson Brown. 

;Miss Rosa Brown. 

Mrs. I'auline M. Levering. 

Miss P. Dorothy Levering. 

Miss Elise W. Levering. 

Mrs. Frank T. (irady. 

Miss M. G. B. McCulloch. 

Mr and Mrs. Edward H. Ingle. 

Mrs. Benjamin Sadtler. 

The Misses Sadtler, 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Borrough. 

.Mrs. Wm. Howard. 

Miss Ida R. Howard. 

Mr. G. Beauregard Howard. 

Mrs. Thos. P. Langdon. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. Edward Ma- 

Mrs. Benjamin Duvall Palmer. 
Miss Palmer. 
Miss Helen Freeman. 
Mr. J. Livingston Minis. 
Mrs. Louis Cassard. 
Mr. Harrison Cassard. 
Miss Anna F. Jones. 
Miss Annie H. Whiteley. 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. 'Smith. 
Mrs. Sidney Turner. 
Mr. Eugene Ponltney. 
Miss Clara V. Tyler. 
Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Gore. 


1200 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Armstrong. 

1200 The Misses Armstrong. 

1200 Miss Dorothy Frances Corbin 


1201 Dr. and Mrs. William S. Ilalsted. 

1202 ^Irs. Josiah J. Johnston. 
1202 Miss Sydney Price. 

1205 Mr. and Mrs. Van Lear Black. 

1208 Dr. Wm. Wood Russell. 

1208 Mrs. Carrie E. Lovejoy. 

1208 Miss Marguerite Lovejoy. 

1210 Mr. Arthur C. Levering. 

1210 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Levering. 

1211 Mrs. Frank Kerr. 

1214 Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson M. Lewi> 

1214 Mr. :Mortimer Lewis. 

loOO Dr. and Mrs. J. M. T. Finney. 

1300 Mr. John M. T. Finney, Jr. 

1302 Mrs. John L. Thomas. 

1302 Miss Zaidee T. Thomas. 

1302 The Messrs. Thomas. 


Mr. Robert A. Taylor. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tucker. 

1308 Mr. and ^Irs. Eugene Levering. 

1310 Mrs. Wm. II. Blackford. 
1310 Miss Mary B. Read. 

Eutaw PL, Eutaw PI. Ext., W. Fayette, E. Franklin Sts. 


1022 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huffman 


1324 Mrs. Charles S. Buckner. 

1325 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Perkins, Jr. 
1325 Miss Laura J. I'ochon Perkins. 

1402 Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Wasli- 


1403 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Matthai. 
1403 Mr. and Mrs. William Howard 

1403 Mr. .Joseph F. Matthai. 


Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Sexton. 

1405 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Baker. 

1405 The Misses Baker. 

1406 Dr. and Mrs. Howard A. Kelly. 
1400 Mr. Howard A. Kellv. .Jr. 

1406 Miss Olga E. B. Ivelly. 

1407 Mr. Edwin S. Frank. 

1409 Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Oudesluys. 

1425 Hr. and Mrs. John Theodore Iving. 

1425 Miss King. 

1500 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nicodemus. 

1522 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cross Trippe. 

1522 Mr. and Mrs. James McConky 


1522 Mr. Andrew Noel Trippe. 



1529 Mrs. E. B. Dilworth. 

1529 Mr. E. F. Dilworth. 

1606 Mr. and Mrs. J. Ahner Saylor, Jr. 

1625 Col. and Mrs. J. Frank Supplee. 

1625 Mr. Cochran Supplee. 

1625 Mr. William Adams Megraw. 


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Rohson. 

Miss Juliet M. Robson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Watkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sills. 

Dr. Claribel Cone. 

• Mrs. I'eter Leary, Jr. 

1806 Mrs. George W. Moore. 

1806 Miss Carolyn Moore. 

1806 Miss Catherine Moore. 

1806 Mr. J. Carson Moore. 

1808 Mrs. Albert Weil. 

1808 Dr. C. J. Ulman. 

1808 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lehmaycr. 

1812 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Straus. 

1812 Messrs. Straus. 

1814 Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Rayner. 

1814 Miss Rayner. 

2017 Mr. and ^Mrs. J. Frank Morrison. 

2201 Mr. and Mrs. I. Stewart George. 

2201 Miss Elizabeth K. George. 

2200 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Branham. 

2200 Miss Branham. 

2205 Mrs. Albert E. Thompson. 

2233 Mr. and Mrs. Millard F. Burgess. 

2233 ]Miss Ivatharine Burgess. 

2240 Mrs. William Wilkens. 

2306 ^Ir. and Mrs. W. J. Chapman.. 

2306 Mr. J. Lee Chapman. 

2306 Mr. R. Bayly Chapman. 

2306 Mr. Edwin Nelson Chapman, 

2322 Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ferris Troupe. 

2322 The Messrs. Troupe. 

2326 Dr. and Mrs. Sydney M. Cone. 

2412 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grain. 


Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett S. Johnston 
(Clover Dale Road). 

Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Guest Gibson 
(Clover Dale Road). 


746 Mr. Thornton Rollins. 


7 Mr. John W. Hanson. 

14 Mrs. De T^ancey H. Barclay. 

14 Miss Louise De Lancey Barclay, 

14 Miss Elsie M. Saulsbury. 

16 Mr. and :\Irs. Alan P. Si ith, Jr. 
16 Miss Miriam Smith. 
116 Mr. A. W. Bradford. 

W. Franklin St. and Sq., Gilmor St., Guilford Av., W. Hamilton St. 




Mr. Williiiiii Harrison Kidcr. .Jr. 
]Ji-. and Mrs. Alulia M. Kirkpat 

^Vlrs. Tollcn Francis Kirkpatrick. 
Mr. \Yilliam Sliaw ScIihc 
Mi-, and .Mrs. .lolm II. Horrick. 
.Airs, ("liarles S. Schcrnicrliorn. 
Mr. and Mrs. .lames Hewes. 
J)r. i:d.uar S. Perkins. 
Mr. Cabell Nelson Ilalsev. 
Mr. and Mrs. .lolm I'liiUp Hill. 
Miss Virjiinia II. Ilalscy. 
Dr. Jacob II. llartiuau. 
.Mrs. .M. Wbilldin Foster. 
Miss jsabel Foster. 
Hr. and .Mrs. 'I'lios. P.. Fnlcher. 

Y. .M. C. A. 

Mr. Wilberloss (1. Uwst. 

l»r .John Wesley .Jones. 

Dr. and Mrs. liobt. \V. Jolinsou. 

Mr. William Fell Johnson, Jr. 

Mrs. Jas. .A[. lihodes. Jr. 

-Mr. Roltert W. Johnson, Jr. 








Till-: COKDO.X. 

Mrs. Otis IJardwell lioise. 
'I'hc .Misses Boise. 

-Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver Devries. 
-Mr. J. lioland Devries. 
.Miss lOleanor Plununer. 
Mrs. i:ilcn .M. Torniey. 

The Misses Eaton. 

liev. aud Mrs. C. U. Weld. PL. D. 

.Miss II. :M. Trippe. 

Mr. 'I'liomas P.owling. 

Miss Powlini,'. 

Miss Nina II. Warfidd. 

Mr. and .Mis. Francis W. Hoi)per. 

Mr. and Mrs. Purton <;ray P.uck. 

Dr. William P. Morgan. 

Mrs. Mackenzie Brevitt. 
The Misses .Mackenzie. 
Mr. Thomas Alackenzic 

:Mrs. John B. Morris. 

;Mr. and ^Irs. John ('. B. I'endleton. 


Mr. and Mrs. John Turnbull (Waverly Terrace). 


Mr. aud Mrs. Wi 


. PcniH'll I'alnier. 

15o0 The Messrs. Ford. 



4P-. Mr. E. P.ratlley Jones. Jr. 

1704 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Stuart Bond. 

170-5 Mrs. Lj'dia E. Knox. 

1727 Mr. Jacob I. Cohen. 

1801 Dr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Munoz. 

1811 Mrs. Charles W. Dasliiell. 

1811 The .Misses Dasliiell. 

1811 Mr. Franklin Dasliiell. 

1810 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. CJrovorman. 

1819 Miss Mary S. Groverman. 


■ .Miss Eileen .\. Ilemsley. 

:Mr. and ^Irs. John W. Brosiiis. 

2424 Mr. and Mrs. Justus Dunott. 

24;;;; Dr. and Mrs. W. McKiin Marri.. 


8 Miss Paura E. Keene. 

s Miss Marv IloUingsworth Keene. 

8 Mr. Charles M. Wveth. 

8 Mr. Nathaniel J. Wyeth. 

10 Mr. W. McCulloh Brown. 

10 Miss Susan T. Brown. 

14 Mr. :M.'r<'dith Janvier. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. liayard Turiil)ull. 

18 Miss N. S. Dandriuge. 

18 Ma.jor Phili]) P. Dandridge. 

18 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsbor 

ough Henry. 

18 Mr. Chas. Goldsborough. 

IS Prof. Wilfred 1*. Mustard. 

Harlem Av., Hoffman, Hollins, Howard, John Sts. 



1410 Mrs. Sarah J. Tyler Brown. 14 10 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton R. Touts 


236 Mr. Edwin M. Wilnier. 

L'36 The Misses Wilnier. 

1'36 Tile Misses Hepburn. 

242 Dr. and Mrs. .John <;. .reffer>^ 

251 Mr. Jfciison S. Fay. 

254 Mrs. liiilip IJ. Uliler. 

254 Miss Miriam Duttou Uliler. 

257 Mrs. Eugene F. Cordell. 

257 Mr. L. Tazewell Cordell. 

200 Dr. Henry E. Gale. 

261 Mr. and Mrs. Ilobert N. Sloan. 

203 Mr. Frnnlv K. Wcbl.. 

305 Miss Turpin. 

310 Major and Mrs. Wilburn Hall. 

311 Mr. and :Mrs. Mimroe Snell. 
311 Mi.s.s- Snell. 



Mr. and Mrs. Gaun M. Ilutton. 
Miss Ilutton. 

83.8 Miss Una L. Ilutton. 


r04 Mis.s M. R. Duval. 
r06 Dr. Edward M. Wise. 
riS Mr. .James Wils.m I'.i 



Dr. and Mr> 


Mr. and Mr 


Samuel Tlieobald. 
Francis De Wolf 


1206 Mrs. .Tohn F. Davies. 

1206 Miss M. Alice S'mith. 

1206 Miss Elizabeth W. Smith. 

1208 Mrs. .lohn Pinlierton Maclcenzie. 

1208 Miss Mary Mackall Maclienzie. 

1209 Mrs. C. Powell Noland. 
1200 :Miss Xoland. 

1209 :Mr. Cuthbert Fowell Noland, .Jr. 
1211 Mrs. .J. Lisle Turnbull. 

1211 Miss .Janet Graeme Turnbull. 

1211 Mr. (Jraeme Turnbull. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. .J. Burl^loe Brown. 
1212 Miss May Iveith. 

1215 Mrs. Thomas Owinjjs. 

1215 Miss Anne Morris Owings. 

1215 Miss Emily I'.ond Owings. 

1215 Mr. Thomas Bond Owings. 

1210 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gresham 


1303 Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexis Berry. 

1303 Miss Margaret N. Atlcinson. 

1303 Miss Margaret Aticinson Berry. 

1304 Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cannon. 
1307 Mr and Mis. R. H. Woodward 
1307 Mr. Iliram Woods Woodward. 
i:'.07 Mr. Richard Henley Woodward, .Jr. 

1308 :\Irs. Wm. II. :Millikin. 
1308 The Misses MilliUin. 

1311 3Ir. and Mrs. Somerville Sollers. 

1311 Miss Sedwiclv. 

1312 Mr. and :Mrs. .T. Fredericli Heaver. 


1315 Mr. and iMrs. .James O. Warner. 

1417 Mr. and ilrs. I'arke I'. Flour- 
noy, Jr. 

1410 Mrs. C. De W. Theobald Fenning- 

1410 :Miss Caroline Pennington. 
1410 Miss Dorothea I'ennington. 

1429 The Misses Sellman. 

1432 ^Ir. and Mrs. Charles Howard 

1432 Mr. (icorge Edwin Dorsey. 
1432 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dorsey. 

1434 Ma.i. and Mrs. .Mason Morfit. 
1434 Mr. and Mrs. Mason P. Morfit. 

1503 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh llambleton 

1000 Mrs. Tilton Ilenislev. 
1000 Miss Elizabeth Tilghnian Iloni- 

). and W. Lafayette Avs.. E. and W. Lanvale Sts. 


10 Mrs. Janios McCulloh Brogden. 

10 Mr. J. Charles Brogden. 

10 Tlie Brogden. 

12 The Misses Goldsborough. 
l.'i Mr. Chipham Murray. 

]:{ Mr. William 11. Murray. 

13 Mr. Llapnam Murray, Jr. 

13 Miss Angelica it. (jiiUsou. 

14 The Misses Foley. 
14 Mr. L. K. Foley. 

Uj Mr. and Mrs. .John S. Tapscott. 

1<; :Miss Elizaijeth Dorsey Kidgely. 

l(j .Air. Randolph Ridgely Fisher. ^ 

3S Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Parr. 

is The Misses I'arr. 

18 Mr. Geo. Miltenberger Parr. 

204 Miss Fannie Tilghman Hough. 

•20S Mrs. Charles Webb. 

209 :Mrs. Florence E. Bowie. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. Gervas Storrs, Jr. 

214 Miss Rebecca Lewis Storrs. 

219 Miss M. Caroline Tavoau. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sudler, 


7 Air. and Mrs. G. W. Musgrayc. 

7 Miss Ruth H. Royal. 

117 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Hopper. 

117 Miss Anna P. Hopper. 

118 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burwell. 

118 Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Hall Bur- 


119 Mr. and Mrs. Irvine Troup Duu- 


119 The Misses Dunkel. 

124 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lee Nichol- 

124 Mr. C. A. Nicholson. 

124 Mr. John J. Nicholson. 

128 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Power. 

129 Miss Ella L. Warden. 
129 Mr. James B. Warden. 
3 29 Miss Mabel F. Stryker. 

131 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bernard Chan- 


132 Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Thorndike 

135 Mrs. John W. Donn. 

139 Mrs. James V. Wagner. 
139 The Messrs. AYaguer. 

141 Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Caughy. 

141 Miss May G. Prendergast Caughy. 

145 Mrs. Mary H. Howard. 

147 Miss Nannie Poultney Ellicott. 

200 Mrs. Alan Penniman Smith. 

200 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Van Ness. 

217 Mrs. Henry W. Woolen. 

217 The Misses Woolen. 

219 Miss Mary M. Robinson. 

219 Miss Francis F. Riach. 

222 Mr. and Mrs. Morton Schaeffer. 

227 Mr. and Mrs. C. Boslev Littig. 

227 Mr. J. Worthington Littig. 

227 Miss Pamela E. Littig. 

228 Mr. and Mrs. Murray Waters 


231 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Passano. 

232 Mr. and Mrs. A. Stewart Gibson. 

233 Mrs. Charles S. Tinges. 
233 ]Miss Anita Tinges. 
233 Mr. Charles S. Tinges. 

1220 Miss Frances A. Dawklns. 


15 Mr. and Mrs. C. Hopewell Warner. 

18 Miss Nettie C. Warner. 

18 Mr. Walter Briscoe Warner. 

20 Miss Sarah Wilson. 


The Alisses Merceret. 
M'- ylorace ^NIcElderry. 

208 x'he Misses Keys. 


103 -Sir. Robert McLean. 

3 03 Miss Banny Stewart McLc 

105 Mrs. H. Murray Tinges. 

105 Mr. Horace Waters. 

107 Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Beit. 
107 Mr. Harry Dulany Belt. 
107 Miss Rebecca Dulany Beverly. 
109 Mr. and Mrs. William Congreve 

W. Lauvale St. 

























Miss Ellen M. Schaeffer. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Lev 
ering, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tliomas Turner 

Miss .Mniy V. Tongue. 
Mr. Benjamin S. Tongue. 
Mr. F. P. Woodside. 

^Irs. Henry A. Fenwiclc. 
Mr. Cliarles G. Fenwicli. 

Mr. Cliarles J. Meyer, 
^liss Isabel Conway Meyer. 

^Ir. and Mrs. Carleton Coulter. 
Mr. Archibald B. Coulter. 



Mr. and Mrs 


Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brown. 
Mr. Thomas B. Hynson Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. .Tefferson D. Norris. 
Miss Susan Fitzhugh Norris. 
Miss Sarita M. Norris. 

Mr. and Mr: 

Watson Beale Rau- 

Mrs. S. r 

Mrs. Henry S. Taylor 

Mr. and 
Mrs. L. Bryant Hill. 
Mrs. George Herbert Mather 
Mr. Frank Kennedy Poe. 


and ^Irs. Charles Morton, 
and Mrs. John C. Daves. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duffy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra B. Whitman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hammond. 

The Misses Or rick. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H, Baugh. 

Miss Helen E. Bond. 

Mr, and Mrs. Francis J. Parrau. 

Mr. Xeilson Poe. Jr. 

Miss Sarah Livingston Poe. 

Mrs. Matthew Allen Hamilton, 
^liss Sally Alexander Hamilton. 
Mr. W. Howard Hamilton. 

Mrs. Lb'wellvn Miller. 
Miss Alice Wolff Miller. 
Miss Amy Phillips Miller. 

Rev. James Julius Sams, D.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Addison Cooke. 

Miss (nine Tyler Cooke. 
Mr. Conway Whittle Cooke. 

151 ^Ir. and Mrs. Ralph Fenno Proctor. 
151 Mr. Lawrence Simmonds. 
157 Mr. and Mrs. John Duvall How- 

159 Mr. and Mrs. Wra. L. Marbury. 

159 Miss Valerie von D. Marburv. 

159 Mr. C. Bohn Slingluff. 

159 The Misses Slingluff. 

204 Mrs. Pembroke Lea Thom. 

204 Miss Ella Lea Thom. 

205 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Stewarr. 
205 Miss S. B. C. Stewart. 

209 Rear-Ad. and Mrs. Yates Stirling. 
209 Miss Stirling. 

211 Mrs. Edmund Smith Stiles. 
211 Miss Sarah M. Stiles. 
211 Mr. Norman Camp Stiles. 
211 Miss Mildred Iglehart Martin. 
211 Dr. and Mrs. James 1^. Iglehart. 
215 Mr. and Mrs. James Ellsworth 

215 Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Y. Hooper. 
215 Miss Lilian L. Hooper. 
215 Mr. Henry Yerbury Hooper, Jr. 
217 Mrs. Robert Grosvenor. 

Judge D. Giraud Wright. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Stanley. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. France. 

Mrs. E. S. Beall. 

Miss Mary Winn. 

Mrs. Arthur B. Keating. 

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Whiteley. 

Mrs. S. Bainbridge Stone. 

Miss Mary Bainbridge Stone. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Sevmour T. Waters. 

The Misses Waters. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Shriver. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Howell. 

The Misses Howell. 

Mr. Roger Howell. 

Miss Florence H. Crane. 

Miss Henrietta Osborne Crane. 

Miss Alice L. Crane. 

Dr. and Mrs. R. Bavlv Winder. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Winder. 







Mrs. Edwin C. Nicholson. 

The Misses Nicholson. 

Mr. Dudley Field Nicholson. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Maynard. 
Miss .Mary 11. Maynaid. 
Mr. Julieu Hillery Maynard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Talbot Dlcksou 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Dam- 

W. LanvaJe, Laurens and Lennox Sts., Linden Av. 

Sll :\Iiss yUwy K. 1>; 

si 1 Miss Dnniiiiiiiin. 

Sll Mv. V. Willijim Itaniniann. 

Sll Mrs. IScninniiii (>-j:\v. 



1005 Kev. niul Mrs. Geor-e Scholl. 1323 


100,1 Dr. Ceo. I'arr Scholl. 
1037 Mr. Roland S. Krebs. 
1317 ^liss Emma Walker, 

:Mr. and Mrs. Ilcnrv Z( 



Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ilambleton 

Wei bourn. 
Mrs. John Emerson Lamb. 

2;;2 :\Iiss ICmerson Lamb. 

2,".0 Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark roll 

2::(; Miss Carrie C. Polk. 



1 2().-> 

1 223 
1 223 

1 301 

1 305 

1 305 
1 305 

1 305 
1 305 
1 308 

Mr. ITarrv Downing Mackenzie. 
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Marshall 

■01 yir. and Mrs. Geor-e W. Small. 


Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gary. 

Mr. and jNIrs. Alexander Burton 

:\Ir. r.urton R. II. Randall. 
Miss Virginia A. Kerner. 
Harry Worthington Jenkins. 
JNIr. and Mrs. I'^uirene Leverinsr, Jr. 
'Mv. and Mrs. William Hugh Harris. 
Miss Carrie Nioodemus. 
:Mi-. ,ind Mrs. Edwin Warfield. 
]Mr. Edwin Warfield. Jr. 
Count and Countess \'iadimir 

:Mr. and :Mrs. Frank Frick. 
Mrs. Charles F. Bevan. 
Miss Helen F.evan. 
:\Iiss Eb'anor L. P.evan. 
Mr. II. Cromwell Bevan. 
Mrs. Lyttleton M. Tough, i, 


Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Coale, ,Tr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morris John- 

Mv. and :\rrs. William Reynolds. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Van Deman 

:\Ir. and Mrs. Charles B. Collins. 

Afrs. .lackson Holland. 

Miss Anna Meade. 

Mrs. Annie Levering Holmes. 

Mr. James E. I^. Holmes. 

Dr. and Mrs. Wm. P.. McDonald, 

The Misses Basshor. 

:Miss Ellen Douglass White. 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Malcolm. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P.. Mathews. 

Mrs. Adaline P. .\twater. 

Miss Emily I'aret Atwater. 







1 524 
1 524 
1 524 

iMr. Harry Taylor Poor. 

The ^Misses Pooi-. 

Mth. John I. Armistead. 

IMr. and Mrs. Wm. IVnn T>ewis. 

^Ir. Wm. Penn Lewis. Jr. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Alex. Black. 

:Miss :MaMd Easier P.huk. 

INIr. Alexander Wallis Black. 

Mrs. J. ^Marshall Winchester 

Miss IMaria Winchester. 

:Mr. .Marshall Winchester. 

Mr. and 3Irs. Charles Edward 

Mr. Dwen P. W. Dwings. 
Miss Blanche Cathcart. 
INIr. Maxwell Cathcart. 


:vrrs. Francis M. Ellett. 
The :\Iisses Ellett. 
Mrs. Richard Hollyday. 
Miss Clara Goldsborough Hollyday. 
Miss Elizabeth Tilgliman Hollyday. 
:Mr. Richard Frisby Hollyday. 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Earle. 
The blisses Earle. 

^Irs. Charles IT. !\Ioalp. 
3ir. and :Mrs. F. V. Moalc. 
:Miss Elise D. Wootten. 
INIiss Mary ^I. Wootten. 
]\Irs. John ^lason Dulany. 
Mrs. James B. Smallwood. 
Miss Elenoi-a G. Wilson. 
Miss Grace R. Wilson. 
Mrs. Samuel A. Wilson. 

Linden Av., E. and W. Madison St. 







Mvs. Catlierine B. Dosli. 
Miss Mary K. Dosh. 
Miss A. Kathariue Dosb. 

Mr. and .Mrs. Franlv H. I'hoips. 

1527— THE COr.VIN. 
The Misses Yolcic. 
Mrs. Katharine Hereford Stoddert 

Tile Misses Cangiiy 
Miss Mamie Virginia Caugliy. 
Mr. John Hamilton Caughy. 
Dr. and Mi-s. Joseph William IIol 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin 
Mr. Robert Lacy. 
Miss Lacy, 
^liss Florence V. Sadtler. 


172,s Mr. and :Mrs. Jului l'\ Sippcl. 

172S Miss l>orotby Sippel. 

1735 Mr. Eugene II. Ober. 

1735 Mrs. John K. Ober. 

1735 Miss -Alary U. Ober. 

1812 Mr. and Mrs. Ilarrv S. Reese. 

1S12 Mr. Howard 11. Reese. 

1823 :Mr. and Mrs. William Ramsey 


1900 Mr. James W. Denny. 

1011 Mr. and Mrs. John C. I'aine. 

2004 Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholls 

2(104 ;Mr. and ^Mrs. Frank Courtney 


2010 :Mr. and :Mrs. G. Howard Stirling. 
2010 Mr. I'hilii) S.-lers Stirling. 


4 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Stevenson l^>aer. 

8 Miss Dawson. 

8 Mr. Edgar R. Dawson. 

10 Mrs. Wesley Wright. 

10 Mr. James A. Garrettson. 

10 Mr. and :Mrs. Thomas S. Ciarlj. 

14 Mrs. Wm. T. ITow;ird. 

— Mr. W. S. a. Williams. 

16 Mrs. Robert Lehr. 

16 Miss Lelir. 

16 Mr. Robert Oliver Lehr. 

18 Mrs. Walter I'rescott Smith. 

18 Mr. Alan 1'. Smith, 3d. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Percy Fair- 

24 Mrs. Wm. Haddon Marriott. 

24 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver O'Donnell 
IIol)litzell, Jr. 

24 Mr. Alan l*enuim;in Iloblitzell. 

24 Miss Eliza Woodside Iloblitzell. 

24 ^Ir. and Mrs. Bradley T. Stokes. 

24 The Misses Stokes. 

24 Mr. Norman ('. Mclntire. 

24 Miss Cordelia Williams. 

24 Miss Lina I'oote Reese. 







Dr. and ^Irs. Frank J. Goodnow. 

^Irs. Isaac Ridgeway Trimble. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jere H. Wheelwright. 

Mrs. Cornelius D. Kenny. 
Miss I^mily Fitz Gerald Kenny. 
Miss ^I. Frances Kenny. 
Miss Josephine Fant. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whitridge. 

Mr. Thomas Whitridge. Jr. 

Miss Helen E. Whitridge. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Rowland. 

Mr. J. Harvey Rowland. 

Mr. C. Ransom Rowland. 

Mrs. .Tames M. Thompson. 

Mr. Jfunes M. Thompson. 





Mr. and Mrs. S. Tagart Steele. 

Mr. S. Tagart Steele, Jr. 

Mr. T. A. Conlyn. 

Mr. T. Bryce Conlyn. 

Rev. and Mrs. Wyllis Rede. 

The Misses Hayes. 

The Messrs. Hayes. 

Miss Mary Elizabeth Mackall. 

Mr. and ^Nlrs. Harry Townley Gid- 

Dr. Arthur A. Bryant. 
Miss Cugle. 

Mrs. Summertield B. Bond. 
Miss Julia Valentine Bond. 
Miss Emily A'alentine. 

Madison, Malster and Maryland Avs. 


01 S Mrs. Francis Tazpwell Redwood. 

918 Mr. Geo. B. Redwood. 

lOOG Dr. C. S. Gore. 

1009 Dr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Smith. 

1018 Dr. and Mrs. George A. Fleming. 

1018 Miss Marjorie Fleming. 

1018 Miss Kntlinrine Fleming. 

1018 ]Miss Elizabetli S. Flemintj. 

1023 Dr. and Mr.s. Wm. Pawson Chunn. 

lO'JT Dr. Cora Belle Brewster. 

1027 [Miss Naucic Brewster. 

1101 Mr. and INIrs. James P. Matthews. 

1101 Miss ^Matthews. 

1101 Mr. Noel Hall Matthews. 

1114 Miss May P.arroll. 

1125 Dr. and Mrs. T. A. Ashby. 

1202 Mrs. M. P. Wptherall. 

1202 Miss Frances Wetherall. 

1202 Mrs. Henry George BUimner. 

1204 Dr. and Mrs. J. :M. H. Rowland. 

1208 JMrs. T. Graham Ridgely. 

1208 The Misses Ridgelv. 

1208 T'^e ^Messrs. Ridgelv. 

1208 Mrs. Chase Ridgely^ 

1208 Mr. Andrew C. Gray. 

1208 :\riss Gray. 

1208 Miss IVIarv DeC. McClellan. 

1208 :\rr. William .T. IMcClellan. 

1208 :Mr. and Mrs. .Tos. L. Wickes. 

1212 Mr. and Mrs. P. Brvson Millikin. 

1219 Miss :\rargaret T. Englar. 

1221 Mrs. Francis Putnam Stevens. 

1221 :\rr. and ^Irs. James O. Spear. 

1221 ^liss ^largaretta Law Spear. 

1224 Mr. Isaac T. Norris, 

1224 Mrs. M. N. Perrv. 

1224 ]\riss TI. Norris. 

1225 Miss Caroline Goldsborough Ham- 


1228 Mrs. George G. Carev 

1228 ]Miss Margaret Cheston Carey. 

1228 Dr. and Mrs. Hpnrv M. Thomas. 

1228 Mr. Henry M. Thomas, Jr. 

1401 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Shryock. 

1401 Mr. Thomas J. Shrvock. Jr. 

1401 Miss Orpha Belle Shryock. 

1402 Miss Holloway. 

1407 Mrs. Henry C. Roche. 

1407 The Misses Roche. 

1428 Mrs. J. Henrv Jndik. 

1428 The Misses Judik. 

1528 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Taylor. 

1704 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Gombel. 

1704 ;Miss Minna Marie Gombel. 

1706 ^Ir. and Mrs. Nathaniel Ewing. 

1707 Mrs. John W. Hall. 
1709 Mr. Raymond Cassard. 

1714 My. and Mrs. ^I. Lloyd Morrison. 

1714 Ml-, and ^Nlrs. Harrison Robins. 

1714 ^liss Mabel Harrison Robins. 

1732 Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Richards. 

1922 Prof. H. N. Morse. 

2340 INIrs. Louisa T. Dashiell. 

2340 Miss Mary L. Dashipll. 

2414 :Mr. Edwin Trundle Dickerson. 

2414 Mrs. W. Burns Trundle. 

2501 The Misses Brooks. 

2501 Mr. H. Phelns Brooks. 

2501 Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Yander- 


2503 INIr. and Mrs. Harrv Fahnestock. 

2503 Mr. Albert Fahnestock. 

2517 Mrs. Delphine Tavean. 

2517 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Taveau. 

2517 Miss TaA^eau. 

2517 Mr. Rene de M. Taveau. 

2519 Mrs. C. C. Wight. 

2519 IMiss ]\rarv C. Wisrht. 

2519 Miss Fauntleroy Wight. 

2523 Prof, and Mrs. Harry Clary Jones 
(Cor. Brooks Lane). 

1510 Mr. and Mr: 


T. Robert Jenkins, Jr. 


1224 Mrs. A. Trego Shertzor. 

.Mrs. Fpi-dinand E. Chatard. 
INIr. William Miles Chatard. 

Mr. and ^Irs. Danipl B. Banks. 
Mr. Daniel Bower Banks, Jr. 

1309 Mr. and Mrs. B. Heni-y Hanson. 




Mr. Parkin S. Browne. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Woodside 

Mr. Wm. Woodside Hoblitzell, Jr. 
Mr. Arrell Browne Holditzell. 
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Ryno Smith. 

Maryland Av. and McCulloh St. 














Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Coulbourn. 

Miss Couibourn. 

Mr. R. M. Coulbourn, Jr. 

Mrs. .7. Harold Wheeler. 

Mr. John P. Wheeler. 

2001 Mrs. Samuel X. Maxwell. 

Mrs. Wilmer Emory. 

Miss Margaret Vernon Emory. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mackenzie 

Mrs. Chapman Maupin. 
The Misses Maupin. 

Mrs. J. Southgate Yeaton. 

Charles E. 


Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fitz-Gerald C. Smith. 

Mr. Philip S. Dickev. 

Mr. Charles E. Dickev. Jr. 

Mr. Edw. D. V. Dickey. 

Mrs. George Poole. 

Mrs. George A. Taylor. 

Miss Laui-a Norris. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Fisher. 

[Mrs. John Xunn Heflebower. 
Miss Anina Le Doux Heflebower. 

^Irs. W. Edward Heimendahl. 
Miss M. L. Bird. 

2121 Mrs. Charles C. Garrett. 

2121 Charlotte G. Garrett. 

2124 Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Warren Brent. 

2127 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Carey. 

2131 The Misses Knight. 

2131 Mr. Jas. G. Kniglit. 

2133 Mr. and Mrs. Nisbet Turnbull. 

2202 The :Misses Bloodgood. 

2208 Mrs. T. Barton Brune. 

2418 Miss Florence D. Franklin. 

2437 ^Ir. and Mrs. J. Barry Mahool. 

2437 Mr. George Frame ^Mahool. 

2.10;:; Mr. Louis P. Griffith. 

2."04 Mr. and ]Mrs. Tyeonard Passano. 

2504 :Mr. and Mrs. James Eustace Shaw. 

2518 :Mrs. Florence R. Coulter. 

2518 Miss Helen R. Coulter. 

2518 :Mr. Wm. H. Fisher. 

2518 :Mr. Wm. II. Fisher, Jr. 

2702 :Mrs. James C. Kinear. 

2702 :Miss :Marv Eudora Kinear. 

2702 Mr. H. Selwyn Kinear. 

2736 Mr. and 

2741 :Mr. Thos. J. Chew. 

2741 Miss Jane B. Chew. 

Mrs. Charles Raymond 








;Mrs. Julia S. Frary. 
Miss I'rarv. 
Mr. A. J. Myeis. 

Miss Eliza S. Thomas. 

Miss R. C. Stryker. 

Miss Anna H. Girvin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Peters. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Oudesluys. 

Miss Spager. 

Mr. Edward Seager. 

Mrs. Thomas Hill. 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alan Hill 

Mr. Franklin Sanders. 
The Misses Sanders. 

1^11 Mrs. Ed-ar Gillett. 

1411 The :Misses Gillet. 

1411 The Messrs. Gillet. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. George H. I'ayne. 

1415 Miss Katharine E. I'ayne. 

1415 The Messrs. Pavne. 

1415 :Mr. and :\Irs. G. Archibald Coulter. 

1432 Mrs. Anna W. T>amb. 

1432 Miss Margretta W. Lamb. 

1432 Miss :M. Elizabeth CorUran. 

1521 Mr. and :Mrs. Thos. W. Jenkins. 

1625 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Taylor Jen- 

1625 ^Ir. Chas. Dlmmock Jenkins. 

1625 :Mrs. Robert S. Furber. 

1724 Mr. Gen. W. C Krebs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Grove Parker Dean 
Mrs. Charles W. Lord. 


Mrs. Andrew Jamieson. 


Miss Charlotte Murdoch Jamieson. 

]\riss Helen ^M. Simonton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude H. Hall. 

Miss ]Sr. Rachel Lazarus. 

Miss Isabel Lazarus. 

Mrs. Florence K. Oudesluys. 

McMechen, W. Monument and Mosher Sts. 


R E U L I X G A TAR T M !•] N 'i' S . 

]<»;; :Mrs. (ioorgo Roulinu. 

3(»:{ -Mrs. (i. Jl. .Martin. 

108 Mr. J. Wilson Leakin. 

103 Miss Susan Dobbin Lpakin. 
1(1.'*. Miss Louise S. Tavlor. 

108 Mr. William E. Busb. 

108 The Misses Crensbaw. 

108 Mr. Edward A. Walker. 

108 Miss Annie T. Walkei-. 

104 Mr. and Mrs. 11. Irvine Keyser. 

"105 Mr. and ilrs. Waldo Newcomer. 

107 Miss Dulin. 

107 Mr. and Mrs. J. Winfield Il^nry. 

1 1 ?, Mr. and Mrs. H. Crawford Black. 

11.5 Miss Bertba Cole. 

'2()2 Mv. Henry ()liv(>r Thompson. 

204 Dr. Samuel Johnston. 

20(; .Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenned v Crom- 

208 Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Booker. 

208 Mr. .John }>Ianning Booker. 


Mrs. .Juliet 11. Trice. 

IMiss Rosalie Emorv I'rice. 

'I'be .Misses .McLean. 

214 Mr. and Mrs. Ira Remsen. 

216 The Misses Harrison. 

217 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Machea 

217 Mr. Arthur W. Machen, Jr. 

218 Mrs. Wilbur F. Jackson. 
218 Mr. John J. Jackson. 

210 Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge M. Gillet. 

210 The Messrs. (iillet. 

221 ]\Ir. and Mrs, Charles Ellet Rieman. 

222 Mrs. J. G. Keller. 

222 Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Keller. 

22.". Mrs. .\rnold S. Hvde. 

22.". Mr. and .Mrs. Enoch I'ratt IIyd<'. 

224 -Mr. Joseph Jaiiney Merrefiel.l. 

22.') Ml-, and Mrs. J. Ilemsiey Johnson. 


804 Miss :\Iarj;aret C. Graves. 

804 Miss Emilv E. Graves. 

804 Mrs. Fitzhugb (Joldsborouf-h. 

804 -Mr. Murray Llovd Goldsborouuli. 

304 .Mr. James Edgar I jams. 

81.J Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur P. Morgan. 

815 Miss Etta Dickson. 

122 .Aliss Katberine L. Wbelaii. 

122 Miss Henrikka L. Wlu'lan. 

122 Miss Eleanor .M. Wbelan. 

215 Mr. Charles N. Murdoch. 

215 The Misses .Murdoch. 

215 Mrs. Alexander ^onm:. 


215 Mr 

818 :\ii 

. and Ml 

s. Clara S 

'I'iomas Ilav 


1004 Mr. John A. Williar. Si 
1004 Tiie Messrs. Williar. 


1 .Mr. and .Mrs. Smart E.-eilon. 

8 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ereucli 


« Mr. and Mrs. Edwin r.urgess. 

The Messrs. Burgess. 

7 Mrs. H. A. Parr, Sr. 

9 Miss Jane Rankin Clark. 

10 Mr. Thomas (i. Stowe. 

10 Mr. Thomas G. Stowe, Jr. 

14 :Miss .Anna E. Blackwell Clark. 

14 :Mr. Walter L. Clark. 

Tilt; -Mi. ROYAL. 
- .Miss Anna R. Albert. 
Miss Frances (iilmor. 

Miss Jean Howard (iilmor. 

■ — ■ ^Ir. and Mrs. George W. I'age. 
Miss Hattie A. B. I'rice. 

Mrs. Chas. E. Ways. 

■ Miss Sophie C. I ennington. 

- Mrs. Chas. R. White. 

- -Miss Ivouise T. White. 

Mr. W. T. Brantly. 

— ■ iMiss Sue It. (Jroverman. 

Mr. Wilson Lear Eyre. 

- Miss Aimee Colt Toler. 

E. and W. Mt. Royal Av. 




and :Mi 

■s. Ar 

thiir Rutland 




and ]Mrs. 


Fisher, Jr. 


and Mrs. 


F. Turnbiill. 


and Ml 

•s. Ka 

ieigh Colston 



and Mrs. 


"h C. Brent. 


. Laura T 



L. F. Tin 



3 Josepliii] 

10 P. Amos. 


TasUer (i 

. liOWl 



and Mrs. 

Harry A. Kercliner. 


5 Isabel F. 

arm an' 



and Mrs. 




Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Hall. 
Mrs. William T. Dixon. 
Miss Marv Bartlett Dixon. 
Mrs. William Chauncey Crawford. 
Mr. William Chauncey Crawford, 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lee Webb. 
Mrs. James W. Boyle. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Courtland Hart. 
Mr. Joseph Rogers. 
:\Ir. and Mrs. Wm. Tvler Gatchell. 
:Mrs. Charles E. Phelps. 

Mr. Frank H. Phelps. 

■ Mr. and ^Irs. Richard Gwinn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Brent. 

Mrs. Robert Levering. 

• Miss I.^verinir. 

:Miss Nellie Levering. 

Mrs. Sallie <;ator Hopper. 

Mr. Stuart C. Hopper. 

Mrs. John W. Roder. 

The Misses Roder. 

Mr. John H. O'Donovan. 

Mr. and ^Irs. Francis H. Purnell. 

■ Mr. Lester Bresee. 

Mrs. N. Brigcs Ells. 

:\nss Ravida Harding Ells. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. I^e Carey. 

Dr. Henry Wireman Cook. ' 

^Mr. and Mrs. W. Newton Smith. 

Mr. William Cunningham. 

Miss Julia J. Cunningham. 

Col. and Mrs. Henry Asbton Ram- 


Lieutenant and Mrs. John T. G. 


211 Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Woodruff. 

211 Mrs. M. J. Gillies. 

211 Miss Eugenie J. Gillies. 



10 Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Blount Mason, 

■ :Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wilmer. 

Miss Salome Lydia Diffenderffer. 

:\Ir. Henrv :M. Diffenderffer. 

:Miss Martha R. Clark. 

Miss Laura D. Clark. 

:Miss Sallie P. IMackenzie. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Wood. 

21 Mrs. Charles B. Penrose, Sr. 

21 Dr. and Mrs. Clement A. Penrose. 

2.S Mr. and Mrs. H. Kent McCay. 

2;; Miss Carolyn H. McCay. 

31 Mrs. Andrew K. Cogswell. 

31 Mr. Latrobe Cogswell. 

137 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Thomas. 

1204 Rev. and Mrs. Chester Mansfield 


1204 Miss Frances Albert Ilopkinson 


1214 Mr. and Mrs. Charles INIackall. 

1214 Miss Christine Bowie Mackall. 

1214 The Messrs. Mackall. 

1216 Mr. and Mrs. John Prosser Tabb. 

1216 The Messrs. Tabb. 

1215 Mrs. Benjamin Cattell I'resstman. 
121S The Misses Presstman. 

1218 Mrs. Julian J. McSliane. 

1223 Miss Zoe Wells. 

1223 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lucas 


1223 Mrs. Thomas H. White. 

1223 Miss Ethel White. 

1243 Mr. and Mrs. Henrv S. King. 

1243 Mr. Henrv Wvnn Kinsr. 

1243 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glenn King. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. W. Armour Jenkins. 

131.5 The Messrs. Jenkins. 

1327 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hillen 


1327 Miss Lydia ^Moore Jenkins. 

1327 The Messrs. Jenkins. 

1329 Miss Helen Middleton. 

1320 Miss Maria M. Middleton. 

1329 Miss Sally Middleton. 

1337 Miss Elise Donaldson. 

1406 :Mr. and :Mrs. Arthur Lee Bosley. 

1406 The Misses Bosley. 

141."; Mrs. Joseph S. Willouahby. Sr. 

14ir( Miss Mary Nondas Willoughbv. 

1415 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Wil- 


1429 Mrs. Joseph W. Clarke. 

1429 Miss Millikin. 

1439 Miss Lucv Hand Browne. 

1439 Dr. Arthur Lee Browne. 

1439 Mrs. Charles W. Hoff. 

1439 Miss Violrt Worthingtou Hoff. 

W. Mt. Royal Av., E. and W. Mt. Ver. PL, Mulberry St. , E. North Av. 


3 900 







Miss Xannift D. Causin. 2018 

The Misses Warfield. 2018 

Mr. and Mrs. Ilciiry IIowoll 

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Wlnslow. 

Mr. Caleb Winslow. 

Mr. (ieor^e Leiper Winslow. 

^Ir. Oliver Parry Winslow. 

Mr. Richard Randolph Tarry Win- 

]Mr. and Mrs. William K. Bartlett. 

Miss Elisabeth Hallowell Bartlett. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ivah 

The INIisscs Roberts. 
^Irs. Nathan Haines. 
3Iiss Florence L. Hoopes. 

Mrs. Ocortrianna Smiill. 

Mr. Miltenberger Neale Smull. 

202G Judge and Mrs. Thomas L. Elliott. 

■ 'Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hale Din- 

!Mr. J. Hyland Knhns. 



jMr. and Mrs. J. Kemp liartlett. 
Mr. Robert Dixon Bartlett. 
The Misses Bnrtiett. 
Mr. J. Kemp Bartlett, Jr. 

'Slv. and 3Irs. A. Kirkland Weeks. 
3Iiss Louise Kirkland Weeks. 


20 Mr. and Mr 

Mrs. Geo. A. von Lingen. 

:Mrs. Edward White. 

:\Ir. and Mrs. Alfi'od Partridge 

:\Irs. Edwin E. Abell. 

Mr. and ]Slrs. Leigh Bonsai. 
?.I"-?? Margaretta P. Bonsai. 


Miwy Camilla BonsaL 
I.,elgh Bonsai, Jr. 

G. W. C. Whiting. 

22 Mrs. Victor Smith. 

24 Mrs. Walter S Franklin. 

24 Mr. Walter S. Franklin, Jr. 

26 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Dorsey. 

2G Miss Susan W. Dorsey. 

28 Mr. J. Craig McLanahan. 

29 Mrs. jNIary G. Sauerwein. 

31 Mr. and Mrs. W. Hall Harris, Jr. 


is M. Jencks. 

:\li'. and :Mrs. F 

:^liss J.'u.ks. 

Miss Eleanor M. Jencks. 

:srr. and INIrs. William B. Hurst. 
:Mrs. E. Ridgely Baer, 

:Mr. Henry Walters. 

Mr. and :Mrs. Pembroke M. 

S Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cabell Bruce. 

8 Mr. James Bruce. 

11 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Barton Ja- 


12 Mrs. J. Hall Pleasants. 

14 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore ]Marbiirg. 

14 Mr. Theodore Marburg, Jr. 

15 Dr. and ]\Irs. Joseph Irwin France. 
10 Mrs. David L. Bartlett. 


11 Mr. Henry A. Wise. 1 


Mr. and Mrs. O. A. K 
The Misses Kirkland. 


1 08 

Mr. and 3Irs. Alexander Ti. Cum- 

3Ir. Edward Jenkins Shriver. 
:\rr. Robert H. Shriver. 


Dr. and Mrs. Archibald C. Harri- 
Miss Mary Randolnh Harrison. 
Miss Jnlifi Leigh Harrison. 
Miss Alice Cunningham Harrison. 

33 Mrs. William C. Schley. 

219^^ Miss Annah Winn. 
219V2Miss Elizabeth Hunt. 

3(».-"> :Mr. and Mrs. John T. Graham 
3(»r) 3Hss Margaret K. Yardley. 
• Mr. and 3H-s. Marshall Forsyth 

(Corner Xorth and Guilford 

337 Dr. Charles Teackle Carter Buck- 


W. North Ave., Oak St. and Park Av. 



9 Mr. George Kelso Diffenderffer. 



Mrs. R. Snowden Andrews. 
^Ilss Anita Tunstall Smith. 

109 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wood 

110 Mv. Snmuel K. Georjre. 
110 ^liss Eleanor B. George. 

112 ^Nlr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 

r;02 Mrs. Loster II. Latham. 

G02 Miss Mahel Latham. 


004 Dr. and Mrs. Fr((rk D. Weaver. 
004 Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Calvert 

004 Miss Mary E. S. Egerton. 
637 Mrs. Charlotte E. Marriott. 

720 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Janney Wal- 
1125 Rev. and Mrs. G. Mosley Murra^p. 
1125 ^liss JNIahel G. Murray. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward .T. Chism 

(opp. Thomas Av.) 
.3038 The Misses Jenkins. 


2105 Mrs. Robt. Atkinson. 

2110 Mr. and Mrs. Fredk. A. Leverinf 

2110 Miss Georgianna Levering. 

2110 Mr. Webb Levering. 

21 H> IVfiss Mnrtlifi Kcvser Levering. 

2110 Miss Elizabeth Webb Levering. 

2112 :\Ir. Charles Darrell. 

2112 :Miss Darrell. 

2112 Miss Leacock. 

2120 Mr. Henrv Howard Williams. 

2120 Mr. .Tesse" W. Williams. 

2210 Mrs. Florence ^Murray Paca. 

2210 ;Miss Florence Marie I'aca. 

2210 ;Miss Adeia Kerr Faca. 

2210 ;Mr. Francis Albert Paca. 

2221 :Mrs. A. F. Lonry. 


Mr. and Mrs. N. W. .Tames. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H, Pleas- 

ants. ,Tr. 

^\Irs. Wm. M. Powell. 

Miss Dorothy E. Powell. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Baldwin, 

:Mr. and Mrs. .Tulian Stuart Jones 

(Cor. 40th). 
■ :Mr. George A. Pope (Cor. 40th). 

Miss Pope (Cor. 40th). 

Mr. George A. Pope, Jr. (Cor. 



407 Miss Marguerite Rabillon. 

407 :Mr. Leonce Ral)illon. 

500 Mr. John Gilmor. 

500 JNIr. Francis Key Gilmor. 

505 Mr. John Donnell Smith. 

505 ]Mrs. James W. Wilson. 

505 :Mr. James T. Wilson. 

505 :Mr. and Mrs. William D. Poultney, 

500 Mr. and Mrs. I'. Macaulay Birck 

510 Dr. B. Bernard Browne. 

51(» IVIiss .lennie N. Browne, M.D. 

510 Miss Mary X. Browne. M.D. 

.^11 Mr. and Mrs. W. Hall Plarris. 

512 Miss E. G. Mcllvain. 

512 :Mrs. William Reid. 

513 Miss- Elisabeth Gilman. 

.514 Mrs. George S. Gibson. 

514 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. M. Gibson. 

515 Mr. and Mrs. Eben Sutton. 

518 Mr. and :Mrs. Herbert :\r. Brune. 

518 ]Miss Nancy Fisher Brune. 

520 Miss Viririnia Woodward Cloud. 

520 Miss R. M. Cloud. 

522 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Riggs. 

001 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Bonaparte 

001 :Miss Sarah (i. Ilaydock. 

005 Mr. Rossiter Stockton Scott. 

005 Ex-Judge and Mrs. J. Upshur 


005 Miss Dora L. Dennis. 

607 Miss Elizabeth Jenkins. 

607 Mr. Robert H. Jenkins. 

000 I)v. Robert L. Randolph. 

<;00 :\Iiss Anne Stuart Randolph. 

009 Miss Phoebe Elliott Randolph. 

611 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Roach. 

611 Miss Eileen I^i-guson Roach. 

611 ;Mr. Erwin Richnrdson Roach. 

611 Miss Hedvig C. Bagge. 

614 Mr. and :Mrs. William Seymour 



Park Av. 



^Mrs. Granger Yaiidor Pool. 

Miss Frniu'cs Iinoj>on Vander 


- Mr. A. Hunter Boyd. Jr. 
:Mrs. William lyvnch Stork. 

:vnss Helle W. Stork. 

Mrs. Geo. W S. Hnll. 

700 The Misses Foley. 

708 Miss Cusliing. 

70S Mrs. Tlios. J. Morris. 

708 Miss Josepliine C. Morris. 

709 Rev. and ^Mrs. Roniilly F. Ilumpli- 


711 :Miss I']veline Rieman Early. 

712 Dr. and Mrs. David Streett. 

712 ^Ir. D. Corbin Streett. 

713 Mr. and Mrs. Clarendon I. T. 


71 n Mrs. L. B. Purnell. 

71;; Mr. .T. Hurst Purnell. 

715 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Fisher, Jr. 

717 Mrs. William H. Baldwin. 

717 ISIiss Sarah R. Baldwin. 

710 Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Flower Smith 
803 Mr. Duncan C. Clark. 

803 Airs. ]•:. I.lovd Howard. 

son The Misses Haskell. 

son Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Owiugs Polk. 

812 Dr. and Mrs. Charles Leslie Rum- 


814 Mr. S. Alexander Earned. 

814 Mrs. Isabel E. Cook. 

815 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baxter 


817 Dr. an^i Mrs. (J. Milton Linthicum. 
S17 Mrs. Charles Rous. ' 

SI 7 Miss Marion <". Rous 

SI 7 Miss Helen Woods Rous. 

818 Mrs. Robert M. Wylie. 
810 Miss Eyna Shackleford. 

820 Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wilson. 

822 Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Neale. 

823 Mrs. Isaac H. Dixon. 
823 The Misses Dixon. 
823 Mr. Wju. T. Dixon. 

823 ]Miss Katharine Dixon. 

824 Dr. Samuel K. Merrick. 
824 Mr. S. Sevmonr Mei-riek. 

824 Air. William Spe*ld<n Merrick. 

824 ATr. Robert Graff Alerrick. 
S24 Air. Frederick I'. Hall. 

825 Aliss Eliza Ridsreiy. 

825 Aliss Eleanor W. Freeland. 

827 Airs. Thomas K. Carey. 

















and Airs. J. I'einliroke Thom. 
and Mrs. Louis McL. Tiffany 
and Airs. Joseph Graeme Rey- 


Airs. O. N. Butl(>r. 
Air. and Mrs. Bartow Van Xess. 
Mr. and Airs. Norvell Elliott Miller 
Airs. Chas. Carroll Bombaugh. 
Miss Alira Lloyd Bombaugh. 
Miss Bombaugh. 
Air. and Airs. James Carey, Jr. 
The Alisses Steuart. 
Airs. Andrew H. Whitridge. 
Dr. and Mrs. Hiram Woods. 
Aliss Helen Chase Woods. 
Air. and Airs. Ilenrv Bogue. 
Aliss Ellen T. Boiiu.'. 
Aliss Alice AI. Bogue. 
Dr. Ridgely B. Warfield. 


s Emilie Gegan. 
Alatthew Page Andrews. 



Aliss Ivouisa K. Dunn. 

The Alisses Klein. 

Aliss A. P. North. 

Dr. and Airs. James J. Mills. 

Aliss Emma Elliott Johnstone. 
Aliss Catharine Winter Gillet. 
Air. and Mrs. E. Stanley Gary. 
Aliss Louisa Alacgill (iarv. 
Aliss Alary Ragau (Jaiy. 
Air. .Tames A. (iarv. Jr. 


and Airs. William 


•ow 1)11 man. 
Robert LemiiK 



Aliss Grace Bar 
Dr. and Airs. 

Aliss Alarjorie Burwell. 
The Alessrs. Burwell. 
Airs. Samuel O. Williams. 
Air. and Airs. .lohn Svlv 

Aliss Clara Wolff. 
Air. and Airs. P>olton J. Love. 
Air. and Mrs. Maurice Bloomfield 
Air. and Airs. Walter R. Alitchell. 
Aliss Bowdoin. 
Air. and Airs. Arthur Georg( 

Airs. Alary Rhett Aliller. 
Aliss Esther Lewis Aliller. 
Airs. Edmund Rhett Walker. 
Air. .Joseph Walker. 
Airs. Rhett Aliller England. 

Park Av. 



S7.'^. -Major .7. Dn Que Ferguson. 

ST."; 3Ir. and Mi's. James Ferguson 



877 Mrs. John Tayloe Perrin. 

877 The Misses I'errin. 

879 Dr. and Mrs. John Nohmd Mac- 

893 Mr. and Mrs. John Murdoch 

893 Miss Alison Lawrence Murdoch. 

S9;j Miss Mildred Law Murdoch. 

895 Mr. and Mrs. Upshur Lloyd. 

1107 Mr. and Mrs. Luther M. K. Willis. 

1301 Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Este Fisher. 

i:',01 3Iiss Louise Este Fisher. 

L*?05 Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Rerkley. 

ir.05 Miss Margaret II. S. Berkley. 

1307 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Shackelford. 

1307 Mr. W. T. Shackelford, .Ir 

i:!07 Miss J. O. Shackelford. 

1309 The Misses Rolando. 

1311 Mrs. B. F. Smith. 

1311 Miss Julia E. Smith. 

1311 Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. L. Smith. 

1311 Mr. Frank B. Smith. 

1312 Mrs. Henrietta C. Congdon. 
1312 Mr. Samuel II. Congdon. 
1312 Miss Elizaheth C. Congdon. 
1312 Mrs. ^Montgomery Hamilton, 
1312 Miss Edith Hamilton. 

1312 Miss Margaret Hamilton. 

1313 Mrs. Hamilton Easter. 

1315 Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Steele. 

1319 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hall. 

1319 Miss Anne Isahella Hall. 

1321 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McKellip 

1321 Mr. Spencer Waring McKellip. 

1321 Mr. and Mrs. John Julian Chis- 
olm Treuholm. 

1327 Mrs. Helen Murray Larn*»d. 

1.".27 Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Earned. 

1329 Miss Maigaret Meredith Smith. 

1329 Miss A'iriiinia Smith. 

1331 Miss Nora Harrington. 

1404 Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Comptou. 

1404 Mr. K. Keith Comptou, Jr. 

1405 .Mrs. Paul Iglehart. 

1405 :\Ir. Joseph A. W. Iglehart. 

1405 Miss Agnes Mayo. 

1406 Mrs. Mary Johnson Woodward. 
1406 Miss Daisy Woodward. 

1412 Mrs. James A. Latane. 

1412 The Misses I^atane. 

1412 Mr. and Mr.s. James A. Latane, Jr. 

1413 Mrs. Mary Pechin Ingle. 

141G Miss Anne Armour Perkins. 

1417 Mr, and Mrs. Beyerly Smith. 

1418 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mozart Hay- 


1418 Mr. Andrew R. Parkhurst. 

1420 Miss Grace Winchester Fisher. 

1420 Mr. Rohert A. Fisher. 

1421 Mrs. Lee W. Sellman. 

1421 Mr. Lee Willson Sellman, Jr. 

1421 Mr. I'ere Hanson Sellman. 

1421 Mr. 1'. W. Hanson. 

1421 Miss Hanson. 

1421 Mr. Eugene D. Hanson. 

1422 Mrs. Matthew Cxault. 
1422 Mr. Matthew Gault, Jr. 
1424 Mrs. Dayid Stone Briscoe. 
1424 Mr. and Mrs. Byrn Sheplierd, 
1426 Mrs. Findlev II. Burns. 

1426 Miss M. C. 'Brown. 

1426 J\lr. Findley Burns. 

1427 Mrs. Jos. Johns, Jr. 

1427 Mr. W. E. W. .lohns. 

1428 Mr. Howard T. Williams. 

1428 Miss Caroline H. Williams. 

1429 Mrs. Joseph P. Wood. 

1429 Miss Margaret Potter Wood. 

1429 Mrs. J. Elliott Jacohs. 

1431 Miss Mary C. iMorton. 

1431 Isabella K. Godfrey, M.D. 

1431 Mrs. Kennon Jones. 

1432 Miss Maria D. Williams. 

14 32 Miss Emma J. D. Williams. 

1433 Mr. and Mrs. B. Howell Griswold 
1433 Mr. Robertson Griswoid. 

1503 Mrs. William Adams Gale. 

1505 Mr. and Mrs. Seabury Davies. 

1506 Mr. James Wakefield Cortland. 

1506 Miss Cortland. 

1507 Mr. and Mrs. Charles England. 

1508 Miss Cora Elder Thomas. 
1508 Mr. George P. Thomas, 3d. 

1508 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 1*. Thomas. Jr. 

1511 Mr. and Mrs. B. Howard Haman. 

1511 Miss Coralie Howard Haman. 

1512 Mrs. George W. Wood. 

1512 The Misses Wood. 

1513 Mrs. Charles G. Kerr. 

1514 Miss Lurman. 

1515 Mrs. Eugene Van Ness. 

1515 Mr. Thomas B. Sargent, Jr. 

1516 Mrs. A. S. :Moale Fuller. 

1516 IMiss Jean Liyingston Moale Fuller. 

1519 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd Cham- 


Park Av. 


1520 Miss Virginia C. Breckinridge 


ir.2() Miss Elizabeth Brecliinridge Cross. 

1524 Miss Elizaljoth C. Lee. 

1530 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull. 

1530 Miss Eleanor Laurette Turnbull. 

1530 Miss Grace Hill Tiirnljuil. 

1530 Mr. Edwin L. Turnbul:, 
]5:n Mrs. Edward C yena1)le. 

1531 Miss Helen Wilmer Venable. 
1531 The Messrs. Venable. 

3 532 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Landon 


1534 Mrs. Charles W. Lord. 


Mr. and Mrs. Grove Parker Dean. 

1000 Mr. Laurence West. 

1600 Mr. Wm. Christopher West. 

1000 Mr. George P. West. 

1002 Mrs. Clinton A. Wright. 
1602 Miss Fannie T, Turnbull. 

1003 Mrs. M. P. Bruns. 
1003 .Mr. J. Pierce Bruns. 
1003 Dr. It. Martin Bruns. 

1604 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allan Poe. 

1007 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Daugherty. 

1007 Miss Emma D. Daugherty. 

1609 Miss Margaret E. Maund. 

1610 Mr. .Tames Fisher Wagner. 
1610 Miss .Alabei Wagner. 

1610 Miss Anne M. Wagner. 

1011 :Mr. and Mrs. Morton P. Tottle. 

1011 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Tottle. 
1612 Mr. and Mr.s. George H, Stlckney. 

1012 Mr. Denny Stickney. 

1012 Dr. (jeorg(! Lewis Stickney. 

1013 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Passano. 
1615 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Taylor 
1622 Mr. and ^Irs. Lawrence A, Naylor. 
1025 Mr. Jacob W. Hook. 

1025 Mrs. Edna Hook Green. 

1029 Mrs. A. Nisbet Turnbull. 

3 020 Miss Anne (iraenie Turnbu-11. 

1029 Miss Olivia Whitridge Turnbull. 

1629 Mr. A. Nisbet Turnbull. Jr, 

1629 Mr. Laurence C. Turnbull. 


Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Allen. 

■ Ensign and Mrs. Carl Townsend 

Hull, U. S. N. 
■ Mrs. John 10. Welbourn. 

Lieutenant and Mrs. Hollis M. 










1 752 




1 908 







Horace Melville 



Dr. and Mrs. 


Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cugle. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kobert A. Wool- 

d ridge. 
!Miss Wooldridge. 

Judge S. D. Schmucker. 

Mrs. Agnes D. Vail. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jos. C. Deming, 

Mr. and Mrs. Jos. C. Deming, Jr. 

Miss Eleanor T. Bevan. 

Mrs. Evan Thomas Rinehart. 
The Misses Rinehart. 
The Messrs. Rinehart. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Nelson Dug:in. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mudge. 
Miss L'riscilla Phillips Mudge. 
Mr. E. Tillston Mudge 2d, 
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Norbury Mac- 
Miss Mackenzie. 

Miss Florence Tucker. 
Mr. J. A. Owings Tucker. 

Mrs. Henry S. Garber. 

Miss Garber. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Granville 

Mrs. J. Badger Brown. 
Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Jenkins. 
Miss Jenkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Halo Dinnecn. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edw. C. Wilson. 
:Mrs. James Stone Reese. 
Mr. Edward Bartlett Reese. 
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Cochran. 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Bond. 
Miss Anna Penniman Bond. 
Miss Catharine W. Bond. 
]Miss Jessie Van Rensselaer Bund. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Baker. 


and Mrs. Frank Morley. 
Felix M. Morley. 

Miss Ella Webb 

Mr. Edmund J. Webb. 

2033 :Mr. and Mrs. John Leiper Winslow. 

Mrs. James Bosley. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert ilcGill 

Mr. and 

Mrs. Howard T. Will- 

- Mr. and Mrs. William P. Turner. 

South Patterson Park Ave. and E. Preston St. 



100 Dr. and Mrs. Caleb N. Atliey. 


1 Ml-, and 'Sirs. Kodolphe Henri 


1 Miss Anne Harvey Santos. 

1 Mr. .J. R. L. Santos. 

1 Miss Carmen II. Santos. 

2 Miss D. G. Fulton. 

:j Mr. and Mrs. A. R. II. Ranson. 

8 Mr. Jas. Muriav Ambler. 

8 Miss Sallie II. Ambler. 

8 Miss Virginia Ambler. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. Copeland Morton. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Francis 

lo Mrs. .1. II. C. Watts. 

ir» Miss Watts. 

l.j .Aliss Margaret R. Duvall. 


Mr. and Mrs. George R 
18 Mrs. Grant W. Quale. 

21 Mr. and :Mrs. Charles W 



28 3Ir. and ^Irs. Charles II. Knapp. 

;;o Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell Deford. 

32 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Gorter. 

34 Mrs. Henry M. Warfield. 
34 Mr. S. Davies Warfield. 
34 Mr. Henry M. Warfield, .Jr. 

36 Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney Lewin 

101 Mr. Samuel II. Lyon. 
101 Mr. James W. Lyon, Jr. 

100 Mr. and Mrs. Rignal Woodward 

112 Mrs. Winfield J. Taylor. 
112 Mr. J. Ilayward Taylor. 
112 Mrs. James W. Ponder. 

lie Miss Ellen M. Thomas. 

110 Mrs. John F. Preston. 

110 Miss Ellen Francis Preston. 

110 Mr. D. Logan Preston. 



— — - Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nicholson 

Mrs. Thomas Graves Boggs. 

Miss Eva line Clapp Boggs. 











^Nlrs. Thomas Ilediau. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bowyer 

Mrs. Charles Marshall. 
3Iiss ;Mary Judik Smitli. 
Miss Charlotte Elise Smilli. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Poindexter 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Bradley Gaither. 
Mrs. Wilson Everett Weatherly. 
Mr. Carroll Dan forth Weatherly. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank (josnell, Jr. 
:Miss Henrietta II. Hall. 
Miss Lsabella B. Hall. 
Mr. and Mrs. Tunstall Smith. 
Miss Louise Tunstall Smith. 
Miss Josephine Tunstall Smith. 
Miss Marion Tunstall Smith. 
Mr. and Mrs. William Bissell. 
Judge and Mrs. Harry C. 

^Irs. Albanis L. Anderson. 
Miss Leona M. Anderson. 
Miss A. Edwina Anderson. 
Mrs. Frederick Watts Forman. 
Mr. Frederick Watts Forman, Jr. 
Mrs. Nathaniel Felton Williams. 
Miss Elena E. Williams. 
Miss Mary Wlielan. 

:Mrs. Charles F. Pitt, Jr. 
:Miss Sophie R. Pitt. 
Mr. C. Gordon Pitt. 

Miss Mary Lee. 

The Misses Shackli 


Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Detrick. 
Miss Mabel Detrick. 

:Mr. and Mrs. W. Nelson :siarye. 
Mr. William Bose Marye. 

Dr. Donna Ann Waldran. 

:sir. and Mrs. J. Ralph Emery. 

:Mrs. Edgar K. Legg. 

[Miss Legg. 

Mr. Frederic W. Legg. 

Rev. and Mrs. Peregrine Wroth. 
Mr. Lawrence C. Wroth. 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. G. Boyce. 
Mr. C. Prevost Boyce. 

Mrs. Daniel C. Woods. 

W. Preston, E. and W. Read and Resevoir Sts. 


i) Mrs. D. M. Matthews. 

5 Dr. Clj'de V. Matthews. 

7 Mr. Charles Minuijierode. 

7 The Misses 3Iinnigerotle. 

S Mr. and Mrs. Felix It. Sullivan, Jr. 

11 Mrs. M. A. Hurst. 

11 Mr. and Mrs. Granville Smith. 

12 yiv. and :Mrs. Charles .J. Carroll. 
15 Mr. and Mrs. ^Yilliara M. I'egram. 
1,> Miss Margaret .M. Steele. 

19 Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Lilly. 

20 Mr. .T. Latimer Hoffman. 

20 :\H-. William Gilmor Hoffman. 

27 Mr. L'ouglas Janney Cox. 

29 :\Ir. and Mrs. Louis E. A. de Goll. 

.'5o Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Baker. 

Mrs. Louis 1'. Goldsbor 
;Mrs. Charles Leonard 

o5 Mr. and 

.■;9 :sir. and 

41 ^Ir. and Mrs. .Tas. F. Heyward. 

4.'> Mrs. George Iloss French. 

4;5 ^Ir. H. Fiudlay French. 

223 Miss Gary. 

225 Mr. and Mrs. R(»l)ert V,. Harrison. 

225 :Miss Bessie Ward. 

225 IMiss Mary Coalc Hugan. 

227 Mrs. Alice Stockton Gaither. 

227 Miss Nina Williams Gaither. 

231 Mr. D. Sterett Gittings. 

231 The Misses Gittings. 

251 Mrs. Frederic Tyson. 

251 ;Mr. ;Malcolni van W-clitcn Tvson. 


Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Follis. 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles O' Donovan. 

Miss Ellin Curzon Pleasants. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Broughton Beach- 
am, .Jr. 

;Mr. and Mrs. Warren Adams 

Miss Emily Pascault. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Cook. 

:Mrs. Horatio Whitridge Turner. 

Mr. Horatio Whitridge Turner. 

;Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd T. Hammond. 

ilr. and Mrs. William Brogden. 

Mr. Samuel liyland, Jr. 

Mrs. Ray G. Farquharson. 

Mr. and :Mrs. W. D. Wight. 

10 Mr. and Mrs. II. iNLircus Denison. 

10 Miss Charlotte Denison. 

11 The Misses Brandt. 


12 The Messrs. Bosley. 

12 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Douglas Bud 


13 Mr. and INIrs. A. Adgate Duer. 

13 Dr. and Mrs. James B. Holmes. 

14 :Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas Levering. 
14 IVIiss Anne Eugena Levering. 

14 Mr. Leonidas Levering. Jr. 

14 Miss Dorothy Holmes^Lfvcring. 

202 Mrs. Russell Wetmore. 

20-* Dr. Frederic Taylor. 


Mr. Joseph V.. Trippe. 

() Mr. Hugh Lenox Bond. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Campbell Ilolli- 

C Miss Alithea McDowell. 

.s Mr. and Mrs. 

10 Mr. and .^Irs 

10 The Misses Ulman. 
IS Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Birckhead 

IMward Livingston 
Jacob Albert Ul- 


604 Mrs. J. Kemp Bartlett. 

004 Miss Helen Conkling Bartlett. 

610 Mr. and Mrs. P^dward Stabler, Jr. 

610 Mr. Raymond P. Stabler. 

♦;1G Mr. and Mrs. R. Marsden Smith. 

706 Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G. Sanders. 

707 Mrs. John P. Animidon. 



Mr. I.eroy W. Sperry. 
Mr. Edward C. Sperry. 
Mr. Rich. E. Sperry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bond. 
Miss Arrinston. 

'46 Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Robins, Jr. 

Richmond, Saratoga and St. Paul Sts. 



13G -Mr. Janu'S Mortit Mullen. 


Tin: i;i:ctoi:y. 
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Kin- 

Miss :Marv Bruce Kinsolvini 


336 Mr. ^Valter de Curzon Poultney. 

005 Miss Leila Gittings. 

GOo Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ham- 

005 ]Mr. ar.d jMrs, I'ennoll Churchman 


G05 [Mrs. Joseph C. Orondorf. 

005 Mrs. Henry C. T:vans. 

005 Miss Ethlin (I. Evans. 

600 :Mr. and :Mrs. Clarence Shriver. 

600 Miss Olivia B. Shriver. 

607 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owings 

607 ^Ir. Mark Owings Shriver. Jr. 

608 Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus M. Gingrich. 
Oil Mrs. ^Minnie Smith Benson. 

01.", ;Mr. and Mi-s. Henry .T. Bowdoin. 

Oi:; Miss Frances Key Murray Bow- 

615 The Messrs. Trippe. 

('>15 Miss 3Iay Garrettson Evans. 

(>15 Miss [Marion Dorsey Evans. 

619 Miss Elizaheth H. Stokes. 

019 Miss Nannie C. Stokes. 

621 Miss Blanche Atkinson. 

621 Mr. Robert Atkinson. 

021 Miss -McXallv. 

021 Miss Louis." ■]). McNally. 

70.3 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Roberts. 

705 Mr. and Mrs. .7. Charles Linthi- 

707 Mr. and [Mrs. Wentworth Paul 


700 Miss Ileiiihe. 

708 Mr. and Mrs. C. Braxton Dallam. 

709 The Misses Tll«:hman. 

709 Mr. William Donndl Tilghman. 

710 Mr. and Mrs. Elisha H. Perkins. 
710 Miss Charlotte Soutter Perkins. 
712 Mrs. A. W. Thompson. 

712 [Miss Nellye 'J'hompson. 

712 [Mrs. George Evett Reardon. 

712 The Misses Reardon. 

714 Dr. and [NErs. Theodore Caldwell 


715 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. [Moale. 
718 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bowling. 
















SI 5 





[Miss .Jenkins. 

[Mr. and Mrs. .L Crossan Cooper. 

Miss Anna Campbell. 

[Miss Grace Louise Cator. 

Mr. B. F. Cator. 

Mr. G. S. Cator. 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bradv. 

The [Messrs. Brady. 

Miss Katherine Brady. 

Mr. and [Mrs. Joseph I'ackard. 

The Misses I^ackard. 

Miss Simmons. 
Dr. Wm. H. Welch. 
[Mr. and Mrs. Theodor G. Liirman. 
[Mr. Gustav W. Liirman. Jr. 
[Miss Agnes Tilghman Liirman. 
^Ir. Theodor G. Liirman. Jr. 
[Mr. R. Ij. Tilghman Liirman. 
Mr. John S. I^iirman. 

Mrs. Israel Cohen. 

[Miss Cohen. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Carter. 

[Miss Eleanor Carter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Iving Goode- 

Miss Isabel Frances Goodenow. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernault H. Will- 

Miss Hazlitt. 

Mr. Charles E. Giogan. 

Mrs. Wm. A. Wylie. 

[Miss Wvlie. 

Mr. William Bruce Wylle. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Allen An- 

Mrs. John H. Tegmeyer. 
Mrs. J. Randolph Crown. 
Miss Laura Tegmeyer Crown. 
Mrs. Robert B. Morison. 
Miss Sidney Buchanan Morison. 
Mrs. Wm. R. Martin. 
Miss [Maria Frances Martin. 
Mr. Edward D. Martin. 
[Mr. McIIenry Howard. 
The Misses Howard. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McHenry 


St. Paul St. 


902 Mrs. L. Tiernan Williamson. 

902 Miss Seiby Williamson. 

902 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lewis. 

904 Mr. and Mrs. W. Winder Edmond 

904 The Messrs. Edmondson. 

9(».j Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Brenan. 

905 Miss Mary Teresa Brenan. 
9(tr> Miss Elizabetli C. Sappington. 
90(> Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W. Lever- 

900 Mrs. Clarence Ilarcourt Talia- 

907 Mr. and Mrs. Hammond J. Dugan. 

908 Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Colt .Toscpbs. 
90S Miss Mary Lyman .Josephs. 

909 IM'of. and Mrs. Wni. Woolsey John- 


909 Dr. Charles W. L. .Johnson. 

910 Mr. and Mrs. James Alfred Con- 


911 :Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford Smith. 
911 :\Ir. and Mrs. A. Crawford Smith, 


911 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Smith. 

912 :Miss Annie liea Jackson. 

913 Mr. and Mrs. E. Bartlett Hay ward. 

914 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Iveidel. 
914 Mr. Ernest H. Iveidel. 

914 Mrs. Edmund Sattler. 

915 Mrs. Charles O'Donovan. 
91G Miss .Margaret K. Dent. 
910 .Airs. Anna A. D. Hull. 
910 Miss Anne Adlum Hull. 
910 Miss Katharine Dent Hull. 
918 ^liss Sarah W. Conway. 
918 Miss Caroline J'. Remington. 
918 :Miss Sarah Harrison Powell. 
918 .Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Orrick. 

918 The Misses Ilergenroedcr. 

919 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Jackson. 

920 Judge and Mrs. I'ere L. Wickes. 
920 Miss Katharine B. Wickes. 

920 Miss Henrietta E. Wickes. 

921 ]Mrs. Henry V. Ward. 

922 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Battle Dancy. 
922 :Miss Eliza Battle Dancy. 

922 Mr. William (Jrimes Dancy. 

92.'i Mrs. Theodore Hooper. 

92.'; .Miss Virginia A. (ioodenow. 

924 Mrs. Charles Goldsl)orough. 

924 Miss E'len Lloyd Goldsborough. 

924 :\Ir. Charles (ioldsborough, Jr. 

924 Mr. Lilburn T. Goldsborough. 

925 Mr. and iMrs. Edward W. Rich. 
925 Mr. John Baldwin Rich. 

92(» Mr. and Mrs. Oscar I^escr. 

927 Mr. and ^Irs. Douglas Gorman. 














Mrs. Alfred Walter. 

Mrs. John R. Kensett. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wuk Henry Dempsey. 

Miss Elizabeth H. Vrilliaras. 

Miss Elizabeth M. Boone, 

Mr. D. Ridgely Howard. 

Miss Nannie H. Howard. 

^liss Rosa C. Howard. 

Miss IClizabeth Josephine Browne. 

Mrs. George Hamilton Cook. 
Miss Jane J. Cook. 
INIiss Frances S. Cook. 

Mrs. Thomas G. Carroll. 
Miss Bessie I.,ee Carroll. 
Mr. T. George Carroll. 

Mr. I<]dwin Schenck. 

Miss Mary Shippen Schenck. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan Pitts. 

Mr. Sullivan Pitts, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas II. 

Miss Alice Lee W. Thomas. 
Mr. John Hanson Thomas. 
Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Wood. 
INIiss Margaret Wood. 
Mr. R. W. Wood, Jr. 
Mr. and ^Irs. George K. McGaw. 
Miss Mary Bartol McGaw. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Appleton Wilson. 
Miss Adelaide Stansbury Wilson. 
Miss Virginia Appleton Wilson. 
Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Barnes 

'Mrs. Samuel J. Hough. 
The Misses Hough. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Col- 
Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Randall. 
Mr. Frederick C. Colston. 
Dr. J. A. C. Colston. 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. A. Bliss. 
^Ir. Isaac F. Nicholson. 
'Sir. and Mrs. Henry C. James. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eveleth 

Mr. James S. Woodside. 
Major W. B. Wetmore. 
Dr. Henry M. Hurd. 
The Misses Hurd. 
^Ir. and Mrs. G. Frank Baily. 
The IMcssrs. Baily. 
Mrs. R. II. Kilpatrick. 
Miss Kilpatrick. 
Miss Mary G. Kilpatrick. 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Duane. 
Mrs. Edwin II. Trust. 

St. Paul St. 



and Mrs. Herman E. Bosler, 

J. White. 

M. Roberts. 

1033 M] 

1035 Mrs. James II. Steuart. 

1035 Miss Henrietta Steuart. 

1035 Mr. James E. Steuart. 

1037 Mr. and Mrs. J. Triplett Ilaxall. 

1037 Miss Rose Gordon Haxull. 

1037 Miss Auue Gordon Ilaxall. 

1039 Mr. and Mrs. William Patterson. 

1041 Mr. and iNIrs. Alexander (Gordon, Jr. 

1011 Miss Sara Elizabeth Fischer. 

1101 Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus Ober. 

1101 Miss Rebekab Ober. 

1101 Miss Elizabeth Ober. 

1101 The Messrs. Ober. 

1103 The Misses Sloan. 

1107 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dorsey. 

1107 Mr. James Hooper Dorsey. 

1107 Mr. John Lanahan Dorsey. 

1114 Mrs, Francis White. 

1114 Mr. and Mrs. Richard 

1115 Mr. and Mrs. John H. 
1115 Miss Margaret Wight. 

1115 Mr. E. Hyatt Wight. 

1116 Mr. and Mrs. John B. 
IIIG Major and Mrs. Wm. 

1117 Mrs. Alfred B. Miller. 
1117 Mr. Benjamin H. Waring. 
1117 Mrs. Robert K. Waring. 

1117 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A, Whelan, 


Ills Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam Chapman 

1118 Miss Roberta II. Rouse. 

1119 Mr. and Mrs. Josias Pennington. 

1120 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard 


1120 Miss Joanna Leigh Llovd. 

1120 Miss Elizabeth Key Lloyd. 

T123 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Webb. 

1123 Miss Webb. 

1125 Miss Laura D. Dickinson. 

1127 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Randall. 

1127 Miss Rosamond Randall. 

1127 Mr. Richard H. Randall. 

1129 Mrs. Wm. Thomas Wilson. 

1200 Miss Laura Patterson. 

1201 Mrs. William C. Coleman. 

1203 Mr. and Mrs. R. Curzon Hofifman. 

1203 :\Ir. Wilmer Hoffman. 

1204 Mr. and Mrs. Robertson-Taylor. 

1205 Mr. and ^Mrs. W. W. Spence, Jr. 
1200 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Worthing- 

ton Offutt. 

120G Miss Nancy Jenkins Offutt. 

120S Mr. and Mrs. T. Garland Tinsley. 

Mrs. Rufus Macqueen 

1209 Mr. and 

1209 Major John Sears Gibbs. 

1211 Mrs. Frederick Home Hack. 

1212 Mr. J. H. Wilkin. 

1212 Mr. John E. Hurst of W. 
1214 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stockton 

1214 Miss Margarita Van Ness Buzby. 
1216 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Gordon. 

1210 Miss Margaret ^IcKim Gordon. 

1215 Mr. and Mrs. John Breckinridge 

1222 Mr. and Mrs. T. Nelson Strother. 
1222 Miss Emily Nelson Strother. 
1224 Mrs. Albert Ritchie. 
1224 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cabell Ritchie. 
1226 Mr. and Mrs. Francis N. Iglehart. 
1228 Mrs. Richard B. Buck. 
1228 Miss Mary R. Buck. 
1228 Mr. George G. Buck. 
1228 Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Moutjoy 



■ Mrs. William T. Malster. 

• Miss Florence N. Malster. 

• Miss Sara R. Malster. 

• Dr. William G. Foster. 

.Mr. and Mrs. (!larence C. Whiting. 

MISS Dulany AYhlting. 

• Mrs. Wm. H. Paiiou. 

■ Mr. W. Walters Pagon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Spencer. 

Miss Julia B. Whiting. 

Miss Maud N. Whiting. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Carroll Zell. 

:Mr. and Mrs. James B. Piatt. 

Mr. Herman S. Piatt. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Sears Gibbs, 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Waters 


iSIr.and .Mrs. Jobn Stewart Morton. 

Mr. and jMrs. J. Harold Wheeler, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Turnbull 


Mrs. M. Whilldin Foster. 

Miss Isabel Foster. 

:Mrs. Jobn Freeman Rasin. 

Miss Wallis Warfield. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Reeder. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts 


1300 Mr. and Mrs. E. Austin Jenkins 

1300 Miss Mary Adelaide Jenkins. 

1300 Mr. Austin Lowe Jenkins. 

1300 Mr. Louis Lowe Jenkins. 


St. Paul St. 

] 3U2 


Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Matthews 







1 ( ; 1 7 
It; 17 







1 720 




:! soo 



J 813 


1 8:u 



Mrs. James M. Maslin. 
Mr. Frank N. Maslin. 

:Mrs. W. A. B. Sollman. 

Mrs. Frank Slinsluff. 

Miss Lee Slingluff. 

Mr. Hambleton Slingluff. 

Mr. Chester Warren Nichols. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Rcif- 

Mr. and Mrs. Roljert E. Tubman. 

Mr. aud Mrs. Andrew Banks. 
Miss Anne Mason Banks. 
Mrs. John B. Wilson. 

:Mrs. Helen G. IloOlitzell. 
Mr. Charles Lowndes Hoblitzell. 
Mr. Richard G. Ilobiitzoll. 
^Ir. and Mrs. G. Hoke Fornej-. 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Paca. 
Mr. John P. Paca, Jr. 

Mrs. I. P. Gough. 
Mr, and Mrs. Arthur L. Jones. 
The Misses Jones. 
Miss Florence M. Giese. 
^Miss Mary Condit Wilnior. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Shaler Hodges. 
Miss Margaret \yhittingham 

Mr. and ^Irs. Arthur M. Seddon. 

;Miss Seddon. 

Mr. S. Venable Seddon. 

jNlrs. Helen Ijaniping. 
The Misses Lamping. 

^Ir. and ^Irs. William Grason 

^liss Laurel Grason Bond. 
Mrs. Mary F. Birch. 
INIrs. Fannie P. BoAvling. 
The Misses Bowling. 
Mr. John P. Bowling. 
Mrs. Frederick B. Donaldson. 
The Messrs. Donaldson. 
Mrs. :Mary Fisher Lewis. 
The Misses Lewis. 
Mr. and Mrs. Max Ways. 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert P. Kerr. 

Mrs. Thomas Craig. 
Miss Ethel Craig. 

Mr. Robert Archer. 
Miss Mai-y A. Arclier. 
Mr. James J. Archer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard 

The Misses Sill. 

:\rr. James >L'ither Sill. 














231 3 






]\Iiss Fanny O. Thomas. 
Miss Lina A. Thomas. 
Miss Susie Meyer Thomas. 
Mrs. Emma Thomas Miller. 


Miss Han-iet Garland Tinsley. 
Mr. A. L. Tinsley. 

iNIr. Wm. von Hertzog Vickers. 
Mr. I'aul J. Levering. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Scott. 
The Misses Scott. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bartley 

Miss Helen Deford Webb. 
Miss Alice Prescott Webb. 
Mr. Walter Howard Webb. 

ISIr. Frank Blackford Adams. 
Miss Mary Beirne Adams. 

Mrs. Thomas A. Hulme. 
The Misses Hulme. 
Mr. T. Albert Hulme. 
Mrs. Fanny De Shields. 

Miss Florence C. Jeniins. 

^Irs. Alfred T. Forbes. 

Mrs. Robert Ralston Smith. 

Dr. and Mrs. Guy L. Runner. 

Dr. John Franklin Goucher. 
Miss Goucher. 

Mrs. Joseph Wilkins. 

^Irs. Henry C. W^agner. 

The Misses Wagner. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Skipwith Coale 


(Corner Twenty-seventh St.) 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Maynard Ilolli- 

Miss Lelia I. Sinclair. 
Mv. and Mrs. John B. Myers. 
Mrs. W. A. Gushing. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ilarrv Frank Reges- 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Sewell Thomas. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. C'oyle. 

Dr. Luther B. Benton. 

Mr. Thos. W. Brundige. 

Miss Brundige. 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Worthlngton 

Brundige, Jr. 
:Mr. and Mrs. Clifton R. Wardwell. 

N. Strieker, South, E. and W. 20th, E. 21st and E. 22d Sts. 

2800 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Maslin. 

2830 Mr. and Mrs. Talbott Denmead. 

2843 Dr. and Mrs. Louis N. Wilson. 

2843 Miss Helen S. I'ayne. 

2844 Dr. and Mrs. .TefTeries Buck. 
2844 Mr. and Mrs. Samiiol G. B. Cook. 

2P02 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart Polh. 

2902 Mr. David Peale Polk. 

2907 Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Veazey. 

2907 Mr. George Ross Veazoy. 

2911 Mrs. Benjamin Wallis. 

2911 The Misses Wallis. 

2911 Dr. B. Franklin Wallis. 

2927 Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Dashiell. 

2947 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Bas- 


3002 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Yellott. 

3017 Mrs. W. C. Sanderson. 

3017 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Booze. 

3020 Mrs. .Tames Odbert Bates. 

3020 Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Millikin. 

3021 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Freeman. 
3021 Mr. and Mrs. Randall Stanley 






r. an( 









r. and 










r. and 





Wood Den- 


3029 Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Clay Horner. 

3029 Miss Marie D. Horner. 

3029 Mr. H. Duncan Horner. 

3029 Mr. Douglas Sloanc Horner. 

(St. Paul and Thirty-second Sts.) 

• • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson 


Mr. and Mrs. F. Boughton Beach- 

3901 Mrs. Nelson Perin. 

3901 Miss Perin. 

3901 Mrs. Philip Haxall Harrison. 

4309 Mr. E. B. Hunting. 
4309 Miss Stella B. Hunting. 

Miss .Julia Rogers (Greenway and 

St. Paul Sts.). 



Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smull. 



Mr. Severn Robert Allnutt. 


Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brown, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Smith. 


21G Mr. and :Mrs. Austin J. Lillv, 



Mr. Roljert Doyne Semmes Byrd. 
Mrs. Clara Semmes Byrd. 

10 jNIiss Julia Egerton Bvrd. 
10 IMr. Harvey Semmes Bvrd. 


The Misses Mankin. 


23 Mr. and Mrs. E. Edmunds Fostei 
23 Mr. Reuben Foster, Jr. 
403 Miss Hattie A. Remington. 

4<>.", Mr. J. Arthur Remington. 
412 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard 

W. 22d, W. 23d, E. and W. 24th, 25th, Wilson Sts. 


iLir. :\Ir. riancis Ilnrnum Cnlvci-. 


110 The Misses Warden. 


]4 Miss Sidney Hall Blanchard. 


1 Mr. and Mrs. S. Gordon Gatchell. 1 IMiss Ilcleu Buchanan Gatchell. 


26 Mr. and Mrs. George Washington 3 04 Col. Geo. W. F. Vernon. 

Sadtier. 104 Miss Vernon. 

101 The Misses Reiche. 017 Mr. and Mrs. Ilenrv E. Stollwagcn. 

103 Mr. H. B. Voeke. ,.-,.. ,, t , ^^r ,^ \t 

■i-Jo Mrs. John Walter Hooper. 

42:5 Mrs. Somerville Hooper Stiles. 

20 Mr. and .Mrs. Wm. F. Bowling. 24 Mr. and Mrs. Wni. .T. Carroll. 


Mr. and Mrs. ,T. Collin Vincent. Tho :Missos Vincent. 


— — ■ Mr. Alhert Whiteley, cor Gilmor 


THE WOODUOW. ;;U0 31 r. and 3Irs. Harold Honrv Bal- 

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lanard Fas- lard 



200 :Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Brent. 


146 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lucas. I.j4 Mr. and Mrs. Day Allen Willey 

14G Mrs. Edward Randolph Cockey. 





Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Brandt. 

Miss Ethel IJcatli Brandt. 

Mr. Jackson lirandt, Jr. 

Mrs. L. Loster Clark. 

Miss M. K. Clark. 

Mrs. Oliver Ilohlitzell. 

Miss Mary E. Hoblitzell. 

Miss K. B. Iiobinson. 

Miss Ella Culbreth. 

Mrs. J. Henry Ferguson. 

Mr. and olrs. 'William Haigh. 

Mrs. Charles H. Latrobe. 

Miss Mary S. White. 

Mrs. Cora Mason Wilson. 

Miss Marie F. Gibson. 

Mrs. James E. Lindsay. 

Mrs. (iranville Loud. 

Mr. and ;Mrs. (ieorge E. Birkmaier, 

Miss Etliel Ilandolpli Birkmaier. 

Mrs. C. Webster Wilson. 

Mrs. Matthew T. Tyson. 

Mrs. Carrie Denmead. 

Miss Elizabeth C. Morris. 

jNIrs. John II. Long. 

Miss Caroline S. Fairfax, 

Mv. Frank <i. Dorsey. 

Miss Nannie E. Dorsey. 

Mrs, William Watson Mclntire. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sterrett McKira, 

Miss E. Grace Bnrns. 

Mrs. T. W. Willi am son. 

Mrs. De Witt Clinton Morgan. 

>rrs. Charles W. Washbni-n. 

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Jay. 

Miss Seevers. 

Miss Annie Camak. 

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Wysham. 

^frs. Georae Burns. 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ilendrick. 

Mrs. Edward G. INIcDowell. 

ISJr. George P. Tiffany. 

]Miss Alice T. Tiffany. 

INIrs. W. G. Bansemer. 

3Iiss Caroline t^. Bansemer. 

Mrs. A. V. Mus;r.ave. 


:Mr. Geo. W. S. Musgrave. 



Mr. James ^I. Thompson, Jr. 

Mrs. Sallie II. Conrad. 

Mr. Charles A. Conrad. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur W. Hubbard. 

Miss Miriam Hubbard. 

Mr. and :Mrs. Edward Frederic Burke. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ral Parr. 

Mr. and Mrs, Spalding Lowe Jenkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. All)ert Marlnirg. 

.Ml-, and Mrs. Sevmour .Mandeibaum. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Conklin. 

INIr, and Mrs. Charles T. Crane. 

Mrs. John H. Fowler. 

^Ir. and ]Mrs. John Purviance Bonsai. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C. Buckman. 

Mrs. Dallott II. Wilson. 


Mr. and Mrs. John T. Love. 
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Wm. D. Wight. 
Mivs. Edward C. Knower. 
Miss Baillieux, 
Mrs. George 1*. Stellmann. 
Miss Minellc Xicholls. 
Miss Virginia P. Nicholls. 
Mrs. Charles Goodwin, Jr. 

Miss .Adeline Pratt Clarke. 

Miss Florence ^lackubin. 

?iliss Kate :Mackubin. 

Miss Almira L. I'helps, 

Mrs. Andrew Onderdonk. 

Mrs. Byrd Gambrill Eichelberger. 

Mrs. Menrv ]Moore. 

Miss Edith Stockton Scott. 


Mrs. Robert Rennert. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rennert. 

Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Peirce Perkins. 

Mr. Edward L. Raborg. 
Mr. Orrick M. Chilton. 




Mrs. Morris II. Morgan. 

Miss Carolino W. Latimor. 

Mrs. Kredei-iclc Gibson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wni. W. L. Cook. 

Miss Minna D. IJevnolds. 

Miss Mar.v C\ Robb. 

Mrs. .Tnliet Hammond Price. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart MacDonald. 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bovldn. 

Tb(> .Misses McLean. 

Miss Mary Irwin Boyidu. 

:Miss Eleanor White, 

Mr. and -Mrs. T. Emory Price. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Downey .Jones, 

Mr. Clias. It. Cator. 

Mrs. Barton Richmond .Jacobs. 


Mr. and Mrs. Talbott W, Jenkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Robinson. 

Miss Rosalie G. Robinson. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lemmon Burwell. 

Miss Burwell. 

Mr. P. V. Burwell. 

:Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Gerard Morgan, 

Mr. C. Gerard Morgan, .Jr. 


^Ir. and Mrs. ,John Randolph Bland. 

-Mr. ,1. Straith Briscoe. 

Miss Rosa S. Briscoe. 

Mrs. .J. Bovkin TvCe. 

Mrs. Willi'am Frick. 

Miss Mary C. Frick. 

Miss R. E. Arens. 

Capt. T. S. Mumford. 

Miss Jane Jarvis Mumford. 

^liss Laura K. Fulton. 

Mrs. Talbot ,T. Albert. 

Miss Marv Clare Albert. 

Mr. A. Leo Knott. 

^Irs. ^^'illiam L. .James. 

Mrs. Charles K. Lord. 

M'ss Marv L. Parker. 

Mr. and ?ilrs. .John L. Griffith Lee. 


Abel], ^[rs. Arnnah S.. 
Abell, ]\Iiss Margaret A., 
Abell, The Messrs., 

Abell. Mr. and Airs. Walter R., 

Abell, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. (nee Forbes), 

Adams, Mr. John Morrow, 

Adams, Lieut, and Mrs. John Quincy (U. S. M. C), 

Adams, Mr. Wm. Stewart, 

Adams, The Misses A. E. and L. B., 

Adt, Air. and Mrs. John B., 

Albert, Mrs. Jacob, 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Al, 

I20 Roland Av. 
120 Roland Av. 
I20 Roland Av. 

653 University Parkway. 

218 Ridgewood Road. 

102 Roland Av. 
102 Roland Av. 
102 Roland Av. 

506 Woodlawn Road. 

Roland Park. 

Stonyhurst, Roland Park. 

Roland Park. 

16 Midvale Road. 

301 Club Road. 

14 Somerset Road. 


Baer, Air. and Mrs. John P., 

Bagb}-, Air. and Airs. George Poindexter, 

Bailey, Air. and Airs. John L., 

Baker, Air. and Airs. Wm. S. G.. 

Charles and Wyndhurst Avs. (summer address). 
Baker, Miss Eva Graff, Charles and Wyndhurst Avs. (summer address). 
Baker, Air. W. S. Graff, Charles and Wyndhurst Avs. (summer address). 

Baldwin, Air. and Airs. Chas. Gambrill (nee Aloss), 8 Hillside Road. 

Baldwin, Air. and Airs. W. W. (nee Bartlett), 204 Goodwood Gardens. 

Bansemer. Air. Wm. S., 
Barber, Aliss Elizabeth, 

Barnett, Air. and Airs. Charles R., 

Bartlett, Air. and Airs. Edward L., 

Bartlett, Air. Edward L., 

Benson, Airs. Charles J., 

Berry, Aliss Christiana Duke, 

Berry, Aliss Grace C. N., 

Berry, Air. and Airs. Thomas Lansdale, 

500 Woodlawn Road. 
500 Woodlaw-n Road. 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

329 Roland Av. 

100 Roland Av. 

108 Woodlawn Road. 

322 Hawthorn Road. 
322 Hawthorn Road. 
322 Hawthorn Road. 


311 Oakdale Road. 
311 Oakdale Road. 

500 Wilmslow Road. 

102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

18 ^lidvale Road, Roland Park. 

Roland Park P. O. 
Roland Park P. O. 
Roland Park P.O. 

Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs. O. Bird, Jr., 
Bidwell, Mrs. George L., 

Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. Peter P., 
Blankenship, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 
Bloodgood, Dr. and ]\lrs. Joseph Colt, 
Hoehm, Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert (nee Kimball), 
Boehm, i\liss Margaret Donaldson, 
Boehm, Mr. Charles H., 

pjoone, Mr. and Airs. Wm. Kennedy (nee Herbert). 

Oak »^ill,Lake Roland P.O. 

I'oulleniet, I\Irs. R. H., 102 Longwood Road. 

Boynton, 'Sir. and Mrs. Jesse L., 

7 Northfield Place, near University Parkway. 

Brantly, Airs. Mattie W., Roland Park. 

r.rauner, Mrs. Henry O., 4 Club Road. 

Brogden, Mr. and Mrs. John Gittings (nee Katharine AlacSherry), 

I Merryman Court, University Parkway, Roland Park P. O. 

Brown, Air. and Airs. George Aliltenbergcr, 

4 Alerryman Court, University Parkway. 

Brown, Air. and Airs. Joseph Alarechal, Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

I'.ryan, Air. and Airs. D'Arcy P., 521 Roland Av. 

Bryan, Air. James Wallace, 521 Roland Av. 

Buckman, Air. and Airs. John B., 105 Beechdale Road. 

Pnirrough, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, Jr., 222 Woodlawn Road. 

Catlin, Airs. Sara AlcCord, 

Cator, Mr. and Airs. Wm. 'Whitfield, 
Cator, A'liss Aanes Bacon, 
Cator, Air. W. Whitfield, Jr., 
Cator, Air. Horace T., 

Cator, Air. and Airs. Franklin P., 

Carter, Airs. 1'homas Lane, 

Chandler, Air. and Mrs. W. G., 
Chandler, Aliss Alice, 
Chandler, Air. Douglas, 

Chesnut, Air. and Airs. Wm. Calvin, 
Chew, Airs. Samuel C, 
Chew, Dr. S. C. Jr.. 
Chew, Mr. Henry D., 

Oakland, Roland Park P. O. 

511 Roland Av. 

511 Roland Av. 

511 Roland Av. 

51 T Roland A v. 

12 Club Road. 

222 Oakdale Road. 

15 Alidvale Road. 
15 Alidvale Road. 
15 Alidvale Road. 

Ill Ridge wood Road. 

3 Alidvale Road. 
3 Alidvale Road. 
3 Alidvale Road. 

3 Midvale Road. 
3 JNIidvale Road. 

104 Woodlawn Road. 

118 Ro'and Av. 

Overhill Road and Kittery Lane. 

Ti Northfield Place. 

107 Ridgewood Road. 

200 Longwood Road. 

200 Goodwood Gardens. 
200 Goodwood Gardens. 
200 Goodwood Gardens. 

Somerset and Kenwick Roads. 

20 Merrymount Road. 
20 Merrymount Road. 
20 Merrymount Road. 
20 Merrymount Road. 
20 Merrymount Road. 

Chew. The Misses, 
]\rarshall, IMiss, 

Clotworthy, Mrs. Charles Baker, 

Coale, Miss Carrie P., 

Coale, Mr. and ^Irs. Wm. Ellis, 

Colston, I\Ir. and ]\Irs. George Anderson, 

Cole, Mrs. Robert C, 

Cole, Mrs. E. H., 

Cooper, ]Mr. and Mrs. J. Crossan (nee Jenkins). 

"Denbigh," Roland Park P. O 

Corkran, j\Ir. and ]\Irs. Benjamin W., Jr 
Corkran. Mr. B. Warren, 
Corkran, ]\Ir. D. Clarke, 

Corkran, JMr. and INIrs. Lloyd Griffith, 

Corner, Mrs. Wm. H., 
Corner, Miss Camilla H., 
Corner, JNIr. Thos. C, 
Corner, Miss Mary C, 
Corner, Miss Helen C, 

Cottman, My. and ]\Irs. L. Warrington, 

"Gray House," Charles-St. Av., Roland Park P. O. 

Cromwell, Dr. and Mrs. Martin John (nee Jenkins), Lake Roland P O. 

Cromwell, Mr. and ]\Irs. Wm. Kennedy (nee Franklin), 

Overleigh, Lake Roland P. O. 

Cruzen, Dr. E. E., 504 Roland Av. 

Cnmmings, Mrs. John, ' 3 Midvale Road. 


102 Club Road, Roland Park. 

103 Ridgewood Road. 
103 Ridgewood Road. 
103 Ridgewood Road. 

25 Somerset Road. 

Gilnian Country School, Roland Park. 

207 Hawthorn Road. 

406 Forest Road (summer address). 
406 Forest Road (summer address). 

701 Roland Av. 

3 Upland Road. 

Dawson. ]\Irs. W. Symington, 

De Witt, Mr. and ]\Irs. Charles, 
De Witt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Jr., 
De Witt, Miss Beatrice, 

Dickey, Mr. and ]\Irs. Chas. PL, 

Dodd, Mr. Jasper H., 

Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard of T. 

Dorsey, Mr. Frank G., 
Dorsey, Miss Nannie E., 

DuBarry, j\lr. and ^^Irs. F. Duane, 

Dunott, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel, 


Duncan, Mrs. Richard IMcKim, 
Duncan, Miss Emily W., 

Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 
Dunham, ]\Iiss Dorothy Hurd, 

411 Woodlavvn Road. 
411 Woodlawn Road. 

7 Alidvale Road. 



Edelen, Mr. and ]\Irs. J. Walbach, 

Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., 
Edmonds, Miss Mary E.. 

Elsroad, Miss Frances S.. 

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. Alaurice Tyson, 

Ellicott, Miss Nancy P., 

114 St. John's Road. 

323 Roland Av. 
^2^ Roland Av. 

108 Woodlawn Road. 

212 Woodlawn Road. 

Normandy Heights. Station L. 

Elliott, i\Ir. and Mrs. Edmund Rhett (nee Marion L. Patterson), 

207 Edgevale Road. 

Ellard, Air. and Mrs. John W.. Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

Emory, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks. 205 Woodlawn Road. 

Evans, Mr. and ^Nlrs. Harry Gill 818 University Parkway. 

Evans, Miss Helen Ludington. 818 University Parkway. 

Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson, 100 Edgevale Road. 

Ewing, Mr. H. Gordon, 100 Edgevale Road. 

Farber, ]\Ir. and Airs. Brent Harrison (nee Henrietta Alarie Brooks), 

Roland Park. 

Faunt Le Roy, Mr. and Airs. Harry Wright, 

606 Edgevale Road. Roland Park. 

Club Road. 

Fchsenfeld, Air. and Airs. Louis H., 

Findlay, Airs. Courtenay O'D., 

Fisher, Air. and Airs. J. Harmanus, 

Fisher, Air. and Airs. Frank (of H.), 

Fitch, Mr. E. W., 

Fitzgerald, Air. and Airs. John Alortoi 

Focke, Air. and Airs. Walter D., 

Forbes, Air. and Afrs. George, 

Foreshaw, Aliss Betty Ratcliffe, 
Foreshaw, Air. Stephen Herbert, 

Foster, Air. and Airs. Arthur D., 


16 Elm wood Road. 

10 Beechdale Road. 

611 Edgevale Road. 

212 Longwood Road. 

214 Roland Av. 

321 Woodlawn Road. 

200 Ridgewood Road. 

9 St. John's Road. 
9 St. John's Road. 

1008 University Parkway. 

Franklin, Airs. Benjamin, "Dun Edin," 39th St., near University Parkway. 
Frick, Air. and Airs. John W.. 835 University Parkway. 


Gambrill. Mr. and ^Irs. Channcey, 

Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 

Geib, Mr. and ^Irs. William Virgil, 

Gilchrist, Dr. and Mrs. T. Caspar, 
Gilchrist. Miss Doris Margaret, 

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gillet, 

Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Burke, 

Gill, Mr. and ^Irs. Robert Lee, 

Gill. ]\Irs. \\'illiam Dorman. Jr., 

Goode, j\Irs. Lelia Symington, 
Goode, ]\li<s Clare R., 

702 University Parkway. 

Charles-St. Av.. Roland Park P. O. 

305 Edgevale Road. 

''The Grange," 107 St. John's Road. 
'The Grange," 107 St. John's Road. 

17 Somerset Road. 

212 Longwood Road. 

303 Goodwood Road, 

104 Ridgewood Road. 

805 University Parkway. 
805 University Parkway. 

Gordon, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Douglas Huntly, 

"The Orchards," Roland Park Branch P. O. 

Gordon, Mrs. Malcolm Kenneth, Club Cottage, Roland Park. 

Graham, ^Ir. and Mrs. Robert Patterson (nee Dorsey), 

102 Ridgewood Road. 
Graham, ]\liss [Margaret D., 102 Ridgewood Road. 

Griswold. [Mr. and Mrs. B. Howell, Jr., 218 Ridgewood Road. 


Hancock. [\Ir. and Mrs. Albert Gwyn, 
Hancock, [\Iiss Jeannie Gwyn, 

Hann, [Mr. and [Mrs. Samuel M., 

Hanson, [Mrs. Aquilla B., 

Harris,- [Mr. and [Mrs. J. Alorrison, 

Harris, [Mr. and [Mrs. H. Patterson (nee [Mary S. 

Hciner, [Major and [Mrs. Gordon, 

Hensel, Rev. and [Mrs. Charles Albert, 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Edward I'owell, 

Haupt, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 
Haupt, yiv. Erik G., 

Heineken. [Mr. Gustav, 

Hilken, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. L., 

Hiss, Mrs. Philip lianson, Jr., 

Hiss, Mr. P. Hanson, 
Hiss, Miss [Mary M., 

207 Club Road. 
207 Club Road. 

108 Elmhurst Road. 

Lake Roland P.O. 

I Englewood Road. 

Poole), I Englewood Road. 

112 Elmhurst Road. 

Charles and [Melrose Avs. 

9 St. John's Road. 

Longwood Circle. 
Longwood Circle. 

Baltimore Country Club. 

512 Woodlawn Road. 

205 Ridgewood Road. 

211 Ridgewood Road. 
211 Ridgewood Road. 

Hiss. Miss Susan. 
Hiss. Miss Caroline V., 

Hiss, Mr. and [Mrs. J. Howard, 

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C^ilmor, Jr, 
Hoffman, Mr. Robert Gilmor, 
Hoffman, Mr. Johns Janney, 

Hooker, Dr. and ]\Irs. Donald R., 
Hooper, Mr. and Mrs. James P., 
Hood, Mr. and Mrs. John Mifflin, Jr., 
Hopkinson, Dr. and ]\Irs. B. ^lerrill. 
Hough, Mrs. Robert, 

House, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A., 

House, Miss Louise Helene, " 

Hunt, Miss Fannie B., 

Hunter, Mrs. H. W., 

Hyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Randolph, 

Hynson, ^ir. and ?^Irs. Henry Parr, Jr., 


211 Ridgewood Road. 

211 Ridgewood Road. 

220 Prospect Av., Roland Park. 

, 320 Forest Road. 

320 Forest Road. 

320 Forest Road. 

Upland Road, Roland Park. 

839 University Parkway. 

102 West Oakdale Road. 

216 Hawthorn Road. 

3 Upland Road. 

Bellemoore," Lake and Roland Avs. 
Bellemoore," Lake and Roland Avs, 

100 Longwood Road. 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

112 Longwood Road. 

504 Forest Road. 

Ingram, Mr. and jMrs. James E., 

Ingram, Miss Lela, 

Ireland, Mr. and iMrs. J. Herman. 

"Cherry Tree Lodge," Hawthorn and Oakdale Roads 

201 Goodwood Gardens. 
208 Goodwood Gardens. 

Jackson, Mr, and Mrs. Everett E., 105 Elmhurst Road. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Willis, Jr., 

Canterbury Hall, University Parkway. 
Ill Hawthorn Road. 

"Windy Gates," Roland Park P. O. 
"Windv Gates," Roland Park P.O. 
"Windy Gates," Roland Park P. O. 

Janney, Mr. and J\Irs. Thos. S., 

Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W., 
Jenkins, Miss T. Isabelle, 
Jenkins, Mr. i\I. Ernest, 


Keech, Mr. and JMrs. Edward Parkin, Jr 

Keys, Mrs. Hugh, 

Kimball, Mrs. Richard Fuller, 
Kimball, Miss Charlotte, 

King, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Edmonds, 

Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, Jr., 
Kirk, Miss E. Buckner, 
Kirk, Miss Mary H., 

203 Ridgewood Road. 

202 Edgevale Road. 

3 ]\Iidvale Road, Roland Park. 

3 Midvale Road, Roland Park. 

29 Wickford Road. 

207 Longwood Road. 
207 Longwood Road. 
207 Longwood Road. 


Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Payson (nee Maris) 

Knapp, Mrs. E. Payson, 

Knapp, Mr. Alexander Payson, Jr., 

Koppelman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 

Kroh, Mr. and Mrs. Howard S., 

ID Club Road. 
ID Club Road. 
10 Club Road. 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

508 Woodlawn Road. 

205 Goodwood Gardens. 
205 Goodwood Gardens. 

425 Hawthorn Road. 
425 Hawthorn Road. 
425 Hawthorn Road. 

"El Retiro," Normandy Heights. 
''El Retiro," Normandy Heights. 
''El Retiro," Normandy Pleights. 

214 Longwood Road, 

"Laconia," Lake Roland. 

119 Beechdale Road. 

Le Viness, J^.Ir. and Mrs. Charles T., Jr., (nee Alice Jones Dorman), 

S. W. Cor. Roland Av. and Kenwood Road. 

Lanahan, Mrs. Fannie R., 
Lanahan, Mr. Wm, Wallace, 

Lansdowne, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. S., 
Lansdowne, Miss Leonora Parks, 
Lansdowne, Miss Florence Starr, 

Latrobe, Mr. and Mrs. Gamble, 
Latrobe, Mr. Charles H., 
Latrobe, Mr. Gamble, Jr. 

Lay, Miss Catherine, 

Leakin, Miss Margaret Dobbin, 

Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wirt (nee Jackson) 

100 Park Lane. 

102 Longwood Road. 
102 Longwood Roads 

Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. William D.. 

Limerick, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur (nee Baillemet), 
Limerick, Miss Caroline Beaumont, 

Lord, Mr. and Airs. John Walter (nee Henrietta Hoffman), 

303 Club Road. 

201 Longwood Road. 

Lowndes, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bladen, 


Macgill, Mrs. E. R., 

Macgill, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Thomas, 

Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Farlow, 

Marshall. Miss Lucy P., 

^Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., 

Martin, ]\lr. and Mrs. A. Warfield, 
Martin, Miss Anne Warfield, 
Martin, Miss Ruth Louise, 

Martin, Miss Isabel N., 
Martin, Mr. Clarence H., 

Mason, Mrs. James D., 

Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Dudley, 

Meeker, Mr. and Mrs. Richards Carson, 

513 Forest Road, Roland Park. 
513 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

4 Boulder Lane. 

3 Midvale Road. 

4 Englewood Road. 

214 Longwood Road, 
214 Longwood Road. 
214 Longwood Road. 

T4 Somerset Road. 
14 Somerset Road. 

5 Somerset Road. 
5 Somerset Road. 

112 Ridgewood Road. 

Miller, Aliss Ethel M., 

"Romaine." Charlcs-St. Av. and Lake Av., Roland Park P. O. 
Miller, ^Ir. Edgar G., Jr., 

"Romaine," Charles-St, Av. and Lake Av., Roland Park P. O. 

Miller. Mr. and ■Mrs. E. Kirkbride, 

Milne. Mrs. Thomas Baxter, 

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 

Mosenthal. Dr. and ]\Irs. Herman O. 

Mullikin, Miss Sophia M., 

Murray, Rt. Rev. and ]\Irs. John Gardner, 

419 Forest Road. 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

4 Hillside Road. 

401 Hawthorn Road. 

307 Woodlawn Road. 

Murray, The Misses, 
Murphy, Mr. F. K., 
Murphy, The Misses, 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross, 
Mj'ers, Miss M. Christine, 
]Myers, Miss Dorothy Slagle, 

Newton, ]\Irs. Virginia, 

Nicols, ]Mr. and j\lrs. G. Wright, 

Nolting, Mr. and ]\Irs. William G., 
Nolting, :\Ir. William Wyatt, 

Norris, "Miss Susan Voss, 

Cathedral Grounds, Universit}- Parkway. 
Cathedral Grounds, University Parkway. 

3 Club Road. 

3 Club Road. 

900 University Parkway. 
900 University Parkway. 
900 L'niversity Parkway. 


2 Boulder Lane. 

28 Somerset Road. 

I Somerset Road. 
I Somerset Road. 

5 Club Road. 

Norton, 'Mv. and yivs. Arthur Willcox. 

■■Red x\rches," Lake and Roland Avs. 

Ober. ^Irs. Charles K., 
Owens, ^Ir<. B. Ratcliffe, 


I Elmhurst Road and Long Lane. 
9 St. John's Road. 

Pagon, Mr. and ]Mrs. Robinson Cator. 

2 ?\lerryman Court. University Parkway. 

Paine, ^Ir. and ^Irs. Gordon P., 

Painter, ]\Irs. William, 

Palmer, ^Ir. and ]\Irs. J. Howard. 

Passano, i\Irs. Leonard, 

Patterson, ^Ir. and Mrs. Frank G., 

Patterson, ?slr. and Mrs. John Hawkins, 

843 University Parkway. 

204 Ridgewood Road. 
204 Longwood Road. 

Elmwood Road. 

207 Edgevale Road. 

202 Edgevale Road. 

Pattison, Mr. and I\Irs. E. K., 
Pattison, The jNIisses, 
Pattison, 3*lr. Everard L., 

Peard. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H., 

Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Karry (nee Hanson), 

Perkins Mr. and ]\Irs. Elmer Case, 

Perot, Mrs. William H., 
Perot. Miss, 
Perot, Miss Ellen H., 
Perot, Miss Gladys, 
Perot, The ^^lessrs., 

Petre, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald W., 
Petre, Miss Constance, 
Petre, Mr. Alexander Preston, 
Petre, ]Mis5 Achsah Ridgely, 

Phelps, Mr. and ]\Irs. John, 

Pietsch, ]\Ir. and ^Irs. Theodore Wells, 

Piper, Miss Ellen, 

Pleasants. Dr. and Mrs. J. Hall, 

Pleasants, ^Mr. and ]\Irs. Richard H., Jr., 

Canterbnr}- Hall, University Parkway. 
Poe, Mr. and ]Mrs. Edwin W., 

"BLvthewood," Roland Park P. O.. Charles-St. Av. Ext. 

Poe. ]^Ir. and ]\irs. S. Johnson, Stony Rim Lane W. and 39th St. 

Pollard, ;Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., 419 Hawthorn Road. 

Pope, ^Ir. and ^Irs. Benjamin Eranklin, 508 Woodlawn Road. 

Posey, Mr. and ]\Irs. Charles R., 100 St. John's Road. 

Pow-ell, j\Ir. and ]\Irs. Robert Henry, Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

Powell, Rev. and ]Mrs. Arthur Chilton. D.D.. 

Stony Run Lane, University Parkwa^^ 
Powell, ]\Ir. Paul Rulison, Stony Run Lane, University Parkway. 

109 Elmhurst Road. 
109 Elmhurst Road. 
109 Elmhurst Road. 

105 Deepdene Road. 

Lake Roland P.O. 

216 Hawthorn Road. 

410 Forest Road. 
410 Forest Road. 
410 Forest Road. 
410 Forest Road. 
410 Forest Road. 

803 University Parkway. 
803 University Parkway. 
803 University Parkway. 
803 University Parkway. 

Roland Park. 

27 Wickford Road. 

322 Hawthorn Road. 

201 Long wood Road. 

Preston, Mrs. J. Alexander, 
Preston, Miss Achsah Carroll, 

Price, Mr. and ]\Irs. Howard Orne (nee Harrison) 

Protzman, Mr. and ^Irs. Wm. Clarke, 
Protzman. Miss Rebekah Lansdowne. 

Purnell, Mr. and ?^Irs. Lvttleton B., 

University Parkw^ay. 
University Parkway. 

509 Hawthorn Road. 

107 Hawthorn Road. 
107 Hawthorn Road. 

201 Goodwood Gardens. 

Quiml)y, Dr. and Mrs. W. C 


7 Elmhurst Road. 


Radcliffe, ^Ir. Thomas Broome. 

Randolph, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Harold (nee Gary) 

Reeves, Mr. Charles H., 

Reeves. Mr. C. B., 

Richards, ]Mrs. Bartlett, 

Richardson, Mr. John W., 

Riggs, ]\Jrs. T. Dudlc\-. 

Robbins, Mr. and ]^Irs. Ernest Ames, 

Robbins, Mr. and ]\Irs. Ernest Ames, Jr., 

Roberts, Mrs. Gliomas H., 

Robinson, Mrs. L. H., 

Robinson, ]Mr. R. Cator. 

Robinson, ]\lr. Andrew Pitt, I 

Robinson, Mr. and ]\Irs. George D. F., 

Robinson, Prof, and Mrs. David Moore, 

Rosset, Mr. and ]\'Irs. Thomas Childs de, 

Rouse, Mr. and Airs. John G., 

Ruth, Mr. Walter N.. 
Ruth, Mr. Thomas I3ecoursy, 

Rutherfoord, Mrs. Alex. H.. 
Rutherfoord. Miss Annie Clark, 
Rutherfoord, Air. Alex. H., 

109 Ridgewood Road. 

222 Ridgewood Road. 

104 Woodlawn Road. 
104 Woodlawn Road. 

Normandy Heights, Roland Av. 

Tudor Hall, University Parkway. 

S. \\'. Cor. Roland and Lehr Avs. 

501 Woodlawn Road. 

222 Oakdale Road. 

12 Edgevale Road. 

109 Ridgewood Road. 
109 Ridgewood Road. 
109 Ridgewood Road. 

417 Hawthorn Road. 

106 Ridgewood Road. 

12 Hillside Road. 

II Somerset Road 

3 Midvale Road. 
3 Alidvalc Road. 

209 Ridgewood Road. 
209 Ridgewood Road. 
209 Ridgewood Road. 

Savage, Air. and Mrs. Frederick Adams (nee Hoge), 300 Goodwood Road. 

Scarlett, Air. and Airs. Ch.arles E., 104 Ridgewood Road. 

Seeman, Mr. and Mrs. Arringdale D., 103 Ridgewood Road. 

Sellman, Airs. Richard B., 212 Hawthorn Road. 

Sellman, Miss Alargaret I., 212 Hawthorn Road. 

Shiff, Miss M. C. Eugenie, "Dun-Edin," 39th St., nr. University Parkway. 
Shift, Miss Florence A., "Dun-Edin," 39th St., nr. University Parkway. 

Shreve, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Tilghman, 
Shreve, Mr. C. A. Buchanan, 
Shreve, Miss Ann L. B., 

Sioussat, Air. and Mrs. Albert, 

Slagle, Airs. Rachel A., 
Slagle, Air. Carlton M., 

211 Edgevale Road. 
211 Edgevale Road. 
211 Edgevale Road. 

'Stoney Croft," Lake Roland. 

103 Ridgewood Road. 
103 Ridgewood Road. 

Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Jr., 

Slagle, Mrs. D. Clinton (nee Mallory), 

Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., 
Sloan, Miss Mildred Cushing, 

Sloan, ]\Ir. and Mrs. F. Eugene, 

Small, Miss Alice H., 
Small, Miss Florence ]\JcL., 

Smith, Mrs. Thomas Marsh, 

Smith, Mr. and I\Irs. Robert W., 

Roland Park. 

208 Goodwood Gardens. 

417 Hawthorn Road. 
417 Hawthorn Road. 

408 Woodlawn Road. 

18 ^lerrymoimt Road, Roland Park. 
18 ]\f errymount Road, Roland Park. 

311 Roland Av. 

12 Somerset Road, University Parkway. 

Smith, Mr. and j\Irs. Thomas Marshall. 

16 Somerset Road, University Parkway. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Courtauld A\'harton, 
Smith, Dr. D. C. Wharton 2d, 
Smith, yir. Harold Wharton, 

Starr, Miss, 

Starr, Miss Ckra Edith, 

Starr, Miss Elizabeth Ellen, 

Startzman, Mr. and J\Irs. W. T., 

Steuart, Mrs. Arthur (nee Ellicott), 
Steuart, Miss Susan E., 
Steuart, Miss Caroline Ellicott, 
Steuart, Miss Lydia M., 
Steuart, j\Ir. Arthur B., 

Stewart, ^Ir. and ?^Irs. W. Donaldson, 

Stephens, ■Mr. and Mrs. George Wm., Jr., 

Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J., 
Stevens, Miss Cynthia, 
Stevens, Miss Sarah Eccleston, 

Stuart, Mr. and ]\Irs. Francis Lee, 

Swindell, ^Ir. and ^Irs. W\alter B., Jr., 

Symington, Air. and Mrs. W. Stuart, Jr., 

Symington, Miss Edith, 

216 Ridgewood Road. 
216 Ridgewood Road. 
216 Ridgewood Road. 

114 Woodlawn Road. 
114 Woodlawn Road. 
114 Woodlawn Road. 

Ill Woodlawn Road. 

"Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 
"Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 
"Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 
"Rosegarth," Normandy Heights. 
"Rosegarth,"' Normandy Heights. 

508 Forest Road. 
704 Gladstone Av., Roland Park. 

206 Ridgewood Road. 
206 Ridgewood Road. 
206 Ridgewood Road- 
Roland Park P. O. 
107 Club Road, Roland Park. 
2 Boulder Lane. 
S05 University Parkway. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee, 805 University Parkway. 

Taylor, Mr. and Airs. Frank J., 305 Goodwood Gardens 

Thelin, Air. and Airs. E. Griswold, i Harvest Road, Roland Park. 

Thom, Air. and Airs. H. R. Alayo (nee Hopkins), 

10 .Hillside, Roland Park. 


Thomas, Mr. and ]Mrs. Howell H., 
Thomas, Miss Elizabeth S., 

4 Overhill Road. 
Normandv Heiohts, Roland Park P. O. 

Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Webster, 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. P. Byrd (nee Parsons), 

Turner, 'Sir. and jMrs. Frank G., 
Turner, Rev. Dr. and ]Mrs. James H., 

Turner. Mrs. Ida L., 


\T'mon-Williams. ]\lr. and ]\Irs. Frederick Royalle, 

Vinton, Miss Eleanor Latrobe. 
Vinton. Miss Lillian Hazlehurst, 

A'alentine. The Misses. 

4 Midvale Road. 

308 Woodlawn Road. 

206 Edgevale Road. 

3 Somerset Road. 
3 Somerset Road. 

Roland Park. 

102 Hawthorn Road. 

14 Hillside Road. 

14 Hillside Road. 

Roland Park. 


Warner, Mr. and ]Mrs. Theodore, 
Warner, Dr. Theodore B., 
Warner, Miss Grace. 

Wallis, Miss Mary Virginia, 

Weston, ]\Ir. Cornelius, 

Weston, j\Ir. and ^Irs. B. Latrobe, 
Weston, Mr. Henry Bancroft, 

Weston, ]\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur Hazlehurst, 1 1 Elmwood Road. 

White, ]\Ir. and ]\Irs. Francis A., Normandy Heights, Roland Park P. O. 

843 University Parkway. 
843 University Parkway. 
843 University Parkway. 

211 Edgevale Road. 

5 Midvale Road. 

5 Midvale Road. 
5 Midvale Road. 

White. Sir. and ^Irs. Richard J., 

Whiting. Dr. and ^Irs. Henry Augustus, 
Whiting, Dr. Edith, 

Whitridge, Sir. and ^Trs. i\Iorris, 

Whyte, Sir. and Sirs. Clymer, 
W'hyte, Aliss Margery Flollingsworth, 

Bryn Dun, Poplar Heights. 

311 Oakdale Road. 
311 Oakdale Road. 

818 University Parkway. 

104 Elmhurst Road. 
104 Elndiurst Road. 

Williams, Sir. and Sirs. Henry, 

"Woodcliffe," 39th St., near University Parkway. 
Williams, Sir. Mason L. W.. 

"Woodcliffe," 39th St., near University Parkw^ay. 
Williams, ^liss Elizabeth Chew, 

"Woodcliffe," 39th St., near L'niversity Parkway, 
Williams, ^liss ^latilda W., 

''Woodcliffe," 39th St., near University Parkway. 
Williams, Sir. Henry, Jr., '"Woodclift'e," 39th St., near University Parkway. 



Williams, Mr. George Weems, 

"Woodcliffe,"39th St., near University Parkway. 
Williams, Mr. John H. C, "Woodcliffe," 39th St., near University Parkway. 

Willis, Mr. and ]\Irs. Luther J\I. R. (nee Sophie C. Vogeler), 

13 Overhill Road. 

Winslow, Dr. and Mrs. John Randolph, "WVncote Lodge," Roland Park. 

Winslow, Miss Julianna R., 

Wise, Mrs. Frederick May, 
Wise, Miss Julia Oelrichs, 

Wyatt, Mr. J. B. Noel, 

514 W^oodlawn Road. 

TOO Roland Av. 
100 Roland Av. 

y Club Road. 

Zell, Mi: Oliver Carroll, Jr., 

27 Wickford Road. 




Principal Churches. 


The Pro-Caihedral University Parkway and St. Paul St. 

St. Paul's Church Charles and Saratoga Sts. 

Emmanuel Church Cathedral and Read Sts. 

Christ Church Chase and St. Paul Sts. 

Grace and St. Peter's ^Monument St. and Park Av. 

Church of the Messiah Gay and Fayette Sts. 

Mount Calvary Church Eutaw St. and Madison Av. 

Memorial Church Bolton St. and Lafayette Av. 

St. Michael's and All Angels' Church St. Paul and 20th Sts. 

Ascension Church Lafayette Square. 

St. Luke's Church Carey St., near Lexington. 

St. Barnabas' Church Biddle St. and Argyle Av. 

Church of the Holy Innocents Eden and Chase Sts. 

St. Andrew's Chester and Preston Sts. 

Church of the Prince of Peace Liberty Road and loth St. 

St. Paul's Chapel Columbia Av. and Callender St. 

Advent Chapel Patapsco and Ostend Sts. 

St. Bartholomew's Church North Av., near Madison Av. 

St. John's Church Mt. Washington. 

St. Timothy's Church Catonsville. 

Church of the Redeemer Charles-Street Av. and Melrose Av. 

Trinity Church To wson. 

St. John's Church Waverly. 

St. Mary's Church 602 Roland Av. 


Brown Memorial Church Park and Lafayette Avs. 

Morthminster Church North Av. and St. Paul St. 

Central Presbyterian Church Eutaw PL, near Dolphin St. 

First Presbyterian Church Madison St. and Park Av. 


First United Presbyterian Church Madison Av, and Biddle St. 

FrankHn Square Church Carey and Fayette Sts. 

Franklin Street Church, FrankHn and Cathedral Sts. 

Lafayette Square Church Carrollton Av., near Lanvale St. 

Maryland Avenue Church Maryland Av., corner 25th St. 


First Independent Christ Church Franklin and Charles Sts. 


First Methodist Episcopal Church St. Paul and 226. Sts. 

Guilford Avenue Church North, corner Lanvale St. 

Madison Avenue Church Madison and Lafayette Avs. 

Mount Vernon Place Church Charles St. and Mount Vernon Pi. 

Strawbridge M. E. Church Park Fl. and Wilson St. 


Eutaw Place Church Eutaw and Dolphin Sts. 

First Baptist Church Lafayette Av., near Fremont. 

Franklin Square Church Calhoun St., near Lexington, 

Seventh Church St. Paul St. and North Av. 


Orthodox Eutaw and Monument Sts. 

Western District Park PI., corner Laurens St. 


Cathedral Cathedral and Mulberry Sts. 

Chapel of the Visitation Convent Park Av. and Centre St. 

Church of the Corpus Christi Lafayette and Mt. Royal Avs. 

Church of the Immaculate Conception Mosher and Division Sts. 

St. Alphonsus' Church (German) Park Av. and Saratoga St. 

St. Ann's Church York Road. 

St. Ignatius' Church Calvert and Madison Sts. 

St. Martin's Church Fulton Av. and Fayette St. 


Associate Congregational Maryland Av. and Prestotj be. 

Principal Hotels 

The Albion Corner Cathedral and Richmond Sts. 

The Altamont Eutaw PI. and Lanvale St. 

Hotel Belvedere Corner Charles and Chase Sts. 

The Brexton 868 Park Av. 

The Emerson Corner Calvert and Baltimore Sts. 


New Howard Howard St.. near Baltimore. 

The Northampton Charles St. and North Av. 

Hotel Rennert Saratoga and Liberty Sts. 

The Sherwood 212 W. Monument St. 

The Shirley 205 W. Madison St. 

The Stafford Washington Place 

Flats and Apartments 

The Albany 6 E. Centre St. 

The Alsace 2028 ^Maryland Av. 

The Allston Charles and 32nd Sis. 

The Anneslie 1203 N. Cliarles St. 

Arundel Charles St. and Mt. Royal Av. 

The Avon E. Read St., near Charles St. 

The Bellevieu-Manchester Cor. Bloom St. and ]^Iadison Av. 

The Berkley 104 W. Eager St. 

The Brandon 877 Park Av. 

The Brightly 12 E. Read St. 

The Boulevard St. Paul and 32nd Sts. 

Canterbury Hall 39th and Oak Sts. 

The Cathedral Corner Cathedral and Little Chase Sts. 

Calvert Court Calvert and 31st Sts. 

The Cecil North Eutaw St., near Dolphin. 

The Chatham 1720 St. Paul St. 

The Channing 1416 Park Av. 

The Cleveland 1413 and 1415 Linden Av. 

The Colonial 1005 N. Charles St. 

Earl Court Corner St. Paul and Preston Sts. 

The Druid Corner Mt. Royal Ter. and Reservoir St. 

Duvall, The 24 E. Madison St. 

"Eleven East Chase St."' Corner Chase and St. Paul Sts. 

The Ellicott S. E. Cor. Charles and Read Sts. 

The Elmhurst 1815 N. Charles St. 

The Esplanade Eutaw Place and Brooks Lane. 

The Oilman Calvert and 31st Sts. 

The Gordon 103 W. Eranklin St. 

The Governor Cor. Charles and Read Sts. 

The Guilford Cor. North and Guilford Avs. 

The Haljbijurton 1301 X. Charles St. 


Hampton Court Apartments 309 Dolphin St. 

The Hoffman 305 W. Hofifman St. 

The Holland 1305 Linden Av. 

The Homewood Charles and 31st Sts. 

The Latrobe N. E. Cor. Charles and Read Sts. 

The Leonard Apartments 1 1 14 N. Eutaw St. 

Locksley Hall 304 W. Monument St. 

Lombardy Apartments 40th St. and Stony Run. 

The Marlborough Corner Eutaw PL 2nd Wilson St. 

The Montebello Charles and 24th Sts. 

Montreal Mt. Royal Av., near Charles St. 

The ]\It. Royal Mt. Royal Av. and Calvert St. 

The Mt. Vernon Apartments Cathedral St., near Monument. 

The Netherclift 827 N. Eutaw St. 

The Olney 5 E. Biddle St. 

The Park Circle Apartments Park Ave. and Druid Hill Park. 

The Peabody Calvert and 30th Sts. 

The Pembroke Corner Park Av. and Richmond St. 

The Plaza Corner Wilson St. and Park PI. 

The Preston Corner Guilford Av. and Preston St. 

The Read E. Read St., near St. Paul. 

The Readmore 2231 St. Paul St. 

The Raleigh Corner Mosher St. and Linden Av. 

The Romaine 1307 Eutaw PI, 

Reuling Flats 103 W. Monument St. 

The Rochambeau Corner Charles and Franklin Sts. 

The Royalton Maryland and North Avs. 

St. Ives 25 W. Preston St. 

The St. Paul Corner St. Paul St. and Mt. Royal Av. 

St. James Apartments Charles and Centre Sts. 

The Severn Corner Cathedral St. and Mt. Vernon PI. 

Terrace Apartments 805 N. Eutaw St. 

Tudor Hall University Parkway and W^man Park. 

The Upton 329 Dolphin St., corner of Eutaw. 

The Victoria Cor. St. Paul and 21st Sts. 

The Walbert Corner Charles St. and Lafayette Av. 

The Washington Mt. Vernon PI. and Charles St. 

The Westover Corner Park Av. and Eager St. 

The Winona Corner Park Av. and Monument St. 

The Wentworth Corner Cathedral and Mulberry Sts 




Johns Hopkins University 


President of the University. 

Frank Johnson Goodnow, LL.D., 

6 W. ^ladison St. 


Ira Remsen, U.D., Ph.D., LL.D 214 W. Monument St. 

Proident Emeritus of the University, and B. N. Baker 
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. 

Basil L. Gildersleeve, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D 1002 N. Calvert St. 

Francis White Professor of Greek. 

Paul Haupt. Ph.D.. LL.D., K.R.E Longwood Circle, Roland Park. 

W. \\\ Spence Professor of the Semitic Languages and 
Director of the Oriental Seminary. 

William H. Welch, M.D., LL.D 807 St. Paul St. 

Baxley Professor of Pathology. 
Edward H. Griffin, D.D., LL.D 1027 N. Calvert St. 

Profc>sr)r Emeritus of the History of Philosophy and Dean of 

the College Faculty. Ahscnt this year. 

Sir William Osier, Bart., ?.1.D., LL.D., D.C.E, F.R.S., 

13 Norham Gardens, Oxford, England. 
Honorary Professor of Medicine. 

Henry M. Hurd, M D., LL.D 1023 St. Paul St. 

Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry. 

Howard A. Kelly, M.D., LL.D., Hon. F.R.C.S 1406 Eutaw PI. 

Professor of Gynecology. 



Maurice Bloomfield, Ph.D., LL.D 86i Park Av. 

Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology. 

William S. Halsted, M.D.. D.SC, LL.D., Hon. F.R.C.S.. 1201 Eutaw PL 
Professor of Surgery. 

Harmon N. Morse, Ph.D Homewood Apartments. 

Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, and 
Director of the Chemical Laboratory. 

Henry Wood, Ph.D., K.R.E.. 109 W. North Av. 

Professor of German. 

John J. Abel, M.D., D.Sc Charles-Street Av. (P. O. Station L.) 

Professor of Pharmacology. 

William H. Howell, Ph.D., M.D., LL.D 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Professor of Physiology. 

Franklin P. lALill, M.D., SC.D., LL.D 15 14 Bolton St. 

Professor of Anatomy. 

James W. Bright, Ph.D., LL.D.., Litt.D 718 N. Lloward St. 

Caroline Donovan Professor of English Literature. 

Herbert Eveleth Greene, Ph.D 1019 St. Paul St. 

Collegiate Professor of English. 

William Bullock Clark, Ph.D., LL.D Charles-St. Av. and Oak St. 

Professor of Geology and Director of the Geological Laboratory. 

Lorrain S. Hulburt, Ph.D Wyndhurst Av., Embla Park 

Collegiate Professor of Mathematics. 

Joseph S. Ames, Ph.D., LL.D Charlcote Road, Guilford. 

Professor of Physics and Director of the Physical Laboratory. 

J. Whitridge Williams, M.D., D.SC 1128 Cathedral St. 

Professor of Obstetrics and Dean of the Medical Faculty. 

Frank ]\Iorley, S.C.D 2026 Park Av. 

Professor of Mathematics. 

William J. A. Bliss, Ph.D 1017 St. Paul St. 

Collegiate Professor of Physics. 

Harry Fielding Reid, Ph.D. 608 Cathedral St. 

Professor of Dynamic Geology and Geography. 


Robert W. Wood, A.B., LL.D 1529 Bolton St. 

Professor of Experimental Physics. 

Kir1)y F. Smith, Ph.D.. LL.D 719 Park Av. 

Professor of Latin. 

Jacob H. Hollander, Ph.D 1802 Euta w PI. 

Professor of Political Economy. 

Edward B. ]\Iathe\vs, Ph.D 1410 Linden Av. 

Professor of [Mineralogy and Petrography. 

Harry C. Jones, Ph.D 2523 Madison A\. 

Professor of Physical Chemistry. 

Lewellys Franklin Barker, M.D., LL.D 1035 X. Calvert St. 

Professor of Clinical ]\Iedicine. 

William S. Thayer, M.D., LL.D., Hon. F. R. C. P 406 Cathedral St. 

Professor of Clinical Medicine. 

John Martin Vincent, Ph.D., LL.D 313 Forest Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of European History. 

C Carroll Marden, Ph.D 2416 N. Calvert St. 

Professor of Spanish. 

Westel W. Willoughby, Ph.D 8 Club Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Political Science. 

Duncan S. Johnson, Ph.D 23 Merrymount Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Botany and Director of the Botanical Laboratory 
and the Botanical Gardens. 

Hermann Collitz, Ph.D I35 W. Mt. Royal Av. 

Professor of Germanic Philology. 

Herbert S. Jennings, Ph.D., LL.D 505 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Henry Walters Professor of Zoology and Director of the 
Zoological Laboratory. 

Wilfred P. ^lustard, Ph.D 18 W. Hamilton St. 

Collegiate Professor of Latin. 

Edward Franklin Buchner, Ph.D 2120 Callow Av. 

Professor of Education and Director of the Summer Course-. 


John Broadus Watson, Ph.D 2745 IMaryland Av. 

Professor of Experimental and Comparative Psychology and 
Director of the Psychological Laboratory, 

Ethan A. Andrews, Ph.D 821 St. Paul St. 

Professor of Zoology. 

Walter Jones, Ph.D 2621 St. Paul St. 

Professor of Physiological Chemistr3\ 

Adolf Meyer, U.D., LL.D loi Edgevale Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Psychiatry. 

Edward C. Armstrong, Ph.D Woodbrook, Balto. Co. 

Professor of the French Language. 

Burton E. Livingston, Ph.D 2737 Maryland Av. 

Professor of Plant Physiology and Director of the Laboratory 
of Plant Physiology. 

McKendree Llewellyn Raney, Ph.D. .4117 Pennhurst Av., W. Arlington. 


Arthur O. Lovejoy, A.:M 718 N. Howard St. 

Professor of Philosophy. 

John B. Whitehead, Ph.D., 

Cold Spring Lane and Linkwood Road, Roland Park. 
Professor of Electrical Engineering. 

Charles K. Swartz, Ph.D Windsor Mill Road and 17th St. 

Collegiate Professor of Geology. 

George E. Barnett, PhD 227 W. :\Ionument St. 

Professor of Statistics. 

John Miller Turpin Finney, yi.D 1300 Eutaw PI. 

Professor of Clinical Surgery. 

.\iurray Peabody Brush, Ph.D 1019 N. Calvert St. 

Collegiate Professor of French and Dean of Collegiate Department. 

David Moore Robinson, Ph.D 106 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park. 

Professor of Classical Archaeology and Greek Epigraphy. 

John Rowland, i\I.D Guilford. 

Professor of Pediatrics. 

Carl Clapp Thomas, M.E 114 Roland Av.. Roland Park. 

Professor of ^Mechanical Engineering. 


Charles Joseph Tilden, S.B 1527 Bolton St. 

Professor of Civil Engineering. 

Warren Harmon Lewis, M.D 1931 E. 31st St. 

Professor of Physiological Anatomy. 

Joseph Elliott Gilpin, Ph.D Stony Run Lane (P. O. Station N.) 

Collegiate Professor of Chemistry. 

John Holladay Latane, Ph.D., LL.D 1016 N. Calvert St. 

Professor of American History. 

Theodore C. Jane way, M.D 714 St. Paul St. 

Professor of Medicine. 

William David Booker, M.D 208 W. Monument St. 

Clinical Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics. 

Samuel Theobald, ^LD 968 N. Howard St. 

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology. 

Henry ^L Thomas, A.M., ^LD 1228 Madison Av. 

Clinical Professor of Neurology. 

Jere Williams Lord. i\LD loi i N. Charles St. 

Clinical Professor of Dermatology. 

Thomas Caspar Gilchrist, M.D., M. R. C. S 330 N. Charles St. 

Clinical Professor of Dermatology. 

Henry Johns Berkley, M.D., D.Sc 1305 Park Av. 

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. 

Hugh Hampton Young, ]\I.D 330 N. Charles St. 

Clinical Professor of Urology. 

Henry Edward Spieker, Ph.D 915 Edmondson Av. 

Associate Professor of Greek and Latin. 

Charles William Emil Miller, Ph.D Druid Apts. 

Associate Professor of Greek. 

William Wood Russell, M.D 1208 Eutaw St. 

Associate Professor of Gynecolog3\ 

Thomas Stephen Cullen, M.B 20 E. Eager St. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Gynecology. 

Robert Lee Randolph, A.M., M.D 609 Park Av. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Otology. 


Thomas Barnes Futcher, ]\I.B 23 W. Franklin St. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. 

Joseph Colt Bloodgood, M.D Roland Park. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery. 

Florence Rena Sabin, :\I.D., Sc.D 1431 Park Ave. 

Associate Professor of Anatomy. 

Caswell Grave, Ph.D 106 Wyndhnrst Ave., Embla Park. 

Associate Professor of Zoology. 

William Webber Ford, ^I.D 1024 Cathedral St. 

Associate Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology and 
Lecturer on Legal ^^ledicine. 

Max Broedel 320 Suffolk St., Guilford. 

Associate Professor of Art as Applied to ^Medicine. 

Arthur Byron Coble, Ph.D 2714 ^^laryland Ave. 

Associate Professor of Mathematics. 

James Eustace Shaw, Ph.D 2504 ^Maryland Ave. 

Associate Professor of Italian. 

William Stevenson Baer, AI.D 4 E. :\Iadison St. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery. 

Donald Russell Hooker, :\I.D Upland, Roland Park. 

Associate Professor of Physiology. 

Samuel Ottmar IMast, Ph.D 415 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park. 

Associate Professor of Zoology, 

Thomas Richmond Boggs, :\I.D 21 W. Chase St. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. 

William Kurrelmeyer, Ph.D Ellicott City. 

Associate Professor of German. 

John August Anderson, Ph.D 252 W. Hoffman St. 

Associate Professor of Astronomy. 

Charles David Snyder, Ph.D Charles-Street Ave. (P. O. Sta. L.) 

Associate Professor of Physiology. 

A. Herman Pfund, Ph.D 305 W. Hoffman St. 

Associate Professor of Physics. 


Knight Dunlap, Ph.D 500 W. 33d St. 

Associate Professor of Psychology. 

r.cnjamin Franklin Lovelace, Ph.D 1012 JMadison Ave. 

Associate Professor of Chemistry. 

Herbert McLean Evans, M.D Cecil Apt.s. 

Associate Professor of Anatomy. 

Edward Wilbur Berry 3508 Park Heights Ave. 

Associate Professor of Paleontology. 

Leonard George Rowntree, M.D 1523 Linden Ave. 

Associate Professor of Medicine. 

Alexander Graham Christie, ]\LE Homewood Apts. 

Associate Professor of ]\Iechanical Engineering. 

John Calvin French, Ph.D 3002 N. Calvert St. 

Associate Professor of English. 

Aaron Ember, Ph.D Windsor Hills Apts. 

Associate Professor of Semitic Languages. 

Milton Charles Winternitz, ]\LD., 

Delaware and Carroll Roads, Windsor Hills. 
Associate Professor of Pathology. 

Joseph Christie Whitney Frazer, Ph.D 2524 Maryland Ave. 

Associate Professor of Chemistry. 

Edwards A. Park, M.D Cecil Apts. 

Associate Professor of Pediatrics. 

Charles ^Nlacfie Campbell. AI.D 26 Calvert Road, Windsor Hills. 

Associate Professor of Psychiatr}-. 

Herman O. Mosenthal, ]\LD 401 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 

Associate Professor of ]\Iedicine. 

1:. Emmet Reid, Ph.D 263 W. Hoffman St. 

Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry. 

Abraham Cohen, Ph.D 1744 Park Ave. 

Associate Professor of Mathematics. 


Miss Remington appre- J 

ciates the hearty and quick ^ 

response accorded her J 

po^al of inquiry, and } 

every effort has been J 

made to publish a com- ^ 

plete and corred list; ^ 

therefore, if any errors or ) 

omissions are found, the ' 

compiler feels that all ^ 

blame mu^ be attached 
to those who have been 
tardy or careless in filling 
out the cards. 







Johns Hopkins Club 







George Cator. 



William H. Howell, AI. 




George L. Radcliffe. 

George E. Barnett 


W. W. Wii.loughby. Horace E. Flack. 

R. CuRZON Hoffman, Jr. Ronald T. Abercrombie. 

B. Howell Griswold, Jr. Ralph V. D. Magoffin. 

E. B. Mathews. Wilfred P. Mustard. 


Mar^ land Club 


Carter G. Osburx, 
A. H. S. Post. 
George May. 



George !May. 


Henry M. Warfield. 


Carter G. Osburn. 


H. A. Orrick. 

Executive Committee. 

H. A. Orrick. 
J. Hough C!ottman. 
Spalding Lowe Jenkins. 
Henry M. Warfield. 


Abell, Walter R. 
Abell, Walter W. 
Aldred, J. E. 
Ammidon, D. C. 
Andrews, Wm. L. 
Applegarth, Rufus W. 
Archer, C. Graham 
Armistead, George 

Baer, John P. 
Baer, William S. 
Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Baetjer, Henry N. 
Baetjer, Howard 
Baker, B. N. 

Baldwin, Summerfield, Jr. 
Bankard, E. H. 


Barker, Lewellys F. 
Bartlett, J. Kemp 
Baugh, E. P., Jr. 
Beacham, Frederick B. 
Bent, Quincy 
Bishop, George T. 
Black, H. Crawford 
Black, Harry C. 
Black, Van Lear 
Blackwell, Josiah L. 
Bland, John R. 
Bloodgood, Joseph C. 
Bolton, Frank C. 
Bond, H. L., Jr. 
Bond, James 
Bonsai, J. Pnrviance 
Bosler, Herman E. 
Bouton, Edward H. 


Bowdoin, Henry J. 
Bowdoin, W. G., Jr. 
Bowie, Washington, Jr. 
Brantly, William T. 
Brewster, Benjamin H., Jr. 
Bowles, Thomas H. 
Royce, Frederick G., Jr. 
Brown, Kensett. 
Bridges, Henry P. 
Brooks, W. B. 
Brooks, W. B., Jr. 
Brown, Alexander 
Brown, Frank 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Brown, H. Carroll 
Bruce, Howard 
Bruce, William Cabell 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Buck, George G. 
Burke, Edward F. 
Bush, B. F. 
Bush, W. E. 
Burns, F. Hyland. 

Carey, Francis K. 
Carlton, Howard 
Carroll, Charles 
Carroll, Charles Bancroft 
Carroll, Douglas Gordon 
Carter, Charles H. 
Gary, Wilson Miles, Jr. 
Cassatt, Edward B. 
Gate, Horace Abbott 
Gator, Franklin P. 
Gator, George 
Gator, W. W. 
Claiborne, Thomas D. 
Clapp, H. Rowland 
Clark, Ernest Judson. 
Clark, Wm. Bullock 

Cloud, Wm. Woodward 
Cole, William R. 
Compton, Key 
Cooper, J. Crossan 
Corkran, Benj. W., Jr. 
Cottman, J. Hough 
Cottman, L. Warrington 
Cottman, Thomas E. 
Cover, Loring Andrews 
Crane, Charles T. 
Cromwell, W. Kennedy 
Crosby, W. W. 
Cross, W. Irvine 
Crowe, Samuel J. 
Cullen, Thomas S. 

Daingerfield, P. B. Key 
Dallam, C. Braxton 
Dancy, Frank B. 
Davis, John Staige 
Deford, B. F., Jr. 
Deford, John E. 
Deford, Robert B. 
Deford, Thomas, Jr. 
Dennis, J. Murdoch 
Dennis, John M. 
Dickey, Charles H. 
Duer, Henry Lay 

Ellard, John W 
Ewing, George W. 

Farber, Edwin J. 
Ferguson, J. Henry 
Field, Charles W. 
Findlay, J. V. L. 
Finney, John M. T. 
Fisher, D. K. Este 
Fisher, Edward McC. 
Fitzgerald, Charles G. 



Fleming, George W. 
Foster, Arthur L. 
Frick, James Swan 
Frick, John W. 
Futcher, Thomas B. 
France, Joseph C. 

Gaither, George R, 
Gaither, Thos. H., Jr. 
Gamble, Gary B., Jr. 
Garrett, Robert 
Gary, E. Stanley 
Gary, James A. 
Gibbs, John S. 
Gibbs, John S., Jr. 
Gibbs, Rufus M. 
Gilchrist, T. Caspar 
Gill, John, Jr. 
Gilpin, Henry B. 
Gittings, Ernest 
Gittings, Henry May 
Gittings, John S. 
Gittings, Julian E. 
Goodenow, Rufus K. 
Goodnow, F. J. 
Goodrich, G. Clem 
Goodwillie, Thomas 
Goodwin, Percy H. 
Gordon, Alex., Jr. 
Gordon, Douglas H. 
Gorman, Arthur P., Jr. 
Gorter, Nathan R. 
Gosnell, Frank 
Gould, Clarendon I. T. 
Grafflin, William H. 
Grasty, Charles H. 
Gray, Carl R, 
Gregg, Maurice 
Greiner, John Edwin 
Griswold, B. Howell, Jr. 

Hack, Frank N. 
Haines, Harold A. 
Halsted, William S. 
Hambleton, T. Edward 
Harrison, Charles K., Jr. 
Hartman, J. H. 
Harvey, F>ancis B. 
Harvey, O. Howard 
Harvey, W. Ewing 
Harvey, William P. 
Hayden, W. M. 
Hayward, E. Bartlett 
Hendrick, Calvin W. 
Hersh, Grier 
Hilken, Henry G. 
Hill, Bancroft 
Hill, John Philip 
Hillen, Thos. O'Donnell 
Hoen, Frank N. 
Hoffman, R. Curzon 
Hoffman, R. Curzon, Jr. 
Hoffman, Wm. Gilmor, Jr. 
Hooper, William E. 
House, William A. 
Howard, F. K. 
Howard, G. B. 
Howard, John D. 
Hughes, J. Albert 
Hunting, E. B. 
Hurst, John E. 
Hurst, John J. 
Hurst, William B. 
Hutton, G. M. 
Homer, Charles C. 

Iglehart, Francis N. 

Jackson, Everett E. 
Jackson, George S. 
Jackson, Lloyd L. 


Jacobs, H. B. 
James, Charles I. 
James, Henry C. 
James, Xorman 
Janes. Henry P. 
Janney, Stuart S. 
Janney, Thos. S. 
Jencks, Francis AI. 
Jenkins, Austin Lowe 
Jenkins, E. Austin 
Jenkins, George C. 
Jenkins, Joseph W., Jr. 
Jenkins, Louis L. 
Jenkins, Spalding Lowe 
Jenkins, James H. 
Johnston, Bartlett F. 
Jones, Alvan L., Jr. 
Jones, Julian S. 

Keech, Edward P., Jr. 
Keith, W. W. 
Kelly, Howard A. 
Kent, Frank R. 
Keyser, H. Irvine 
Keyser, R. Brent 
Keyser, W. Irvine 
Keyser, William, Jr. 
Knapp, Alexander Payson 
Knapp, George W. 
Knapp, G. W., Jr. 
Knapp, W. G. 
Knott, A. Leo 

Lacy, Benjamin 
Lanahan, William Wallace 
Lanahan, Charles 'M. 
Latrobe. Gamble 
Lee, J. L. Griffith 
Leftwich, Vivian C. 
Lehr, Robert Oliver 

Levering, Eugene, Jr. 
Locke, James 
Lock wood, William F. 
Love, John T. 
Lowndes, W. Bladen 
Liirman, Gustav W. 
Lyon, Samuel H. 
Landstreet, F. S. 

Machen, Arthur W. 
INIackall, Charles 
]\Iackubin, George 
JNIanning, Sidney T. 
]\Ianh-, C. LIughes. 
Marburg, Albert 
iMarburg, Theodore 
Marburg, William A. 
IMarburg, William. A., of A. 
Marbury, William L. 
Marriott, Telfair W. 
.Marshall John W. 
Marshall, Robert E. Lee 
^Martin, Frank 
Maslin, Frank N. 
Matthews, H. M. 
^latthai, William H. 
Matthews, Henry C. 
May, George 
McComas, H. C. 
McCormick, W. G. 
McEvoy, James, Jr. 
McKeon, E. H. 
McLanahan, Austin 
McLane, Allan 
]\IcLaran, Percy B. 
r\lcNeal, J. V. 
Middendorf, J. William 
Millei, D. H., Jr. 
Miller, Edgar G., Jr. 



Miller. C. Wilbur 
Millen Charles R. 
Minis, J. Livingston 
Moale, Fred. L. 
]\[ordecai, G. P. 
Morgan, John H. 
Morton, Samuel P., Jr. 
Miiller, Louis 
Murphy, Frank K. 
Murray, Oscar G. 
Muniford, T. S. 

Nelligan. J. J. 
Nelson, Alexander C. 
Newcomer, Waldo 
Nicholson, Isaac F. 
Nicodemus, Harry 
Nolting, William G. 
Norton, Arthur W. 

Ober, Gustavus 
Oliver, William B. 
Olivier. Stuart. 
Or rick, H. A. 
Osburn, Carter G. 

Paine, Gordon P. 
Parr, G. Howell 
Parr, Henry A. 
Parr, Henry A., Jr. 
Parr, I. M., Jr. 
Pendleton, John C B. 
Pennington, Harry 
Pennington, Josias 
Piper, James 
Playford, Charles 
Pleasants, Richard H. 
Poe, Philip L. 
Pope, George A, 

Post, A. H. S. 
Post, Richard B. 
Potter, George L. 
Preston, Alexander 
Preston, James H. 
Purnell, Francis H. 
Purnell, J. Hurst 
Purnell, Lyttleton B. 

Radcliffe, George L. 
Ramsa}'^, H. Ashton 
Ramsay, John B. 
Randall, Blanchard 
Randolph, George F. 
Ranson, A. R. H. 
Reeves, Charles H. 
Rich, Edward N. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Riggs, Alfred R. 
Ritchie, Albert C. 
Roberts, Charles B., Jr. . 
Robertson, Alexander 
Robinson, Ralph 
Robinson, William C. 
Rollins, Hiornton 
Ross, Frederick P. 
Rouse, William C 
Rowland, Samue' C. 
Ryland, S. P., Ji. 

Sargean;^ George H. 
Savage, Frederick A. 
Schmeisser, Ernst 
Scull, Charles O, 
Seabrook, H. H. 
Semmes, John E. 
Shackelford, William T. 
Shaw, John K., Jr. 
Shearer, T. L. 
Shriver, George M, 



Simmons, Fielding 
Slingluff, T. Rowland 
Sloan, Fisher 
Sloan, Frank B. 
Sloan, Robert N. 
Slocum, George W. 
Smith, C. Wharton 
Smith, Jack Q. H., Jr. 
Smith, John Walter 
Snowden, Wilton 
Spence, William W., Jr. 
Steele, S. Tagart 
Stewart, David 
Stockbridge, Henry 
Stotesbury, Edward T. 
Strother, T. Nelson 
Stuart, Francis Lee 
Stuart, T. Keating 
Sutton, Eben 
Swann, Sherlock 
Symington, Thomas H. 
Symington, John F. 
Symington, John F. of S. 

Taylor, Archibald H. 
Taylor, Howard R. 
Taylor, Robert 
Taylor, Robert A. 
Taylor, R. Tunstall 
Thayer, William S. 
Thom, DeCourcy W. 
Thomas, Douglas H. 
Thomas, John Hanson 
Thomas, William S. 
Thompson, A, W. 
Thompson, James M. 
Thompson, Richard H. 
Thomsen, Herman I. 
Thomsen, J. J. 
Tiffany, Louis McLane 

Tinsley, T. Garland 
Todd, Frederick C. 
Tongue, T. W. 
Trippe, Andrew Noel 
rrirnl)ull, Edwin L. 

L'lman. Jacob A. 

Vickers, W. H. C. 
Vickery, Edward M. 

Wagner, Herbert A. 
Walker, Joseph R. 
Walters, Harry 
Warfield, Edwin 
Warfield, Harry Ridgely 
Warfield, Henry M. 
Warfield, S. D. 
Warren, H. A. 
Waters, Arnold Elzey 
Waters, Francis E. 
Watson, C. W. 
Webb, Charles A. 
Webb, Edmund J. 
Welch, W. H. 
Weld, Albert H. 
Wheelwright, Jere H. 
Whelan, Thomas A. 
Whelan, Thomas A., Jr. 
White, Richard J. 
White, J. McKenney 
White, Miles 

Whiteley, James Gustavus 
Whiteley, J. Holmes 
Whiteley, James S. 
Whitelock, George 
Whitney, Joseph C. 
Whitridge, Horatio L. 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge, William H. 



Wickes, P. L. 
Wickes, Walter F. 
Widener, P. A. B. 
Wight, C S. 
Wight, John H. 
Wight, Wilham H. 
Wilcox, Henry B, 
Willard, Daniel 
Williams, Charles T. 
Williams, Henry W. 
Williams, George Weems 
Williams, Howard T. 
Williams, John Whitridge 
Williams, N. Winslow 

Williams, R. Lancaster 
Williams, W. S. G. 
Willis, George R. 
Wilson, J. Sawyer, Jr. 
Wilson, S. Burns. 
Winder, Charles S. 
Wood, Frederick W. 
Woodside, James S. 
Wright, Wm. H. DeCourcy 

Yoimg, Hugh H. 
Zell, Henry S. 

Albert, Talbot J. 
Allen, Edward M., Jr. 
Anderson, Larz 
Andrews, Paul A. 
Arnold, C. G. 
Atkinson, Thomas 
Atterbury, W. W. 

Bacon, E. R. 
Baldwin, Carroll 
Bent, Stedman 
Bishop, Henry A. 
Bigelow, Ernest A. 
Bonaparte, Jerome N. 
Bonsai, W. Roscoe 
Boone, Charles H. 
Buckler, William H. 

Camden, Sprigg D. 
Carroll, Philip A. 
Carstairs, J. H. 
Carter, Bernard M. 
Cator, B. F. 
Clark, J. Peyton 


Clarke, Chas. E. F. 
Conley, C. H. 
Coleman, Wm. Prichard 

Dashiell, Paul J. 
Davis, William V. 
Deming, Charles C. 
Dixon, George D. 
Dorsey, J. Worthington 
Dunn, H. O. 
Dyer, Elisha, Jr. 

Fabyan, Marshal 
Felton, W. H. 
Fleming, A. B. 
Foster, Frederick 

Gait, Sterling 
Garrett, John W. 
Gibson, William 
Gittings, John Sterett, Ji 
Glenn, John M. 
Gray, Andrew C. 
Gross, John M. 



Hammond, John Hays 
Hardcastle, Edward B, 
Hardcastle, Hughlett 
Hardy, Caldwell 
Hayward, T. Bertram 
Harrison, H. H. 
Hill, Charles E. 
Holden, H. L., Jr. 
Homer, Francis T. 
Hough, Edward H. 
Houston, T. E. ' 
Howard, Beale R. 
Huffer, Leopold 
Hull, Andrew Wilmer 
Hull, Joseph 
Hurkamp, Chas, H. 
Hutchinson, Cary T. 
Huffer, Herman C. 

Jackson, William P. 
James, Henry 
James, Henry A. 
Tames, Walter B. 
Jenkins, Francis DeSales 
Jenkins, Harry S. 
Jenkins, Thos. Courtney 
Jenkins, William B. 
Jones, Andrew D., Jr. 
Jones, C. H., Jr. 
Jordan, Eldridge E. 
Josselyn, B. S. 
Joyce, Wilham H. 

Kahlo, George D. 
Kalkman, Chas. von H. 
Keating, John 
Keim, George DeB. 
Kennedy, Moorehead C. 
King, E. S. 

Klots, Alfred Partridge 
Knapp, H. K. 

Langhorne, D. A. 
Earner, William A. 
Lawrence, W. W. 
Lee, William H. L. 
Lewis, A. Nelson 
Little, John D. 
Lloyd, Edward, Jr. 
Lowndes, Tasker G. 

Maccallum, William G. 
McCord, James Sturgis 
jMcKim, Smith H. 
Ma rye, George T., Jr. 
May, DeCourcy 
May, Henry 
McCrae, Thomas 
McPherson, L. G. 
Marston, Hunter S. 
Masterton, John G. 
Miller, Walton 
Micks, Henry R. 
Middleton, John Z. 
Miller, Andrew 
Mitchell, W. N. 
Moore, Frank 
Moore, John P. 
Morrell, Edward 

Needles, Arthur C. 
Norris, Octavus J. 
Newhall, Thomas 

Ogden, William B. 
Owen, William 

Page, Henry S. 
Parsons, Schuyler L. 
Paton, David 
Paton, Stewart 



Pearson, Dane Appleton 
Pennington, Clapham 
Perin Nelson E. 
Perin, Oliver 
Pierce, Winslow S. 
Price, Clarence 

Rafferty, William C. 
Raymond, Charles H. 
Richardson, Frank A, 
Robertson, Edwin W. 
Robinson, Moncure 
Robinson, Thomas H. 
Ryan, John Barry 

Schmidlapp, Jacob G. 
Scott, Harlan G. 
Sharp, W. G. 
Sims, C. S. 
Sinclair, Arthur, Jr. 
Small, Philip A. 
Smith, Carroll H. 
Smith, Edward L. 
Smith, E. P. 
Smoot, William B. 
Speer, J. L. Dawson 
Steele, John N. 
Stewart, Alex. Mair 
Stewart, James C. 

Stewart, W. Plunket 
Street, William G. 
Stump, Herman 
Symington, Donald L. 

Taylor, Robert Coleman 
Taylor, William R. K. 
Thomsen, A. L. 
Turnbull, Graeme 

Upshur, George M, 

Vandiver, Murray 
\'oorhees, H. Belin 

Watson, George T. 
Watson, James O. 
Whistler, Ross W. 
White, Henry 
White, John Campbell 
White, J. G. 
Whitney, E. P. 
Williams, W. Berkeley 
Wilson. Richard T. 
Wood, Edward R. 
Woodruff, Ernest 
Wright, Sydney L. 
Wright, Robert Clinton 


Eraser, G., British Consul. 

Baltimore Club 




S. Sterett McKim, 


Hugh H. Young. 


Ellicott H. Worth ington. 


Charles B. Reeves. 

W,M. P. RiGGS, Chairman, House Committee. 

Charles Morris Howard, Chairman, Finance Committee. 

RiDGELY B. Warfield, Chairman, Committee on Admissions. 

John C. de Bullet. 
Richard A. Follis. 
James A. Lat.^ne. 
RiDGELY B. Warfield. 
Robertson Grisvvold. 
Charles B. Reeves. 


Ellicott H. Worthington. 
Hugh H. Young. 
Charles Morris Howard. 


John J. Milligan. 
William P. Riggs. 

Abell, Walter R. 
Adams, Alvin P. 
Adams, Howard 
Adams, Irving 
Adams, Frank B. 
Alexander, Richard W. 
Allen, Franklin G. 
Atkinson, Dr. A. Duval 
Atkinson, M. S., Jr. 

Baer, John P. 
Baer, Dr. Wm. S. 
Baetjer, Charles H. 


Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Baetjer, Dr. F. H. 
Baetjer, Henry N. 
Baetjer, Howard 
Baetjer, Dr. Walter A. 
Bagley, Dr. Charles, Jr. 
Baldwin, Frank J. 
Baldwin, Willard A. 
Baltzell, Dr. Wm. H. 
Banks, Daniel B. 
Barker, Dr. Llewellys F. 
Barrett, Henry C. 
Barton, Carlyle 


Bassett, Chas. W. 
Bay, Dr. Robert P. 
Bayard, Richard H. 
Benet, Hugh. 
Bergland, Dr. John McF. 
Birckhead, Rev. Dr. Hugh 
Black, H. Crawford 
Black, Van Lear 
filackford, Eugene. 
Blackford, Wm. S. 
Blackwell, Josiah Low 
Bland, John R. 
Bland, R. Howard 
Blankenship, John M. 
Bliss, Wm. J. A. 
Boggs, Dr. Thomas R. 
Bolton, F. Nelson. 
Bond, Hon. Carroll T. 
Bond, Hugh L. 
Bond, Duke. 
Boone, W. Kennedy 
Bordley, Dr. James, Jr 
Bowers, James W. 
Bowie, Allen S. 
Bowles, Thomas H. 
Boyd, A. Hunter, Jr. 
Boynton, Jesse L. 
Boyce, W. Graham. 
Brady, Arunah S. A. 
Brady, S. Proctor 
Brady, S. Stansbury. 
Brent, Duncan K. 
Brewster, Benjamin, H., Jr. 
Brogden J. Charles 
Brogden, John G. 
Brooks, Walter B. 
Brooks, Walter B., Jr. 
Brown, Alexander 
Brown, Frank 
Brown, Dr. Thomas R. 

Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Bruce, Howard 
Bruce, J. Marshall PL 
Bruce, James. 
Bruce, Albert C. 
Brush, Dr. Edward N. 
Buchanan, Thomas G. 
Buchanan, Charles N. 
Buck, George G. 
Buckler, Dr. H. Warren 
Buckler, Riggin 
Buckler, Dr. Thomas H. 
Buckler, Leslie H. 
Burns, Findley 
Burns, F. Highlands 
Buzby, Samuel S. 

Cadwalader, Thos. F. 
Carey, Francis James 
Care3% Francis K. 
Carter, Julian S. 
Carton, L. R. 
Gary, Wilson M., Jr 
easier, Dr. DeWitt B. 
Cator, George 
Clagett, Charles. 
Claggett, L. B. Keene 
Clapp, H. Rowland. 
Clark, Gaylord Lee 
Coale, Wm. Ellis 
Cochran, Wm. F. 
Coleman, Wm. Caldwell 
Coleman, F. H. 
Colston, Frederick C. 
Colston, George A. 
Colston, J. R. C. 
Compton, J. H. Sothoron 
Constable, William Pepper, 
Corkran 3d, B. Warren 
Gotten, Bruce 


Coyne, Hooper 
Crain, Robert 
Cromwell, Dr. M. John 

Dabney, Dr. Wni. M. 
Dancy, Wm. G. 
Davies, Seabury 
Davis, Dr. S. Griffith 
be Bullet, Eugene G. 
Deford, John E. 
Deford, Robert B. 
De Bullet, John C. 
De Bullet, W. Julian 
Denison, Charles C. 
Denison, H. Marcus 
Dennis, A. R. 
Dennis, J. Murdoch 
Dennis, Samuel K. 
Dickey, Edmund S. 
Dobbin, Dr. George W. 
Donaldson, John J. 
Drewry, Dr. Cooper R. 
Dulany, W. J. C. 
Duer, Henry T. 

Eager, J. Howard 
Elder, William V. 
Ellicott, Charles E. 
Ellicott, Wm. M. 
Emory, G. H. H. 
England, Jos. T. 
Ewing, George W., Jr. 

Ferguson, J. Henry 
Finney, Dr. J. M. T. 
Fisher, Dr. Wm. A., Jr. 
Fisher, Edward McC. 
Fisher, Howell. 
Fitzgerald, Chas. G. 
Follis, Dr. Richard H. 
Fowler, Laurence Hall 

France, Jacob. 
French, H. Findlay 
Frick, James Swan 
Frick, R. Denison. 
Futcher, Dr. Thos. B. 

Gaither, Henry Granger 
Garrett, Robert 
Gary, James A., Jr. 
Geraghty, Dr. J. T. 
Gibbs, E. Everett 
Gibbs, John S., Jr. 
Gibbs, Rufus M. 
Gibson, Edward Guest 
Giffen, W^allis 
Gillett, George M., Jr. 
Gilpin, Donald N. 
Gilpin, Henry B. 
Gittings, D. Sterrett 
Goldsborough, Chas. 
Goldsborough, Lilburn T. 
Goodnow, Dr. Frank J. 
Goodenow, Rufus K., Jr. 
Goodwin, F. Lawrence. 
Gordon, Douglas H. 
Gorman, Douglas 
Gosnell, Frank 
Gosnell, Frank, Jr. 
Gray, C. R. 
Greenway, Eugene 
Greer, Samuel J\L 
Griswold, B. Howell, Jr. 
Griswold, Robertson 
Groome, Alexander C. 

Hall, Harry P. 
Hall, J. Bannister, Jr. 
Hambleton, T. Edward, Jr. 
Hamilton, W. Howard 
Harris, William Hugh. 
Harrison, Philip FT. 



Harrison, Evelyn Arnold 
Harrison, Boiling H. 
Harrison, Dr. A. C. 
Harrison, Hall. 
Harvey, Francis B. 
Harvey, James W. 
Harvey, William P. 
Harwood, Stephen P. 
Hayward, E. Bartlett 
Hayes, A. Gordon 
Henderson, Chas. E., Jr. 
Henry, Daniel M. 
Hillen, T. O'Donnell 
Hillyer, Virgil M. 
Hoffman, Wilmer. 
Hooper, James P. 
Hopkins, R. Brooke 
Howard, Charles McHenry 
Howard, Charles Morris 
Hunner, Dr. Guy L. 
Hurst, John E. of W. 

Iglehart, Dr. N. E. B. 
Iglehart, Francis N. 
Iglehart, Iredell W. 
Iglehart, J. A. W. 
Ireland, J. Herman 

Jackson, Edward A. 
Jackson, E. E., Jr. 
Jackson, Richard N. 
Jacobs, Dr. Henry Barton 
James. Nathaniel W., Jr. 
James, Norman 
Janney, A. D. Pollack. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, Henry Hillen 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, Joseph W., Jr 
Jenkins, James H. 

Jenkins, M. Ernest 
Jenkins, T. Courtenay 
Johnson, J. Hemsley 
Johnston, Bartlett F. 

Keech, E. Parkin, Jr, 
Keidel, Dr. Albert 
Keyser, H. Irvine 
Keyser, W. Irvine 
Ke3'ser, H. Irvine 2nd. 
Keyser, William. Jr. 
King, Dr. John H. 
King, Lieut. Wm. R, 
Knapp, Alexander P, 
Knox, Dr. J. H. Mason 
Koppleman, Arthur 

Lanahan, W. Wallace 
Earned, Dr. Chas. W. 
Latane, James A. 
Lee, Columbus O'Donnell 
Lee, Hillyard C. 
Lee, Otho Scott, Jr. 
Leonard, William Wirt 
Levering, Edwin W., Jr. 
Lord, J. Walter 
Love, John T. 
Lowndes, W. Bladen 
Lucas, Wm. F., Jr. 

Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
]\Iachen, Thomas Gresham. 
Mackenzie, Dr. John N. 
Macklin, Gen. Chas. F. 
Malone, Allen L. 
Manly, C. Hughes. 
Manning, James R. 
Marburg, Albert 
Marburg, Wm. A. 
Marbury, Ogle 
Marbury, Wm. L, 



Marshall, E. A. 
Martin, Edward D. 
IMason, John Ambler 
Mayo, Dr. R. W. B. 
:\Iiller, Paul H. 
Miller, Alten S. 
jMiller, Lawrence M. 
Miller, L. Vernon. 
Milligan, John J. 
Moore, Ryland C. 
Morgan, Shirley C. 
Murray, Oscar G. 
]\Iurray, Francis K. 

]\IcEvoy, James W. 
]\IcElderry, Horace C. 
McKeon, Edward H. 
McKim, S. Sterrett 
McLane. Charles E. 
McLanahan, J. Craig 
^IcMillan, J. W. 

Xelson, Edwin D. 
Norton, Eugene L. 

Ober, Gustavus, Jr. 
Ober, Albert G., Jr. 
O'Donovan, Dr. Charles 
O'Donovan. J. Harry 
O'Dunnc, Eugene 
Oliver, Wm. B. 
Olivier, Stuart 
Osburn, Carter G. 
O wings, Thos. Bond 

Pagon, Robinson C. 
Parker, W. Ainsworth 
Parr, G. Howell. 
Paul, John G. D'Arcy 
Pcarre, Sifford 
Penniman, George D. 
Pcnniman. Dr. Thomas D. 

Pennington, Josias 
Perine, Washington 
Perkins, Wm. H., Jr. 
Ferry, Frank L. 
Peters, Dr. Don Preston 
Phelps, Charles E., Jr. 
Pietsch, Theodore Wellr^ 
Pitts, Thomas D. 
Pleasants, John 
Pleasants, Dr. J. Hall 
Pleasants, Richard H. 
Poe, Edgar Allan 
Poe, Edwin W. 
Poe, Gresham H. 
Pope, Mica j ah W. 
Poultne}^ C. Carroll 
Poultney, Evan 
Poultney, Thomas 
Powell, Robert H. 

Rabillon, Leonce 
Randolph, George F. 
Randolph, Harold 
Rawls, William L. 
Reeves, Charles B. 
Reeves, C. Harry, Jr. 
Reynolds, Joseph G. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Ridgel}', D. Stewart. 
Riggs, Alfred R. 
Riggs, Francis G. 
Riggs, Henry G. 
Riggs, Jesse B. 
Riggs, Gen. Lawrason 
Riggs, Wm. P. 
Ritchie. Albert C. 
Robinson, Edward A. 
Rouzcr, 1^. McClurc. 
Rowland, J. Harvey 
Rowland. C. Ranson. 


Rnhrah, Dr. John 
Russell Dr. Wm. Wood 
Rutherfoord, Alexander H., Jr, 

Santos, John R. L. 
Scott, Rossiter S. 
Scull, Chas. O. 
Selden, Arthur T. 
Semmes, John E., Jr. 
Shaw, John K. 
Shepherd, F. B3n-n 
Shipley, Dr. Arthur M. 
Sill, Howard, 
SlinglufF, T. Rowland. 
Smith, Alan P., Jr. 
Smith, Frank B. 
Smith, Dr. Henry Lee 
Smith, Robert W. 
Smith, Thomas Marshall 
Smith, R. i\Iarsden 
Soper, Hon. Morris A. 
Sperry, Richard E. 
Stewart, David 
Stickney, Dr. George 
Stump, Bertram N. 
Stuart, Albert Rhett. 
Swann, Col. Sherlock 
Symington, W. W. 

Taylor, Dr. R. Tunstall 
Taylor, R. E. Lee. 
Tazewell, Littleton, Jr. 
Tnom, De Courcy W. 
Thom, J. Pembroke 
Thomas, Henry B., Jr. 
Thomas, John G. 
Thomas, J. Marshall 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thomas, Dr. Henry B. 
Thompson, H. OKver 
Thompson, Richard H. 

Timberlake, Dr. Gideon 
Tregellas, S. Staley 
Tucker, Robert 
Turner, Frank G. 
Turner, Horatio W. 

Vickery, Thos. H. 
Wagner, Basil 
Wagner, Herbert A. 
Wagner, James F. 
Walker, Jos. R. 
Walker, Dr. George 
Walters, Henry 
Warfield, Dr. R. B. 
Warfield, S. Davies 
Warfield, Henry M, Jr. 
Watson, James O. 
Warner, D. List. 
Watson, Clarence W. 
Watts, Harry D. 
West, Rowland C. 
Wetherall, Wm. G. 
Whedbee, James S. 
Whedbee, Thomas j\I. 
Wheeler, J. Harold 
Wheelwright, J. H. 
White, Julian Le Roy 
White, Miles, Jr. 
White, Richard J. 
White, W. Wilson 
White, S. Bonsai. 
Whitehead, Dr. John B. 
Whitman, Francis S. 
Whitman, Ezra B. 
Whitman, Horace S. 
Whitney, Joseph C. 
WilHams, Fred R. 
Williams, Robert W. 
Whitridge, John 
Whitridge, Morris 


Whitridge, William W'ootton, Wm. H. 

Wicks, Dr. Walter F. Worthington, Ellicott H. 

Wight, Frank L. Worthington, Richard H. 

Wilkin, J. Hurst Wroth, Lawrence C. 

Williams, George Weems Wyatt, J. B. Noel 

Willis, George R. 

Wilson, Dr. Gordon Yearley, Thomas B. C. 

Wilson, James T. Young, Dr. Hugh H. 

Winants, Frank H. Young, James W. 

Winchester, Marshall 

Winchester, William Zueblin, Dr. Ernest 


Archer, James J Belair Md. 

Averill, William H B. & O. R. R., Wheeling, W. Yn. 

Aldrich, Spencer Wyman 74 Broadway, New York. 

Bangs, Henry IMcComb 61 Broadway, New York. 

Barroll, Hope H Chestertown, Md. 

Bent, Stedman Overbrook, Pa. 

Bonsai, W. Roscoc Hamlet, N. C. 

Bryan, Chas. E 108 E. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. 

Buckler, William H Colonial Trust Co., Baltimore, Md. 

Butler, Charles 16 E. 23d St., New York, N. Y. 

Clark, Dr. J. Clement Sykesville. Md. 

Crawford, William C 5 Nassau St., New York. 

Cook, Thomas G 26 Exchange PL, New York, N. Y. 

Cullen, Dr. Victor F State Sanatorium. ]M(1. 

Dove, Robert C 12th and F Sts. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Fisher, D. K. Estc. Jr Harvard University. 

Forrest, Robert L 37 W. 44th St., New York. 

Franklin, Philip A. S 9 Broadway, New York. 

Gait, Sterling Emmitsburg, Md. 

Garrett, John W., care Robt. Garrett & Sons, Garrett Bldg., Baltimore. 

Gatins, Joseph F., Jr 24 E. Preston St., Baltimore. 

Gilpin, H. Gordon Lima, Ohio. 


Gilpin, Kenneth X Bo3-ce, Va. 

Gittings, James C Thomasville, Pa. 

Harvey, Roland B 409 Title Building. 

Hooff, Charles R Laurel, Md. 

Howell, Alfred Cheat Haven, Pa. 

Irwin, Alexander D., Jr 126 X. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jenkins, Thomas C Baltimore Club. 

Jewett, Hugh J., Jr Darlington, ^Id. 

Lehr, Harr}- S Ritz-Carlton Hotel, X'ew York. 

Lloyd, C. Howard 1120 St. Paul St. 

Lowndes, Tasker G Cumberland, Md. 

Marie, Leon Babylon, Long Island, X. Y. 

Miller, Walton Fairmont, W. Va. 

Miller, J. Reelon, Jr Roland Park 

Mordecai, J. Randolph 7 Rue Ventadour, Paris, France. 

McKim, Dr. Smith H 154 ]^Iadison Ave., Xew York. 

McLane, Allen, Jr Yale University. 

X'oble, Herbert 115 Broadway, X'ew York. 

Ogden, William B., 

Care Charles ]Morris Howard, 700 Equitable Building, Baltimore. 

Pagon, William Watters. . . . 173 Washington St., South Xorwalk, Conn. 

Parr, C. McKew 342 Capital Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Ferine, David M Care Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Xew York. 

Reif snider, J. :\Iilton Westminster, Md. 

Rieman, C. Alexander Howard and German Sts., Baltimore. 

Riggs, Gen. Clinton L 522 Park Ave. 

Rumbold, Edmund L. H Callaghan, Va. 

Scott, Forrester H Stephen Girard Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Semmes, Raphael Care Semmes, Bowen & Semmes. 

Shriver, Joseph X Union Mills, Md. 

Shriver, Robert F Union ^Mills, Md. 

Shriver, William H Union Mills, Md. 


Simpson, Ridgely Harvard University. 

Spear, James, Jr Racquet Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Steele, Guy W Westminster, Md. 

Stabler, J. Herbert IMctropolitan Club, Washington, D. C. 

Swann, Thomas Harvard University. 

Thayer, Rodney Newcastle, Del. 

Thomas, Charles L B. & O. S. W. R. R., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Turnbull, Horatio W 70 W. 55th St., New York. 

Totten, Howe Baldwin, ]\Id. 

Vogeler, C. A. W Bronxville, N. Y. 

Wales, Edward H 819 i;th St., N. W^, Washington, D. C. 

Watson, A. T Fairmont, W. Va. 

Wight, Edward Hyatt 10 Vista Road, Madison, Wis. 

W^ood, Dr. Robert W^ Johns Hopkins Medical School 

Williams, Dr. Dudle}' 705 E. Grant Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Army and Navy Members. 


Brush, Gen. Daniel H Baltimore Club. 

Deems, Col. Clarence. .The Plaza, Park Ave. and Wilson St., Baltimore, 

Hadsell, Capt. G. Arthur 409 Maryland Trust Bldg., Baltimore. 

Waddill. Lieut. Edmund C 924 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Army and Navy Members. 


]^IcDonnell, Lieut. John C Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 

Roberts, Major William M. ( U. S. A.) . . . . 1116 St. Paul St., Baltimore. 

Symington T. Alexander Annapolis. Md. 

Walton, Dr. Duncan Cameron 30 Maryland Ave., Annapolis. ]\[d. 

University Club 



Joseph Packard. 


Henry Duffy. Ed\vin G. Baetjer. 

Herbert Harlan. 

Albert H. Buck. 

John M. Nelson. 
Term expires December, 19 15. 
Charles W. L. Johnson. W. Bullock Clark. 

Term expires December, 1916. 
Duke Bond. George Shipley. 

Term expires December, 1917. 
James G. Whiteley. Edward B. Mathews. 

Term expires December, 1918. 
Walter B. Platt. Thomas C. Corner. 

House Committee. 

Charles W. L. Johnson, Chairman. 
Albert H. Buck. Walter B. Platt. 

Thomas C. Corner. James G. Whiteley. 


Abell, Walter W. Baer, William S. 

Abercrombie, Ronald T. Baetjer, Edwin G. 

Adams, J. Fred. Baker, William G., Jr. 

Albert, A. James. Barroll, Lewin Wethered. 

Ambler, James M. Bartol, James. 

Ammen, S. Z. Barton, Randolph. 

Andrews, Matthew Page. Barton, Randolph, Jr. 

Arthurs, Edward F. Bayard, Richard H. 

Atkinson, Harry W. Bennett, Jesse Lee. 



Benzinger, Harry 'M. 
Bergland, Eric. 
Biggs, Robert. 
Bloomfield, Maurice. 
Bonaparte, Charles J. 
Bond, Duke. 
Bowers, James W., Jr 
Brady, George ]\Ioore. 
Brady, James H., Jr. 
Branham, Joseph H. 
Brent, Robert F. 
Bright, James W. 
Brown, John Wesle^^ 
Brown, Kerner F. 
Buck, Albert H. 
Burrow, Trigant. 
Burton, Robert. 

Darnell, R. Bennett. 
Davis, William B. 
Dawkins, Walter I, 
Dawson, Edgar R. 
Dennis, James Teackle. 
Dennis, James Upshur. 
Denny, James W. 
Dielman, Louis H. 
Doebler, Valentine S. 
Dohme, Alfred R. L. 
Donaldson, Albert E. 
Dorsey, Daniel B. 
Duffy, Edward. 
Duffy, Henry. 

Elliott, Thomas Ireland. 
England, Charles. 
Evans, C. de Lacey. 

Calwell, James S. 
Carroll, James J. 
Carroll, T. George. 
Cator, George. 
Chambers, John W^ 
Chambers, Thomas R. 
Chapman, James W., Jr. 
Chesnut, W. Calvin. 
Claggett, T. West 
Clark, Ernest Judson. 
Clark, Walter L. 
Clark, William Bullock. 
Coe, Ward B. 
Colston, Frederick ]\I. 
Cook, Vernon. 
Coriell, Louis D. 
Corner, Thomas C. 
Cotton, Albertus. 
Crawford-Frost, William A. 
Culbreth, David ^I. R. 

Ferguson, James D. 
Findlay, John V. L. 
Finney, John M. T. 
Fisher, D. K. Este. 
Fleming, George A. 
Forbes, Theodore W. 
Ford, Charles E. 
France, Joseph C. 
France, Joseph L 
Frick, George Arnold. 
Friedenwald, Harry. 
Friedenwald, Julius. 

Gardner, W^illiam S. 
Garnett, J. ^Mercer, Jr. 
Garrett, John W. 
Garrett, Robert. 
Gascoyne, William J. 
George, Samuel K. 
Gilchrist, Thomas Caspar. 



Gildersleeve, Basil L. 
Gill, Robert J. 
Glenn, John, Jr. 
Goddard, Henry P. 
Goodenow, Rufus K. 
Goodnow, Frank Johnson. 
Graham, Albert D. 
Grasty, Charles H. 
Greene, Herbert E. 
Gregg, Maurice. 
Gresham, Thomas B. 
Grieves, Clarence J. 
Griffin, Edward H. 
Griswold, B. Howell. 
Guth, W. W. 

Haman, B. Howard. 
Hammond, Edward M. 
Hardy, George E. 
Harlan, Herbert. 
Harlan, Henry D. 
Harris, W. Hall. 
Hatfield, Charles A. P. 
Haxall, J. Triplett. 
Hemmeter, John C. 
Henry, J. W. 
Hilken, Henry G. 
Hill, Charles G. 
Hinkley, John. 
Hisky, Thomas Foley. 
Hollander, Jacob H. 
Howard, B. C. 
Howard, Charles McH. 
Hurd, Henry M. 
Hutchins, Elliott H. 
Hynson, Henry Parr. 

Tglehart, James D. 

James, Norman. 
Jay, John G. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, George C. 
Johnson, Charles W. L. 
Johnson, Robert W. 
Johnson, W. Woolsey. 
Johnston, Bartlett S. 
Jones, George L. 

Keech, Edward P. 
Kelly, Howard A. 
Kent, Frederick R. 
Keyser, R. Brent. 
Kinsolving, Arthur B. 
Kintzing, Pearce. 
Knox, J. H. Mason, Jr. 
Krug, Andrew Hoffman. 

Legg, Frederick W. 
Leser, Oscar. 
Linthicum, G. Milton. 
Linthicum, J. Charles. 
Lippincott, Samuel W. 
Love joy, A. O. 
Lyon, Samuel H. 
Lyons, WilHam P. 

Machen, Arthur W. 
Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
Mackall, Leonard L. 
Mackenzie, Thomas. 
]\Iagruder, W. Edward. 
]\Iarburg, Theodore. 
Markell, Charles, Jr. 
Marye, W. Nelson. 
Mathews, Edward B. 
Merrick, Samuel K. 
Miller, S. Bevan. 



Minetti, Pietro. 
Mitchell, Charles W. 
Morley, Frank. 
Alullikin, Addison E. 
McClenthen, W. A. 
McEIderry, Horace C. 
McEvoy, James, Jr. 
McGlannan, Alexis. 

Nelligan, John J. 
Nelson, John M. 
Newstead, Arthur. 
Nicholson, Isaac F. 
Niles, Alfred S. 
Nock, John D. 
Xorris, Isaac T. 

O'Brien, William J., Jr. 
O'Donovan, Charles. 

Packard, Joseph. 
Page, William C. 
Paton, Stewart. 
Pearson, Frank W. 
Peirce, William H. 
Phelps, John. 
Pine, Frank W. 
Pitt, Paris C. 
Piatt, Walter B. 

Radcliffe, George L. 
Randall, Blanchard. 
Reik, H. O. 
Reik, J. N. 
Remsen, Ira. 
Rich, Edward N. 
Riggs, Lawrason. 
Riley, Charles H. 
Ritchie, Albert C. 

Robertson, Alexander H. 
Rose, John C. 

Sanger, Frank D. 
Sappington, A. deR. 
Sauerwein, E. Allen. 
Schenck, Edwin. 
Sellman, James L. 
Sellman, J. Lawrence. 
Shipley, George. 
Shriver, Alfred Jenkins. 
Smith, Kirby Flower. 
Spencer, Lindsay C. 
Sperry, Joseph E. 
Stabler, Jordan. 
Stanley, Edward S. 
Stanley, James G. 
Steiner, Bernard C. 
Stirling, Yates. 
Stuart, D. D. V. 

Tapscott, John S. 
Tarum, William. 
Taylor, Archibald H. 
Taylor, Charles J. 
Theobold, Samuel. 
Thom, DeCourcy W. 
Thomas, Charles C. 
Thomas, John B. 
Thomas, W. D. Nelson. 
Thomas, William S. 
Thompson, H. Oliver. 
Tiffany, George P. 
Tiffany, Herbert T. 
Tompkins, John A. 
Townsend, John S, 
Trippe, Andrew C. 
Tuck, Philemon H. 
Turnbull, Edwin L. 
Tyson, A. Morris. 



Van Xess, Eugene ]\IcE. 
X'^enaljle, Samuel W. 

Walter, ]\Ioses R. 
Walter, Raphael. 
Walters, Henry. 
Warfield, John. 
Waring, Benjamin H. 
Waring, William E., Jr. 
W^arner, C. Hopewell. 
Waters, J. Seymour T. 
Waters, Richard T. 
Webb, William R. 
Wehr, Albert H. 
Welch, William H. 
White, Julian LeRoy. 
\\'hite, W. Rushmer. 

Whiteley, James G. 
Willard, Daniel. 
Williams, George Weems. 
\\^illiams, Raymond S. 
Williams, Thomas J. C. 
Willis, George R. 
Wilson, J. Appleton. 
Winchester, William. 
Winslow, John R. 
Winslow, Randolph. 
Wood, Frederick W. 
Woods, Hiram. 
Worthington, Thomas Chew- 
Young, Louis F. 
Zimmerman, Louis S. 


Adler, Cyrus. 

Apple, Joseph Henr}'. 

Baker, Thomas S. 
Barton, Boiling W. 
Bolhng, George M. 
Bond, J. A. C. 
Brantley, William T. 
Brereton, W. D. 
Brown, Edwin H., Jr. 
Brown, George Stewart. 
Brown, William McCulloh. 
Bruns, Robert Martin. 

Carter, Bernard ]\L 
Chew, Thomas C. 
Clapp, Frank W. 
Clarke, Powhatan. 

Dawson, Benjamin. 
DeGoll, Louis E. A, 
Denys, F. Ward. 
Devecmon, William C. 

Ellicott, David B. 

Fell, Thomas. 
Fitzhugh, Henry ]\L 

Galbreth, J. W. 
Gibson, W. Hopper. 
Glenn, John AL 

Hogdon, Alexander L. 
Hoffman, Samuel V. 

Marye, George T. 
Murray, Nicholas. 
Myers, J. Norris, Jr. 
J\lyers, William Starr. 

socnniEs axd clubs. 

Poor, Charles Lane. 
Pollitt, L. L 

Roszel, Brantz M. 
Rouse, ^^''illard G. 

Schrocder. James. 
Shriver, J. Alexis. 
Spreckclson, Thomas Von. 
Stabler. J. Herbert. 
Stockham, Edward V. 

Tompkins, John A., Jr. 

Vandevanter, Charles O. 

Watson, Graham. 
Wickes, Lewin W. 
Williams, Stevenson A. 
Wilmer. L. Allison. 
Wise. Henry A. 


Biddlc, John. lAving. Charles B. 

Xydegger, James A. 

William F. Lucas, Jr. 
Columbus O'Donnell Lee, 
Roger Brooke Hopkins. 
Clymer Whyte. 

Bachelors' Cotillon 


Robert Garrett. 
D. Stewart Ridgely. 
Frederick C. Colston. 
Carlyle Barton. 
Allan McLane. 

Albert, H. Greenway 
Abell, W. W. 
Adams, Frank Blackford 
Ames, Joseph Sweetman 
Archer, James J. 
Archer, C. Graham 
Archer, Robert 
Atkinson, A. Duval, M.D. 
Atkinson, Matthew S., Jr. 

Barker, John A., Jr. 
Baetjer, Walter A. 
Baetjer, Harry N. 
Baily, James 
Baile}"-, T. Carey 
Barker, Lewellys F. 
Barton, Randolph, Jr. 
Barton, Carlyle 
Barton, David W. 
Belt, Charles W. 
Bayard, Richard H. 
Barton, Robect K. 
Baker, B. N. 

Baldwin, Summerfield, Jr. 
Baldwin, Willard A. 
Baldwin. F. J. 
Baltzell, William H., M.D. 
Barroll, L. Wethered 
Bent, Quincy 
Bergland, Dr. J. McF. 


Birckhead, P. Macaulay 
Birckhead, Rev. Hugh. 
Brooke, G. Bird 
Black, Van Lear 
Black, H. Crawford 
Black, Harry C. 
Blackford, William S. 
Blackford, Eugene 
Blackwell, Josiah L. 
Bland, Richard Howard 
Blanchard, Peter P. 
Bhss, Dr. William J. A. 
Boehm, G. Herbert 
Boehm, Charles H. 
Bonaparte, Hon. Charles J. 
Bond, Hon. C. T. 
Bond, Hugh L., 3d 
Bonsai, Frank A. 
Bonsai, Leigh 
Booker, John M. 
Boone, W. Kennedy 
Bosley, Chauncey B. 
Bowie, Carter Lee 
Bowdoin, W. Graham, Jr. 
Bowdoin, H. J. 
Bowie, Allan S. 
Bowie, William D. 
Boyce, Heyward E. 
Boyce, Fred G., Jr. 
Boykin, William A., Jr. 




Boynton. Jesse L. 
Crady, Ariinah S. A. 
Brady, S. Proctor 
Brady, S. Stansbnry 
Brays, James P. 
Brent, Duncan K. 
Brent, R. F. 

Brewster, Benj. Harris, Jr. 
Brogden, James C. 
Brogden, John G. 
Brooks, W. B. 
Brooks, W. B., Jr. 
Brown, Thomas R., M.D. 
Brown, George Stewart 
Brown, Alexander 
Brown, George, Jr. 
Brown, George M. 
Browne, Chas. Willing 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Bruce, J. Marshall H. 
Jjruce, Howard 
Bruce, Albert E. 
Bruce, James. 
Brunc, Herbert M. 
Brush, ^Murray P. 
Bryan, J. Wallace 
Buchanan, Charles McCay 
Buchanan, Thos. Gittings 
Buck, Laurence ]M. 
Buckler, H. Warren, M.D. 
Buckler, Thomas H., M.D. 
Buckler, Riggin 
Buckner, Dr. Charles T. C. 
Bullet, W. Julian de 
Bullet, Eugene Gustave de 
Burns, F. Highlands 
Buzby, Samuel S. 
Buzby, Stockton 
Burke, Edward F. 

Cadwalader. Tiiomas Francis 
Carey, James 

Carey, George G. 

Carey, John E. 

Carey, Charles H. 

Carey, Francis James 

Carey, Francis K. 

Car}^ Wilson Miles 

Carroll, Charles, of Homewood. 

Carroll, Doug. Gordon 

Carter, Charles H. 

Carter, Julian S. 

Carter, Spencer L. 

Carter, Shirley 

Carr, W. Murray 

Chatard, Wm. M. 

Chatard, J. Albert, M.D. 

Clark, William Bullock 

Coale, William Ellis 

Cochran, William F. 

Cogswell, Latrobe 

Colston, Frederick Campbell 

Colston, George A. 

Colston, Dr. John A. C. 

Cooper, John Crossan 

Gotten, Bruce 

Cottman, J. H. 

Cottman, Thomas E. 

Cottman, L. Warrington 

Cradock, Thomas 

Cradock, Arthur 

Cromwell, W. Kennedy 

Cromwell, P. George 

Cross, Francis R. 

Carroll, Charles Bancroft 

easier, Dr. DeWitt B. 

Chisolm, William Garnett 

Clark, Gaylord Lee 

Coleman, William C. 

Dabney, Wm. M.. M.D. 
Dancy, William Grimes 
Daingerfield, P. B. Key. 
Daingerfield, Reverdy T. 



Dallam, C. Braxton 
Dancy, Frank B. 
Daves, John C. 
Davis, John Staige, M.D. 
Deford, B. F. 
Deford, Thos. 
Deford, John E. 
Deford, Robert B. 
Denison, Charles C. 
Dobbin, George W., M.D. 
Donaldson, John J. 
Donaldson, Arthur B. 
Dorsey, Daniel B. 
Drewry, Cooper R., M.D. 
Duer, John 
Diier, Henry Lay 
Duer, Leland B. 
Duer, Thomas Marshall 
Duer, A. Adgate 
Duer, Henry T. 
Dunham, Francis H. 
Duvall, Wm. E. Post 
Duvall, Walter P. 

Eager, J. Howard. 
Ellicott, William M. 
Elhcott, Charles E., Jr. 
Elliott, Charles 
Ewing, H. Gordon. 

Ferguson, J. Henry 
Fenwick, G. Bernard 
Field, Charles W. 
Fitzgerald, Charles Gait 
Fisher, Edw. McC. 
Fisher, Frank S. 
Fisher, Parks, Jr. 
Fisher, Robert A. 
Fisher, D. K Este 
Fisher, Alfred 
Fisher, Charles 
Fisher, Janon 
Fisher, Frank, of J. 

Fisher, Clarence R. 
Fisher, Marion P. 
Fisher, Dr. William A., Jr. 
Forsyth, T. Marshall 
Forsythe, Robert W. 
Fowler, Laurence Hall 
Franklin, Walter S., Jr. 
Franklin, Geo. Small 
*Fraser, Gilbert 
French, H. Findlay 
Frick, James Swan 
Frick, John W. 
Futcher, Thomas B., 'Sl.D. 
Gaither, A. B., M.D. 
Gaither, Geo. R., Jr. 
Gaither, H. Granger 
Gamble, Gary B., Jr., M.D. 
Garrett, Robert 
Garrett. John W. 
Gary, E. Stanley 
Gary, E. Stanley, Jr. 
Gary, Hon. James A. 
Gary, James A., Jr. 
Gault, Matthew. 
George, R. E. Lee 
Gibbs, John S., Jr. 
Gibbs, Rufus M. 
Gibson, George T. M. 
Gibson, Edw. Guest 
Giffen, Wallis 
Gillet, George M., Jr. 
Gilmor, John 
Gilmor, Frank Key 
Gilpin, Donald Newcomer. 
Gittings, John S. 
Gittings, James C. 
Gittings, D. Sterett 
Gittings, Ernest 
Gittings, Henry May 
Goldsborough, Charles 
Goldsborough, Lilburn T. 

•British Consul. 


Goodwin, Baldwin 
Goodwin, F. Lawrence 
Goodenow, Rufus K., Jr. 
Gordon, Alexander, Jr. 
Gordon, Douglas H. 
Gorman, Douglas 
Gorter, Hon. James P. 
Gorter, Nathan R., M.D. 
Gregg, Maurice 
Greenway, Eugene 
Griswold, B. Howell, Jr. 
Griswold, Robertson 
Groome, Alexander C. 
Guffey, Henr}^ A. 

Haigh, William. 
Haines, Harold A. 
Hall, Harry P. 
Hall, Arthur H. 
Hambleton, T. Edward 
Harlan, Hon. Henry D. 
Harlan, Dr. Herbert 
Harris, Hon. W. Hall 
Harris, W. Hall, Jr. 
Harris, J. Morrison 
Harris, H. Patterson 
Harris, William Hugh 
Harrison, Charles K., Jr. 
Harrison, Robert B. 
Harrison, Hartman K. 
Harrison, Evelyn Arnold 
Harrison, Philip Haxall 
Harvey, Roland B. 
Harvey, Cur ran W. 
Harwood, Stephen P. 
Haxall, J. Triplett 
Hayes, A. Gordon 
Hayes, Harold K. 
Hazlehurst, G. Blagden 
Hendrick, Calvin W. 

Henry, Daniel M. 
Henry, Robert G. 
Hilles, W. S. 
Hillen, T. O'Donnell 
Hillyer, Virgil M. 
Hoffman, R. Curzon 
Hoffman, R. Curzon, Jr. 
Hoffman, Wilmer. 
Hoffman, William Gilmor, Jr. 
Hopkins, R. Brooke 
Homer, R. Baldwin 
Howard, Charles Morris 
Howard, G. Beauregard 
Howard, John D. 
Howard, Wm. Ross 
Hutton, Gaun M. 

Iglehart, Francis N. 
Iglehart, Iredell W. 

/ackson, E. A. 
Jackson, George S. 
Jackson, Lloyd L. 
Jackson, Richard N. 
James, Norman 
James, Charles I. 
Janes, Plenry P. 
Janney, Thomas S. 
Janney, Stuart S. 
Jenkins, Austin Lowe 
Jenkins, Thomas C. 
Jenkins, Joseph W., Jr. 
Jenkins, George C. 
Jenkins, M. Ernest 
Jenkins, Spalding Lowe 
Jenkins, Harry S. 
Jenkins, J. Hillen 
Jenkins, E. Austin 
Jenkins, T. Courtney 
Jenkins. Henry Hillen 
Jencks, Francis M. 



Jewett, Hugh J. 
Johnson, J. Hemsley 
Johnson, Wm. Fell, Jr. 
Johnson, Robert W., Jr. 
Johnston, Bartlett S. 
Johnston, Bartlett F. 
Jones, Julian S. 
Jones, E. Bradley, Jr. 

Kerr, Charles G. 

Keyser, W. Irvine 

Keyser, R. Brent 

Keyser, William, Jr. 

Keyser, H. Irvine 

Kimball, Edward N. 

King, Hugh P. 

Kinsolving, Rev. Dr. Arthur B. 

Knapp, Alex. Payson 

Knox, J. H. Mason, Jr., M.D. 

Lanahan, W. Wallace 
Latrobe, Gamble 
Lee, Columbus O'D, 
Lee, O'Donnell 
Lee, Hillyard C. 
Lee, John L. Griffith 
Lee, Edward J. 
Lee, Frederic Collins 
Lee, Stephen S. 
Lee, Philip Francis 
Lee, M. L. Dawson 
Leftwich, Vivian C. 
Lehr, Harry Symes 
Lehr, Robert Oliver 
Levering, Arthur C. 
Levering, Edwin W., Jr. 
Levering, Leonidas, Jr. 
Levering, Eugene, Jr. 
Levering, Ernest D. 
Levering, Frederick A., Jr. 
Levering, Leonard M., Jr. 

Ligon, Charles W. D. 
Lindley, Jacob 
Lippincott, Samuel W. 
Lloyd, C. Howard 
Lovell, John Quitman 
Lowndes, E. Breckenridge 
Lowndes, Robert Glynn 
Lowndes, W. Bladen. 
Lucas, William F., Jr. 
Liirman, Gustav W., Jr. 

Mackubin, George 
Macsherry, Allan 
Macsherry, S. Hillen 
Machen, Arthur W., Jr. 
Marburg, Theodore 
Marbury, W. L. 
Marshall, Julian H. 
Manly, C. Hughes 
Manning, J. Russell 
Marriott, Telfair W. 
Marston, W. Woodruff 

Marshall, R. E. Lee 
]\Iartin, Frank, M.D. 
Martin, Edward D. 
May, George 
Macgill, J. Charles, M.D. 
Macgill, C. C. 
Miller, Alfred J. 
Miller, C Wilbur 
Miller, Edgar G., Jr. 
Milligan, John J. 
Mc Henry, John 
McHenry, Gary 
Mcintosh, D. G., Jr. 
McKeon, Edward H. 
McKim, S. Sterett 
McLanahan, Austin 
McLanahan, J. Craig 
McLane, Allan 



Meicre, Thos. McKean 
jNIeriTiiian, Louis McLane. 
]\Iiller, L. Vernon 
Morgan, Shirley C. 
Morton, Richard 
]»kIorton. Samuel P., Jr. 
Murra}-, Rt. Rev. John (iar(hier 
]Murray. John Gardner, Jr. 
^Murray, Clapham, Jr. 
Murray, Francis Key 
IMyer, Robert J. 

Nelson, Alex. C. 
Nelson, Edwin D. 
Xoland, C. Powell, Jr. 
Norris, Alexander IMurdoch 

Ober, Gustavus, Jr. 
Ober, Albert G., Jr. 
Ober, Beverl}^ 
Ober, Frank B. 
Ober, Douglas 
Ober, John Hamblelon 

O 'Donovan, Charles. M.D, 
O'Donovan, John H. 
Ogden, William B. 
Ogden, Philip 
Orrick, H. A. 
Orrick, Henry A., Jr. 
Orrick, Johnson 
Osborn, Carter G. 
Ouings, Thomas Bond 

Paine, Gordon P. 

Parker, William Ainsworth 

Parr, L M., Jr. 

Parr, G. Howell 

Parr, H. A., Jr. 

Paul, J. G. D'Arcy 

Pearre, Sifford 

Pegram, Francis E. 

Penniman, George Dobbin 

Penniman, N. G. 
Penniman, Henry G. 
Pennington, Josias 
Pennington, Harry 
Penniman, Dr. W. B. D. 
Penniman, Thomas D. 
Ferine, E. Glenn 
Ferine, Washington 
Peters, J. Girvin 
Pine, Frank W. 
Piper, James 
Pitts, Tilghman G. 
Poe, S. Johnson 
Poe, Neilson 
Pleasants, R. H. 
Poe, Edgar Allen 
Playford, Charles 
Pleasants, J. Hall, M.D. 
Post, A. H. S. 
Preston, Alexander 
Poultney, Arthur E. 
Poultney, Walter De C. 
Poe, Philip Livingston 
Poe, Gresham H. 
Pope, Micajah W. 
Poultney, William D. 
Poultney, C. Carroll 
Powell, Paul R. 
Preston, Comdr. Charles F. 

Rabillon, Leonce 
Randolph, Harold 
Randall, Blanchard 
Randall, Daniel R. 
Randall, Wyatt W. 
Redwood, George B. 
Reid, Harry Fielding 
Reeves, Chas. H., Jr. 
Reeves, Chas. B. 
Ridgely, Ruxton M. 
Ridgely, D. Stewart 
Ridgely, John, Jr. 


Ridgely, Julian W. 
Redwood, John 
Reynolds, Joseph G. 
Rieman, Charles E. 
Ridgely, Joseph G., Jr. 
Ritchie, Albert C 
Robinson, Edward A. 
Robinson, Ralph 
Robinson, W. Champlin 
Rogers, Kennedy G. 
Rowland, J. Harvey 
Rowland, Samuel C. 
Rowland, Charles R. 
Ruhrah, Dr. John 
Ruth, Thos. De C. 
Ruth, Walter N. 

Savage. Frederick A. 

Schenck, James C. 

Scott, Rossiter Stockton 

Selden, Arthur T. 

Semmes, John E. 

Semmes, John E., Jr. 

Semmes, Raphael 

Shaw, J. K. 

Shearer, Thomas L., M.D. 

Shreve, C. A. Buchanan. 

Shriver, Clarence 

Shriver, Alfred Jenkins 

Shriver, Robert F. 

Shriver, William H. 

Simpson, Capt. Edward (U. S. N.) 

Slingluff, Jesse 

Slingluff, T. Rowland 

Smith, T. Marshall 

Smith, Robert W. 

Smith, R. Marsden 

Smith, Henry Lee, M.D. 

Smith, Frank B. 

Smith, Tunstall 

Smith. Allan P., Jr. 

Smith, Xathan R., Jr. 
Smith, Wilson Levering 
Smith, C. Wharton 
Smith, Dr. Wilford H. 
Smith, D. C. Wharton, 2d 
Snowden, Basil H. 
Sothoron, Pinckney L. 
Spencer, Jervis, Jr. 
Steele, S. Tagart 
Stewart, C. IMorton 
Stewart, David 
Stewart, Gustav L. 
Stewart, Redmond C. 
Stewart, Wm. Donnell 
Spence, W. W., Jr. 
Stokes, William Royal, ]\I.D. 
Strother, T. Nelson 
Steuart, James E. 
Stewart, S. Liirman 
Stump, Bertram N. 
Stump, Hon. H. Arthur 
Sullivan, Felix R. 
Sullivan, Felix R., Jr. 
Swann, Sherlock 
Swann, Thomas 
Swope, Harry Forrest 
Symington, John F. 
Symington (of S.), John F. 
Symington, W. Stuart, Jr. 
Symington, Thos. H. 
Symington, W. W. 

Tabb, J. Prosser, Jr. 
Taylor, J. Heyward 
Taylor, Robert Tunstall, M.D. 
Taylor, Howard R. 
Taylor, Frank J. 
Thayer, W. S., M.D. 
Thomas, J. Hanson 
Thomas, Raleigh C. 
Thomas, John Gregg 



Thompson, H. Oliver 
Thompson, Riciiard H. 
Thompson, Eustis 
Thompson, R. Lea 
Thomas, Douglas H. 
Thom, De Courcy W. 
Thom, J. Pembroke 
Tiffany, George P. 

liffan}-, Herbert T. 
Tiffany, L. McLane, M.D, 

Tilghman, R. Lloyd 
Tilghman, Wm. Donnell 
Tompkins, John A., Jr., M.D. 
Tuck, Philemon H. 
Tucker, Robert 
Turnbull, Edwin L. 
Turnbull, A. Nisbet 
Turner, Horatio W. 
Tyler, Alfred 

Tyson, Malcolm Van Vechten 
Tyson, Jas. Wood, 3d 

Ulman, Jacob A. 

Van Ness, Carroll 

Van Ness, Eugene McE., M.D. 

Van Ness, Bartow 

Veazey, George Ross 

Wagner, Basil 
Wagner, James F. 
Walker, Joseph R. 
Walker, J. Mosely 
VVarfield, Henry M. 
Warheld, Henry M., Jr. 
Warfield, R. B., M.D. 
Warfield, Hon. Edwin 
Warfield, Edwin, Jr. 
Warner, D. List 
Watts, Harry Dorsey 
Watters, W. J. H. ' 

Whedbee, James S. 

Webb, Charles A. 

Weld, Albert H. 

Wether all, William G. 

Wheeler, J. Harold, Jr. 

Wheelwright, Jere II. 

White, C. Ridgely 

White, Miles, Jr. 

White, Richard J. 

White, S. Bonsai 

White, Henry S. Taylor 

White, William W. 

White, A. Robinson 

White, William Winchester 

White, ^ohn Campbell 

White Horace W., Jr. 

Whitehead, John B. 
Whiteley, James S. 
Whiteley, J. Holmes 
Whiting, G. W. C. 
Whitridge, John 
Whitridge, Thoma.*; 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge, Morris 
Whitridge, Dr. Roland B. 
Whitham, Lloyd B., M.D. 
Whitney, Joseph C. 
Whyte, Joseph 
Whyte, Clymer 
Whyte, Charles Gilmor 
Wickes, Pere L. 
Wickes, Dr. Walter 
Williams, N. Winslow 
Williams, J. Whitridge, M.D. 
Williams, W. S. G. 
Williams, R. Lancaster 
Williams, Robert W. 
Wilmer, John W. 
Wilson, James T. 
Wilson, Gordon 


Wilson, J. Sawyer, Jr. Woods, Alan C. 

Winder, Edward Lloyd Wright, W. H. De Courcy 

Winder, Charles Sidney Wroth. Lawrence C 

Wood, R. W. 

Worthington, Ellicott H. Young, Hugh H., M.D. 


The Elk Ridge Hunt Club 





Edward A. Jacksox. 


Thomas Deford. 

Master Fox Hounds. 

Wm. Wallace Laxahan. 


JosiAS Pennixgtox. 


Charles E. Riemax. 


Alexaxder Browx. Oscar G* Mtrrav. 

Thomas Deford. I. M. Parr. 

Edward A. Jackson. Josl\s Pexxixgtox. 

Spalding Lowe Jenkins. Samuel C. Rowland. 

William Wallace Laxahax. Charles E. Rieman. 

R. Brooke Hopkins. N. Winslow Williams. 

E. Levering, Jr. Henry W. Williams. 

William A. Marbi'rg. W. S. G. Williams. 





Abell, Walter R 
Abell, Walter W. 
Andrews, Wm. L. 
Applegarth, Riifns W. 
Archer, C. Graham 
Atkinson, Dr. A. Duvall. 

Brady, S. Stansbury 
Baetjer, Edwin G. 
Baetjer, Howard 
Baetjer, Harry N. 
Baldwin, Summerfield, Jr. 
Bent, Quincy 
Black, Van Lear 
Blackwell, J. L. 
Bloodgood, Dr. Joseph C. 
Bonsai, J. Purviance 
Bonsai, Leigh 
Bouton, Edw. H. 
Bow^doin, W. Graham, Jr. 
Bowles, Thomas H. 
Boynton, Jesse L. 
Brewster, Benjamin H., Jr. 
Brogden, J. Charles 
Brooks, Bonsai 
Brooks, Walter B. 
Brooks, Walter B., Jr. 
Brow^n, Alexander 
Brown, Frank 
Brown, H. Carroll 
Brown, George, Jr 
Boyce, Fred G. 
Burke, E. F. 
Bruce, E. Skipwith 
Bruce, Howard 
Bush, W. E. 


Carey, Francis K. 
Cary, Wilson M. 
Carroll, Douglas G. 
Cator, George 
Cochran, Wm. F,, Jr. 
Coleman, Wm. C. 
Cooper, John C. 
Coyne, Hooper 
Grain. Robert 
Cromwell, Dr. M. J. 
Cross, W. Irvine 
Corkran, B. W. 
Cottman, Thomas E. 
Cottman, L. Warrington 
Carroll, Charles Bancroft 
Cator, F. P. 
Carton, Robert. 

Deford, B. F. 
Deford, John E. 
Deford, Thomas 
Deford, Robert Bell 
Daingerfield, P. B. Key 
Davis, Dr. John Stai',;e 
Dennis, John M. 
Dennis, J. Murdoch 
Dickey, Charles H, 
Dixon, W. T. 
Dulaney, W. J. Clarke 
Duer, Henry L. 
Drewry, C. R. 
Distler, John C, Jr. 

Ellicott, Chas. E. 
Fllicott, Wm. M. 
Ewing, Geo. W. 
Ewing, W. J. 



Fenwick, Guy Bernard 
Field, Chas. W. 
Findlay, John V. L. 
Finney, Dr. J. M. T. 
Fitzgerald, Charles G. 
Fleming, George W. 
Frick, J. Swan 
Frick, John W. 
Fisher. D. K. Este. 
Fisher, Dr. Wm. A. 
Follis, Dr. R. H. 

Gaither, Granger 
Gamble, Dr. Cary B. 
Gilpin, Donald N. 
Gilpin, H. B. 
Goodwin, Percy H. 
Gordon, Douglas H, 
Gordon, Alexander, Jr. 
Gorman, Douglas 
Gorter, James P. 
Gittings, Henry May 
Gittings, James C. 
Gibson, Edward Guest 
Grafnin, Wm. H. 
Greiner, John E. 
Grasty, Chas. H. 
Greenley, Clark 
Goodwillie, Thomas 
Greenway, Eugene. 
Griswold, Robertson. 
Goodenow. Rufus K.. Jr, 

Hambleton, T. Edward 
Harvey, Francis B. 
liarvey, O. Howard 
Harvey, W. Ewing 
Harvey, William P. 
Harrison, Chas. K., Jr. 

Hirsh. Grier. 
Hillen. T. O'Donnell 
Homer, R. Baldwin 
Haughton, Hugh L. 
Hack, Frank N. 
Hack, Waldo 
Hoffman, R. Curzon, Jr. 
Hopkins, R. Brooke 
Howard, Charles M. 
Howard, Frank Key 
Howard, John D. 
Hurst, John E. 
Hutton, G. M. 
Huffer, H. C, Jr. 
House, Wm. A. 
Heiscr, Charles L. A. 

Iglehart, F. N. 
Iglehart, Iredell W. 

Jackson, Edw. A. 
Jackson, Everett E. 
Jackson, Richard N. 
James, Norman 
James, Charles I. 
Jones, Julian S. 
Jencks, Francis M. 
Jenkins, M. Ernest 
Jenkins, Geo. C. 
Jenkins, Jos. W., Jr. 
Jenkins, Spalding Lowe 
Jenkins, T. Courtney 
Jenkins, Austin Lowe 
Johnston. E. A. 

Kent, Frank R. 
Keyser, R. Brent 
Keyser, W. Irvine 
Keyser. William, Jr. 
Knapp, Geo. W., Jr. 
Knapp, Geo. W. 


Keith, \\'. W. 
King, Dr. John S. 

Lanahan, Charles M. 
Lanahan, Wm. Wallace 
Landstreet, Fairfax S, 
Latrobe, Gamble 
Lee, Columbus O'D. 
Lehr, Robert Oliver 
Lee, John L. G. 
Levering, Eugene, Jr. 
Love, John T. 
Lowndes, W. Bladen 
Lucas, William F. 

Marburg, Albert 
Marburg, Theodore 
Marburg, Wm. A. 
Marburg, W. A. of A. 
Maslin, Frank N. 
Matthews, H. M. 
McComas, H. C. 
McHenry, W. Gary 
Mcintosh, D. G., Jr. 
McKeon, Edward H. 
McLaran, Percy B. 
Minis, J. Livingston 
Murphy, Frank K. 
Murray, Oscar G. 
McSherry, S. Hillen 
Manly, C. Hughes 
McLane, Allan 
Martin, Dr. Frank 
Miller, C. Wilbur 
Merryman, Lewis McLane 

Nelson, Alex. C. 
Newcomer, Waldo 
Norton, Arthur W. 

Ober, Gustavus 
Ober, Albert G., Jr. 
Ober, Gustavus, Jr. 
Ogden, Wm. B. 
Oliver, Wm. B. 
Olivier, Stuart. 

Paine, Gordon P. 
Parr, H. A. 
Parr, L M., Jr. 
Parr, G. Howell 
Parr, H. A., Jr. 
Pendleton, John C. B. 
Pennington, Dr. C. 
Pennington, Harry 
Pennington, Josias 
Pope, ]\Iicajah W. 
Post, A. H. S. 
Post, Richard B. 
Potter, Geo. L. 
Poe, Gresham 
Poe, Edgar Allan 
Piper, James 
Poe, Edwin W. 
Playford, Charles 
Pietsch, Theodore Wells 

Randolph, Geo. F. 
Rasin, Carroll W. 
Ridgely, D. Stewart 
Riernan, Charles E. 
Rieman, Gilbert 
Riggs, Alfred R. 
Roberts. Chas. B., Jr. 
Rouse, John G. 
Rowland, Samuel C. 
Robinson, E. A. 
Ritchie, Albert C. 


Savage, Frederick A. 
Shaw, John K., Jr. 
SlingKiff, T. Rowland 
Sloan, Robert N. 
Smith, Marsden 
Smith, Rowland W. 
Smith, C. Wharton 
Stuart, Francis Lee 
Sutton, Eben 
Swann, Sherlock 
Symington, John F. of S. 
Symington, John F. 
Spence, \V. W.., Jr. 
Steele, S. Tagart 
Semmes, John E., Jr. 

Thorn, DeCourcy W. 
Thomas, William S. 
Thompson, J. M. 
Thompson, A. W. 
Thompson, Richard H. 
Tongue, T. W. 
Talbot, J. Fred. 
Taylor, Dr. R. Tunstall 
Tinsley, T. Garland 
Thomas, John G. 

L'lman, Jacob A. 

Vickery, Thomas H. 

Walker, Joseph R. 
Walters, Henry 
Warfield, S. Davies 

Warfield, Dr. Ridgely B. 
Warfield, Henry M. 
Waters, Francis E. 
Watson, Clarence W. 
Webb, Charles A. 
Webb, Geo. R. 
Whedbee, James S. 
Whelan, Thomas A., Jr. 
Wheelwright, J. H. 
White, Francis A. 
White, ^liles, Jr. 
White, R. J. 
White, S. Bonsai 
Whitely, James S. 
Whitridge, William 
Whitridge, William H. 
Whitridge, Horatio L. 
Wickes, Dr. Walter F. 
Wight, John H. 

Williams. H. W. 

Williams, N. Winslow 

Williams, R. Gordon 

Williams, W. S. G. 

Williams, R. Lancaster 

Willard, Daniel 

Wilson, J. Sawyer. Jr. 

Winder, Charles S. 

Womble, P. M. 

Wampole, Albert K. 

Waters, Richard T. 

Wagner, Herbert A. 

Young, Dr. Hugh H. 


Baugh, Edwin P., Jr. 
Brown, Kensett 

Ducker, Harry T. 
Dyer, Elisha 

Camden, Sprigg D. 
Clark, H. B. 

Fraser, Gilbert 



Garrett, John W. 
George, Samuel E. 
Grayson, Dr. C. T. 
Gatins, Joseph F., Jr. 

Hayward, Edward Bartlett 
Hough, Edw. H. 
Hurkamp, Charles H. 

Jenkins, Dr. Ralph. 

Laurence, John S. 
Lehr, Harry S. 

Miller, Walton 
^klcCormick, William G. 

Oliver, Thos. H. 

Perin. Oliver 
Pancoast, W. Howard 

Sanford, John. 
Stewart, W. Plunkett 
Street, Wm. G. 
Smith, R. Manson 
Stotesbury, Edw. T. 
Symington, Thos. H. 
Smith, E. Livingston 
Stevenson, David 
Symington, Donald 

Turnbull, Graeme 
L^nduch, J. Lloyd. 

Wartield, Douglas H. 
Watson, Geo. T. 
Watson, James O. 
Whistler, Ross W. 

Catonsville Country Club 



Daniel B. Miller. 


E. Stanley Gary. 


Benjamin Whiteley, 
300 X. Charles St. 


G. Clem Goodrich. 


Terms Expire 1915. 

E. Stanley Gary. Gustav W. Lurman. 

VV. M. GiESKE. Benjamin Whiteley, 

Terms Expire 1916. 

James P. Biays. Daniel B. ]^Iiller. 

James C. Gorman. G. Winship Taylor. 

C. RiDGELEY White, 

Terms Expire 1917. 

R. Howard Bland. Frank Primrose. 

G. Clem Goodrich. Blanchard Randall. 

James S. Whiteley. 

Baltimore Country Club 




George Somerville Jackson. 


Wilson M. Gary. 

John W. Frick. 


W. S. Symington, Jr. 

Executive Secretary. 
Arthur G. Bramble. 

Board of Governors. 

George Somerville Jackson. B. Warren Corkran. 

Wn^soN M. Gary. Dwight F. ]\Iallory. 

John W. Frick. William G. Nolting. 

Thomas S. Janney. A. D. Atkinson. 

Joseph S. Ames. E. E. Jackson, Jr. 

Frederick C. Colston. W. Stuart Symington, Jr. 

Sudbrook Park Golf Club 




Dr. Herbert Harlan. 


Wm. M. Hayden. 

R. W. Graves, 
Sudbrook Park. 


M. S Brenan. 


Clarence I. Reynolds. 
H. C. Gaither. 
Francis B. Beacham, 
B. H. Read. 
G. Howard Duvall. 
Oscar E. Webb. 

Wm. E. p. Duvall. 
Dr. J. H. ^I. Rowland. 
T. B. C. Yearley. 
Wm. Ross Howard. 
Dr. Samuel K. Merrick. 
E. H. Bankard. 


Junior Cotillon 



Mr. II. GoRDOX EwixG. Mr. Joseph A. W. Iglehart. 

]^Ir. Wilmer Hoffman. 2\Ir. William Grimes Daxcv. 

i\lR. Fraxcis R. Cross. AIr. Dexison Frick. 

Dates of the Cotillons. 

Deceml)er 22. January 21, Febniar}- 21, April 25. 

The Friday Club 




Mrs. Sa:muel Alexaxuer Mill, 
206 Longwood Road, Roland Park. 


J\Irs. Wm. C. Wood, 
2034 Park Ave. 


]\Irs. Albert P. Gore, 
The Cecil. 


Mrs. Henry C. Shirley, 
'"Maple Grove," Park Heights Ave. 


Paint and Powder Club of Baltimore 

albaugh's theater. 




\'iviAN C. Leftwich. 


Henry May Gittings. 


Wallis Giffen, 
303 Continental Bldg. 


Hopper Emory. 

Business Manager. 

T. Robert Jenkins. 

The Cotillon of Fifty 


Arranged by Miss Lina Foote Reese, 
24 E. iMadison St. 


Mrs. Henry B. Keyser. Mrs. Edgar Allan Poe. 

Mrs. J. Triplett Haxall. Mrs. Charles H. Carter. 

Mrs. D. K. Este Fisher. Mrs. William A. Marbury. 

Mrs. J. Hill Dawson. Mrs. Thomas Whitridge. 

Mrs. Nathan R. Gorter. Mrs. Jesse Bright Riggs. 

Mrs. Horace W. White. Mrs. Lelia Symington Goode. 

Mrs. Douglas Huntley Gordon. Miss Bessie Buckler. 

?^Irs. W. Stuart Sy.mington, Jr. :Mrs. J. Quitman Lovell. 

The Woman's Literary Club of Baltimore 





Mrs. Harriett Sum mis Smith. 


;Mrs. Alax p. Smith. jMiss Louise O. Houghtox. 

Honorary Secretary 

IMiss Lydia Crane. 

Becording Secretary. 

]vIrs. Walter W. Thomas. 

Corresponding Secretary. 

^NIiss Lucy T. Lataxe, 1412 Park Av. 


]^Irs. James C. Fexhagex. 

Boaid of Management. 

Miss Virginia W. Cloud. ]\Irs. Philip R. Uhler, 

Mrs. E, E. Fayerweather. Mrs. T. J. Copeland. 

Mrs. Katherine Wrenshall Markland. 
Mrs. E. Don Hoffman. 

United Daughters of the Confederacy 

Maryland Division U. D. C. 
OFFICERS— 1915. 


!Mks. Frank G. Odexhkimer. 

President. Corresponding Secretary. 

3klks. Adelbekt W. ]\1ears. ^^Irs. Edward H. Bash. 

First Vice-President. 

^I;<s. JOEIX P. POE. 

Second Vice-President. 

^[rs. G. Smith Xorrfs. 

Third Vice-President. 

Boulevard Apts., St. Paul and 
32(1 Sts. 

Recording Secretary. 

1\Irs. F. ]\F\v SEIJ.^[AX. 


Mrs. L. \-ictor Baughmax. ^^^^^- ^^'^^^^^eld S. Peters. 

Fourth Vice-President. Historian. 

^Irs. William Bichaxax. Miss .M.\rie Loiise Johxsox. 

Recorder of Crosses. 
AIrs. Saml'el T. Browx. 

Custodian and Press Representative. 

[Mrs. Joseph T. Gott. 


]\Irs. John Joxes, 
Poolsville, ]\Id. 


r^lks. Walter W. Pkestox. 


]\Irs. T. Chew Worthixctox. 

Directress of Children of the Confederacy. 
Mrs. S. E. 1). Stiakt. 


Daughters of the Confederacy in the State 
of Maryland 



:Mrs. John P. Poe. 

First Vice-President. Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. David ^IcIntosh. Miss Axxie R. Jackson. 

Treasurer. Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Charles ^I. Buchanan. ^[rs. Columbus Shrr^r. 

1319 X. Calvert St. 

Recording Secretary. T.egistrar. 

Mrs. E. S. Beall. ^^^^s. J. Francis Dammann. 

]Mrs. F. X. Parran. 


Mrs. Charles Mar.shall. Mis5 Georgie Bright. 

Mrs. T. B. Gresham. ■Miss Jane M. Gary. 

^Irs. S. J. Hough. 


The Maryland Society of the Colonial Dames 
of America 





Mrs. William Reed. 

512 Park Ave. 

Honorary Vice-Presidents. 

Mrs. N. G. Penniman, Mrs. Joseph King, 

922 Cathedral St. 913 Cathedral St. 


Mrs. Charles ^Marshall. ^Irs. T. Harrison Garrett. 

Recording- Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. J. J. Jackson. -"^^^ss Lilian Giffen, 

1004 X. Charles St. 

Treasurer. Historian. 

Miss Elizabeth H. Stokes. Miss Mary Tilghman. 

Mrs. E, S. Beall. 

Daughters of the American Revolution 


State Regent. 

Mrs. Arthur Lee Bosley. 

Vice State Regent. 

Mrs. Wm. H. Talbott. 

Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Katherine M. Brevitt. 

206 W. Franklin St. 

Recording Secretary. 
Mrs. Charles X. Boulden. 


Mrs. Albert L. Richardson. 


]\Irs. Adam Den mead. 


Mrs. Frank J. Parran. 


Mrs. C. T. Marsden. 


Mrs. W. F. Rogers. 

Hon. State Regent. 

Miss Alice Key Blunt. 

Maryland Line Chapter of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution 



Regent. Vice-Regent. 

^Irs. Oscar Leser. ^Irs. Towxsexd Scott. 

Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

:\Irs. John H. Sothorox. ]\Iks. Claude H. Hall, 

The McMcchen, iii AIcIMechcn St. 

Treasurer. Registrar. 

}iIrs. R. ^IcCormick. }vIiss Susan Grovermax. 


]\Iiss J axe G. IvEYS. 


IMrs. Leonidas Leverixg. ]\Irs. Lily Tyson Ellicott. 

Mrs. Michael B. Wild. Mrs. IMatthew Gault. 

Mrs. W.m. B. Hurst. 

Baltimore Chapter 
Daughters of the American Revolution 



]^Irs. John F. Sippel. 
}*1ks. Charles W. Hatter. 
Corresponding Secretary. Treasurer. 

]\Iiss ViRGiMA Taylor. Mrs. Alfred H. Hartmax. 

Recording Secretary. Historian. 

Mrs. a. B. ?^1cElrov. ^[^^ j ^y Boxxer. 

]\Irs. Edwix Burgess. 
Board of Management. 
Mrs. Charles E. Parr. [Mrs. Katherine M. Brevitt. 

Mrs. Charles E. Sadtler. :\Irs. J. W. ^Iohler, Jr. 

Mrs. George W. Slocum. Mrs. Fraxk P. Scrivexer. 

]\Irs. Walter B. Swindell. Mrs. Samuel B. Haxce. 

Thomas Johnson Chapter Daughters of the 
American Revolution 





Mrs. Eric Bergland. 

]\Irs. Wm. M. Powell. 
Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

]\Iiss Nora L. Thompson. Miss Alice Smith. 

Treasurer. Registrar. 

Mrs. David M. Robinson. Miss Anna E. B. Clark. 

Mrs. Frederick Tyson. 

John Eager Howard Chapter 
Daughters of the American Revolution 


Mrs. William A. Buckingham. 


Mrs. Henry Hooper Klinefelter. 

Corresponding Secretary. Treasurer. 

Miss Caroline V. Sudler. Mrs. Charles W. Maydwell. 

Historian. Registrar. 

]\Ir5. Herbert Thomas. Mrs. Harvey C. Thomas. 

Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. Loyal K. Alden. 

Chaplain. Librarian. 

Mrs. Thomas Sudler. Mrs. J. H. Morgan Payne. 


General Smallwood Chapter 
Daughters of American Revolution 


Regent. Vice-Regent. 

Mrs. J. L. Cassard. :\Iiss Ada Hadel. 

Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. 

]Mrs. John Coyle. :\Iks. J. W. Lee. 

:\Irs. Charles E. C. Smith. 
]\Irs. E. M. Luckett. 

Miss Harriet P. Marine. 


Society of Colonial War in the State of 

May 1, 1915. 



Hexry Barton Jacobs, ^I. D. 

Deputy Governor. 

Gex. Andrew Cross Trippe. 


George Norbury Mackenzie. 


^Iurray Peabody Brush, Ph.D.. 
1019 N. Calvert St. 

Deputy Secretary. 

Edward Ferguson Arthurs. 


Arthur Lafayette Jones. 


Robert Burton. 


John Seymoir Taliaferro Waiers. 
Walter B. Platt, :\I.D. 

McHenry Howard. 

Rev. Henry Branch. D.D. 


Society of the Ark and Dove 




George Xorbury Mackenzie. 

Deputy Governor. 

Caleb Clarke ^Magruder, Jr. 


Joseph Noble Stockett. 

Mrs. Katherine Mackenzie-Brevitt, 
206 W. Franklin St. 

Assistant Secretary. Treasurer. 

]\Irs. Charles S. Grixdall. ]\Irs. T. Rowland Thomas. 


^Irs. Samuel Thomas Brown. 

Historian and Geneolog-ist. 

]\Irs. George Washington Hodges. 


Woman's Club of Roland Park 



Mrs. William H. Appold. 

First Vice-President. 

Mrs. Francis Sanderson. 

Second Vice-President. 

j\Irs. Fred. W. Troxell, 

Recording Secretary. 

Miss Clara Paine Gault. 

Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Henry AI. Strasser. 


j\Irs. John G. Price, Jr 

Board of Governors. 

]\Irs. Wilbur C. Van Sant. ]\Irs. Joseph Lawton. 

Mrs. Samuel Blake Wilson. ]\Irs. L. J. Burger. 

;Mrs. W. Guy Crowther. ]\Irs. F. W. Simmons. 

^Irs. Charles E. Moore, Mrs. A. M. Fleet. 


Mount Vernon Ladies' Association 
of the Union 




Miss Harriet Cla>ton Comegvs, 
"The Green," Dover, Del. 

Vice-Regent for Maryland. 

]\Irs. Hexky W. Rogers, 
"Essex Farm," Riderwood, Baltimore Co., ]\Id. 

The Junior League 



AIiss Juliana Brent Keyser. 

Secretary. Treasurer. 

Miss ^Iarion C. Bond. ]\Iiss Anne Winslow William: 

Assistant Secretary. Assistant Treasurer. 

Miss I-Illkx McIIexrv Keyser. Miss ]\1ary Ca:milla ^IcKim. 

Executive Committee. 
;Mrs. Austin ^^IcLanahan. ]\Iiss Clare Randolph Goode. 

Miss Juliana Brent Keyser. Miss Anna P. Bond. 

jMiss Xancy Fisher Brune. Miss Catherine ^^'. Bond. 

]Miss Katherjne B. Randall. 


The Bishop's Guild of Maryland 




Mrs. Adam Den mead, 
2224 N. Calvert St. 

First Vice-President. 

Miss Nannie P. Ellicott, 
147 W. Lafayette Ave. 

Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. George T. Ford, 
209 Hawthorn Road, Roland Park. 


]\Irs. Horace Hills, 

1525 John St. 

Corresponding Secretary. Recording Secretary. 

]\Irs. William T. Barnard. ]\Jrs. Charles W. Beers, 

2019 X. Charles St. 2122 ^laryland Ave. 


Peabody Institute 


Board of Trustees. 

Henry Walters, Temporary President. 

Arthur George Brown, Hce-Presideut. 

Lawrasox Riggs, Temporary Treasurer. 

H. Oliver Thompson, Secretary. 
]\IuRKAY Peabody Brush. VV. Hall Harris. 

John J. Donaldson. Henry Barton Jacobs, M. D. 

James Swan Frick. Faris C. Pitt. 

Robert Garrett. John Donnell Smith. 

Louis H. Diehlman, Executk'e Secretary. 



Harold Randolph, Director. 
George F. Boyle. Pietro ]\Iinetti. 

Adelin Fermin. Arthur Newstead. 

Theodor Hemberger. Harold D. Phillips. 

J. C. Van Hulsteyn. Gustav Strube. 

Max Landow. Emmanuel Wad. 

Bart Wirtz. 

Preparatory Department. 

]\Iay Garrettson Evans, Superintendent. 
]\Iarion Dorsey Evans, Registrar. 

Class Examiner. 
]\Iaud Randolph. 


John Parker, Librarian. 

Art Gallery. 

Elizabeth Smith. Custodian. 


Charcoal Club 






Henry H. Wiegand. 

Thomas C. Corner. 

W. H. Chaffe, Jr. 

F. E. Hecklinger, 


Ephraim Keyser, F. J. Thu.max. 

Edward Berge. Everett L. Bryant. 

Fred H. Gottlieb. Griffith B. Coale. 

Irving Ward. Charles R. Roeth. 

Baltimore Museum of Art 

Executive Committee. 


])L.\x('HAUi) Randall. 

First Vice-President. 

A. R. L. DoHMK. 

Second Vice-President. 

Dr. 11u(;h H. Young. 


Henry H. Wiecand. 


B. Howell Grlswold, Jr. 

Le^iuel T. Appold. Prof. D. ^I. Robinson. 

William AI. Ellicott. J. HE^LSLEV John.son. 

Rev. D. H. Steepens. Julius Lew. 

RoHKRT (Barrett. Thomas C. Corner. 

The Dramatic Art Club 



A. S. A. Brady. 

Mrs. Alexander C. Nelson. "Mr. A. S. A. Brady. 

Mrs. Nicholas Penniman. Dr. Thomas H. Buckler. 

Mrs. Francis T. Redwood. Mr. George T. M. Gibson. 

Mrs. Walter Prescott Smith. ^hi. William F. Lucas. Jr. 

Mrs. Ci.v.mer Whyte. Mk. Clapham ^^Iurray, Jr. 


The Christmas Club of Baltimore City 


]Mrs. Dorothy Richardson Webster. 

First Vice-President. 

Miss May Richardson. 

Second Vice-President. 

?\Ir. Robert H. S. Hughes. 

Corresponding Secretary. 
Mr. George C. Bacon, Jr. 

Recording Secretary. 

]\Iiss Virginia ]\[edinger. 


^Ir. J. Shepard Whiteford. 


Miss Elsie A. Fauth. ^Ir. A. Frederick Warner. 

^[[ss Sue E. Owens. Mr. L. A. Bixler Weaver. 

]\riss ^Iary Dunnock. Mr. Arthur C. Hargreaves. 


First Saturday of every month. Held at the Catholic CKib, 409 North 

Charles Street. 

Weekly meetings held at ^Memorial Parish House, Lafayette Avenue 

and Bolton Street. 


Florestan Club 




Harold Randolph. 


Frederick H. Gottlieb. 




Edwin Litchfield Tcrnbull. 

Geor(;e F. Bovle. William F. Lucas. 

Charles H. Bochau. Wilberfoss G. Owst. 

Frederick H. Gottlieb. Harold Randolph. 

Theodor Hemberger. Howard R. Thatcher. 

Edwin L. Turnbull. 


The Harford County Boat Club 

Belair, Md. 




Gen. Herman Stump. 


Robert A. Fisher. 


Howard S. O'Neill, 

Belair, Md. 

Board of Governors. 

Alexander S. Bell, Bertram N. Stump. 

J. Alexis Shriver. J- Edmund Michael. 

Septimus Davis. 


Miss Remington requests 
that the postals for names 
and addresses be filled 
out and returned early in 
October for next edition, 
especially not leaving out 
Addresses, which is often 
done. When no changes of 
either have taken place, 
please repeat and mail as the 
postals should be returned. 
Miss Remmgton does not 
hold herself responsible for 
errors or omissions when she 
is not notified of them. 




d^UOti J5 







ford's Grand Opera House 



- Academy or Music- - Nixon ^J.lH.merman- 



■:;r\-"w\"H''H"H"\"\"\"\ j hhK 

3^,V.\..l"^HH-l"l-l-M"l"l I 1^ 


■,^?3rH^ffl-l»hkl-H"l^'l q I- 

; ^.A3>1"1»!»M4-1->I^'I"I^I F I- 


^5^:v^vT"l"l-H"hl"l-M D I 

o"^ ^.Vi3.i»|„|..| 


.i J i-i"i-i"i"i'i'i'i'/'/*/'7:>>^'^ 










[7]— ^- 



n n 


- tH r^ 



3 1M3D 02fi5273fl E | 

a31 ^30028S27382b 


Please Forward my Mail to the 

Springer Sanitarium 


Oovans, (Balto.) Md. 

Where I am going to 
rest for a short time 

and have all desire for Liquors or Drugs taken away, 

and my NERVOUS SYSTEM built up so that I shall 

never need a stimulant again. 

^ Their Circulars tell the whole story. Send for one. 

Ralto. Offlec-: 13^ W, FA.YKTXE SXREKX.